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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 138687312957.jpg - (95.93KB , 500x491 , XM177 fixed stock.jpg )
4151 No. 4151 ID: 535c76
For Tiggle: XM177 with a field mod VFG and a fixed stock instead of the standard 2-position collapsible stock.
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>> No. 4152 ID: 535c76
File 138687329899.jpg - (174.08KB , 831x585 , XM177 57mm shell handguard.jpg )
On the topic of Vietnam era field mods, here's an XM177 upper (what's left of it) with a handguard made out of a 57mm recoilless rifle shell.

The world's first freefloat aluminum handguard?
>> No. 4153 ID: ebcfe0
But... how is it on there?
I know it's a field mod but I'm wondering how it's attached, is it a wingnut or something on the otherside of a standard grip?
>> No. 4155 ID: ebcfe0
>> No. 4156 ID: 535c76
File 138687803187.jpg - (327.68KB , 1000x704 , xm177e2-005.jpg )
Also because PJ pointed out that I failed to answer the first part of your question, here is a guide. Now u can b high speed 2.

>> No. 4157 ID: 4d0f7d
Yup, the exact tutorial I used for my AR in the picture thread, except I used a leftover A2 grip since I'm not fond of the finger-shelf as the primary grip. So mine is more like a field expedient Somalia mod than Vietnam.
>> No. 4158 ID: 7108c4
File 138689356420.jpg - (32.18KB , 470x547 , 132729852259.jpg )
Forgot to say, I dig your SBR. I just think it needs an Aimpoint 3000 or something. Maybe some desert colors rattlecan.

moar XM177 field mod
>> No. 4159 ID: 7108c4
File 138689401118.jpg - (50.07KB , 877x443 , XM177 Swastika.jpg )
One more.

IIRC This particular XM177 belonged to a SOG Operator. The bullet strike on the mag occurred during an cross-border operation.
>> No. 4160 ID: 22504e
That just looks like the XM607 collapsible stock to me.
>> No. 4161 ID: 7108c4
File 138689496264.jpg - (85.96KB , 750x549 , XM-177 Gayler.jpg )
There were very few 607 stocks made. Not impossible, but it's extremely unlikely. Far more likely that it's just a type C/D stock.

Same with this XM177.

"Capt. William H. Gaylor, commander of Bravo Co., 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment, Americal Division, (left)prepares to lead his men into the Hiep Duc Valley, 35 miles south of Danang. His company had already been into the valley that morning and lost one man killed (KIA) and 13 wounded (WIA). Temperatures were well over 100 degrees. On the right is radio operator Spec. 4 James Sebestyen, 22, of the Bronx, N.Y."

(The photo was shot by Robert Hodierne in August, 1969. )
>> No. 4162 ID: 4d0f7d
>I just think it needs an Aimpoint 3000
I've been tempted to track one down or pick up one of the current production ones, really tempted. The desert camo would also be tempting except I use the same lower for my M4A1 upper that my M203 now live on, will post that setup later.
>> No. 4163 ID: 4d0f7d
File 138689897163.jpg - (161.16KB , 640x480 , dsc00003_jpg_thumbnail0.jpg )
Disregard new production Aimpoint 3000, was confusing it with the old Trijicon Single Point(pic related) that's still sorta made by Armson. Yeah the Aimpoint would be cool too.
>> No. 4164 ID: 1f64a0
God, those little ARs get me hard every time.

I need to build one of these one day.
>> No. 4165 ID: 7108c4
File 138690604395.jpg - (15.14KB , 365x519 , SonTay_Raid.jpg )
I have one of those, NIB. I have plans to build a Son Tay Raider carbine some day to put it on but other stuff has kinda taken priority over new gun builds for a while.
>> No. 4167 ID: 7108c4
File 138690623570.jpg - (1.10MB , 3072x2304 , Singlepoint box.jpg )
So for now it just fills up the Singlepoint shaped empty space on my shelf.
>> No. 4168 ID: a468a6
My grandpa has one of these on his Remington 1100, I didn't know how fucking operator he used to be.
>> No. 4169 ID: a0d79e
File 138693528239.jpg - (21.19KB , 317x321 , kjhgdf.jpg )
that's funny. i also have one filling a singlepoint shaped empty space. got it in an indiana jones moment.
>> No. 4170 ID: 7108c4
File 13869453435.jpg - (48.14KB , 720x445 , shelf.jpg )
Yeah, I suffer from Indiana Jones Syndrome. My shelf currently contains: A partial, all original Rhodesian FAL parts kit, partial Colt-Armalite 601 furniture set, miscellaneous M16A1 bits, an Armalite prototype FSB, and various other odds and ends.

I'm currently searching for a left side 601 handguard, since I only have the right side. But I refuse to pay the retarded asking prices for complete sets like this. http://www.sturmgewehr.com/webBBS/parts.cgi?read=331849

(I've got some other junk stuffed elsewhere not shown in this pic)
>> No. 4171 ID: ed10c5
File 13869644088.jpg - (450.95KB , 1417x1729 , M407A1.jpg )
I've got a friend right now that has an all original M407 40mm practice grenade, with the complete spinner fuze in it. Some mook walked up to his table at a gunshow and sold it for $20. Problem is he wants to shoot it and I'm trying to get him to sell it to me. Pic related, the M407A1 with dummy fuze I currently have in my collection.
>> No. 4172 ID: 6e8a30
Holy shit that looks cool.

And really well done for a field mod. I mean, shit, I'd pay money for something like that.
>> No. 4173 ID: a0d79e
oh man i was climbing through my friend's closet a while ago and found three and a half fal parts kits, one of which was a rhodie. i dug elsewhere and found two 'new' century uppers. it was on until i realized that EVERY dimension in both of them was wrong. literally every dimension. incredible.
>> No. 4174 ID: 7647b6
Nerd moment here: what is different about the prototype FSB compared to a standard one?
>> No. 4175 ID: 6a087c
File 138699605920.jpg - (28.19KB , 747x434 , Armalite prototype M16A1 comparison.jpg )
Yoinked some pictures off google images to do a side by side comparison.

Top is an Armalite Prototype rifle, bottom is a 603/M16A1. Note the different FSBs.
>> No. 4176 ID: 6a087c
File 138699634439.jpg - (16.46KB , 413x311 , FSB comparison.jpg )
Better comparison of FSBs. Standard on the left, prototype on the right. They're basically just entirely different designs.

Aside from the originals (which are on the original Armalite prototype rifles, almost all in the Reed Armalite museum. Maybe 2 or 3 spares in private hands.) there was a run of something like 100 reproductions made after someone got their hands on an original. Someone on arfcom bought 2 and was nice enough to sell me his spare at cost.

I'll take some pics of mine and post them tomorrow. Eventually I'll get the rest of the parts to build a prototype clone, but that probably won't be for quite some time. That's kinda most of why I enjoy retro builds, it's just fun going to shows and whatnot, hunting for pieces. It's like operator archeology.
>> No. 4177 ID: ed10c5
What's the little wangdoodle sticking up in front of the FSB, bayo lug?
>> No. 4178 ID: 46b9d2
File 138703415020.jpg - (19.60KB , 640x480 , AR10_BayonetMounted.jpg )
Kinda yeah.

Here's a Portuguese AR10 with a bayo mounted, you can see it works the same way.
>> No. 4179 ID: 46b9d2
File 138703426538.jpg - (222.31KB , 1200x854 , AR10_BayonetSudanese.jpg )
And a Sudanese AR10 bayonet, which is a different pattern than the Port one, but gives you a good idea of how the locking mechanism works.
>> No. 4180 ID: 9ae271
That's really interesting. I really do enjoy reading about prototype/early production design - the evolution of design is fascinating
>> No. 4181 ID: 6a087c
File 138703735479.jpg - (97.84KB , 1024x465 , Armalite prototype clone brown paint.jpg )
Me too. It's amazing to me that the original prototypes were designed in a time when jet power was still fairly new and everyone thought it was space magic.

I was really hoping to get a matching upper and lower set of prototype receivers from NoDak some time this year to start working on mine but some other stuff has come up and I don't think I'll be buying or building any gunstuff for quite a while.

Here's a really good clone built by bangboompow of Arfcom's retro section. He opted to just use standard furniture and a reproduction handguard from NDS and paint them brown, rather than try to track down the rare and often expensive original bakelite furniture.
>> No. 4182 ID: 574233
File 138740625456.jpg - (4.62MB , 3648x2736 , P1010281.jpg )
Found some pics of early AR-10's in an old book I found at work. Aparently they had titanium barrels, but they burst after few shot's so this was abandoned after a while.
>> No. 4183 ID: 574233
File 138740637174.jpg - (4.78MB , 3648x2736 , P1010282.jpg )
>> No. 4184 ID: 574233
File 138740643650.jpg - (3.78MB , 3648x2736 , P1010283.jpg )
>> No. 4185 ID: 997fb4
File 138741493568.jpg - (176.54KB , 800x600 , 12.jpg )
I've always dug the experimental muzzle brake on that prototype.

Here's a few of jntmjt1's prototype clones. He has, by far the nicest clone collection (mostly because he has fuckloads of money to play with). He had a one-off clone of the muzzle brake machined for one of his builds, which can be seen here.
>> No. 4186 ID: e38105
Is there a place where you can buy a retro AR-15 or retro AR-10 with the wood and everything?
>> No. 4187 ID: 56e478
File 139476609310.jpg - (3.27MB , 4128x2322 , 20140313_013039.jpg )
Gotta diy it

Be jelly of my mottled grips
>> No. 4188 ID: d9d5dc
I've always wondered what kinds of exotic materials you could use to improve barrel durability (like Armalite tried with the titanium). Apparently M60 and M2 barrels are partially lined with a cobalt-chromium alloy called Stellite for wear resistance, and Inconel gets used in suppressors (and absurdly expensive KAC and AAC flash hiders). Although from a bit of reading, all these superalloys used for things like turbine blades are incredibly hard to work with, and harden extremely quickly when machined. So...smoothbore sabot rounds?

Which of course leads to another vague idea I had, osmium-iridium alloy projectiles for extreme-range shooting. Probably similar to a scaled-down APFSDS tank shell, although I feel like you'd need exotic propellants to get something that heavy up to the necessary velocity. Maybe some kind of high explosive, or even make them rocket-assisted. You'd probably be looking at something more like a small artillery piece for that, though...put one of those new computerized scopes on it and you could do some real damage.
>> No. 4189 ID: 540b32
I can tell you that the barrels made by FN for the M2, QCB and M2 Open-bolt, sure as hell dont use no fancy pancy material for wear-resitance, same old chrome lining as ever. Wich by the way flakes of after a few thousand rounds, and there goes all hope of ever hitting something.
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