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File 134811342432.png - (51.34KB , 338x288 , 1341928282124.png )
1886 No. 1886 ID: 3ea49f

Today I discovered that there is an .mp3 file on my hard drive that is corrupt and it cannot be ignored, it must be removed. The problem is, I can't interact with it in any way, shape, or form. If I try to move or delete the file, windows explorer freezes up and is rendered impossible to turn off or unfreeze itself. The same thing happens if I interact with the folder that contains the .mp3 file. Ending its process in the task manager doesn't work, it doesn't turn off, it just stays frozen. The only way to unfuck my computer is to restart it, but even then it freezes during the shut down process forcing me to hold down the power button to force the shut down. Doing this process in safe mode doesn't work either.

I have a 64-bit version of windows 7 by the way, if that helps at all.
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>> No. 1887 ID: 3ea49f
I'm going through this with the ventrillo guys and apparently my computer has viruses.

I'm scared.
>> No. 1888 ID: ffba8d
>im scared

I'm so sorry, but I laughed my ass off.

And before it's mentioned, I've been in your same spot multiple times.

Back up everything that isn't the file, be prepared to wipe out EVERYTHING.
>> No. 1889 ID: 3ea49f
I understand that it may seem humorous to others but I'm dead serious this is probably the only phobia I've ever had in my life. I've never had a virus before, and I've always been scared of getting one. This is the sort of stuff that I have nightmares about. I'm serious.
>> No. 1890 ID: 3ea49f
I don't know what I'll do if I have to resort to nuking my hard drives...

This is terrible...
>> No. 1891 ID: 87df60
This is when a linux live disk comes in handy.

You can boot it up, and then backup or delete anything you want.
>> No. 1892 ID: 3ea49f
what if i accidentally back up a virus infected file?!!?
>> No. 1893 ID: 95c305
dude what?

I've deliberately downloaded suspicious shit just to see what would happen on numerous occasions.

Viruses aint shit.
>> No. 1894 ID: 3ea49f
That's scary...
>> No. 1895 ID: 609d6f
I use something called "unlocker" to cull shit like that.

Seems to work well enough.
>> No. 1896 ID: 2df157
I'm going to tell you what every Geek Squad employee is going to do when they take your near hundred dollars and smile to your face.

Get an external hard drive, back up everything that isn't the virus, and just reformat your hard drive. I'm very certain you have your disk somewhere. It's no worries, this kind of thing will happen from time to time. Just breath and it'll be ok.

And one last thing, download Avast free anti-virus.

Here's the link:

Just take the free version, it should supply anything you need and buying the further versions is only an inefficient use of your money.
>> No. 1897 ID: 2883cc
File 134811614039.jpg - (24.91KB , 257x267 , r16718_k261534_1283193644057.jpg )

gooey pls

My sides are in orbit.
>> No. 1898 ID: c52779
>i fuk compooter it hiss at penis
>> No. 1899 ID: c52779
today gooey learned what "rmdir /s /q" does
>> No. 1900 ID: ac76db
Problem solved. Problem staying solved.
>> No. 1901 ID: ffba8d
What's terrible is sudden hard drive knocking when you have the perfect laptop for your needs.

That fucking sucked.
I was playing HL2 because no one new the difference between an Army IBM T40 I had compared to the Navy's IBM R52s.
That shit was hilarious.

The Navy gave our high school laptops to see how well it would aid in the educational system.
I think it was a stupid idea, considering we just crashed the server with Halo and Counterstrike repeatedly.
>> No. 1902 ID: 3ea49f
you fucking made me delete everything in that directory ;_;

i guess NSR really does = SOP

so much avoidable collateral damage...

do you know how many IOSYS albums there are!?!?
>> No. 1903 ID: 609d6f
Next up:

"Delete System 32".
>> No. 1904 ID: b5ff32

I think I'm good now.

That's fucking hilarious because PJ forewarned you about losing shit in >>28777

That was good. I needed a laugh like that.

Oh, and >>28787
>That pic
>soren what are you doing
>> No. 1905 ID: 2883cc
File 134811993322.jpg - (70.24KB , 400x315 , 1325922897196.jpg )
So nothing of value was lost then.

It's OK gooey, it's for the better.
>> No. 1906 ID: 394c39
Are you trolling, I mean are you making this thread as a tech joke thread?

Assuming it's not trolling, the original you found is probably some thing like "AZIS - Mrazish.MP3.EXE" so it looks like MP3 file but with hidden extension it is actually an EXE file and when you try to open it, that's when it load the virus on your computer.


Video related: it's the song you were trying to download... enjoy
>> No. 1907 ID: 3ea49f
File 134812080359.png - (336.27KB , 1920x1080 , Untitled.png )
this one

(Rule 6, >/jp/ - Otaku Culture)
>> No. 1908 ID: c52779
File 134812080443.jpg - (194.55KB , 490x580 , lube up.jpg )
there's no 'trolling' where we're going
>> No. 1909 ID: 394c39
Download Hitman Pro and run it


Select the "One time scan" and when it's done scanning activate the free license and you should be good to go.
>> No. 1910 ID: 3ea49f

the .mp3 file has nothing to do with the viruses

it's just an IOSYS anime house project .mp3 file that got corrupted from the harsh USB file transfering i endured upon it
>> No. 1911 ID: ffba8d
This thread better get /arch/ived.

I sense the hilarity is still going to rise.
>> No. 1912 ID: 2883cc
File 134812274255.jpg - (171.71KB , 1154x420 , wut.jpg )
With gooey around, the laughs never cease.

Especially when the parrot is involved.
>> No. 1913 ID: c52779


>> No. 1915 ID: ffba8d
File 134813452665.gif - (559.32KB , 400x276 , n145820_HAHAHA HAHAHA.gif )

I bet that bird ends up on his shoulder every fucking game now because of this.

And I will hear the incessant bitching of revenge being taken through the grapevine.
>> No. 1916 ID: a94405

Have the Avast, no viruses so far for years, eventhough in times now forgotten I DLed mp3s off P2P networks with LimeWire.


Have it, love it, would kill for it.


I probably got trolled hard though, right?
>> No. 1917 ID: bf4766
File 134814039027.jpg - (62.37KB , 247x248 , 1318560680994.jpg )
>This fucking thread
>> No. 1918 ID: b0e602
Hey, so I get virus' every once in a while and what I use is Spybot Search and Destroy. At first I was kind of skeptical to use it. But when my computer had a fucking Russian virus (it literally controlled everything, couldn't go to any other web page except the page to buy there "anti-virus" software, my uncle downloaded Spybot S&D, ran it, and it worked just like new.

It's not really a virus protector, but more of an eliminator.

It gives you the choice of deleting specific files that it deems "virus'".

I fucking love it.

There are also versions that you can pay for that are supposedly "better", but the free version works just fine.

Here's the download:

Aaand.. Just in case you're skeptical, here's the wikipedia link:
>> No. 1919 ID: b0e602

>> No. 1920 ID: b3494e
File 134814691474.png - (3.66KB , 203x221 , 134106687352.png )
Could be worse. He could have made you re-magnetize your hard drive...
>> No. 1921 ID: 3ed20f
File 134814726675.jpg - (47.87KB , 590x365 , autistic-it-consultant.jpg )
That picture....AUTISM.

This entire thread is "special".
>> No. 1922 ID: f9beb8
As funny as that thread is, I feel bad for the kid, his pappy probably gave him a serious whooping.

At least he learned that the Internet is srsbisnis
>> No. 1923 ID: 3ea49f
File 134817048355.gif - (86.32KB , 312x381 , 1332104675278.gif )
apparently avira was reporting a false positive and i never had a virus all along

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