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Patches and Stickers for sale here

No. 10379 ID: 9dcda2
  > be at work
> doing annual maintenance
> nothing exciting happened
> come home and make new work talk thread


I really wanted to make a thread with this song.
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>> No. 10380 ID: 79b400
Thank god you made the thread, I almost started it with the song "Work."

work work work work work work. Worst song, only second to "Baby."
>> No. 10381 ID: 9dcda2
File 14628372506.gif - (961.46KB , 450x256 , giphy.gif )
Crisis averted.

> landlady catches me microwaving ramen
> she's the admin manager for a company that brings in "software engineers" from India to do programming and IT projects
> LL gets new laptop
> asks me if I know how to set up Outlook
> "You work at a company full of I.T. people!"
> "Yeah, but they're all useless."

I suggested she not run payroll till her email works.

Another good LL story:

> LL's from India and speaks British English
> works at a company that basically outsources jobs
> has problem with something or other
> calls tech support
> routed to some dude in Alabama
> she can't understand him because of his accent

Sweet irony.
>> No. 10382 ID: 5c91b8
File 146284649155.jpg - (1.23MB , 1836x3264 , IMG_20160509_091922.jpg )
> Get to move the previously mentioned realllly expensive research grade vacuum furnace today.
> Weighs a metric fuckton
> thatsahugebitch.mp4
> All of this for a working area/hot zone ~x2 the volume of a standard hockey puck.
> All the sheet metal panel edges are barely rounded and still generally sharp.
> Somehow, by the grace of the Omnissiah, I managed to not slice my hands to shit.
> Ask about the person who originally set it up.
> Find out they no longer works here and are out of contact.
> Shit.
> Light incense, pray to the Omnissiah that I don't wire it up wrong.

At least my boss is a cool dude and recognizes my effort.

The control box also had the biggest damn laminated-core transformer I've ever seen.
>> No. 10383 ID: 5c91b8
File 146284659320.jpg - (1.49MB , 3264x1836 , IMG_20160509_090840.jpg )
Said control cabinet.
>> No. 10384 ID: 79b400
On monday, I start a series of trial shifts at a local bicycle shop.

When I was waiting for my starter clutch to be replaced,
I wandered into a bike shop I've never been to before and just started shooting the shit. Offhandedly mention I saw their "experienced cyclist wanted" sign and ask what qualifies. Tell them my experience, shoot the shit some more talking about riding, bikes, etc, end up giving them my contact info and the dude said he'd talk to the owner about an interview.

Figured "cool, wasn't really looking for anything at the moment, we'll see what happens."

Got a call yesterday from the owner saying "he said it sounded like you know your stuff, how would you like to try it out a shift a week and see if you're a good fit?"

This is cool, I have been wanting more experience working on stuff, it's just expensive on your own. And bicycles are easy. I might start building frankenstein bikes or just flipping old bikes on Craigslist for spare cash on the side.
>> No. 10385 ID: b0b6d9
*scrapping instincts intensifies*

I'm other news I've been building trellises for my weirdo vietnam vet of a neighbor. He's been talking about encasing his house in Hopniss. They're 12' high, 2' wide, and made out of 1/2" round bar. Next year it should look pretty nice
>> No. 10386 ID: 037541
Had an interview process at my dream job/company today from 1pm till 5pm. It went way longer then I had hoped and there was zero breaks for food. It was a three separate interview processes. Got to meet and do an interview with the quality control guy for my Trilogy community. First the first time ever they had 100 homes pass with zero defects reported by homeowners. Killed that interview and then interviewed with the guy I had already met with two separate times, killed it even harder. Spoke to him for a whole hour half. And lastly interviewed with the VP of sales for that Trilogy and destroyed that interview.
Felt great, been super stressing over this since it is a huge passion of mine to work for Shea Homes and to be able to stay in the area and lastly it is my only job prospect at the moment. Fingers crossed but it seems like I will get the position as a JR Community Representative. They are interviewing two other people but was told I got a leg up on the competition. Even being told that they would expect me to only stay as a JR CR for about a year before they would push me to go get my MBA which they would pay for so that I could start doing "large escrow deals" for Shea.
Ah man and I graduate in December, this shit makes me so happy and surprisingly I had a lot of fun in the interview process. Never really interviewed like this before so I surprised myself with how well I truly did. Looking forward to sending out those thank you emails tomorrow and then waiting a month or so before they give me word about whether I got the position or not.
It's been a good day.
>> No. 10387 ID: 5a0b76
got fired today for the thinnest bullshit reason

literally- threw away a wrapper to a part worth $25 and when other parts turned out to be n/a we couldn't send it back for credit

I would be mad but I've hated this job for a while and was gona quit next month after my house went on the market.

still, I find it kinda insulting that this is all the shit they can come up with? Why not just say "we hired a newb and pay him 1/3 what we pay you, but he has certs so we can keep our contracts even if you leave, so gtfo."

Jokes on them, their shop manager is shit tier and when they lose the ol' timer tech next year they are gona be HARD press to keep anyone decent around.
>> No. 10388 ID: 028b36
File 146295179822.gif - (13.04KB , 700x400 , crossroads_new.gif )
I've been running the computer shop for a while and I am burnt out, not sure what I want to do so I am looking for suggestions on what I should do as job or part time job to add a little variation to my life.

With computer I enjoy solving problems and providing solutions, I don't mind talking to people and I can do sales. What do you guys suggest just throw out some ideas.
>> No. 10389 ID: b0b6d9
File 146295452994.jpg - (53.47KB , 625x416 , poisonous-plants-moonseed.jpg )
I go into the woods and forage and sell the crap I find to health food stores and restaurants. $18/lb for morals, $4/lb for ramps and fiddleheads, chicory, dandelion, berries, the list goes on and on.

You just need to make sure you're not picking moonseed which looks like grapes, mayapple which produces apple like fruit, or daphne which has bright red poisonous berries. There is a shitload of fruit in New York that is incredibly poisonous.
>> No. 10390 ID: f49edb
File 146296476696.jpg - (151.18KB , 800x800 , f5c31799-2e44-4e71-b416-88f314ac132d_zps68823afe.jpg )

>$18/lb for morals

I know some folks here in the hiking/camping community who go apeshit for morels in their season. They will bag shit tons of them for eating and selling.


Do what I did, take the NRA's instructor course and start teaching people basic pistol on the side to get their concealed carry licenses or just to start getting into guns.
>> No. 10391 ID: fb3bdd
Eh, ever taken a welder apart?
>> No. 10393 ID: f49edb
File 14629655653.jpg - (3.31MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_2411.jpg )

fiddleheads can also be quite nice. Not these though, too old.
>> No. 10394 ID: 57d40e
Oh, so YOU'RE the asshole I keep hearing about coming out of the woods with bags full of leeks. I've seen them on restaurant menus before but I'm kind of surprised they're allowed to serve food some random guy got out of the woods. Sorry to sound so confrontational, I just hope you stay off public land and private land where you don't have permission when you forage.
>> No. 10395 ID: 160efe
Does she ask you to 'do the needful'
>> No. 10396 ID: b0b6d9
File 146300527352.jpg - (66.51KB , 640x480 , fiddleheads.jpg )
Those don't look right to me, I pick Ostrich Ferns which have a smooth spine and are initially covered in a copper foil. They aren't fuzzy at all.
>I just hope you stay off public land and private land where you don't have permission when you forage.
I have ramps on my own property but there are numerous river islands were I pick fiddle heads. None of them are posted so I just go canoe over and pick 50 pounds or so. As far as I'm concerned if they wanted to keep people like me away they would have put up adequate signage.
> I'm kind of surprised they're allowed to serve food some random guy got out of the woods
A lot of what I forage can't be commercially grown, so if people want to eat some Ramps, chicken-of-the-woods, fiddleheads they have to make do with what a weirdo digs out of the woods.
>> No. 10397 ID: f49edb
File 146300587279.jpg - (2.14MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_2429.jpg )

I took a class in college on plant taxonomy, and at one point could tell you exactly what kind of fern this is. That knowledge is long lost, but the upshot is these fiddleheads are about to unfurl - so if they were ever tasty, they aren't now.
>> No. 10398 ID: 044fd0
I drove a shortbus at work today. A 97 International 3400 specifically. T'was most amusing.
>> No. 10399 ID: f49edb
File 146310202047.png - (1.34MB , 743x800 , asdfsdfsdfsdf.png )
>> No. 10400 ID: b0b6d9
File 146312003533.jpg - (3.90MB , 4608x3440 , DSCF1072.jpg )
I was taught what to look for I don't pick things when I'm not certain. I've heard too many stories of people poisoning themselves and their entire families for me to do that bullshit.

I was taught what to look for by my father who learned from his father who did this bullshit to survive the depression. And I personally think it's a pretty good skillset to have, especially if I'm ever targeted by the federal government for various crimes
>> No. 10401 ID: 20f52b
File 146312253565.png - (1.51MB , 1216x1136 , wtf abb.png )
>scrolling through datasheets on le internet
>see this
>what the fuck ABB
>what is this, a Kill Bill poster
>it's not really funny
>oh wow this hand guard, now this is actually funny
>> No. 10402 ID: 09c7e0
File 146316166733.gif - (3.43KB , 180x180 , 180px-Epic_fail_guy.gif )
I dunno if it was Jesus talking to me or what, but I just realized that most normal people (ppl with jerb and home) live in a rectangle (or similar polygon) defined by the endpoints of their commute. Maybe its an ellipse and jerb location is one foci and house the other. Anyway pretty revealing I think.
Like 2 or 3 disk drives ago I had a version of EFG I mspainted a toga on called epic philosophy guy (yeah its a phonetic spelling joke, lmao EFG is so stupid).
>> No. 10403 ID: f2aff2
>walk into office

>usually cipher locked door is propped open with a chair

>Korean coworker is setting up electric fans (their mortal enemy) to air out the suite

>smells like burning

>AC unit caught on fire, burned until Freon system compromised which blew out the fire apparently

>Mexicans arrive with a new AC unit, other coworker waves months of maintenance requests in their face

>no habla

>get on with business

>kind of lightheaded

>post about it on opchan
>> No. 10404 ID: 9dcda2
File 14631844837.jpg - (76.47KB , 470x500 , Ellis-Mate-Wolfknife-Lasertorch.jpg )
> drive 3.5 hours
> troubleshoot for 5 minutes
> look up parts for 30
> talk to boss for 5
> lunch for 30
> paperwork on laptop at diner for 1 hour (to let traffic subside)
> drive home for 3 hours

My job today was to listen to the Jason Ellis show for 6.5 hours on Sirius radio, and 5 minutes of actual technical work.



> "Do the needful" is an expression which means "do that which is needed"

Nope. She does say "Touch wood" instead of "Knock on wood". Some other British ones too.

> Anyway pretty revealing I think.

What about people that work from home?!? *dun dun dun*
>> No. 10405 ID: bf2165
Don't do that now, the new Basic pistol is a "blended course" and is absolute shit. GO USCCA!
>> No. 10406 ID: bf2165
Forgot my trip. I taught my first and last large NRA course today. Tomorrow is the last day for the old basic pistol course. I have to start practicing my USCCA curriculum, I am going to start doing bi weekly courses once my lawyer finishes up my incorporation paperwork for my LLC.
>> No. 10407 ID: 0cc1d8
How I'm treated by shitty servers on any given shift.

Busser: Lower than shit, servers have unwarranted arrogance toward this position.

To-go: Neutral, indifferent until I deny them access to my POS because they'll get in the way of orders. Constantly asked if I'm bussing that shift in hopes they'll be able to bitch me out,

Expo: actually treated decently because I control how fast their table's order is up, the presentation and cleanliness of their dishes. And if any of it is askew, it's on their head, not mine.

I work 5 different positions in the restaurant, those three being the most common and involves the most interaction with servers.

I hope this new job at the bike shop works out, it'd be a nice little break here and there to work with something mechanical instead of people.
>> No. 10408 ID: f49edb

Irrelevant. In virginia any course taught by an NRA certified instructor is good for the CHP, so I don't have to teach their weird ass blended shit.
>> No. 10409 ID: 0cc1d8
Had my first trial at the bike shop.

I just had to build a bike, just a shitty 3 speed internal hub cruiser. Seemed easy, until I realized I had no experience with these kinds of bikes. I still did it, but I had to ask questions about mounting the derailleur, and seat and handlebar positions.

And in my sleep deprived and waning caffeine daze, originally had the front fork backwards... I caught it, but that was just a minor oversight caused by me cursing this sinus infection and dreaming about a fresh pot of coffee simultaneously while installing it.
>> No. 10410 ID: 490e84
Was at local fox affiliate station working on laptop. Showed the IT guy it died of coffee. Creamer and sugar solids and corrosion errywhere. He promptly chewed out the photographers who used the machine and sent a stationwide email regarding beverages.
>> No. 10411 ID: a273fd
I'm hyped to redeploy but I'm starting to feel dread. I have to renewal ACLS and PALS as soon as I get home, and then either go back to the hell that is the private service I work for or work like a fiend to find a better job.
>> No. 10412 ID: bbe45f
I found out yesterday that I have to fly to El Paso on Monday for work. Roundtrip tickets on Southwest are $840 each.

The company is footing the bill, but we can't even bill our client because this is still in the qualification phase, and we are one of 9 teams shortlisted for 6 available projects.
>> No. 10413 ID: c05e32
The Super Liberal at work is getting on my fucking nerves. Completely out of nowhere, he told me that whatever I do with my kids, never buy them toy guns. I guess he thinks they set the stage for gun violence. Later that day, I noticed in the signature section of his work email, above the address, phone number, fax number, he'd put "He, Him, His". I stared at that in confusion for a moment until it dawned on me. They're his pronouns. He put his god damn pronouns in the motherfucking signature of his work email. Despite being gay, he is very much a man. Bushy beard, beer gut, it's not even in question.
>> No. 10414 ID: 79b400
Had more people call back and tell me their order was wrong or missing something today than every single other day combined.

We had this dumb fat bitch in the back pairing to go items with their proper bags. In theory.

In practice, she couldn't read for shit, she'd get flustered if anything was put in front of her and she has zero common sense.

I mean, we had entire orders going out missing not one, but several entrees. The occasional missed item is understandable, I still miss a thing here or there. But several entrees is fucking unacceptable.

"Double check her work before sending it out" I can hear others saying. But, if you understood how fast paced a shift can be, you'd understand why I'm not going to do that. Also, then I'd be doing her job for her, which I will not do unless I'm getting her pay too.

Which is exactly what I told her when she told us we "have" to check her work for her because she was getting bitched out by managers. "Am I getting your tips? No? Do your job, then." Then I decided to confuse her by mixing "sink or swim" with "crash and burn" telling her to "sink or burn."

God, I love messing with teenagers. It's amazing finding out what kind of shit they've never heard of.

This motherfucker needs a good ol fagbashing.
>> No. 10415 ID: 798a48
One last general studies requirement left. Thought I got rid of them all but apparently none of the AJS classes I took counted toward social and behavioral sciences. I thought about just taking a level 200 criminology class, but I really need to put that stuff behind me.

It came down to Victims and Crisis Management, or Introduction to Social Welfare. I took the day to think about it and I think learning more about services available and a brief history thereof is unfamiliar territory yet relevant to life outside my chosen field.
>> No. 10416 ID: f49edb
File 146374933252.jpg - (115.70KB , 1300x876 , 15404023-Portrait-Of-Business-People-At-A-Business.jpg )

Is this also school thread?

Finishing up another chunk of my MBA, so now I've done resource management, finance, marketing, and operations. Next is project management.

Also taking a 10 week mini-course from Harvard Business School with Nordic hopefully if he ever gets off his ass and applies.

If we want to market Opchan we must be disruptive
>> No. 10418 ID: 79b400
Working with a chick today, things started to slow down after the rush and I just got done adjusting the tips and closing out orders on the POS.

As I moved over cash into the tip drawer, chick I'm working with says "are you threatening them or something?"


"No one I've worked with on curbside brings back as good of tips as you. Are you, like, threatening them or something? "

"Not outright, just heavily implied by being overly kind."

Real answer is I'm attentive, friendly, and know how to make people laugh.

I'm going to make bank when I finally start serving, right now I make a pittance at togos. I have to split the tips amongst 3 people including myself at the end of the night.
>> No. 10419 ID: ade114
  I just finished planting all of my corn, peppers, and squash today. In a few days my cucumbers should be good to go as well.

I also finished welding up a mineral feeder and some trellises for my neighbor for some under the table goodness, I've even managed to make a few candle-holders, spoons, and dishes for a local folk store.

Thank god for rich yuppies.
>> No. 10420 ID: c05e32
Don't get me wrong. I don't mind his sexuality. My best friend from high school back in Oklahoma is a gay man, but he's been through a little more than said coworker. Tell my friend that he doesn't need a weapon and he'd tell you to go fuck yourself.
>> No. 10421 ID: 90a126
File 146386050418.png - (65.00KB , 484x484 , 3200bc-white_blue-z1-t-are-you-a-library-book-caus.png )
You would think gay people of all people would understand the need for self defense. Far too many gay people get "fag-bashed" because they have no way to defend themselves from the closeted redneck faggots who like to beat up and occasionally rape gay men because having sex with men is bad.......and there is nothing at ironic about that, nothing.

On topic.....

I was working the front desk yesterday because I guess I needed some misery in my life. Some guy walks about to the desk and asks me if I can tell him the prices of the books he has.

I work at a library.

I inform him of this fact, that we let people check out books not buy them. Guy starts getting pissed about it, he wants to buy these books and he should be allowed. I again explain, we let people check out books not buy them, would you like to check out these books sir?

Dude just dumps the books right there on the floor and storms out in a huff.

I'd almost think the fucker was trolling me if not for the fact he actually seemed genuinely upset he could not buy the bullshit he had gotten. He was young as fuck, like a teenager, so maybe he didn't know how libraries work or something as was so coddled he couldn't handle being told no, I dunno.

And whats really stupid is there is a Books A Million literally a stone throw away. Well maybe not stone throw for me, I got some pitiful arms. Back in elementary school some of the girls beat me on throwing a baseball during fitness day and I was 2nd to last in the boys. My still laughable strength aside we are still fucking close, we are within visual distance of the local mall with its book store.

Even more stupid, the stupid cunt had a bunch of anime backwards ass books with a bunch of yaoi looking bullshit on the cover. For some reason I found that utterly hilarious.

In retrospect I could have just overcharged the dumb fuck for the books, pocketed the money and listed the books destroyed.
>> No. 10422 ID: 254d85
They could have been something that's out of print and he was planning on reselling them online.

For example, the English issues of Tsutomu Nihei's Blame! were up to $60 per volume before Vertical announced they were doing a reprint this year.
>> No. 10423 ID: 634497

If I'd wanted some books that badly, I'd just have checked them out and "lost" them. I'm just Saiyan...
>> No. 10424 ID: 90a126
File 146387366167.jpg - (61.45KB , 320x479 , not true to life.jpg )
Possibly but I doubt it, most of its just like Shonen Jump shit. Piles of Dragonball Z and Bleach crap. Shouldn't be anything rare. Seems like the same shit you can find at any Borders or Books A Million, hell FYE carries it sometimes I think. Nothing the dim bastard couldn't go and buy somewhere else.

The rest is those gay looking pretty boy books which possibly might be rare but I highly doubt it.

I think that would have taken more thought then he was capable of. I did the same fucking shit as a poor broke kid, would "lose" books when I was moving from an area. Did the same thing to JR Rotc. Not something I'm proud of, well maybe a little proud over the JR Rotc just because sticking it to those tools feels good even now, but still it didn't take a genius level intellect to figure how to do.

My best guess is it was just some spoiled idiot who had never been to a library and didn't know how they OPERATE.
>> No. 10425 ID: 634497

Yeah man, I did the same thing when I was a pup, though for different reasons. My puritanical upbringing resulted in certain subjects essentially being verboten, so to get around the restrictions imposed by my family and school, I'd straight-up steal books when necessary.
>> No. 10426 ID: 79b400
Yeah, it's one of the reasons I don't get along with a lot of gays.

Dudebro gays are the best, definitely the most fun.

On topic myself, I'm pissed about tomorrow. Since I work in multiple departments, I got double scheduled on sunday. Togos and expo.

Informed management, let them know I'd rather have the togo shift because I'd make more money and I need it. They said they'd see what they can do. Get told today that getting a togo shift covered is easier than expo, so now I'm working expo tomorrow. Vid at :25 seconds is very related right now.
>> No. 10427 ID: 798a48
That reminds me.

mesacc dot edu/workforce-development/azami/industry-certification-boot-camps/electrical-wiring-j-standard

If any of you guys remember me talking about an electrical wiring boot camp, last week was the 2nd class ever. The 3rd one takes place at the end of July.

It's one week at Chandler-Gilbert Community College and you'll earn a J-Standard soldering certificate as well as learn how to make a simple harness with a D-sub and an AN/MS connector and ground lugs.

More importantly, what they're not disclosing is that an employer is aware of the existence of the course since they were visited by the instructors who put the program together and taught the first class, and pretty much you'll be offered a position after completion. It's a fulltime contract position (40hrs/wk) and it starts at 12bux/hr, but hey, it got me into a field I had no prior experience in, and a foot in the doors of a major aerospace name.

The two biggest issues I'm seeing is that the fees/kit costs 500bux and that it's an 8am-5pm commitment for a whole week. Kinda steep for an entry-level position making harnesses. I know that some politics is going on to try to get the cost reduced.

Anyhow, I'm pretty enthusiastic about the program and we definitely need more guys on the floor, so if you're an AZ operator who lives close enough to Mesa, specifically the Chandler-Gilbert Williams campus, and you're desperate for work and you're interested, I'd be willing to put up $250 to match you on the class fees.
>> No. 10428 ID: 79b400
File 146412108256.jpg - (57.34KB , 700x700 , 1464119534219.jpg )
This picture is nowhere near accurate for the restaurant industry, days off are random. Though, you can get a feel of what days you'll be working on weeks with big events or holidays, if you're a strong player.

But, if you're like me, who's trained in so many different areas of the restaurant, you just don't know what shifts you'll be working.

I wish I was an Arizona operator, that sounds awesome. I'm all for learning new skills.

I've been debating whether to move to Texas or Arizona when I get my shit in order, I've narrowed it down to those two.
>> No. 10429 ID: 82a3e8
Dont come to corpus,

A) Weve been under a water boil advisory now for like 2 weeks. Cause poopy water

B) Mosquito came out with a vengeance. Example. Walked to the car at 0630 and my arm tickled. I looked down expecting a bug. What I saw was about 3 dozen mosquitoes on my arm. City has declared they arent going to gas/spray for mosquitoes, until there are confirmed cases of west nile or whatever.

This damn city man.

Meanwhile they just spent like a buncha millions on new parks/new salena statues.
>> No. 10430 ID: 90a126
>who's trained in so many different areas of the restaurant, you just don't know what shifts you'll be working

Dude I fucking feel you on that one. Pretty much my job is doing whatever job everyone else can't be arsed to do. My job is supposed to be like working the inventory, putting books and shelves and pulling them and handling deliveries to and from our branch. But I work all kinds of other jobs like computer and equipment maintenance, working help desks, playing baby sitter in the computer lab, and setting up meeting rooms plus other crap.

Mind you I don't mind that most of the time but it can get a bit annoying on occasion, I like to have alot of sameness. Its a bit disconcerting to one day be buried in the food infested guts of a machine, the next watching to make sure a bunch of assholes are surfing porn, and the next helping douches find books and check them out (though not check me out, forever alone).

Do you have a set job but get pulled to where ever you are needed or is your job just to go where ever you are needed?
>> No. 10431 ID: 79b400
>Do you have a set job but get pulled to where ever you are needed or is your job just to go where ever you are needed?

Set shift, but get pulled wherever I'm needed.

Last night, I had a bussing shift. But, I was food running, barbacking, portioning, doing expo, cashing out togo orders, etc all night. Which I have no complaints, I'd rather do all that than bus.

I have the states in mind, but I don't have any cities planned out yet. That'll be determined by schools, career opportunities, cost of living, and the amount of blacks. So, pretty much the same criteria any soccer mom has.
>> No. 10432 ID: ade114
File 146415928064.jpg - (666.46KB , 1383x1032 , DSCF1078.jpg )
Do any of you guys know where I can buy metal disks between 1-2 inches wide and around 20 gauge thick? I'm getting really tired cutting these fucking things out by hand.
>> No. 10433 ID: 4719ce

Hole saw and a drill press?

Trepanning cutter and a clapped out Bridgeport?
>> No. 10434 ID: 4719ce

Oh and fucktons of cutting fluid. Hole saws generate more BTUs than the fucking Sun.
>> No. 10435 ID: 9dcda2

I don't think anyone makes something like that, nor would it be available on the internet. Shit outta luck dude.

>> No. 10436 ID: 79b400
Fucking FOH manager and kitchen manager needs to communicate with each other to make sure I don't keep getting double scheduled.

And kitchen manager needs to understand that I'm a FOH employee who helps in the kitchen so I can be more effective FOH.
>> No. 10437 ID: 98c1a2
>Hole saws generate more BTUs than the fucking Sun

Often this could be the result of spindle RPM being a little on the quick side. If you have a 2" hole saw and you're cutting steel, say mild shit (1020), SFM is give or take 90 with HSS. Quick and dirty way of getting your spindle (or drill press or hand drill) RPM will be 90*4/diameter of spinning bit.

So around 180RPM.

Don't forget one very important factor as well; you also have a shitton of teeth on hole saws. Say you have 24 teeth, at 180RPM you'd need to feed at 4"/min to take 0.001" chip per tooth. That might bog down some hand drills and some little drill presses, so you'll have to spin even slower.

tl;dr if your cutting tool has lots of teeth and big in diameter, spin slow and feed good, it'll cut a whole lot better.

>here's a handy website for feed/speed calculation
>for SFM in the material you have refer to the BibleI mean the Machinery's Handbook
>> No. 10438 ID: 98c1a2
File 146424268920.png - (96.51KB , 1190x601 , sadad.png )
Forgot my picture
>> No. 10439 ID: ade114
I found out that Ringlord would do a custom order for me

In other news, I was making brass castings today when the wind pushed all of those nice zinc fumes right into my face. I can already feel like shit.
>> No. 10440 ID: b2f730
That metal fume fever shit is not meant to be too nice, try not to die mang.
>> No. 10441 ID: b66324
I have to get out of my fucking job. I do, really badly. I am drowning every day. With a wife and child, I grow increasingly dependent and complacent on my government income and benefits, but if this bullshit drags on much longer, I will EAT MY FUCKING GUN.
>> No. 10442 ID: 037541
Gov jobs suck, start looking for a new job with all the resume building this job has helped you with.
>> No. 10443 ID: 6dfff2
Weirdest shit happened.

I was just coming back inside after delivering food, was about to cash another customer out and bring them their shit when a coworker said "line 2 is for you, they asked for you by name."

...okay. "thank you for calling generic steakhouse, this is Caseless speaking. How can I help you today?"

Old lady breathing heavy answers, "hello? Hello? Caseless?"

"Yes, how can I help you?"

Lots of rustling and breathing on her end of the line, then she hits me with it. "Breathe into the microphone, do it."


"Breathe in the microphone, come on!"

It's very apparent at this point that whoever is on the other line is either masturbating or trying to make it sound like they're masturbating. I replied "I'm not... who is this?"

"Come on, breathe into the microphone! "

"Ma'am I don't know what this is, but I'm not doing that."

Then I hear rustling with heavy breathing and grunts followed by it hanging up.

I'm pretty creeped out, I have no idea what that was.
>> No. 10444 ID: de0bec
File 146441860141.jpg - (22.60KB , 300x300 , that makes me moist.jpg )
>Not helping a poor old lady in need
You terrible monster
>> No. 10445 ID: 9dcda2
File 146445437170.jpg - (82.96KB , 588x441 , 0815CNTI20Wreck4HO.jpg )

Numbers approximate.

> drove like 17 hours and 800 miles this week to and from Southern MD
> saw 5-7 cops per day
> saw at least 1 accident per day
> saw 5 abandoned cars on one day
> saw some roadkill (not as much as when I was in PA)
> received no less than a dozen "thank you" waves by letting people in (driving like a civilized person)
> 0 out of 6 people successfully boxed me out of merging (I'm coming in motherfuckers)
> watched a dump truck towing a trailer with a CAT skid loader jackknife and slide off the road
> was happy it was on the other side of the road and wasn't going to be stuck behind all the morons rubbernecking

If I'd have known it was going to be so eventful I would have kept a tally of all the shit I saw. Fucking idiots around here suck at driving.

(Picture of a different dump truck in trees.)
>> No. 10446 ID: 798a48
File 146446383136.png - (148.28KB , 1584x1966 , CITY_OF_SCOTTSDALE_-_2016-05-28_12_22_14.png )
I'm not going to wait around to see if I got a hard badge or not.

Yesterday I put in my two weeks' notice with my boss at day job. When I'd interviewed for my summer internship at the packaging company a couple weeks ago, I guess it went a little too well, because one of my classmates, the operations manager, offered me a position which would increase my hourly wage by 50%, with a pay increase that would get me past the twenties plus fulltime benefits package after the 90-day probationary period.

If things don't work out, though, I've been told the door will be left open for me back on the shop floor. Glad I'm not burning bridges, as they've been fairly good to me.

I do owe an apology to my team lead after she gets back from the weekend, though, as she had put in for me to receive additional training and cert for making of the special harnesses that get ordered every so often, upon recommendation from one of the layup guys.

Today at my night/weekend job I will need to revise my schedule change request to be weekends only. I may end up needing to quit altogether depending on what the overtime situation at the new job will be like.

My contract house, Chipton-Ross, as well as PDS Tech and one other name I don't recall, have always posted entry-level positions for the aerospace industry around here, which usually don't require more than highschool/GED. With them or with someone else, if there's ever a job you've secured in Arizona, and you can find a reliable vehicle and an affordable place to stay, I'll pay your first month's rent.

On another note, during finals week I saw apprenticeships for wastewater processing on the City of Scottsdale's website. Definitely one of the most cushy and coveted yet gratifying positions to hear one of my welding instructors talk about it.


Also read an interesting spot just now for a Police Aide which is like auxiliary patrol minus the powers of arrest, I think, and a Court Clerk I. Both just require graduating high school or having a GED, though the court clerk position requires two years of customer service, lol. I don't know that I would have necessarily ever been as set college after high school if I'd have known about these sorts of opportunities when I was younger.

You need to talk to your wife and/or a therapist. I'll second IMB's recommendation for you to start tailoring and start hunting.
>> No. 10447 ID: ade114
File 146450451725.jpg - (223.30KB , 1100x733 , 5635472_orig.jpg )
>promised a guy I'd make him a heavy brass pendant
>spend an hour carving it out of wax
>spend an hour letting the plaster set around it
>spend and an hour melting the wax out and driving out as much moisture as possible
>place my copper scrap/pennies in my niggerrigged crucible in my niggerridged foundry.
>heat that up until I see some nice bright green flames
>pour 1/2 pound of brass all at once into the mold
>none of it goes in
>molten brass blows out at me
I made the simple mistake of forgetting to made a steam vent.
I was doing all of this in shorts and sandles
>> No. 10448 ID: f87148

>> No. 10449 ID: b2f730

Jesus christ man hahaha like at least throw on some jeans and a pair of boots, I mean sandals.

Hope you're not fucked up like but shit.
I wouldn't mess with even aluminium without something for it to burn through before it gets to me.
>> No. 10450 ID: ade114
File 146455209311.jpg - (79.34KB , 920x541 , 920x920.jpg )
It's perfectly safe if you're not completely retarded. The brass just gave me a playful little kiss. Most of it was captured in a clay dam I made around the mold.
>Hope you're not fucked up like but shit.
All of those blows to the head and all of those noxious fumes I regularly breathe in might impair my judgement a little bit.
>> No. 10451 ID: 818111
Boots only go so far.

The people in a foundry wear those goofy looking boot covers for a reason.

A far wiser man than I said "wear something you can kick off in a hurry", and I heeded it.

Even so I still have a few scars on my right foot from shit going pear shaped.
>> No. 10452 ID: 842e6f
File 14645697388.jpg - (1.77MB , 3264x2448 , 20160529_172615.jpg )
Something like these?

Red Wing 2249 and 2272. The former is 4 years old, the latter about 4 months. They're super comfy, durable, and easy to put on/easy to take off (a big plus for a lazy bum like me.)

Best damn boots money can buy, IMO
>> No. 10453 ID: f87148
>be me
>be today
>trying to get my immunization shit handled so I can do my god damn clinicals
>told to GOTO municipal health department
>they'll get you fixed up, they said
>it'll be one-stop shopping, they said
>GOTO health department
>lolno, we don't do any of that except the Mantoux test (TB screen)
>well, where can I get th-
>GOTO Walmart pharmacy on [other side of town], they'll have everything
>GOTO Walmart
>stand in line
>Hi, I need [shows list on phone], and does this [shows insurance card] cover it? If so, how much am I looking at?
>Um, let me check...
>Let me call the pharmacist over. One second.
>ten minutes later
>told I'll need my GP to actually prescribe everything so my shitshow insurance will actually cover it

Well, at least I've got some kind of answer...
>> No. 10454 ID: cc6f2e
File 146492098234.jpg - (272.21KB , 1000x563 , bbw.jpg )
> company flies everyone to Miami
> hotel has mini moat/river/water thing on one side
> lots of iguanas, snakes, turtles, etc

> training my guys on bullshit scheduling software
> day 3 of 5 we're fucking done
> bored as shit, really drawing it out
> see people outside moving to look at the water
> ooo what's going on out there
> more people gathering, pointing
> move outside to see what everyone is looking at

> fucking manatee in the water, doing fucking nothing
> more exciting than schedule software training
>> No. 10455 ID: 22504e
PDS Tech is the company that I did my aerospace internship through. I guess they do a lot of that stuff.
>> No. 10456 ID: 98c1a2
File 146501381756.jpg - (0.98MB , 3126x1482 , asdfasdfaf.jpg )
>be at work
>one hour left in the shift
>last shift of the week
>finish a part on the lathe
>requires repass
>restart lathe halfway into program
>perform repass
>all is well
>put new part on
>suddenly hear another lathe having a bad day
>broken insert, etc, no biggie
>fix it
>come back to original machine
>part in chuck, good to go
>press cycle start
>spindle spools
>while spindle is spooling, turret indexes
>I peek at it to see if it's turning true enough (saw cut sometimes has the bar stock sit all cockeyed and it spins like a hula hoop)
>part spinning ok as turret is heading towards part at 100% rapid
>start closing door
>from the corner of my eye, something doesn't look right
>feed hold button was pressed
>a lot
>remaining distance to go in rapid was Z-a shitton
>remember that this was the boring bar to finish way down in the part near the end of the program

Don't get distracted and forget to reset the program to the beginning when you have to leave something halfway done and shit.

Luckily I stopped it in time, pic related.
>> No. 10457 ID: 22504e

NC lathes are still a little creepy to me. I think I've kind of lost my anxiety with mills more or less and I'm down to just normal paranoia (wait, did I ACTUALLY tighten that clamp or am I just remembering a dream I had once?). At the end of the day, it just feels like there's a lot less bigness as far as stuff moving potentially into each other.

That being said, I run a pretty huge ass mill right now. I'm sure if that crashes it'll sound like a bomb too.
>> No. 10458 ID: 98c1a2
File 146502476477.png - (0.97MB , 1012x934 , 2014-01-08 19_25_23.png )
>it just feels like there's a lot less bigness as far as stuff moving potentially into each other

Yeah lathes are a step up most of the time compared to mills (usually).

The worst is when there's some short boring bar or parting tool and the turret has a giant insert drill like two feet long. You have all this mess moving around with a massive drill just barely missing the chuck and headstock of the machine.

You tell yourself "It'll clear. It cleared last time, it'll clear next time, it's clearing right now".

Then it rapids to another position and you still get a little jump in heart rate.

4 or 5 axis milling machines get interesting too regardless of the programmer, there's an unwritten rule of machining that he has to put all the action where you can't see it, but it's just not so minute-to-minute holyshitclosefastmovinglargesharpbitsspinning.

pic related doesn't look so bad until you realize it's going to go even lower, and then going to move around. It usually cleared, but due to aerospace regulations on program and setup sheet modifications, we couldn't alter anything or include relevant information about tool stickout. Have fun 4 axis 3D ballnose profile machining. Sure some of the other guys that had done the setup before kept their notes, but they weren't usually around.

>also lol the forging stock material for that part is like 4k monies
>it's gone through 6 operations and there's now over 10k machine time/operator/setup invested per part
>no test pieces

I gotta say I did have fun at the shop where this kinda shit went on but I'm glad I'm in a new place with a bit less retarded rules about fixing setup sheets and stuff.
>> No. 10459 ID: 8ae717

Imma ask a probably stupid and definitely easily google-able question:

My current work is in 3d printing and all of the toolpath stuff is handled by software I make up a part in Solidworks and configure the machine settings but the actual g-code is handled by the slicing software.

Is the same true of CNC mills where software exists to generate toolpaths from a CAD file or is that something you do manually (or some mixture of the two)?
>> No. 10460 ID: 98c1a2
You can do it by hand depending of the shape with G02 and G03 while flipping Z for X or Z for Y with G17, G18, and G19 (on most controllers). This gets somewhat time consuming to do step-over scallop stuff for complex surfaces but you can switch to incremental and go into a subprogram that has a repeat word (L on the mazak for example).

Nobody does this anymore. It's a shame, because it's very pretty to look a program written like this.

When you have a CADCAM program, you have your part or surfaces modeled and assign toolpaths to it. Depending on the path, CADCAM program, and part, the post-processor (calculator output of the program that defines what G-codes are used, mill or lathe, what M-codes to use depending on controller) will spit out the code that you need. Usually it'll be straight code, just XYZ(add other axes here) coordinates. Not great to read through, just pages of XYZ and so on, but hey it works.
>> No. 10461 ID: 98c1a2
>You can do it by hand depending
I do mean by hand.

Like pen, paper, some rulers, a calculator, and wordpad.
>> No. 10462 ID: 98c1a2
File 146505958912.png - (215.89KB , 1779x1038 , lathebulletcadcam.png )
Pic is simple lathe bullet done cadcam.

For those waiting to see the PTRD being shot, I just got a straight answer after months of "yeah right after this job" and it was "we don't think it's legal".

The guys that run the business are old italian dudes (fuddish) so I pretty much have to get them paperwork saying I can manufacture actual guns before they'll touch an inert copper bullet. At least I started said paperwork a while ago so it'll be done when I want to make some actual firearms...
>> No. 10463 ID: 98c1a2
File 146506036019.png - (50.10KB , 852x857 , handwritten.png )
Pic is a section of a G-code done with no CADCAM, the only computer "assistance" was wordpad. The section here was for a pocket shaped like a half-cylinder. Not super complicated but it does take some time.

Damn I'm not sure if I have a picture of the result anywhere
>> No. 10464 ID: 490e84
File 146510131517.jpg - (3.89MB , 2017x2479 , 20160604_183726-1.jpg )
>doing overtime windows 7 migrations for ups stores
>get volentold to do at site on my weekend
>they usually at 630 this one was at 3 and i missed that fact till the confirmation call
>10 minutes to get ready and out the door from just pajamas
>i can't find it
>it's hidden away inside a swanky resort
>finally find it after driving round in circles for 15 minutes
>store owner is backing shit up still so i get to wait 30 minutes
>bad internet connection so all the steps are slow
>windows activation fails
>they don't have a windows 7 key for a register
>owner checks all receipts and emails for an hour
>have to abort and revert site back to xp
>get out 30 minutes after the 4 hours it was supposed take normally

only redeeming thing was this giant painting someone was going to get shiped
>> No. 10465 ID: 79b400
I love people who immediately call again after being put on hold, gets put on hold again, calls again, gets put on hold, then bitches to no end about how many times they were put on hold and the duration.

Idiots who don't seem to realize that they were put on hold because of a large call volume and calling back will just put you further and further down the reply chain.
>> No. 10466 ID: 79b400
Head honcho of the store got punched by a server he fired today. The server proceeded to throw togo food everywhere and then stayed in the parking lot for 10 minutes, honking and flipping everyone off.
>> No. 10467 ID: cc6f2e
File 146518150933.jpg - (493.56KB , 1600x900 , miami 20160605_210238.jpg )
My coworkers finally succeeded in dragging me out to South Beach in Miami. I wanted to see some neon, and I was not disappointed.

Lots of tits and ass on display, but few were actually attractive. Eh, I just don't like black / cuban chicks that much. There were a couple of skinny chicks that were pretty hot, but I'd say the girls in SOCAL and Dallas are better.

We passed by a club called "Mangos" which is apparently pretty wild. From outside you can see the female bartenders dancing on the counters. Some of my coworkers went there last week and were paying $30-50 per drink.

Interestingly, along Ocean Avenue, a lot of the clubs and restaurants have outdoor tables and with hot hostess chicks to draw people in... and sell cigarettes. Y'know like at baseball games, the vendors that walk the stands with boxes of stuff on a sling? Same thing, with tits and smokes. (And sometimes LED lights.)

Also, Uber works fucking great. We called for extraction and the guy was there within a minute. It was something like $11 for a 10 mile drive with 3 guys. Taxis are dead.

What the fuck? How often does that happen?
>> No. 10468 ID: 94f05b
I'm interested in maximizing efficiency and if I had something like this, my job would be infinitely easier. I could take orders while preparing them, being stuck on the phone keeps me from doing useful shit. I'm going to talk to my managers about it, see if they'll work with me. If not, I'll hold off for a month and get it myself, bring it in every shift. This is the cheapest one I could find, the average price is $200+.


Every single dinner rush. I get yelled at every day because of this, just part of the job. Though, I do love hear them screaming "NOWWAITAMINUTE" when I'm setting down the phone to prepare shit.

We have a huge call volume, some people aren't getting answered at all, that's just how it is. When you have only one phone that can take orders and the person who takes the orders also has to put it in the POS(which is hard to do because managers will steal the terminal whenever, which is often), print tags, staple them to the bag, put bread in a box (which is harder than it sounds if the person on bake sucks ) as the first part of every order, take the bag to the kitchen, plus a bunch of other small things, you just can't get to everybody. Now, if one person was dedicated to phones only, we might be able to keep up with more. But that is not happening.

While it's a simple job, the pace and volume can be mentally exhausting. Expecially dealing with dumb people all day.
>> No. 10469 ID: 79b400
Also, let me share a little hidden gem from our menu. Order the mini cheeseburgers from the kid's menu and get it with jack cheese, then the loaded baker as a side. Very good, fairly substantial meal for cheap. Especially for me, with a 30% discount.

Once I found out I can put jack cheese on it, it became my main cheap meal at work. Especially since I win free kid's meals all the time by upselling products. The cheese just goes so well with the buns we use.
>> No. 10470 ID: cc6f2e
File 146544322586.jpg - (95.76KB , 700x466 , f-bomb_site-logo.jpg )
> still in Miami, teaching second group how to use schedule software
> have old guys and young dudes in the class
> the computer skill gap runs parallel with the generation gap
> old guys (late 40 and 50s) can't figure out single vs double clicking
> young guys were done hours ago and are now getting rowdy because they're bored


> working through shit STEP BY STEP
> Young Guys: What do we do with this this this and this?
> Me: Damnit we're not there yet

> Me: Ok, next step, click "Customer"
> old guys lost
> OG: Where'd you find customer?


> one of the old guys in class is a Terry Tate looking gigantic black dude, great employee, nice guy, booming voice
> I explain that 1) We have to take lunches and 2) How to record lunches
> Me: Yeah, that's what I'm explaining... the company policy.

(Now I'm a pretty unassuming and forgettable guy...)

> Me: Terry! Terry! I'm here to teach you how to use this software. I'm not HR. I'm not your supervisor. I'm not your manager. I clarified this stuff with my boss ahead of time, this is how we're going to do it. If you've got a problem, talk to your boss and HR. Now can we get back to recording time?

Fucking hell.

> old guy #2. Refers to a group of people he is addressing as "Yinz". (PA equivalent of Y'all.) Worked for the airlines for 20 years, just started with our company.
> I explain that you have to take a lunch before your 5th hour, and a second lunch before you're tenth hour

> Yinz: Well what if I take my lunch at 8am and I'm back on at 8:30, how am I supposed to get my next lunch in in the next 4.5 hours?
> Me: It's not relative to when you take your lunch, it's based on when you started work, 5 and 10 from the start of work
> Yinz: You're not listening to me! (Repeats statement.)
> Me: IT... DOESNT... MATTER... WHEN... YOU... TAKE... YOUR... LUNCH. The lunches are not relative to each other. It's when you START work.
> Yinz: But what if that's at 8am???


> Yinz asks keeps asking questions about general work policies, hypothetical scenarios, "what if" questions, and "why" questions.
> Me: Dude, I don't know why we do things this way. I don't know why the boss decided this or that. I don't know why human resources came up with this policy. I don't know why our engineers haven't provided us the information. I'm here to show you how to use the damn software.

To get the crazy train back on track I put a moratorium on "why" questions, (because I don't fucking know), I told one of the young guys to just shut up and explained that next time it would be "Shut the fuck up" and then I'd start throwing shit. And I told Terry Tate to take up his issues with someone that matters.


Even being a friendly crowd, it was fucking rough. The young guys are moving ahead and getting side tracked and not listening, the old guys need assembly language level step-by-step instructions on how to press the "any key" and bitching and bantering about policies and "the old days".

During lunch time I just ate and went to my room and played 30 minutes of DOOM. One of the guys in class sent me a big ass text message of encouragement saying I was doing a great job. Two guys I talked to at dinner complimented me on keeping my shit together and getting them back on track.

More out of sympathy I think. I don't know how visibly pissed I got.
>> No. 10471 ID: 79b400
After gaining minor experience working on electronics, a lot of spare time reading and watching videos about electronics and building PCs, I'm actually considering changing my career path.

Like, I'm seriously enjoying this subject, even more so than anything mechanical. I've never considered it before because I've never had the experience, it seemed foreign and since I've always been too poor to build my own PC, I just kind of ignored it.

Now that I'm spending more time on the subject and learning more about it, it all just seems to click.

I figure I can do this and still work on aircraft, they seem to have a lot of pretty lights. I'm just trying to figure out where to start and which specific field of study would land me a job doing what I want to do.
>> No. 10472 ID: f87148

Cool, bro. Look into avionics; that might be a good fit for you.
>> No. 10473 ID: 20f52b
>about electronics and building PCs
>I figure I can do this and still work on aircraft, they seem to have a lot of pretty lights.
That is a big difference, modern PCs are pretty much plug and play and no-brain easy even compared to older models. To work in electronics you will have to actually learn something about electricity.

Average application in electronics requires hundreds or thousands connections to design, draw, trace or/and verify. You will have to remember these diagrams or parts of them to work comfortably, and it may even go as far as having most of your designs embedded into your memory, pop up into your thoughts and dreams. All in all, it is pretty much a requirement to have an OCD if you doing anything more complicated than contactor wiring, so consider carefully.
>> No. 10474 ID: 359e82
I know, PCs are like Legos. I only mention it because it kind of started me down the path to taking a closer look at the parts.

I knew I wanted a technical career and was leaning toward the mechanical side of things, but I found that I like working with electrical components a lot more.

Also, I have severe OCD. Should be a good fit.

Yeah, that's what I'm currently looking at.
>> No. 10475 ID: f87148

Godspeed, you beautiful autist you :P

Seriously though, I'm happy for you. At the risk of getting a little maudlin (I am drunk, so it would be only natural), I've always rather liked you, and it's gratifying to see you finally begin to turn things your way. You've got balls, Pria-kun.
>> No. 10476 ID: b2f730
File 146555176679.jpg - (56.86KB , 567x561 , Levels of Autism.jpg )

Nah but seriously, electronics are fun as fuck if a tiny bit mystifying in the theory (practical stuff is easy to pick up really because you just learn that this does that but the explanation in the background can be difficult to conceive of sometimes).

In a way I'm drawn to it because it's different enough to my academic/professional technical knowledge base that I can sort of chill out with it. Take stuff apart, try to understand it, reassemble or fix, make from scratch and so on.

As Frost said though you have been putting in the hard graft man so I hope you find your path that really gets you out of bed in the morning, perhaps that technical electronics direction.
>> No. 10477 ID: 4c8a49

I still have a ways to go, but I'll eventually have a career I'm content with. And not work with teenagers and hundreds of dumb customers a day.
>> No. 10478 ID: 36a42f
I am still working part time at the AAFES gun counter and I am getting pretty sick of customers and corporate. Corporate took away our ability to order guns locally and orders are taking up to 2 months rather than the 2 days they used to take. On top of that corporate has seen fit to put all our guns on planogram with absolutely no order to it what so ever (not by caliber or manufacturer). Local leadership has bought us a bit of a reprieve from that by saying we wont do it until we have 80% of the guns in stock, but we'll still have to do it. They also wont stop sending me hunting rifles, we can't use them here in Ohio. They sent us all these 308 & 30-06 rifles for deer season and they are going to sit in the back until we get someone who travels out West to go hunting. On my finial note I hate when customers feel the need to tell me they are "just looking." If I walk up and ask how you're doing today or what you're up to I don't give a shit if you're here to buy or not, I'm bored and I want to talk. I've started walking away from customers that tell me they are just looking.

On the plus side I just registered an LLC for my concealed carry training to I can't get sued personally. I also got a website made, getting them both up and running put a cramp on my training schedule but I'm hoping to get up and running again soon. I found a location that is pretty cheap to rent and has a range right behind it. So when I get my schedule straight I can teach 10/15 person classes and rake in $1000 for a days work.
>> No. 10479 ID: 4cb3d9
>be demolishing bathrooms
>GC wants sound batting (fiberglass insulation) saved because he's a cheap fuck
>batting is stored in a closet adjacent to demo site
>moving insulation to fucko's truck
>why is my hand wet?
>oh God it's piss
>site is in an active plant
>plant is staffed by mexicans
















>> No. 10480 ID: 79b400
AKR doesn't eat produce because Mexicans shit and piss in the field.

I wonder where he is.

I often ask the Mexican kitchen staff if it's technically a family business if they're preparing food their cousins picked.
>> No. 10481 ID: 798a48
  Well, I had my last day at dayjob yesterday. Door's been left open for me in case things don't work out at new dayjob, which jives with the fact they're about to start hiring at least 70 new positions on the shopfloor.

Someone brought food and baked a cake too, and I brought some sweets from Karl's Quality Bakery. Despite the fact that's it's all the way next to Sunnyslope High on Dunlap, it was worth cheating on my diet for the first time since December to eat one of their kronuts with Bavarian cream.

Four co-workers convinced me to give them their information. I may only maintain contact two of them because I said I'd look into getting them referred to new job, which is a maintenance mechanic at that packaging company I talked about. Progress on that end is that I expect to schedule a drug test on Monday, same day if possible. After that, if I don't have the orientation that same week, I'm going to be somewhat irritated because I've already cut my hours over at my nightjob to weekends only until I know what the new shifts are like.

Again, if any of you folks in the area want more information on either my old dayjob or current nightjob, let me know.

Trap jazz has started to grow on me a bit for personal ambience going around town. Embed related.
>> No. 10482 ID: fc79f2
DAy trading stations / high end gaming rigs / backup systems for people / Entertainment systems.

Shift from the low money general trouble shooting to premium contacts.
>> No. 10483 ID: 79b400
The day I no longer work/deal with teenage girls can't come fast enough.

That sound fun.

I've been watching a lot of Linus Tech Tips.
>> No. 10484 ID: 79b400
File 146588276828.png - (51.91KB , 1013x557 , imgoodatthis.png )
Your faith is not misplaced.
>> No. 10485 ID: 4c768d
>unloading industrial sized dryer at work
>see something shiny that fell through the drun
>looks like a .22lr round
>"hey there's a bullet in here"
>"yeah it happens sometimes"
>guy loads the dryer up and starts it right up
>look at display
>dryer temp 237 degrees
>well fuck...

Also according to the washer readout it spins shit at like 275 G forces, assume the whole building is fucked if that breaks apart
>> No. 10486 ID: b66324
Mandatory training yesterday for all the social workers in my agency, and we were all bored. The presenter is lecturing on domestic violence. Real basic shit to. It was nothing we didn't already know. She gives a real world example of a couple high school students. While cutting class, the male student stabbed the girl 80 times. He then had the wherewithal to return to school and take an exam in his government class. I could hear a social worker sitting behind me ask "How'd he do?"
>> No. 10487 ID: 818111
Manager: "I need you to fill out this DOT inspection form on this truck, in fifteen minutes, we need it for a delivery"

Me: "Haha, go fuck yourself".

Yes, I'm still employed.
>> No. 10488 ID: ef9494
Got a job as security/attendant at a gambling hall. They pay taxes, and we get police in pretty regularly. If I "zero out", which means all the money that's my responsibility is accounted for, at then end of the night, I can get paid that night. Which would matter if I wasn't going to blow it on guns and energy drinks. I love it so far. A lot of shady motherfuckers around, but that's why I got hired. Hell, they've been robbed twice this month I think, and it's the 15th. Pay is good and I'm getting tips even though I never talk to anyone. Pheromones?
Gonna try and keep this job on the down low, not because I'm ashamed to be working at a gambling hall, but because as soon as people know you've got a job, they either want you to hook them up with one, or borrow money. Firstish priority is getting a CHL. All the classes near me are booked, even the shit ones. Especially the shit ones. Texans can be very dull when it comes to firearms, as if the fact they're Texan is supposed to cover any gaps in knowledge or skill. Anyway, thanks for the support, guys. I love y'all.
>> No. 10489 ID: ce2b82
File 146603906368.jpg - (304.09KB , 1600x1200 , French WW2 truck Hotchkiss Laffly W15T aka VDP for.jpg )
How long does it usually take to fill out a DOT inspection form on a truck?

- French pre-WW2 Hotchkiss Laffly W15T, aka VDP for voiture de Dragons Portés, 1934.
>> No. 10490 ID: 79b400
Sounds sweet, I've always wanted to be a security guard for a casino. No real reason other than I want to carry a gun around the sound and smell of cards.

I blame my childhood infatuation with Doc Holliday.
>> No. 10491 ID: b66324
File 146604466523.jpg - (8.44KB , 226x223 , nevada-gaming-control-badge.jpg )
If you want to carry a gun around the sound and smell of cards, the gaming control board pays better.
>> No. 10492 ID: 037541
Concerned, your style is on fire bro. At times I wish I could be more like your online persona. I really hope everything in life works out for you. You seem like a real stand up guy and I hella commend that.

Also thank you for introducing me to trap house jazz, this shits real cool yo.
>> No. 10493 ID: ef9494
File 14660714091.jpg - (64.98KB , 570x845 , 1461125948842.jpg )
It's pretty cool. Everyone who works there is working on their CHL, and as the resident "gun guy"(Not sure how they found out. The goatee? My general OPERATOR bearing?) they're hounding me to see if I've found any non-shit classes. Our joint is run very, very tightly, with the soberest, cleanest staff that could be found. Not that it matters much. Nobody can steal or be stolen from if any money transferred has to be written in triplicate(Seriously. Thought doing stuff in triplicate was a joke.)
Really, the only downside is that I feel naked without $300 of sweaty $5 bills in my pocket. And my manager's wife jogging my arm when I'm doing paperwork. She says it's fine if I don't write down that one of the machines ate $2.40 of a guys cashout. Yeah, fine for her, but if I do it, I'll prolly get beaten or something by the boss. Pretty sure he wants paperwork in triplicate so he can eat 2 copies, he thrives on it.
Biggest problem now is deciding whether to get an AK or an AR, or maybe a PTR, or possibly a Vepr, or that AK that Atlantic has that shoots x54R. Also heard there were DP-28 build kits somewhere...
>Pic unrelated, but since this is a job thread, someone will need it soon.
>> No. 10494 ID: ef9494
File 146607184192.png - (113.57KB , 751x359 , 1451248080390.png )
Also, Doc Holliday was why I agreed to the job. Was also looking at Anesthesiologist/Dentist for similar reasons. Too bad I've already maxed out my semesters for the community college near me for bullshit certifications. Next closest college is in fucking Austin, 2 1/2 hours away, and I wouldn't be caught dead there, even if my shitbox car could drag me there before bursting into flames.
>> No. 10495 ID: 79b400
I should start serving and making considerably more money in August, that's the next server training schedule.

Which can't happen fast enough, it's infuriating splitting tips evenly with people who do not put in the same amount of work. Thanks for running off when we needed you the most and just standing idle while work is piling up in front of you, no intention to jump on it while the person who is preoccupied with every other aspect of it has to allocate enough time to fit that in with other time sensitive tasks.

Fuck's sake, 20% effort is the difference between an average worker and an extraordinary worker. But, they need to ramp it up to 40% and barely cover average. I'll take them at average, that'll be a significant enough change for me

Jesus Christ, the /k/ foot thread. That was unexpectedly hilarious. And gross.

Yeah, Vil Kilmer's portrayal influenced a lot of my behavior. Maybe not in good ways.
>> No. 10496 ID: bbfe61
Austin isn't so bad, I've lived here for a bit more than 10 years, lots of drugs and alcohol, which isn't my thing, but that aside I've enjoyed my time here.

New job in Dallas starting next month, should be an interesting change of scenery, guess I should get in touch with the Dallas operators.
>> No. 10497 ID: 818111
It depends on the vehicle.

This one took two + days, because of all the discrepancies.

They wanted a pencil whipped inspection.
>> No. 10498 ID: 79b400
Did your manager know this before asking? Was he trying to pull some kind of "just 'inspect' it" bullshit?

Or is your manager just stupid?
>> No. 10499 ID: 818111
He wanted it pencil whipped.
I said "no" .
He is a "manager" in position only, short of the owner of the company their demands are merely requests to the mechanic(me)

And yes, for the most part all three of them are a bit ignorant of how things really work, and the repercussions when they do not.

I basically have the final word on all things maintenance and service related.
>> No. 10500 ID: 79b400
Getting to work is a huge worry right now while my scooter is in the shop.

I've been enjoying having just one job for the last few months, it's been a huge relief on my anxiety and ability to sleep. But, I'm going to have to go back to it until I can finally start serving.

I need to save up to move closer to work and I need to do it soon, being so far away complicates so many things. And there's an apartment complex right across the street from my job, I just need to be able to afford it. They're nice, but it's like $700 a month. Can't afford that yet.

A roommate would make things easier, but finding a trustworthy, no drama roommate without knowing them beforehand is hard.
>> No. 10501 ID: 40ddf3
Linus tech tips.

Oh god no. Just don't. He's entertainment, but tells you wat idiots want.
>> No. 10502 ID: a2671a
I know that, that's why I'm entertained by segments like "scrapyard wars" and other asinine builds.

Definitely not an education tool, but entertainment in a field I like.
>> No. 10503 ID: b66324
Age 32, single mother, seven children, illiterate. What the fuck am I gonna do with this woman? Another day in paradise.
>> No. 10504 ID: ade114
File 146661659719.png - (240.30KB , 689x609 , 1458506308531.png )
If only there was a job that a person with no job experience other than making children could do...
>> No. 10505 ID: 79b400
I like problem solving as much as the next guy, but jesus I couldn't do your job.

And this right here is why we need to legalize and regulate prostitution.

That is honestly the only viable career for people like this. And it would make RaceMixer's job so much easier.

"So you have no marketable skills, can't read and you have 7 kids. Well, you're in luck, there are many brothels hiring. Based on your appearance, I think you'd be a perfect fit for The Pounded Ox Hole. Here's their card, I'll go ahead and fax them your info."
>> No. 10506 ID: f87148

Sterilization or euthanasia for them and their children would be a more effective solution in the long term, I think, serving both to weed out whatever genes and / or memetic constructs are responsible for the behavior as well as helping to stanch the tide of liberals and their untermensch vassals.

T. an ardent eugenicist.
>> No. 10507 ID: 79b400
As much as I love freedom and letting everybody live their life, I have a strong fascist side that believes in eugenics.

I mean, it's nothing I'd ever fight for or even base my political decisions off it. It's more of a "in an ideal world, we'd be weeding out the dregs of society and once those inferior bloodlines are culled, humanity would stand a much better chance in the long run" thought that pops up occasionally.

The most I'll ever act upon this is with my own children. I don't want them to ever share my blood, for their sake. There are so many things wrong with my genes, inherent and caused by radiation and Agent Orange.

I got lucky and a lot of it skipped me, but my kids are guaranteed to have issues. So, at that stage in my life when I'm ever ready to have kids, I'd prefer the whole artificial insemination thing or adoption. If I can make sure they have happy, healthy lives and their progeny do as well, I'll be happy and feel I fulfilled my role as a father.
>> No. 10508 ID: 22a467
File 146664026039.jpg - (538.47KB , 1304x1800 , Law, German WW2 death camp inmates 2.jpg )
Happily, the state does not have to go the whole mass eradication of less useful members of society program as pinhead women prodigiously breeding vast legions of bastard children they can't take care of is a naturally diminishing problem in industrialized democracies. Just remember to keep abortion (or at the very least contraception) legal, available and affordable.
>> No. 10509 ID: 40ddf3
Lol if you're in miami, stop in somewhere for cuban coffee and spic food.

Southbeach is great fun, go to deco drive.
>> No. 10510 ID: 82a3e8
I had a turkish coffee the other day in my local Lebanese eatery.

HOLY FUCK it was like drinking pure meth.

I imagine Cuban coffee is just as bad if not worse.
>> No. 10511 ID: 40ddf3
Cuban coffee is a ton sweeter, but yeah. They give you thimble sized cups. Do not use those, you're not a woman.
>> No. 10512 ID: 9dcda2
File 146672697897.jpg - (385.01KB , 1024x576 , 20160605_210337_20160606_210238.jpg )
Yesh. I specifically wanted to see neon and I was not disappointed.

Walking down Ocean Ave with my buddies was one of those "My job is pretty cool sometimes" moments.
>> No. 10513 ID: 40ddf3
I'm a sperg about art deco design. I freaking loved deco drive.

Go rent a jet ski and have some fun. Or rent a boat.
>> No. 10514 ID: 9dcda2
File 146672904249.jpg - (412.01KB , 1024x576 , 20160605_210238_20160606_210240.jpg )
More neon. It was busy as fuck Sunday night. There's cafes and shit along the road that have tables on the sidewalk. As you walk by, the hot hostesses chicks to try to wrangle you into sitting down. (Apparently it's always happy hour, 2-for-1 drinks at $40 a piece.)

Just like how vendors will sell candy and snacks at a baseball game, there's chicks with low cut shirts selling smokes. A good business model I think.

I was joking with my coworkers that if we ever got laid off, our only other marketable skill would be sperm donation.

> a whole generation of turbine techs?!?

> Just remember to keep abortion (or at the very least contraception) legal, available and affordable.

I'd fund the fuck out of that.
>> No. 10515 ID: bec165

You should hit me up bru.
>> No. 10516 ID: b66324
My client's baby daddy, some of you know the one. He's finally in prison for first degree murder and several counts of child abuse with serious bodily harm. He'll never breath free air again. My client was just released; her own child abuse/neglect charges were dropped. I'll be checking her case log to see if she pops back up on the radar, assuming she doesn't leave the state. It depends on whether or not she tries to get her remaining babies out of the foster system. I don't think it will go well for her. Her toddler was beat to death, her baby was battered and the county took her, and she had a newborn while in jail, also now a ward of the county. She's been in jail for so long now just waiting on court dates. Part of the reason it dragged on so long is because she tried to hang herself in her cell. Now that she's out, I predict she'll kill herself soon.

I need another drink.
>> No. 10517 ID: 79b400
Why do you do what you do? If you don't mind me asking.

Honestly, I couldn't handle that job. It's too emotionally draining and I wouldn't want to deal with the type of people you deal with, it would probably make me snap.
>> No. 10518 ID: b66324
It really was just a college major. I have no inspiring story. Sorry.
>> No. 10519 ID: 22504e
Shit man. I can't really blame her for the suicide attempt. That sounds like a ridiculously fucked up situation. At least that dude is out of society for good.
>> No. 10520 ID: 22504e
In other news, I arrived at work to see that the previous shift left me ready to start the first side of a part, and basically just sat around for the rest of the day, because it takes 10ish hours to finish the first side. I just think its special when you get in on the program just right to not have to unload a part, lol.

First side also has fewer tools to refurbish.
>> No. 10522 ID: 95787a
Home visits today.

First visit was a decrepit black woman, late 40s, who has been homeless for most of the time I managed her case. Long ago, she told me about a disabled vet she met at the truck stop she was staying at, known only by a nickname. Well, it turns out he got his disability case approved, got himself a modest apartment, and took my client in. None too soon. Her kid turned eighteen and graduated high school, so she's no longer eligible for cash aid come July. She's finally got herself a walker, a roof, and the aid of a friend in her hour of need.

Second visit I was really looking forward to. My client, black male in his 20s, is fresh out of jail. Through some abberation of the justice system, my client's charges were dropped despite being caught with drugs a gun and attempting to evade his arrest (judging by the fresh scars, they fucked his ass up). I allayed any fears about his cash case. He was out of the house less than thirty days, and SNAP and TANF will come through on the first. "Now that aside, what the hell, man?" He said he was hurting for money. He got himself some weed, some protection, "and started dealing somewhere maybe I shouldn't have." He was out dealing with his friend when someone claiming Crip stepped to him. My client, being the upstanding citizen he is, tried to tell said Crip that he doesn't bang, but his homie was set trippin, and words were exchanged. When Crip started poppin off at the mouth, my client understandably had to pull his piece. Clearly, there was no way to avoid the situation. This brandishing resulted in a 911 call. I stressed to my client that he is a lucky motherfucker; don't blow it again.

Third visit was some layabout, white male, mid 20s, whose wife was lucky enough to get a fulltime job off of her little medical certification (coding? Medical assistant? I forget). Their house is always dark. He's got swords and knives everywhere, but he keeps them out of reach of the kids. He mentioned vaguely that he has a firearm or firearms which kind of troubles me. He's been going to therapy for awhile for bipolar, and he's prone to outbursts of anger and violence, but he's somehow managed to avoid commitals, charges, or anything else that would cause him to fail a NICS check. He's more or less stable right now. Time to get his ass to work too.

Fourth visit, white female in her 30s. She's obese. The methadone has really been fucking with her. The agency running her housing program is moving her out of her shitty apartment. Given her history, they don't want her living in an area with high drug activity. Good luck, fuckers. She's still in Vegas. She fell off the wagon recently; she scored some Loritabs. It's always two steps forward, one step back with this one, but she's much better than when I first met her, caring for an opiate dependent infant with CPS elbow deep in her shit. The kid, now fourteen months, looks healthy, fed, and attentive. Some delay with standing and walking though. Hope she didn't fuck him up too much in utero.

Fifth visit, another druggie white female in her 30s choking on the long dick of child protective services. She got a job. It isn't ideal; she's got an addictive personality, and now she works at a casino, but we'll take what we can get. I get to see her two year old twins for the first time now that she's got them back from foster care. They spent the visit crying at each other and us because they weren't the center of their mother's attention for two god damn minutes.

Sixth visit, black female, early thirties, just had twins a couple months ago. She lives in gang land. Sitting in my car out front for a minute, I could see a black SUV, tinted windows, red rims, blasting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24klVX9rdpk
This was oddly in contrast to the 18th street hit up in front of my client's house. Her house must've been very nice fifty years ago before the security screen and bars were bolted onto the door and windows. Client and her three kids were sacked out in what was once a spacious entertainment room featuring a full bar. My client found full time work at a call center. I'll set her up with a voucher for work clothes and whatever else she might need. I wish her luck.

Seventh, very nice two story home in a gated community. My client, a black nineteen year old girl, is an adult and considered a seperate household from her mother for eligibility purposes and so qualifies for benefits despite the nice digs. Although, I can't tell if her mother is actually doing well or is staying in the house on a section 8 voucher as often happens (Owners of large, flashy "investment properties" in Vegas are having a hard time selling them, so they often lease to section 8 renters so that they can get something out of them in the meantime). My client is doing online school to complete her diploma. She is utterly fucking failing. Her grades are abysmall. Distance education is not for most students.

Final visit was to a client that recently moved, hispanic female, early twenties. There were a lot of people out front of their units in her large, dilapidated apartment complex. It's quite uncommon to see people out and about when the weather is 106 degrees. Given the appearance and age of those posted up outside, and the looks I got driving a car with state plates, I suspect drug activity. I parked next to a Chevy Suburban circa 1985 with old school 13" wire rims and impressive hydraulics. My client is going to a for-profit college (which I advised against) taking classes to be a medical assistant (the market is saturated with them).

It was a full day.
>> No. 10523 ID: ade114
File 146723905231.jpg - (27.79KB , 622x424 , samurai-jack-drinking-e1447236593610-622x424.jpg )
>budgeted this month perfectly
>got a job making a complete set of door hardware; two hinges, ram's head knocker, and a door bolt
>got paid $300ish
>go to the dentist today to do some routine work
>they just walk me into the chair and get drilling
>afterword one of the secretaries tells me 'Sorry about that but we needed to charge you for some bullshit you never agreed to :^)"
>tfw I need to dip into my bullet and liquor budget to pay bills
>tfw I won't have the Somersby that keeps me from going on a shooting rampage
>> No. 10524 ID: 4c510a
  No air conditiong and sparsely placed swamp coolers at the jobsite. I saw the rain yesterday and I thought, 'oh. God, tomorrow's gonna suck.' Five hours later at 4AM I was already dying.

Some of the older notes left by management made references to Sqwincher. Their marketing is my kind of porn.
>> No. 10525 ID: 9dcda2
File 146733880599.gif - (293.48KB , 1001x1001 , quikserv-1.gif )
I fucking love their How To graphics; so easy to understand. They know their target audience: Illiterate factory workers and tradesmen.

Any stores carry this stuff or do you have to buy it online?
>> No. 10526 ID: 79b400
File 146735052496.jpg - (156.95KB , 1349x1012 , dfw-vapor-brawndo1.jpg )
The logo and marketing remind of this.
>> No. 10527 ID: 43ecef
I work with spreadsheets, it's made me think I'm autistic, trying to show other people patterns in data.

Also, free diet coke is a plus. I think I have kidney stones, though.
>> No. 10528 ID: b70b34
I work in research.

What that ends up boiling down to is one or two days of actual work a week, and then alot of time waiting for other people to do their jobs.

I don't get paid till the project is finished. Its frustrating.
>> No. 10529 ID: 9dcda2
File 146751808455.jpg - (233.95KB , 1600x689 , tank_operator_jpeg.jpg )
I do the same thing with watching engine data. Our customers must think we're viewing the matrix or something.
>> No. 10530 ID: 9dcda2
File 146751860317.jpg - (801.01KB , 1415x768 , tldr1.jpg )
When I was tuning my Mazdaspeed, I wrote a program in PHP to display the CSV files. It colors the cell based on the actual data being high or low compared to what's in the ECU's program.

Whenever I show my mechanical engineer coworkers, they look at me like I've got two heads.

Some motherhumpers just don't get excited about data. Weirdos.
>> No. 10531 ID: 98c1a2
File plebs_dont_get_excited_over_data.webm - (3.44MB )
>Some motherhumpers just don't get excited about data
>> No. 10532 ID: 79b400
Well, I'm about to make significantly less money due to the incompetence of others. I love how I can do a great job, but still be affected by those who don't. That's a great fucking motivator to do a good job, isn't it?

Once I get my scooter back, I'm going to look elsewhere for a serving position.

This month has been a terrible month, everything is just piling on top.
>> No. 10533 ID: 43ecef
Use color heat maps and Data bars at the same time. It's wonderfully spergy to show both magnitude of patients and a heat map of cost / quality.

Play with excel 2013, you'll love all the quick analysis shit.

But I get looked at like I have a dick growing out of my forehead.
>> No. 10534 ID: ade114
File 146759364885.png - (10.77KB , 211x246 , 7c6.png )
>wake up at 7am to feed, pet, and remind my cows that they are all beautiful mountains of meat that will one day be in my belly
>go back to the house
>find some kind of shafting laying in my driveway with a greasy note attached to it with bailing twine, simply saying
>"fix this - anon"
>no idea what the shafting is
>no idea whats wrong with it
>bring it into my little workshop and start hitting it with a ball peen hammer
>after a few minutes of dicking around figure out that the problem is probably two studs on the end knuckle
>but the thing in the vise
>get a punch and give one of them a gentle tap
>the entire stub sinks half an inch
>it doesn't spring back
>hit it again and nothing
>rap the entire thing with a hammer while holding it upside down
>hitting it with brakeclean
>heat it up with an oxytorch
>it doesn't move a fucking millimeter
>drill a small hole into one of the studs
>drive a screw into it and try to pull it out
>screw breaks
>find a small fitting pressed into the side of it
>some kind of babbit metal holding in a metal pin
>pry the pin out and repeat everything I already did to no avail
>drill out the hole in an attempt to punch it out from behind
>doesn't move at all

After that I called the guy up and told him the part is fucked, he's shit out of luck, and he owes me $20 for looking at the thing. He bitched a bit about me not being able to fix it but I'm 100% certain that he himself knew it was a completely broken piece of shit anyway.
>> No. 10535 ID: 98c1a2
>> No. 10536 ID: ade114
The guy already came and picked it up. I normally get a few jobs like that a month from my neighbors after they break something important but don't want to have a professional look at it.
>> No. 10537 ID: 43ecef
Next time grease fitting and pump it full of grease.s
>> No. 10538 ID: ade114
It didn't have a grease fitting. The studs were probably heat fit into the knuckle, the pin holes on the side were completely sealed and used for some unknown reason.

I'm guessing is that the studs rested on springs that kept them in the correct position and that they'd depress when it was mated. I'm also going to guess that both of the springs were completely shot.

I'm sure that if I had a manual or knew what the fuck it was I could have eventually found out how to properly take it apart.
>> No. 10539 ID: d392b6
You can drill and tap your exploratory holes for one tho.
>> No. 10540 ID: 79b400
There's this lady with an autistic kid that thinks he's a dog. He just hops around and barks at everybody.

I personally find it funny as hell and love it when he just randomly pops up to families trying to enjoy their meal and just starts barking at them.

Her orders are usually small, usually for just him and her or maybe her husband on occasion. This time it was fairly large, she was picking up for her family for a party.

So I offer to carry it out to her car because I know she's tard wrangling.

Well, 20 seconds of stuffing the bags into a hot bag and that little retard is gone. Like, nowhere to be seen. Can't hear him barking anywhere.

I start running around the parking lot screaming his name, looking for him. After about 5-10 minutes of looking, I found him hiding in bushes by the busy road. I had to call him over like a dog to get him to respond.

Scary moment, for a second I thought I may have possibly been held liable for that shit. Granted his caretaker was right next to me and wasn't watching him, but with my luck I probably would have been held responsible for some bullshit reason.

So, shitty day. Didn't make much money and it's the anniversary of the only family member that really loved me's death.
>> No. 10541 ID: 3b3ce1
Wish I could buy you a beer.
>> No. 10543 ID: 9dcda2
File 146784855855.jpg - (33.19KB , 180x150 , kid dialed.jpg )
My boss >>/arch/10261 strikes again.

> 6:30 boss calls
> hey I need you to go over to site X, some shit happened again
> arright

> working on it all day, hot as fuck, decided I'd had enough by 16:00

> 19:30 boss calls
> Hey Boss what's up?
> Gaa gaa gooo gooo weeeeee!!!!
> ???
> Hello?
> Oh who did you call? Oh you called Avgas! Oh sorry my kid was playing with my phone. So since I got you on the phone how'd it go today?...

A likely story.
>> No. 10544 ID: a4dc63
File 14682193722.jpg - (2.56MB , 3264x1836 , 20160703_130859.jpg )
16 tons, that's cute
>> No. 10545 ID: 79b400
Got a manager friend looking into gross sales of other locations to help me choose a store where I'd be making good money when I move to Phoenix.

I'm starting to benefit from networking. :)

On a weirder note, I had this random customer asking me weird questions while he was waiting for a table to open.

>So, you're keeping busy?
Big smile "yes sir, fast paced and low pay!" honest, but told in a way to get a laugh out of him.
>Ha, that's good. So, do you fish?
"Uh..." thinking of things I need to do while trying to be courteous with him "yes sir, I try to go fly fishing as often as I can."
>That's cool. I should take you out on my boat sometime.
Da fuck? He just started talking to me out of the blue and is now offering to take me out on his boat. This is totally not creepy. "Never been fly fishing off a boat, I like to wade in fresh water."
>Have you ever been off shore on a boat before?
"Once before on a commercial charter, sir. I'm sorry, sir, we have a lot of orders and I need to help them."

I ran off and kept seeing him smile at me whenever I looked his direction. I'm scared.
>> No. 10546 ID: 98c1a2
Ahahahahahahaha you gonna be his Pablo ;)
>> No. 10547 ID: 79b400
We catch da feesh? Why schoolgirl outfit needed for feesh?
>> No. 10548 ID: de0bec
And thus starts a new chapter in the life of cockeye the sailor man
>> No. 10549 ID: 79b400
Just got a call from a restaurant near my current job. I've been trying to get a serving job there and the staff seems to like me.

Actually, they've all been putting in a good word for me, including this incredibly cute black chick that keeps coming in my store and flirting with me.

I have an interview on Monday, I should land it pretty easily. This will help me save up to move to Arizona.
>> No. 10550 ID: 79b400
Forget to mention, manager bro has given me total access to the music that plays in the kitchen.

God help everyone.
>> No. 10551 ID: 98c1a2
>given me total access to the music that plays in the kitchen
We should post playlists for you.

I was thinking of tunak tunak tun 10h loop to start.
>> No. 10552 ID: 8ae717
>got a raise
>still making ~2/3 of median salary for my job description
>'We're still a startup'
>company is 12 years old

Kinda casually looking for new jobs. Not sure if I should threaten to quit if they don't demonstrate at least an attempt to grow over the next year (on the one hand it might motivate them to invest in the company and on the other they may just show me the door)
>> No. 10553 ID: 3877ff
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (Full Album) https://youtu.be/dzDVnh1mn3Q
And here's some Miles Davis songs you may recognize:
Miles Davis - All Blues - The 4th track of Miles Davis's 1959 album "Kind of Blue" https://youtu.be/JIfdYs8WErM
And the similar Miles Davis - So What - Kind of Blue is a musical masterpiece, and So What is one of the best tracks on the album. https://youtu.be/ylXk1LBvIqU
Miles Davis - Black Satin - The 2nd track of Miles Davis's 1972 album "On the Corner" https://youtu.be/dbbCZaI313A
Miles Davis - Tutu 1986 HQ (original album version) from the album Tutu.Tutu composed and arranged by Marcus Miller. https://youtu.be/sAMJy-PHzKE
Miles Davis - Freddie Freeloader - The 2nd track of Miles Davis's 1959 album "Kind of Blue" https://youtu.be/RPfFhfSuUZ4
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew - This experimental piece has amazed musicians since it was first released in 1970, significantly impacting modern music. https://youtu.be/2AR93r-ASWI
>> No. 10554 ID: 3877ff
  1964 - John Coltrane - A Love Supreme https://youtu.be/clC6cgoh1sU
>> No. 10555 ID: 79b400
Actually, this is brilliant. Their stoned asses listen to retarded rap all day. You know, the kind that's like "uh yuh, nigga, nigga, n-n-nigga bitch, suck dat dick, nigga bitch, dranking that crunk, nigga bitch."

I'm not a fan of jazz myself, but fuck me if I'm not going to enjoy this one tonight.

Thanks Bats!
>> No. 10556 ID: 3b3ce1
If you're attempting to maximize butthurt, play the opposite of hip hop. All hip hop, regardless of subgenre, subject material, or artist, must have a solid beat, good rhythm and flow, and shit has to rhyme at least sorta kinda. What you need is a genre that disregards all of these elements: Punk Rock.
>> No. 10557 ID: 3877ff
Not Industrial Noise?
Future Cheers by The Haters (1986) https://youtu.be/Gfz7e5lAQPw
.....your disapprove for something is no reason not to like it. in fact, eye say your dislike of something is actually an very feeble & passe excuse for altering, transmuting, or attacking anything. when eye destroy something, it isn't because eye hate it. eye enjoy destroying everything, because eye enjoy leaving nothing undestroyed. eye destroy things out of curiosity; just to see what, if anything, happens when entities are actively broken up into more dynamic pieces for the process of collaging.....my 'destroyed music' acts as a kind of audio account or authentic evidence of this said destruction.....
A Future Cheers Vol. One 0:00
B Future Cheers Vol. Two 29:10
>> No. 10558 ID: 3877ff
  I chanced upon this double album of grating noise in the early '80s and it continues to impress. I had an old phonograph that had an alarm clock that would buzz a noise or play what's on the radio or play the record on the turntable. Having this album shrieked at you will get you out of bed.
Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music (Full Album) https://youtu.be/XIMSbKU2oZM
Lou Reed's double LP Metal Machine Music (1975) is cited as containing the primary characteristics of what would in time become a genre known as noise music. The album is an early, well-known example of commercial studio noise music that the music critic Lester Bangs has sarcastically called the "greatest album ever made in the history of the human eardrum". It has also been cited as one of the "worst albums of all time". Reed was well aware of the drone music of La Monte Young. Young's Theatre of Eternal Music was a minimal music noise group in the mid-60s with John Cale, Marian Zazeela, Henry Flynt, Angus Maclise, Tony Conrad, and others. The Theatre of Eternal Music's discordant sustained notes and loud amplification had influenced Cale's subsequent contribution to The Velvet Underground in his use of both discordance and feedback. Cale and Conrad have released noise music recordings they made during the mid-sixties, such as Cale's Inside the Dream Syndicate series (The Dream Syndicate being the alternative name given by Cale and Conrad to their collective work with Young). The aptly named noise rock fuses rock to noise, usually with recognizable "rock" instrumentation, but with greater use of distortion and electronic effects, varying degrees of atonality, improvisation, and white noise. One notable band of this genre is Sonic Youth who took inspiration from the No Wave composers Glenn Branca and Rhys Chatham (himself a student of LaMonte Young). Marc Masters, in his book on the No Wave, points out that aggressively innovative early dark noise groups like Mars and DNA drew on punk rock, avant-garde minimalism and performance art. Important in this noise trajectory are the nine nights of noise music called Noise Fest that was organized by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth in the NYC art space White Columns in June 1981 followed by the Speed Trials noise rock series organized by Live Skull members in May 1983. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noise_music
>> No. 10559 ID: 3877ff
  Not So Quiet on the Western Front is a punk rock and hardcore punk compilation double LP, compiled by Maximum Rocknroll and released by Alternative Tentacles in 1982. It documented the Northern California and Nevada punk scenes. https://youtu.be/uN9zCYVWuRU
[0:00] 1. Intensified Chaos - Intensified Chaos
[0:57] 2. Social Unrest - Their Mistakes
[3:23] 3. Naked Lady Wrestlers - Dan With the Mellow Hair
[5:43] 4. M.A.D. - Holocaust
[6:47] 5. Killjoy - Rich Plastic People
[8:31] 6. Fang - Fun with Acid
[10:39] 7. Capitol Punishment - El Salvador
[11:51] 8. Ribsy - Collapse
[12:39] 9. Crucifix - Annihilation
[13:53] 10. Square Cools - I Don't Wanna Die for My Country
[15:23] 11. Los Olvidados - Pay Salvation
[17:29] 12. Code of Honor - What Price Will You Pay
[19:28] 13. 7 Seconds - Fuck Your Amerika
[20:18] 14. Unaware - Race War
[21:53] 15. Frigidettes - Turmoil
[23:59] 16. 5th Column - Don't Conform
[25:30] 17. Ghost Dance - Shrunken Heads
[28:06] 18. Dead Kennedys - A Child and His Lawn Mower
[29:02] 19. Rebel Truth - All I Know
[30:13] 20. Pariah - Learning Process
[32:14] 21. Lennonburger - Reagum
[33:26] 22. Impatient Youth - Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition
[35:53] 23. Bad Posture - G.D.M.F.S.O.B.
[37:25] 24. Demented Youth - Assassination Attempt
[38:48] 25. Millions of Dead Cops - The Only God Cop...
[39:46] 26. Karnage - The Few, the Proud, the Dead
[40:27] 27. Domino Theory - Scare
[41:48] 28. NBJ - Dead Porker
[44:51] 29. Whipping Boy - Human Farm
[45:49] 30. Angst - Worker Bee
[46:53] 31. Free Beer - Premature Enlistment
[48:51] 32. Flipper - Sacrifice
[53:26] 33. Vengeance - No One Listens
[55:27] 34. Juvinel Justice - S-M Nightmare
[57:17] 35. Section 8 - Fat, Drunk & Stupid
[58:09] 36. Tongue Avulsion - Lybian Hit Squad
[59:11] 37. Maniax - Off to War
[1:02:43] 38. Vicious Circle - Strike Out
[1:03:22] 39. UXB - Breakout
[1:05:05] 40. Scapegoats - Shitcan
[1:06:18] 41. Church Police - The Oven is My Friend
[1:08:59] 42. Deadly Reign - Systems Suck
[1:10:30] 43. No Alternative - Dead Men Tell No Lies
[1:12:34] 44. Wrecks - Punk is an Attitude
[1:13:45] 45. Urban Assault - SLT
[1:15:16] 46. Bent Nails - No More Riots
[1:18:06] 47. M.I.A. - New Left
>> No. 10560 ID: 98c1a2
  Blast the shit out of this song.
>> No. 10561 ID: 79b400
I want to get this to wear around the kitchen at work.


I have to be a dick before they can appreciate that song.

After hours of jazz and punk, that will be the swan song. And lord knows I'd need it as well, I hate jazz and punk.

And jesus fuck, the memories. I need to play Double Dragon again.
>> No. 10563 ID: 98c1a2
>ICE cap
I fucking lol'd

Also, sing along loudly to that DDN song while doing 90s dancemoves. I have to be careful when my music is on random and I'm driving, because that song makes me get groovy like nothing else and it's hard to stop.
>> No. 10564 ID: a9db45
He wants to be your friend and/or insert benis in your anus.

You're bi, what do you have to lose? Go fishing and bring a gun.

Put on spic reggaton


I'm trying to figure out how to condense three weeks of autism spreadsheets into a 15 minute power point presentation. Halp? Looking at you you airforce fucks.
>> No. 10565 ID: 9dcda2
File 146876811382.jpg - (28.93KB , 310x310 , 358qgt.jpg )
> I'm trying to figure out how to condense three weeks of autism spreadsheets into a 15 minute power point presentation. Halp?

> Looking at you you airforce fucks.


Presentation. People write books on presentations and public speaking, so without getting into all that, here's a couple points.

General tips:
- Know your audience, tailor the message to work for them. (Talking to peers vs managers vs public normies)
- Introduce yourself. If it's your coworkers, just explain that you've been working on this shit for a minute.
- For fuck's sake, don't show any spreadsheets. People receiving presentations are zoned out and aren't thinking. Don't make them try to analyze data in a 30 second slide. (Unless it would be absolutely appropriate.)
- For fuck's sake, don't write a paragraph on a slide then read it to them.
- The slides are just the illustrations for what you're saying. The slides are not the whole presentation.
- Graphs and trends are good.
- Practice. Out loud. Speak. Record and time yourself.
- When you're doing your presentation, speak LOUD. Make damn sure everyone can hear you.
- If you're nervous, remember no one is paying attention anyway.
- If you get people blowing you up with off-topic questions, offer to talk about it afterward, off-line. >>105772

- Tell a story.
- Start out with the conclusion. "Sales are up 15% after viewing cat images every day."
- Explain your hypothesis, use the data to build your case. Show graphs and shit.
- Back to the conclusion and then call to action (as necessary.) "From reviewing this fuckton of data, I've come the conclusion that viewing cat images boosts sales by as much as 15%. I believe the next step is to bring in some cats to the office."

The worst presentations I've seen were due to the guy reading off the slides in a low monotone. Even if you're interested, it's damned near impossible to stay engaged when you can't hear the guy and he's droning.

Well, actually the worst was a guy who went into full "cooked spaghetti out of pockets" fumbling over words and jabbering like a moron, in a "Business Communications" class.
>> No. 10566 ID: a9db45
>For fuck's sake, don't show any spreadsheets

FUCK. Are charts okay?

>Don't make them try to analyze data in a 30 second slide

FUCK. Charts get colors then.

>Well, actually the worst was a guy who went into full "cooked spaghetti out of pockets" fumbling over words and jabbering like a moron, in a "Business Communications" class.

FUCK. So don't go "THE PATTERNSSSSSS when people are confused?"
>> No. 10567 ID: 79b400
Fuck me, I'm beat. Had a fund raiser for a little girl that has a rare type of cancer in her growth plates (THAT EXISTS?) at work today. I decided to go above and beyond and increase my already full workload to try and raise as much money as I can. Personally responsible for around $90 in donations, more than any other coworker. I get competitive, but that's just momentary motivation for me to try and do some good.

20 different things going on at once, bursting out in full sprints all day to keep up, opening shift but picked up the closing shift as well, got molested by a Mexican while changing shirts in the freezer (115 degree heat index, constantly moving, fuck yeah I'm changing in the one place that's 25 degrees), it was a long day. All for $67 in tips plus $5.03 hourly, so about $103 dollars today. So, fairly bad day based off the amount of work I did while others slacked.

I have an interview tomorrow for a serving position at another restaurant. I'd be making a lot more in tips and I wouldn't have to share them with lazy fucks because "it's a team effort." Fuck you, I'm good at what I do and provide excellent service. I'm sick of splitting that shit with people who don't care.

I'm taking a couple shots of brandy and laying down. Fuck me.
>> No. 10568 ID: 808d69
File 146881901828.jpg - (40.69KB , 500x380 , what a time to be alive.jpg )
>hit a deer going 20 mph
>front of van looks like an accordian
>pretty pissed off
>come home and check my mail
>turns out I passed the civil service test I did in April with a 90
>there are still 2100 people who scored better than me

So it looks like I won't be buying that revolver carbine, but I might Eventually get a stable job with 40k starting so I'd be making about 15K more than average for where I live.
>> No. 10569 ID: 9dcda2
File 14688724951.jpg - (29.19KB , 310x310 , 35d9mu.jpg )
> FUCK. So don't go "THE PATTERNSSSSSS when people are confused?"


If you want some help, email me and we can talk about my consulting fees and your presentation.
>> No. 10570 ID: a9db45
I appreciate the offer. Let me keep working on it, and see what I need to edit out due to confidentiality reports and shit.

The biggest thing is just plain ole data visualization while also not coming across as pasta autist.

I can talk fine in a crowd, but can go autist on topics I'm passionate about. Like this stuff.
>> No. 10571 ID: de0bec
File 146890422334.jpg - (48.85KB , 640x480 , 1468819925283.jpg )
Just want to say this a good post nigga.
Everyone who hasn't done many presentations
(or has done a lot of bad ones) should takes notes because this is a real deal right here and will save you a lot of pain and suffering.
>> No. 10572 ID: 79b400
Scored a second job serving at another restaurant. Fucking nailed the interview.

"I was a little on the fence after looking at your application, but after talking to you, you know what you want and your attitude is perfect for the position. When's a good day for you to start?"

>> No. 10573 ID: 79b400
Tonight was terrible. What would have been just a pretty busy night turned into a fucking nightmare because of the incompetence of the single worst server the restaurant has being put on to-gos because her fat ass fucked her shoulder up swimming. She seriously dislocated it trying to pull her fat ass through water, I shit you not.

The dumb bitch can't handle pressure or high volume, it was a total fucking donkey show. I got my ass handed to me for very little pay because her dumbass kept fucking shit up and it affected MY tips. Cunt. I can't stand her voice either, she sounds like Minnie Mouse getting throat fucked by Bobcat Goldthwait.

I can't wait until I start my serving job at the other restaurant and limit my availability at this restaurant until I start serving there. This bitch is going to make it a hassle.

I have the day off tomorrow and I'm going to fuck with her. Apparently she scares easy and has an irrational fear of demons. I'm going to call the order number and put on my best demon voice (sounds like Dr. Claw mixed with a few other voices similar to it with a few other vocal effects thrown in) and demand meat. I'm going to have fun.
>> No. 10574 ID: 3b3ce1
File 146907686919.jpg - (23.50KB , 640x480 , 11qtw6t.jpg )
Bitch found me on facebook and sent a friend request this morning. Fucking floored me. I blocked her, of course. Checked her case when I got to work. She's back on food stamps and living with a friend. I informed my boss and my boss's boss of the request, just to CYA.
>> No. 10575 ID: 808d69
File 146910832210.jpg - (107.97KB , 499x368 , you stop that.jpg )
>work with felons, drug addicts, whores, and all around bad people
>has a public facebook account with his actual name attached to it

I have two siblings that works in Corrections and they were smart enough to not plaster their public information around everywhere.
>> No. 10576 ID: 79b400
She squeaked and hung up immediately. Total spaz, jesus.

Jesus Christ, that's unsettling.
>> No. 10577 ID: 0c0931
I didn't find a job before I graduated, which kind of works out, as I needed to finish work for a professor. He's letting me make it open source, so I can at least show it off and impress people. But wait, now he's thinking he wants to do what the RSA guys did and patent the process after already publishing his work, and then he's going to have it written into a proprietary program verification tool that doesn't exist, or something. I literally discussed making it open source with him months ago. He asked his contact at the NSF, who paid for this work, and they gave the go-ahead. I mentioned making my GitHub repo public several times before I did so, last week.

So he wants me to make my repo private again, after the reviewers at the 2016 International Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications approve our empirical analysis paper, even though the repo is literally a reference in the paper. When I mentioned that that meant that people reading our paper wouldn't be able to see one of our references, his response was, and I quote, "That is the general idea."

The man acted like he hadn't been clear on the fact that other people can take code in a public repository and do things with it.

Did I mention I'm not great at interviewing?


Fuck OpSec. Give my dumb ass a job.
>> No. 10578 ID: a569d7
I can't speak to Racemixer's job, but I know in a lot of cases not having a Facebook under your real name now makes you look suspicious. That and your linkedin are the two things employers are going to google for. My solution was just totally wiping my Facebook of usable info and setting everything to private.
>> No. 10579 ID: 38f673
File 146921782869.jpg - (48.57KB , 460x326 , bodygaurd.jpg )
Well, after three weeks of waiting, BSIS has finally processed my firearms permit and guard card. Currently working out my resume to show how much of a badass mall veteran I can be.

Only problem besides actually applying to various security companies is getting my own service pistol without cheapening out on it.
>> No. 10580 ID: 79b400
Started my new job serving tonight. After my shift, my manager pulled me aside and said "you did better on your first night than most people I've seen. I feel like I won the lottery with you." Then offered me full time.

Funny thing is it was the easiest shit I've ever done. I can't believe people think serving is hard, I can make over $20 an hour just to talk to people and bring them food.
>> No. 10581 ID: 3b3ce1
File 146925208273.jpg - (32.15KB , 450x330 , pix896513872.jpg )
What's your budget?
>> No. 10582 ID: 79b400
I got you, nigga.


"Used" as in carried in a holster and shot once a year for qualification.
>> No. 10583 ID: 79b400
Or you could spend $80 more and get the unissued version, pretty much NIB and has 3 mags and possibly night sights.


Fuck, I wish I wasn't poor, these are haunting me.
>> No. 10584 ID: 38f673
Yeah, an SR9 is looking pretty nice right now for a $400 budget, just leaves enough for a bit of ammo and starting off my pistol belt. Though, might even just end up transferring my father's Ruger P89 until that next pay check.

I'd get into a .45 pistol, but I still need more range time as my grouping with even .40 S&W is pretty loose. Ultimate range toy and service pistol would be an FNX45, but that'll be a long time.
>> No. 10585 ID: ca4c8f
So, I cut my hours at my previous job to only two days a week and accepted full time at my new job.

I'm going to try to hold on to my previous job until I move, that way I can transfer to a location in Arizona and have a job lined up.

Manager seems to love me, offered me full time after my first night of training. Never had a full time job before, this is pretty cool.
>> No. 10586 ID: 983fb8
File 146998608538.jpg - (57.74KB , 525x645 , !0_0000_MORGUE_BobDole_sml.jpg )
Just got signed for $65K a year salary at the low end most likely more once we hit above our target commission which happens every year.

Still in college finishing up my journalism degree. Will be graduated in December and working full time by then.

Three months of training begins August 22nd, get my real estate license and then ill be helping to sell homes. In an area I love.

Position will last here for at least five years. If all works out and I do great after my first year they will want me to go into their Leadership Development Associate program, pay for my MBA.

Fuck yeah it is nice working in a career orientated company and position. Never thought this would be my path in life after college, so glad it is! Fuck all the journalism and public relations jobs my degree is for.

Finishing off my Summer and Fall quarter is gonna suck even though its two classes and senior project. But fuck it, I'm set motha fuckas! Finally can actually get into the hobby of shooting. Since I will be having actual real paychecks finally rolling in.
>> No. 10587 ID: 3b3ce1
Well done, Bob Dole. Enjoy all of the expensive tastes to come.
>> No. 10588 ID: bc78c2
I need to post in here. I have tons of stories.

Just today: One of my event managers in our call center in costa rica tried to friend me on facebook. The only contact this woman has with me, is processing my status and parts ordering requests, and sending pages and cases to my phone. wtf.
>> No. 10589 ID: f87148

She wants the D. Protip: Fly down on the wings of an enormous winged faggot and give it to her.
>> No. 10590 ID: 6ccdcf
Don't look too into it. It's numbers game for a lot of women and they add pretty much anybody they have slight contact with at work.

I just decline those kind of requests, I only accept those I have fun working with or work with enough to warrant using FB as a communication tool. And seeing how the messenger is the only thing I use, that's all FB is to me.
>> No. 10591 ID: 1ac0a9
>I just decline those kind of requests, I only accept those I have fun working with or work with enough to warrant using FB as a communication tool. And seeing how the messenger is the only thing I use, that's all FB is to me.

So you're friend with the freaky forked tounge lady. Nicceeeeee
>> No. 10592 ID: 6ccdcf
I had considered texting you a pic of her to show you how cute she is. But remembered reverse image search is a thing.
>> No. 10593 ID: 1ac0a9
Lol, yeh of new faith. What am I gonna do, rape you?
>> No. 10595 ID: 9dcda2
  > working in downtown Baldymore
> driving with site guy
> shirtless urban youth on a dirt bike with no helmet blows by us, through a red light, and past a cop
> cop goes about his business
> Me: The fuck was that?
> Site guy: Oh yeah, they've all over the fuck, cops aren't allowed to chase them. There was like thirty of those motherfuckers the other day.
> Another day in "Charm City"

Why is it that I'm not allowed to carry a gun in the places I really want to?


> Question: I read about the weird situation with the police and the riders. Could you explain that a bit?

> Basically, the bikes are illegal to ride in the city, but the police aren't allowed to chase anyone riding them, so they leave them alone. It's because of a death that occurred in 1999, involving a dirt bike rider when, allegedly, a police officer was giving chase. It's just too dangerous to chase the bikes. That then creates this awkward cat and mouse thing, because the police are being taunted.
>> No. 10596 ID: 676266
Been having a shitty week. My shoulder dislocated at work (rather easily too, same shoulder I injured two years ago in that crash) and I've been having a rough go at it. I'm supposed to be wearing a sling while it heals, but I can't ride or work with it on, so I've just been working drive thru until tonight (had to work the floor, dumb hostesses gave me big tables with my injury). But, hey, made $101 in tips on a fairly slow night.

Found out that I'm going to eventually need surgery on my shoulder, a mesh support to keep it from popping out so easily. The trauma from that accident was a little more severe than I thought. Despite the countless acts of manual labor I've performed that never caused me an issue, pushing a box of styrofoam cups onto a high shelf caused me trouble. Apparently I can't extend my arm up and push like that, it just popped out with no effort.

So, yay, I have surgery to look forward to. It's not an immediate thing, but it needs to eventually happy. And shoulder surgery is terrible.
>> No. 10597 ID: 676266
>eventually happen

I r tired, going to be even more tired tomorrow. Work a double.
>> No. 10598 ID: 90a126
Damn dude, I don't envy you for that.

I fucked up my arm years back while riding a bike during the rain. Had to stop suddenly and went over the handlebars, hit my dominant arm at an angle to where I guess it popped out of socket or something.

Arm was goddamn dead, like couldn't move it at all, and hurt like a bitch. Kept trying to ride my bike to get where I was going and eventually got so damn pissed I stomped on the bike hard enough to completely rip a wheel off the central piece and utterly wrecked my boots.

Thankfully I was during the young adult time where I wasn't working yet because I was slacking around figuring out what I wanted to do and even more thankfully I didn't need surgery. Well not that I know of, didn't actually go to the hospital. Just had about a month of having a fucked up arm, though I was able to start using it again after about a week.

But while it was healing couldn't do any of the odd jobs that kept me afloat during the time, couldn't ride a bike (not that I had that problem much during the time), just doing anything was incredibly painful.

I wasn't completely up shit creek where I could still do some shit where I am somewhat ambidextrous (writing with either hand comes out just as illegible, I should have been a doctor) and the only real lasting damage was my arm is no longer "double jointed".

Unfortunately it doesn't sound like you got as lucky as I. Best wishes dude on getting better.
>> No. 10599 ID: 1c3b8d
If remember from my long winded post two years ago, similar circumstances for my accident.

I was riding my bicycle home, a car ran 3 stop signs and gave me the option of slamming into it or hitting the curb. I chose the curb, went over my handlebars and landed on my elbow, popping my shoulder out.
>> No. 10600 ID: 90a126
File 147087781972.jpg - (40.11KB , 539x261 , Wellesley Accident 2.jpg )
I had forgot the circumstances of your original accident. Our accidents are eerily similar. You aren't some alternate version me are you?

Seriously they are damn similar, same reason for flying over the handle bars too. Had to stop suddenly to avoid plowing into some asshole driver who pulled out in front of me. Pretty much any accident minor or otherwise I've had on a bike is by some asshole driver. Same with people I know, had a friend who's leg was completely destroyed by some driver going full speed through a parking lot and smashing into him.

I seriously hope I don't have the same problem down the line as you do, no offense. Be really shitty to be grabbing some book off a shelf or something equally mundane and my shoulder going haywire.

Hope you got some nice pain pills. I'm usually against meds but even I'd make an exception over an arm trying to come off.
>> No. 10601 ID: c21004
>Hope you got some nice pain pills. I'm usually against meds but even I'd make an exception over an arm trying to come off.

Fuck that. I never take pain pills. Doctor who reset my arm asked me if I'd like a prescription and I said "nope, just give me some Advil and I'm good to go."

I'd rather endure than to have that toxic shit in my body. Or smoke pot. It wouldn't do much for the pain, but it'd help my attitude.

But, yeah, all my problems on a bicycle were caused by other drivers. Got hit 4 times, over 8 wrecks caused by avoiding getting hit. I've been pelted by beer bottles, full Mountain Dew bottles, people try to purposely hit me, etc. I never want to ride a bicycle on the road again, I just want to focus on mountain biking now, especially now that I'm moving to Arizona.

On the topic of bicycles, I was watching the cycling portion of the Olympics at work today and my favorite cyclist Fabian Cancellara won the gold. I was super excited to watch that. Fucker had almost a full minute lead. That's huge, the fucker is an absolute powerhouse.
>> No. 10602 ID: 90a126
File 147095066051.jpg - (73.66KB , 740x555 , mera-cm-7209-ca-1986.jpg )
>Fuck that. I never take pain pills. Doctor who reset my arm asked me if I'd like a prescription and I said "nope, just give me some Advil and I'm good to go."

I hear you on the not wanting to take pills. I don't even like taking aspirin. I don't hate modern medicine or anything but in my experience most cures tend to have some pretty hefty side effects and most meds alter personality. I'm deathly afraid of personality altering thing. My personality isn't exactly nice...or pleasant but its mine, I'm relatively comfortable with it.

One of the reasons I don't even smoke pot, affects my personality. Or as one my friends put it after trying pot for the only time "it removed the stick from my butt".

>I've been pelted by beer bottles, full Mountain Dew bottles, people try to purposely hit me, etc

Same though never any full Mountain Dew bottles. That I might consider a win if its unopened and I ain't bruised too bad. People know they can get away with fucking with cyclists. Can't keep up with the car to deliver justice personally, even if you could fight them they are better armed then you having a multi-ton death machine compared to a maybe 30 pound bike, tell a cop they aren't going to do shit, best you can do is have something handy to throw and hope they stop or hope they don't stop depending on your outlook for violence.

Anyway, work story time.

I'm not part of the IT department of our system but I tend to do computer maintenance when our illustrious and ever illusive IT department is doing more important things like playing video games.

Our IT guys are fucking snobby cunts. I usually like computer savvy people but not ones who think their shit don't stink. I know a wee bit of computers but I'm definitely a rank amateur so talking shop is usually something enjoyable and I learn a bit. The IT people just want to be condescending fucks who think they are soooooo special because they can network computers and install pre-packaged software. Big fucking whoop.

Anyone because I know atleast the difference between a motherboard and my ass I fix hardware and the occasional software problem for my branches computers.

My trouble ticket for this morning was a computer set up around the non-fiction stacks. Pretty much a glorified reference card catalog. Its an older computer, an old Pentium 4 having Compaq Optiplex GX series running Windows XP with a CRT monitor that may or may not have been original. The things so old it should be having pimples and thinking dirty thoughts of girls. But its fine to access the card catalog.

Its set in a desk with the tower in a cabinet with a cheap lock, just a standard desk cabinet lock that can be opened easily with a knife. Apparently thats what someone did judging by the scratches on the lock. My detective skills are amazing.

Didn't look damaged but wouldn't boot up so I pulled the computer and took it down to my little lair. Repairing it should be easy I thought. We had several of the same model still in storage in various states of repair, worst came to worst I'd just swap the entire system, find the ancient disk with the software the computer was running and install anew.

I open her up. Easy seeing there was no case screws. My first clue not everything was going to be simple. I peer inside and gag slightly. Can you guess what I found?

If you guessed a condom you'd be mostly right, also good fucking guess. But not just a condom, not two, not three, four fucking condoms. Four condoms that weren't empty. I've dealt with used condoms before.

No these were full of a nasty yellowish slime that I can only assume was old cum. Well two were full, two had busted. One on a sharp bit on the motherboard and the other had busted on the CPU fan and got all down inside the fan, clogging it up with the chunky spooge and latex.

Thats where the smell came from. The burst condoms had cooked on the motherboard and processor, probably shut the system down from a heat overload.

I'm not paid enough to deal with that. I ripped out the hard drive and listed the system as irreparably damaged. Tossed the spoogy system in a dumbster and tossed the thankfully not spooge covered hard drive into a new old computer which I stuck back in the cabinet. I put in a request to have better locks installed or atleast some fucking cameras.

This whole thing was disgusted but more then that almost impressive in a sick sort of way. This guy, I'm assuming a guy, had to take the time to use 4 condoms, had to time the people leaving the computer lab nearby, had to know people could randomly walked by but still somehow had the time to jimmy the cabinet lock and unscrew the computer, stuffing in his condoms, and then closing it all back.

Thats some fucking dedication.

And I have no idea why. Someone trying to fuck with some IT drone and getting a innocent bystander? I'd almost wonder if it was one of you lot doing some IRL trolling of me.

I feel like I need to take like 10 showers.
>> No. 10603 ID: 6203fe
I actually enjoy pot. It helps my anxiety and that actually makes me more productive.

Come on prop 205...

Shit diet also effects personality, if you're feeling bad or depressed one day, change your diet a bit. Sometimes eating a healthy stew or even a salad as much as I hate them helps immensely.
>> No. 10604 ID: 90a126
File 147098197456.jpg - (46.04KB , 400x400 , e487ee31b56454578.jpg )
Pot had the opposite effect on me. Made me feel very slothful then very paranoid and anxious. I don't know about the lack of motivation but I'm fairly positive the weed was just exacerbating existing problems.

Mind you some shit affects me differently anyway. Red Bull I tried and that nasty tasting shit completely wrecked my energy.

Very true about the diet though. Lord knows my shitty eating does me no favors for mental or physical health. I'd like to eat healthier but between being barely able to cook, too poor to afford much that isn't cheap shit laden with so many preservatives I'm fairly positive they can make the 200 year old Salisbury steak from Fallout a reality, and just being an incredibly picky eater limit my options.

I think if I cut down on the soda and willed myself to start going back out inna woods more for exercise I'd probably be pretty good.
>> No. 10605 ID: 9dcda2
A Day To Remember - Paranoia [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

> four fucking condoms
> ...Tossed the spoogy system in a dumbster

Good call. Another good idea would have been to put the system back where it was and tell the IT dicks you weren't able to fix it.

> Its an older computer, an old Pentium 4 having Compaq Optiplex GX series running Windows XP with a CRT monitor that may or may not have been original. The things so old it should be having pimples and thinking dirty thoughts of girls.

Sounds like the HMI computers my company sells for $6k. Goes well with the 16mhz PLC (Programmable logic controllers) that run turbine engines. To be fair, they're pretty steady-state.

I unpacked a recent HMI computer that came with a display port cable. The HMI's have, at best, DVI connectors. I took the cable home so that it could live a better life.

My company nearly melted down when we had to go from XP to Windows 7... in 2009 + 4. We'll probably get Windows 10 around 2020.
>> No. 10606 ID: 90a126
File 147103496219.jpg - (1.12MB , 2448x2448 , microfilm_reader.jpg )
>A Day To Remember

I love that band. A Gmod video actually got me listening to them.

>Another good idea would have been to put the system back where it was and tell the IT dicks you weren't able to fix it.

I would have if I could have. My boss wanted it fixed now and because it wasn't a priority the IT guys would get to it about a week after the presumably unbury themselves from all the cheeto wrappers that no doubt clog their workspaces. Really though there is a waiting list with more important things given top priority, the fact they slack off probably doesn't helping clearing that list though).

It wasn't a priority because the computer is not important. The card catalogue can be accessed by any computer in the library and we still have a physical one (though I don't think its been updated this decade). So I had to get on the ball and git er done.

The computer is so old not because the software is only compatible with certain operating systems. Its just that the job it does is so easy and unimportant an older computer can do it no problem. Plus where its isolated any damage that might happen isn't really a loss to the budget the same as a brand new computer would be.

We do have a system that has impossible to replace software, our microfilm reader. The thing is ancient but new enough to have a computer connection for some viewing and printing. Its still running Windows 98 I think so you can tell its old. Far newer microfilm readers exist but they are wicked expensive and the older system works just fine. Trying to run newer software with it doesn't though.

There are far, FAR newer ones that run with modern computers and software but they are wicked expensive, like 10,000+ bucks minimum which is currently not in the budget for something that works fine enough and is only rarely used.
>> No. 10607 ID: 3f2708
File 147138253528.jpg - (66.51KB , 1000x1000 , airsoft_grenades.jpg )
>I've been pelted by beer bottles, full Mountain Dew bottles, people try to purposely hit me, etc.

>Same though never any full Mountain Dew bottles. That I might consider a win if its unopened and I ain't bruised too bad. People know they can get away with fucking with cyclists. Can't keep up with the car to deliver justice personally, even if you could fight them they are better armed then you having a multi-ton death machine compared to a maybe 30 pound bike, tell a cop they aren't going to do shit, best you can do is have something handy to throw and hope they stop or hope they don't stop depending on your outlook for violence.

About a year ago, some asshat threw some fucking soft drink on me from his car as I pushed my bike up a hill. I'm pretty sure the same guy pulled up and gave me a stare-down as I hung grocery bags on my handlebars at the supermarket the next day. I can't help but think lobbing one of these into his car would've been a suitable response:
Would that have even constituted a crime?

Yay, retarded power fantasy.
>> No. 10608 ID: 9dcda2
  Video unrelated: Golden earring - Twilight zone
(What a great video though.)

> drive 1.5 hours to meet boss for mid-year performance review
> in lobby of hotel
> you're doing great, great, exceptional, great, great
> I never hear from you or your customers. The work just gets done and everyone is happy!

He was even impressed with the grammar in my self-assessment. (Everything is relative.) If only we could do our reviews in greentext format.

I'm probably still not getting a raise next year. More than likely, I'll get leveled up, but raises may or may not happen. The parent company has kind of been in the shitter for a few years and with people getting laid off I'm not going to complain too much. At least if I go up in pay grade, I'll go from a mid level 2 to a low level 3 and I'll get raises faster when the company starts doing better.
>> No. 10609 ID: 0cc1d8
>Would that have even constituted a crime?

Unfortunately yes. Here's something easier to get away with, keep some broken spark plug ceramics in your pocket or accessible on your handlebars. That shit breaks glass if even a minor shard taps it.
>> No. 10610 ID: 3f2708
That sounds like at least as much of a crime.
>> No. 10611 ID: 0cc1d8
Yes, but more damage and less evidence.

Personally I never retaliated, I'm not that kind of person. I just wanted to bust my ass and get away from riding a bike.
>> No. 10612 ID: 8c573b
File 147140436988.png - (435.81KB , 600x450 , 1471373793223.png )
>trying to buy a new anvil
>shop around for for one around 100-200lbs and isn't complete shit
>most are complete shit
>some of them have faces that are softer than I'd prefer (52hc instead of 56-59hc)
>Refflinghaus and Peddinghaus anvils are perfect but very expensive at at almost $10/lb
>after days of combing through the internet I find someone who casts knockoffs of the german brands with the same hardness and features for a couple hundred dollars less
>contact the guy and read the various reviews of his stuff on blacksmithing sites and he's apparently 100% legit
>when I ask him about a definite price or who he'd like to address the check too he becomes apprehensive, giving me non answers
>when I try to press him for some definite info, like who I should address the check to, or why he's so insistent about using UPS, or why he hasn't told me exactly how much it's going to cost
>he didn't respond to my last email even though I responded to his within 5 minutes
>tfw it's been 12 hours since
You'd think a small business owner who survives on word of mouth would be a lot less glib when someone is trying to buy something that will probably cost over $1100 after shipping and taxes, especially when they have to trust the guy won't just fuck them over.

Every fucking day I think about spending the extra $300-$400 on someone reliable
>> No. 10613 ID: 50bc97
Just make your own.
>> No. 10614 ID: 8c573b
Making a 120lb anvil and being able to properly beat it up and then quench it to the proper hardness is out of my capabilities. For a one shot deal it would cost me more.
>> No. 10615 ID: 1ac0a9
Not really. If I find my blacksmithing book, I'll post up how to refinish an anvil.

Tl:DR: You just need a big ass camp fire, some beer, and a lake.

You heat the anvil in the campfire, weld on a new steel face plate (or smooth out the top) get it nice and red, then toss it in a lake.

It's not fucking rocket science. Find some friends and go camping for a weekend.
>> No. 10616 ID: 1ac0a9
File 147145753051.jpg - (4.42MB , 4288x2848 , DSC_0090.jpg )
>> No. 10617 ID: 1ac0a9
File 147145761047.jpg - (4.47MB , 4288x2848 , DSC_0091.jpg )
>> No. 10618 ID: 1ac0a9
File 147145771182.jpg - (4.08MB , 4288x2848 , DSC_0092.jpg )
>> No. 10620 ID: 1ac0a9
There's your info. Have fun making a campfire and getting drunk. Just anneal it, machine it, and heat treat it. Use the file tests to know if you got the treatment right
>> No. 10621 ID: b2f730

I have seen projects where people built up the face with hard facing rod and that.

Or a plate resting on rods big enough to get the welding rod in so it could be welded completely to the anvil by filling in underneath it.

Just welding around the edges of a plate seems like not a proper way of doing it. Like you'd be undermining the true potential of the anvil by not connecting the plate completely.

It would definitely be better than a soft as all fuck or damaged to shit anvil face but when you're going to the trouble why not do it better.

That said, if it works it works.

Hardening in a lake or whatever can be a little difficult as there isn't a lot of moving water over the face.
The old school way, when possible, was apparently a constant large volume of water flowing over the anvil to really pull that heat out.

Very interesting topic though, thanks for sharing the pages from the book.
>> No. 10623 ID: 1ac0a9
If you do a plate, i don;t think it'll ring. Annealing and grinding seems to be the best way. With the amount of iron, I don't think it'll be hard to heat treat, due to it's mass.
>> No. 10624 ID: 8c573b
Many modern steels that are good for anvils such as 8640 or H13 require specific heat treats for them to be optimal tools and to prefer cracks
>Welding plate
If I used a mild steel body and tried to weld a plate of 4140 or something to it, the edge welds would eventually crack due to the stresses involved. The plate would need to be forge welded on to make the proper bond.
The problem with that is that 100+ pounds of red hot steel radiates a lot of heat, dangerous amounts of heat that necessarily make it hard to physically handle. The second part is that if you threw it into a body of water it would form a steam jacket around itself preventing itself from being properly quenched as it would just anneal itself. It's a reason why many anvil manufacturers were by waterfalls.

If I had the proper materials, equipment, competent help, and the time I'd make my own. It's like asking WarPlanRed 'Why don't you just make your own CNC machine?'

This isn't something I'm going to spend hundreds of dollars trying to niggerrig when I can just buy a completely finished product.
>> No. 10625 ID: 98c1a2
Pretty much all correct.

However one thing caught my eye.

>lake quenching
Yes, it would be difficult and probably a little dangerous to set up hundreds of pounds of orange-hot steel to quench out and yes, vapor bubbles would likely fuck it all up.

Unless you were towing the anvil behind the boat and dumped it in at speed.

Anyone have a fast boat, some oxy-ace torches, chains, and a deep lake?
>> No. 10626 ID: 1ac0a9
Please note, you're reading a book published in the 70's, from a dude that went around interviewing all the old timers before they all dropped dead. It's a treasure trove.

But you generally wanna assume that they're *not* using modern steel, and it'll hold up to the primitive techniques.

Also, want to quench with running water? Call your local FD and ask if they'll open a hydrant for you. Bring them food, and you can sweet talk them (and pay) them to quench the top by spraying it. They fill pools here for $$
>> No. 10627 ID: 50bc97
>Not really.
Hahaha. It really is if you want a nice anvil, that's the joke.

Welding on a 1/2 plate of some nice hard steel is a little more difficult than taking some flux and a hand sledge and going at it.

Sorry, was joking. I know you don't have those kind of resources or frankly probably knowledge and experience. This is the kind of thing you'd do with a fully equipped shop and a team of smiths. Minimum you'd need two decent smiths (and I mean decent in terms of actually trained blacksmiths) plus a huge ass hot as hell forge, the equipment to handle a piece that large, possibly a pretty large power hammer...
>> No. 10628 ID: 1ac0a9
>Possibly a large power hammer.

Well, you're in luck, I've got a chapter on building one of those.
>> No. 10629 ID: 8c573b
I prefer reading Practical Blacksmithing by M.T. Richardson for all of my archaic and possibly dangerous information.
>> No. 10630 ID: 1ac0a9
That's another great resource. This book I got free though.
>> No. 10631 ID: d358c5
Almost lost my job today because a coworker's student helpers are too stupid to log into a computer. I explained it to them three times and made a list that i stuck to the computer.

You just have to click the username and type the password. Jesus christ.
>> No. 10632 ID: 0cc1d8
I have that and quite a few other blacksmithing books if you'd like me to share some in /z/.
>> No. 10634 ID: 8c573b
I'm pretty sure than the steel tops of those are at least 1/4th of an inch thick. So .100 shouldn't take all of it off.
>> No. 10635 ID: 1ac0a9
What format is it in? I can start taking photos of this one I guess for /z/

Could be a plan.
>> No. 10636 ID: 0cc1d8

PDF. 29 books at your disposal, enjoy.

What book do you have? I may have posted it.
>> No. 10637 ID: 1ac0a9
"The art of blacksmithing" but I have it in book form.

It's got some great shortcuts in there.
>> No. 10638 ID: 0cc1d8
So, I served Tim Wakefield today at work.

Apparently it's a huge deal to anybody that's a fan of baseball.
>> No. 10639 ID: 19518e
File 147219340398.jpg - (1.32MB , 2565x2322 , ferrari.jpg )
>get told to run a simple job on the lathes
>little Feeler CNC face, chamfers, grooves, and parts-off a pin for something
>pins are 0.5" diameter, 2" long
>part-off tool leaves one face of the pin with a nub
>the operator on day shift has been trimming off the nub with snips and sanding the face of the pin flush by hand
>ahahaha fuck that noise
>get on pic related
>thread in a stop inside the collet
>lock the Z at final part length
>put in part, hit go-lever to maximum warp, cross-feed in, cross-feed out while hitting lever to reverse
>tool clears part by the time spindle is at zero, before it continues in reverse, put lever to off
>45 parts faced in 4 minutes and 52 seconds
>coworker walks by and takes a peek
"Hunh, I didn't know that thing had CSS"
>it doesn't
>> No. 10640 ID: 798a48
  Man, even after the school discount I still ended up paying 2 grand for Matco. Next time I buy a bunch of tools, I'll just stick to Williams or whatever the 'generic' brand is for the premium names.

I'm really loathe to even pay 400bux on craigslist for a used US-made cart with three drawers, but so far I've been getting by with a VetoProPac bag and pouch. I picked up a bigger Veto bag on eBay and that should do me for now. Besides some pipe wrenches and a few more pliers, strippers, and cutters I shouldn't get to the point of needing something on wheels. It does feel a bit uncomfortable being the only maintenance guy who doesn't have a tool box though. Then again, I don't have a truck to move one and I haven't used the bigger, heavier items often enough to justify buying them. If we didn't have a bunch of company Milwaukee and Makita to share, I'd probably have to end up getting a box though.
>> No. 10641 ID: 0cc1d8
JH Williams.

I had a whole list of tool truck brand manufacturers and prices, but I lost all my info on my previous computer and I can't find it on Google.
>> No. 10642 ID: 798a48
Yeah, I said Williams.

There's a tool truck equivalence thread on garagejournal.
>> No. 10643 ID: 9686a8
File 147247082329.jpg - (463.99KB , 1600x1200 , 0619090338.jpg )
Some guy that used to work with me blew his face off with a shotgun in a failed suicide attempt. He had the courtesy to do it outside in a field, his dad found him several hours after it happened. Not sure of his current condition.
>> No. 10644 ID: 08f745

That photo is stupid, and totally avoidable. I hate stupid drivers that don't secure loads.
>> No. 10645 ID: 90a126
File 147253215975.jpg - (35.00KB , 480x360 , the irony.jpg )
Sucks for the dude. Dude was so far gone he went all official cod Kurt Cobain and now has to live with a skeletor face. He seemed to be doing it right like going outside so nobody has to see it and nobody has to clean brain bits off the ceiling but fucked up his aim, maybe jerked at the last moment or something.

I feel fucking sorry for him.

I almost wish the same thing had happened to my stepfather when he got a 12 gauge to the face, it just seriously maimed him. Not because I didn't want him to die, I did, but because him living all fucked up would have been more enjoyable for me.

Though I'm sure the follow up shot to his chest would have made sure he died either way.

That stupid fucking bastard. My stepdad, not your coworker.
>> No. 10646 ID: 9686a8

Sadly our milk guy is one of our best drivers.


Eh, I really didn't like this guy. I mean, I didn't want him to suck start a shotgun or anything but he was pretty worthless. I heard that he did it over a girl.
>> No. 10647 ID: 3b3ce1
We got a social work student placed with us, an autistic, Korean, FtM transgender. The uberliberal that sits next to me is fucking enthralled.
>> No. 10648 ID: 7e827c

The most aggressive postings on personal ads are always FTMs.

>> No. 10649 ID: 1ac0a9
They're always the equivalent of drag queen pretending to be men.
It's hilarious.
>> No. 10650 ID: 798a48
The number of ostensibly conservative women and some men in my online Introduction to Social Work course, including the instructor herself, is vaguely disorienting and yet feels like something I should have known already.

I'm also reminded of how much I hate writing essays. I don't know if I'm going to do well this class as much as I want to, or at least I want to pass it more than I did English 102 (which I never did--I withdrew and switched to technical writing as an alternate gen-ed req).
>> No. 10651 ID: 3b3ce1
>Introduction to Social Work
>> No. 10652 ID: ddc18d
Yes. The runner-up to my class choice was victimology, but quite frankly I want to keep the world of lore enfarcement behind me.
>> No. 10653 ID: 0cc1d8
I have to fight the urge to become law enforcement every day. Doesn't seem like a great long term investment, but something about it is alluring.

Currently considering focusing on agricultural sciences and business. Seems like it's a little more fulfilling than working on aircraft and it encompasses several fields I'm passionate about and is pretty easy for me to understand.
>> No. 10654 ID: 8c573b
File 147335135317.jpg - (337.55KB , 1300x863 , 21915594-Animals-at-the-farm-turkey-hans-dog-Stock.jpg )
>Currently considering focusing on agricultural sciences and business. Seems like it's a little more fulfilling than working on aircraft and it encompasses several fields I'm passionate about and is pretty easy for me to understand.
Farming is fun. It's nice to go out to your pasture and call in all of your cows by name before feeding them grain and playing with their ears. Or having a flock of white broiler turkeys that you hatched from eggs following you around while you do chores. Or even the simple joy of planting some peppers and harvesting them a couple months later.

The problem is that it's only enjoyable if you hate money and want to be poor.
>> No. 10655 ID: dfe90d
I'm interested in large scale farming and as weed becomes more accepted, so does industrial hemp. That's a real money maker.

I figure I can start off working in the food industry for large companies, network with the right people and hopefully start a hemp farm of my own.

Worst case scenario, I stay producing food. Which will never go out of demand.

I think studying horticulture and botany along with business is a smart move.
>> No. 10656 ID: c5ecc5
File 147339503492.jpg - (95.18KB , 350x234 , RouletteWheelOfFail350_3192.jpg )
Policing is one of the last fulfilling lines of work that don't require you to get some kind of degree or certification before you can start. Which you would definitely have to go into debt to get.

Your current plan seems to depend upon pic related. Who in the food industry is going to give you a farm?
>> No. 10657 ID: 27425e
Give me a farm?

You know I'm talking about long term career goals, right? That there are many positions in the farming industry, especially with large scale? Not exactly expecting to be handed anything, I think I know as well as anyone what it's like to start at the bottom.

Plus, there's several things I can do with a degree like that, so it's not exactly limiting.
>> No. 10658 ID: 3b3ce1
Oh, you're taking it for Gen. Ed. I misunderstood.
>> No. 10659 ID: 235376
I don't collect facts about faggot cunt cop officers. That said,

if it's so fulfilling, how come police commit suicide at a rate 50% higher than the general population?
>> No. 10660 ID: c5ecc5
Do what you want, but a lot of things can go wrong in college, especially for a guy without much in the way of financial backing. For that matter, do you have a GED?

Probably PTSD. Police officers are faced with the worst part of society on a daily basis. Doesn't mean they don't make the world a better place.
>> No. 10661 ID: 3b3ce1
>Probably PTSD
Smoking, drinking, and graveyard shifts probably don't help matters either.
>> No. 10662 ID: 9dcda2
File 147353656988.png - (22.53KB , 651x120 , achivement unlocked kicked off a customer site.png )
> be Avgas
> tech rep for turbine manufacturer
> on site to support customer's turbine ops during high demand period
> park it in an office next to the control room
> go look at the control console every half hour
> visually inspect turbine every couple of hours
> completely unnecessary, these things run for years
> customer asks me to help another tech rep work on some unrelated equipment
> Me: We don't work on X equipment
> Customer: Well you can hold a ladder right? Go help the other guy.
> arright
> hold ladder for other guy, talk about how Tzar Trump will save 'murica
> go to lunch
> come back from lunch, other tech rep is painting safety railing
> the fuck?
> he's fucking pissed that they told him to paint shit
> says they were looking for me
> go inside, supervisor guy finds me
> Customer: Would you like to go paint some safety railing?
> Me: No.
> stunned look of disbelief
> Customer: Why not?
> Me: It's outside of our scope of work. I'm here for the turbines.
> Customer: Well we don't have any work for you then, you can go home.
> k
> pack my shit and go

I realize now he also made off with my pen. That son of a bitch.
>> No. 10663 ID: c5ecc5
You should have broken down for him how much hourly he would have effectively been paying for you to paint their shit.
>> No. 10664 ID: eb8a58
For what it seems like they'd pay you, I'd be painting railings.

I'd go full picasso on that shit. Do it three times. Rack up them billable hours.
>> No. 10665 ID: 9dcda2
File 147355761987.jpg - (31.75KB , 550x400 , rocketsurgery_fullpic_artwork.jpg )
>>106900 >>106901
The funny thing is, when I worked in the factory for the same company and similar money, I painted our equipment regularly. I also scrubbed the test cell, mopped floors, cleaned gutters, and took out trash with no fucks given.

It's different when you're maintaining your own equipment versus some dickhead customer who's butthurt about contractors sitting around doing nothing, when they called us in to do just that.

It was also 91'F outside, which peaked 3 hours later at 94'F.

It's not that I'm too good to be a highly paid day laborer, it's that my company doesn't do work that outside our scope, and I also need to maintain a level of professional cockiness.

On the other hand, I coulda smeared yellow paint on concrete dicks for 130x 9mm rounds an hour.

Which seemed like an intolerable amount of work after I'd been fucking off on my laptop for 5 hours, and doing very little for 4 days.Stay in school, kids.
>> No. 10666 ID: 0cc1d8
>For that matter, do you have a GED?

Another reason I'm excited about moving to the Phoenix. The testing centers around here are too far away. I can pretty much go right down the street in Phoenix, there are no shortage of testing centers.

Again, this is a field that is very easy for me to understand and it gives me a variety of options as far as careers go. I think going to school for it is a good idea, it'll always be an in demand field.
>> No. 10667 ID: f87148
File 147359056336.gif - (261.38KB , 300x306 , star_trek_riker_approval_clapping.gif )

Image related.

Side note:

>not picking either "Tsar" or "Czar"

str8 pleb tier m80
>> No. 10669 ID: 9dcda2
Their the same thing.

> working on a new unit
> outside talking to coworker
> hear some noise from the adjacent power plant, turn around
> 150 yards away, flames and black smoke bellowing out of a 500,000 volt transformer
> run into building to yell at other contractors
> hear substation cracking and popping
> porkchop sandwiches it the fuck outta there
> everyone accounted for
> hang out 500-ish yards away behind a berm
> station chief telling us about the possibility of a BLEVE
> Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion
> sporadic pops, booms, and cracks
> ready to hit the dirt
> 1.5 hours later the 22,000 gallons of mineral oil from the transformer finally burned out
> retrieve truck and GTFO

It had nothing to do with us. Just some of the fun stuff I work around. Video related. Not from my experience. But imagine that except about 4 times bigger.
>> No. 10670 ID: 8dd792
You know, at this point I've spent more than four thousand dollars on tools. I am thankful that I am not so busy that I would need to buy pneumatics or rotaries.
>> No. 10671 ID: 9dcda2
File 147395206088.jpg - (420.40KB , 2400x1800 , matco2012-7.jpg )
Jeebus. Sounds like Matco's marketing paid off. Whattya do again? I've got like 3 adjustable wrenches and a hammer.

... In addition to a very standard set of screwdrivers, sockets and ratchets. But most of my shit is Husky and Kobalt. Couple of bullshit tools are Harbor Freight, couple of SnapOn and Bluepoint.
>> No. 10672 ID: 292ed5
I care more about allied countries of origin than I do about re-branded truck stuff, especially after seeing how much of their non-budget line is still import. Two grand of what I've spent is Matco and the rest is a mishmash of what little is still US from Craftsman, Kobalt stuff from Taiwan, Knipex and Wiha (GER), and a couple Greenlee (JPN) and Klein items. The only Chinese tool I have is a Fluke clampmeter.
>> No. 10673 ID: 8f9c57
File 147398250695.jpg - (935.05KB , 2400x1800 , US A-7 Corsair II 2012 Matco Tools Calendar 3.jpg )
Nice choice of the A-7 Corsair II fighter/bomber.
For pictures and videos of the 2012 Matco Tools Calendar, go here:
>> No. 10674 ID: 8f9c57
File 147398272581.jpg - (635.24KB , 2400x1800 , US A-7 Corsair II 2012 Matco Tools Calendar 2.jpg )
This one isn't really promoting the Matco Tools brand or products much, but is appreciated anyway.
>> No. 10675 ID: a32666
Also, to actually answer your question, I'm a maintenance mechanic at a cardboard factory. Our equipment is a mishmash of hand-me-downs from the US, Israel, Italy, and Germany. Much of what I do involves turning hex fasteners both SAE and metric, faffing around with relays, PLCS and other electrical type stuff, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, and the occasional cutting, grinding, hammering, and welding for fabrication outside of installation or repair. A lot of this is in low-light and awkward positions while equipment is hot and still running. A good chunk of the production line relies on steam too, so there's some pipe work involved.
>> No. 10676 ID: 08f745
Ah, so you've stepped up to getting your hands dirtier than when we linked up? :D
>> No. 10677 ID: ad5548

Seriously though, I've got permanent grease and grit in my cuticles and fingernails no matter how much gojo or lava soap I use, unless I've got my nailbrush which I keep at home.

This is fine but combined with my slightly stained Carhartt uniform and dirty work boots, I've noticed that more women around school have avoided making eye contact or even passing too close to me even though I've got a laptop and a clean bookbag in my arms.
>> No. 10678 ID: 9dcda2
Be careful dude. No job is worth your health or life. We've got a turbine at a paper plant in Ohio and that place fucking sucks. OSHA exists because of places like that.

Think of >>/arch/10285 and >>/arch/10289. I recall JonNathe had a story from the candy factory about someone's skin getting peeled off because they didn't want to shut down a machine. A lot of places have the mentality that Safety is First, but Production is Firster. Make damn sure Lockout/Tagout is being done properly, and you do everything you can to minimize your risk. And if it's not safe... DON'T DO IT!

> I've got permanent grease and grit in my cuticles and fingernails no matter how much gojo or lava soap I use

I have soft, clean, hands because I use this new thing called "gloves". When I worked in the factory in CA, we were required to always use the appropriate gloves. Not having safety glasses or gloves was a coaching / verbal / write-up / final / fireable offense. I know a lot of old mechanics that have fucked up nervous systems from all the chemicals over the years.

Now that I work in the field, I just order what I want through the company Grainger account.

Working with oil, grease, or (light) chemicals:

General work:

Heavier work / 3-Gun:

Good safety glasses, that don't fog:

Safety glass cleaning wipes:

Hard hat / ear muffs:

Yellow foamies: (I know a lot of people hate these, but they work for me.)

MSA 10 ft. Fall Limiter

Regarding nitrile gloves, the standard 4 mil thick gloves are useless, get the the 8 mil thick ones. They last quite a while. With heavy work I'll go through 2 pairs a day. Keep them in a plastic bag, as oxygen degrades them. Get one size larger than you do for normal gloves. I have normal size hands and wear large nitrile, medium others. If you're washing parts of working with serious chemicals, you need the really thick long cuff ones that looks like dish washing gloves. Safety glasses and face shield if you're grinding or using splashing chemicals.
>> No. 10679 ID: 03718f
Oh no, we've got plenty of PPE that we order from MSC, including really nice gloves that are almost too nice to be disposables. Still doesn't keep my hands clean. Earpros by 3M and Howard Leight, and all my prescription glasses have been ANSI with side shields ever since I got 'em for my shop classes. Our Carhartts are FR and arc-resistant, and laundered by Cintas.

Biggest two risks here actually aren't mechanical, but electrical from doing cabinet stuff, and vehicle hazards that necessitate said cabinet stuff because the forklift drivers are good at not hitting people but terrible about not grazing inanimate objects no matter how many piss tests get thrown at them.
>> No. 10680 ID: 9dcda2
> Still doesn't keep my hands clean.

You're gonna have to explain how your hands get super dirty if you're wearing the appropriate gloves.

> Earpros by 3M and Howard Leight
> prescription glasses... ANSI with side shields
> Carhartts are FR and arc-resistant, and laundered by Cintas.

Good stuff there. Yeah I've found the Carhartt FR to be much better than the Tyndale FR.

> no matter how many piss tests get thrown at them

I was always happy to be a spotter for tugs and forklifts. I'll take a few days paid vacation to go piss in a cup.
>> No. 10681 ID: 4b268a
File 147458965657.jpg - (2.68MB , 3000x4000 , IMAG0077.jpg )
I want to know what this guy actually did.
I think he sat on it. The digi and LCD were uncracked, his frame had a crack running down the side and his camera lens, not the glass over the camera but the actual camera glass, was busted and could see flakes inside the enclosure.
He claims he dropped it but there was zero frame scuffs on the phone.
>> No. 10682 ID: 4b268a
File 147458969566.jpg - (2.35MB , 3000x4000 , IMAG0078.jpg )
>> No. 10683 ID: c5ecc5
I definitely bent my old iPhone 6 Plus just by putting it between my overstuffed wallet and the outside of my front right pocket, in pants that were getting a little tight, then biking. The touch part of the screen got pretty wonky, but I was able to mostly bend the phone back on a flat surface. It worked fine after that. No clue how your boy would have screwed up his lens, though.
>> No. 10684 ID: 22504e
You should note that gloves aren't always necessarily a thing you can use. Especially around turning spindles. Guy at work lost a finger to a drill press + gloves combination. To save yourself from a cut on your hand you might lose the whole thing. I'm not saying, "don't use gloves". Usually it's cheap insurance that can save you from pain and or stitches. But there are indeed occasions when gloves make it worse, which should be noted, in case someone gets their arm ripped out of their socket.
>> No. 10685 ID: 22504e
Also, wear your nitrile/latex gloves under your anti-cut/abrasion/puncture/etc gloves. That's what I do.
>> No. 10686 ID: 19518e
This, knowing when to use gloves is half the battle lest you give a hand to a 3HP bench grinder.
>> No. 10687 ID: d4c8ee

I started out in the welding course at school, nobody told me not to wear gloves at the grinders until /after/ one of the big Cincinnati grinders sucked off my glove.

This was also the welding lab where a explosion destroyed the oxyfuel cutting station because acetylene leaked into the sheet metal partition.
>> No. 10688 ID: 70b549
File 14749548008.png - (70.24KB , 275x224 , Screen_Shot_2012-09-13_at_9_39_39_AM.png )
I am incompetent at my job. That's not a pleasant realization. A man would like to think, even if he struggles elsewhere, that he can at least be counted on in his work. I cannot.
>> No. 10689 ID: 22504e
What makes you say that?
>> No. 10690 ID: ec7ed1
File 14749919418.jpg - (50.58KB , 640x541 , 52028-incompetent-boss-quotes.jpg )
Do you look around and see your co-workers doing their job much better than you? Or were you just having a bad week? When I get depressed when I realized I did something wrong at my job, I cheer myself up by learning from the experience, striving to improve my work and then satisfying myself with the realization that most of my co-workers are even more incompetent than me.
>> No. 10691 ID: 70b549
File 147504122053.png - (191.66KB , 348x348 , hello.png )
>Third visit was some layabout, white male, mid 20s, whose wife was lucky enough to get a fulltime job off of her little medical certification (coding? Medical assistant? I forget). Their house is always dark. He's got swords and knives everywhere, but he keeps them out of reach of the kids. He mentioned vaguely that he has a firearm or firearms which kind of troubles me. He's been going to therapy for awhile for bipolar, and he's prone to outbursts of anger and violence, but he's somehow managed to avoid commitals, charges, or anything else that would cause him to fail a NICS check. He's more or less stable right now. Time to get his ass to work too.

Visited this house again today three months later. The husband was abusing the wife terribly, and I had no idea. It reached its peak when he trapped her in the house for ten days torturing her. He's in jail as of a couple months ago, on six counts domestic battery with serious bodily harm, two counts domestic battery with strangulation, four counts sexual assault with serious bodily harm, and one count coercion with force or threat of force. My client says her husband plans to go to trial, despite the lawyers explaining carefully and repeatedly that the prosecution will very easily bury him and he will spend the rest of his life in prison if he doesn't take the plea deal. My client said that in the worst of it, her hope was not to make it out alive; she'd given up on that. Her hope was that he would be quickly arrested for her murder, and her parents would get the kids.

I am constantly behind in just about every fucking way. It is impossible to catch up. My case reviews are bad and declining. The system I have to keep everything together is in constant need of updating which I never get around to because I'm too busy doing all of the shit that my system is supposed to keep straight. For those hours I don't have a scheduled appointment, I just flounder around doing whatever bureaucratic task comes to mind (because everything needs doing all of the time) until it's time for me to go home.
>> No. 10692 ID: fb3bdd
I don't know how supportive or helpful your work environment or colleagues are, but this sounds like the sort of thing you might want to talk with your supervisor/manager about.
>> No. 10693 ID: 9dc901

Yeah dealing with the dregs of society can be emotionally taxing. Moreso if you're actually supposed to help them I guess.
>> No. 10694 ID: 0cc1d8
You need to get out of that career field, man.

Is there anything you'd like to do that you think would make you happy or fulfilled?
>> No. 10695 ID: c5d518
File 147519279982.jpg - (22.07KB , 184x184 , Acceptance.jpg )
>friend is building a cabin in the middle of nowhere
>needs some brackets, spikes and some hardware for the inside
>wants me to bring up my portable forge up there to make everything
>is temping me by offering to trade me a gun for my services
>don't even know what she's offering
>will probably do it anyway
>> No. 10696 ID: ec7ed1
File 147519462763.jpg - (99.34KB , 1600x992 , pistol German WW1 Luger _45 from the 1907 trials, .jpg )
Well, you can have this old Luger. It shoots .45s for some reason.
>> No. 10697 ID: 7c0b1c
File 147519644932.jpg - (59.93KB , 700x700 , Laughing-Then-Crying-Meme-09.jpg )
Boss called me into her office yesterday and I got a stern talking to. She's worried about me and my performance. She used to tell me she wanted me to replace her when she retires. Now she tells me she just wants to avoid formal disciplinary action. We go over case reviews and she points out all the late documentation, assessments completed months past deadline, long stretches of no contact with certain cases. She brought up the woman I mentioned here: >>107101
Hadn't talked to the client in awhile before that home visit. She was employed, far as I knew, and meeting participation. Again, I had no idea what she was going through.
>"If you'd maintained contact like you were supposed to, think maybe she would've opened up to you much earlier?"

...you fucking bitch.
>> No. 10698 ID: 9dcda2
File 147519768529.jpg - (16.07KB , 354x253 , enhanced-buzz-28991-1289935150-12.jpg )
Dude, that sucks. Hang in there. Either get em to reduce your workload or bail.

I imagine that you're stressed to the point of drinking yourself to death, except that your doctor has banned you from that because you were already doing it.

Just fuckin' hang in there man. There's other jobs. Worse case: Go stock shelves at costco while you job hunt.
>> No. 10699 ID: c5d518
Might be worth $100. But she is from New Hampshire so she could have virtually anything, but it's probably something like a Ruger No.1 or a beat up Winchester.
>> No. 10700 ID: ea8f9f
If you're falling behind so much, the obvious solution seems to be to stick around and take care of paperwork and such outside of normal business hours, thereby allowing your work to consume your life that much worse. Otherwise, a resignation in your job history is going to look a lot better than a termination.
>> No. 10701 ID: 19518e
I can't hope to comprehend the stress you have to deal with when your job centers around real people. I just have machines to deal with, if I fuck up, it's bad but it's not really on the same level.

That said, there's almost no worse feeling than working your ass off, having nothing to show for it, and getting reprimanded. From what I can read, you're probably not bad at your job. To me it looks like they're drowning you in work and expecting you to do miracles.

If you don't think trying to get her to understand the situation you're in will help, look for another job and bail.
>> No. 10702 ID: 7c0b1c
I'm actually kinda working on a crazy harebrained scheme. I'm taking sketching classes at a local community college. Once my wife finishes her degree this semester and gets back to working full time, I'm going to put as much money as I can into my deferred compensation account. When I can cover a year's expenses, I'm going to start an apprenticeship as a tattoo artist. Even typing it out here for strangers makes me feel stupid.
>> No. 10703 ID: 0cc1d8
Do you currently draw?
>> No. 10704 ID: 6b7eeb
practice on pork skin.

Congrats on your new profession. Make sure you become good, very good. Like 250 an hour good.

Keep at drawling and then take a class on sketching and shit. What makes tattoos shit nowadays is the failing at shading. IF you can get good at shading and understanding it, you'll command a high price.

Also, congrats on your new tattoo store. Because that's where you're gonna end up.
>> No. 10705 ID: 0cc1d8
And oranges and grapefruit. Practicing on oranges and grapefruit is a good way to improve when you can't afford pork or tattoo practice skin.

Plus, the awkward shape of the fruit will help you improve as it's difficult get angles right. If you can tattoo minute details on something as small and round, you'll have no problem with joints.
>> No. 10706 ID: 7c0b1c
Barely. This sketching class is my first serious attempt at it.

Thank you for the advice and support. I was kind of expecting "stop kidding yourself, stick to your government benefits and pension, and take care of your kid." I know that's what my logical brain is saying.
>> No. 10708 ID: 6b7eeb

Naw, why would I shit on you for doing a job you love? Way better then slowly killing yourself little by little doing horrible case work. Because otherwise, that's what you'll end up doing, drinking yourself to sleep every night over stupid bullshit on the people that you simply can't help.

Plan to own a shop, plan to hire new people so you can be a manager. Work on branding. Work on piercings.

Figure out the demographics of your AO and market to people on the higher end of things. Bread and butter easy tats, high quality big pieces for show off. Get an instagram, etc.
>> No. 10709 ID: 0cc1d8
Fuck that, follow your dreams. You've of all people have earned that. And it's far from an unobtainable dream.

Keep us up to date with your progress and be sure to post your drawings in /m/ or /dmz/, even the very early stuff. There's quite a few artists here, my favorite being Stoplossed. I haven't seen him here in a while, but hopefully he'll pop around and give some advice. Fucker has shading down pat.

Don't forget scarification.
>> No. 10710 ID: de0bec
File 147547819261.jpg - (210.30KB , 480x640 , texas tattoo - nutnfancy opchan.jpg )
>Social work scarred my soul
>Now I scar other people
>> No. 10711 ID: 6b7eeb
Seriously though, follow you dreams.

I meant brand, like apple, not brand like cattle.

Though if he's going to get into branding / scarification, make sure you only do cold branding with liquid nitrogen.
>> No. 10712 ID: 22504e
Uhh, man, shouldn't you get gud at drawing in a serious way first? You can't easily erase that shit man.
>> No. 10713 ID: 90c1f6
File 147580054985.jpg - (103.21KB , 820x550 , Law, suicide note tattoo 1.jpg )
>> No. 10714 ID: ab49bb
That's the idea. I wouldn't even be able to get an apprenticeship otherwise.
>> No. 10715 ID: c5d518
File 147616235042.jpg - (86.41KB , 500x484 , 1414993681481.jpg )
>tfw my friend can't even hold a muzzleloader steady anymore
>tfw she tried to hide it from me
I just wanted to shoot flintlocks, make some nails, and eat stew from a dutch oven. I never asked for these feels.
>> No. 10716 ID: ab49bb
I have a job interview Thursday for a medical social worker position at a public hospital.

Who's your friend? Is it something horrendous like ALS, or is this person just getting old?
>> No. 10717 ID: ab8f24
File 147641675092.jpg - (103.59KB , 1200x2023 , Amx1i88.jpg )
Been put on a non rotating night shift due to how slow things are at the steel mill. Work with one other guy who is ok but damn he's hard to talk to, especially on the radio, due to his Cambodian accent.

The night thing started off not so bad. Put together loads, do some clean up, overall nice and chill. But then someone realized they could get some cheap tons on the books running production on heavy gauge material with a short crew. So while my coworker loads the production line and runs the heat treat process, I'm doing the work of 3 people doing quality inspection, cutting samples, and flying the cranes to move material out of the test end and out onto the shop floor. Plus everything else like building loads and making sure the say shift is good to go.

Best part? Still making material handler wages even though I have the full responsibilities of a quality inspector, which is a two-three dollar bump, on top of evrything else.

I mean, its not TOO bad most nights since the fast-running light gauge material is saved for the day shift, but I still am working a lot harder than any one person would be running this same product.
>> No. 10718 ID: bd9939
File 147649113380.jpg - (29.17KB , 285x475 , 4194TJN7D5L.jpg )
I've started losing my cool with people. I don't really "lose it", but I can't kill with kindness any more and have zero tolerance with people that literally can't fucking function one day outside their little single wide castle. I've never had less respect for the average sportsman or gun owner. Every day we are absolutely wall to wall bum rushed by waves of fucking assholes. People that literally still get personally angry at YOU because we happen to be out of cheap .22lr bricks that day. People that start shouting at female employees and threatening other employees because NICS is taking too long on the phone further reviewing/delaying their retard wife beating ass. Multiple people that can't spell their own middle name and are by all intents and purposes illiterate in the year 2016. Then there's the security guy that started gripping his open carried glock when I wouldn't let his bitch wife straw purchase one for him, and the multiple cops that demanded discounts for all that freedum protectin they do and don't have correct addresses on their licenses (which are invalid and would cause a "civilian" to get a ticket), but "insist" we commit a felony and let them do it any way.

I've lost count of the blowups over NOTHING in the weeks leading up to hunting season. We had some baby boomer lose his fucking shit when we tried explaining to him we can't "mechanically boresight his open sight rifle to 200 yards." We would have gladly laser boresighted him to 25 yards, but we shut down the entire show when he started throwing a tantrum and swearing at employees, he literally lunged at an employee trying to strike him with his cane.

I am in disbelief at how people interact with others. How they literally DEMAND a discount because they exist and threaten to tattle to a bigger manager if you won't give one.

Can't wait for the election...

Retail is for chumps and bored/desperate older people. Time to grow up.
>> No. 10719 ID: c5d518
She moved up here in the 80's with her husband and they mostly did carpentry but they also made ceder oil. I didn't ask what was wrong because It wasn't my business.

Shit like this is why I need to stop making friends.
>> No. 10720 ID: 7b4696
I believe Avgas or someone else asked earlier, but you can get Squincher products for non-MSC prices (and incidentally, Proto tools for same) off Zoro Tools.


I'm particular to the Tropical Cooler flavor. Also, their 1-gallon cooler seems pretty neat.
>> No. 10722 ID: 9dcda2
File 147701394364.png - (479.61KB , 500x588 , 3.png )
> get to a site on Tuesday for super easy inspections
> that fuckton* of batteries we ordered finally came in
> 12v 125 Ampere-Hour motherfuckers (we use Telecom batteries)
> 98 lbs each
> 4 turbines worth of batteries
> only 3 turbines
> ???
> different design, no interconnect wires or anything
> I got this

> Tuesday: hit Homey Depot, Lowes, Autozone to collect interconnect wire parts
> 115 amp (2 AWG) wire sounds good... (take a guess and double it)
> no-fucking-body has lugs, nor a crimping tool
> order lugs from Grainger, available Wed

> Wednesday: Grainger doesn't have it
> do turbine inspections

> Thursday: Got all the interconnect wire parts
> 2 AWG Wire, lugs, stripping tool, cutting tool
> Crimping tool Hammer
> power down first unit
> pull the 20 6v batteries out (half the size, only 50 lbs)
> summon viking strength** and dead-lift new batteries out of the crate and into the rack
> put two of the 12v batteries in
> go to lunch

> come back from lunch, facility on soft lockdown
> fire trucks roll in
> Security guy: "There's a fire alarm at the turbine building"
> uh oh

> fire trucks roll out
> 3 hours after powering down the turbine, the fire alarm activated
> no fucking idea how that's possible
> I did everything I was supposed to
> operations guys blame fire shop, fire shop blames operations
> coworker comes to help me
> stack some batteries and make up the cables
> Avgas sucks at math*** and didn't order enough lugs
> fire shop guys go home at 16:30
> customer doesn't want us messing with anything unless they're there
> get one turbine worth of batteries installed and wired up

> text from boss: "U and emergency situations. U are a magnet for hazard."

I don't know what he's talking about.

* Specifically 3,920 lbs of fucking lead, acid, and plastic
** It's not about how much you work out, it's about how loud you work out
*** I was eating Korean BBQ while doing the Grainger order, damnit

I completely forgot about that. I'll check that out sometime.
>> No. 10723 ID: 82a3e8
  I like to call this "A tale of how the fuck are you in a position to make executive decisions about a company" Starring me at my current job and the fucking asshat that is essentially the site manager. I apologize in advance for the length of this post.

>Two lines of business. Both relatively large and well name brands
>On the verge of losing both lines of business which would leave nothing
>Brilliant McAsshat comes up with a bright idea.
>He decides that the bonus structure for both lines of business hinge on Average Handle Time. Lower the AHT, better your bonus.
>Both lines are precariously close to losing the business because of shitty customer service (call center).
>He has no idea that adding AHT to bonus structure will adversely affect customer service because the quicker people can kick the member off the line the more they get paid.
>One line of business drops a star rating with the intro to his plan.
>That line of business has that businesses CEOs come for a focus group.
>My fiance is one of the top performers in that line so shes in the focus group
>Dumbfuck pulls focus group aside and says "What ever you do dont tell the execs about the bonus structure"
>People tell the execs about the bonus structure, because obviously.
>They are all "What in the fucking hell? Who made that decision?"
>On to my line of business:
>One side of the room handles one states worth of insurance
>My side handles another state.
>We pick up a third state and they just saddle my side with the third state
>Open enrollment started Oct 15th. Many calls.
>The phones whisper prompt (they tell you if they are calling from one state or another) still dont work as of today (10/22)
>Let the purge begin
>Any time someone answers with the wrong states greeting they are instantly given a suspension for the rest of the day or week.
>Turns out it is pretty fucking shady to have one group of people handle multiple states due to differing state laws for health insurance.
>Friend of mine gets suspended today for not getting any prompt whatsoever. Shes one of the best help desk/tenured agents
>Before she answers the call she raises the "OH FUCK HELP ME" flags. Ops manager, supervisors, and others rush to aid.
>"No prompt, what do I say?"
>"Answer state A"
>She does
>Is state B. Immediately sent home for following bosses orders.
>My line of business is all "Dont you fucking even worry about AHT"
>Dickhead pushing us all to get these little old people off the phone ASAP because bonus.
>Im all "thats gonna lower customer service, lower first call resolutions. We will lose this business by this time next year at the latest at this rate."
>"Well the client doesnt want us splitting small teams off to handle tiny state C."
>Mfw (Can you believe this fucking retard is in charge of people)

Mini story about Captain Fuckdick.
>He is up in the front desk/HR area
>He sees a man in a nice suit. Fiance is there picking up a check and chatting with suit.
>Dickhead walks up to suit "Who the fuck are you?"
>Guy in suit "Uh... Your fucking boss, asshole".
>Turns out suit was #3 guy in the company. Best friends with CEO. My fiance's (and now my) direct boss.

The upside though, Is I got out of "grad school" aka on job training on wednesday. But next wednesday I will be full time LRP who answers directly to #3 and instantly outranks and can ignore everyone in the office. Because LRP are the people who make sure people arent fucking off, write reports, etc etc etc. They have their own little raised office that normal agents arent allowed in.

>LRP went to Captain Fuckwad and were like "we are swamped since you brought in another 100+ agents. We need another 1 or 2 LRP mentors.
>"No, cant do it, you can keep wishing it isnt happening"
>LRP chatting with boss (#3) and he tells them "You pick your people and they are yours"
>"Well one guy has a memory like you wouldnt believe and is making waves on the floor with how fast he learns and hes an outstanding agent. Only down side is he is dating/engaged to another LRP member"
>"Dont care, Get him in fucking ASAP"

So I "interviewed" today. I had the job before I even spoke to LRP. My supe is gonna hate losing me (top performer on my team) but I dont have to answer phones and Im free to fucking listen to an audio book or whatever while working which we cant do on the floor. Cant read books, cant have paper/pens, no electronics. They got mad at us for chatting with our neighbors.

Busy days are like 10 calls a day. In an 8 hour shift. Most calls take 2-7 minutes. Lots of boring down time.

Oh and Im fucking scheduled from now on to work sundays. This past sunday the ENTIRE call floor for States A-B-C got a total of 1 call. Not 1 call each agent. One mother fucking call for 20+ agents all working for 8 hours.

My Ops manager was bragging today how he got promoted real fucking fast from agent-LRP-Supe-OM (almost all of the supes and OMs were LRP at one point). Took him 2 months post grad school to get LRP. I got it in less than a week. My fiance went from floor to LRP in 2 weeks post grad school.

People I will be working with are fucking outcast weirdos and they are awesome. My in building LRP boss goes "If you do your work, I dont give a fuck if you take a two hour smoke break on the clock." Cool shit.

Oh the real fucking kicker. I woke up yesterday (friday) to check to see if I got paid. Fiance did. I got paid $7.50. Turns out I am somehow not in the system and my past 2 weeks of work, while tracked on the phone and cisco program my company based website has me as having not worked at all. I brought it up like "wtf guys" they panicked. Getting my pay on a fucking load up debit card on monday.

And this is why I could never make a living in corporate America. It is full of toxic fucking idiots. Christ.. Sorry for ranting.
>> No. 10724 ID: 82a3e8
Also you dudes who work and almost die all the time.

Pls dont die.
>> No. 10725 ID: 0adaa6
File 147716143927.jpg - (32.35KB , 360x640 , 14825762_10154709133965984_167739824_n.jpg )
home owner decided to reside their home, they said the set the NID down on the ground im thinking they must have kicked it a few time for good measure, see if anyone can tell me what is wrong with this picture.
>> No. 10726 ID: c5d518
You can't tell me what to do
>> No. 10727 ID: ca477e
Drawing is fucking hard as shit.
>> No. 10728 ID: cd5ece
The plug thing is unplugged?
>> No. 10729 ID: 82a3e8
  First a funny work story then rant.
I trained with a supe no one could stand. He thought he was gods gift to mankind in every way. Couldnt stop talking about how he is the best supe there and gonna be OM for a new line of business etc.

He got fucking shitcanned on monday because he asked an agent to come in on saturday, log in with his information and take calls as him. Mind you I work with very sensitive HIPAA information. He offers this agent $50 to do it for him so he can go to san antonio. Agent shows up and starts working, another supe is all "wtf you doing here" and the agent immediately rats on the supe. That agent he bribed is my army buddy who moved down here to work out and re-enlist with me. He is fucking lucky he looks dumb so his dumb act worked but now no one wants him promoted (he did it for the supe so the supe would promote him). Fucker is lucky he still has a job. My supervisor who is one of the coolest humans I have ever met straight up told my friend "If you were my agent, Id have fired you on the spot".

>MFW I found out about the entire situation

Everyone above me at work is pushing me into that LRP position. Except the site boss. He says its a conflict of interest since my fiance is lrp. Though tons of couples work together where I work. If I was LRP she wouldnt be my boss. In fact my OM ran a different line of business and his wife was a supervisor which is a conflict of interest and he was ok with that.

But thats ok because a trainer position opened up and if site manager says no at the meeting he has tomorrow with the LRP boss. If he says no tomorrow Im gonna apply for the trainer position and I have my trainer, my boss, my bosses boss, and the other supervisor saying they will write a recommendation for me to be trainer.

Im also gonna call my VA guy tomorrow (I have thursday off now) to see when I can have a sit down with the lady he wants me to see about some jobs that are $25+ an hour.
>> No. 10730 ID: f41511
File 147775086765.jpg - (101.39KB , 425x319 , f3fe3b415d49ca79da7164d58b91f4b8.jpg )
that there doohicky isn't connected to the whatchamacallit preventing the whole thingamajig from functioning
>> No. 10731 ID: 33cb6b
  THE THING-UMMY-BOB (That's Gonna Win The War) written by Thompson / Heneker, 1942 https://youtu.be/2xrfbKTG_xE
SPOKEN: I can't pretend to be a great celebrity,
But still, I'm quite important in me way.
The job I have to do may not sound much to you,
But all the same, I'm very proud to say:

SUNG: I'm the girl that makes the thing
That drills the hole that holds the ring
That drives the rod that turns the knob
That works the thing-ummy-bob
I'm the girl that makes the thing
That holds the oil that oils the ring
That takes the shank that moves the crank
That works the thing-ummy-bob.

It's a ticklish sort of job
Making a thing for a thing-ummy-bob,
Especially when you don't know what it's for;
But it's the girl that makes the thing
That drills the hole that holds the ring
That makes the thing-ummy-bob that makes the engines roar;
And it's the girl that makes the thing
That holds the oil that oils the ring
That makes the thing-ummy-bob that's going to win the war.

SPOKEN: I'm not what you would call a heroine, at all.
I don't suppose you'd even know me name.
But though I'll never boast of my important post,
I'll strike a blow for freedom just the same.

It's a ticklish sort of job
Making a thing for a thing-ummy-bob,
Especially when you don't know what it's for;
But it's the girl that makes the thing
That drills the hole that holds the ring
That makes the thing-ummy-bob that makes the engines roar;
And it's the girl that makes the thing
That holds the oil that oils the ring
That makes the thing-ummy-bob that's going to win the war.
>> No. 10732 ID: cdc490
Interviewed a two parent case, a middle aged couple from Armenia. The husband asked several times if I was a Russian. After assuring him that I was not a Russian, he told me "Later off work, you call me. Come my house, we barbecue. Is good." The wife told me she would bake me some baklava and bring it tomorrow. I meant to tell her that this was against state regulations, really I did, but... have you guys ever had fresh baked Armenian baklava?
>> No. 10733 ID: a90ce2
File 147978817218.jpg - (179.00KB , 1542x1024 , Middle Eastern baklava Ottoman Turkish layered pas.jpg )
I love me some baklava! Armenian, Turkish, Lebanese, whatever! Even Azerbaijani pakhlava!
Baklava is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey. It is characteristic of the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire, and is also found in Central and West Asia.
- 80-ply dough baklava (which is usually 40-ply), speciality of Beypazarı district of Ankara,Turkey
>> No. 10734 ID: a90ce2
File 147978821296.jpg - (259.32KB , 1254x1024 , Middle Eastern baklava Azerbaijani pakhlava 1.jpg )
Compare with this example of Azerbaijani pakhlava.
>> No. 10735 ID: a90ce2
File 147978851545.jpg - (368.79KB , 2000x1500 , Baklava Greek.jpg )
Greek baklava.
>> No. 10736 ID: a90ce2
File 147978863158.jpg - (401.70KB , 2000x1329 , Baklava, Moroccan, with cactus pear.jpg )
Moroccan baklava, with cactus pear.
>> No. 10737 ID: a90ce2
File 147978866554.jpg - (87.27KB , 1024x768 , Baklava.jpg )
>> No. 10738 ID: a90ce2
File 147978869163.jpg - (161.22KB , 1296x1936 , Baklava 2.jpg )
>> No. 10739 ID: a90ce2
File 147978874368.jpg - (229.84KB , 1621x1408 , Baklava 3.jpg )
>> No. 10740 ID: a90ce2
File 147978877826.jpg - (754.90KB , 2000x1500 , Baklava 4.jpg )
>> No. 10741 ID: a90ce2
File 147978881036.jpg - (519.75KB , 1844x1383 , Baklava 5.jpg )
>> No. 10742 ID: a90ce2
File 147978887522.jpg - (520.32KB , 1404x1355 , Baklava many types.jpg )
>> No. 10743 ID: a90ce2
File 147978891547.jpg - (735.67KB , 2000x1500 , Baklava wallpaper.jpg )
>> No. 10744 ID: a90ce2
File 147978916565.jpg - (340.12KB , 1600x1200 , Baklava wallpaper 2.jpg )
I am surprised that the Armenian did not ask if you were Turkish, knowing the animosity between them (genocides will do that). Very nice to offer you barbecue and baklava, though.
>> No. 10745 ID: a90ce2
File 147978971030.jpg - (285.23KB , 1200x800 , BBQ Armenian khorovats shish-kabob grilling 1.jpg )
But Armenian barbecue, or Khorovats as they call it, is something to try. It is the most representative dish of Armenian cuisine enjoyed in restaurants, family gatherings, and as fast food in Armenia and by Armenians around the world.
>> No. 10746 ID: a90ce2
File 147978975740.jpg - (226.89KB , 1084x726 , BBQ Armenian khorovats lamb shish kebabs cooked on.jpg )
Armenian khorovats lamb shish kebabs cooked on the grill recipe:
>> No. 10747 ID: a90ce2
  Americans Try Armenian Food With Their Driver https://youtu.be/qo8mthEM5Xc
>> No. 10748 ID: a90ce2
  People Try Armenian Food For The First Time https://youtu.be/iR3yZ9mI1YA
>> No. 10749 ID: a90ce2
  And then there's the Armenian Tonir, a clay pit barbecue. https://youtu.be/1YTPl6aCwYs
>> No. 10750 ID: a943e2
Shit is a bit bonkers here in DC. No one will say Trump's name out loud he is getting the full voldemort treatment.

Organizational core values just added "be great" to the list.

Literal crying in the cubes has been witnessed.
>> No. 10751 ID: 9dcda2
> Literal crying in the cubes has been witnessed.


I was in rural PA last week and my lunch options consisted of Sheetz (good-ish gas station food) and Hardees (Carl's Jr). On Monday I was in DC and went to a nice burger place. It was so fucking good I nearly cried.

> today
> phone notification
> suddenly 4 voice mails
> wtf?!?
> boss: Hey call me, I need to talk to you about the schedule.
> boss: Hey, call me when you have a chance.
> boss: Hey, call me.
> fuck! gotta be a random drug test, whatevs

> call boss, explain that I just got the voice mail notification
> boss: Oh, I wanted to tell you I got you approved for a Awesome Performer Award and want to know if you'd be ok if I gave it to you at the Christmas party in front of everyone?
> me: Oh, uh, sure. Sounds good.
> boss: Yeah it comes with some bonus money, it's not a lot but it'll get you towards a new gun.
> the boss knows me
> Sweet, ok!

This is the other Sixteen Tons I was thinking of using.
>> No. 10752 ID: 9ce3e0
LOL I've been wondering how gubmint workers have been reacting.

I forgot what it is you do. You handle VA claims, right?

Sheetz is better than it should be.

Your boss sounds cool.
>> No. 10753 ID: cdc490
UNLV is offering support groups and counseling for those recovering from the election. Not joking.
>> No. 10754 ID: 65fc43
>handles VA Claims

I'd honestly love to hear some horror stories.

Guy I have class with handles claims up in Roanoke. Tells me some crazy shit.

1. Apparently you guys aren't out to buttfuck us
2. Only reason it seems like that is because for every legit claim there are 10 "I got dropped from bootcamp but I have PTSD for reals guys" type claims
3. Contacting your congressman is a surefire way to end up at the bottom of the pile in the round file bin
4. Appeal, Appeal, Appeal
5. He feels fucking terrible for the Vietnam vets who are still struggling to get claims through even after congressional action
>> No. 10755 ID: 632b3e
I don't work for the VA, though I do interact with them a lot unfortunately.

Without going into too much detail, I help federal employees, mostly DoD but also other mostly executive branch agencies, with reasonable accommodations for disabilities. About halfish of my job is service members who are recovering/transitioning out of the military and getting them shit they need to live with their newly acquired disabilities (thanks obama).
>> No. 10757 ID: 20fb9b
File 148073734382.jpg - (79.11KB , 700x700 , 4630987e63a6391cee36d287d64bd058.jpg )

Hot Under The Blue Collar, Episode 11

Last night on the tee-vee, as I flicked back and forth between my most trusted sources of cable news, I saw a number a college students setting fire to the American flag. Some of the students said they were "angry." Others said they were "disgusted." But many others were anxious to explain why they had become “fearful” of the American Flag. Interesting.

At Hampshire College, The President, Jonathan Lash, has actually removed the flag from his campus, in response to students who expressed “fear and discomfort” when confronted by the sight of Old Glory. He offered this explanation: “Removing the flag from our campus will better enable us to focus our efforts on addressing racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and behaviors.”

As I dropped one of those giant round ice cubes into a tumbler of Whistle Pig, I couldn’t help but wonder if President Lash was unaware that billions of people around the world are routinely subjected to horrific levels of racism, misogyny, and bigotry that far exceed any injustice in modern-day America. Furthermore, I was curious to know if President Lash really believed that removing our flag is a better way to assuage the fears of his frightened students, than simply educating them about the undeniable fact that no country on the planet affords its citizens more liberty than this one? Finally, I found myself wondering as to why the President of Hampshire College would allow his students to pay for their tuition with federal dollars – federal dollars provided by the same government whose flag was no longer suitable to fly at his school.

Here’s the problem. Tuition at Hampshire College is about $60,000 a year. That’s not a problem because it’s expensive – it’s a problem because 85% of Hampshire students qualify for some form of federal financial aid. http://bit.ly/2gsZxnk. That means that We the People are enabling schools like Hampshire to sell a liberal arts degree for approximately $250,000. With $1.3 trillion dollars of student debt currently on the books, I found myself thinking how nice it would be to hear a more persuasive argument from those who will happily take money from a country whose flag they despise.

I turned the channel, and watched another group of students dance around another pile of burning flags at another expensive university. I couldn't tell where they were, but occurred to me that wherever they were – it probably wasn’t a trade school. To my knowledge, no one has ever burned a flag at a trade school.

I wonder why that is?

I have no idea, but the thought reminded me that I had yet to post Episode 11 of Hot Under the Blue Collar. It features a graduate from one of those schools – a guy named Scott. Scott studied to be an electrician, and his comments, though not nearly as expensive as Daniel’s, are far more… illuminating?

Carry on,
and don’t play with matches.
>> No. 10758 ID: b430d1
File 148074408375.jpg - (448.86KB , 1180x842 , DTh.jpg )
>> No. 10759 ID: 9ce3e0
Why is Mike Rowe so based?

>Whistle Pig

Nigga has good taste too.
>> No. 10760 ID: 9723b1
>my most trusted sources of cable news
laughed so hard i peed myself, this guy is hilarious!
>> No. 10761 ID: cdc490
This guy's last day was yesterday. Everyone's caseload is about to go up. Of the unit I started with just shy of three years ago, only one other worker and my supervisor remain, and my supervisor is retiring in March. I wonder how much longer I have left. I've got multiple family members and a cardiologist telling me to change careers.
>> No. 10762 ID: 454a4b

Any chance for a promotion?
>> No. 10763 ID: 9dcda2
> multiple family members and a cardiologist telling me to change careers.

And anonymous people on the internet. Don't forget us.
>> No. 10764 ID: f87148


Don't be a dickhead, bro. If your doctor tells you to do (or not do) something, listen to him, for Chrissakes.

You generally only get the one heart, after all, and being a drinker doesn't exactly improve one's already not terrific odds of getting a transplant, should it come to that. Plus, immunosuppressants seriously suck.
>> No. 10765 ID: 20fb9b
If you and your family ever decide to resettle in Arizona, I will do the best I can to help you guys, as far as defraying moving costs and running errands.

The municipal work environment and mobility in a red state such as ours may be a pleasant surprise.
>> No. 10766 ID: cdc490
My job sucks WAAAAY worse in Arizona. Your TANF program has been reduced to almost non-existence. The guys doing my job don't even work for the government; they're contractors making way less money and taking way more bullshit. And they're the lucky ones! Even your child protective services has been privatized. In Las Vegas, CPS and the foster care system is so overwhelmed that we have an honest to god orphanage housing children long term. Phoenix WISHES they had an orphanage! CPS workers have been forced to put kids on cots right in their offices for lack of anywhere else to put them. Kids without guardians indefinitely, sacked out in between the cubicle wall and the fake ficus.

If I move to AZ, bet your ass I am not working for state or local government.
>> No. 10767 ID: fb3bdd
Think about your little halfbreed/s. You wanna see your kids grow up and go to school?
>> No. 10768 ID: cdc490
This was totally supposed to be posted in this thread.
>> No. 10769 ID: 20fb9b
That's all fine and good, but when I said municipal, it was in response to you hinting at a career change that's somewhere outside of social work, i.e. public works, water treatment, court stenography, etc. If you want out of government altogether and want to go into the trades as you'd said before, all the more reason to think about coming here.
>> No. 10770 ID: 9ce3e0
Can confirm.

The main reason I chose Phoenix over everything else was it had so many opportunities to take advantage of. Whether it be government or trade.

If you guys remember my posts over the years, you'd see so many about me asking for advice on different areas and being unable to decide what state I wanted to move to. Even before I started being a tripfag. I had a hard time deciding where I wanted to go and it was the availability of resources to better myself and the cost of living that sold me. And the dry climate and lack of mosquitoes. Actually make lack of mosquitoes number one, that's nice.

I've been talking to some police officers and had a fun chat with SWAT members, learned a lot about the police force here. If I ever decide that that's what I really want, there is a lot of room for advancement and lots of fun positions. Apparently they're wanting to train more officers to be helicopter pilots. I think I'm going to schedule some ride alongs to see if I can scratch this itch.

Been also looking at the A&P program at Chandler-Gilbert community college. It's a good program. Everybody keeps saying to go to Embry-Riddle, but nigga, that shit is expensive and you don't really learn more than you would at community college.
>> No. 10771 ID: 9dcda2
  > at company meeting
> death by powerpoint for 2 days
> 3rd day, First Aid and CPR training
> time to do CPR on the dummy
> 3 dummies set up
> coworker in front of me, new manager behind me
> slap dummy around "hey you dead?"
> check for breathing (none, it's a dummy)
> tilt head back, look in mouth
> start doing chest compressions
> Manager: *Laugh* This is not the view I signed up for!
> Peanut Gallery: Nice plumbers crack!
> realize I'm ass to mouth with the new manager
> keep doing chest compressions and breaths
> lols all around
> joke with new manager later, he apologizes for making fun of me
> I apologize for sticking my ass in his face

I like the new boss' boss. Seems like a good guy who's actually done some work before. The old BB was good too, just more politician like.

> A&P program at ... community college

Worked great for me. I remember Soren got to disassemble then reassemble a working engine. We had dead engines to work on... but live engines to run.

Get some associates degrees while you're there.
>> No. 10772 ID: 454a4b

Well, at least he didn't drop a penny in the slot. ;)

Competent management with a healthy sense of humor is worth gold.
>> No. 10773 ID: c5dfe3
I have gone through CPR training many times. Usually it only lasts two hours, sometimes just one hour. One time, the instructors were going on for over five hours. When the instructor said, "Let's do this again," I replied, "Absolutely NOT! We have endured this for long enough! How much more do we have to keep abusing these dummies? The next time you make me give CPR to this dummy, I'm driving a knife into its throat to perform an emergency tracheotomy. We're DONE. This is now a MUTINY. Hand out our qualifications and beat it."
Everyone else was a coward, letting this puerile paramedic punk drone over the same instructions, over and over, hour after hour. I had to put a stop to it.
First Aid Fail // The Office US https://youtu.be/Vmb1tqYqyII
>> No. 10774 ID: 632b3e
File 148150479752.jpg - (501.29KB , 1920x1080 , email-laptop-computer-marketing-ss-1920.jpg )
Last week, a client sent me an email after I left and then a snarky followup email before I got in the next day asking if I got the last email.

She knows I don't check shit from home unless I receive the OK to bill for the extra time.

this is just one, minor symptom of a larger problem that is slowly making me lose my mind. I need a new job.
>> No. 10775 ID: 080af2
File 148150549131.jpg - (28.27KB , 299x380 , slav.jpg )
If you want I could give you a job cutting firewood.
>> No. 10776 ID: cdc490
A very unproductive day. I felt like shit, and the counselor I had scheduled cancelled on me. I related this to my wife, and we argued via text because I don't want to do the god damn counseling anyway. In the midst of this, an acquaintance at work stopped by my desk. He's a grandfatherly figure with gray hair, a curled mustache, and a friendly disposition. "What's wrong?" I shrug.
"I can't complain." My catchphrase around the office.
"Can't complain? You look like someone stole your tricycle."
Shrug. I will him to go away.
"Talk to me, man." He has this warm, inviting expression.
..."Okay. You asked for it. I'm a borderline alcoholic, I hate this shitty job, and my counselor just cancelled on me."
His face freezes. "Well..."
That's what I thought, fucker.
>> No. 10777 ID: 9dcda2
Sounds like he got off easy.
>> No. 10778 ID: cdc490
Ate a fortune cookie today that said "You need not worry about your future."
Suicide imminent?
>> No. 10779 ID: 9ce3e0

Nigga, interpret that shit as "it'll get better." Or interpret realistically and realize it's trash in a cookie.

Take it from someone who was depressed in a seemingly impossible situation for years, it gets better. You have to work to make it better, it doesn't just go away. But the moment you start working toward it, you will feel positive and a lot of stress will be gone.

Seriously, man, I'm going to be furious if I hear you killed yourself. If I didn't kill my family, set the house ablaze, and shoot myself after all those insane years, you can quit your job, get into a healthier line of work and give your daughter a happy childhood. You may think I'm joking, but that's where I thought my future was for a long time and I'm glad I held it out.

For the first time ever, I feel like I have a chance at happiness. Not only that, for the first time I feel like I deserve happiness. The "pursuit of happiness" actually has meaning in my life now.

Seriously, it's the stupidest thing you could do and worse yet, you have more reason not to kill yourself than I do. Don't ruin your daughter's childhood with this shit.
>> No. 10780 ID: 4008e1

Don't be a fucking wuss.
>> No. 10781 ID: cdc490
File 148198534258.jpg - (138.48KB , 361x469 , 2014-08-18-Gallows-Humor.jpg )
God damn! I was kinda just expecting a "lol".
Um... thanks for caring.
>> No. 10784 ID: 9ce3e0
Life is getting much more gooder, but much more weirder.

Been getting close with this cutie at work and getting to know her and her boyfriend. Now I'm finding myself in a weird 3 way thing with them. Don't exactly know where this is going, but I'm certainly enjoying it.

I'm a real hippie when it comes to free love shit, so I have no hang ups about this whatsoever.

Nigga, I care.

You were super cool in my venting threads when I was still in that situation with my family.
>> No. 10785 ID: 22c903
advice: back away slowly and then RUN
>> No. 10786 ID: c9fe43
dont fuck up your current life trajectory.

Run nigger, run.
>> No. 10787 ID: b430d1
File 148324867280.jpg - (32.28KB , 450x559 , gay.jpg )
enjoy giving them "no homo" blowjays.
ain't nothing u liek as good as a 100% hetrosexual mouthful of jizzum, is there?
>> No. 10788 ID: 9ce3e0
Shitty day. Worked a double shift, on 3 hours of sleep after a double shift yesterday.

Shitty tables left and right, just assholes. Every 3rd table seemed to be really chill though and tipped okay. However, my second to last table was the worst I've had. These cunts rolled their eyes and shook their heads every time I came around to refill their drinks or check on them to get anything they needed, treated me like a dipshit and ran me around for stupid shit. I bent over backwards for these cunts for 2 hours, which a table turn for a party that size is usually an hour, gave them excellent service with a great attitude despite theirs, and they didn't leave a tip. And with their bill of $104 and 3 of their party drinking mixed drinks and beers, their average PPA was around $3.40. Meaning I paid to serve them. Bad night.

Oh, also couldn't get into my apartment complex after work because police shooting. The body was just in the middle of the road.

lol knew I'd be told this.

Nothing wrong with a little casual sex and friends with benefits. After years of being isolated from people and sexual hang ups caused by trauma, I'm glad I've been able to get myself to a point where this shit is possible and I'm able to do things my socially stunted ass couldn't do even 2 months ago. All without a single therapy session, I think I'm making great mental strides all things considered.

Rest assured, this is a good thing. This move was the best thing to happen to me, it's like the change was enough to shift my mindset. I mean, my sex life went from dormant to active. Who cares if it's with a bisexual couple FWB that are actually really cool people?

Also I don't know what happened. A few months ago in Florida, I couldn't even get a chick to look at me that way. Out here, they're hitting on me left and right. Feel weird.

Who doesn't like a feminine penis?
>> No. 10789 ID: c9fe43
>Rest assured, this is a good thing. This move was the best thing to happen to me, it's like the change was enough to shift my mindset. I mean, my sex life went from dormant to active. Who cares if it's with a bisexual couple FWB that are actually really cool people?

Go have fun fam.

>Also I don't know what happened. A few months ago in Florida, I couldn't even get a chick to look at me that way. Out here, they're hitting on me left and right. Feel weird.

It's a mentality / energy shift famalam
>> No. 10790 ID: 22c903
>lol knew I'd be told this.

Just remember that we warned you when the drama starts.
>> No. 10791 ID: 90a126
Just be careful dude. You are more appealing to the ladies (and apparently the men) because you are in a better place mentally and when that happens someone tends to be in a better place physically. You are projecting happiness, confidence, and are just far more appealing then your former depressed mopey self.

I know I was actually somewhat popular with the opposite sex for a time when I was content with life, when through the miracle of a drug actually working for a time and a decent living situation I was confident, happy, and outgoing. I'm nothing great to look at even then but the senoritas were practically lining up.

Of course my ass started to feel too different and worried the drugs and shit were changing me into a different person so I stopped and returned to my eternal emo douchebag self. I mean I was actually blatantly hitting on women, FLIRTING!!!! Acting like a normal human being rather then an android who doesn't into emotions. Clearly I was correct to fear that.

You really don't want to overdue yourself, go past your limits and risk regression. I'm sure you better then anyone know your tolerances in regards to social interactions so try to be aware of them. Push your limits, don't exceed them. Atleast not at first.

Overall do what makes you happy or atleast content.
>> No. 10792 ID: 9ce3e0
>I'm sure you better then anyone know your tolerances in regards to social interactions so try to be aware of them

Trust me, I am and I do everything I can to protect myself emotionally. I already overdue myself socially at work, I hate talking to strangers and it's incredibly stressful to do so, I need to be alone for a while after work.

So far my new friends have been really understanding about this and give me a little time to myself before we hang out after work.

And the couple has been really fucking cool and understanding after hanging out and explaining some of my social hang ups and have been gently pushing me with baby steps. They're a lot like me in the sense that they want no drama, just to chill and not stress over bullshit. It's much easier to laugh than to stress over stupid shit.

BTW, Mammoth, thank you for the condoms lol.
>> No. 10793 ID: 06a889
File 148332414859.jpg - (3.46MB , 1836x3264 , 2017-01-01_19_22_13.jpg )
Also, I don't think I'm a looker by any means.

But, it's like rednecks are exotic or something.
>> No. 10794 ID: 90a126
File 148335852744.jpg - (14.55KB , 214x317 , add about a hundred pounds and you got me.jpg )
Thats every good then. I know one of the great many things that fucked me long ago was having friends who weren't exactly understanding to my social retardation. Thats not blaming them really, its just I wished they have been more down with letting me take things slow once I started coming out of my shell.

I really do need to try again one of these days to try to open back up. I've long had plans to go to some local nerd shop or one of the few local conventions to try to meet my own kind but pussy out every time.

Man I'm no looker either. Even when I looked my best I looked quite a bit like Corey Feldman. Now I look like a fatter version of current day Feldman.

But when I moved to Ohio for a time as a teen I could have been pulling some serious pussy as if I wanted to. Yeah they thought redneck was exotic. Technically not a redneck, don't even sound like one despite living in WV nearly my entire life (I got a theory that I didn't develop a local accent because I pretty much grew up watching tv more then interacting with people), but wear enough camo to pass myself off as one for people who don't know the difference between military camo, fashion camo and heretical pig dog ugly as sin redneck realtree camo.

I was more goth or punk then anything else though not even really that, probably some version of a hipster sad as it is to say. Either way I was different and different in a new area is cool.
>> No. 10795 ID: 9dcda2
  >>108089 >>108091
Bitches just think your tractor is sexy.

I think I have the curse of being too normal. I was working with a guy last week who is... a bit robotic. Like he processes emotions and social situations in a separate thread... and people love him. We'll call him Mr. Data.

> meeting
> talking about methane gas being released into the atmosphere
> Boss: I bet Mr. Data could figure out how many cows that is!
> some minutes later
> Data: So I calculated the methane released, and based on the average cow output, and it would be about 16.3 cow-months worth.
> whole room lols

> travel across the district to help Mr. Data with some mechanical work
> on holiday, triple, time
> the turbine equivalent of retorquing the head bolts on a car engine
> climbing, leaning, odd angles... two days of torquing bolts
> shoulder and back muscles you didn't know you had about now hurt
> at lunch at the only diner in area, at the intersection of some farm roads
> very skinny, reasonably attractive waitress working
> Waitress: So what are you guys up to?
> Data: We're uh... uh... retorquing the bolts where... uh... the power turbine and the gas producer meet...
> 1) full cooked spaghetti release
> 2) he's really struggling to explain something technical to a lay-person
> waitress starts to smile and crack up

> me and Data in the city having dinner
> I looked through the menu and decided what I was going to get
> minute later, he grabs my menu and puts it with his, as if to give to the waitress
> another minute later, he asks "Was that rude for me to grab your menu?"

What's really hilarious is to get a couple beers in him then talk to him about new nuclear reactor designs.

I'm guessing it might be some kind of autism, but I'm don't know much about that, except for all the kids online I deal with in battlefield.

Oh, side story from the diner.
> pull up and park
> see a gray cat hanging out nearby
> get out of truck and call to cat
> cat runs up meowing
> cat assaults me with love
> cat is too excited and starts trying to bite my hand
> good luck asshole, you're getting petted

I hope one day to be a male crazy cat lady.
>> No. 10796 ID: cdc490
Mr. Data is aspie as fuck. I should know.
>> No. 10798 ID: 4a5f25
Can confirm. Love data. Am aspie as fuck
>> No. 10799 ID: a073b8
File 148358780836.gif - (464.33KB , 500x338 , cafe spongebob.gif )
Fuck, I'm anxious as fuck to start working. A recruiter for a federal protection contractor contacted me a little after Christmas after receiving my resume from my security instructor. My prospects of getting selected are high but the interviews don't start supposedly until the end of this month. My instructor sent in another email to recruiter to keep me in mind just yesterday, but I want to hear it directly and soon to see if I need to start sending out more applications.
>> No. 10800 ID: f11f4d
File 148360233059.jpg - (43.24KB , 427x640 , Rule 63 Data star trek cosplay.jpg )
>> No. 10801 ID: c01ca7
I've never felt this way before...
>> No. 10802 ID: ad8094
>> No. 10803 ID: cdc490
File 148391367615.png - (209.48KB , 800x450 , fguuklcotj3r87uny72p.png )
My job has gotten to the point where I need to quit soon or I'm going to be fired. I'm scraping the bottom of my barrel of fucks and find that I have few left to give. I just can't go on. I've put in an application with the local injuns, and I'm faxing an application to the housing authority tomorrow. If I have to, I'll take a fucking pay cut and work one of the homeless shelters for $12.50 an hour.
>> No. 10804 ID: 437d86
My penis is so confused
>> No. 10805 ID: b430d1
quit before you get fired.
nobody will hire you for anything if they see that you have a history of being fired. even once is 9000x too many times.
also but triples are not doubles
>> No. 10806 ID: 1b9ff7
+1 for quiting now
you'll be doing yourself a favor
>> No. 10807 ID: 855e91
>> No. 10808 ID: 9ce3e0
>> No. 10809 ID: cdc490
File 148411204822.jpg - (37.99KB , 550x413 , ISynsdf3x79cwt1000000000.jpg )
I've always thought Prescott was beautiful. Flagstaff has god like weather. But FUCK! Those home prices in south AZ!

Check this shit. 4 bed, 2 bath, sitting on nearly a half acre for $168,000. Nogales ain't THAT bad, right?
>> No. 10810 ID: bbc22a
If you want to look at southern AZ, look at Ajo.
Small (900sqft) 3 bedroom houses go for ~$40k
If you're just looking to rent, well, I know a couple places that are going to be available in a couple months.

Lots of Border Patrol down there, one combination Ace Hardware/IGA. The closest Walmart is ~90 miles away in Maricopa though.
>> No. 10811 ID: bbc22a
File 148412699619.jpg - (463.98KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20150820_105426_2.jpg )
Welcome to fuckin' Ajo.

It actually is a nice little town.
>> No. 10812 ID: cad48c
> Be NLA, working for a chronically mismanaged company.
> All internal systems are cobbled together shit made by Indian yes men who understand what is being requested maybe 15% of the time, but always deliver _something_. Just never anything that works.
> Upper management manages via spreadsheet, can't even visually ID anyone at the top these days due to regular turnover. Middle management exists literally to massage numbers to meet whatever goal upper management has set for the month/week/day/picosecond. Lower management is a polar mix of "THE WORD FROM ABOVE IS HOLY" pains in the asses and "I don't give a fuck, just, you know, fix the customer's problem" pragmatists that actually keep the place semi-working.
> Pull literally hundreds of hours of unsupervised OT mostly watching netflix because I stopped caring much over a year ago and figured out that once the knob-slobbers think you're a hard worker they don't do anything more than look at a couple numbers on a spreadsheet before passing it up the chain.
> Got bumped to a self-supervised position because I'm so proactive. Downside is that I don't get to see much of the handful of full coworkers I used to work with.
> Most of them quit within a few months anyway because the company is shit, so NBD.
> Do shit that shouldn't exist in the first place because proper organization and the right scripts in the right place could handle 98% of it, but it's easy and fast.
> Do a day's "work" in about 45 minutes almost every single day. Get annoyed when actual customers show up, but that's my actual job so I do that bit right.

Fast forward to recent history:
> Management: So we've just taken on double the workload because we want Americans screening the customers from the other companies we work with that outsourced shit years ago. You don't have access to any new tools and can't really do anything but call the same fuckups that the customer would have been calling previously. Oh, by the way, we're at 4/5 staff and we're not hiring.
> Management proceeds to cut a couple of the best people for stupid reasons. Doesn't backfill those positions either.
> Watch shit pile up further, but don't give a fuck because I'm technically meeting the requirements of my job.
> Long term relationship dies hard out of the blue. Other things in personal life go to shit at the same time. Now I'm sitting on a stack of cash I'd earmarked for things that aren't relevant and truly have no fucks at all. Can't even be bothered to show up on time, but nobody's there to notice.
> Management decides that now's a good time to implement policies where everything has to be tracked 3 different ways so there's a ton more pointless work. Sends mail about what should be high priority now, means a ton more actual work for me.
> Lolnope. Can't be fucked, got enough money to be unemployed for years, zero motivation to do anything for myself -- let alone these assholes. Job is just handy for making a paycheck and the schedule works for me as long as I don't have to do actual work.

P. sure I'm gonna be unemployed in a couple months, but I don't care anymore. Every day is a struggle just to get out of bed, and the rest of the day is another struggle not to toss my pack, rifle, and a few cans of ammo in my truck and just drive until the wheels fall off.
>> No. 10813 ID: 19518e
Not to be captain obvious, but is there no way to look for another job?
>> No. 10814 ID: cdc490
If I had years of cash to live on and a job I fucking hated (I currently only have one of these things) I'd spend the money and time retraining in something that interests me. Learn to work on motors. Or apprentice as a carpenter. Or get fit and be a personal trainer. Or do a community college course in small business. The door is wide the fuck open, man!
>> No. 10815 ID: cad48c
There is, sure, but realistically jobs on my preferred schedule are pretty damned rare, and any "better" job I find would almost certainly require me waking up at around the time I normally want to go to sleep.

I'm back in college working on something as of this quarter. I just don't have any real fucks to give on account of shit falling apart at the end of last year.

If this job gets in the way of school and I find I actually give a rat's ass about school later on, I'm not going to break a sweat about quitting. For now I can read/do homework on the clock, so w/e.

It'd actually be a really sweet gig if the entire upper structure of the company didn't have their heads so far up their asses that you have to stare at their navel if you want to look them in the eye.

At the end of the day nothing here would be much more than an annoyance given my lack of direct management. I'm just in a spot where I have precious little reason to give a fuck about anything at all, and even less patience. All of the people getting micromanaged are about to boil over though.
>> No. 10816 ID: 9dcda2
File 148418416748.jpg - (143.89KB , 800x959 , sweating guy hard hat.jpg )
> be a Tech Priest (level 2 of 4)
> probably make level 3 this year... hopefully
> couple of days ago, boss sends out email for job opening for High Tech Priest
> I disregard as I don't really have the xp's for it
> HTP is comparable to a level 6, xp wise
> buddy texts me and says he's putting in for it because yolo
> ...I'm a hell of a lot better than he is...

High Tech Priest is the guy I call when I'm stumped... at 2 in the morning, after I've been trying to get an engine to start for 12 hours. So I'm sweating it, should I apply for the job? I don't feel like I could take those some of those calls, or face down the angry customer, or be the guy that says yay or nay on something. Maybe in a couple of years...

(Though I already do those things... just at a slightly lower level.)

The qualifications on the job are hilarious: Engineering degree or equivalent experience. It doesn't even say how much xp.

I'm thinking I'll apply and let fate decide.
>> No. 10817 ID: cdc490
What could it hurt?
>> No. 10818 ID: a073b8
File 148419328148.png - (27.13KB , 229x200 , oh god.png )
Company recruiter's assistant just called today and we scheduled my interview next Thursday. Went from nervous about when they would call for a scheduled interview to be nervous about the interview itself.

>tfw virtually no civilian security experience
>entirely reliant on military experience to save the day
>military experience is pretty limited itself
>$35/hr on the line for a brand new fucking buck like myself

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
>> No. 10819 ID: 9dcda2
File 14841938054.jpg - (59.14KB , 680x679 , 1bd.jpg )

I have three main concerns if I were to get the job. 1) Being inexperienced and failing horribly. 2) Getting overworked and burnt out. 3) Working to the exclusion of anything else in life, like shooting or getting a waifu.

Which, now that I look at it, are the exact same concerns I had about my current job.... which is working out pretty good, but I think I would be much busier than I am now.

The upshot is, it would be challenging and interesting, and an amazing career move. I would jump 5 pay grades for huge raise. I'm currently in with the "best of the best" kind of people. The real rockstars and motivators that get customers back online at 3am while ass deep in snow. I feel that I'm about mid-level compared to my coworkers.

The position I'm considering is who we call for help. We're already the badasses within the company, and these guys are the legends. Like when I call the IT help desk to get my password un-fucked, they thank us for the work we do.

I'm thinking that I'll apply because you only yolo once.
>> No. 10820 ID: 19518e
At this point it feels like it's up to you to examine your priorities.

Also, you don't need to quit your current thing to look for another, a bit of job-hunting before/after work can't hurt.

>going for enginseer early
Stay honest but put a good spin on it. Be clear that you're quick to learn and you got a good head on you, but you just don't have quite the years of experience. That way, if they do end up throwing you in the deep end, you might get a few pointers.

It isn't any fun to get crushed when they think you're a super expert and you end up costing a lot of people a lot of money. In any case, go for it, if you approach it the right way, you don't have much to lose.
>> No. 10821 ID: cdc490
A crazy ass thought occurred to me as far as new career field: Process server. I dunno, it just seems like fun. Anybody here have any experience?
>> No. 10822 ID: 9dcda2
File 148434209056.jpg - (205.32KB , 1600x900 , 2014-01-13_17_55_10_jpeg.jpg )

I had to look this one up. It looks like you would have some solid coworkers....

> Process servers deliver, or serve, legal papers to people who are required to appear in civil court, usually for personal injury or divorce cases.


That's random.
>> No. 10823 ID: eb15e9
Do it, then get yourself a James Franco.
>> No. 10824 ID: ae1f02
File 148443200272.jpg - (30.16KB , 344x267 , doomguyripandtear_2140.jpg )
>do state test in april
>wait 6 months
>get a letter saying "YOU WON! 2000 people are a head of you so you didn't actually win shit
>wait 4 months
>will probably have to wait another 4 months
I wish New York state would stop being so tsundere AND JUST FUCKING GIVE ME THE INTERVIEW
>> No. 10825 ID: 90a126
File 148443984496.jpg - (175.30KB , 700x906 , l-277.jpg )
That shit pisses me roight the fuck off. Never happened to me thankfully but had several friends who dealt with it. The hurry up and wait bullshit. The job harps on the person to hurry up and send in something, to apply, whatever. Then takes weeks, months, to get back to them like they are trying to time out people for the job.

I had one pal who had a job tell him they wanted him to move for the job but here's the kicker, they wanted him to move for the job because they wanted him local but the job was not guaranteed, it'd would take 3 months for them to let him know whether or not he had the job but they needed him to move asap. Pretty much they'd only give him a serious shot but nothing locked down if he'd uproot his life to go to another location.

Its like you need a job to fucking look for another job.

One of the reasons I am so gosh darn glad I've only really had one official job and got that very soon out of HS.
>> No. 10826 ID: ae1f02
It probably is to weed out morons. I scored a 90 on the exam and there are 2100 people ahead of me which means there are thousands who did much worse. They've cut standards a bit because 'certain' ethnic groups are underrepresented and most of them are functionally illiterate. Having them write out an envelope properly to return the slip to the proper address probably weeds out a good 30% of the pool.

But I'm probably giving New York too much credit, some fucking bureaucrat was more likely sitting on it until he was forced.
>> No. 10827 ID: cdc490
I don't know which is worse. Trying to work with a tension headache, or trying to work on muscle relaxers.
>> No. 10828 ID: eb15e9
Try working on weed.

I feel like most government workers are when I talk to them on the phone.
>> No. 10829 ID: 279c1d
Nice try at the 'weed makes you stupid' fallacy :^)
>> No. 10830 ID: eb15e9
I try. :)

You know my thoughts on the matter.
>> No. 10831 ID: eb15e9
I constantly hear servers say black people are the worst tippers or don't tip.

I feel like that's a self fulfilling prophecy, because my experience is they're my best tippers. I take care of them, make them laugh, give them an entertaining night out and they take care of me. I love my black tables, they're usually some of the few I'm genuinely having fun with. Black people are very family oriented, they really go for that family night out shit. If you seriously show that you're looking to take care of them and give them a good time (because I'm a fucking professional), they genuinely appreciate it.

Plus I danced with an entire basketball team, it was pretty awesome. It was hilarious to see a bunch of black people line dancing to "Chicken With the Train."
>> No. 10832 ID: cdc490
File 148548886928.jpg - (32.18KB , 512x512 , -115_159484.jpg )
Just got offered a job with the local housing authority. In a couple weeks, I'll be working in the projects. "The Projects" in Vegas aren't the high rise apartments one is used to seeing in major American cities. Most of them are sprawling developments full of mobile homes or duplexes like these. This is Marble Manor, the oldest (and most infamous) project in the Vegas area. The residents appreciate the solid, thick construction for how well they stay cool in summertime, and more importantly, because they're bullet proof. The housing authority has a lot of resources and grant funded programs for their residents; it's my understanding that I will be assisting with these programs. The position title and description were the most vague, unhelpful bureaucratese I have ever seen, so I have a feeling the actual job will entail "Whatever we need that day."
>> No. 10833 ID: eb15e9
Good to hear that, I'm so glad to hear you're making a change.

Sure, that job comes with its own stress, but at least it won't be the day to day emotional drain you currently know.

>In a couple weeks, I'll be working in the projects. "The Projects" in Vegas aren't the high rise apartments one is used to seeing in major American cities. Most of them are sprawling developments full of mobile homes or duplexes like these.

These are the ghettos I know. Sprawled out suburbs, trailer parks and apartment complexes. I've never even seen a high rise apartment building in my life.

I've got some good going on my life too. That swinger FWB situation that I don't know what to call is one of the most emotionally healthy things to ever happen to me. They recognize that I'm emotionally and socially stunted, so they actually take the time and push me to do new things and are trying to work on my trust issues. They're very caring people, this whole situation has been eye opening. They told me that they really like me and they want to see me grow and let go of the past.

I can't even believe my luck finding friends like these.
>> No. 10834 ID: cdc490
That was such a fucking weird situation, man. Still is. Glad it's working though.

Signed my offer of employment letter today. On the way out, I talked to the lady manning the front desk.
You like working here?
>'salright. Why?
I just got hired.
>*laughs* Welcome to the jungle, honey. Hope you crazy as we are.
I did three years at welfare.
>You good.
>> No. 10835 ID: 9dcda2
File 148562216822.jpg - (275.45KB , 640x480 , awrck6.jpg )
Pic related was my week, except the computerized spreadsheet / trailer park NASA mission control version. More below...

>You good.


I'm really glad it's working out dude.


> applied for job >>108131 >>108134 on the 24th
> spent like 4 hours on my resume and cover letter
> job posting closed on the 25th
> get automated rejection email on the 26th

I'm not counting it out yet, since I've gotten that same automated rejection email for every position I've applied for, including the ones I've got.

> working this week in Bumfuck WV
> special engine performance testing
> engineers from headquarters out with the test programme
> testing includes "Matrix A, Matrix B, Matrix C"
> wow, we got an upgrade, last time they were just "Tables" A B and C
> sitting in a toy hauler with some emissions sampling equipment
> brought my own patio chair
> got my laptop hooked up to the turbine and the emissions control networks, one stop shop for data capture
> also hooked up a monitor from the trailer + a spare monitor I brought from home
> trailer park NASA mission control

> engineers want to see how experimental software deals with changes in speed and fuel mixture.
> going back and forth between engine speed and changing numbers in 5 different fuel control tables
> overriding a lot of safety parameters
> watching live data and charts to make sure shit doesn't shut down or blow up
> have to tweak engine speed to two decimal places as intake air temperature changes
> wait for stable readings
> capture data

> run engine up, down, lean, rich, hot, cold
> whoops too cold
> shutting down
> fuck fuck fuck, this thing is pumping a pipeline...
> disable shutdown in software, cancel shutdown, get it back up to speed, phew...

We had 2 days of this. The engineers seemed really interested in whatever it was we were doing, and I'm perfectly happy fooling a gas turbine into doing what we want it to.

I asked if they did the same stuff in the factory test cells. They complained that the test techs were always taking breaks, lunches, and bullshit like going home. Also that the data wasn't as good. Apparently nobody "drives an engine" like I do.
>> No. 10836 ID: 9dcda2
File 14856229001.png - (117.04KB , 448x336 , mission control.png )
>> No. 10837 ID: eb15e9
It is a weird situation. I mean, I occasionally wake up next to a married man and I like it.

But, weird does not mean bad. And let's face it, as much as I work at being seemingly normal to people, I'm nowhere near.

>You good
I love working with black chicks.
>> No. 10838 ID: eb15e9
>Slow morning
>Getting all my side work out of the way so I can just leave when I'm cut
>Overhear chick at work complaining about a break up, all the drama of working with someone you date and how she'll never do it again
>Ignore it as cutie feeds me sauteed mushrooms and chicken while I roll silverware and complains that she can't get me alone

I love no drama people. This is a cozy situation.
>> No. 10840 ID: 9dcda2
File 148580034687.jpg - (58.91KB , 800x502 , osprey cleaning.jpg )
> show up to customer site monday morning
> wtf are you doing here?
> work?
> we postponed the work till wednesday, didn't anyone tell you?
> ... sigh

This happens like every 10 jobs or so.

I need to quit my bullshit "career" and just work at a steak house.

I'm kidding. My job is pretty awesome... I just need to a hobby that isn't a sausagefest or something...

> working in West Virginia
> one of the site guys asks how to pronounce my last name (europeon name)
> SG: You spelled it wrong. Trump's gonna make you change that shit.
> Me: Oh yeah? Fuck him.

> later, working on old ass unit with mega old control system
> Me: Well, it's impossible to get parts for these things. This unit is old enough to vote.
> SG: I bet it voted for Hillary! That's why it doesn't want to work!

I was working with one of our older guys who had a couple hilarious quotes.

> Start it may, but shine it will
> Everyone should get married at least once, that way they can say they did it
>> No. 10841 ID: ae1f02
File 148580739597.jpg - (275.87KB , 688x922 , Cross.jpg )
> I just need to a hobby that isn't a sausagefest or something...
You could always get into blacksmithing. Since you deal with Aviation you probably have access to a lot of the more exotic scrap that blacksmiths lust over. It is a very rewarding hobby with near limitless practical applications.
>> No. 10842 ID: 87fa19
That's funny, because I want your job. :)
I still need to get you a shirt.


Yiss, do this as a hobby. If I could just make knives and decor for a living, I would be very happy.
>> No. 10843 ID: ae1f02
>If I could just make knives and decor for a living, I would be very happy.

All you really need is one of these http://www.oldworldanvils.com/anvils/stump.html it's what most of the world used before larger anvils became affordable. With one of those you can create anything from knives to hinges. It's also a much lower investment than the $1100 fucker I bought.
>> No. 10844 ID: 9dcda2
File 148581827131.jpg - (129.34KB , 567x346 , PT%20Disk%20Pic.jpg )
Oh yeah. Sent you a gmail.

> You could always get into blacksmithing.

If I were going to do any artisan work, it would be sheet metal fabrication. Staring with computer cases made of aircraft aluminum and brass.

> you probably have access to a lot of the more exotic scrap that blacksmiths lust over

The problem is the company wants it back because it is worth so much. I've sent back $100k's worth of failed parts. Apparently shit made of nickel super alloys can get pretty expensive. Not to mention the intellectual property value. So sadly, I don't get to keep any of it.

I know of a former employee that has a 60's vintage Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) at his house. He asked if I wanted it... but it's been at least 30 years since it ran, so it's probably junk at this point.
>> No. 10845 ID: 5d43ec
What I really need is a workspace.

I currently can't do it without an hour drive.
>> No. 10846 ID: ae1f02
A stump anvil, forge, and blower could all comfortable fit in a suitcase. All you really need is some place outdoors, even a driveway would do.
>> No. 10847 ID: eb15e9
I'm almost smack dab in the middle of metro Phoenix.

My plan is to build a portable kit and go inna desert for now, but I'm eventually going to start working toward renting a cheap house so I can have a garage/backyard/driveway to work in.

This is definitely something I want to hone.
>> No. 10848 ID: 07f26b

IF it's the vintage I think it is, it *Should* have a nice big block engine in it.

You've got yourself part of a go fast car
>> No. 10849 ID: b217ed
>Catch something
>Don't really feel sick, but lose voice
>Whole job revolves around talking lol
>Get cut early because I play it up a bit and act sicker since not being able to talk over the loud ass music and patrons isn't a good enough reason
>Cutie makes me herbal tea with lots of honey and lemon
>Can suddenly talk

Goddamn I love hippies
>> No. 10850 ID: 8a2fe4
I underestimated just how much my clients liked me. I've gotten some strong reactions these past couple days informing clients that I'm leaving state service and their cases are being transferred. I had an unscheduled walk-in, a guy I've been working on for awhile. I was helping him get ready to look for work, and during our meeting, I just casually let him know what's up. Really, I just wanted to make sure he had my supervisor's number for when I left, but the look that came over his face told me he was genuinely distraught. The dude is a black Muslim, and he couldn't stop going on about how much he's going to miss me.

The unlicensed case managers have a more general caseload than us social workers. When things go really bad for their clients, they come to us. Didn't realize how much they favored me. Heard from one of them, "Who the fuck am I gonna go to now!? Nobody cares like you, man."
>> No. 10851 ID: 9dcda2
Not a big block. It's like a 60-ish horsepower gas turbine. And by gas turbine, I mean a fatty turbocharger with a combustion can.

Vid related. Like a smaller boxier version of this. I think my landlady (and the neighbors) might have a problem with it...

Also, I spent 14 hours yesterday working on engines, complete with startup and datalogging, and I just spent an hour watching videos on youtube of engines starting up. It's a very career applicable sickness.
>> No. 10852 ID: 9dcda2
> Nobody cares like you, man.

I think that was your greatest asset and biggest downfall. You actually cared. You worked very hard to help the sometimes unhelpable, and then when it didn't work out, it affected you personally.

At the end of the day you've got to look out for your wife and baby first, and by extension, yourself.

From what you've posted it sounds like you did some good work, but it really was an impossible job. You had to leave. I really hope this new job works out, or that you can find something else... more compatible, I guess.
>> No. 10853 ID: 9dcda2

I know it was like 6 months ago, but how'd your presentation go? (Was re-reading thread.)
>> No. 10854 ID: 07f26b
It worked out fine, I came off mildly data autistic but overall well.

I took the big picture, and had handouts of autism for people to peruse.
>> No. 10855 ID: 07f26b
Take the damn engine, put it in a go cart.
>> No. 10856 ID: 8a2fe4

This word checker makes you write simply by screening out words that aren't among the ten hundred most used words. Use it to talk about your job and put it here.

My job is to help people that get money from the state with other things that they need like clothes and shoes and day care and things that they need to do jobs. I also make personal plans for them and make them do the plans. If the people I'm helping don't do the plan, the state makes me take their money and other things away.
>> No. 10857 ID: c9fe43
Starting new job tomorrow. I'll give it a try.
>> No. 10860 ID: 9dcda2
File vault_102.webm - (1.03MB , vault 102.webm )
> customer site I've never been to
> our database doesn't have shit on the site
> info I'm provided:
> - address
> - database says they're old units
> - incomplete software
> - job involves something about a computer
> - no specifics or contact info
> rock n' roll

> show up monday morning, kinda cold but super windy
> small building with loading dock
> see what looks like an entrance
> use intercom
> wait a bit...
> Intercom: Hi, who are you?
> Me: Avgas with the turbine company, I'm here to see [the one name I saw mentioned]
> Intercom: Sure I'll buzz you in. Just go down the stairs and through the blast door.
> stairs? blast door?

> enter into tiny, 1960s wood paneled lobby
> descend like 10 flights of stairs
> go through vault door (like a safe, not a cog)
> walk past "Fallout Locker"
> wtf?!?
> Site guy: Oh, it's just a shower. I guess to wash the radiation off?
> site was an actual fallout shelter, now utility/industrial building

> room with control console
> fucking full of batteries, transformers, and switchgear
> transformer hum
> hummmmmmmmmm
> usually good spatial awareness not kicking in
> locate emergency exits and figure out an escape plan, something I learned from the Hero of the Imperium: Ciaphas Cain

> find out what I'm actually supposed to do
> replace 90's vintage display computer
> hook up with serial cable
> no connection
> hummmmmmmmmmmmmm
> find 3.5" diskettes with software
> well my usb floppy reader works

> fuck around with it for like 3 hours
> call for help
> "Do you have a null modem or straight through cable?"
> fuck! null modem
> find straight through cable in my stash, no gender bender
> go to best buy (optimistic I know)
> go to radio shack, surprisingly had one

> return to site, wait outside some more
> site guy lets me into the turbine room then bails to get lunch
> buzzes keycard to get out
> realize all the doors are keycarded...
> not going anywhere it seems...
> hummmmmmmmmm

> use new serial cable to install software on computer, everything g2g
> sit down for some laptop work
> really look around
> dark and gloomy
> look closely at batteries
> clear plastic, can see all the plates and acid
> could just as well be brains in jars
> site guy shows up to let me out

Such is life in the Capital Wasteland.

With some dramatic lighting, that place could have been the set of a horror movie.
>> No. 10861 ID: 9dcda2
File 148704050396.jpg - (187.87KB , 1200x671 , vault batteries.jpg )
Those creepy batteries.
>> No. 10862 ID: 8a2fe4
The KKK used to have a lot of political power and sway in the 1920s through the 40s. Many members were community leaders. While many klansmen were off doing evil, hateful shit, most of the organization behaved as a mainstream civic organization would. They held bake sales, chapter meetings, community events, and helped members of their community in need. I imagine that, 70 years ago, one might find a prominent local klansman directing a community meeting with different agencies present, cops, government officials, etc. talking about the needs of the community and how to better it. But he'd still be a klansman. Whatever else he did, he was a member of a hate group espousing segregation and supremacy.

I thought about all of this as I found myself in a meeting on my first day on the job. I was there with my coworkers, a police officer, a juvenile probation officer, two reps from our Housing Authority's security contractor, and the man facilitating this little initiative, a prominent local member of the Nation of Islam. Everyone sat there and listened to him and discussed with him as if this was normal and acceptable. He addressed concerns plaguing his community, solicited ways to address them, disseminated information on helpful community programs, and discussed progress.

But he's still in the Nation of Islam.
>> No. 10863 ID: 0cba3c

Judge individuals on their merits m8. I know all too well how easy it is to make group labels stick on good people, even when the label itself is bullshit.

Whatever you think the rule is, give the individual person the benefit of assuming they're an exception to it until you have real proof otherwise.
>> No. 10864 ID: b430d1
File 148705715078.jpg - (23.03KB , 257x320 , boxxies.jpg )
Well in both cases you have to remember that just because a person is a member of a group that doesn't necessarily mean that all of the characteristics of the group will be found in the individual. The concept that people are individuals with rights as individuals is pretty significant with respect to the construction of the constitution as well as a lot of other law that goes back a long way and if you take that concept to the extreme, if you genuinely believe in it, then racism becomes impossible because you realize that everyone is suspicious and nobody is trustworthy and ascribing degree of suspicion to people based on their appearance is exactly what they're hoping you'll do, thats why they went for that appearance.
Both the KKK guy and that nation of islam guy were FBI
>> No. 10866 ID: 71ae68
File 148705897640.png - (65.46KB , 508x302 , beliefnet.png )
Part of their merit is the company they keep, that is part of what you judge them on.

If someone is part of a hate group, a terrorist group, or boy band they are because of some beliefs in common. No matter how good the cookiees and iced tea is very few people are going to join the KKK if they don't atleast partially believe in that shit. With very few exceptions they are a willing part of the group, choose to stay in it despite being able to make their own choices, that speaks of their personality.

Now I say give people the benefit of the doubt and not automatically hate them, people do change. Just because someone is now part of the KKK, some Muslim extremist group, Scientology or the Democatic party doesn't mean they can't change, that they can't grow a brain and make like a tree and get out. People have from all those groups.

But until they do its hard to give them the benefit of the doubt. Sure they might be the extremely rare example of some Islamists that doesn't want to kill all the infidels or the KKK member who doesn't hate non-whites but just really likes the fashion or whatever but more likely then not they aren't, hence automatically assuming they are seems less then ideal.

Oh I ain't saying be an outright asshole, even I can remain fairly civil towards members of some white supremacy group or Confederate cockbags despite not liking either (it also helps they make excellent food anytime they have meetings, I can handle a little hate speech for some goddamn amazing fried chicken) but certainly being overtly friendly is not going to work for anyone with any beliefs counter to them.

For RaceMixer there is no real way any devout practicing member of the NOA could accept him. Some white bread dude banging a black chick, I mean thats like one of the worst things as far as they are concerned. I would be like some of the Christian fundie groups accepting me despite playing Dungeons and Dragons and being an atheist, they think of people like me as worse then devil worshippers because atleast those fucks believe in God.
>> No. 10867 ID: 8a2fe4
File 148708183950.jpg - (24.15KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
I've gotta work with this guy once a week. I either shut up and remain civil or tell my boss to make someone else do it, and passing the buck as my first official act on my new job looks less than ideal.

But as has been pointed out >>108697
I take certain of their beliefs rather fucking personally. If Farrakhan and the NOI had their way, my wife would be put to death as a traitor to her race. I'm a card carrying member of the NAACP for fuck's sake, an organization that Malcolm X described as poisoned by Jews and whites.
>I can handle a little hate speech for some goddamn amazing fried chicken
I'll see if I can grab one of them bean pies.
>> No. 10868 ID: 813f6b
>Those creepy batteries.

I hope you realize that those things explode like nobody's business if they catch on fire. :)
>> No. 10869 ID: 136c8d
File 148713109450.jpg - (59.13KB , 704x539 , LgdppeC.jpg )
I never really thought about lead acid batteries exploding, but I'd already worked out a plan to not be in the room if there was a fire.

Sulfuric acid is bad, but the Potassium Hydroxide electrolyte in Nickel Cadmium batteries scares the shit out of me.

Even worse when you have both in the same room, which indeed, there was.
>> No. 10870 ID: c9fe43
I am left in a corner to go over lots of information and try to find information. I have to use excel because the company will not buy tableau. I cry into my papers and work through hell.

I left in the two computer program names because yolo.
>> No. 10871 ID: 8a2fe4
File 148730584469.jpg - (19.12KB , 304x228 , oh-fuck-thumb.jpg )
My first warning sign came on my first day when I found out how many department level positions were held by "acting" officers. Our Housing Authority's "acting" director left the day I came on. Apparently our board rules with an iron fist. There are other concerns. Like many government agencies, ours has a connected 501(c)3 so that we can more effectively solicit donations (you'll commonly see this with schools and foster parent programs). Unfortunately, that charity's board is the same as the HA's board, so it lacks independence as well as anyone willing to give enough of a shit to meet quarterly and do the work of a charity. It might even get us into legal trouble. Well, more legal trouble. Before I got on board, HUD's Inspector General shoved a boot up the HA's ass for wasting federal funds. This can make it difficult for us to win grants.

And speaking of grants, I was talking with my boss about the one currently funding my job. I'm reading a binder full of information about my little unit (one of several she supervises), and come to the section with all of the many measures that we need to track to satisfy the conditions of our grant proposal. With one question, "Where do we track this information?" some serious fucking shit went down! She looks through the folder on our shared drive where my two intrepid coworkers have saved resources, brochures from community agencies, project ideas, training material, everything it takes to run our little grant funded program, except a spreadsheet or database to track our measures. There's nothing. No fucking thing. Nothing has been tracked. Nobody has been keeping track AT FUCKING ALL on any of the two dozen measures and projected outcomes we absolutely need to do to fulfill the terms of our grant! Did everyone involved just think someone else was doing it!? WHAT THE FUCK!
>> No. 10872 ID: c9fe43
>And speaking of grants, I was talking with my boss about the one currently funding my job. I'm reading a binder full of information about my little unit (one of several she supervises), and come to the section with all of the many measures that we need to track to satisfy the conditions of our grant proposal. With one question, "Where do we track this information?" some serious fucking shit went down! She looks through the folder on our shared drive where my two intrepid coworkers have saved resources, brochures from community agencies, project ideas, training material, everything it takes to run our little grant funded program, except a spreadsheet or database to track our measures. There's nothing. No fucking thing. Nothing has been tracked. Nobody has been keeping track AT FUCKING ALL on any of the two dozen measures and projected outcomes we absolutely need to do to fulfill the terms of our grant! Did everyone involved just think someone else was doing it!? WHAT THE FUCK!

Its not just where I've worked! Lock yourself in your room, you're about to start making templates to track all this stuff. Make policies and procedures. Put this experience on your resume then job hop.
>> No. 10873 ID: eb2308

Don't ever bother with that fight. Liberals will suck islamic cock and go on about "muh equality" no matter how much evidence you present. Trust me.
>> No. 10875 ID: 8a2fe4
I'm just gonna assume you don't know. The Nation of Islam is not Islamic. Muslims believe that there is one true god, no god but god, and any claimed earthly manifestation is a falsehood. The NOI believes that their founder, Wallace Fard Muhammad, was god himself come in the form of man to Detroit in 1930. He disappeared in 1934. Muslims believe that the prophet Mohammad (blessings and peace be upon him)was the final prophet of god; there have been no true prophet since. The NOI believes that Wallace Fard Muhammad, god in the flesh, appointed the most honorable Elijah Muhammad as his prophet. These quirky beliefs alone would make the NOI an odd, but ultimately harmless, religious sect of little note. But it is their final heresy that is most impactful.

Islam teaches that god made all the numerous tribes of the earth, not to separate each other and bicker, but to know each other and unify. Any student of events, past and historic, know that this has not always been a peaceful Islamic tenant in practice, but nobody can deny that the religion seeks to make converts of anyone and everyone, bringing as many tribes into the fold as possible. The NOI teaches that there is a racial hierarchy. The African race is the noblest and best race of mankind; the white race is not even human. In this, we find the Nation of Islam's true mission: to create a separate black state, in this country or elsewhere, at the expense of the white devil. They are modern day segregationists, they run counter to all that America values, and they have political influence.
>> No. 10876 ID: eb2308
Well aware.

Unless you're very lucky, the average person will see dark skin, hear the word islam, and call you a racist if you start any shit.
>> No. 10877 ID: 22c903
Vatican city =/= Catholicism.
>> No. 10879 ID: 9723b1
>Nation of islam =/= islam
What a meaningless statement. The KKK isn't Christianity either.
>> No. 10880 ID: 9723b1
By the way some info: Muslim Brotherhood controls NOI, and Muslim Brotherhood is in charge of all Sunni Imams in the world. Anyone that steps out of line gets shot. They draw on donations from a billion people, including some very rich middle eastern figures. Muslim Brotherhoods operating budget is probably larger than US military.
>> No. 10881 ID: e358f8
The KKK is a religious terrorist organization in that they are Protestant-only and anti-Catholic in their charter, but they are most geared towards racism-inspired terrorism.
Right Wing Extremists 'Top Terror Threat' to the United States
Published on Feb 24, 2015 https://youtu.be/TfRXNsRBSl4
A DHS intelligence report has found that domestic right wing terrorism is a much bigger threat than foreign Islamic terror groups...
>> No. 10882 ID: 10f4c8

How many KKK members were on the planes that hit the towers?

Remember that these reports came out under an extremely biased administration. I don't think anyone at the upper levels of DHS who would say militant Islam was the biggest threat would have kept his job long enough to publish a report.
>> No. 10883 ID: 8a2fe4
File 148768898999.jpg - (83.48KB , 745x493 , 1024x1024_2_.jpg )
The KKK isn't even the most dangerous group among white supremacists. They are a tiny remnant of their former self and completely ineffectual. Good riddance. These guys and their numerous affiliates are who you have to watch, and even then, their main activities have been garden variety gang crime as opposed to terrorism. The most violently racist group active today is probably the Mexican Mafia and the Sureño gang sets they control. La eMe will actually designate neighborhoods, declare no blacks allowed, and the Sur Siders will run them out. It's been a largely ignored problem.
>> No. 10884 ID: b70387
>baby face Hitler
>> No. 10885 ID: ae1f02
I think Hitler looks like a pretty nice guy actually. I'd have a pint of Jagermister with him.
>> No. 10886 ID: cdc880
>the KKK wasn't involved with 9/11 therefore they can't be terrorists

Wow Cole, you really are a idiot.

Hitler was a teetotaler who preferred peppermint tea and allegedly disliked the taste of beer.

Which isn't entirely unsurprising when you consider he was a vegan.
>> No. 10887 ID: e358f8
File 148772503110.jpg - (24.03KB , 360x576 , German P WW2 Hitler saying something stupid.jpg )
Many of Hitler's generals sneered at him being a "non-smoking, teetotaling, vegetarian". Albert Speer (in his memoirs, Inside the Third Reich) noted that Hitler used vivid and gruesome descriptions of animal suffering and slaughter at the dinner table to try to dissuade his colleagues from eating meat. Some of the aristocratic Prussian generals dismissed Hitler as a "Bohemian corporal".
>> No. 10888 ID: 9723b1
If KKK is even protestant, then NOI is islam. You can't have one without the other.

Wait are you calling Mexican mafia "white supremacists" because of the tat? By that logic Islamic terror is actual white supremacist because Mein Kampf is a bestseller in the middle east. Fucking stupid.

I'm sure he was charitable.
>> No. 10889 ID: e358f8
File 148772605651.png - (68.27KB , 425x385 , stats US homegrown terrorism 2002-2015.png )
From 2002 (after the 9/11 attacks) to 2015 (before the Orlando, Florida shootings), far-right terrorists killed more people in terrorist attacks than jihadists did in the USA, so it is foolish to dismiss this as not a serious problem.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, nearly twice as many people have been killed by white supremacists, antigovernment fanatics and other non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims: 48 have been killed by extremists who are not Muslim, including the recent mass killing in Charleston, S.C., compared with 26 by self-proclaimed jihadists, according to a count by New America, a Washington research center. https://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/25/us/tally-of-attacks-in-us-challenges-perceptions-of-top-terror-threat.html?_r=0
>> No. 10890 ID: cce514
>white knighting for Adolf Hitler

So you really are a National Bolshevist.
>> No. 10891 ID: 8c968b
>Wait are you calling Mexican mafia "white supremacists" because of the tat?

Man. Read that post again and slowly.
>> No. 10892 ID: 8a2fe4
Not what I was saying at all, though I feel that hitting the enter key a couple times in the middle of my paragraph would've made things more clear. Sorry for the confusion.

A very interesting chart, not only in absolute casualties but in number and frequency of attacks and how both groups differ. Question: how would we class the Orlando shooting?
>> No. 10893 ID: 10f4c8

What did they file Abdul Hassan shooting up people at Ft Hood again? "Workplace violence"?

I'm not saying that what you're presenting isn't accurate as to the stats, Bats. I'm saying the stats themselves are lies.
>> No. 10894 ID: 8a2fe4
I think you're misinterpreting. They put that one in the jihadist column.
>> No. 10895 ID: e358f8
File 148773922489.jpg - (136.24KB , 2400x1349 , albaghdadi.jpg )
The 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting was ...weird. A terrorist attack that was both the deadliest mass shooting by a single shooter and the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in United States history. It was also classified as a hate crime incident because the club was hosting a Latino night at the night of the attack. It was certainly a terrorist attack because the shooter, Omar Mateen, swore allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and said the shooting was "triggered" by the U.S. killing of Abu Waheeb in Iraq the previous month. Omar was also reported to have been a previous patron of this club, had dated members of the club, and was as gay as the May Queen, so this may have been the deranged act of a self-hating homosexual lashing out at his own community.
>> No. 10896 ID: e358f8
File 148774040484.png - (785.51KB , 1200x720 , James Bond Blofeld SPecial Executive for Counter-i.png )
If you are stating the terrorism statistics are lies, do you have a better source of terrorist attacks in the US? Accusing generally held facts as lies without proof does not aid your case.
Here's a list of terrorist attacks in the US:
>> No. 10897 ID: 8a2fe4
File 148774182680.jpg - (34.97KB , 372x501 , sds1.jpg )
Tangent, but anyone my age who doesn't understand why Grandpa has such a deep seated hatred for communists and leftists should skim through that section on the 1960s.
>> No. 10898 ID: 22c903
>hatred of leftists and communists
>race mixer

Cultural Marxist Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide

The plan to eliminate the white race:


Cultural Marxism in action… Political Correctness, the tip of the blade:


Cultural Marxism & Social Justice Explained:


Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism:


Cultural Marxist Jews fund media propaganda against whites on an enormous scale:


Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)

>> No. 10899 ID: 9723b1
File 148777559028.gif - (4.17KB , 400x240 , terrorism2.gif )
Nonjihadist =/= right wing, right wing attacks are basically nil. The list also counts things where no one got hurt as terrorism, like some kid setting off a firecracker near an abortion clinic.

>twice as many people have been killed by white supremacists, antigovernment fanatics and other non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims
lol no

>New America
Is a cultural marxist think tank, I'm going to have to ask for their data.

Read the rest of that post slowly. You'd be surprised by how many lunatic movements worship hitler, it doesn't make them white supremacists. Nation of Islam actually worships hitler and tattoos swastikas on their bodies because he killed jews.

Nation of Islam aren't white supremacists.
>> No. 10900 ID: 79e7f7
File 148778100392.jpg - (46.75KB , 604x453 , painted discs.jpg )
Hey guys, wh--

What the fuck. I just wanna read comfy stories about turbine maintenance and shit.

Could y'all start a new thread for this shit please?
>> No. 10901 ID: b70387
Let's examine.

>The KKK isn't even the most dangerous group among white supremacists. They are a tiny remnant of their former self and completely ineffectual. Good riddance.
>The KKK
>white supremacists
>completely ineffectual

>These guys and their numerous affiliates are who you have to watch, and even then, their main activities have been garden variety gang crime as opposed to terrorism.
>These guys
>Aryan Brotherhood
>a different group
>a more dangerous group among white supremacists
>gang crime as opposed to terrorism

>The most violently racist group active today is probably the Mexican Mafia and the Sureño gang sets they control. La eMe will actually designate neighborhoods, declare no blacks allowed, and the Sur Siders will run them out. It's been a largely ignored problem.
>The Mexican Mafia
>yet another, separate group
>The most violently racist group

"Only white people can be racist." - 9723b1, 2017

What exactly was all this talk of an American Insurgency, if that wasn't what you expected to see?
>> No. 10902 ID: b70387
The thread just started autosaging, as it is. Perfect timing.
>> No. 10903 ID: 632b3e
Moving to /arch/
>> No. 10904 ID: 632b3e
Saved forever.
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