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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 137359169313.jpg - (94.65KB , 480x638 , kouvola016.jpg )
6345 No. 6345 ID: 4f89f9
Old thread >>1189 reached the bump limit, let's have a new one.
159 posts omitted. Last 50 shown. Expand all images
>> No. 6507 ID: ededd8
File 139771534585.jpg - (13.74KB , 382x302 , 3556107-0799838502-Patri.jpg )
>> No. 6508 ID: de5a1b
File 139922682142.jpg - (335.96KB , 740x960 , 1958523_282488788572688_2126044493_n.jpg )
Mostly cheap Chinese stuff except the custom made vest.
>> No. 6509 ID: dd5a99
File 139938711349.jpg - (180.51KB , 960x822 , IMG_220641484669786.jpg )
Dcu is still operator, amirite?
>> No. 6510 ID: edacd3

UFS go home!
>> No. 6512 ID: f5e284
File 139947507361.jpg - (17.00KB , 222x326 , IMG_275592833108505.jpg )
CoST scum..
>> No. 6513 ID: 8801ef
File 140063135473.jpg - (123.04KB , 960x720 , 10262048_10203153285729705_4601893874247390387_n.jpg )
This gun is the best gun evar!!!
>> No. 6514 ID: e1fa77
I hate you so much. My boner for the LCT VAL is through the roof, but fucking nobody carries LCT stuff at anywhere near a reasonable price in Canada. The one place I've found that even has the VAL has it priced at $450, the closest thing I'll ever see to one in my price range is an Echo1/S&T VSS, and even those are in the $260 range.
>> No. 6515 ID: 8801ef
File 140079915175.jpg - (177.18KB , 1030x710 , 1347684904038.jpg )
Allequiped.com did a pre order for the LCT VAL for $350. I guess they raised the price after the fact.
>> No. 6516 ID: e1fa77
Nah, it's just Canadian retailers being total gouging fucks. It's a pain for individuals to do importing (guns have to shoot over 366fps with .2g BBs), so the importers/retailers we've got crank the prices to absurd levels.

Compare: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/aeg/g-p-hong-kong/gandp-m16a3-w-m203-launcher-aeg-marine.html to http://airsoftdepot.ca/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=102_104&products_id=1477
>> No. 6517 ID: 8801ef
I just got done using the SA VAL at LC. It's a very solid gun, the only thing that held me back really was only having 50 round magazines which made it hard to return fire on people running polarstar guns with high RPS and 200 round magazines. Also anyone that held it always bitched it was too heavy. Out of the box it was very accurate.
>> No. 6518 ID: e18297
File 140127099045.jpg - (74.09KB , 720x540 , 140.jpg )
I was so excited when my club armourer announced he was getting some of these in. I walked into the shop, pulled out my wallet... Then I saw the plastic furniture. Most nasty and cheap looking furniture that I've ever seen on an airsoft gun.

1/10 would not buy. Pic related.
>> No. 6519 ID: 5ad3bc
u fukken wut m8
>> No. 6520 ID: ec1ecd
I was at LC too, saw you a couple times teehee. I held the AS VAL at the Fox Airsoft booth, and fell in love. I knew as soon as I saw the booth I had to see if they had it, sure enough they did. If I have any money left over this summer from my Moscow trip I am getting one. I didn't think it was too heavy at all, and after all if you're using a sling one shouldn't complain about weight. I used to complain about rifle weight until I started using a TM FAMAS, and I hated how light and toyish it was.
>> No. 6521 ID: e18297
File 140231491837.jpg - (31.66KB , 700x521 , LCT_AS_VAL_2-700x521.jpg )
I guess I've never seen a real VAL. Maybe Russia's bankrupt and desperate and commissioning Fisher Price to manufacture the furniture on their weapons these days. It could be 100% authentic. Joke would be on Russia though.
>> No. 6522 ID: 8801ef
File 140235558089.jpg - (217.00KB , 900x675 , AS__Val___silenced_rifle_8_by_Garr1971.jpg )
>being this edgy.

I guess if you don't like the furniture which is as good as any furniture I've seen on most real guns, that's your problem. You just seem to be bitching for no reason. If I was going to complain about my AS VAL it would be that magazines only hold 50 rounds and require muscle memory to properly rock mags in place quickly.
>> No. 6523 ID: 863b0d
File 140277362564.jpg - (74.50KB , 800x332 , 45ACP DeLisle Carbine 4.jpg )
I don't usually post in airshit threads (or much at all anymore), but I thought I would pop in here to make a couple of points about the ASVAL and the vintorez:

1) they are only popular because they've been in video games where their performance is vastly overstated. It's the same thing that happened with the P90 before operators found out that it was worthless in actual combat rather than being a miniature death ray with a bottomless magazine. Think of the ASVAL/Vintorez as a tweaked version of the old MAC-10 supressed subguns, equipped with a decent shoulder stock and a scope. Or think of it as a 300 BLK AR, only with worse accuracy, worse suppressor design, worse ergonomics, worse ballistics, etc.

2) The baffle design is shitty for the 1930s, let alone the 21st century. It's obviously a very loose design meant to be cheaply manufactured, shot with dirty ammo, cleaned frequently and then hastily assembled by morons- all without the risk of baffle strikes. You can have all those things on a suppressor, but the performance will suck. And it does.

3) If the russians cheaped out so much on every other aspect of the gun, why is anyone surprised that the furniture is cheap crap? Every combloc gun I've owned over the years either had a) US plastic, b) awful commie plastic c) awful commie wood (that cleaned up nicely after about a week of sandpaper and staining). The russians have a proud history of making weapons that barely work but continue to barely work no matter how badly you abuse them. On the other hand, it took them nearly half a century to figure out how to make bakelite in colors other than bright orange and purple.

4) It would be ironic if the airshit copy was better than the real gun.
>> No. 6524 ID: 90a126
File 140281235485.jpg - (36.11KB , 634x372 , article-1339147-0C8211CE000005DC-291_634x372.jpg )
>P90 before operators found out that it was worthless in actual combat

The P90, airshit or real, is a great weapon if used correctly. Its a submachine gun like an MP5 or Uzi, maybe with a bit more reach but still in the same class. Its not a replacement for an M4 and using it as such is not recommended.

Some asshole out on the field rocking a P90 and trying to compete with a M4, SCAR, AK, or G36 in airsoft at longer ranges rarely does all that great. Close quarters on the other hand is where pretty much every time a P90 or an MP7 or a MP5 tend to do far better then a long gun.

And IRL the P90 is pretty much the same. Not some super operator uber gun but a close in submachine gun. Its a weapon for select circumstances, not just a general weapon anymore then a MP5 is and of course it has inferior performance to an assault rifle. But as a light weight submachine gun its bretty good.

Using it as just a duty weapon to carry around a shoot baddies like a soldier would an assault rifle is foolish just the same as it would be trying to take a Remington 700 into a CQB SWAT type room clearing situation. Not what its made for.
>> No. 6526 ID: 0bd0c5
>1) they are only popular because they've been in video games where their performance is vastly overstated.

Actually most of the people I know that are buying the VAL and VSS are people that do FSB MVD and Russian infantry kits, we're not all CoD kiddies

>2) The baffle design is shitty for the 1930s, let alone the 21st century.

[citation needed] Also what does this have to do with the airsoft version?

>3) If the russians cheaped out so much on every other aspect of the gun, why is anyone surprised that the furniture is cheap crap?

It sounds more like you had a shitty AK of random origin that you accredit being "Russian" do to it being a AK platform. Again, what does this have to do with the airsoft version?

>4) It would be ironic if the airshit copy was better than the real gun.

Actually do to an "airshit" replica being made by one small Asian company in small lots instead of by several factories mass producing them it wouldn't be that ironic, but sadly most "airshit" barely comes close to their real counterparts when it comes to reliability and quality.
>> No. 6527 ID: 863b0d
My original point was that the actual russian gun is a cheap piece of shit but people are getting angry because the airsoft version has cheap looking furniture.

I don't own any airshit. I own a few high end AKs and a saiga-12, in addition to a bunch or ARs and other stuff. From my own personal experience, I feel that a high end AK is still worse than a mid-tier AR, mostly due to the quality of ammo available (which is a real issue if you shoot it). I think the stories of ARs being unreliable are bullshit, mostly due to people doing sloppy builds or buying awful magazines for bottom dollar. And AR >>>> AK ergonomics. Another issue is that unless you have a completely shit lower, almost any problem in an AR can be fixed by swapping parts using hand tools. With an AK, you need a hydraulic press. And I'm a former AK fanboy.

My comments on the vintorez mainly come from having seen it disassembled and knowing a shitty baffle design when I see one. Yes, I own a whole bunch of suppressors as well.
>> No. 6528 ID: 8801ef
That's like a cool story,bro!
>> No. 6529 ID: fb1b2d
So get a trip, take some pictures of this amazing armory you have, and go post in the /k/ weapons thread. Stop shitting up the airsoft threads with "reel wurld" crap. It's airsoft, take shitty gun, insert good gearbox, hop up, and barrel, go inna woods, shoot children for 30 mins before your battery dies and you go back to drink beer and eat beef jerky.
>> No. 6530 ID: eb3fae
Is that a real cobra?
>> No. 6531 ID: 8801ef
>> No. 6532 ID: bfc279
Judging by those lightening cuts it's not.

(sauce: http://russianoptics.net/Kobra.html )
>> No. 6534 ID: 8801ef
File 140487246071.jpg - (42.12KB , 960x720 , 10448743_10203514154511199_4075143805925610441_n.jpg )
>Doesn't see the Kobra sight at the bottom of the page that looks exactly like mine.
>Mine has brass fittings and flush screws

Please stop talking.
>> No. 6535 ID: bfc279

Well, fuck, my mistake, sorry. Only checked for the cuts - them being the most obvious sign of a fake, and couldn't see the bottom screws or the reinforcements in your pic due to the Kobra being mounted.
>> No. 6536 ID: 8801ef
>Kobra comes in many different versions as it has evolved over the years. While neither a pure red dot or a collimator sight...

If you read your own source you would have known.
>> No. 6537 ID: f9edf7
Any problems fitting it to the VAL? Did you need to make any modifications or was it a flush fit?
>> No. 6538 ID: 8801ef
Fitting the Kobra to a Val is a bit odd. You have to completely unscrew the adjusting piece so the flush fittings can be stretched into place.
>> No. 6539 ID: 94a5de
File 140840357253.jpg - (309.88KB , 2048x1363 , 1974222_751933364840895_4687949567915000660_o.jpg )
>> No. 6540 ID: 94a5de
File 140840358887.jpg - (327.23KB , 2048x1363 , 1403774_751934948174070_476721524034442131_o.jpg )
>> No. 6541 ID: 8801ef
File 14107692837.jpg - (535.62KB , 2048x1536 , 10658679_10204027598146969_4237672461783962650_o.jpg )
>> No. 6542 ID: 8801ef
File 141083286812.jpg - (347.60KB , 2048x1152 , 10644675_789273011123404_1851102107678725039_o.jpg )
Davai rush in 103 degree heat.
>> No. 6543 ID: 8801ef
File 141083289764.jpg - (372.19KB , 2048x1366 , 10380078_789273061123399_6787355778355246407_o.jpg )
>> No. 6544 ID: bfc279
File 141269684831.gif - (1.01MB , 972x548 , DSC00090-MOTION.gif )
You are approaching the secured border of an ecological disaster zone.

>> No. 6545 ID: bfc279
File 141269687012.jpg - (156.21KB , 1044x587 , DSC00174.jpg )
>> No. 6546 ID: bfc279
File 141269698472.jpg - (112.51KB , 971x546 , DSC00176.jpg )
>> No. 6547 ID: 8801ef
File 141280735054.jpg - (38.48KB , 604x403 , 10429497_744118922310818_4050945845866361378_n.jpg )
>Everyone is all Cheeki Breeki with their Stalker kit.
>fairynose wearing hoodie with Avon S10 dangling from his belt.

I guess he sort of looks like a bandit...
>> No. 6548 ID: 8cd206
Eh, was trying to make a rookie stalker kit. Not all stalkers have Sunrise Suits or SEVA suits - see Cordon. Though I wouldn't say all were cheeki breeki - only around 1/3 of the players had chemically protective equipment of any kind.

As a side note, the gas mask in the later pics is not the AR10, but a Finnish M/61 (copy of US M9A1) I got off from the Ecologists who themselves got it from a fallen Monolith - one of the keys we needed to find a way out of the region of the Zone we were trapped in. (along with the artifact Compass and a radio transceiver.
>> No. 6549 ID: 8de687

Jesus Christ. You are so gay. Always.
>> No. 6550 ID: 8801ef
File 141289366457.jpg - (163.79KB , 1311x960 , 10476344_10152559976243950_6263883709605083999_o.jpg )
I guess if that's what you were going for. I just love making cool loadouts for games like these. I'll have to find some more examples.
>> No. 6551 ID: 8cd206
I kinda agree actually - my main goal in the game was getting my character killed off, to leave the Zone, or to otherwise get closure for my character, so I could roll a new one. Instead, I ended as the Ecologists' trusted man, and in the end, was converted for Monolith. PRAISED BE THE HOLY CRYSTAL.

At least it gives me a basis for severe changes for my character. Thinking of making an exoskeleton arm, and carrying a severed arm as a trophy - the arm that that part of an exo was salvaged from. Also considering taking my NVGs to the game, but that would require a new helmet, as my current one is too tacticool, and I doubt I can remount them back to the tanker cap.

Note that in this game series Monolith are less of dull shells determined to defend the Crystal, but more of batshit insane people determined to defend the Monolith.
>> No. 6552 ID: 8801ef
File 14143949327.jpg - (110.86KB , 720x960 , 10665132_10204211587706593_1995956295446887847_n.jpg )
Does anyone do WW2 BBwarz here? I'm trying to get simple "Axis Vs. Allies" games here in SoCal.
>> No. 6553 ID: 8801ef
File 141439501468.jpg - (70.49KB , 625x417 , 10477905_737472939658253_8074429739639004800_n.jpg )
Here's from our last game at Styker airsoft.
>> No. 6554 ID: f96cd8
That's a great kit. How much did the softgear run you? Thinking about doing the same and trying to snag a decent Thompson or M1 Carbine...
>> No. 6555 ID: 8801ef
File 141472815197.jpg - (179.93KB , 871x1280 , okinawa 2.jpg )
Most of the stuff you would need can be found here.

>> No. 6556 ID: 8801ef
File 141515164528.jpg - (160.46KB , 960x720 , 10749512_10204397986086436_207383451_n.jpg )
Check out what I got in the mail.
>> No. 6557 ID: c44c9c

Great! Now you can cosplay Balalaika.
>> No. 6558 ID: 8801ef
File 141526956228.jpg - (64.42KB , 600x450 , 64326_108390352558551_3193530_n.jpg )
My wife sort of beat me to it.
>> No. 6559 ID: 4c462a
>no burn wounds
1/10 would not fuck
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