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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 148608897568.jpg - (28.39KB , 551x310 , rs-trump-time-person-of-the-year-8b6eaf87-f052-414.jpg )
10905 No. 10905 ID: 632b3e
My fellow OPERATORS, the state of the chan is…. Meh.

I say this not to be a Debbie Downer, but to frame in your minds the questions we must answer as a community as to what those who come here to browse or post value and what can or even should be done to maintain and transform this site.

Financially, we are in alright shape. There was a lukewarm response to the initial donation drive, but more people signed up for the Patreon than I thought. Provided the patrons keep paying, we have enough to ride out the rest of the year on our current server.

However, our current server is still relatively expensive, especially for the traffic the site gets. Operatorchan takes up a lot of server space, and while as discussed previously having a dedicated server is nice for reliability, the utility and cost just don’t match. I will be working with Godverdomme to find cheaper options either with our current hosting company or a different one depending on what’s available. My goal is to reduce costs to below the current level of patronage. This is not without challenges, as the current build of the site has been basically chugging along untouched for years now. Moving to a new server will not be a copy and paste operation. I will post updates on that as it happens.

A note on paypal. Paypal is dicks. Our saved jewgolds are safe, but I don’t see paypal as a viable long term option for collecting donations anymore. I will be researching alternatives. In the meantime, patreon can deposit directly to opchan’s bank account so that seems to be a viable option for now. I just had a lengthy phone conversation with an Irishman named David who tells me that their “compliance division” is going into overdrive to combat money laundering and he’s fielding tons of calls about limited or locked accounts. If they want to make the service unusable, I am happy to oblige. I was actually worried this would happen eventually which is why we have a backup financial system and our threads won’t be repo’d.

So, we must change the server situation. Also in the technical realm, Kusaba X continues to be utter shit. The longer it runs the harder it is to keep it from falling apart and you may have noticed some content loss on older threads. It will fail. An alternative platform must be identified. This is no longer optional. I will have more free time starting in March and I will be able to devote more time to researching and implementing something new.

In the meantime, I will be creating a facebook group as an emergency backup. The operatorchan facebook page is doing pretty good. 1.6k followers and 62k reach with 27k post engagements in the last month. It’s a fun place.

I’ve been able to conclusively link high reach facebook posts with bumps in site traffic. Not huge, but measurable. Since facebook is easy, Mammoth and myself will be continuing to post shit. Facebook is also dicks though. They gave me a $10 coupon to use on boosting posts then when I tried to use it said I couldn’t boost weapons related content. Jerks.

So then. The lights will remain on for the time being. We have funds for another year and the server/platform combo might not shit the bed before the money runs out.

If anyone is interested in revitalizing or making operatorchan great again… I need help.

The other admins are largely absent or unable to assist, and there are very few active mods. We don’t have a competent developer at the moment. Godverdomme is, as always, still lurking in the shadows providing essential support. Without his help the site would definitely be dead or exist in a very different form since I would have had to restart it from nothing.

I need volunteers.

I need a chief moderator to wrangle the users so we don’t devolve into shilling, flame wars and tedious metathreads (which I will be locking. All metadiscussion should go in this thread from this point forward). I need someone to look at shitfests like /n/ and try to whip it into something sensible with new rules and consistent enforcement.

I need more mods who are willing to log in and wade into the shit.

I need people to help with outreach on various social media platforms and to look into which ones we SHOULD be on to draw good people we want to talk with to the site.

I need someone with development experience to look under the hood of this creaking relic and tell me if it’s worth salvaging.
If people are willing to step up, perhaps we can build ourselves back up. If not, operatorchan will fade, as it has been fading, into the mists of the internet.

Or one of you could hack up a chick and post your manifesto here. That’d help.**

Anyway, let’s open the floor for questions and comments. I believe your newest mod Senseless had a question about Anime.

Forever yours,
Jedi Dachshund

**Don’t fucking do this you horrible degenerates.
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>> No. 10976 ID: 632b3e

Fucking contrarians man.
>> No. 10977 ID: 9bf704
you were born in Hawaii?
>> No. 10978 ID: b70387
The poll is currently:
- 46% to ban anime and mlp
- 41% to only ban mlp
- 13% to not ban anime or mlp
which means 54% of people favor allowing anime, while 87% of people want to ban mlp.

There hasn't been an active mlp thread in the zone in awhile, so maybe the fanbase is dying down a bit.

At the end of the day, we are an imageboard. Who are we more likely to attract, arfcommers or a bunch of gun-owning weebs?
>> No. 10979 ID: 26edf6
File 148654159754.jpg - (202.99KB , 802x1200 , C91-Day3-1-13.jpg )
>> No. 10980 ID: ae1f02
The geneva convention doesn't apply to subhuman koreans, right? Because I wanna commit warcrimes all over her.
>> No. 10981 ID: 1d521e

Those really aren't the only two options though. Honestly I think this site was at its best when the site was mostly former/current service or people intelligent/knowledgeable enough to pretend to be one, who were sorta weebo faggots but not necessarily the sort that had pillows of their waifus.

Aka the Gen Kill et al stream days.

Now we'd be hard pressed to grow and maintain that kind of crowd, but I'd steer towards that kind of crowd and pick up the not so serious arfcommers and weebos along the way. A diverse user base is necessary for health and growth. Despite everyone's bitching having people like Clio around is good, keeps us from just devolving into arfcom-lite.

Some of you might disagree with that, but realize there's a lot more of the world out there than just the US. Foreign operators are more likely to hang around if the chan doesn't devolve into /The_Donald or /MURICA. Foreign operators are cool because they have different tech and experiences, which is interesting to learn/talk about. Motherfuckers, we almost started a naval PMC with operators from Finland, Norway, Canada, shit I even think one of them was South African. That's some cool shit, real life PBE shenanigans.

So yeah, went a wee bit off topic but I hope it makes sense within the given context. My support for a public anime board vs repealing the Ani-Ban wholesale is just based on our experiences leading up to the Ani-Ban; there was a lot of friction over the ambiguity of the rules leading to people questioning the mod staff in almost every /t/ thread.
>> No. 10982 ID: b70387
I agree that the site benefits from having a variety of posters.

Having an excess of content-specific boards led to stagnation and ultimately the removal of a number of boards just last year. An anime-specific public board would be a step backward, especially when the zone can serve that purpose. My concern with the anime ban is how much it might stifle discussion and how difficult it is to properly enforce. If the ban is lifted, people might briefly celebrate with anime all over the place, but I don't anticipate that after that, anime would in any way dominate discussions on the public boards. In the zone, where it's allowed anywhere, anime is only posted outside of the anime and stream threads occasionally.

We're probably going to leave the poll up for the rest of the month before we make a decision on this.
>> No. 10983 ID: 0cba3c

>Get OPERATORS to come here and post
>By inviting non-OPERATORS who will start endless reams of shit with the OPERATORS who do try.

I understand what you're getting at man, but get away from the meme that "divserity of opinion" means "people with nothing in common whatsoever." Opchan has a bedrock - a geekish interest in all things guns and military related. Expecting people to share that bedrock is what helps everyone get along. At the end of the day, we always have that one thing in common that holds us together, and that's what lets ''actual'' diverse opinions exist. Because it created a community for them to exist ''in.''
>> No. 10984 ID: 1d521e

I'm not suggesting that at all, though I get how you could have that impression by referring to Clio specifically. I meant that more in terms of fostering a diverse political spectrum that doesn't just throw "hurr durr marxism" at anything remotely left-leaning. Hence the references to foreign operators. They're foreign but still operators. Hence the thing in common. Operator.

Be that ex/current service or an interest therein, there's a wealth of cool tactics, technology, and different kinds of crazy they have to offer that might be completely turned off by the toxicity of "American-style" politics that pervades /n/ and /t/.
>> No. 10985 ID: 0cba3c

Dumb question because long absences: Have we had any issues with our non-US users?

I remember that Armor got shat on one time for being Israeli and I and some others called that shit out but I can't think of any other occasions. FPoP was almost universally liked, as was Yattuwort and Armor in general, as far as I can remember.

Fuck I like talking with non-US peeps, especially about military stuff. Great perspectives.
>> No. 10986 ID: 632b3e
File 148661691349.jpg - (50.24KB , 974x711 , 1.jpg )
I wish you guys would look at the metrics. Half of opchan's traffic is from places that aren't the US.
>> No. 10987 ID: 632b3e
File 148661692342.jpg - (49.07KB , 981x672 , 2.jpg )
>> No. 10988 ID: 632b3e
File 148661693331.jpg - (49.46KB , 981x625 , 3.jpg )
>> No. 10989 ID: 632b3e
File 148661703769.jpg - (55.46KB , 262x834 , 323.jpg )
>> No. 10990 ID: 632b3e
Think about those affinity numbers... you are 8 times more likely to find someone from Slovenia here than on the internet in general.

Anything we do has to take into account international users because there are as many or more of them than american users.
>> No. 10991 ID: 8537bd
Are there metrics for non-unique returns? Aka what's our retention like? If we want content, our user base needs some level of continuity I would think. That drives discussion and participation, which is kind of my point re; /n/ and /t/. But lurkers are an issue everyone faces so I digress.
>> No. 10992 ID: 493ea1

There's tons of data for the analyzing:
>> No. 10993 ID: f13f5f
I was the one who made the thread about how OPchan became a leftist/hipster circle jerk and forgot about it til now. 8ch /k/ probably helped contribute to OPchan going on the decline besides the constant shilling by people like Clio. Someone who pretended to be a girl on the internet was more important than other OPchan users, and you dug your grave by choosing people who have no interest in guns (I remember she was even banned once or twice for anti-gun posts years ago) and just out to start shit over what OPchan used to be.

I used to really like you but I don't see why anyone should trust you after you killed gamergate on 8ch and had the OPSEC of a typical normalfag.

more proof that OPchan has gone to shit
>> No. 10994 ID: 1d521e
Explain. What about being inclusive of foreign operators is how Opchan went to shit? When we started out we had a number of solid foreign operators posting regularly. Now I'd be hard pressed to name 1 that I've seen post here in the last few months/year.
>> No. 10995 ID: 185975
>Foreign operators are more likely to hang around if the chan doesn't devolve into /The_Donald or /MURICA.

We actually come here because America is the freest country in general and specially with firearms. I personally like the principles America is based on Obviously ignoring the identity crisis its going through since WWII. "The Donald" doesn't bother me anywhere near as much as OPENLY GLORIFYING SYSTEMS OF GOVERNMENT THAT WRECKED MY COUNTRY.

Only retarded Americans (or possibly other westerners) like Clio actually think that something better exists outside US borders.
>> No. 10996 ID: f13f5f
I can't tell if you're playing stupid or what but:
>though I get how you could have that impression by referring to Clio specifically. I meant that more in terms of fostering a diverse political spectrum that doesn't just throw "hurr durr marxism" at anything remotely left-leaning.

OPchan went to shit because of this.
>> No. 10997 ID: 1d521e

No. Opchan went to shit because of the server instability leading to the Taclink side quest. Opchan never truly recovered from that, just kind of yo-yo'd afterwards.
>> No. 10998 ID: 632b3e

Part of the problem is we have very little "baseline" to compare to. When the site started it was far slower than it is now, but then shit started happening and we got tons of websluts. Traffic boomed, the servers broke, and the rest is history.

For the past few years things have been relatively stable as far as traffic though it is on a steady downward trend - and posting has dropped off in the past year a bit. There are around 300-400 posts per week with about 1,750 unique devices visiting the site in the same timeframe. So there's that.
>> No. 10999 ID: b70387
Is there a way to know our posts per week, not counting Bat Guano image dumps?
>> No. 11000 ID: 632b3e

Sure, check the statistics, count the BG posts and do math
>> No. 11001 ID: b70387
Not exactly sure how I would do that. Where are you getting your posts per week?
>> No. 11002 ID: 8ef049

In the admin section check statistics, if it isn't showing up for you I'll send them to you tonight
>> No. 11003 ID: 8ef049

Lol nevermind it's fucking broken again.
>> No. 11004 ID: 632b3e
File 148720535875.jpg - (1.41MB , 2560x1920 , P1110481.jpg )
IHC is a mod now.
>> No. 11005 ID: ab5f17
File 148721256289.jpg - (57.21KB , 508x520 , hotpockets.jpg )
This will end well
>> No. 11006 ID: 22c903
File 148749130949.jpg - (34.32KB , 455x600 , 1459098489952.jpg )
unless the hotpockets run low

>he's a janitor
>on the internet
>on an anime imageboard
>he does it for free
>he takes his "job" very seriously
>he does it because it is the only amount of power & control he will ever have in his pathetic life
>he deletes threads he doesn't like because whenever he gets upset he has an asthma attack
>he deletes threads he doesn't like because they interfere with the large backlog of little girl chinese cartoons he still has to watch
>he will never have a real job
>he will never move out of his parent's house
>he will never be at a healthy weight
>he will never know how to cook anything besides a hot pocket
>he will never have a girlfriend
>he will never have any friends
>> No. 11007 ID: 632b3e
File 148754857843.jpg - (278.57KB , 720x960 , lol.jpg )
do we want to do shit like this and try to spread them around?
>> No. 11008 ID: 9dcda2
Signed up for Patreon. The video sold me. KA-POW!
>> No. 11009 ID: 632b3e

Thanks kindly, do you want an opchan email address?
>> No. 11010 ID: 19518e
I'll be trying to make more OPchan video, still brainstorming over what that'll be.

When I get paid next week, you can expect a few of my syrup rupees to fly into the hat.
>> No. 11011 ID: 0876ee
It seems 4chan is now having some server instabilities, kind of like what kicked opchan off.

That said, imo, we should list our mos active board. Its come up time and time again that its absurd to attract newfags if our most active discussions happen on a fucking SECRET BOARD. I'd reckon we should either add /dmz/ to the sidebar, or maybe even merge it with /t/ (but there are valid counterpoints to that).

I wonder if reddit will get bought by the Clinton Foundation and have all their gun boards shut down or gun shit on facebook and youtube gets banned or 4chan crashes and burns under japmoot. Imo theres too many big guy communities for niche sites like us to get much traffic anywho, but they all seem kind of set up to fail and hopefully drive traffic our way.

That said, our original success was A. Being up and running when 4chan shat out, B. Having a higher level of discourse than 4chan (which now, honestly, reddit fills that gap for people and also the quality of discussion on 4chan /k/ has gone up), and most bigly, C. Offering value added via the livestream. Other than the original exodus of oldfags from the o/k/ corral, that was our main source of influx. We could post a thread on 4ch advertising to "come hang out with like-minded STALKERS and all yell "GIT TO DA CHOPPA" at the screen together" instead of obviously trying to leech users by advertising a competitor board. It just so happens the livestream had a giant opchan banner/link at top and was full of opchan tripfags.
>> No. 11012 ID: 19518e
>add /dmz/ to the sidebar, or maybe even merge it with /t/
I support /dmz/ being visible, but I think that if we're to add /dmz/ to the side bar, it be on its own. Preferably with a clear NSFW tag. I may speak for myself, but I like the difference between /t/ and /dmz/, and I like how they are used differently. I like how /t/ is slower as some threads would have been difficult to tackle had it been fighting the board movement speed of /dmz/.

As said by others before, OPchan does seem to need slower boards because a lot of the (older) users can't really keep up with the posting rates. I'm NOT saying all slow boards are good. Obviously having nobody posting anywhere for days is bad, but having a slow board where threads can last a bit longer is IMO better for the overall quality of the site. Were /k/ to get faster, I would rejoice, but I would also request /st/ to be reinstated as a posting board. /st/ would again allow for longer-term projects that would get eaten up by a fast-moving /k/. The past few months have been in a weird limbo where /k/ is slow enough to have long-lasting threads, but have some new content posted just a little too slowly (as I seem to notice new posters come and go, thinking the site is dead as it has no new posts for a few hours or a day while that's just normal for us) and the balancing act is not really sustainable.

>they all seem kind of set up to fail and hopefully drive traffic our way.
I'm not sure that the complete crash of sites, that are on some level containment zones, would be all good. I browse /k/inder a lot, I have three or four threads of 4chan /k/ open right now. 4ch/k/ and OPchan are simply different boards to me, and serve different posting purposes. I often notice 4ch/k/ posters that would probably do well here, but they either don't know we exist, or peek in and think the board is dead when again, it's just slow as usual.

tl;dr Do I want more posters? Yes. Do I think getting much more traffic would require a bit of re-fiddling of the boards? Also yes.
>> No. 11013 ID: f272e7
File 148779912232.png - (146.43KB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_20170222-163036.png )
I'll respond to these last two posts when I get home, for now here's a glance at FB performance. This has been consistent for a while.
>> No. 11014 ID: f272e7
File 148779937511.png - (136.27KB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_20170222-163505.png )
PBE is getting somewhat neglected. We can punch these numbers up
>> No. 11015 ID: f272e7
And yes, for the astute observer this does mean the opchan Facebook page has more engagement than the site itself.
>> No. 11017 ID: b70387
File 148781123665.png - (303.49KB , 644x754 , what is it.png )
I like the idea of posting links to interesting threads on here, but do we have any information on how many people actually click through to the site?

Crap like this is pretty sad. I mean, how obvious does it have to be? "Find out more on OPERATORchan! <link>"?

How many people here originally found the site through Facebook?

Facebook may be giving you big numbers, but what do they actually mean? A bunch of people scrolled past your posts in their feeds as they were looking for something else to distract them from the meaninglessness of their lives? It's not like there are very many replies to those posts.

How many of the pictures you put up on there actually came from OPchan?
>> No. 11018 ID: 632b3e

well "engagement" means they didn't just browse it, they clicked on something.

Many of the pics are from opchan. In order to maintain this level of engagement I need to post 2 things daily, whether that's sharing another page's post or whatever. There aren't enough things posted here to do that, and if I posted everything I do there here, all the pages would be nothing but me. :)

As for click through numbers, yes we have them. On that SVT-40 thread there were 28 unique link clicks, and on Feb 12th there were 311 uniques that visited Opchan. So, that day Facebook brought in about 9% of the traffic.
>> No. 11019 ID: 632b3e
File 148781328058.jpg - (71.03KB , 680x907 , 8ac.jpg )
Now, facebook should be 1 element of opchan's outreach and marketing portfolio.


Advertising on other chans is great and I recommend doing it organically within threads when it's relevant. Don't piss people off and incite raids. We should also be plastering our name on original content. Someone pointed out that this image is wrong since that's a Finnish recruit, not a slav. We should remake it with the appropriate finnisms and repost it.


Obviously opchan offers something different. So far the primary mission of the site has been "keep it running". It would make a ton of sense to define opchan's "brand" and what its core values, mission, and vision are. From there, we can actually create a coherent strategy. All these metathreads are usually aimless meanderings roughly in the direction of trying to define the site in these terms.
>> No. 11020 ID: 632b3e
Another thing that has been brought up repeatedly is merch. It's true, we need it, and it will help us. General /k/ themed merch can also be shamelessly advertised across all the various boards.
>> No. 11021 ID: 9c8624
What kind of bandwidth, storage space, etc are necessary for normal traffic? Has anyone recorded the peak throughput, peak processor usage, peak RAM occupancy? How big is our database?

Another thread mentions the current server cost is $68.95/month or 827.4 per year, assuming taxes are included in this number. Based on this I assume opchan is using the server4you Blue Line server with HDDs and a 1 gig port.

Kimsufi dedis are pretty cheap and are in a reliable datacenter. Their top range is $36:
Xeon 2 x E5504 (total of 8 cores @ 2 GHz+), 16 GB ECC, 2 TB storage, 100 Mbps unmetered
The lowest I'd go without knowing more about the needs of the site is the $14 one with an Atom N2800 and 4 gigs of RAM.

I doubt peak traffic for normal use is over 100Mbps, because we just don't get that many posts. The issue with the 100Mbps unmetered is that it's pretty easy to DDoS. One option for DDoS protection is paying $18 a month for a runabove VPS (10 gig port) and tunnelling the traffic to the dedi. This comes to a total of 648 per year, but if the hardware (processing) requirements are lesser it could come 384 before tax. I suggest against cloudflare DDoS protection because their infrastructure is ripe for abuse. I bet 4chan is shitting themselves right now, for all anyone knows the relation between IPs, 4chan passes and posts is cached publicly somewhere. The other issue is that cloudflare sites can be hard to access for people like FPOP due to automated blocking.

HTTPS certificates can be had for free via Let's Encrypt, and I don't see the point in even providing unencrypted HTTP. The new HTTP2 standard is defacto TLS-only.

As far as software, I've been out of touch with imageboard scripts as of recent. It would be kind of cool to have nntpchan integration though, even if we weren't on the main nntpchan network.
>> No. 11022 ID: 632b3e

You've got some good points but are also off base on some things.

The current hardware is way more than we need, let's put it that way. No we're not using the one you mentioned, but the ones you're suggesting would likely work - though you are correct that unmetered low bandwidth would be disastrous because we do get DDOS'd from time to time.

lol cloudflare.

The idea that HTTPS is necessary for an imageboard is kind of silly. What information are you putting on here that needs to be encrypted? Let'sEncrypt is great for what it is, but thinking that makes your site "secure" is silly. Anything you're entering into operatorchan is literally public. Eventually, we will likely implement it to stop the whining.

The software scene is pure shit. We are looking at a few alternatives that are in active development, the best so far from an ease of transition standpoint is Lynxchan, though we aren't committed. Spergs will say it's shit software, but guess what... it's all shit software.
>> No. 11023 ID: 9c8624
There's no point in plain HTTP when HTTP/2 is just better. It takes no more than a day to set up. There's nothing wrong with Let's Encrypt, a Verisign certificate doesn't have any special powers. Properly configured TLS will get rid of certain opportunities for fuckery without reducing performance.

While it's true that all posts here are public, plain HTTP allows any MITM to see what threads an individual reads, the posts an individual makes and the tripcodes/IPs of tripfags. Not a big priority, but it's not a lot of effort either. I'll admit I like encryption mostly because I like encryption, no other reason.

My only input on the imageboard script is that I've grown to prefer the [Update] button at the bottom of threads on most of the new-er scripts. Other than that it all seems the same to me.
>> No. 11024 ID: 632b3e

Well, I think a lot of browsers are pretty much going to require encryption eventually. So as I said, we will likely incorporate it. Just not on this iteration of the site. When we figure out a new software solution and host, that'd probably be an ideal time to set that up to.
>> No. 11025 ID: 82a3e8
Ive just been busy as shit with work, trying to get as much OT and stuff as possible cause I got opchanners to pay back.
>> No. 11026 ID: 632b3e
What hashtags for twitter and instagram should I be adding to shit?
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