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File 139094394085.jpg - (1.98MB , 1492x2138 , Image.jpg )
8857 No. 8857 ID: 0a2b37 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
As requested, here's the first batch of combat reports from Combat & Survival.

I'm about one-third to one-half way through them currently.
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>> No. 8951 ID: 9850fd
File 139101809481.gif - (1.35MB , 320x180 , eating-a-burger-after-3-months-of-diet-oh-may-daum.gif )
>> No. 8952 ID: fd65fc
Ghetto grocery bag!
>> No. 8953 ID: 13e96a
Must stay on front page....
>> No. 8954 ID: 1dfdad
File 139278342171.jpg - (758.69KB , 1711x1278 , 138508483621.jpg )
Yes, must.
>> No. 8955 ID: 13e96a
Looks like it made it to page two, very sad, very sad.

File 138443470457.jpg - (563.21KB , 1800x740 , image.jpg )
8956 No. 8956 ID: 7c8dbe hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
So why is the German military so shit? Throughout history they only fucked up time and time again, Napoleon being a good example(although half the region was on his side) they lost both world wars and have permanently become a pacifist society. Why do we like them again?
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>> No. 9023 ID: 71527a
This thread started shit, and just got shittier. I was gonna lock it, but you know what, I'm just going to sit back and watch it burn as an example of how not to have a discussion on historical military effectiveness.

You should all know that the truth cannot be taken from just one source. If you really want to figure out the historical effectiveness of say, the Heer, look at the russian records, look at the german records, look at the british, american, etc. etc.

Then look at scholarly analysis of these records, peer reviewed papers, military academy lectures, etc.

Saying THE GERMANS ALWAYS LIED or THE RUSSIANS ALWAYS LIED just leads to two people smacking eachother around with one set of facts neither party is able to budge from because no one is willing to consider, you know, the other thousands of hours of scholarly analysis since 1945.
>> No. 9024 ID: 263d6c
File 138681412146.jpg - (580.17KB , 840x720 , German WW2 Junkers Ju 87 Stuka stamp.jpg )
Feh! I provided good content and pictures reinforcing my assertion that German bombers in WW2 left much to be desired.
>> No. 9025 ID: 71527a
You of course are exempt from my diatribes, BG. Have mercy on my Fleshy soul.
>> No. 9026 ID: 89a9f9
Main reason Germany is bad@war is a combination of their military being primarily defensively focused for most of history ("Die Wacht am Rhein"), their commanders focusing on tactical victories instead of strategic ones, and outdated logistics. This is the country that thought they could invade Russia with their logistics train being mainly comprised of horses, which turned out about as well as it did for Napoleon, except they didn't even manage to capture Moscow.

"Why the Germans Lose at War" by Macksey is a good starting point, "Why the Allies Won" by Overy, "Cross of Iron" by Mosier and "The Wages of Destruction" by Tooze are others.

As to the idea that German equipment was somehow "better," that's some branding stuff dating from around WWI. Before then Germany had a reputation for making cheap, shoddy, ugly things. So around 1907 the Deutscher Werkbund was formed to both standardize everything (from tea kettles and filing cabinets to fonts and factory floor plans) and improve the image of German industry, and by the 30s they had largely succeeded in getting rid of the "HECHO EN DEUTSCHLAND" reputation. However during the war this came back to bite them in the ass, as pretty much all of their equipment was at parity with Allied or Soviet equipment but was more complex, less reliable and used more resources.
>> No. 9027 ID: 7d9fe3
Because they try to take on people who outnumber and outproduce them. Even when they DON'T do this, they fail to fully commit until it's too late.


Milan and three neighboring towns were able to field a LARGER army than the fucking holy roman empire. At the time, you have the excuse of them not being a single entity themselves, but later on, in ww2, you see the oh-so-efficent and logical deutsch failing to work round the clock despite being in a fight to the death with more than one other nation.

File 134602224454.jpg - (92.24KB , 674x1021 , 1264143021986.jpg )
9028 No. 9028 ID: 26b53f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Manifesto of an Armchair Militiaman - 2.0


Manifesto of an Armchair Militiaman Acid Man 11/07/22(Fri)15:08 No. 5775 ID: 593d7c watch

Gonna rant, gonna philosophy, so just bear with me.

I had a revelation about a year ago that I've been chewing ever since. Shit is brewing in this country. We all know it. Many of us can articulate it. Some of us are trying to change it. Some don't give a fuck. Whatever your stance, you're probably cognizant that today's USA is really fucking far from what the founders intended. We're not some habitually oppressed third world shithole ruled by a communist dictator, where every day life is a living hell. By the standards of the world around us, America still has it pretty fucking good.

Unless you're a Marine in Arizona.
Or that chick from the town council meeting.
Or you're on the SPLC's "hatewatch" list.
Or you want to board a flight while retaining your sperm viability AND anal virginity.
Or you want your own health insurance, or none at all.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 9094 ID: 7507af
File 138484584148.png - (160.34KB , 366x380 , 1372738299061.png )
Just got referred here from /pol/, someone was dumping this on a thread. My question is this:

Seeing as the National Guard, subsidized by taxes, already has a monopoly on all disaster and community help, how would you possibly find a way to break it's monopoly?

Furthermore, the Founding Fathers were not only radicals but rich colonials who wanted the British's hands off of their property. They were the ones who had the know-how and the money to fund and pull of the Revolution, which was a very close success. They did this because the British went behind their backs to tax the populace directly instead of using the Colonial government, which incidentally they could control. They also, after accumulating all of this wealth, were excluded from the aristocratic society in Britain, denying them the real power and status they desired. Angry and ambitious, they harnessed the ideas of liberty and anti-federalist democracy and kicked off the American Revolution. The rest is history.
The point of this is, without the support of at least some of the rich, who benefit greatly from the Federal government protecting their property and suppressing the poor, it will be impossibly to have a successful Second Revolution without one of the following three things:

1. The Federal government commits wild atrocities on US soil, which would provide the necessary fuel for the 2nd Revolution
2. You take on the ideas of socialism and a lot of leftist ideas to get the poor, the black, and the Hispanic populations to support you. In which case freedom will probably go out the door.
3. You get international sponsors, in which case you run the high risk of being labeled anti-American

In old America militias were crucial to maintain some sort of order and to fend of Indians. Old America was extremely rural, which means there were even more militias. Old America was harsher and poorer relatively to the standards of the modern world. People were more motivated. In modern America you won't find widespread grinding poverty outside of some inner-city ghettos. Since the recession there is more poverty, but not enough to start a Revolution. Either way that Revolution would be leftist and socialist, focused on taking money from the "1%".

This means the troopers for the modern Revolution would only be fringe radicals, as the media would label them. You touch upon the issues of being a fringe radical group, which is the fact that you can't separate yourself from the other fringe radical. The religious nuts, the nazis, the racists, the "conspiracy theorists" and the plain old crazies. Basically, you have the Sons of Liberty but no Founding Father sponsorship, no social recognition, and therefore no one to back you up. These are I guess what you call the FYS. While there are more and more FYS as the government restricts freedoms and the lower class grows,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 9095 ID: 5b9651
File 138487668361.png - (160.78KB , 1280x800 , Militia of millions.png )

Interesting. I wasn't aware this had become /k/opypasta over there. Not sure how I feel about that.

>1. The Federal government commits wild atrocities on US soil, which would provide the necessary fuel for the 2nd Revolution

This is the only cassus belli that could reasonably be expected to work. In my opinion, it falls into a setup I described in a thread elsewhere on Opchan.

>The Oppression Index - The number of people who must realistically believe that they stand just as much risk of coming under government attack from their day to day lives as they would from resistance must be greater than 10% of the population. This results in the wildfire spread of the revolutionary idea via the 10% population rule.

>The "Fuck Your Shit" factor - The amount of the population that is organized and fully committed to resisting with violence must be equal to or greater than 3%. This sets the stage with the initial players who will kick off the fight and take the early casualties, becoming a symbol for the rest.

>The Human Sacrifice - A catalyst event on the part of the government that results in a symbolic ending of innocent life must occur. This is the symbol that breaks the common people out of their stupor and lends their ear to the revolution, and well as motivating the FYS factor above into direct action as revenge.

I think we're very close to #1 and #2 being satisfied. We've also not seen a #3 of sufficient magnitude yet.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 9096 ID: 50468d
>In modern America you won't find widespread grinding poverty outside of some inner-city ghettos.

No. It's just that rural grinding poverty is much easier to sweep under the rug. People have to drive next to the inner city.
>> No. 9097 ID: 13dbd1

>You could phrase it as a constitutional act, saying that the 2nd amendment allows and says the country needs militias.

No, just no. We've spent 80+ years getting people to understand that the prefatory clause "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state" is the reason for the operative clause "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" i.e. The 2nd Amendment doesn't exist so that militias can be armed, but so that the people as a whole can be armed because of the necessity of a standing army. Remember, at the time standing armies were a relatively new thing and many, did not trust them (a standing army is a tool to be used by the powers that be, for people distrustful of government, that is a scary thing).
>> No. 9098 ID: ecdfad

>In modern America you won't find widespread grinding poverty outside of some inner-city ghettos.

Clearly this nigger has never left a city.

I'll just leave these here.


File 137108716668.jpg - (100.12KB , 206x207 , EMT.jpg )
4121 No. 4121 ID: a913d5 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys, serious life advice needed here.

I'm working as an ER Tech right now (EMT-B Cert). My goal is to become a Physician Assistant. I have a family I need to support, and I don't make enough as an ER Tech to do that while I'm school (I get the Ch33 gi bill, but I would like I more stable income). I'm looking for an intermediate step while I work on Bachelors degree, but I'm kind of stumped. I'm mainly considering either becoming a Paramedic or an RN (with an AS). Trouble is, a lot of people have warned me neither of these options will make me much more income, and don't really look any better on a PA application.

I've also kinda kicked around getting my Bach. Science of Nursing, but that's a really serious time and money commitment. It might look better on the application for PA though.

So I'm just kind of looking for input. Is it worth taking a little step to paramedic or ASN? Should I just go whole hog and get my BSN? Or should I just tough it out as an ER Tech?
24 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4146 ID: 5028d1
I work for a private company that does the primary backup for Detroit EMS and like 5 suburb cities. We back up a few other suburban cities as well. Last Tuesday Detroit EMS staffed 7 units from 8am to 7pm. It was a busy day for everyone.

No, I never went to fire school. I have no desire to. In my area every FD only hires medics. I'm going the Psychology route. My two old roommates are now on full time departments (but that was always their plan).
>> No. 4147 ID: a913d5

That's a big thing that stinks for me. I'm in a rather large metro area that's rich with fire departments. There's only a few private companies. I applied for a BLS truck with one of them, and when they called back to confirm they had my application they warned me that the private companies only get called in on really big accidents, or to do transports for some of the smaller outlying suburbs.
>> No. 4148 ID: 038051
That's close to my impression of things here. KCMO responds to every 911 callout. If it's bad, the patient is riding with the medics. If it's something pretty minor where time isn't an issue, an aid car responds, does their thing, then one of the private companies comes along and does transport so the aid car can go get turned around faster. So if you're with a private company here, you're not terribly likely to see most of the really "Oh shit" stuff.
>> No. 4149 ID: 5028d1
My company did that for a while for two of our smaller mutual aid cities. It turned out that the call volume was too high for the aid car. It was decided that my company would just run secondary response as a primary car. So if the local FD is out on a medical (they only have 1 ALS rig) and another one comes in, we take it.

In the beginning of that contract we did the generic, priority 3 bullshit. Now I'm taking some of the most critical STEMIs and other medical maladies that I've seen in my life out of that small city.
>> No. 4150 ID: c574bd
moving to archive

File 136541037636.jpg - (28.12KB , 650x329 , tkb022_1.jpg )
4036 No. 4036 ID: 2d1726 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I am wanting to obtain a DMR bullpup legally. I only have to meet the federal laws where I live. If at all possible select fire for full, burst, and simi. I'm right handed, but shoot lefty.
Bonus points for ease of customization (and I mean custom customization).

What does /k/ recommend?
Where should I buy?
Please do not tell me to get the gun in pic as it just looks like..... crap.

(being 12 years old)
73 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4116 ID: df3aef
File 136550212346.jpg - (27.47KB , 500x333 , tom cruise reaction.jpg )
>wanting to obtain a DMR bullpup.

>68 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view

good job OP
>> No. 4117 ID: d05187
File 136550885064.jpg - (23.84KB , 450x450 , image.jpg )
I think we can still save this thread! Cool bullpup rifles. Go!

DTA SRS A1. My favorite bullpup, bolt action, switch caliber precision rifle.
>> No. 4118 ID: 9a7693
File 136550991723.jpg - (84.71KB , 500x346 , thales_f90-tfb.jpg )
Thales F90, the Aussies' improvement of the Steyr AUG which is shaping up to be a pretty HSLD future service rifle.
>> No. 4119 ID: c3e6b2
File 136551816357.jpg - (92.59KB , 580x772 , bad-iron-man-cosplay-outfit.jpg )
> As for not listing a budget for glass, and not specifying a brand or model, I will make the glass myself.
> not listing budget for glass, I will make the glass myself
> make the glass myself

To be honest, I was hoping this troll thread would turn into something informative like the other troll threads that came here before but this low rent Tony Stark is just all over the place.

Pic related low rent Tony Stark's Mark VI suit
>> No. 4120 ID: 0008d8
I think call of duty may be more your speed OP. Come back when you're old enough to buy real guns.

File 13569815872.jpg - (114.31KB , 600x758 , 0086faglol.jpg )
3905 No. 3905 ID: 06b993 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
The butthurt is strong with this one...
55 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3964 ID: 24ba72
Still not a very funny comic though

>sage for double post
>> No. 3965 ID: c574bd

J. Grant pls go
>> No. 3966 ID: fc6c47
File 135750091685.png - (131.38KB , 504x500 , 1 (164).png )
He is correct that we are a circlejerk. He is also correct that we are not a "major" community.

Beyond that, there really isn't much in that statement to take seriously.
His statement "I alienated opchan by getting in an online flamewar involving one of their members" ignores that that we initially gave his comics a fairly positive reception. And then he flipped out at us posting things on the internet, that he had put on the internet; calling us hackers and demanding that we remove the images. He burned that bridge all by himself.
He points out our use of "butthurt, while himself using the words "circlejerk" and "neckbeard" to try and disparage us. That's a bit like saying "Only faggots use the word nigger
He uses sarcasm to try and deflect the bruising to his ego as seen both here "Oh boy, they must be a giant slice of possible readership" and in his comics. Sarcasm should generally be avoided in both humor and arguments, because it is typically used poorly and just makes the user sound like a grade schooler.
He claims to have decent internet popularity. If we assume that this is true, what does that even matter? Goddamn Sprite comics are popular on the internet too (yes, even after all these years). Popularity does not indicate quality, just try and suffer through and episode of Big bang theory, one of the most popular television shows.
>So go ahead and keep being, I guess the word is “butthurt”, over the fact that I don’t give two damns about opchan. It’s cute.

That entire statement was basically "You are not important, it is me who is important". This is exactly the sort of thing he needs to stop doing.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 3967 ID: 7d1ee5
Having read the thread as it happened, and seen his own conduct become what set off the insinuations of butthurt, and continued abuse, I'm pretty amused at him continuing to claim innocence and maturity (ironically with playground tactics). He displayed immediate rude, and uncalled for response to advice - before it was meant as insulting criticism, made no polite justification for his own actions in dealing with his own comics not being secured, except to demand without any kind of good will that they were removed.

I think, at the point the thread had got to, before he decided that he didn't want us to re-host something he'd made publicly available, he was already being an ass, he only got worse. It's also ironic that, he makes it out as being a deliberate trolling effort on our part - nobody cared until he did. If our readership was so insignificantly low that it only generated him 30 views, why comment on here? Why be upset about the fact we were revealing comics, if only 30 people here even cared to look? It's not really damaging his major distribution.

He was treated with due rudeness, for his own misconduct, circle jerk aside.

The final irony? Somebody who issued a DMCA copyright notice... Then goes and uploads the PBE logo in his content, that's kinda amusing to me.
>> No. 3968 ID: c574bd
moving to archive

File 135493902336.jpg - (164.48KB , 634x478 , article-2244786-166771EB000005DC-641_634x478.jpg )
3878 No. 3878 ID: 58f4ea Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The musket toted by West Virginia University's Mountaineer isn't just a prop — it's a bona fide weapon, and mascot Jonathan Kimble demonstrated that when he brought down a black bear with it in the woods.
Now WVU has ordered Kimble to stop using his university-issued weapon on hunting trips after a video of this week's kill was posted online. He says hunting with the gun is a Mountaineer mascot tradition.

The 24-year-old Franklin resident accompanied more than a dozen friends and family on the trip in Pendleton County on Monday. In the video, Kimble is shown firing the musket at the bear in a tree.

"Let's go Mountaineers!" Kimble yells afterward. He also posted a photo of himself with the bear on Twitter.
The WVU mascot wears buckskin and a coonskin cap and fires the musket — loaded with black powder but minus ammunition — at home athletic events and other sponsored activities. Hunting isn't one of them.

"While Jonathan Kimble's actions broke no laws or regulations, the university has discussed this with him, and he agrees that it would be appropriate to forego using the musket in this way in the future," said WVU spokesman John Bolt.

Kimble said Friday that he's been hunting all his life and this was the first black bear he's ever killed. He said all his friends have congratulated him for that.
"Hunting can be a controversial topic," Kimble said. "I apologize to any of those who took offense to the video. It definitely wasn't my intent to offend anybody."
Kimble said he taking the musket on hunting trips has become a tradition with the mascots.

"Other Mountaineers have gone and shot multiple deer with it before. I've taken it with me deer hunting before, also."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
21 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3900 ID: eae507
Holy shit, this made me splutter my tea straight out of my mouth. I was thinking the same thing.

Christ people, this really isnt some sort of earth changing issue. Cant you discuss something as stupid as bear size without everyone calling each other idiots and faggots?
>> No. 3901 ID: ffd9a5
>> No. 3902 ID: c439c1

Four day bans for calling out an obvious troll... in a thread that's been dead for days.

A raging faggot is you.
>> No. 3903 ID: c25a57
File 135518065969.jpg - (30.76KB , 536x300 , detective-john-kimble-from-kindergarten-cop--1.jpg )
>> No. 3904 ID: ffd9a5
I guess I should look at post dates. How did it get back up top anyway, someone must have posted then deleted their post.

File 13532710634.jpg - (335.79KB , 1056x1408 , WP_000318.jpg )
2614 No. 2614 ID: b68f06 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Our dog, Timmy, has one testicle. He's three years old and half the size of a regular Lab. I don't have a pic of him next to his brother since he hates having his picture taken.
42 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2660 ID: 5f628d
Shit i cant remember my trip LOL
>> No. 2661 ID: 5f628d
File 135329421437.png - (193.45KB , 392x411 , 1352905160909.png )
Here we go.
>> No. 2663 ID: 35e0f8
>> No. 2667 ID: 36eacf
File 135332209283.jpg - (311.19KB , 584x600 , Oh Lawd.jpg )
>This thread.
>> No. 2668 ID: c574bd
Moving to /arch/

File 135316964843.png - (34.37KB , 644x301 , prepare thyself.png )
2669 No. 2669 ID: 1d0e87 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
35 posts and 24 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2706 ID: bfd066
File 135321621932.jpg - (64.36KB , 400x533 , 051006_faggotry.jpg )
>> No. 2707 ID: 82a4f8
obligatory lol
>> No. 2708 ID: b4b692
File 135335015531.jpg - (43.26KB , 494x600 , hersheys kiss.jpg )
Shameless semi-self bump.
>> No. 2709 ID: beb472
y would u do dis
>> No. 2710 ID: b4b692
B-cuz bitches love them some chocolate.

File 134811342432.png - (51.34KB , 338x288 , 1341928282124.png )
1886 No. 1886 ID: 3ea49f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Today I discovered that there is an .mp3 file on my hard drive that is corrupt and it cannot be ignored, it must be removed. The problem is, I can't interact with it in any way, shape, or form. If I try to move or delete the file, windows explorer freezes up and is rendered impossible to turn off or unfreeze itself. The same thing happens if I interact with the folder that contains the .mp3 file. Ending its process in the task manager doesn't work, it doesn't turn off, it just stays frozen. The only way to unfuck my computer is to restart it, but even then it freezes during the shut down process forcing me to hold down the power button to force the shut down. Doing this process in safe mode doesn't work either.

I have a 64-bit version of windows 7 by the way, if that helps at all.
31 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1919 ID: b0e602

>> No. 1920 ID: b3494e
File 134814691474.png - (3.66KB , 203x221 , 134106687352.png )
Could be worse. He could have made you re-magnetize your hard drive...
>> No. 1921 ID: 3ed20f
File 134814726675.jpg - (47.87KB , 590x365 , autistic-it-consultant.jpg )
That picture....AUTISM.

This entire thread is "special".
>> No. 1922 ID: f9beb8
As funny as that thread is, I feel bad for the kid, his pappy probably gave him a serious whooping.

At least he learned that the Internet is srsbisnis
>> No. 1923 ID: 3ea49f
File 134817048355.gif - (86.32KB , 312x381 , 1332104675278.gif )
apparently avira was reporting a false positive and i never had a virus all along


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