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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 137359169313.jpg - (94.65KB , 480x638 , kouvola016.jpg )
6345 No. 6345 ID: 4f89f9
Old thread >>1189 reached the bump limit, let's have a new one.
Expand all images
>> No. 6346 ID: 5d559a
File 137359796783.jpg - (194.42KB , 721x960 , 1000533_618992301453649_730323604_n.jpg )
Here is my Grunt impression so far.
>> No. 6347 ID: 5ad3bc
>tfw never have someone take a picture of me in gear.

fug :(
>> No. 6348 ID: 005da8
Regarding the NODs

I should be getting em tommorow.
220 shipped off ebay.
Ill give a heads up, then gear up with em on for this thread.
>> No. 6349 ID: 942da9
thats a nice looking AK you have there.

I will be at a small OP in the Czech Republic next weekend, I try to take some pictures of me.
>> No. 6350 ID: c417fe

How effective are those PNV-57Es and how do you power them? Some weird Russian battery pack?

Also interested in how you'd mount them to like a Rhino arm.
>> No. 6351 ID: 979884
File 137373581036.jpg - (935.12KB , 2048x1366 , 461584_361915463845991_2050112505_o.jpg )
Last kit I wore, almost a year and a half ago at Operation Grozny.
Note the brony patch, This was before I knew it was a creepy fetish thing and thought it was just a funny ironic patch.
>> No. 6352 ID: 2645b1
File 137373719739.jpg - (594.63KB , 1000x539 , Mon.jpg )
Yes, that's a damn beret......
>> No. 6353 ID: f35919
7/10 would operate with.
>> No. 6354 ID: 005da8
Got mine today just in time for chimp out.

The guy who had em before me modded em to run off a custom battery very much like a nunchuck type battery.

Honestly Im impressed with em.
>> No. 6355 ID: dfe612
I might've posted instructions before in some thread, maybe gear thread #1.

They're tanker NVGs. as such, they feed direct from a T-72 using some proprietary two prong adapter. You can rig wires and your favourite connectors to them to mount any battery you want. I use a 7.4V airshit lipo.

Battery voltage is a non issue. There's a fuckhuge transformer in the set taking care of it.

You need to add a basic mechanical on/off switch though - there's no switch on the NODs, it's in the tank normally. When battery is connected, they're always on.

I mounted mine to the rhino arm with this basic solution:
1. remove PNVs from mount
2. mount using zip ties
3. ????
4. profit

Original plan was to mount them to the rhino arm by wedging the forks between the tubes and drilling a screw through both the thing connecting the tubes and the rhino arm, but I found rhino arm to be too wide for this. Norotos INVG could work I think, but that#s a bit too expensive solution for NVGs like these.
>> No. 6356 ID: 5d559a
File 137390464137.jpg - (56.34KB , 465x382 , haji.jpg )
Haji's gonna Haj.
>> No. 6357 ID: cae8b1
dang rudy, where'd you get that get-up?
>> No. 6358 ID: 005da8
Im probably gonna leave em on the mount, and get a decent helmet to screw that metal frame thing into.
The guy modded a button on them that acts as a momentary switch.
As long as the button is pushed juice flows to the NODs. It works but it's annoying having to keep hitting the button every 2 mins or so to restart the Intensifier tubes. They keep intensifying for a min or two after power is taken away.

Ok. So Im gonna rig for 7.4 lipo and switch. Baller.
>> No. 6359 ID: 0603a2

How much does the whole setup weight? I have seen some USSR era tanker NVG it looked like it weighted a ton.
>> No. 6360 ID: 5d559a
File 137398868010.jpg - (103.08KB , 960x720 , 1070064_539054572809176_56901327_n.jpg )

It's mostly found items.

-4 cell chicom
-5 cell chicom ammo bag
-GP5 gasmask bag for waterbottles and food
-M72 LAW

It worked out pretty well for my first real try at a haji impression.
>> No. 6361 ID: 3d7cfd
File 137403785659.jpg - (82.82KB , 640x960 , 554156_584395751585327_990024706_n.jpg )
Upgrading my DPM to MTP, but getting an XL Mk.7 helmet shipped halfway around the world has proven somewhat challenging and very expensive.
>> No. 6362 ID: ec87e7
File 137415920374.jpg - (117.68KB , 960x720 , 541745_410568392354428_1798290115_n.jpg )
Same here bro. But you know what this means? It means that in the field, you are doing work. Your either moving, hiding, shooting, or doing something which means your doing more for the team than standing around with a serious look on your face taking pot shots.

Its just the way you gotta think about it when you never get pictures.

>Me on the left, my Russian loadout with some comrades.
>> No. 6363 ID: 5ad3bc
thanks bruv. Nice gear.
>> No. 6364 ID: 5a049c
I'm not sure you are interested but flecktarn.co.uk has Osprey mk4 vests in MTP for cheap.
>> No. 6365 ID: 47a4d1
File 137445380256.jpg - (132.19KB , 720x540 , D-day 10.jpg )
Me rocking the pump action during the week long D-day paintball battle in Oklahoma. I played on the German side. Outnumbered, surrounded constantly and outgunned. Fuck it. I didn't come to win I came to fight. Outnumbered only means more for me to kill.
>> No. 6366 ID: a3fd59
File 137451811764.jpg - (732.75KB , 2160x1620 , DSC010681.jpg )
A friend of mine and me(right) on Operation The Fog in Czech Republic last weekend.
>> No. 6367 ID: d5effd

>Rocking the pump
>> No. 6368 ID: 86d321
I'll be honest I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing. Can you tell me if I sound like a raging douchebag?

>> No. 6369 ID: df4668
>naked snake
>> No. 6370 ID: 86d321
File 137513371641.jpg - (181.18KB , 614x640 , 1358450237662.jpg )
It's more of a fun homage than straight up cosplay+paintball.

Multicam seems like the most effective thing, and I intend to not spray paint.

I've played a few times, a few years ago, with a Tippmann 98 Custom with flatline barrel and some old crossbow scope. When I played the way I saw others playing, I got lit the fuck up. When I played how I wanted, I was able to force a few people to surrender and "snipe" a few others, although it was far from "One Shot One Kill." It was more like 5-shots-oh-fuck-i-think-he-knows-where-i-am-better-move.

First Strike rounds seem to make sniping more feasible however, and by that I mean worthy of the term.
>> No. 6371 ID: 86d321
File 137522104828.jpg - (64.25KB , 705x285 , myweapon (6).jpg )
I used pimpmygun to make an approximated visual representation of what it'll probably end up looking like, with everything possible attached. I wouldn't usually use that foregrip+flashlight, but the option being available seems like a good idea.

The 45 degree mount was from when I planned on an RIS rather than an MOE.

I might not use the cheekpad either, we'll see how it fits with my mask on when it's raised by being mounted on the carrying handle. The reason I wanted that is so that I can use ironsights for regular paint and the scope for FSR without having to fuck about with it too much if I wanted to switch , and I'll zero them at whatever the farthest I can get consistent with both regular paint and FS rounds is.

If you guys have any experience or opinions on First Strike rounds, Tiberius Arms, or can tell me how to not look like a tryhard faggot on the field I'd really appreciate it.
>> No. 6372 ID: 364eb0

Ditch the vertical foregrip, the magwell grip, the scope, and cheek pad. You'll never use 'em effectively and they'll end up being dead weight.
>> No. 6373 ID: 86d321
I tend to hold my Mini 14 with my elbow braced in the sling, hand in the corner of the magazine and the handguard when standing, and I thought a magwell grip would make that easier. Does it have no appreciable effect? Wasn't too hot on it in the first place.

Vertical grip's gone too.

Why wouldn't I use the scope though, if I were using First Strike rounds? They increase the range to about 300-400 from what I've heard, with 1/5 the strike zone. I heard as much talking to as many people with experience with them as possible. They said things like "In my experience, ironsights are good enough but an illuminated crosshair, low magnification scope, 2-4x, is perfect. A red-dot type is faster to aim with, but it's less accurate and will reduce your effective range by a bit, because FSR tends to maintain their velocity as well as their trajectory to the point where regular paintballs are barely comparable. Occasionally you'll get one that's deformed though, and it'll corkscrew off in some crazy direction."

Another said he rarely makes a hit with one. He's a pistol-user, T8.1, and brought 1 magazine of FSR, 8 rounds, and 3 magazines of regular .68 for the match. He said "When they do work, you can make a shot from 400 feet away sometimes. The problem is: mine seem not to work. Don't rely on them as your primary. They're a gimmick."

I'm going to use a scope, and if I can get a cheekpad that'll make it easier to use I'll use it too, unless you can provide counterpoints. How would it get in the way?

Quick info:
I won't be able to play until sometime after March 2014. I'm going to boot camp for the Navy in December, Nuclear A-School afterward. I'm 6ft 1 and 238, I can handle an extra couple pounds of stuff on the rifle, so "dead weight" is a nonissue.

I don't want something useless on it, but a scope of that type seems damned useful, especially with ironsights also able to be used.

Thanks for the advice!
>> No. 6374 ID: 86d321
This was an interesting read.

>> No. 6375 ID: 86d321
File 137523601637.jpg - (35.29KB , 250x349 , 1358452215226.jpg )
In addition, there are lots and lots of really sharp snipers testing a plethora of things that have an impact on accuracy. ... Similarly, there has been some testing of the velocity swings seen in the Tiberius/Lapco rifled barrel and some speculation on why that happens and how it can be fixed.

Some of you may be thinking, "Hey, my scope already has mil-dots and I can do some of that kind of thing." You'd be right. These crossbow scopes just make it easier. Afterall, they are designed for projectiles that travel from around 260-400 FPS. Sighting in the Hawke XB30 scope was the easiest sight-in process I have ever gone through.


I need to study the shit on this blog.

Sorry to take up so many posts. As an apology, a cutie in uniform.
>> No. 6376 ID: 71858b
Ok man. Here's the thing, your posts would indicate you're trying to get into paintball, but then you post >>3410. Which is clearly an AR, which would indicate airsoft. Furthermore, why in fuck's name would you want to have a scope mounted on the carry handle irons in the age of flat top uppers? You're clearly not going for retro. I guarantee that build will cause you problems and be poop.

Judging by your description of how you shoot your Mini, I'd say put this whole thing on hold and go through boot. Even Navy boot should teach you how to properly shoot. Not to harp on you too much guy, but you're making rookie mistakes. Hang around opchan for a while, see what works and what doesn't. Approach this project again in 2014. You'll thank me.

That said, I've heard great things about first strike rounds, but not past 100M.
>> No. 6377 ID: 86d321
To explain the appearance of the marker:
It's a T15 from Tiberius Arms, a 1:1 AR15-based marker compatible with 100% of milspec AR15 furniture. I plan on getting an AR15, and I wanted to have it help with familiarity with the platform, in addition to it being slightly relevant to my job.

For the scope being on top of the receiver, which I understand your incredulity about:
○ I wanted the ironsights and scope to both be elevated and in-line with the barrel, so that with a facemask on I am more easily able to use the sights despite having a stock
○ That sight picture is very similar to the one I've used since I was 7, on the very Mini 14 I've got on my bed right now, about to get cleaned
○ I like carrying handles, but mostly it's for the reasons stated above. If I want to use sights effectively, I need them raised off of the receiver. Back when I used a Tippmann 98 Custom with a flatline barrel and an old crossbow scope during those few games I played a few years ago, of woodsball, it was hell trying to use either sight because the concept of a cheek-weld is thrown out the window when you're using a cheap Walmart mask shaped like a damned Decepticon's face.

In regard to how I hold the rifle in a standing position:
The AR15, if you don't have a free-floated barrel, has its accuracy negatively affected holding it the "proper" way, by a severe degree, but holding it by the magwell or using the magazine as a "monopod," if that's a thing, affects it very positively.

The reason I've held it that way this long may be due to ignorance of the "proper" form, unfamiliarity with rifles, and lack of training as you've implied, but doing this gives me an aim that simply doesn't jitter even a little. I cannot discern even a centimeter of movement, as opposed to holding it with my hand forward on the rifle's handguard which, while faster to switch targets, has discernible jitter like Resident Evil 4's point of aim.

The reason I began aiming that way is that, on my first day using this rifle when I was about 7, I was at a range with my grandpa. Rather early into the use of it, I burned my hand twice and got my pinky caught in the bolt's forward motion, cutting me.

I held the rifle directly under the action, right in front of the magazine, and my hand was safer but I experienced an increase in recovery time for getting back on target. I corrected that by holding the corner that I said earlier, the 90 degree spot between the magazine and the rifle, and since it was feeling heavy and I was tired by that point I put my elbow into my side. The result was a stance that was fast to get back on target, didn't chop up my hands because I barely knew what I was doing, and also allowed for a bit of a steadier aim.

As I got older and bigger, my arm happened to fit perfectly in the sling, bracing my elbow into it drew it taut and pins my hand into the spot described earlier. In addition, I found I could reload almost twice as fast, and when holding it that way with my arm braced I barely moved from the recoil and didn't jitter worth a damn no matter how long I spent at the range or held the rifle "at the ready."

It's just how I've always shot. It feels very strongly as though it severely increases my performance in every way, every other way I've tried to learn feels clumsy in comparison in at least one regard. If there's an even better way of doing it that you could teach me, I'll be your best friend, man, but as it is the "proper" way feels like it's slower, less steady, and less "strong," although that last one is probably placebo. I read once that users of the Thompson SMG felt similarly during a fight due to the significant weight of the weapon, it felt "more like they had something in their hands."

I am a complete novice, and one major reason I'm going into the Navy is the training. The T15 isn't even out yet, and I planned on doing the purchasing about March 2014, after I've received that training and gotten some money.

Can you please go further into detail about what "rookie mistakes" I'm making? I'm afraid I don't see what you mean, and if it's something that'll disprove 14 years of thinking I'm learning correctly it's something I need to unfuck before someone gets hurt. I don't want to be "one of those guys" that shoots himself or another in the foot or something.
>> No. 6378 ID: 86d321
File 137532649632.jpg - (13.35KB , 640x480 , snapshot.jpg )
Also, to be clear, I'm not really gripping the magazine and pulling it down like a forward grip, I'm not trying to cause a feeding malfunction. Only my pinky and the bottom most rim of my palm is actually wrapped around the magazine, very lightly. The rest of my hand is on the wooden section, nearly under the charging lever on the bolt.

Here's a dark, blurry, terrible picture taken with a broken webcam showing what I mean.
>> No. 6379 ID: 71858b
File 137539327590.jpg - (54.77KB , 625x554 , 3sfe10.jpg )
I didn't even know about the T15, which goes to show how long I've been out of paintball. My apologies for the asshattery, but I've seen kids do similar things for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps I read too quickly. You should still ditch the light grip and mag well grip, but I'd say try out a vert grip.
>> No. 6380 ID: 86d321
File 137540058764.jpg - (836.37KB , 2000x1500 , 1358451790773.jpg )
Mm, thanks for the advice, I'll check it out. Never tried one before. Would you recommend a fixed one or a folding one? What about a bipod that has a section that functions as a foregrip?

You didn't come across as an asshat, you were trying to prevent me from making a mistake, which I appreciate. You also followed that with advising me to hang around. You weren't kissing my ass, but you were encouraging me to learn and gave advice. Pretty far from asshattery, man.

Also, aren't rifles with wooden furniture BEAUTIFUL? Goddang.
>> No. 6381 ID: 86d321
File 137541470585.jpg - (267.77KB , 828x859 , myweapon (7).jpg )
I've created a new, more accurate approximation of the build. The way I see it, here's my ideal after considering you guys' advice:

16" rifled barrel
No faux silencer, but a flash hider to cover the threads and look nice I guess
Full MOE handguard
Aluminum rail sections
One of two variations of forward grip, a folding vertical or that slanty one that seems close to the angle I use when holding my Mini 14 that gives me such stability
M16 carrying handle ironsights zero'd for maximum flat "accurate" .68 range
M16 carrying handle rail
Hawke XB30 1.25-4x30mm illuminated cross-hair scope

Or I could go full boogaloo.

I'm leaning towards the top one. More slanted forward grip there seems less likely to catch on shit, and like I said earlier it's close to the angle of my hand on my Mini 14.

Thanks for putting up with my verbose bullshit by the way.
>> No. 6382 ID: 71858b
Go for the AFG if that's our thing. I'd stay away from grip pods though. I never found much use for bipod on markers/airsoft guns.
>> No. 6383 ID: 86d321
File 137546796352.jpg - (287.50KB , 500x705 , 1373816618891.jpg )
Hmm, I see. Thanks for the advice.

In order to have a post more substantial than just "thanks," but still allowing me to convey my thanks, here's a picture of something neat.
>> No. 6384 ID: 86d321
File 137549874837.jpg - (52.82KB , 640x640 , shibe-meme-learning.jpg )
Any of you guys know if it's possible to rig Peltor Com-Tac II electronic headphones to work with a 2-way radio and an MP3 player, using either this:
Or this?:

The other things I wanted to use with it are these:
○ IXRadio Throat Mic, XTM85R Kenwood K1
- http://www.ixradio.com/shop/throat-mic-xtm85r-kenwood-k1.html
○ Kenwood ProTalk® TK-3230XLS UHF 1 Watt 2 Channel 2-Way Radio Communicator
- http://www.amazon.com/Kenwood-ProTalk%C2%AE-TK-3230XLS-Channel-Communicator/dp/B000Z35DPO

Which seem to work with the things I chose if I'm not misunderstanding everything.
>> No. 6385 ID: 618c09
File 137565238453.jpg - (3.48MB , 1920x2560 , P1050539.jpg )
woodland is awesome
>> No. 6386 ID: 80eaa5
File 137613556831.jpg - (1.13MB , 1797x2801 , DSCF0519.jpg )
Just some gay shit I did.
>> No. 6387 ID: 5ad3bc
>> No. 6388 ID: d168a5
File 137640407024.jpg - (59.70KB , 540x720 , 1.jpg )
One variation of my Russian gear. Mountain flora suit under a flora 6b12 vest with titanium plates and a 6sh92-3 webbing + some shitty russian extra pouches. The gun is an older AKS-74 though now I'm using an AK-74M. The helmet is an Ssh-60.
>> No. 6389 ID: d168a5
File 13764040979.jpg - (72.12KB , 540x720 , 5.jpg )
Same shit, earlier that day
>> No. 6390 ID: d168a5
File 137640417410.jpg - (60.97KB , 540x720 , 4.jpg )
And one more since fuck yeah ruskies.
>> No. 6391 ID: b286eb
File 137694287619.jpg - (145.24KB , 960x636 , 62974_318032554965632_1054867423_n[1].jpg )
>> No. 6392 ID: b286eb
File 137694298090.jpg - (937.01KB , 1024x1024 , PhotoGrid_1374612974157.jpg )
>> No. 6393 ID: d168a5
If there's something I love, it's Russian random gear. Shame that they too are moving towards a more united look in their armed forces.
>> No. 6394 ID: 59d2d2
File 137696264996.jpg - (73.61KB , 540x960 , Invasion TM.jpg )
>> No. 6395 ID: 4f89f9
>> No. 6396 ID: 784b23
ohey tim
>> No. 6397 ID: fb1b2d
File 137739452972.jpg - (686.04KB , 1632x1224 , Mk46_1.jpg )
So I started with a CA MKII with Rails. Then I said "Fuck it, we do it live", and made a MK 46. BEHOLD.
>> No. 6398 ID: fb1b2d
File 137739458665.jpg - (105.72KB , 640x480 , Mk46_2.jpg )
But I wanted to do night games. Oh look, one of those fancy MadBull tracer-silencers. 2500 BBs, 2/3s white, 1/3 glow in the dark tracer mix.
>> No. 6399 ID: fb1b2d
File 137739469765.jpg - (599.47KB , 1632x1224 , Mk46_3.jpg )
But still, I needed more: The scope is a (very nice replica, actually) With the G&G style bullet drop (not going to try and take a picture of it) lines, illumiated, and the red-dot on top. Also, it does actually change from 1x to 4x if I want to rip the mini off.
>> No. 6400 ID: fb1b2d
File 137739486924.jpg - (584.61KB , 1632x1224 , Mk46_4.jpg )
And one final picture of my baby's phat ass: Final count
2) CA Rails
3) AD MK46 barrel
5) Tango Down Foregrip (real deal, stole it for 15 bucks, don't ask)
6) MadBull Tracer mock suppressor
7) Knock-off Specter DX and doctor red-dot
8) G&P Ranger stock
9) G&P Steel carry handle
10) 20+ 100rd mid caps, 1 CA box mag.
>> No. 6401 ID: fb1b2d
Whoops. Also an Angel steel inner barrel to fit the MK46 one. Tiiiiight bore.
>> No. 6402 ID: ec853e
File 137886892894.jpg - (1.39MB , 2560x1920 , WP_000059.jpg )
Picked these guys up this week. CA SIG552 and SocomGear MkII/III.

SIG was a steal at $120.
>> No. 6403 ID: ec853e
File 137886898753.jpg - (1.33MB , 1920x2560 , WP_000027.jpg )
And the rest of my airshit. I have no gear because I spend it all on guns, lel.
>> No. 6404 ID: 5d559a
File 138057751157.jpg - (197.58KB , 1600x1067 , 1274279_10151617015376302_2029997432_o.jpg )
>> No. 6405 ID: 5ad3bc
Did that guy really drop the 1.5k for the AS Val?
>> No. 6406 ID: 5d559a
File 138059354540.jpg - (209.13KB , 1600x1067 , 1275025_10151617014476302_1993078897_o.jpg )

I think he is borrowing it from a guy that payed $400 for a used one.
>> No. 6407 ID: 005da8
Helmetreplicas.net? I want a Rys-T so bad and he makes em.
>> No. 6408 ID: 17eeba
File 138136588317.jpg - (1.11MB , 3071x2048 , highres_263279652.jpg )
Me on the left.

Taken during The "Liberation" of Backpakistan milsim at Ukau's field.
>> No. 6409 ID: ddf7a7
>flak jak goggles

My man! I have a pair I used for airsofting back in the day.
>> No. 6410 ID: 65a06a
File 138150491138.jpg - (120.35KB , 720x960 , 1383395_10153302280035246_1287705788_n.jpg )
rolling old school at a milsim in ulster afew weeks back. there is a serious lack of DPM out there.
>> No. 6411 ID: 5ad3bc
File 138186970388.jpg - (57.15KB , 960x540 , 1148774_10200486225190726_1411277925_n.jpg )
dat neckfat doe
>> No. 6412 ID: a0d96a
Dude! What mask is that?
>> No. 6413 ID: 5ad3bc

>> No. 6414 ID: 56081b
File 138223942645.jpg - (211.42KB , 1362x2048 , 1276971_10200766843318261_951390397_o.jpg )
At Operation: Sovereign Fury, aka the worst OP the East Coast has ever seen.
>> No. 6415 ID: 4153b1
what was so bad about it? Im a bit curious.

nice beard btw.
>> No. 6416 ID: 56081b
It was run not even half-assed but quarter assed.

Game was heavily biased towards the Russian side, due to the placement of the spawns once they took the AO they could hold it with a minimal force since our only way back into the city was to cross a 1/4mi open field where as they only had to cross a street to be in the MOUT.

Add to that rampant cheating and constant rules changes and inept referees and you get a game that was an absolute disaster for what it cost us to attend (200 Game Fee, 18hr Drive + Gas/Tolls from NY, Hotel, New Kit etc....)

I never lose my cool on the field and I did at night, exchanged hits at less than five feet, I gave a processional double tap (and watched the BBs hit) he BLAZED into me, I called the hit while he didn't. As I'm calling hit, he sweeps to shoot our embedded report then returns and hits me again while I'm fixing my dead rag, I SCREAM hit and move to turn my dead light on when he drills two shots into my palm and thumb.

At that point I lost it, my screams were heard through out the MOUT.
>> No. 6417 ID: ac1628
Sorry to hear that. At least you have a sexy kit.
>> No. 6418 ID: be6722
wow that sucks,sadly in night games I also encountered most cheaters.
>> No. 6419 ID: be6722
wow that sucks,sadly in night games I also encountered most cheaters.
>> No. 6420 ID: cae8b1
File 138237722435.png - (372.57KB , 480x640 , zTFyuAS.png )
Went to SC Viper on Saturday. Saw someone with a /k/ patch. No one recognized the PBE patches I had on my pack and admin pouch. B)

I had kids asking me where they could get Felix the Cat patches up until some of them read the text on the bottom.

Only one picture surfaced from my playing there, and a friend of mine had to photoshop Costa into it.
>> No. 6421 ID: cae8b1
Hey Rudy! I figured i'd give this a shot, what are your thoughts on the VFC AKS-74? Some kid's selling one in my AO for 200 flat. Wanted to see if it's worth that price.
>> No. 6422 ID: 8b363b
File 138318829451.jpg - (105.92KB , 1280x853 , 981937_633160080049088_1174726889_o.jpg )
I'd get it unless it was damaged in some way. Even if it was damaged I'd get it. LCT and VFC are some of the better AK makers.
>> No. 6423 ID: b4ca18
File 138351220627.jpg - (29.58KB , 960x640 , 1386010_616869998360719_1810311189_n.jpg )
dat spooky mask and atacs...
>> No. 6424 ID: cae8b1
Thanks bruv, I swiped it from the guy and I'll post pics some time soon
>> No. 6425 ID: 17eeba
File 138476057519.jpg - (471.06KB , 2764x1843 , Cj41vWT.jpg )
Am I kawaii uguu~?

The AK is a Tokyo Marui Beta Spetsnaz, with an AKM Barrel assembly, given to me by an uncle who was into airsoft years ago.
>> No. 6426 ID: 4c462a
File 138478963348.jpg - (532.72KB , 1066x1600 , IMG_0039[1].jpg )
Hi from Sweden. Just going with whatever gear is the most suited for the job. M90 is fucking insanely great at concealing you in the summer. This was taken during spring, before everything was really in bloom. On top of that, this was the part of the field with the least amount of pines/spruces.

Ditched the gloves for some fingerless oakley pilot ripoffs. Added an 4.3 to the loadout. Painted the gun (Suprisingly got the color extremely close to that of the AK5, wasn't even going for that), got rid of frontpost and got a reddot reflex. Now also using C-mags. Looking for something to carry them with since my current vest isn't modular but works great for stanags.
>> No. 6427 ID: 2fad57
I really want some M/90 and Finnish M/05... So hard to find outside Europe!

I've accidentally started collecting camos recently...
>> No. 6428 ID: 3a07f0
Same here, I've found some in either dubious condition or obscenely expensive.

I've been trying to get in contact with a company in the UK that sells a version in BDU cut. However they don't do sales to anyone who'se not a dealer. Hopefully they'll point me in a direction to get one, if they do I'll put that forward. However, I don't know what the price would be with shipping included for a full set.

However, the expensive option seems to be available on ebay for about $120USD. http://www.tacgear.de/produkte/clothing.php
>> No. 6429 ID: 4c462a
Röda Stjärnan. They should ship internationally. Hush hush.

I have the BDU cut pants. The buttons are shit. They strain against me when I crouch. My brother has the real pants. They're much more comfy.

They make other versions of the M90. The more expensive ones are likely better than the original in terms of keeping you warm and breathing out sweat instead of soaking it up.

About them being in dubious condition though... the ones for sale are sorted out by the military. Mine were sorted out because of corroded zipper and buttons. A bit of silicon oil fixed it, it works perfectly fine.
>> No. 6430 ID: 13a43c
File 138537196862.jpg - (57.79KB , 478x640 , 1383522_10200706964704266_40267928_n.jpg )
My current kit. It's a remake of the kit I wore to Operation Blacksheep, influenced by what I saw others wearing to make a high-speed setup I could move around in.

I love my 6094A, it's the Toy Soldier version and it's probably my favorite vest of all time.
>> No. 6431 ID: d62bf3
File 138572726953.jpg - (197.51KB , 925x1223 , v.jpg )
>> No. 6432 ID: 722bfe
File 138578943770.jpg - (104.52KB , 960x720 , 1475935_10202025764502379_1762873189_n.jpg )
I scored a Marusjin M1 carbine in trade for a SA58. Next I'm going to put the paratrooper stock on it.
>> No. 6433 ID: 722bfe
File 138580549153.jpg - (94.83KB , 960x720 , 1475799_10202024998443228_554213944_n.jpg )
I'm also trying to make a FSB AK104.
>> No. 6434 ID: 44c106
looking goood. 6mm or 8mm version?
>> No. 6435 ID: e67c1b
File 138595715249.jpg - (69.46KB , 960x636 , IMG_48232469958764.jpg )
Am i operating yet?

>Mixing with Multicam

Call the cops. I don't give a fuck.
>> No. 6436 ID: e67c1b
Speaking of which. Hey Rudy.

Need some help with my SPC. How are the shoulder straps mounted on? I have the shoulder straps seperate from the spc and i'm guessing the rear part is the wider end. Is this correct?
>> No. 6437 ID: e1b5c1
File 138596224691.jpg - (22.75KB , 300x317 , 0008785_scalable-plate-carrier-large.jpg )
It's the 6mm version.

I think the wide part goes toward the back.
>> No. 6438 ID: 722bfe
File 138657324188.jpg - (122.59KB , 960x720 , 1476479_766770680004445_24635276_n.jpg )
For the commonwealth!
>> No. 6439 ID: 4f89f9
File 138682071992.jpg - (105.80KB , 960x768 , 1365099908130.jpg )
muh AK > your AK

also, have some inspiration
>> No. 6440 ID: ec87e7
How did you go about building AK that way? I have been wanting to build an AK like that but I can't find a decent one on the market that is compatible with the usual stock adapters.
>> No. 6441 ID: 8a727c

I think that's a real AK, being used by a real russian, as noted by the smoke surrounding it and that man is pretty manly compared to the girly complexion of Fairynose's body.
>> No. 6442 ID: 4f89f9
>girly complexion of Fairynose's body

>> No. 6443 ID: f10410

The bolt of that AK can be seen too, so the smoke is probably dust on the building blown from the muzzle break blast.
>> No. 6444 ID: 4f89f9
Oh, and yeah, notice the AK-74 muzzle brake on the AK-105, instead of the AKS-74U muzzle brake. Sexy as fuck.
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