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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 141942140249.jpg - (427.04KB , 640x485 , calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutions.jpg )
5419 No. 5419 ID: 4bab19
A time of New Year's Resolutions and Change (TM) is upon us again, gentlemen. In the past years, we've gone for the Keep Calm and Carry On approach. This year will be different.

What we aim to do is to replace all three current administrators, as well as make some changes to the moderator staff. We've long thought about what would be the best way to put this into action, but we never really found a good way to do it. We decided to put it off, until we found a better solution. This has however led to a stalemate. We've now decided to go with the "least bad" approach we could think of to regain momentum.

So how will this be set into motion? First of all, we're asking for volunteers for the three open administrator slots. Everyone is welcome to place their candidacy (this includes current mods), but for obvious reasons you must have (had) an active role in the community that has been recognisable enough for us to know you.
The administrators carry the responsibility to keep OPchan running (though not necessarily technically) and together they decide the direction into which to take OPchan. Practically this means drafting moderating rules which are enforced by the moderators, making advertisement deals, making sure the bills get paid, organising donation drives and being the primary point of contact for OPchan. Although money will be part of your responsibilities, it's not a direct concern right now since OPchan is in fine financial health.
From the list of candidates, the current OPchan staff will elect the new administrators. If there is a tie, the current administrators will act as tie breakers, using their casting votes.

Once the new administrators have been elected, their first task will be to go through the list of volunteers for the moderator positions and appoint those they think fit the bill. The new moderators will complement the current ones.

Candidates for the administrator or moderator positions can say so in this thread (be sure include your email address) or mail me directly if you prefer to keep things under wraps.

Good luck, merry xmas & a happy new year to all.
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>> No. 5580 ID: be618e
Jedi is a jerk and disabled commenting to oppress me.
>> No. 5581 ID: b4be3c
File 142149051732.png - (63.09KB , 600x3150 , i4U7xyJ.png )
>Belgians are natural born diplomats... Or was that door mats, I can never remember. :)
>> No. 5582 ID: b4be3c
File 142149057765.jpg - (55.48KB , 378x481 , Belg-GeenDoorgang.jpg )
>Belgians are natural born diplomats... Or was that door mats, I can never remember. :)

What part of "no thoroughfare" do you not understand? :(
>> No. 5583 ID: b4be3c
File 142149133228.png - (275.20KB , 720x4617 , HandsOff.png )
>I for one applaud godverdomme for the way he handled this. Job well done. I really didn't expect it from a Belgian.

Giving up power goes against every fiber in my Belgian body (pic related), but it had to be done.
But now I'll just keep manipulating things from the shadows. FEAR ME.

>So... Who is Octanitrocubane? I swear I have never seen that name around here.

Situational awareness of a fucking rock? You really don't even recognize the name?

He posts plenty (/k/, /v/, /s/, /vg/, etc), is always on IRC and doesn't troll or give into trolls. He's just not a big fan of the blogosphere which is /t/, I guess.
As for who he actually is? Probably an NSA plant.


I'm going to guess he will remain OPchan's living god for decades to come. ;)

>Why is all the text disappearing?

It's called censorship. All praise the new administration or die. Dissent will not be tolerated. Repression for all.
Someone created a faulty word filter and it started eating text (cuz KusabaX sucks). So it's more like inexperience/ineptitude than malevolence. It happens when people suddenly get access to new toys they want to try out.
>> No. 5584 ID: 218242
File 142149453998.jpg - (80.43KB , 764x600 , bigliberty.jpg )
Long live the 3rd OPchan Republic
>> No. 5585 ID: 7d8bca
And just when I thought I had job security...
>> No. 5587 ID: 9e2974
>do it for free
>> No. 5588 ID: 52aa49
Well any step away from SwissGirl is a change for the worse in my opinion. Frankenglock handled the every outside business (Websleuth etc) very well and Goverdomme is so neutral I think she's from a country called Beigeium.

Fuck it, might as well be honest.
Right off the bat Jedi is gonna abuse his power. He almost had an orgasm when the gamergate thread got unstickied, and he's voiced opinions against new users before. I'd hate to see Darth Weiner react to getting his shit pushed in during an internet argument.
Octanitrocubane is an unknown, how is he an active member?
CC is the only level head in the bunch and it's a toss up if he can keep the other two within the limits of the website rules, away from abuse.

Overall a precarious set of choices at best.

>> No. 5589 ID: 06a0fb
>Octanitrocubane is an unknown, how is he an active member?

He's been around for years. I've been visiting OpChan since 2009, if the dates for pics are right from my opchan downloads. He's been around almost as long as I have, if not longer because I came into opChan long after it was founded.
>> No. 5591 ID: 1fb1a6

You realize I've had the power to ban/delete people who disagree with me for years, right? Other than occasional nudges from GVD we have been running on autopilot for a long while so if I was interested in abusing my "power" I would have already been doing it. I've also been managing opchan's financial reserves pretty much since the changeover to swiss & co... so unfortunately your accusations are groundless.

But thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion.
>> No. 5592 ID: 197a0f
Jedi has had the ability to abuse his power here for years, and hasn't, he's been in control of the donation account since right after relaunch, and has been a de facto admin for a while, this just makes it official. He's got the time and ability and experience. Trust me when I say that he might disagree with something as a user, but he's not going to wave the big stick just because he disagrees with you, only if you break the rules.

I've known Octi for years via IRC, and furthermore he has been around longer than nearly anyone else on OPchan, he just flies under the radar, which is one of my main reasons for picking him with my vote. He's a level-headed, solid guy with the time and desire to do a good job.

CC needs no real backing, he's been an excellent moderator and will be an excellent administrator.

I'm glad we had some very high quality users step up to fill our spots, they are taking on more work than many of the users realize, so give them a bit of leeway in the first few weeks once they get things dialed in. I'm sure once they get together and chat they'll have some sort of new and shiny direction to take OPchan in, so patience, dear friends.
>> No. 5593 ID: af7c4e
File 142155166391.jpg - (70.74KB , 403x222 , 1403434407763.jpg )
Jedi's an okay cat. He's more than capable of being a decent mod, though he can be a bit trollish at times. And, he looks like a sexy Matt Damon.

CC is CC. 'Nuff said.

Octanitrocubane, if I recall correctly, is a massive /o/fag, but not australian, so he's probably cool.
>> No. 5594 ID: be618e
Not really situational awareness, its a trip heavy site, he has a trip that doesn't stand out and rarely posts outside of the boards I rarely visit such as /s/ and /v/. I do recall him from /vg/ now as I've read a lot of his stuff there but like I said, its a bland name for me, it never stuck. I'm honestly surprised I've never noticed him seeing as I've been pretty active here since right about the time the site started and I was on kinder for a while before that.

At any rate he just hasn't been a hugely active member of the OPchan community, I was expecting the admins to be Jedi and CC for sure and Meplat, Mammoth, or Bats as possibilities. I'm sure he will do fine though. I don't worry about any of you overstepping your powers because to be honest it feels like CC and jedi just don't care enough to put forth the effort, its hard to run a site but to control it with an iron grip? Thats a lot of work and I feel like they just don't care enough to go through the trouble. I figure things will be pretty much the same admin wise, the new mods may shake things up a bit though.
>> No. 5595 ID: cb5ffa
Did you remember to have all the new admins sign their legally binding contract before they began moderating like another imageboard does?

>> No. 5596 ID: 5fffa0
File 142157230794.jpg - (72.81KB , 664x720 , 314933_309543112477628_1348727884_n.jpg )
As someone who's been on opchan since the start(under a different trip and anon) I approve of this. Anyone complaining about these people being voted in have clearly not been on opchan for more than a year. Or maybe I'm just a grognard.
>> No. 5597 ID: b4be3c
File 142159206497.jpg - (93.36KB , 612x612 , 69Tu9Vx.jpg )
>At any rate he just hasn't been a hugely active member of the OPchan community, I was expecting the admins to be Jedi and CC for sure and Meplat, Mammoth, or Bats as possibilities.

I think he's more active than you realize.
As for your alternatives, you have to be a candidate for being admin before you can be elected as admin. It's not a game of tag.

I think the mod vote will be a lot more painful, since so many valued members have stepped forward (publicly and privately). I don't envy the new admins in having to make a ruling on this...

>Did you remember to have all the new admins sign their legally binding contract before they began moderating like another imageboard does?

Unlike 4chan, failure to meet standards on OPchan is met by a bullet to the back of the head. It's another kind of contract.
>> No. 5598 ID: 5da4bb
I'm on this site for several hours a day every day and I've NEVER seen this guy post.
>> No. 5599 ID: b5332d
>Unlike 4chan, failure to meet standards on OPchan is met by a bullet to the back of the head. It's another kind of contract.
It's true. What, you think that's really SwissGuy posting? SwissGuy hasn't posted in years...
>> No. 5600 ID: 52aa49
>he's not going to wave the big stick just because he disagrees with you, only if you break the rules.
That's not a lot of comfort considering he can just wait for someone he hates to make the most minor mistake and completely fuck them over. He was a mod before, there were other mods and on top of that admins to deal with it if he stepped out of line, as an admin there's not much in the way of a second recourse now.
I'll take your word for OCN and I know CC is decent.

Apparently none of the decent people applied for an admin position.
>> No. 5601 ID: 1fb1a6

I don't know what on earth I did to make you think I'm that vindictive. The only person I treat like that is serv, and even with him I start to feel kind of bad.

Anyway, hopefully time will assuage your concerns.
>> No. 5602 ID: 9857c9
I think he's a masochist who's just asking for a ban :)
>> No. 5603 ID: 1fb1a6

He's smart though cause if I ban him his point will be proven. Internet martyrdom.
>> No. 5604 ID: cb5ffa
I don't know why people are upset that Jedi is admin now. He voices his opinions but I've never seen anyone banned for disagreeing with him (otherwise I'd be permabanned ages ago.)

I'm glad CC is back for obvious reasons.

I actually recognize Octo from being a longtime poster on /vg/ and on other boards. The fact that so many people don't know who he is despite him being here forever is a good sign. It means he doesn't piss people off or start stupid drama. Glad to have him as a mod.

Penis mod when?
>> No. 5605 ID: 06a0fb

Oct's the OP in these two threads. He's posted in hundreds more. He's been here for years. He mostly lurks moar, like you should be since you haven't ever paid any attention to him.

I, for one, have no problems with any of the selections for admin positions. Welcome to the new admins.
>> No. 5606 ID: 5da4bb
Will the new mods ban a certain Makarov-less poster from /dmz/? That's a very important issue to me.
>> No. 5607 ID: e61c4d

It is a testament to my restraint and ability to yield to the judgement of my peers that serv is not perma'd from the zone.
>> No. 5608 ID: 52aa49
First of all the fact that you're even contemplating it is pretty damn telling. Second of all, it's more like if I get banned by new admins for voicing a concern I'll knows the new change in administration was for the worse and can move on.
>> No. 5609 ID: 06a0fb
> if I get banned by new admins for voicing a concern I'll knows the new change in administration was for the worse and can move on.

And if you don't get banned, you can continue visiting in a state of indecision and apprehensiveness, forever unsure whether the admin changeover was good or bad.
>> No. 5610 ID: 097fc9
> The only person I treat like that is serv, and even with him I start to feel kind of bad.

I started feeling bad picking on serv too, I had to image dump on the thread he start in /t/ because he was getting ragged on because of my two posts.

Though I own a computer store and some what into tech, running a web site like this I am absolute noob/clueless, deleting threads, enforcing rules, checking the site on a very regular bases that I can do.
>> No. 5611 ID: 1fb1a6

Dude, calm down. If you don't break any rules you aren't going to get banned.
>> No. 5612 ID: 562ab0
>Former OperatorChan admin Godverdomme implicated in accepting bribes for votes in new administration election.

>Former administrator Godverdomme has been charged with accepting bribes in the form of waffles and other pastries and confectioneries. Amid rumors and upsets over the results of the election, some dissenters were crying foul and claiming that the results were skewed.

>One of the concerns raised was that of Octanitrocubane being granted an administrator seat on the Council of Tripfags in the Department of Circlejerking. Some were taken aback. Poster 5da4bb was one the dissenters saying in a statement, "I don't even fucking know the guy." Others still pointed out how a guy posting here for over 5 years and in this very thread could not be a known figure. The debate continues.

>Others were more concerned with pressing tripfag issues like banning serv. Still, the allegation of Godverdomme accepting pastries for political favors has rocked the OPERATORchan community. When reached for comment, Godverdomme's own spokesperson brushed off such concerns. "He's fucking Belgian. What did you expect? These guys didn't even have a fucking government for 2 years."

>RELATED: Jedi Dachshund questioned over discrepancy in OPERATORchan OPERATING fund.
>OTHER NEWS: Shortage of Milk Bone treats puzzles economists.
>> No. 5614 ID: cb5ffa
File 142164690124.png - (97.51KB , 680x680 , a1a.png )
>all these OPERATORS turning against Jedi
>Soon they will boot him
>Octo will take over Jedi admin rolls
>2 months later CC dies in a mysterious boating accident
>Octo takes over as supreme overlord of Opchan
>All according to plan

>> No. 5615 ID: 06a0fb
File 142164757353.gif - (30.28KB , 600x600 , NFTpop340.gif )
how fitting. the next bond film is about SPECTRE.
>> No. 5616 ID: 5b31ee
Hey, what's the word on janitors?

Because the number if anonymous shitposts has gone way up in the last 24 hours or so.
>> No. 5617 ID: be618e
There have been a lot of OPERATOR shitposts in the last day or so, whats up with that?
>> No. 5618 ID: c3e6b2
File 142168101688.jpg - (80.89KB , 1024x558 , 7615599_orig.jpg )
New blood coming into the site getting acclimated

Pic: something else getting acclimated
>> No. 5620 ID: b4be3c
>These guys didn't even have a fucking government for 2 years.

I resent that! We had one less government than usual, but still far too many!

>Hey, what's the word on janitors?

Previous doctrine was to have enough moderators and no janitors. Since if you trust people enough to have them on as janitors, why not have them on as mods? The new admins might feel differently on this issue though.
>> No. 5621 ID: a400b9
Applying to be an admin counts as applying to be a mod...right?
>> No. 5622 ID: 052639
Who won the admin raffle? Did CC win?
>> No. 5623 ID: 9e2974
>> No. 5624 ID: 052639
Long live the new republic
>> No. 5625 ID: 0abb01
Ur a faget
>> No. 5626 ID: b4be3c
File 142177589691.jpg - (107.25KB , 550x242 , 1334478595276.jpg )
>Applying to be an admin counts as applying to be a mod...right?

Well, no. It's not because you want to be an admin that you also want to be a mod by default.

See >>92623
>Guys, please specify if you're volunteering for mod, admin or both. :)

That said, I don't think the admins have made their mind up yet, but there's many candidates.
>> No. 5627 ID: bcbd7f
By way of an update, we've come to a consensus on the mod choices - expect updates as we get confirmations and set them up behind the scenes. After new staff is situated, the next step will be reviewing rules.
>> No. 5628 ID: 91fbcf
Just to confirm, this thread is going to be archived, correct?
>> No. 5629 ID: b3840d

>> No. 5631 ID: 369bd6
File 142247356344.jpg - (636.96KB , 2875x2106 , 7uqBRjM.jpg )
After reviewing the list of candidates, the admins have come to a consensus on four new moderators for the board. The new mods are:


With the new moderators in place and getting up to speed, our next plan of action will be to evaluate the board rules for possible changes.
>> No. 5632 ID: 9e2974
> evaluate the board rules for possible changes.
Would you consider allowing Grannies in Hoboken again in /n/? If it gets out of hand could you just make a sticky for it. I understand if you are against the idea.
>> No. 5633 ID: e760f8

/n/ is, as usual, a hot topic for rule changes - I dont want to jump the gun on announcing things that arent finalized but /n/ will likely be less restrictive.

Rather than ontinue in this thread, please make a rule change wishlist in /sug/ for us to peruse.

Congrats to the new mods. They have wide discretion in enforcing the rules as written. Be gentle to them while they learn the ropes.
>> No. 5634 ID: 9e2974
Okay done.
Good luck, new Mods!
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