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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 148277455850.jpg - (136.10KB , 640x960 , hNG7vyB.jpg )
11027 No. 11027 ID: 632b3e
Good afternoon OPERATORS,

We have reached that time where we are running low on server moneys. Unfortunately due to all the other admins being completely unwilling to help, and me being extraordinarily busy, a formal donations drive has not been organized.

Towards that end, to keep the lights on please paypal money to:


The old "donations@" account was flagged by paypal as potential money laundering and wanted Swissguy's dox, which he graciously tried to provide but they kept a bunch of restrictions on the account anyway. I've gotten the money out of it and moved it to the operations@ account, as well as a few more months worth stashed in a bank account I maintain which can be used to pay the server folks. The donations@ account has been closed, so if you try to send money there you will get a bounceback, or paypal will just eat your money, who knows. If you would like to donate via alternative means drop me a line at jedidachshund@operatorchan.org or hop on IRC and we can discuss.

Remember that server costs are $68.95 per month, we have enough to get us through the first quarter of 2017 so far.
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>> No. 11028 ID: c5dfe3
File 148278977284.jpg - (10.55KB , 352x240 , Bats - Ren and Stimpy 1.jpg )
I'm in charge, now!
>> No. 11029 ID: cdc490
File 148279000038.png - (653.96KB , 1033x729 , Wimpy.png )
I get paid at the end of the week.
>> No. 11030 ID: c5dfe3
File 148279093266.jpg - (384.80KB , 1492x668 , money US 10 dollar Republic of Texas 1840 1.jpg )
Everyone can throw OpChan ten bucks.
It costs nearly eight bucks to get a lousy Whopper meal at Burger King.
>> No. 11031 ID: b70387
File 148279280297.png - (52.83KB , 1680x385 , patreon.png )
Have you considered opening a Patreon account for the site? Somehow, automatically donating a few bucks a month feels more doable than a big lump sum every now and again, even though I might ultimately be spending more over the long run doing so.
>> No. 11032 ID: 90a126
I'd be down with this. Not alot but I'm sure I could spare a few bucks each month. A dozen or so peoples sparing 3 or 5 bucks a month should, hopefully, keep this place well funded and our mods rolling in sexy senoritas.
>> No. 11033 ID: 632b3e
File 148280654118.jpg - (708.07KB , 1000x666 , Vivian_04.jpg )
That's a good idea, I hadn't thought of starting one, I guess I was thinking it was exclusively the domain of artists and such but I guess you can do it for anything. I will set one up and post the details here.
>> No. 11034 ID: 632b3e

Thank you kindly, bats
>> No. 11035 ID: 632b3e
Ok, Patreon is set up!

>> No. 11036 ID: ca7ace

We should do donation awards and such again.
>> No. 11037 ID: 632b3e


Well I put up one reward already, if you pledge at least $5 I will set up an operatorchan.org email for you, if you don't have one already.
>> No. 11038 ID: 8eaab2
File 148288956029.jpg - (37.63KB , 400x172 , fifty-50-dollar-bill.jpg )

There was a cheaper hosting option mentioned in the past, is that still available? I think our bandwidth usage has gone down quite a bit...
>> No. 11039 ID: cf9b7b
I don't have one.
I promise I will only use it for evil, slightly disturbing, sexual reasons.
>> No. 11040 ID: 632b3e


There are always cheaper hosting options. We are not using significantly less bandwidth than last year when I did a poll asking if users wanted to move to a cheaper one and the consensus seemed to be no. I wonder if that feeling has changed. As a break from tradition, I am thinking that I will poll those who have donated on hosting issues since it's their money.

Bear in mind that migrating the site could be a huge pain in the ass.
>> No. 11041 ID: cce514
How much do I need to donate to have staff actually get off their asses and deal with the Russian shills?
>> No. 11042 ID: 9723b1
File 148306809936.jpg - (264.86KB , 3216x2412 , George-Soros.jpg )
What do you care? It's not your money.
>> No. 11043 ID: 632b3e
  ya'll are easily trolled. Remember the fundamentals of internet discourse and don't feed them.
>> No. 11044 ID: 90a126
File 148307326858.jpg - (83.67KB , 1200x630 , do your part.jpg )
Are they breaking the rules? Are they posting illegal content? Are they doing anything beyond saying stuff you don't agree with or find annoying?

Because unless they are breaking rules or doing naughty shite then there isn't anything the mods can or should do. Russian shills are annoying, so were Ron Paul shills, so are any anti-gun crusader that washes up on our fair shores. But here we don't have any rules about being annoying. We are pretty free speech here, so as long as it falls within the rules then its not actionable.

If you really don't like it either fight back with well reasoned arguments, ignore them, or pack your bags and head to someplace that is a hugbox circlejerk where nobody says anything you find upsetting.
>> No. 11045 ID: 028b36
Does that work like NPR's sustainer donation, they just charge the amount you auto donate? How does Patreon work?
>> No. 11046 ID: b70387
I'm not familiar with NPR's sustainer donation, but that sounds right. There are a number of different ways that people can set up their Patreons. The majority of them allow their patrons to specify an amount of money to donate per month. Some allow patrons to specify an amount of money to donate per post, up to a certain number of posts per month, if they desire. The total amount of money you donate to different groups is charged to your credit card or whatever at the beginning of each month and distributed.

Looking at that stuff, Patreon does use the term "creator" a lot, but whatever.
>> No. 11047 ID: 90a126
File 148309393199.jpg - (152.97KB , 1280x720 , gib monie plox.jpg )
To add to that, if you don't feel comfortable giving out your credit card information to another site Patreon is linked to paypal.

I was a patron for web series for a time and it was simple, every 1st (though I think you can change it) it'd charge my paypal who would charge my credit card. Exact amount, no extra fees.

Unsure of how much of the donation pie goes directly to creators and how much goes to the site though.

Anyway, donated to the Patreon. Not a ton but I'd hope every bit helps.
>> No. 11048 ID: 6ca38e
But think of the bandwidth we'd save!
>> No. 11049 ID: 632b3e
I've used Patreon in the past to support artists, usually musicians and webcomics. There are two ways it can work, either you pay when content is released or each month. Obviously for opchan it's monthly. We are "creating" a space for gun talk. It's art.
>> No. 11050 ID: 632b3e
>Unsure of how much of the donation pie goes directly to creators and how much goes to the site though.

Looks like they are taking some of a cut, of $8 pledged monthly so far they are taking $1, not sure if that scales upward.
>> No. 11051 ID: fd0828
I'll pledge $5 per month. I get at least that much enjoyment out of the site. That's $.17 cents a day.
>> No. 11052 ID: 632b3e
File 148314905284.jpg - (40.42KB , 750x834 , 15697939_242337346198240_3554096271673259519_n.jpg )

Thanks! The pledges are stacking up. I will personally pledge a few bucks as well.

For those who desire email addresses, send me an email in the new year... like Jan 3rd. I started the obliteration process a few hours ago and I have no intention of stopping until 2016 is no more.
>> No. 11053 ID: cdc490
Fuck that. Can I still paypal money to operations@operatorchan.org?
>> No. 11054 ID: 632b3e

>> No. 11055 ID: 632b3e

It's not like paypal doesn't take a cut too, you know.
>> No. 11056 ID: cdc490
Can I send a money order!?
>> No. 11057 ID: 632b3e

Of course, but then you've got postage to consider. Somebody's always skimming.

If you're serious send me an email and I'll give you an address to mail it to.
>> No. 11058 ID: c01ca7
File 148331778625.jpg - (93.93KB , 540x675 , arms.jpg )
Donated 25 shekels.
Any word on something like a raffle or something? I always liked those.
I would also dig an operatorchan email address for shits and giggles.
>> No. 11059 ID: 632b3e

an email address you shall have.

We can do a raffle, just need some prizes.
>> No. 11060 ID: 454a4b
File 14833537948.jpg - (442.09KB , 1700x1138 , wasteland_2___desert_rangers_by_andreewallin-d4w67.jpg )
>Any word on something like a raffle or something?

I'm donating:
- Shadowrun: Dragonfall
- Wasteland 2: Director's Cut
to the raffle (Steam only).

Sending physical swag from euroland would be too expensive.
>> No. 11061 ID: 82a3e8
Ill donate next paycheck (week or two)

Cause I wants to operate emailandia
>> No. 11062 ID: 7f0da2
File 148363912998.png - (1.26MB , 1040x1068 , Screenshot_20170105-100500~2.png )
Those who have donated either via PayPal or Patreon and want an opchan email address please email me with your preferred address and I will set you up.
>> No. 11063 ID: 04fa50
So what's the easiest way to turn my debit card into server funds?
>> No. 11066 ID: 632b3e

Click this monstrosity while I set up a donation button for the site.

>> No. 11067 ID: 632b3e
Ok donation button is up, check the bottom of the page.
>> No. 11068 ID: 632b3e
and the top of the page
>> No. 11069 ID: 632b3e
File 148413993726.jpg - (104.56KB , 960x960 , 14264812_244077782656124_7105990772110426917_n.jpg )
A couple more donations and patreons trickling in, thanks guys!
>> No. 11070 ID: 9723b1
Was your dog bitten by a ginger? When did he become scottish?
>> No. 11071 ID: 632b3e
File 14845807375.jpg - (170.87KB , 628x316 , 4590EE5DFDECB574CC219D0AB3442_h316_w628_m5_cOvigbx.jpg )

My dog has always been a ginger, but that is just a random internet dog.

Also just received another donation. Thanks and let me know if you want an email address.
>> No. 11072 ID: 632b3e
Jesus Fucking Christ.

So, paypal is fucking with us hard. Don't send any more to the paypal link.
>> No. 11073 ID: 632b3e
Paypal is gay. I am resolving the issue but I'm really tired of dealing with them.
>> No. 11074 ID: e8bac3
File 148608767814.jpg - (33.79KB , 472x840 , president shit.jpg )
Any details as to what they did?
>> No. 11075 ID: 632b3e

Yeah, I just got off the phone with their customer service. They think everything is money laundering. The issue SHOULD be resolved but I'm pretty much done with using paypal for this purpose. It's just too risky since they can always freeze what's in your account at any given time. Our funds are safe, but I would recommend using the Patreon for any donations as I can put those right into opchan's bank account.
>> No. 11077 ID: 0017bf
Can I please have an address to which I can send a money order?
>> No. 11078 ID: 632b3e

Shoot me an email real quick
>> No. 11079 ID: 632b3e
File 148734258840.jpg - (15.83KB , 480x270 , 2016-03-20-taxation.jpg )
As an update to this, I've closed down the opchan paypal since it is continually being flagged and locked. I've moved the money back to the bank account.

Patreon uses Stripe to move money, but of course that isn't a platform we can use like paypal.

Does anyone have suggestions for other payment processors that are as convenient as paypal?
>> No. 11081 ID: 632b3e

Gunpal ended up being an actual scam.
>> No. 11082 ID: b70387
This seems like the most direct competitor to PayPal for this purpose. A lot of the same risks, too, I'm sure. Seems like it's biased towards moving money directly into a bank account, which is probably the way to go.
>> No. 11083 ID: 632b3e

Yep. I have a feeling it will present most of the same problems as paypal though. I did use it to accept some donations last time.
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