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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 145301746014.jpg - (106.58KB , 399x482 , 2469zl0.jpg )
9099 No. 9099 ID: ae87b5
My fellow OPERATORS,

It’s been just about a year since the new administration and moderation team took over Operatorchan, and I am here to tell you that the state of the chan is… stable.

The servers and code ran smoothly all year without too many hiccups, and traffic has remained steady throughout the year with 12-15k unique “visitors” each month, which due to people browsing on their phones probably indicates about 9-12k actual people visiting the site per month. I’ll post some interesting statistics about those people in subsequent posts with some infographics. Our biggest userbases continue to exist in the US, Germany, the UK, Canada, France, and Australia, with a mishmash of Scandinavian and Slavic countries following after and a smattering of South American and Asian countries scattered throughout. On average, any given person visited Operatorchan twice per day and viewed about 6 pages of content.

Financially, there is enough in the bank to pay server costs through February 2017. Domain registration is taken care of for the next 4 years so that’s not a big concern right now. That is all user donated money. The donation drive was a success in that regard, and your generosity with actual money is probably the best indicator that the site continues to be relevant. Romanov promises he will not drop of the face of the earth again and will distribute PBE winter patches to those who wanted them. A big shout out to Mammoth for handcrafting banana mags for the top donators. We will need to do another fundraiser this summer to extend the site’s longevity, and I know I have learned some lessons from the last one about how to perhaps run it a bit better and eliminate some of the uncertainty. Next year I will have the standard donation prizes in hand before we start, and send them out as donations roll in. Romanov is a great guy, but he has a real life like the rest of us and relying on him entirely for the patches maybe wasn’t the best idea.

In terms of outreach effort, Mammoth and myself have been running the opchan facebook page with varying degrees of engagement. I made and sometimes post to an opchan twitter account but twitter is fucking painful. We have 2,000 followers but they are all tea party wankers who don’t retweet, like, or visit opchan stuff. So fuck ‘em. There may be outreach potential on Twitter, but I’m not finding it. If anyone is willing to take on that project, drop me a line. Facebook on the other hand has been somewhat more successful, with 546 people following the page and positive interactions at least sometimes. Overall, for social media I would describe the total results as “meh” - but it does seem to vary according to the effort put in. As an anecdote, one post about CZs resulted in the staff of Laugo Arms in czechland all following the page. That’s the kind of thing I’d like to see happen more frequently, because that’s how to get new blood onto the site. Facebook is another area where more help would be appreciated. If you’re interested in helping post shit to facebook, let me know.

Content-wise, we have had some good threads this year. I saw lots of interesting guns and learned things about them. /n/ is still shit. The zone continues to be the most popular and fastest board by a large margin. I know that part of the reason for that is if you want people to see your thread and respond to it, your best bet is likely /dmz/. I am wondering how we can change that dynamic a little, and the obvious choice is paring down the boards. My pet project of /mu/ still gets traffic, but it’s still somewhat stagnant. Several boards get virtually no traffic, even if we like them in concept. Towards that end, in the next few months I will be crafting a survey to try and figure out what the userbase wants in terms of boards and rules for them. In that survey I will also touch on a few other topics to get some info to inform decision making.

Now, the future. Where is opchan going? Well, right now the answer is pretty much “where it’s always been”. Is that a good thing? I’m not sure. There may be potential here for bigger and better things, but then again there may not be. The way I see it, there are a couple hurdles to expanding the userbase:

1.Tech - We are running on old crappy imageboard code. Pretty much any change breaks it and no one is interested in updating it.

2.Format - The imageboard interface itself is dated and going the way of geocities, angelfire, and AOL. When it comes to gun people, old people don’t understand it (this year we had two random people actually fill out the name, subject, email fields with their real info…. It’s hilarious.), and young people don’t know what to make of it and assume it’s some dinosaur site leftover from the early 2000s.

3.Competition - Standalone forums themselves are on the decline. As setting up a facebook group or subreddit is so simple, there is less motivation to seek out dedicated sites on different subjects. That doesn’t mean this is a good thing, it’s just the reality of what’s happening.

To address these challenges, I propose that as a community we start putting our heads together and thinking of what, if anything, should be changed or updated. I am open to ideas and willing to entertain just about anything discussion-wise, with the caveat that in general as a staff we are short on time and resources for projects, so if you have a great idea chances are the best way for it to move forward is for you to volunteer to implement it.

So there’s that. Other admins and mods feel free to chime in, and the floor is open for questions and comments. May whatever god you believe in have mercy on your souls... er, God bless Operatorchan.
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>> No. 9100 ID: ae87b5
File 145301780442.png - (13.43KB , 748x309 , p339Ndc.png )
Through horrible internet tracking technology donated by the NSA, we have some demographic info for the US visitors to the site.

No surprise here.
>> No. 9101 ID: ae87b5
File 14530178523.png - (29.73KB , 737x609 , W9S4fXw.png )
Also unsurprising.
>> No. 9102 ID: ae87b5
File 145301789337.png - (14.61KB , 746x302 , 1Iu8qq9.png )
Still nothing too surprising.
>> No. 9103 ID: ae87b5
File 145301793541.png - (21.72KB , 745x443 , FXezjp3.png )
>> No. 9104 ID: ae87b5
File 145301801427.png - (16.98KB , 748x326 , 7LYJofb.png )
Here's an interesting one. You are apparently more educated than the average site users. Good job.
>> No. 9105 ID: ae87b5
File 145301806671.png - (22.67KB , 746x443 , HIrteeF.png )
Muh diversity.
>> No. 9106 ID: ae87b5
File 145301830052.png - (37.69KB , 754x731 , 9pLyTVi.png )
and finally, another thing you all knew.
>> No. 9107 ID: 5036fc
File 14530185142.jpg - (134.12KB , 468x568 , DTC-ODTRH-RD-2.jpg )

Pic related for the demographics.

Good update;however, I agree boards should be consolidated to keep some great content from being lost in obscurity.
>> No. 9109 ID: 8dfa9e
Am I retarded or are we actually less educated than average? We have more than average people with college education, but only because we have less then average people who went to grad school.
>> No. 9110 ID: 649f2c
File 145302909594.png - (7.48KB , 512x384 , does it bother you.png )
feels good to be in all the top categories
>> No. 9111 ID: de0bec
File 145303050014.jpg - (286.37KB , 2048x1536 , never obsolete full.jpg )
That's the same thing I see.
I would assign a high degree of error to all those values, because those numbers likely come from analysis of the words used in posts.

How have the moderation activities been? Are things pretty good or can it get overwhelming?
Other than the occasional "spam thread on every board", I don't see many problems. Which could be owed as much to our subdued popularity as it is to our mods.
>> No. 9112 ID: ae87b5
File 145304147697.jpg - (133.67KB , 1480x884 , pRghoNU.jpg )

You could view it that way. Maybe ya'll need to go back to school.


I also think the margin of error is probably pretty high based on how it's measured, but it's not based on posting. It's only measuring people who are uh... trusting... enough to accept cookies.

Moderation is always happening. There is always a fair amount of spam and though we have things configured so that spambots usually don't get very far, frustrated or angry people can still manually create quite a bit of spam if they feel like it. It generally gets deleted pretty quickly. Same for blatant shitposts and spamvertising. I think in general mods have taken a much lighter hand in actual threads than previous years, which enrages some people when the person who offends them isn't banned outright, but honestly I haven't seen an excessive amount of flagrant rule breaking.
>> No. 9113 ID: 4d876f
Maybe people are being OpSec and not filling out information? Where did the data came from to make the pie charts?
>> No. 9114 ID: d0cecd
State of the chan? Hate to be a downer but posting here isn't fun anymore, it's a chore, haven't seen anything interesting in weeks
Finding myself posting less and less, and noticing others are as well

Approx. 100% of the traffic you think is stable are fresh people from 4chan delivering one-liner insults and shitposts, then not posting for days before their next one-liner troll
... perks up site traffic but isn't really a good thing

idk, see you guys in a few months or so

Really hope this place picks up, we had some good times
>> No. 9115 ID: 6d6cb1
As a note:
I am not dead, just stupidly busy and sleep deprived (insert bitching about startup job, old ass car, sickness, friend drama, and critical networking problems holding my life up).

1. This is true. When I do have the time to look at the code, I feel it would be easier to have a staring contest with Azathoth. I am more than willing to move to a new set of software that does not torture me when I try to edit in new features. I've been in denial for so long with this setup. Kusaba X development is dead and I'm willing to use something else, but it does mean that we will be starting from scratch and I don't know a sane soul in the world willing to translate the DB and files to a new format.

2. We could do some CSS magic to make it "cool" and "hip". But on the more serious side, what sort of layout or format interests people? As far as I can tell, Twitter, Facebook, and the like all have a singular post and then additional posts or comments. Same as any BBS, forum, or imageboard. They all follow that same type of setup. The main difference is that you login and have a set of subscriptions you can make. However, there are some software platforms that allow for more flexibility (i.e. not dealing with Kusaba BS) and would allow us to more cleanly integrate videos, have better mobile support, start streaming on our own site, and other "cool" and "hip" shit. Might be worth doing a proof of concept.

3. Why did you have to tell me the truth? Just lie to me, you fucking dog. I want this site to remain and not be integrated into "the corporate machine" or "the man", man. Even if it means we have to switch software, I want this place to stay around.

Also, I'm for consolidating some boards, assuming we stick with this set of software.
>> No. 9116 ID: f2c4ed
I'm with this guy. I don't think there's anyone here I still want to hang out with that I haven't met, and I haven't learned anything new in like...months. Nobody's generating new content like PBE fiction or anything, and the single-line shitposting makes trying to discuss anything pointless.

I'll be back later, maybe.
>> No. 9117 ID: ae87b5

We've been looking at Lynxchan as a potential contender, if you want to check it out. I think our ideal implementation would look a lot like endchan.xyz's
>> No. 9118 ID: 6d6cb1
>Fully support users not using javascript.

>Provide every functionality through a json based RPC and make every information available in json format.

>Having a modular front-end so people can easily create and use different templates.
Jedi, explain something to me. Why is my pee-pee all hard? Am I die?

>Required software
>Node.js 5.4.1
Never mind. Pee-pee all soft now.

I'll still look more into this.
>> No. 9119 ID: 4b268a
>be the stereotypical poster
feels good man
>> No. 9120 ID: ae87b5

We've talked to the main developer in IRC, he seems not insane.
>> No. 9121 ID: 6d6cb1
I spotted him a couple times before. He seemed pretty sketch at first, but I haven't logged into IRC in ages.

Is he still floating around?
>> No. 9122 ID: ae87b5

Not currently, though if you want to set up a conversation I would imagine he would be willing to come in at a certain time.
>> No. 9123 ID: 3d25a3
State of the chan:
You're still a bunch of niggers. Now tell me how to conceal properly on my tiny frame.
>> No. 9124 ID: ebb4ba
eat big
get big
>> No. 9125 ID: 226618

Hide it up your butt. If SoL can do it with a cellphone, you can do it with a gun.

That way, the bits of poop in the barrel get on the bullet and induce sepsis in your target.
>> No. 9126 ID: 79b400
It's easier for us skinny guys to CC than it is for fatties. Just don't be a hipster metrosexual and ditch the skinny jeans and one size too small t-shirt.
>> No. 9127 ID: 9eea57
Dude, that's not funny. Everytime someone does this I fet my ass reamed.
>> No. 9128 ID: ae87b5
As an update, I did get one volunteer to help with facebook updates, so hopefully we'll get some more content going there linking back to threads here and draw some folks in.
>> No. 9129 ID: ae87b5

Go answer the survey. If you answer nothing else, just vote on which boards should remain.
>> No. 9130 ID: 1aea9c
>> No. 9131 ID: ae87b5


I've got about 80 responses so far, I will let this run until responses drop off, and/or a week, whichever.
>> No. 9132 ID: 18cfbd
Maybe want to link the survey on the blotter? Not everyone reads /t/.
>> No. 9133 ID: ae87b5

People read the blotter? I'll do that though. It's also at the top of every page.
>> No. 9134 ID: 9dcda2
Survey in. I has ideas.

I really wish I could contribute on the code side, but I'm just too fucking busy. Hell, I was excited today to have time to do laundry.
>> No. 9135 ID: ae87b5

Thanks. I mean that's everyone's problem really.

Also speaking of problems everyone has...

There are two pages to the survey. Do them both.
>> No. 9136 ID: 1aea9c
I saw it on the Facebook page
>> No. 9137 ID: 6372b6
File 145431703418.gif - (408.11KB , 160x120 , 1339809372487.gif )
I'm not the most active everywhere on the internet, or here, or on social media websites. Nor am I that good with computers, so my opinions on the issues brought up by Spacemagicpriest Smallcaninewoof should be taken with a grain of salt.

>1. Tech
Am I the only one that's bothered by how people actually want to upgrade things for no good fucking reason? There are plenty of programs I use that are perfectly functional and I have turned off the "updates" because the only thing that changed was it would often break something and/or try to look pretty while whoring up more resources. I can understand upgrading something if there's an issue, but can anyone point out to any actual problem with the board other than "it's old"?

I just don't see why it needs to be changed. I don't see why it needs to be updated, and I don't see why someone would want to bother. If the board code is really that bad, and is actively acting like a car held together by rust and bird poop (nobody wants to clean it because it will fall apart), then we could probably copy 8chan's code because their image upload stuff is handy. If I could do anything to OPchan's board code, it would be that and webm thumbnails. Wouldn't even think about touching anything else, and I don't want to break OPchan just to get a shiny thumbnail or be able to post two images with one less mouse click; it almost isn't worth mentioning.

>2. Format
I think the format is clear, organized, very efficient, and overall excellent to quickly and easily display and discuss information. While this may restrict new blood from entering because the aforementioned features are alien to modern social media formats, I do not think using a format like Tweeter or Facebook or that other one with all the SJWs would actually work when people desire to make useful contributions to a community. Sure, we could renew this format into another type of website, but that would hinder the quality of information and discussion with an interface that doesn't fit the content.

This is starting to sound a lot like "huur change is bad bring back steam engines and horses" and I understand how it could be interpreted as such, but the imageboard format is a medium that's near perfect for the media we have.

>3. Competition
To be honest, I see places like this as a bit of the middle ground between the high volume, high quantity boards/reddits/social websites and the 10-posts-per-year private forum boards that get into incredibly specialized stuff with a tiny, stagnant userbase. The high quantity places tend to deal with the large amounts of people who're just starting out, they answer a lot of similar beginner questions and although very interesting things do happen once in a while, I've seen it get flooded over quickly to be lost in the endless wastelands of the internet. We're in the middle, with a smaller userbase of people usually who go from knowledgeable to expert; our edge cases keep the pot stirring a little bit, but isn't flooded with new beginners faster than they can be educated and this brings me to the last section: The specialized Sign-Up forums. Sure, they might have more signed up users than this place gets visits per year, but they are often strict, slow-moving, and can quickly quell the creativity of a less restrictive environment with stifling rules, and members being respected more by how many posts they've made/circlejerk status than actual knowledge. Of course, some users of these forums can be in the tippy top of their respective expertise, but it's often hard to find who knows what's up especially if you aren't an adept yourself.

What I'm trying to say here is that we have a niche. We're between a giant rocky volcano and a frigid hard place, and I think we could make use of that. We're slower than we probably should be, that much is clear. Although we could be a little faster, I think posters here return here for good reasons. This is something we should market somehow, to gather more users that will "get" this place.

>how do we market a spot between the spewing, raging volcano of the big social websites and the practically dead, glacially paced specialized forums
I have seen a few things that made me a little confused on imageboards; the rules of /b/ seemingly applying to other shit that's completely unrelated. The first rule of /b/ is that you do not talk about /b/.

This isn't /b/. This isn't even 4chan. I sometimes see OPchan mentioned here and there on 4chan's /k/, usually with disdain supported by ignorance or plain butthurt faggotry of some sperg shitposting here, getting assblasted, and going back to 4chan with a keyboard full of "waaah they're all giant fags". I understand that imageboard posters shittalk on pretty much everything - especially other imageboards, and I'm getting a little derailed but what I'm getting to is that if you come here and like it, it might not be a bad idea to think about people you know and wonder if they would like OPchan too. This could happen on another forum or imageboard or some other website; you see someone that you think would like this place, maybe mentioning it to them shouldn't be seen as taboo. We aren't a social media website like Facebook, and we shouldn't try to morph into a social media website, but we could use social media to gain new members. I can understand why the OPchan facebook page isn't doing much and I think it's because having an OPchan facebook page is like having a facebook page for a cool lamp. By that I mean using a facebook page to advertize OPchan isn't the right way to use facebook to advertize OPchan. If you have a cool lamp, you should send pictures of it on your lamp-loving friend on facebook, not make a page for your lamp.

Yes, with "advertizing" like this will come the shitposts. Not much we can do about that, for it is the internet. Thankfully, the mods here are pgud and quick to weed out what's an actual shitpost and what's a beginner that needs a helping hand, or a little giggle at using real info to post.

>we have boards with practically no traffic
Slow boards tend to have a bit less quantity but a bit more quality. They practically end up being active-ish archives for shit that's a year old or more but still should remain alive. Is there a problem with this? Does a slow moving board mean OPchan is dead? I think not, and I think we should try to encourage users to take a peek in the slow boards once in a while. I bet lots of people would love to see a Mateba in detail but have forgotten /st/, or have an interest in reloading or something and have not even looked at /clw/.

welp I had my 4AM semi-coherent ramble going on for long enough

good night
>> No. 9138 ID: ae87b5
File 145434793083.jpg - (109.47KB , 497x720 , Russian P Comrades! Fight typhus!.jpg )

This is the kid of input I'm looking for though.

My one caveat on the "ain't broke don't fix it" line of thinking is that I have seen it backfire many times especially concerning old, unsupported software. As an anecdote, the Air Force's oldest oil analysis machines ran on DOS and some proprietary shell. Worked great, until it didn't, and then I'm on the phone with the company and they're saying the guy who made that dinosaur retired 10 years ago and lol even if you get your data off the drive it's going to be undreadable etc etc and maybe I'm just traumatized :(

As far as Kusaba X that's kind of the problem. It is running pretty decently right now but I don't know enough about it to see if we are headed for a brick wall. Unfortunately, most of the alternative imageboard programs are not in a much better position, having either only one main developer or a team of dispersed, disinterested developers. There are a few with promise but I think the bar is pretty high to actually choose a replacement. Rest assured we will not replace the software just for the sake of replacing the software, there would need to be significant benefits and at least the semblance of developer support.

Tick unrelated.
>> No. 9139 ID: 3052f4
Kinda with this guy on facebook advertising. Why try build up on fanbase. Latch onto a more popular page's fans, buy shoutouts, that sort of thing
this guy has 42K followers. https://www.facebook.com/operator.inc/ arrange some shoutouts or links
>> No. 9140 ID: ae87b5

See initial post, the best results come from interaction.
>> No. 9141 ID: ae87b5

Also yes, hence the poll question regarding using opchan budget for marketing. If we need to bribe someone to link to us I don't want to make a habit of using my own funds for it.
>> No. 9142 ID: 6372b6
File 145440048841.gif - (0.97MB , 448x352 , 1363678163908.gif )
Would be cool to have users here vote on that subject in particular.

Users donate, when server costs/miscellaneous OPchan fees are covered, the surplus is divided and directed to marketing stuff.

We can host a lottery, with a bit of OPchan merch as the prize.

The users could also recommend who to approach for a shoutout or something like that; if we think we can get good members from the audience of a certain person/entity/business/blog/etc, we can discuss who to approach, vote on it (Colion? Andrew Tuohy? Chris Costa?), and decide what kind of lottery to host as an event for the new members or something.

I'm a little apprehensive of turning OPchan into a marketing whore with publicity stunts and shit. I'm all for gathering new members, diversifying our current userbase with both new shooters and very knowledgeable people, but perhaps attracting people this way might attract the type of people that won't really stick around. Or worse. Ugh. I donno.
>> No. 9143 ID: 06a0fb
>I'm a little apprehensive of turning OPchan into a marketing whore with publicity stunts and shit. I'm all for gathering new members, diversifying our current userbase with both new shooters and very knowledgeable people, but perhaps attracting people this way might attract the type of people that won't really stick around. Or worse. Ugh. I donno.

Don't we have some users who competitively shoot? Why not toss some of the money their way, with competition shirts and stuff. drive new users from the desired community of gun fans to here.
>> No. 9144 ID: ae87b5

We do have quite a few. Even I "compete" I'm just not all that great. I bet we could afford some kind of swag to stick on them.
>> No. 9145 ID: bbcc9a
File 145465717211.jpg - (145.96KB , 883x1024 , trump.jpg )
Throughout the course of this campaign, you've said some disparaging comments about women, about people from other countries, other religions, and about everybody who's disagreed with you. Explain to me how I could look at my daughters and have them look up to a President Trump as a role model.

Nobody has more respect for women than I do. Thirty years ago, I had a woman building a major, major construction job in New York City. And that never happens. That just didn't happen. ... I have so many women executives. I have been great to women. And women have been great to me. They've done a great job.
>> No. 9146 ID: bbcc9a
File 145465733977.jpg - (135.64KB , 1200x792 , bill-murray-suntory-time.jpg )
Are you Americans tacking this seriously?!

>> No. 9147 ID: bbcc9a
File 145465756024.jpg - (4.20MB , 2424x2936 , if on the other hand.jpg )
>> No. 9148 ID: bbcc9a
File 145465832372.jpg - (88.10KB , 1200x805 , too hot in Cabada.jpg )
Not to toot our our horn, but in Canada all we have to worry about is;

Paying $60/mth for healthcare
Trying to let more refuges in, 10k/mth is not enough
Getting along with every race. Easy when you didn't enslave anyone
Hoping not to preemptively use Celine Dion.

>> No. 9149 ID: de0bec
Of course not. AMV's are shit.
>> No. 9150 ID: 360765
Traumatic brain injury guy makes thread.
Trolls derail his thread.
You ban TBI and lock his thread.
But you let the trolls go free.

That'll teach them.
>> No. 9151 ID: 4b75da
Here's a thought for advertising:
Youtube gun channels and alternative media are becoming really fucking popular. I mean things like Hickok45, Forgotten Weapons (Youtube channel and itself), TFB, Vicker's Tactical, ect.

These people draw very enthusiastic people in the hobby to watch it. And there's seen by anywhere between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people for every article or video they do.

Someone on OPchan has some cool or rare piece of history that someone like Ian from Forgotten Weapons would be glad to make a video about and showcase it. Why not throw some gas money and an offer to let him have access to it for a quick shout out to OPERATORchan at the end of the video? All it costs is some time letting someone fondle your safe queen and some donations possibly just like what people do with Ian's Patreon fund.

Getting involved with competition shooters also isn't a bad idea. And I have to agree that spamming OPchan stuff over Twatters, Fecesbook, Lebbit, ect. probably wouldn't serve well to draw people in because it just looks like shitty spammy advertising.

If you do want to do that, however, I would suggest having some sort of article or examination where someone looks over and details something and just post it. Include a "you can find me and some more of my stuff on OPERATORchan.org." That is more enticing, organic and interesting to the average person browsing than seeing "VISIT OPERATORCHAN! [insert meme or attention seeking headline here]".
>> No. 9152 ID: ae87b5

Interaction with other folks who do gun stuff would be great. Just need bodies with computers to start coordinating it.

Survey is still getting responses so I am going to leave it open for a few more days. In a preliminary sense, I am getting some great info to inform decision-making moving forward. Probably the most immediate and sweeping change following the survey itself is going to be a board shakeup.

I am kind of surprised that /a/ is getting so little love, I thought you fuckers all loved airshit?
>> No. 9153 ID: 6372b6
I actually want to do this and have done videos in the past. Some might remember something involving boxer shorts and snow.

My main concern is the depressing fact that I live in Canada along with PERSEC/OPSEC. It's why I tend to not really have a youtube channel and usually post either pictures or a webm on OPchan itself.

Aside from that, I would be fine with recording footage of interdasting things, dumb/funny shit, gunsmithing, etc and sending it to you fellas; perhaps so it can be posted in a dedicated OPchan youtube channel or something like that. Recently I have been feeling the need to create video content and possibly venture out in the youtube thing again, carefully, as I do have a lot of footage of various stuff. I know that if I take safety/legality to 11 on the soccermom scale I can have half decent content and not be too boring, so I may do that and I would definitely whore myself out for this ol' board. I won't even ask for cheeseburgers.

Not promising anything soon but I'll post links here for you guys if I end up creating something.
>> No. 9154 ID: ae87b5
File 145514969271.jpg - (119.17KB , 640x478 , g36226_Dachsund banhammer.jpg )

do it faggot.

The survey still has responses trickling in so I will leave it up for a few more days, but I think I have an idea of what to do with the boards.

Some will rage, some will rejoice, but it will be better.
>> No. 9155 ID: 52ed6e
File 145519473899.jpg - (134.14KB , 2392x557 , IMG_0546.jpg )
I've actually been meaning to loan him my Cobray Terminator for a shooting video but I've gotten lazy.
>> No. 9156 ID: 3052f4
Maybe make #/k/ the default irc again and have link to a web client. #operatorchan will always be dead and gives a bad impression of the site.
>> No. 9157 ID: ae87b5

>gives a bad impression of the site

To who?

And besides I want to leave it there as a monument to how bad the users are at knowing what they want.
>> No. 9158 ID: 3052f4
they see a dead irc and think the site is dead too. #operatorchan was always a bad idea.
>> No. 9159 ID: ae87b5

who sees it?
>> No. 9160 ID: 949ee7
Survey is now closed, responses finally dropped off. Thanks everyone for the input!
>> No. 9161 ID: 6372b6
Would it be possible to see results of the survey?
>> No. 9162 ID: ae87b5

Yes, I will publish chart porn relatively soon
>> No. 9163 ID: ae87b5


Some things are pretty clear cut, others not. I will be outlining my conclusions later tonight if sober enough.
>> No. 9164 ID: ae87b5
File 145534396284.png - (31.19KB , 871x522 , boards.png )
So here are my conclusions and proposals:

Conclusion 1: You think we are doing an alright to good job running shit, but have less faith in the moderators than admins.

Proposal 1: More mods from the pleb... I mean users. Maybe 2 or 3.

Proposal 1a: More clear-cut and transparant mod guidance

Conclusion 2: Imageboard software upgrade has mixed feelings.

Proposal 2: No immediate or concrete plans to upgrade to anything, but potentially trial some software for you all to test out and give feedback on over the course of the year.

Conclusion 3: Don't worry about legal structure

Conclusion 4: Don't change the hosting situation

Conclusion 5: People are split on marketing and using funds, but seem to be slightly more in favor of using funds for marketing.

Proposal 5: Call for volunteers to help research marketing and recommend courses of action. This means you.

Conclusion 6: There were clear winners and losers on the board consolidation issue.

Proposal 6: See image.
>> No. 9165 ID: 3052f4
aww man, i fucking loved /v/
>> No. 9166 ID: ba2103
>this means you.

Your airforce voluntold is coming out.
>> No. 9167 ID: ae87b5
File 145537868870.jpg - (48.51KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
I figure when I get around to it, I will lock the doomed boards and give you all a week to download any content you might want to save - then I will go through and archive any particularly good threads. After that - baleeted.
>> No. 9168 ID: ae87b5
File 145537879552.jpg - (143.96KB , 1280x723 , american-stripper-pole-e1341076687367.jpg )
also can't believe I didn't say this in my original drunken post, but since strip club will be read only.... you can look, but you can't touch.
>> No. 9169 ID: 3052f4
why keep /z/ but doom /v/. poll shows people like /v/ even more than /m/ and /mu/ combined.
>> No. 9170 ID: 634497

I can't speak for the administration, but /z/ has unique functionality not otherwise found here.
>> No. 9171 ID: ae87b5

/z/ is a file dumping ground, it's a file hosting utility.

Actually, the level of support for /m/ and /mu/ was roughly equal to /v/, and as I have told you many times the decision isn't based solely on the survey. The military vehicle content in /v/ is inherently /k/ related, and we can talk about cars in /t/.

If you want to go down that road, there isn't so much an argument for keeping /v/ as there is eliminating /m/ entirely. Is that what you'd like?
>> No. 9172 ID: ae87b5

No you're exactly right, serv is the one who is wrong.
>> No. 9173 ID: 6372b6
Seeing the board changes, can I suggest that threads get some sort of a voting system for candidature to be moved to archive?

Threads getting arch'd in the past, at least for me, has seemed to be a completely arbitrary decision.
>> No. 9174 ID: ae87b5

Sure, and I think the threshold would be pretty low. Like for example, if there is a thread that features a teardown of a gun, after it has run its course, a mod would just move it on over to /st/. The purpose of the archive boards would be to capture ALL related content, not like /arch/ where it's some kind of hall of fame.
>> No. 9175 ID: 72b0a2



>> No. 9176 ID: ae87b5
File 145549744814.jpg - (1.63MB , 2560x1920 , P1100399.jpg )


Those are also going byebye. This isn't a decision in a vacuum. Separating military vehicles out of /k/ has been a huge content drain and those threads don't get the level of attention they would otherwise... and if you take those out of /v/ it's just civilian vehicles and would be practically dead. It's not like you can't still talk about cars.
>> No. 9177 ID: e95ea6
i am 100% ok with the proposed board structure
>> No. 9178 ID: 52ed6e
>all the great copypasta threads will basically be deleted now
>> No. 9179 ID: ae87b5

No, good ones will be archived and you'll have time to save any other ones that are important to you.
>> No. 9180 ID: ae87b5
File 145556033220.jpg - (141.49KB , 800x544 , qViwLYS.jpg )
Alright, that's plenty of time for commentary, I'm going to start the process of locking the doomed boards and reviewing them to archive the best stuff. Once I'm done, the boards will stay up for the rest of the week so everyone can peruse them and save content they'd like to keep.
>> No. 9181 ID: ae87b5
File 145560308667.jpg - (165.45KB , 1125x1109 , hZAXEvz.jpg )
After more consideration I think /v/ should be spared.
>> No. 9182 ID: 4aaaa0
File 145560653450.jpg - (250.57KB , 1600x1271 , Japan WW2 Type 97 Te Ke tankette destroyed in Okin.jpg )
Or military vehicles in /k/ and civilian stuff in /t/ also works.

- Japanese Type 97 Te Ke tankette destroyed by 96th Infantry Division Okinawa 1945
>> No. 9184 ID: 794d7b
Not to be too pedantic but I think that's actually a Type 94 (which does look pretty similar to the Te-Ke, to be fair).
>> No. 9185 ID: 71a0d4
File 145562267020.jpg - (332.17KB , 640x933 , 1367551401246.jpg )
Fuck yeah.
>> No. 9186 ID: 4aaaa0
File 145563631093.jpg - (132.15KB , 1024x768 , Japan WW2 Type 94 light tank broken down.jpg )
You may be right. I was posting the caption of the picture. Difficult to tell since it's so smashed.
- Type 94 TK tankette captured at Battle of Okinawa
>> No. 9187 ID: ded164

I was swayed by the fact that it's the only thing about the restructure that anyone seriously objected to, across multiple platforms. You can't say I'm a tyrant.
>> No. 9188 ID: 4aaaa0
File 145563938910.jpg - (86.68KB , 462x673 , German WW2 pilot ace Hans Philipp with his dachshu.jpg )
Oh yeah?
>> No. 9189 ID: 4aaaa0
File 14556394982.jpg - (284.65KB , 1104x1104 , German P WW2 Dachshund Propaganda 1.jpg )
Tyrannical Dachshund is subtle, false and treacherous!
>> No. 9190 ID: 4aaaa0
File 145563958957.jpg - (150.94KB , 833x1223 , US P WW1 Teufel Hunden Marine Devil Dog Recruiting.jpg )
Drive out the diabolical dachshund!
Join the US Marines and defeat this scourge!
- Teufel Hunden, German Nickname for U.S. Marines : Devil Dog Recruiting Station
>> No. 9191 ID: 4aaaa0
File 145563999427.jpg - (142.54KB , 439x737 , US P WW1 Uncle Sam against the dachshund 1.jpg )
>> No. 9192 ID: 4aaaa0
File 14556407602.jpg - (79.03KB , 634x764 , US WW1 troops Marines w dachshund & badger.jpg )
U.S. Marines attached to 2nd Infantry Division in France, WWI.
One Marine has captured a dachshund while the other has captured a badger.
Where normally dachshunds and badgers are natural enemies, tyrannical German dachshunds have apparently formed an alliance with the devious tunneling badgers to fight our boys in the trenches, but we foiled their nefarious plans.
>> No. 9193 ID: 4aaaa0
File 145564122658.jpg - (211.15KB , 1258x1280 , US WW2 troops marine and his dog in Kwajalein.jpg )
U.S. Marine Jesse Goin and his dog in Kwajalein.
>> No. 9194 ID: 4aaaa0
File 145564216954.jpg - (251.39KB , 1024x680 , German P WW2 Dachshund Schnazi 1.jpg )
>> No. 9195 ID: 9723b1
Why is /v/ being deleted? /v/ is objectively better information on military vehicles than we're likely to find on any chan. Same for /s/.

At least archive them...
>> No. 9196 ID: ded164

/v/ is safe, read above. /s/ has already been fully archived, every thread with even a shred of useful information has been put in /arch/ or /stem/. Reviewing every thread in /s/ reinforced the decision. So many unanswered questions and dead end threads with one or two replies. Time for it to die.
>> No. 9197 ID: 644af8
Just a thought, but why not combine parts of /z/,/st/, and /stem/ into a single "reference" board for...well...reference & nonfiction shit? Entertainment-related things can go in a hybrid /m/,/mu/, /other-parts-of-z/.
>> No. 9198 ID: b89631
File 145570471662.jpg - (131.14KB , 654x539 , 1416164256048.jpg )
I agree with this, it seems good to consolidate /st/ and /stem/ into a new /ref/ or better, just /arch/ (provided it can be extended past 10 pages to hold everything) for archived /k/ and /t/ threads which hold value.

I think we should nuke /sug/. The fact that we're even having this thread on /t/ is indicative of its failure. Board traffic is slow, and its more of a "send the mods a publicish letter" than anything, since no one goes there. Having periodic meta threads on /t/ to solicit donations and bounce ideas off each other works a hell of a lot better, again, as this thread shows.

As far as board software goes, imageboards may be "dated" but the alternative is a phpbb forum which is already done to death, or just being a facebook group which is "Take all my persec" city. Imageboard is fine. The software behind it is fine. If we had the same software as 4chan now does, that would be nice, but its imo not necessary and not causing the hordes to turn away like alt.rec.guns or something.

As far as advertising and growing the base goes, I'd like to note why most of us came here in the first place. 4chan was a shitty place, suffering from constantly going down for hours, and so opchan was created so we wouldn't have to deal with not being able to shittalk other peoples choice in guns for 4 hours. Different phases of shitty moderation, floods of summerfags, etc, also helped, but to be frank those reasons are mostly gone, and even if 4chan decides to drop their /k/ board because moot got bought by bloomberg instead of 2ch, everyone would go to reddit, and vice versa. But other than that, there was the livestream, which a lot of /k/indergardeners tuned into, then followed the giant banner here, like myself, or people who had POSITIVE interactions on kinder/k/ with tripfags like Hotaru, FPoP, Meplat, and Drake and knew they resided here if they wanted more real content.

Trimming back down the boards will be a great first step in revitalization. IMO, we should consolidate further, but lets start with what we're planning now and see if that helps enough. Afterward, IMO, we really need to have a discussion about the duality of /t/ and /dmz/.

As a precursor, I strongly believe a lot of threads happen on /dmz/ which should really happen on /t/, and /dmz/ should be no more than porn/weeaboos/extreme shitposting/image hosting. Driving traffic to a visible board like /t/ would help the accessibility of the site for noobs, its ridiculous to expect people to come on opchan if they see it is dead without realizing theres a super secret hidden board we have 80% of our posts on.
>> No. 9199 ID: ae87b5

Maybe later, but not now. The idea is somewhat specific archive boards to help you find the content you want faster. Absent a smart search function I think this is the best for now.

>duality of /t/ and /dmz/

I agree to a certain extent that substantive threads that don't require tits, ponies, or anime should go elsewhere, but I also don't want to spend tons of time moving threads, which btw kusaba x doesn't handle well at all. The risk of losing thread content is real because this software will just drop shit sometimes and then we have to go search in the backups to restore it.
>> No. 9200 ID: ae87b5

also as far as the livestream I fully support doing shit like that I just need people to take the lead on doing it.
>> No. 9201 ID: 7eaa65
Sure, lets go with your current archive system, it's not too hard to change things later and it's not nearly as big of a thing as consolidating discussion boards. I also agree that it shouldn't be the mods responsibility to move threads around and it would be a ridiculous amount of work and poorly received. We should just encourage people to make the threads in the correct place. I'm curious how bringing back /test/s reset functionality would impact things but I think just a few posts asking people to post in /t/ would be enough.

We definitely should find someone to take the lead on live stream, I'm also too busy with work but I'm more than happy to pitch 50 or so bucks every now and again to facilitate that.
>> No. 9202 ID: 24ed62

I think adding a disclaimer to the zone would be reasonable. The archive situation is actually a riff on an idea BTDT mentioned in IRC, so props to him for smart thinking.
>> No. 9203 ID: b89631
This is me btw, from my phone, if anyone cares.

>deletes every thread on the board
>proposes arhive to prevent good threads from being deleted
Bygones be bygones, but I cant help but lul at the irony.
>> No. 9204 ID: ae87b5
>> No. 9205 ID: 7a4b3d
These new board proposals sound pretty solid (and I have to agree that keeping /v/ was a good move). While in a perfect world, having a bunch of specific boards is great for cultivating discussion of that topic - some of these boards aren't on life-support, they're just dead. While it's not the ideal solution, merging some to get more people posting and talking ain't a bad thing at all.
>> No. 9206 ID: 81e283
File 145585445061.gif - (1.46MB , 200x200 , Nononononono.gif )
FUCK! A bunch of the boards' locations has been moved on the side bar. All the muscle memory for clicking on them quickly ruined!!!

> inb4 using side bar to navigate
>> No. 9207 ID: bdae0c

I know. Christ I was quicker typing it the board in the url bar it was that much of a mind fuck. That said good changes I think; should bear fruit.
>> No. 9208 ID: ae87b5
File 145585808060.jpg - (53.06KB , 750x500 , comfort-zone-beautiful-place-nothing-grows-quote-s.jpg )
>> No. 9209 ID: 6372b6
The position of the board letters is messing with me. What's the thought process here?

IMO it should be

[ k / g / v / trade ] [ n / t / vg / m ] [ st / stem / meet / arch ] [ z / sug ]
>> No. 9210 ID: 08f745
File 145588040544.jpg - (218.60KB , 1280x800 , Punisher-marvel-comics-4534333-1280-800.jpg )

Think of it this way.

My past actions, as immature, cold-hearted, or whatever other adjective(s) you may choose to apply, did in fact help get to the point we're at today.

By no means am I claiming responsibility for what's here today, but at the same time let us be totally honest... That past shitty action, combined with others from Swissguy, Jedi, Godver, and myself (among others, just top of my head), helped foster an environment where serv finally wanted to basically wash his hands of this place, and passed it on in whole.

Look at what you have now. The end doesn't justify the means (specifically regarding my own past actions) but things are way better now.

Opchan is in good hands, with people I think are competent at the wheel. The overall team running the show has an intelligent, complete strategy for keeping the place tenable, and are trying to make things better continually. This restructuring is just one step towards keeping things moving, interesting, engaging, and overall worthwhile to return here time and again.

Having said that, I actually ventured forth a concept for a significantly larger post archival plan, as there ARE diamond threads that happen, and should be saved.
>> No. 9211 ID: 8d1b58

I think

[ k / g / v / st ] [ n / t / vg / m ] [meet / stem / trade / arch ] [ z / sug ]

would tingle my 'tism better. Keep all the weapons/gear boards in more or less one section, and the bullshitting boards in the others.
>> No. 9212 ID: ae87b5
File 145588987672.jpg - (546.61KB , 1500x836 , The-Cast-of-Vikings.jpg )
the thought process is however I felt like combining them last night during commercial breaks of Vikings. I feel like there are probably infinite different preferences on how the boards should be listed, so it's probably wise to wait and see how you acclimate. Any time a UI changes people are disgruntled for a bit so you have to wait for things to settle down before you make secondary changes.
>> No. 9213 ID: 9723b1
Thank Crom.

I do agree that as it is it seems random, but your post is only ordered by numbers of each group, number of letters per name in group and so on. My autism is based on topic.

[k/g/v/st/stem] [n/vg/m] [t/meet/trade] [z/sug/arch]

First grouping is tech, second is media, third is userbase interaction, fourth is basic board infrastructure like file sharing and feedback.
>> No. 9214 ID: 8d1b58
Not quite. While it did work out that way (bonus 'tism points lol) I grouped them by topic.

[Equipment] [Discussion] [Utility] and [Meta]

Although I do like the placement you have on /stem/ and /arch/

I'll brain out another suggestion tonight, when I have time.
>> No. 9215 ID: 369bd6
I agree with the comments on the organization of the navigation bars. Maybe it is just personal preference but I always consider Operator Chan essentially a /k/ board. As such, classifying anything not directly related to weapons, military ect as "Main", bothers me a bit. I think a [Main] featuring anything that would have otherwise fit into a /k/ board on any other chan, and [General] being everything else that fills out Operator Chan. The Archives and Utilities section is fine.
>> No. 9216 ID: ae87b5
I really don't have a preference so however you want to do it is fine with me
>> No. 9217 ID: 6372b6
Currently making a bit of an intro video for OPchan. Kinda mixing stuff in, if anyone wants to sprinkle their flavor on it I'm all for it. So pictures and snippets of video is welcome, email in the field.

I'll post it here as an unlisted video, if you guys approve I'll put it public and you will all be able to post it where you want.
>> No. 9218 ID: ae87b5

for still images the guns of opchan thread is a goldmine
>> No. 9219 ID: ae87b5

>> No. 9220 ID: ae87b5

>> No. 9221 ID: ebb4ba
File 145601522042.gif - (720.86KB , 446x251 , giphy.gif )
>getting rid of /pasta/
/dmz/ is just going to turn into pasta palace
>> No. 9222 ID: 6372b6
Of course, but I also mean any kind of shenanigan people here get up to.
>> No. 9223 ID: ae87b5

no one ever fucking posted in /pasta/ so I'm not too worried.
>> No. 9224 ID: 6372b6
Damn fucking shame. I'm still looking for the Peter Cottontail story, Meplat's (I think it was him) rant on metrique units, the original "shooting girl scouts bringing cookies", and that time Maxi posted a story of when he was CCW'ing and the guy he took home wasn't happy when he found out.

Amongst a few. It boggles the mind how simple text can be so hard to find on the internet.

Anyone have that one pasta about some guy being high as fuck and typing about necronomic energies and shit? There's results in Google but the page with the full text is offline, all I can get is "the open fields of grainy lakes who with their existential lost presence pave the way to create "the eternal mold" or SKIMPA".
>> No. 9225 ID: 6372b6
Starting a thread in /m/ for this as the thread here isn't exactly suitable.

OPchan marketing over there
get in here faggets
>> No. 9226 ID: 2b7fbb
So, with that - I am going to archive this thread soon.
>> No. 9227 ID: b89631
Appreciate the post, but like I said, bygones are bygones. I hold nothing against anyone for what happened before. Just poking a little fun, you're an alright guy and I hope you stick around tbh.

As for the archival strategy you put forth, I'm with you there, as well as the rest of your post re state of the chan.
>> No. 9228 ID: 793e55
So for any new meetups that we are trying to organize, do we just post in /t/ now?
>> No. 9229 ID: 53d758

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