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Patches and Stickers for sale here

No. 10379 ID: 9dcda2
  > be at work
> doing annual maintenance
> nothing exciting happened
> come home and make new work talk thread


I really wanted to make a thread with this song.
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>> No. 10380 ID: 79b400
Thank god you made the thread, I almost started it with the song "Work."

work work work work work work. Worst song, only second to "Baby."
>> No. 10381 ID: 9dcda2
File 14628372506.gif - (961.46KB , 450x256 , giphy.gif )
Crisis averted.

> landlady catches me microwaving ramen
> she's the admin manager for a company that brings in "software engineers" from India to do programming and IT projects
> LL gets new laptop
> asks me if I know how to set up Outlook
> "You work at a company full of I.T. people!"
> "Yeah, but they're all useless."

I suggested she not run payroll till her email works.

Another good LL story:

> LL's from India and speaks British English
> works at a company that basically outsources jobs
> has problem with something or other
> calls tech support
> routed to some dude in Alabama
> she can't understand him because of his accent

Sweet irony.
>> No. 10382 ID: 5c91b8
File 146284649155.jpg - (1.23MB , 1836x3264 , IMG_20160509_091922.jpg )
> Get to move the previously mentioned realllly expensive research grade vacuum furnace today.
> Weighs a metric fuckton
> thatsahugebitch.mp4
> All of this for a working area/hot zone ~x2 the volume of a standard hockey puck.
> All the sheet metal panel edges are barely rounded and still generally sharp.
> Somehow, by the grace of the Omnissiah, I managed to not slice my hands to shit.
> Ask about the person who originally set it up.
> Find out they no longer works here and are out of contact.
> Shit.
> Light incense, pray to the Omnissiah that I don't wire it up wrong.

At least my boss is a cool dude and recognizes my effort.

The control box also had the biggest damn laminated-core transformer I've ever seen.
>> No. 10383 ID: 5c91b8
File 146284659320.jpg - (1.49MB , 3264x1836 , IMG_20160509_090840.jpg )
Said control cabinet.
>> No. 10384 ID: 79b400
On monday, I start a series of trial shifts at a local bicycle shop.

When I was waiting for my starter clutch to be replaced,
I wandered into a bike shop I've never been to before and just started shooting the shit. Offhandedly mention I saw their "experienced cyclist wanted" sign and ask what qualifies. Tell them my experience, shoot the shit some more talking about riding, bikes, etc, end up giving them my contact info and the dude said he'd talk to the owner about an interview.

Figured "cool, wasn't really looking for anything at the moment, we'll see what happens."

Got a call yesterday from the owner saying "he said it sounded like you know your stuff, how would you like to try it out a shift a week and see if you're a good fit?"

This is cool, I have been wanting more experience working on stuff, it's just expensive on your own. And bicycles are easy. I might start building frankenstein bikes or just flipping old bikes on Craigslist for spare cash on the side.
>> No. 10385 ID: b0b6d9
*scrapping instincts intensifies*

I'm other news I've been building trellises for my weirdo vietnam vet of a neighbor. He's been talking about encasing his house in Hopniss. They're 12' high, 2' wide, and made out of 1/2" round bar. Next year it should look pretty nice
>> No. 10386 ID: 037541
Had an interview process at my dream job/company today from 1pm till 5pm. It went way longer then I had hoped and there was zero breaks for food. It was a three separate interview processes. Got to meet and do an interview with the quality control guy for my Trilogy community. First the first time ever they had 100 homes pass with zero defects reported by homeowners. Killed that interview and then interviewed with the guy I had already met with two separate times, killed it even harder. Spoke to him for a whole hour half. And lastly interviewed with the VP of sales for that Trilogy and destroyed that interview.
Felt great, been super stressing over this since it is a huge passion of mine to work for Shea Homes and to be able to stay in the area and lastly it is my only job prospect at the moment. Fingers crossed but it seems like I will get the position as a JR Community Representative. They are interviewing two other people but was told I got a leg up on the competition. Even being told that they would expect me to only stay as a JR CR for about a year before they would push me to go get my MBA which they would pay for so that I could start doing "large escrow deals" for Shea.
Ah man and I graduate in December, this shit makes me so happy and surprisingly I had a lot of fun in the interview process. Never really interviewed like this before so I surprised myself with how well I truly did. Looking forward to sending out those thank you emails tomorrow and then waiting a month or so before they give me word about whether I got the position or not.
It's been a good day.
>> No. 10387 ID: 5a0b76
got fired today for the thinnest bullshit reason

literally- threw away a wrapper to a part worth $25 and when other parts turned out to be n/a we couldn't send it back for credit

I would be mad but I've hated this job for a while and was gona quit next month after my house went on the market.

still, I find it kinda insulting that this is all the shit they can come up with? Why not just say "we hired a newb and pay him 1/3 what we pay you, but he has certs so we can keep our contracts even if you leave, so gtfo."

Jokes on them, their shop manager is shit tier and when they lose the ol' timer tech next year they are gona be HARD press to keep anyone decent around.
>> No. 10388 ID: 028b36
File 146295179822.gif - (13.04KB , 700x400 , crossroads_new.gif )
I've been running the computer shop for a while and I am burnt out, not sure what I want to do so I am looking for suggestions on what I should do as job or part time job to add a little variation to my life.

With computer I enjoy solving problems and providing solutions, I don't mind talking to people and I can do sales. What do you guys suggest just throw out some ideas.
>> No. 10389 ID: b0b6d9
File 146295452994.jpg - (53.47KB , 625x416 , poisonous-plants-moonseed.jpg )
I go into the woods and forage and sell the crap I find to health food stores and restaurants. $18/lb for morals, $4/lb for ramps and fiddleheads, chicory, dandelion, berries, the list goes on and on.

You just need to make sure you're not picking moonseed which looks like grapes, mayapple which produces apple like fruit, or daphne which has bright red poisonous berries. There is a shitload of fruit in New York that is incredibly poisonous.
>> No. 10390 ID: f49edb
File 146296476696.jpg - (151.18KB , 800x800 , f5c31799-2e44-4e71-b416-88f314ac132d_zps68823afe.jpg )

>$18/lb for morals

I know some folks here in the hiking/camping community who go apeshit for morels in their season. They will bag shit tons of them for eating and selling.


Do what I did, take the NRA's instructor course and start teaching people basic pistol on the side to get their concealed carry licenses or just to start getting into guns.
>> No. 10391 ID: fb3bdd
Eh, ever taken a welder apart?
>> No. 10393 ID: f49edb
File 14629655653.jpg - (3.31MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_2411.jpg )

fiddleheads can also be quite nice. Not these though, too old.
>> No. 10394 ID: 57d40e
Oh, so YOU'RE the asshole I keep hearing about coming out of the woods with bags full of leeks. I've seen them on restaurant menus before but I'm kind of surprised they're allowed to serve food some random guy got out of the woods. Sorry to sound so confrontational, I just hope you stay off public land and private land where you don't have permission when you forage.
>> No. 10395 ID: 160efe
Does she ask you to 'do the needful'
>> No. 10396 ID: b0b6d9
File 146300527352.jpg - (66.51KB , 640x480 , fiddleheads.jpg )
Those don't look right to me, I pick Ostrich Ferns which have a smooth spine and are initially covered in a copper foil. They aren't fuzzy at all.
>I just hope you stay off public land and private land where you don't have permission when you forage.
I have ramps on my own property but there are numerous river islands were I pick fiddle heads. None of them are posted so I just go canoe over and pick 50 pounds or so. As far as I'm concerned if they wanted to keep people like me away they would have put up adequate signage.
> I'm kind of surprised they're allowed to serve food some random guy got out of the woods
A lot of what I forage can't be commercially grown, so if people want to eat some Ramps, chicken-of-the-woods, fiddleheads they have to make do with what a weirdo digs out of the woods.
>> No. 10397 ID: f49edb
File 146300587279.jpg - (2.14MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_2429.jpg )

I took a class in college on plant taxonomy, and at one point could tell you exactly what kind of fern this is. That knowledge is long lost, but the upshot is these fiddleheads are about to unfurl - so if they were ever tasty, they aren't now.
>> No. 10398 ID: 044fd0
I drove a shortbus at work today. A 97 International 3400 specifically. T'was most amusing.
>> No. 10399 ID: f49edb
File 146310202047.png - (1.34MB , 743x800 , asdfsdfsdfsdf.png )
>> No. 10400 ID: b0b6d9
File 146312003533.jpg - (3.90MB , 4608x3440 , DSCF1072.jpg )
I was taught what to look for I don't pick things when I'm not certain. I've heard too many stories of people poisoning themselves and their entire families for me to do that bullshit.

I was taught what to look for by my father who learned from his father who did this bullshit to survive the depression. And I personally think it's a pretty good skillset to have, especially if I'm ever targeted by the federal government for various crimes
>> No. 10401 ID: 20f52b
File 146312253565.png - (1.51MB , 1216x1136 , wtf abb.png )
>scrolling through datasheets on le internet
>see this
>what the fuck ABB
>what is this, a Kill Bill poster
>it's not really funny
>oh wow this hand guard, now this is actually funny
>> No. 10402 ID: 09c7e0
File 146316166733.gif - (3.43KB , 180x180 , 180px-Epic_fail_guy.gif )
I dunno if it was Jesus talking to me or what, but I just realized that most normal people (ppl with jerb and home) live in a rectangle (or similar polygon) defined by the endpoints of their commute. Maybe its an ellipse and jerb location is one foci and house the other. Anyway pretty revealing I think.
Like 2 or 3 disk drives ago I had a version of EFG I mspainted a toga on called epic philosophy guy (yeah its a phonetic spelling joke, lmao EFG is so stupid).
>> No. 10403 ID: f2aff2
>walk into office

>usually cipher locked door is propped open with a chair

>Korean coworker is setting up electric fans (their mortal enemy) to air out the suite

>smells like burning

>AC unit caught on fire, burned until Freon system compromised which blew out the fire apparently

>Mexicans arrive with a new AC unit, other coworker waves months of maintenance requests in their face

>no habla

>get on with business

>kind of lightheaded

>post about it on opchan
>> No. 10404 ID: 9dcda2
File 14631844837.jpg - (76.47KB , 470x500 , Ellis-Mate-Wolfknife-Lasertorch.jpg )
> drive 3.5 hours
> troubleshoot for 5 minutes
> look up parts for 30
> talk to boss for 5
> lunch for 30
> paperwork on laptop at diner for 1 hour (to let traffic subside)
> drive home for 3 hours

My job today was to listen to the Jason Ellis show for 6.5 hours on Sirius radio, and 5 minutes of actual technical work.



> "Do the needful" is an expression which means "do that which is needed"

Nope. She does say "Touch wood" instead of "Knock on wood". Some other British ones too.

> Anyway pretty revealing I think.

What about people that work from home?!? *dun dun dun*
>> No. 10405 ID: bf2165
Don't do that now, the new Basic pistol is a "blended course" and is absolute shit. GO USCCA!
>> No. 10406 ID: bf2165
Forgot my trip. I taught my first and last large NRA course today. Tomorrow is the last day for the old basic pistol course. I have to start practicing my USCCA curriculum, I am going to start doing bi weekly courses once my lawyer finishes up my incorporation paperwork for my LLC.
>> No. 10407 ID: 0cc1d8
How I'm treated by shitty servers on any given shift.

Busser: Lower than shit, servers have unwarranted arrogance toward this position.

To-go: Neutral, indifferent until I deny them access to my POS because they'll get in the way of orders. Constantly asked if I'm bussing that shift in hopes they'll be able to bitch me out,

Expo: actually treated decently because I control how fast their table's order is up, the presentation and cleanliness of their dishes. And if any of it is askew, it's on their head, not mine.

I work 5 different positions in the restaurant, those three being the most common and involves the most interaction with servers.

I hope this new job at the bike shop works out, it'd be a nice little break here and there to work with something mechanical instead of people.
>> No. 10408 ID: f49edb

Irrelevant. In virginia any course taught by an NRA certified instructor is good for the CHP, so I don't have to teach their weird ass blended shit.
>> No. 10409 ID: 0cc1d8
Had my first trial at the bike shop.

I just had to build a bike, just a shitty 3 speed internal hub cruiser. Seemed easy, until I realized I had no experience with these kinds of bikes. I still did it, but I had to ask questions about mounting the derailleur, and seat and handlebar positions.

And in my sleep deprived and waning caffeine daze, originally had the front fork backwards... I caught it, but that was just a minor oversight caused by me cursing this sinus infection and dreaming about a fresh pot of coffee simultaneously while installing it.
>> No. 10410 ID: 490e84
Was at local fox affiliate station working on laptop. Showed the IT guy it died of coffee. Creamer and sugar solids and corrosion errywhere. He promptly chewed out the photographers who used the machine and sent a stationwide email regarding beverages.
>> No. 10411 ID: a273fd
I'm hyped to redeploy but I'm starting to feel dread. I have to renewal ACLS and PALS as soon as I get home, and then either go back to the hell that is the private service I work for or work like a fiend to find a better job.
>> No. 10412 ID: bbe45f
I found out yesterday that I have to fly to El Paso on Monday for work. Roundtrip tickets on Southwest are $840 each.

The company is footing the bill, but we can't even bill our client because this is still in the qualification phase, and we are one of 9 teams shortlisted for 6 available projects.
>> No. 10413 ID: c05e32
The Super Liberal at work is getting on my fucking nerves. Completely out of nowhere, he told me that whatever I do with my kids, never buy them toy guns. I guess he thinks they set the stage for gun violence. Later that day, I noticed in the signature section of his work email, above the address, phone number, fax number, he'd put "He, Him, His". I stared at that in confusion for a moment until it dawned on me. They're his pronouns. He put his god damn pronouns in the motherfucking signature of his work email. Despite being gay, he is very much a man. Bushy beard, beer gut, it's not even in question.
>> No. 10414 ID: 79b400
Had more people call back and tell me their order was wrong or missing something today than every single other day combined.

We had this dumb fat bitch in the back pairing to go items with their proper bags. In theory.

In practice, she couldn't read for shit, she'd get flustered if anything was put in front of her and she has zero common sense.

I mean, we had entire orders going out missing not one, but several entrees. The occasional missed item is understandable, I still miss a thing here or there. But several entrees is fucking unacceptable.

"Double check her work before sending it out" I can hear others saying. But, if you understood how fast paced a shift can be, you'd understand why I'm not going to do that. Also, then I'd be doing her job for her, which I will not do unless I'm getting her pay too.

Which is exactly what I told her when she told us we "have" to check her work for her because she was getting bitched out by managers. "Am I getting your tips? No? Do your job, then." Then I decided to confuse her by mixing "sink or swim" with "crash and burn" telling her to "sink or burn."

God, I love messing with teenagers. It's amazing finding out what kind of shit they've never heard of.

This motherfucker needs a good ol fagbashing.
>> No. 10415 ID: 798a48
One last general studies requirement left. Thought I got rid of them all but apparently none of the AJS classes I took counted toward social and behavioral sciences. I thought about just taking a level 200 criminology class, but I really need to put that stuff behind me.

It came down to Victims and Crisis Management, or Introduction to Social Welfare. I took the day to think about it and I think learning more about services available and a brief history thereof is unfamiliar territory yet relevant to life outside my chosen field.
>> No. 10416 ID: f49edb
File 146374933252.jpg - (115.70KB , 1300x876 , 15404023-Portrait-Of-Business-People-At-A-Business.jpg )

Is this also school thread?

Finishing up another chunk of my MBA, so now I've done resource management, finance, marketing, and operations. Next is project management.

Also taking a 10 week mini-course from Harvard Business School with Nordic hopefully if he ever gets off his ass and applies.

If we want to market Opchan we must be disruptive
>> No. 10418 ID: 79b400
Working with a chick today, things started to slow down after the rush and I just got done adjusting the tips and closing out orders on the POS.

As I moved over cash into the tip drawer, chick I'm working with says "are you threatening them or something?"


"No one I've worked with on curbside brings back as good of tips as you. Are you, like, threatening them or something? "

"Not outright, just heavily implied by being overly kind."

Real answer is I'm attentive, friendly, and know how to make people laugh.

I'm going to make bank when I finally start serving, right now I make a pittance at togos. I have to split the tips amongst 3 people including myself at the end of the night.
>> No. 10419 ID: ade114
  I just finished planting all of my corn, peppers, and squash today. In a few days my cucumbers should be good to go as well.

I also finished welding up a mineral feeder and some trellises for my neighbor for some under the table goodness, I've even managed to make a few candle-holders, spoons, and dishes for a local folk store.

Thank god for rich yuppies.
>> No. 10420 ID: c05e32
Don't get me wrong. I don't mind his sexuality. My best friend from high school back in Oklahoma is a gay man, but he's been through a little more than said coworker. Tell my friend that he doesn't need a weapon and he'd tell you to go fuck yourself.
>> No. 10421 ID: 90a126
File 146386050418.png - (65.00KB , 484x484 , 3200bc-white_blue-z1-t-are-you-a-library-book-caus.png )
You would think gay people of all people would understand the need for self defense. Far too many gay people get "fag-bashed" because they have no way to defend themselves from the closeted redneck faggots who like to beat up and occasionally rape gay men because having sex with men is bad.......and there is nothing at ironic about that, nothing.

On topic.....

I was working the front desk yesterday because I guess I needed some misery in my life. Some guy walks about to the desk and asks me if I can tell him the prices of the books he has.

I work at a library.

I inform him of this fact, that we let people check out books not buy them. Guy starts getting pissed about it, he wants to buy these books and he should be allowed. I again explain, we let people check out books not buy them, would you like to check out these books sir?

Dude just dumps the books right there on the floor and storms out in a huff.

I'd almost think the fucker was trolling me if not for the fact he actually seemed genuinely upset he could not buy the bullshit he had gotten. He was young as fuck, like a teenager, so maybe he didn't know how libraries work or something as was so coddled he couldn't handle being told no, I dunno.

And whats really stupid is there is a Books A Million literally a stone throw away. Well maybe not stone throw for me, I got some pitiful arms. Back in elementary school some of the girls beat me on throwing a baseball during fitness day and I was 2nd to last in the boys. My still laughable strength aside we are still fucking close, we are within visual distance of the local mall with its book store.

Even more stupid, the stupid cunt had a bunch of anime backwards ass books with a bunch of yaoi looking bullshit on the cover. For some reason I found that utterly hilarious.

In retrospect I could have just overcharged the dumb fuck for the books, pocketed the money and listed the books destroyed.
>> No. 10422 ID: 254d85
They could have been something that's out of print and he was planning on reselling them online.

For example, the English issues of Tsutomu Nihei's Blame! were up to $60 per volume before Vertical announced they were doing a reprint this year.
>> No. 10423 ID: 634497

If I'd wanted some books that badly, I'd just have checked them out and "lost" them. I'm just Saiyan...
>> No. 10424 ID: 90a126
File 146387366167.jpg - (61.45KB , 320x479 , not true to life.jpg )
Possibly but I doubt it, most of its just like Shonen Jump shit. Piles of Dragonball Z and Bleach crap. Shouldn't be anything rare. Seems like the same shit you can find at any Borders or Books A Million, hell FYE carries it sometimes I think. Nothing the dim bastard couldn't go and buy somewhere else.

The rest is those gay looking pretty boy books which possibly might be rare but I highly doubt it.

I think that would have taken more thought then he was capable of. I did the same fucking shit as a poor broke kid, would "lose" books when I was moving from an area. Did the same thing to JR Rotc. Not something I'm proud of, well maybe a little proud over the JR Rotc just because sticking it to those tools feels good even now, but still it didn't take a genius level intellect to figure how to do.

My best guess is it was just some spoiled idiot who had never been to a library and didn't know how they OPERATE.
>> No. 10425 ID: 634497

Yeah man, I did the same thing when I was a pup, though for different reasons. My puritanical upbringing resulted in certain subjects essentially being verboten, so to get around the restrictions imposed by my family and school, I'd straight-up steal books when necessary.
>> No. 10426 ID: 79b400
Yeah, it's one of the reasons I don't get along with a lot of gays.

Dudebro gays are the best, definitely the most fun.

On topic myself, I'm pissed about tomorrow. Since I work in multiple departments, I got double scheduled on sunday. Togos and expo.

Informed management, let them know I'd rather have the togo shift because I'd make more money and I need it. They said they'd see what they can do. Get told today that getting a togo shift covered is easier than expo, so now I'm working expo tomorrow. Vid at :25 seconds is very related right now.
>> No. 10427 ID: 798a48
That reminds me.

mesacc dot edu/workforce-development/azami/industry-certification-boot-camps/electrical-wiring-j-standard

If any of you guys remember me talking about an electrical wiring boot camp, last week was the 2nd class ever. The 3rd one takes place at the end of July.

It's one week at Chandler-Gilbert Community College and you'll earn a J-Standard soldering certificate as well as learn how to make a simple harness with a D-sub and an AN/MS connector and ground lugs.

More importantly, what they're not disclosing is that an employer is aware of the existence of the course since they were visited by the instructors who put the program together and taught the first class, and pretty much you'll be offered a position after completion. It's a fulltime contract position (40hrs/wk) and it starts at 12bux/hr, but hey, it got me into a field I had no prior experience in, and a foot in the doors of a major aerospace name.

The two biggest issues I'm seeing is that the fees/kit costs 500bux and that it's an 8am-5pm commitment for a whole week. Kinda steep for an entry-level position making harnesses. I know that some politics is going on to try to get the cost reduced.

Anyhow, I'm pretty enthusiastic about the program and we definitely need more guys on the floor, so if you're an AZ operator who lives close enough to Mesa, specifically the Chandler-Gilbert Williams campus, and you're desperate for work and you're interested, I'd be willing to put up $250 to match you on the class fees.
>> No. 10428 ID: 79b400
File 146412108256.jpg - (57.34KB , 700x700 , 1464119534219.jpg )
This picture is nowhere near accurate for the restaurant industry, days off are random. Though, you can get a feel of what days you'll be working on weeks with big events or holidays, if you're a strong player.

But, if you're like me, who's trained in so many different areas of the restaurant, you just don't know what shifts you'll be working.

I wish I was an Arizona operator, that sounds awesome. I'm all for learning new skills.

I've been debating whether to move to Texas or Arizona when I get my shit in order, I've narrowed it down to those two.
>> No. 10429 ID: 82a3e8
Dont come to corpus,

A) Weve been under a water boil advisory now for like 2 weeks. Cause poopy water

B) Mosquito came out with a vengeance. Example. Walked to the car at 0630 and my arm tickled. I looked down expecting a bug. What I saw was about 3 dozen mosquitoes on my arm. City has declared they arent going to gas/spray for mosquitoes, until there are confirmed cases of west nile or whatever.

This damn city man.

Meanwhile they just spent like a buncha millions on new parks/new salena statues.
>> No. 10430 ID: 90a126
>who's trained in so many different areas of the restaurant, you just don't know what shifts you'll be working

Dude I fucking feel you on that one. Pretty much my job is doing whatever job everyone else can't be arsed to do. My job is supposed to be like working the inventory, putting books and shelves and pulling them and handling deliveries to and from our branch. But I work all kinds of other jobs like computer and equipment maintenance, working help desks, playing baby sitter in the computer lab, and setting up meeting rooms plus other crap.

Mind you I don't mind that most of the time but it can get a bit annoying on occasion, I like to have alot of sameness. Its a bit disconcerting to one day be buried in the food infested guts of a machine, the next watching to make sure a bunch of assholes are surfing porn, and the next helping douches find books and check them out (though not check me out, forever alone).

Do you have a set job but get pulled to where ever you are needed or is your job just to go where ever you are needed?
>> No. 10431 ID: 79b400
>Do you have a set job but get pulled to where ever you are needed or is your job just to go where ever you are needed?

Set shift, but get pulled wherever I'm needed.

Last night, I had a bussing shift. But, I was food running, barbacking, portioning, doing expo, cashing out togo orders, etc all night. Which I have no complaints, I'd rather do all that than bus.

I have the states in mind, but I don't have any cities planned out yet. That'll be determined by schools, career opportunities, cost of living, and the amount of blacks. So, pretty much the same criteria any soccer mom has.
>> No. 10432 ID: ade114
File 146415928064.jpg - (666.46KB , 1383x1032 , DSCF1078.jpg )
Do any of you guys know where I can buy metal disks between 1-2 inches wide and around 20 gauge thick? I'm getting really tired cutting these fucking things out by hand.
>> No. 10433 ID: 4719ce

Hole saw and a drill press?

Trepanning cutter and a clapped out Bridgeport?
>> No. 10434 ID: 4719ce

Oh and fucktons of cutting fluid. Hole saws generate more BTUs than the fucking Sun.
>> No. 10435 ID: 9dcda2

I don't think anyone makes something like that, nor would it be available on the internet. Shit outta luck dude.

>> No. 10436 ID: 79b400
Fucking FOH manager and kitchen manager needs to communicate with each other to make sure I don't keep getting double scheduled.

And kitchen manager needs to understand that I'm a FOH employee who helps in the kitchen so I can be more effective FOH.
>> No. 10437 ID: 98c1a2
>Hole saws generate more BTUs than the fucking Sun

Often this could be the result of spindle RPM being a little on the quick side. If you have a 2" hole saw and you're cutting steel, say mild shit (1020), SFM is give or take 90 with HSS. Quick and dirty way of getting your spindle (or drill press or hand drill) RPM will be 90*4/diameter of spinning bit.

So around 180RPM.

Don't forget one very important factor as well; you also have a shitton of teeth on hole saws. Say you have 24 teeth, at 180RPM you'd need to feed at 4"/min to take 0.001" chip per tooth. That might bog down some hand drills and some little drill presses, so you'll have to spin even slower.

tl;dr if your cutting tool has lots of teeth and big in diameter, spin slow and feed good, it'll cut a whole lot better.

>here's a handy website for feed/speed calculation
>for SFM in the material you have refer to the BibleI mean the Machinery's Handbook
>> No. 10438 ID: 98c1a2
File 146424268920.png - (96.51KB , 1190x601 , sadad.png )
Forgot my picture
>> No. 10439 ID: ade114
I found out that Ringlord would do a custom order for me

In other news, I was making brass castings today when the wind pushed all of those nice zinc fumes right into my face. I can already feel like shit.
>> No. 10440 ID: b2f730
That metal fume fever shit is not meant to be too nice, try not to die mang.
>> No. 10441 ID: b66324
I have to get out of my fucking job. I do, really badly. I am drowning every day. With a wife and child, I grow increasingly dependent and complacent on my government income and benefits, but if this bullshit drags on much longer, I will EAT MY FUCKING GUN.
>> No. 10442 ID: 037541
Gov jobs suck, start looking for a new job with all the resume building this job has helped you with.
>> No. 10443 ID: 6dfff2
Weirdest shit happened.

I was just coming back inside after delivering food, was about to cash another customer out and bring them their shit when a coworker said "line 2 is for you, they asked for you by name."

...okay. "thank you for calling generic steakhouse, this is Caseless speaking. How can I help you today?"

Old lady breathing heavy answers, "hello? Hello? Caseless?"

"Yes, how can I help you?"

Lots of rustling and breathing on her end of the line, then she hits me with it. "Breathe into the microphone, do it."


"Breathe in the microphone, come on!"

It's very apparent at this point that whoever is on the other line is either masturbating or trying to make it sound like they're masturbating. I replied "I'm not... who is this?"

"Come on, breathe into the microphone! "

"Ma'am I don't know what this is, but I'm not doing that."

Then I hear rustling with heavy breathing and grunts followed by it hanging up.

I'm pretty creeped out, I have no idea what that was.
>> No. 10444 ID: de0bec
File 146441860141.jpg - (22.60KB , 300x300 , that makes me moist.jpg )
>Not helping a poor old lady in need
You terrible monster
>> No. 10445 ID: 9dcda2
File 146445437170.jpg - (82.96KB , 588x441 , 0815CNTI20Wreck4HO.jpg )

Numbers approximate.

> drove like 17 hours and 800 miles this week to and from Southern MD
> saw 5-7 cops per day
> saw at least 1 accident per day
> saw 5 abandoned cars on one day
> saw some roadkill (not as much as when I was in PA)
> received no less than a dozen "thank you" waves by letting people in (driving like a civilized person)
> 0 out of 6 people successfully boxed me out of merging (I'm coming in motherfuckers)
> watched a dump truck towing a trailer with a CAT skid loader jackknife and slide off the road
> was happy it was on the other side of the road and wasn't going to be stuck behind all the morons rubbernecking

If I'd have known it was going to be so eventful I would have kept a tally of all the shit I saw. Fucking idiots around here suck at driving.

(Picture of a different dump truck in trees.)
>> No. 10446 ID: 798a48
File 146446383136.png - (148.28KB , 1584x1966 , CITY_OF_SCOTTSDALE_-_2016-05-28_12_22_14.png )
I'm not going to wait around to see if I got a hard badge or not.

Yesterday I put in my two weeks' notice with my boss at day job. When I'd interviewed for my summer internship at the packaging company a couple weeks ago, I guess it went a little too well, because one of my classmates, the operations manager, offered me a position which would increase my hourly wage by 50%, with a pay increase that would get me past the twenties plus fulltime benefits package after the 90-day probationary period.

If things don't work out, though, I've been told the door will be left open for me back on the shop floor. Glad I'm not burning bridges, as they've been fairly good to me.

I do owe an apology to my team lead after she gets back from the weekend, though, as she had put in for me to receive additional training and cert for making of the special harnesses that get ordered every so often, upon recommendation from one of the layup guys.

Today at my night/weekend job I will need to revise my schedule change request to be weekends only. I may end up needing to quit altogether depending on what the overtime situation at the new job will be like.

My contract house, Chipton-Ross, as well as PDS Tech and one other name I don't recall, have always posted entry-level positions for the aerospace industry around here, which usually don't require more than highschool/GED. With them or with someone else, if there's ever a job you've secured in Arizona, and you can find a reliable vehicle and an affordable place to stay, I'll pay your first month's rent.

On another note, during finals week I saw apprenticeships for wastewater processing on the City of Scottsdale's website. Definitely one of the most cushy and coveted yet gratifying positions to hear one of my welding instructors talk about it.


Also read an interesting spot just now for a Police Aide which is like auxiliary patrol minus the powers of arrest, I think, and a Court Clerk I. Both just require graduating high school or having a GED, though the court clerk position requires two years of customer service, lol. I don't know that I would have necessarily ever been as set college after high school if I'd have known about these sorts of opportunities when I was younger.

You need to talk to your wife and/or a therapist. I'll second IMB's recommendation for you to start tailoring and start hunting.
>> No. 10447 ID: ade114
File 146450451725.jpg - (223.30KB , 1100x733 , 5635472_orig.jpg )
>promised a guy I'd make him a heavy brass pendant
>spend an hour carving it out of wax
>spend an hour letting the plaster set around it
>spend and an hour melting the wax out and driving out as much moisture as possible
>place my copper scrap/pennies in my niggerrigged crucible in my niggerridged foundry.
>heat that up until I see some nice bright green flames
>pour 1/2 pound of brass all at once into the mold
>none of it goes in
>molten brass blows out at me
I made the simple mistake of forgetting to made a steam vent.
I was doing all of this in shorts and sandles
>> No. 10448 ID: f87148

>> No. 10449 ID: b2f730

Jesus christ man hahaha like at least throw on some jeans and a pair of boots, I mean sandals.

Hope you're not fucked up like but shit.
I wouldn't mess with even aluminium without something for it to burn through before it gets to me.
>> No. 10450 ID: ade114
File 146455209311.jpg - (79.34KB , 920x541 , 920x920.jpg )
It's perfectly safe if you're not completely retarded. The brass just gave me a playful little kiss. Most of it was captured in a clay dam I made around the mold.
>Hope you're not fucked up like but shit.
All of those blows to the head and all of those noxious fumes I regularly breathe in might impair my judgement a little bit.
>> No. 10451 ID: 818111
Boots only go so far.

The people in a foundry wear those goofy looking boot covers for a reason.

A far wiser man than I said "wear something you can kick off in a hurry", and I heeded it.

Even so I still have a few scars on my right foot from shit going pear shaped.
>> No. 10452 ID: 842e6f
File 14645697388.jpg - (1.77MB , 3264x2448 , 20160529_172615.jpg )
Something like these?

Red Wing 2249 and 2272. The former is 4 years old, the latter about 4 months. They're super comfy, durable, and easy to put on/easy to take off (a big plus for a lazy bum like me.)

Best damn boots money can buy, IMO
>> No. 10453 ID: f87148
>be me
>be today
>trying to get my immunization shit handled so I can do my god damn clinicals
>told to GOTO municipal health department
>they'll get you fixed up, they said
>it'll be one-stop shopping, they said
>GOTO health department
>lolno, we don't do any of that except the Mantoux test (TB screen)
>well, where can I get th-
>GOTO Walmart pharmacy on [other side of town], they'll have everything
>GOTO Walmart
>stand in line
>Hi, I need [shows list on phone], and does this [shows insurance card] cover it? If so, how much am I looking at?
>Um, let me check...
>Let me call the pharmacist over. One second.
>ten minutes later
>told I'll need my GP to actually prescribe everything so my shitshow insurance will actually cover it

Well, at least I've got some kind of answer...
>> No. 10454 ID: cc6f2e
File 146492098234.jpg - (272.21KB , 1000x563 , bbw.jpg )
> company flies everyone to Miami
> hotel has mini moat/river/water thing on one side
> lots of iguanas, snakes, turtles, etc

> training my guys on bullshit scheduling software
> day 3 of 5 we're fucking done
> bored as shit, really drawing it out
> see people outside moving to look at the water
> ooo what's going on out there
> more people gathering, pointing
> move outside to see what everyone is looking at

> fucking manatee in the water, doing fucking nothing
> more exciting than schedule software training
>> No. 10455 ID: 22504e
PDS Tech is the company that I did my aerospace internship through. I guess they do a lot of that stuff.
>> No. 10456 ID: 98c1a2
File 146501381756.jpg - (0.98MB , 3126x1482 , asdfasdfaf.jpg )
>be at work
>one hour left in the shift
>last shift of the week
>finish a part on the lathe
>requires repass
>restart lathe halfway into program
>perform repass
>all is well
>put new part on
>suddenly hear another lathe having a bad day
>broken insert, etc, no biggie
>fix it
>come back to original machine
>part in chuck, good to go
>press cycle start
>spindle spools
>while spindle is spooling, turret indexes
>I peek at it to see if it's turning true enough (saw cut sometimes has the bar stock sit all cockeyed and it spins like a hula hoop)
>part spinning ok as turret is heading towards part at 100% rapid
>start closing door
>from the corner of my eye, something doesn't look right
>feed hold button was pressed
>a lot
>remaining distance to go in rapid was Z-a shitton
>remember that this was the boring bar to finish way down in the part near the end of the program

Don't get distracted and forget to reset the program to the beginning when you have to leave something halfway done and shit.

Luckily I stopped it in time, pic related.
>> No. 10457 ID: 22504e

NC lathes are still a little creepy to me. I think I've kind of lost my anxiety with mills more or less and I'm down to just normal paranoia (wait, did I ACTUALLY tighten that clamp or am I just remembering a dream I had once?). At the end of the day, it just feels like there's a lot less bigness as far as stuff moving potentially into each other.

That being said, I run a pretty huge ass mill right now. I'm sure if that crashes it'll sound like a bomb too.
>> No. 10458 ID: 98c1a2
File 146502476477.png - (0.97MB , 1012x934 , 2014-01-08 19_25_23.png )
>it just feels like there's a lot less bigness as far as stuff moving potentially into each other

Yeah lathes are a step up most of the time compared to mills (usually).

The worst is when there's some short boring bar or parting tool and the turret has a giant insert drill like two feet long. You have all this mess moving around with a massive drill just barely missing the chuck and headstock of the machine.

You tell yourself "It'll clear. It cleared last time, it'll clear next time, it's clearing right now".

Then it rapids to another position and you still get a little jump in heart rate.

4 or 5 axis milling machines get interesting too regardless of the programmer, there's an unwritten rule of machining that he has to put all the action where you can't see it, but it's just not so minute-to-minute holyshitclosefastmovinglargesharpbitsspinning.

pic related doesn't look so bad until you realize it's going to go even lower, and then going to move around. It usually cleared, but due to aerospace regulations on program and setup sheet modifications, we couldn't alter anything or include relevant information about tool stickout. Have fun 4 axis 3D ballnose profile machining. Sure some of the other guys that had done the setup before kept their notes, but they weren't usually around.

>also lol the forging stock material for that part is like 4k monies
>it's gone through 6 operations and there's now over 10k machine time/operator/setup invested per part
>no test pieces

I gotta say I did have fun at the shop where this kinda shit went on but I'm glad I'm in a new place with a bit less retarded rules about fixing setup sheets and stuff.
>> No. 10459 ID: 8ae717

Imma ask a probably stupid and definitely easily google-able question:

My current work is in 3d printing and all of the toolpath stuff is handled by software I make up a part in Solidworks and configure the machine settings but the actual g-code is handled by the slicing software.

Is the same true of CNC mills where software exists to generate toolpaths from a CAD file or is that something you do manually (or some mixture of the two)?
>> No. 10460 ID: 98c1a2
You can do it by hand depending of the shape with G02 and G03 while flipping Z for X or Z for Y with G17, G18, and G19 (on most controllers). This gets somewhat time consuming to do step-over scallop stuff for complex surfaces but you can switch to incremental and go into a subprogram that has a repeat word (L on the mazak for example).

Nobody does this anymore. It's a shame, because it's very pretty to look a program written like this.

When you have a CADCAM program, you have your part or surfaces modeled and assign toolpaths to it. Depending on the path, CADCAM program, and part, the post-processor (calculator output of the program that defines what G-codes are used, mill or lathe, what M-codes to use depending on controller) will spit out the code that you need. Usually it'll be straight code, just XYZ(add other axes here) coordinates. Not great to read through, just pages of XYZ and so on, but hey it works.
>> No. 10461 ID: 98c1a2
>You can do it by hand depending
I do mean by hand.

Like pen, paper, some rulers, a calculator, and wordpad.
>> No. 10462 ID: 98c1a2
File 146505958912.png - (215.89KB , 1779x1038 , lathebulletcadcam.png )
Pic is simple lathe bullet done cadcam.

For those waiting to see the PTRD being shot, I just got a straight answer after months of "yeah right after this job" and it was "we don't think it's legal".

The guys that run the business are old italian dudes (fuddish) so I pretty much have to get them paperwork saying I can manufacture actual guns before they'll touch an inert copper bullet. At least I started said paperwork a while ago so it'll be done when I want to make some actual firearms...
>> No. 10463 ID: 98c1a2
File 146506036019.png - (50.10KB , 852x857 , handwritten.png )
Pic is a section of a G-code done with no CADCAM, the only computer "assistance" was wordpad. The section here was for a pocket shaped like a half-cylinder. Not super complicated but it does take some time.

Damn I'm not sure if I have a picture of the result anywhere
>> No. 10464 ID: 490e84
File 146510131517.jpg - (3.89MB , 2017x2479 , 20160604_183726-1.jpg )
>doing overtime windows 7 migrations for ups stores
>get volentold to do at site on my weekend
>they usually at 630 this one was at 3 and i missed that fact till the confirmation call
>10 minutes to get ready and out the door from just pajamas
>i can't find it
>it's hidden away inside a swanky resort
>finally find it after driving round in circles for 15 minutes
>store owner is backing shit up still so i get to wait 30 minutes
>bad internet connection so all the steps are slow
>windows activation fails
>they don't have a windows 7 key for a register
>owner checks all receipts and emails for an hour
>have to abort and revert site back to xp
>get out 30 minutes after the 4 hours it was supposed take normally

only redeeming thing was this giant painting someone was going to get shiped
>> No. 10465 ID: 79b400
I love people who immediately call again after being put on hold, gets put on hold again, calls again, gets put on hold, then bitches to no end about how many times they were put on hold and the duration.

Idiots who don't seem to realize that they were put on hold because of a large call volume and calling back will just put you further and further down the reply chain.
>> No. 10466 ID: 79b400
Head honcho of the store got punched by a server he fired today. The server proceeded to throw togo food everywhere and then stayed in the parking lot for 10 minutes, honking and flipping everyone off.
>> No. 10467 ID: cc6f2e
File 146518150933.jpg - (493.56KB , 1600x900 , miami 20160605_210238.jpg )
My coworkers finally succeeded in dragging me out to South Beach in Miami. I wanted to see some neon, and I was not disappointed.

Lots of tits and ass on display, but few were actually attractive. Eh, I just don't like black / cuban chicks that much. There were a couple of skinny chicks that were pretty hot, but I'd say the girls in SOCAL and Dallas are better.

We passed by a club called "Mangos" which is apparently pretty wild. From outside you can see the female bartenders dancing on the counters. Some of my coworkers went there last week and were paying $30-50 per drink.

Interestingly, along Ocean Avenue, a lot of the clubs and restaurants have outdoor tables and with hot hostess chicks to draw people in... and sell cigarettes. Y'know like at baseball games, the vendors that walk the stands with boxes of stuff on a sling? Same thing, with tits and smokes. (And sometimes LED lights.)

Also, Uber works fucking great. We called for extraction and the guy was there within a minute. It was something like $11 for a 10 mile drive with 3 guys. Taxis are dead.

What the fuck? How often does that happen?
>> No. 10468 ID: 94f05b
I'm interested in maximizing efficiency and if I had something like this, my job would be infinitely easier. I could take orders while preparing them, being stuck on the phone keeps me from doing useful shit. I'm going to talk to my managers about it, see if they'll work with me. If not, I'll hold off for a month and get it myself, bring it in every shift. This is the cheapest one I could find, the average price is $200+.


Every single dinner rush. I get yelled at every day because of this, just part of the job. Though, I do love hear them screaming "NOWWAITAMINUTE" when I'm setting down the phone to prepare shit.

We have a huge call volume, some people aren't getting answered at all, that's just how it is. When you have only one phone that can take orders and the person who takes the orders also has to put it in the POS(which is hard to do because managers will steal the terminal whenever, which is often), print tags, staple them to the bag, put bread in a box (which is harder than it sounds if the person on bake sucks ) as the first part of every order, take the bag to the kitchen, plus a bunch of other small things, you just can't get to everybody. Now, if one person was dedicated to phones only, we might be able to keep up with more. But that is not happening.

While it's a simple job, the pace and volume can be mentally exhausting. Expecially dealing with dumb people all day.
>> No. 10469 ID: 79b400
Also, let me share a little hidden gem from our menu. Order the mini cheeseburgers from the kid's menu and get it with jack cheese, then the loaded baker as a side. Very good, fairly substantial meal for cheap. Especially for me, with a 30% discount.

Once I found out I can put jack cheese on it, it became my main cheap meal at work. Especially since I win free kid's meals all the time by upselling products. The cheese just goes so well with the buns we use.
>> No. 10470 ID: cc6f2e
File 146544322586.jpg - (95.76KB , 700x466 , f-bomb_site-logo.jpg )
> still in Miami, teaching second group how to use schedule software
> have old guys and young dudes in the class
> the computer skill gap runs parallel with the generation gap
> old guys (late 40 and 50s) can't figure out single vs double clicking
> young guys were done hours ago and are now getting rowdy because they're bored


> working through shit STEP BY STEP
> Young Guys: What do we do with this this this and this?
> Me: Damnit we're not there yet

> Me: Ok, next step, click "Customer"
> old guys lost
> OG: Where'd you find customer?


> one of the old guys in class is a Terry Tate looking gigantic black dude, great employee, nice guy, booming voice
> I explain that 1) We have to take lunches and 2) How to record lunches
> Me: Yeah, that's what I'm explaining... the company policy.

(Now I'm a pretty unassuming and forgettable guy...)

> Me: Terry! Terry! I'm here to teach you how to use this software. I'm not HR. I'm not your supervisor. I'm not your manager. I clarified this stuff with my boss ahead of time, this is how we're going to do it. If you've got a problem, talk to your boss and HR. Now can we get back to recording time?

Fucking hell.

> old guy #2. Refers to a group of people he is addressing as "Yinz". (PA equivalent of Y'all.) Worked for the airlines for 20 years, just started with our company.
> I explain that you have to take a lunch before your 5th hour, and a second lunch before you're tenth hour

> Yinz: Well what if I take my lunch at 8am and I'm back on at 8:30, how am I supposed to get my next lunch in in the next 4.5 hours?
> Me: It's not relative to when you take your lunch, it's based on when you started work, 5 and 10 from the start of work
> Yinz: You're not listening to me! (Repeats statement.)
> Me: IT... DOESNT... MATTER... WHEN... YOU... TAKE... YOUR... LUNCH. The lunches are not relative to each other. It's when you START work.
> Yinz: But what if that's at 8am???


> Yinz asks keeps asking questions about general work policies, hypothetical scenarios, "what if" questions, and "why" questions.
> Me: Dude, I don't know why we do things this way. I don't know why the boss decided this or that. I don't know why human resources came up with this policy. I don't know why our engineers haven't provided us the information. I'm here to show you how to use the damn software.

To get the crazy train back on track I put a moratorium on "why" questions, (because I don't fucking know), I told one of the young guys to just shut up and explained that next time it would be "Shut the fuck up" and then I'd start throwing shit. And I told Terry Tate to take up his issues with someone that matters.


Even being a friendly crowd, it was fucking rough. The young guys are moving ahead and getting side tracked and not listening, the old guys need assembly language level step-by-step instructions on how to press the "any key" and bitching and bantering about policies and "the old days".

During lunch time I just ate and went to my room and played 30 minutes of DOOM. One of the guys in class sent me a big ass text message of encouragement saying I was doing a great job. Two guys I talked to at dinner complimented me on keeping my shit together and getting them back on track.

More out of sympathy I think. I don't know how visibly pissed I got.
>> No. 10471 ID: 79b400
After gaining minor experience working on electronics, a lot of spare time reading and watching videos about electronics and building PCs, I'm actually considering changing my career path.

Like, I'm seriously enjoying this subject, even more so than anything mechanical. I've never considered it before because I've never had the experience, it seemed foreign and since I've always been too poor to build my own PC, I just kind of ignored it.

Now that I'm spending more time on the subject and learning more about it, it all just seems to click.

I figure I can do this and still work on aircraft, they seem to have a lot of pretty lights. I'm just trying to figure out where to start and which specific field of study would land me a job doing what I want to do.
>> No. 10472 ID: f87148

Cool, bro. Look into avionics; that might be a good fit for you.
>> No. 10473 ID: 20f52b
>about electronics and building PCs
>I figure I can do this and still work on aircraft, they seem to have a lot of pretty lights.
That is a big difference, modern PCs are pretty much plug and play and no-brain easy even compared to older models. To work in electronics you will have to actually learn something about electricity.

Average application in electronics requires hundreds or thousands connections to design, draw, trace or/and verify. You will have to remember these diagrams or parts of them to work comfortably, and it may even go as far as having most of your designs embedded into your memory, pop up into your thoughts and dreams. All in all, it is pretty much a requirement to have an OCD if you doing anything more complicated than contactor wiring, so consider carefully.
>> No. 10474 ID: 359e82
I know, PCs are like Legos. I only mention it because it kind of started me down the path to taking a closer look at the parts.

I knew I wanted a technical career and was leaning toward the mechanical side of things, but I found that I like working with electrical components a lot more.

Also, I have severe OCD. Should be a good fit.

Yeah, that's what I'm currently looking at.
>> No. 10475 ID: f87148

Godspeed, you beautiful autist you :P

Seriously though, I'm happy for you. At the risk of getting a little maudlin (I am drunk, so it would be only natural), I've always rather liked you, and it's gratifying to see you finally begin to turn things your way. You've got balls, Pria-kun.
>> No. 10476 ID: b2f730
File 146555176679.jpg - (56.86KB , 567x561 , Levels of Autism.jpg )

Nah but seriously, electronics are fun as fuck if a tiny bit mystifying in the theory (practical stuff is easy to pick up really because you just learn that this does that but the explanation in the background can be difficult to conceive of sometimes).

In a way I'm drawn to it because it's different enough to my academic/professional technical knowledge base that I can sort of chill out with it. Take stuff apart, try to understand it, reassemble or fix, make from scratch and so on.

As Frost said though you have been putting in the hard graft man so I hope you find your path that really gets you out of bed in the morning, perhaps that technical electronics direction.
>> No. 10477 ID: 4c8a49

I still have a ways to go, but I'll eventually have a career I'm content with. And not work with teenagers and hundreds of dumb customers a day.
>> No. 10478 ID: 36a42f
I am still working part time at the AAFES gun counter and I am getting pretty sick of customers and corporate. Corporate took away our ability to order guns locally and orders are taking up to 2 months rather than the 2 days they used to take. On top of that corporate has seen fit to put all our guns on planogram with absolutely no order to it what so ever (not by caliber or manufacturer). Local leadership has bought us a bit of a reprieve from that by saying we wont do it until we have 80% of the guns in stock, but we'll still have to do it. They also wont stop sending me hunting rifles, we can't use them here in Ohio. They sent us all these 308 & 30-06 rifles for deer season and they are going to sit in the back until we get someone who travels out West to go hunting. On my finial note I hate when customers feel the need to tell me they are "just looking." If I walk up and ask how you're doing today or what you're up to I don't give a shit if you're here to buy or not, I'm bored and I want to talk. I've started walking away from customers that tell me they are just looking.

On the plus side I just registered an LLC for my concealed carry training to I can't get sued personally. I also got a website made, getting them both up and running put a cramp on my training schedule but I'm hoping to get up and running again soon. I found a location that is pretty cheap to rent and has a range right behind it. So when I get my schedule straight I can teach 10/15 person classes and rake in $1000 for a days work.
>> No. 10479 ID: 4cb3d9
>be demolishing bathrooms
>GC wants sound batting (fiberglass insulation) saved because he's a cheap fuck
>batting is stored in a closet adjacent to demo site
>moving insulation to fucko's truck
>why is my hand wet?
>oh God it's piss
>site is in an active plant
>plant is staffed by mexicans
















>> No. 10480 ID: 79b400
AKR doesn't eat produce because Mexicans shit and piss in the field.

I wonder where he is.

I often ask the Mexican kitchen staff if it's technically a family business if they're preparing food their cousins picked.
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