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File 13765861928.jpg - (311.55KB , 1920x1080 , 1350018128136.jpg )
7141 No. 7141 ID: 1f64a0
Now that I'm settling down in my new place and can use the kitchen, I want to get into shape. My goal is to go from my Dale Gribble physique and get just about as big as Mr. Hardy here. I don't want to look strong, I want to BE strong and have as much stamina as possible.

So, what types of workout regimens should I look into? I want to start Pilates and there's a pool right in front of my apartment, so I'm going to start swimming. Any tips on swimming? My form is beyond weak, I currently side stroke on each side to even it out.
Around 6:30 this morning I went for a 2 mile walk, going to start increasing that as I go on. Also going to start running when I can afford some running shoes.

As for workout equipment, what should I look into and where should I look for good deals? My buddy likes to lift weights, so I want to get something we can both use. Been thinking about those dumbbells comprised of discs so you can adjust the weight.

What should I do with my diet? I'm going to start eating a shitload of eggs daily, I currently have an 18 pack in the fridge. I can't chew right now, so I can't eat anything awesome like steak and whatnot. Not until the life insurance comes in and I can afford a dentist to fix what my mom screwed up.
I've heard bodybuilders drink bottled egg whites, but I don't know about that since my goals are very different from a bodybuilder, aside from wanting to bulk up.

Halp me get big and strong, /pt/. I'm sick of being skinny.
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>> No. 7142 ID: 1f64a0
File 137658627722.jpg - (82.12KB , 600x450 , BamberTowel_(2).jpg )
Jamie Bamber here is what I'm trying to avoid. As sexy as he is, I doubt he could work as hard as...
>> No. 7143 ID: 1f64a0
File 137658640418.jpg - (24.55KB , 360x700 , wil willis shirtless.jpg )
...Wil Willis here. Of course, one was a Ranger/PJ and the other just an actor.
>> No. 7144 ID: 5fa87e
Starting strength and stronglifts 5x5 are programs for you.
>> No. 7145 ID: b5332d
Starting Strength. It's not just a program, it's a book, get it and read it. When you've done that and implemented it get back to me and I'll answer an questions you have. You should probably pick up Practical Programming too.

And no, don't drink raw egg whites. They are disgusting and because they touch the outside of the egg shell, will quite possibly give you salmonella.



>> No. 7146 ID: d6c925
Thanks, I'll order the book after I set up my mailbox with the apartment.

Any advice on acquiring the equipment? The apartment complex doesn't have a gym.
>> No. 7147 ID: b5332d
At this point in time join a gym. To do Starting Strength all you really need is a rack, a barbell, a bench and maybe some place to do chinups. All of these things are a good investment and don't wear out, but a bit much to spend if you're just getting into it.

Pro Tip: Video all of your work sets. All of them. This is probably the thing I regret not doing the most when I first started lifting seriously. This would have saved me so much time.
>> No. 7148 ID: d6c925
The only actual gym I can find is way too far away. Everything else is geared toward women or is this crossfit thing and they're way too expensive.

What if I try one of those used sporting equipment places? Like Play it Again Sports.
>> No. 7149 ID: 276a39
Strike that, found some. But, they're expensive as fuck.
>> No. 7150 ID: b5332d
A bar is like ~$150 for a crappy one. Weights are ~$1 a pound or so and you'll need two pairs 45's and one pair of 25's, 10's, 5's and 2.5's. So say ~$250. A rack is about ~$300 for a cheap one, though you can find them much cheaper used off of Craigslist or something. Say $100 - $50 for a bench?

So, all up $600? You can go a fair bit cheaper than this if you search around for old equipment that's been sitting in someone's garage. But it's still a bit of a commitment for a poor OPchanner just getting into it. Gyms are fairly common in America. Where do all the local poor people go to workout? Ask around, surely one of your neighbours goes to the gym.
>> No. 7151 ID: fb1227
Check the nearest community college and see if they have a non-credit fitness class that is self-paced or perhaps even provides instruction. This will allow you access to the campus gym and will likely be cheaper than a lot of commercial gyms.

Don't overdo it on eggs or protein, btw. Measure how much you need for the day and space it out. It is going to be more of a calorie game, but then again I haven't been doing this nearly as long as the ones who normally post in /pt/
>> No. 7152 ID: b5332d
You can't eat too much protein. I'd bet good money on that.

That said, protein usually comes along with extra calories and is also extra calories, so you don't want to go full retard, especially if you're not getting enough exercise to warrant it.
>> No. 7153 ID: fb1227
I meant as in all in one sitting. Unless I'm still mistaken.
>> No. 7154 ID: 3948fb
I'll do just that. Might get lucky. As for the eggs, I haven't had a significant source of protein in a while and eggs are soft enough to fit the bill. I was thinking 4-7 a day, I have a very high metabolism.

I could probably pick up a bench and weights when the insurance comes in, but I definitely don't have the space for a rack.

Would one of those chin up rigs that locks onto the door frame be worth a damn? I don't want to damage the frame or crack my skull on a corner because it didn't stay secure.
>> No. 7155 ID: b5332d
Depends how much you weigh and exactly which model you get. Most work okay for lightweights.
>> No. 7156 ID: ff51af
And short people. I tried one of those things once, my knees were hitting the floor, which makes it fairly difficult to do a pullup with anything resembling proper form.
>> No. 7157 ID: 3948fb
I'm 6' and weigh around 130. Any suggestions for a model? I don't know anything about them, just occasionally see commercials and walk by them in Walmart.
>> No. 7158 ID: b5332d
The kind that hooks onto the top of a door frame and uses leverage, not the kind that uses friction.

Yeah, well I wasn't talking about freaks of nature.
>> No. 7159 ID: 3948fb
Those were the ones I was looking at, thanks.
>> No. 7160 ID: 1f64a0
File 137736078374.jpg - (3.31MB , 4608x3456 , 001.jpg )

Boiled eggs are the shit.
>> No. 7161 ID: 191cce
Just ate nine of these in a row and I'm still hungry. Moving onto ice cream. Am I going to die?
>> No. 7162 ID: 5fa87e
Eat a fuckton of oatmeal everyday
>> No. 7163 ID: 343e5b
Shit, I meant to get some on my last grocery trip.
>> No. 7164 ID: 5fa87e
Also, get some brown rice, dude.
>> No. 7165 ID: 1f64a0
Just a little update. I'm currently up to 150 now, kind of holding off here until I can afford some new pants. My current pants are a bit tight.

I found a gym that just opened up less than a mile from here, I checked it out on my bike earlier today. $99 to start a membership and it's $30 a month after that. Personal trainers are included with the costs and the trainers seemed nice and knowledgeable. Overall, it's a nice gym and I think it'd be worth the dosh.
>> No. 7166 ID: 45f872
I'm just going to post in this thread to say that I've been lifting 3x a week with a buddy from work (former Marine) for the past three weeks. Between that and actually focusing on eating healthy, high-protein food, I gained five pounds in the first two weeks. I'm able to handle a little more weight than I was three weeks ago, it feels really, really good.

I'm not focusing on being "bigger", because that can turn into some weird body-image issues and shit, just on getting stronger. Training for that run-and-gun down in Texas in April gives me a definable goal, same with a backpacking trip in Idaho in July. The stronger I am, the lighter my rifle and gear will feel.
>> No. 7167 ID: 591338
  Joined a gym today, went there earlier with a coworker. Gonna gets my swells on.

Also, I'm so incredibly jealous of my coworker. In his uniform, you can't tell he's as fit as he is. But, fucker's as fit as a Greek god.
>> No. 7168 ID: cb5bf3
File 139671150551.jpg - (1.13MB , 2448x2448 , IMG_00000109.jpg )
Currently done with setup for the state championships. Awaiting weigh-in and to help with loading bars for warmup.

Smaller world than I thought. Guess who brought me that cup of coffee?
>> No. 7169 ID: 591338

Missed this post. That's cool, dude.

>I'm not focusing on being "bigger", because that can turn into some weird body-image issues and shit, just on getting stronger

It's not a body image issue for me, I'm just sick of weighing so little. There have been so many times when I'm helping people out that they say "okay, put your weight into it" and I usually end up getting pulled with it or not being able to push it, depending on what I'm doing.

I'm just kind of sick of being lanky and weak. Also, a shitty part of being skinny is being asked if I "can fit in there." "In there" usually being dark and dirty with spiders lurking about.
>> No. 7170 ID: 44b37a
Hint: One of the inspiring individuals I've mentioned in my oly wl thread.
>> No. 7171 ID: 445dc0
Don't bother with a personal trainer. Personal trainers are typically marketed towards soccer moms and shit. If you want nutritional and lifting advice, make an account at bodybuilding.com. Some dumbasses, good info though.

The pic you posted in OP didn't happen overnight. Going from >150 pounds to ~215 will take a long time, at least 2-3 years of consistently lifting at LEAST 3 days a week, I do 5 days a week. In order to gain weight and muscle, you need to be a caloric surplus, meaning that you eat more calories than your body burns. If you want to gain weight, lay off of intense swimming. You can still swim to keep off excess fat you gain during the period of a caloric surplus (aka a bulk), but most people (including me) don't do cardio at all during a bulk. It's all up to you though.
>> No. 7172 ID: 591338
I know it's going to take a while, I'm not in a hurry.

And no cardio is a no go. I ride my bike 20 miles a day. 10 miles to and from work.

I'll check out bodybuilding.com, thanks for the info. I have a free session with a personal trainer at the gym, I'm going to take advantage of it. If not for anything other than to work on my form.
>> No. 7173 ID: 242c84
>no cardio at all during a bulk
That kinda explains why I've gained only 5 pounds in two months. Been doing too much cardio. Granted, I can easily move my 75-lb training ruck down the road at a pretty good pace (4 MPH) without getting dizzy...

After my camping trip in July is over, I'm going to do a proper bulk cycle, complete with absurd (yet calculated) amounts of food.
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