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File 137273652231.jpg - (22.21KB , 360x240 , jay.jpg )
6275 No. 6275 ID: 70675f
Travyon, played by Jaden Smith, is shown at school, raising his hand in lit class. The wise Hispanic teacher, played by Antonio Banderas, calls on him. Trayvon stand up and recites lines of Shakespeare in a hip, cool, but moving rap. As he sits down Banderas smiles and nods at him with a wise, knowing approval.

Trayvon is seen hanging out after school on the lush greens of the front school yard with his friends, featuring the girl who played Precious, plus a mix of races: a white blonde girl, a Hispanic kid, an Urkel-looking black nerd, a white kid with his hat on backwards. A veritable Burger King Kids Club.

Cut to a dark apartment, where Zimmerman, played by Luis Guzman, is doing pull-ups, with the words FEAR and HATE inked on his knuckles. He then practices shooting his empty gun at himself in a mirror. "You talking to me?" Guzman says. "You in MY neighborhood?" He then sits down to watch Birth of a Nation.

Cut to Trayvon at home, at the dinner table with his parents, played by Jamie Foxx and Maya Angelou. They discuss Tray's future plans of being an airline pilot. "It's a mighty big responsibility," Jamie Foxx says. "Having all those souls onboard." "I know," Jaden/Tray says. "I want to be like Sully some day though."

After dinner his little brother asks him if he can go get some candy and tea. Even though it's raining out, Tray agrees. In slow-mo he zips up his hoody, pulled from the dryer.

Cut to Zimmerman patrolling the streets as rain pours on his uncovered head. He does tuck-and-rolls across neighbors' lawns, pulling out his gun and pointing it at dark shadows. A cat crosses his path and he fires at it. He chuckles mercilessly.

"Keep the change," Tray says with a smile to the woman working at the convenience store. With the snacks for his brother he walks out of the store, not before passing by a magazine with Sully on the cover. Tray smiles.

Cut to Trayvon skipping down the sidewalk. A group of multicultural young maled is there smoking pot. "You wanna get high?" one asks. "No," Trayvon answers, "then I'll never be able to be a pilot." He continues to skip down the path and eventually enters the condo complex.

As Trayvon turns a corner, a sweaty and enraged Zimmerman emerges from the shadows. "Where do you think you're going, NIGGER?"

Trayvon stumbles on his words and tries to answer but is silenced when Zim cold cocks himself with the gun and starts beating himself on the back of his own head. "Help! Help! Somebody help me!" Zimmerman screams.

"Please sir, I just want to return home to my brother and finish my homework," Trayvon pleads.

"That's too bad," Zimmerman says. He then empties his entire gun cartridge into the baby-faced teen. "It looks like your dog ate it."
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>> No. 6276 ID: fa7543
>>played by Luis Guzman

I lost it there
>> No. 6277 ID: 369cb3
Camera zooms out to look down on his dead body from above. The audio track is replaced by a minor key piano playing a few bars, then a mellow hip-hop beat begins. Cut to a montage of Trayvon as a young boy learning to ride a bike, smiling and laughing with his friends and family over the years, then to the present with his concerned parents wondering what's taking so long, a thin light-skinned Rachel Jeantel desperately trying to call him back, his little brother staring out the window expecting his skittles still, George Zimmerman sitting on the sidewalk with a twisted grin, letting the rain fall on him, the slow approach of police sirens and lights. Then over the instrumental track comes a famous conscious rapper to put it all in perspective.
A false end as the screen fades to back. Then after a pause, here comes an army of people in grey hoodies. Each one lowers his hood to reveal the entire cast of the film (sans Zimmerman), who looks into the camera and says I Am Trayvon Martin. And then a brief shot of a mirror held up, as the audience reveals they too are Trayvon Martin.
A teaser scene hinting a sequel based on the trial: Zimmerman being led, cold and emotionless, by the police. Out of the shadows appears a sinister looking man who hands Zimmerman his card. "Don't worry, George", he says. "We always take care of our own." Zimmerman reads the card and then notices a ring on the man's finger, indicating he is a member of the same white supremacist organization he is. Zimmerman gives the man a knowing smile as he offers a firm handshake.
"I'm George. George Zimmerman."
"Pleasure to meet you, George. I'm Don. Don West."
Flash cut to the inside of the Trayvon household. Jazz is playing softly in the background as Mrs.Martin makes fresh cookies in the kitchen and Mr.Martin reads a book about Malcolm X in the living room before a large, warm fireplace.

The phones rings, shattering the tranquility of this household. Mrs. Martin walks over to the phone with a bit of a smile on her face as images of her son's future successes dance in her head.

She answers: "hello"

Silence. We cannot hear what the other party on the other end of the conversation is saying. All of a sudden, Mrs. Martin drops the phone.

Close-Up on phones as it shatters into a million pieces.

Mrs Martin begins crying uncontrollably.

Mr. Martin, stand up and quickly removes his reading glasses as he runs over to console his wife.

Cut to the Martin's painting of MLK Jr. that proudly hangs in the living room. Mrs. Martin's wailing and the pitter-patter of rain on the roof overlay the shot of the painting.
Only a few days into the trial and Don west feels like celebrating. He gets into his Hummer H2 decked out with black grills and spiked rims. He is acompanied by his two female offspring, allthough their gender is not readily apparent from their appearance.

Where are we going father? they ask

"Chick-fil-a," West replies, "we don't want them faggots taking over and gettin married do we girls?"

"No sir daddy," they reply in unison

After going through the drive-thru the west family poses for their now infamous ice-cream picture. "Dad killed it" the caption reads. The trip home is filled with evil cackling at their poor taste remark.
>Trayvon Martin lies dead and an overhead camera pans further and further away from his dead body as the blood pool gets bigger
>Queue recording from Martin Luther King Jr. talking about black rights
>Amazing Grace by Jay Z/Bruno Mars/ Ne-Yo plays as we see Trayvon's family show up to the giant funeral where thousands of people are crying and sniffeling
>Zimmerman arrested screaming "Death to the niggers!!" and violently fighting with black inmates
>cuts to crumpled up hoodie w/ tea and a candy bar on a street corner
>Inspirational quote about racial diversity and acceptance
>Mark Wahlberg as Zimmermann
>Eddie Murphy as Trayvon's Dad
>Eddie Murphy as Trayvon's Mom
>Lil' Wayne as Trayvon
>Ian McKellen as O'Mara
>cameo appearance by Paula Deen as Zimmerman's mother
>Directed by Schlomo Goldstein
>Flashback to Zimmerman's childhood
>Comes home and his mother, played by Paula Deen, is watching TV
>Zimmerman brings home his friend, Jamal
>george what are you doing with this filthy little tar-baby?
>W-what mama
>These coons never did no right to us Americans! THis is our country! Set that little spear-chunker home!
>Zimmerman learns to hate the nigger and finds out he enjoys beating them up for fun
Zimmerman is taken to the police station, the overweight white policemen seem slightly drunk, they discuss with each other how best to beat their wives when they get home.

Zimmerman begins to explain to them "He hit me fir-" but he is cut off with one of the officers chuckling and saying "Don't y'all worry yerself now boy, we know that there nigger hit ya first." Lighting dims on Zimmerman's face, his eyes tint slightly red as his smile slowly widens as he stares directly into camera.

Zimmerman is shown being interrogated by a black officer, played by Morgan Freeman. He looks deeply upset, as if he has put in at least 30 good years on the force. "I've put in 30 good years to this force" he explains to Zimmerman, "and I know a murder from self-defense." At this point the two drunken white officers from earlier come in and begin mocking him.

The two officers uncuff Zimmerman "yer free to go boy, here's yer guns back, we replaced the bullets ya used on that there nigger."

Cut to Zimmerman's family, they are at Church, strong black wimmin are singing amazing grace in the choir.
>Movie begins with Obama getting elected and his speech about "Hope"
>Camera pans out from the TV and reveals Trayvon is watching with his family
>Close up on Travyon's face, a single tear of hope falls from his eye as he smiles
>Mama? Trayvon says, watching Obama
>I wanna be him some day, I wanna make a difference!
>Oh swee' honey chile' you gonna do great things
>> No. 6278 ID: 369cb3
>scene of Precious testifying in court
>she dispenses sassy ghetto wisdom to everyone in the room
>Don West, played by Willem Dafoe, starts calling her racial slurs
>Judge Nelson, played by Kathy Bates, tells him to check his privilege and encourages the brave young soul sistah
>She finishes testifying, summing up with a witty yet wise ghetto one liner.
>Not a dry eye in the house.
>Even O'Mara, played by Guy Pierce in Prometheus style makeup, quietly brushes away a tear.
>The female jury member who has been a vocal fan of Zimmerman and racist republican throughout the movie (played by Jodie Foster) slowly stands and starts a slow clap.
>The rest of the court room soon follows, a 5 minute long scene of them slowly clapping, nodding their approval of the wise, brave ghetto kid.
>End of movie 'where are they now' scenes show the racist juror is now a registered democrat and works with poor inner city black youth while writing a popular social justice tumblr.
Change that to
>>After dinner, even though it's raining out, Tray decides to go to the local pharmacy to purchase medicine for elderly neighbors. In slow-mo he zips up his hoody, pulled from the dryer. On the way o the pharmacy he hands out leftovers from dinner to local homeless people.
The detective assigned to the Trayvon case arrives at his apartment. He immediately heads to the liquor cabinet and pulls out a bottle of JACK DANIELS, and begins to drink straight out of it.

He removes the BOTTLE from his lips, and after a beat, he throws the BOTTLE at the wall. Somewhere a dog starts barking. He sits down on the couch and puts his head in his hands. We notice the tattoo sleeves he has on both arms.

His extremely attractive GIRLFRIEND walks in, notices the smashed bottle on the floor, then joins her boyfriend on the couch and begins to console him by rubbing his back.

Him: "I just.....how could this happen?"

He looks at her.

"How could an innocent little kid like him just get gunned down in the street like that?"

"I mean, is this kind of world we want to live in? Is this the kind of world we want to bring our son into?"

Shot of the girlfriend's noticeably swollen belly.

He begins to cry, and rests his head on his girlfriend's lap. She begins to pet the top of his head.
Are we forgetting the subplot where Trayvon sticks up for an obese black transsexual gay kid while a white jock named like, Zach Worchester or something is picking on him
"Hey fatty faggot"
-the child starts to cry and back up-
"Hold up Zach" Trayvon speaks up
Trayvon then tells Zach that we're all the same underneath and that we should all be friends because we havent walked a mile in eachothers shoes
"Damn Tray..you're right, wanna go for some pizza at the skate-park later and play catch?"
"Sure man" Trayvon smiles after helping up the fat tranny, we'll call him Deztiny Moniqua
>> No. 6279 ID: 3a9c19
oh god
>> No. 6280 ID: 733aa9
File 137297316787.jpg - (1.85MB , 1275x1500 , Tday-Sides-BHG-2.jpg )
>"Damn Tray..you're right, wanna go for some pizza at the skate-park later and play catch?"
>> No. 6281 ID: f76c29
A movie should be made from both points of view. Zimmerman as a kkk white racist while Trayvon is an angel of a kid, and one where Zimmerman is just a concerned neighborhood watchman and Trayvon is a hood thug 4 life.
>> No. 6282 ID: f6bc33
>> No. 6283 ID: f76c29
I love it
>> No. 6284 ID: 369cb3
>The trial finally ends
>'We find the defendant George Zimmerman guilty'
>The entire court starts to sound like monkeys fighting over bananas
>They start to drag Zimmerman away, kicking and screaming
>West and O'Mara close their eyes, starting to chant
>They chant in some unknown language
>Zimmerman spasms in the grasp of security
>They place him on the floor as he begins to convulse madly
>The banana noises stop as everyone looks at him
>The chanting stops
>West smirks, his plan revealed
>'You haven't seen his final form!'
>A flash of light shot from West surrounds Zimmerman
>As the light envelops the downed Zimmerman, he staggers up, his form altering
>The light fades and West shouts out
>'You thought him gone... you thought him cornered...'
>The light vanishes and where Zimmerman was there now stands a bald, muscular black man wielding several rifles, a wide grin on his face
>'...But you could never corner the Dorner'
>> No. 6285 ID: f76c29
The Zman regains consciousness in the basement of a KFC. Koreans are trying to keep the door shut, but the "youths" are breaking in. An old, wounded Korean store owner asks the Zman, "How can men stand against such reckless niggardry?"

Zimmerman: "By riding out to meet it."

The Zman picks up a book and throws it. “Youths” go flying everywhere. The Zman emerges into the dining area of the KFC. Job applications, paternity test results. All were thrown, no mercy was given. But the Zman was running out of books faster than Sharpton was running out of “youths”.

The sun was coming up and he saw a pickup truck in the distance. In the back was standing an old white man aiming a .50 cal machine gun. Zman recognized him and remembered the old man’s promise.

Ron Paul: “Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day. At dawn, look to the east.”

A thousand NRA technicals drive in, framed by the light of the dawn. They were a wave, a tsunami sweeping away the blackness.

Al Sharpton: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!
>> No. 6286 ID: ea1288
>Ron Paul: “Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day. At dawn, look to the east.”

I fucking lost it in the middle of a crowded room.
>> No. 6287 ID: 3a9c19
Need to drink about 1000 gallons of scotch to get the movie voice
>> No. 6288 ID: 369cb3
File 137374130161.jpg - (103.38KB , 628x353 , 1373732424251.jpg )
Black man here.

If Zimmerman is found not guilty, I'm going to:
- Drink some cold water because it's warm today
- Play MLB 2K13 or FIFA 13 with my friends on Xbox 360
- Watch my second Netflix DVD so I can send them back
- Eat Chinese food for lunch at this place down the road where you get rice/chow mein, two sides, two chicken wings, and a can of soda for $5
- Finish reading The Infinities by John Banville
- Wash away the chalk drawings my cousin did in the backyard
- Exercise
- Go to Target to get some things for the house
- Dinner and drinks with my Hispanic and Asian friends to celebrate a friend's birthday
Also, we've seen this shoop before, but seeing as it's just as inaccurate as the original, I'd like to see a skin-shoop using the pictures of Tray Tray with two middle fingers up and ZimZam wearing a business suit when he was thinner.
>> No. 6289 ID: 369cb3
File 137374131569.jpg - (93.17KB , 500x375 , george-zimmerman_trayvon-martin_media-bias_jpeg.jpg )
pic for reference
>> No. 6290 ID: 3a9c19
File 137374509613.jpg - (747.64KB , 2424x2704 , african american gentleman.jpg )
>Go to Target to get some things for the house
Fucking looter, I hope the Korean shoots you!
>> No. 6291 ID: 369cb3
File 137377320359.jpg - (12.03KB , 176x187 , 1373771722366.jpg )
Hey /pol/,

My name is George, and I love every single one of you. All of you are intelligent, insightful, hard workers who spend every second of their day trying to start the Happening. You are everything good on the internet. Honestly, has any other board ever discredited a witness on live TV? I mean, I guess it’s fun photoshopping Trayboon's corpse into pictures, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even better than lunch.
Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot (like I did to Traycoon lel). I’m pretty much innocent I was head of the neighborhood watch, and killer of a thug nigger. What sports do you play, other than exposing the evils of modern politics? I also get free donuts, and have a body count to my name (I just got acquitted for his death, shit was SO cash) You are all guardians of justice who should just take a victory lap around the block and shoot off some fireworks. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It’s me and my trophy
>> No. 6292 ID: 72cf58
top lol
>> No. 6293 ID: 00bc11
File 137514843978.png - (75.71KB , 787x769 , cnXHku6.png )
oh gourds
>> No. 6294 ID: 3a9c19
Points lost for "cart"
>> No. 6295 ID: 9c8daa
I enjoyed this. Very batman.
>> No. 6296 ID: 2d8024
>My Zimmies are rustled

Oh god lol...this will be my go-to whenever a black person pisses me off from now on.
>> No. 6297 ID: 6bdaff
File 137833331232.jpg - (335.16KB , 1280x1440 , Hope.jpg )
>Eat Chinese food for lunch at this place down the road where you get rice/chow mein, two sides, two chicken wings, and a can of soda for $5

Please, tell me it's a chain!
>> No. 6298 ID: c771d7
File 14080595909.jpg - (870.52KB , 1843x1043 , 1408055560437.jpg )
>> No. 6299 ID: 57e823
After a hard day of volunteer work at the Ferguson Institute for the Disabled, Michael Brown and his fellow volunteer, Dorian Johnson, were walking home together, discussing the merits of college and their possible futures, stopping only long enough to help an elderly couple across a busy intersection, and to transport a box of abandoned kittens to the Ferguson No-Kill Animal shelter.
As they neared their neighborhood, they were surprised to hear the squealing of tires behind them, causing both to stop and look back...

After spending most of his shift at a disreputable nudie-bar, Officer Darren Wilson, Neo-Nazi and well-known KKK operative, was cruising the streets of what he liked to refer to as "brown town," looking for trouble.
Tossing his lucky German Luger 9mm to the passenger seat, he fumbled with his Swastika-emblazoned flask, taking his eyes off the road in order to down a hefty gulp of Irish whiskey.
His police cruiser veered wildly, glancing off the tricycle of a 4 year old boy, throwing the toddler to the ground.
Wilson swore, hitting the brakes and screeching to a halt just feet from where Brown and Johnson stood on the sidewalk.
His mind exploding with visions of innocent blacks burning to death on flaming crosses, Officer Wilson stumbled drunkenly from the vehicle, screaming, "What the fuck are you niggers doing, standing in the middle of the road?!"
Taking off his hat and holding it respectfully, Michael Brown replied, "I'm sorry, officer, I thought we were well and truly on the sidewalk, but if you believe we're too close to the road for safety, We'll gladly comply."
Too frightened to speak, Johnson meekly stood there, nervously fingering his rosary beads.
"Goddam it!" Wilson replied, ripping his whip out from under his belt, "You fucking coons think you own the street! I'll larn ya!!"

Wilson began cruelly beating the two youngsters, who begged and pleaded for him to stop, but Wilson, fortified by booze and racial hatred, just beat them all the harder.
Finally, Brown raised his hands above his head in submission.
"For the love of God, Officer," Brown pleaded, "place me under arrest, but at least show mercy to my friend!"
"Oh, going for a gun, are ya?!" Officer Wilson laughed, smiling cruelly, "Well, let's see just how that turns out!"
Reaching for his gun, Wilson found an empty holster...he then remembered it being on the passenger seat of his cruiser. Wilson started to sweat.
"Fear not, good officer of the law, I'll retrieve your pistol for you," Brown said, good-naturedly.
Reaching into Wilson's vehicle Brown handed the firearm to the officer, butt-first.
"There you are sir," he smiled.
"Why - why, fuck you!!!" Wilson bellowed, grabbing the favored weapon of Jew-murdering National Socialists.
In the flurry of gunfire that erupted, unabated, Michael Brown was heard to groan, "Please, God...forgive...forgive him..."
Johnson was rooted in abject terror, unable to run. Laughing, his blood-lust apparent on his alcohol-flushed face, Wilson slowly brought his weapon of destruction to bear on the helpless child.
The firearm simply clicked. Wilson had emptied the entire magazine into Brown, his last, pleading victim.
Prodded, perhaps by angels, Johnson was able to move again, to make his escape. He later turned himself in to authorities, knowing that Wilson was a threat to the community, and must receive professional help.
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