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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 143552034165.jpg - (85.38KB , 1240x775 , money-makes-you-happy-ftr.jpg )
5898 No. 5898 ID: e7f332
Ladies, Gentleman, or (Other),

It is time once again to refill the coffers. As you may know, Operatorchan is completely funded by its users. So far this model has been very successful, with enough money coming in to pay for quality servers that keep us running error-free.

I have detailed the current financial situation here:

The short version is that we have enough in reserve to get us through the end of 2015. Stalwart OPERATORs have already begun pledging their hard earned cash towards extending that timeframe into the glorious future.

But we need more! My primary goal is to raise the $800 or so it costs to run opchan annually. More would be great, but that'd be a great start.

Towards that end, we will be offering prize packs to the top 3 donators and 1 wildcard to be drawn from everyone else. We are currently working on the prize packs but rest assured they will grow as we amass more stuff:

1st Prize: 2 Banana Mags handcrafted by Mammoth, 1 Nikon M-223 scope

2nd Prize: 1 Banana Mag, 1 Haley Strategic disruptive grey t-shirt

3rd Prize: 1 Banana Mag

Wildcard: TBD

We also have in the works a standard prize for everyone who donates at least $10 - more details soon. More items WILL be added to these prize packs.

Donation Drive will run through September 30th. On October 1st we will award the prizes and draw the wildcard.

You can donate through:

Paypal - donations@operatorchan.org (or use the donate button)
Google Wallet - jedidachshund@operatorchan.org

Any other methods, please contact me and we'll work it out. If you want to be considered for the prizes PLEASE include your trip if applicable OR good contact info. Also let me know if you want your trip/donation amount hidden, otherwise we will be publishing the donations so far weekly. If you don't have a trip you'll just appear as OPERATOR.

Please use this thread for questions or email me. Thanks in advance for your generous donations!
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>> No. 5972 ID: 28f237
I somewhat anticipated this and ordered 50 winter patches. There should be enough.
>> No. 5974 ID: e7f332
File 143803824191.jpg - (175.81KB , 1920x1080 , penguins.jpg )



They are exclusive. Any winter patches not claimed during the donation drive will be scattered across both poles so that only the worthy may find them.
>> No. 5975 ID: c550c6
I'll claim mine, you need an address I take it?
>> No. 5976 ID: e7f332

Yeah I am going to round up mailing addresses once the drive is nearing completion. If you send the info to me that will simplify things.
>> No. 5977 ID: de0cbd
>> No. 5978 ID: e7f332
Will do a big update this weekend.

I got a $20 donation on the 17th with no contact info... do you want to be anon? Do you want a patch?
>> No. 5979 ID: 0cb322
T'was me. Ike. I'm no longer tripcoding, and someone else can have the patch. I said I'd donote, but buying a car unplanned and other bills kept me from doing so until now.
>> No. 5980 ID: e7f332

Awesome, thanks!

>big update this weekend

Or y'know, Tuesday. Same thing.
>> No. 5981 ID: de0cbd
File 144279722740.jpg - (1.75MB , 2592x1944 , Prepped.jpg )
10 more days till the Donation Drive ends so I got my lazy ass in gears too. I was just going to prep 3 more to fill the order for the donation drive I went ahead and sand off the 2 extra ones too.

Going to wait till they are dried then it's tape and spray. Should have them done mid week. We gonna need people's address soon. Also I am going to check on the PBE Winter Patch's status.
>> No. 5982 ID: e7f332
File 144279918824.png - (42.24KB , 575x728 , 23234234.png )
Updated chart

If you haven't given us your address and you want stuff, email it to me.
>> No. 5983 ID: 7443a9
sent you an email
>> No. 5984 ID: 90a126
Address sent.
>> No. 5985 ID: de0cbd
File 144316408013.jpg - (2.59MB , 2592x1944 , DSC07967.jpg )
All done - far left one was the first one, next to it has the brown spots (I don't like the way it looks with brown spots through)
>> No. 5986 ID: de0cbd
File 144316411024.jpg - (1.79MB , 2592x1944 , DSC07968.jpg )
Close up on the first 3
>> No. 5987 ID: de0cbd
File 144316413537.jpg - (2.06MB , 2592x1944 , DSC07969.jpg )
last 3
>> No. 5988 ID: 7feea4

I actually really dig the look of these.

Well done.
>> No. 5989 ID: 2404e6
Persec info sent.
>> No. 5990 ID: 8817d4
Addy sent.
>> No. 5991 ID: b89631
File 144365947448.gif - (190.88KB , 300x168 , 143735139251.gif )
I make the email. Is Nice!
>> No. 5992 ID: e7f332
File 144370500298.png - (33.48KB , 496x727 , sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf.png )
It's over!

Winner at the last minute is someone who didn't put their trip in the note but tried to paypalget dubs... it would have been more impressive if you figured out the fees so that the final number was all twos, but I'm not complaining.

I am compiling all the addresses to give to the PBE store who will ship out your patches. I don't know exactly how long that will take. Prize packs for the top 3 will go out soon as well! I know I've got tactikool's address but 222 guy and Prospero make sure you've sent them to me so Mammit and I can start sending you swag.

I will be drawing the wildcard this evening, so stand by for that!

Thanks everyone for a successful donation drive. Opchan is financially in good shape for the next year+, I anticipate doing this again this time next year to ensure we stay that way. It's a testament to the dedication of the users that we are able to stay on the interwebs completely by virtue of user support.
>> No. 5993 ID: e7f332
Through random number generation:

Im Bob Dole is the wildcard winner!

22222 guy has let me know he doesn't want any prizes, so that means the top three are:

>> No. 5994 ID: b89631
Oh dang, I got ruse cruised...22222 guy had me thinking he knocked me out of the running for the Nikon and, more importantly, that sweet, sweet second banana clip.

Thanks 222222man! I'll pitch in $25 more to feel like I earned it.
>> No. 5995 ID: a34477
Holy crap, what is the wildcard prize?
>> No. 5996 ID: e7f332

I will rummage through my gear box and find some nice things for you.
>> No. 5998 ID: bfdb82
File 144462542699.jpg - (58.50KB , 467x700 , Hang In There.jpg )
Are we centralize all the prize then ship it out or send prize from different places converging on winner's location?
>> No. 5999 ID: e7f332
Still need addresses for:



>> No. 6000 ID: e7f332
also DominatusUR
>> No. 6001 ID: e7f332
For those of you whose addresses I got, I've sent them to PBEstore for patch distribution.

We can both just ship directly to the winners, hit me up on the fecesbook.
>> No. 6002 ID: bfdb82
Tacticool and Prospero's Bananan clipz has been shipped out, Sleepy_Eyes' address had some issue with USPS but Jedi helped fix it and will be ship out tomorrow. USPS says Tacticool and Prospero's mags should be there by Saturday.
>> No. 6003 ID: 7443a9
what were the issues?
>> No. 6005 ID: c3e6b2
Jacksonville + zip code didn't come up with an valid PO Box but when we change it to Camp + zip code and that worked. But it has been shipped out and should be there Monday and the other 2 should be there on Saturday (Halloween)
>> No. 6006 ID: b89631
File 14465309128.jpg - (8.20KB , 208x208 , 12144953_1657180207872409_2987709209820954080_n.jpg )
Just got my banana clips, theyre every bit as glorious as I thought they'd be. Thanks Mammit!
>> No. 6007 ID: c3e6b2
File 144657001864.png - (342.17KB , 394x394 , OJUsks5.png )
I am glad you like it but I have a confession to make, I was cleaning up the garage and noticed I use a different rattle can to paint those banana clipz. They were painted with regular yellow not the sun yellow :(

I have dishonored OpChan will commit sudoku
>> No. 6008 ID: c3e6b2
File 144673922045.jpg - (2.90MB , 3072x2304 , DSC06114.jpg )
Fucking A Sleepy_Eyes your stuff came back, USPS couldn't deliver :( do you have a different address to send it to? Email me
>> No. 6009 ID: 7443a9
email sent

Sorry about it. Not the first time my on base PO box has been a problem.
>> No. 6010 ID: b89631
File 14468018024.jpg - (317.26KB , 600x600 , 50shades.jpg )
Well, make some in sun yellow for next years donation drive and I'll have a little color collection going.
>> No. 6011 ID: c3e6b2
Sorry busy weekend with in-laws and stuff, got the banana clipz re-packed and going to drop it off tomorrow for USPS.

Jedi gave me a funny idea painting a 5 or 10 rounder the area that would be covered by the mag well yellow and so when the mag is in the rifle it's just plain looking mag but when you have it out it's banana clipz
>> No. 6012 ID: ebb4ba
>summer donation drive thread
>> No. 6013 ID: c3e6b2
Sorry we are a little slow handing out prizes but started in June and ended in September
>> No. 6014 ID: c3e6b2
File 14487313175.jpg - (39.23KB , 670x381 , Winter is Cumming.jpg )
Hey Romanov, winter is coming what's the ETA on those winter patches?
>> No. 6015 ID: c3e6b2
File 144873136677.jpg - (244.48KB , 730x1095 , Winter Soldiers.jpg )
All the winter soldiers on OpChans are waiting for them :)

> also triple post!
>> No. 6017 ID: ae87b5
File 144923469497.jpg - (62.77KB , 634x415 , article-2575658-1C1A18B900000578-512_634x415.jpg )

Yeah I'm not having any luck getting ahold of him, which is very odd as he is usually very responsive. Anyone have alternate contact info for him? Send it to me, don't post it here.
>> No. 6018 ID: 087d66
Winter patches a no go?
>> No. 6019 ID: ae87b5

We're still working on contacting him, hopefully he isn't dead. If we can't get him by the new year I will get the patches made another way.
>> No. 6020 ID: bfcaff

He's alive and was just tied up by work, patches should start flowing in the new year
>> No. 6021 ID: ae87b5
archiving this thread soon
>> No. 6022 ID: 634497

>The short version is that we have enough in reserve to get us through the end of 2015.

Before you do, how are we doing now?
>> No. 6023 ID: ae87b5

We just paid for January and have enough for all of 2016 + a few months.
>> No. 6024 ID: 634497

Oh, cool! Thanks for taking the time to respond.
>> No. 6025 ID: ae87b5
File 145295743746.jpg - (87.72KB , 407x295 , PiggyBank.jpg )
Until the summer.
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