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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 13416203173.jpg - (74.52KB , 290x500 , 25634316.jpg )
9230 No. 9230 ID: 3d73dc
Is anyone interested in a new travelling box?

Post 'I want it' with an email to get added to the master list.
Each member is allowed the box for one week.
You can only get the box once a month (IE, three people must seperate your claims of dibs).
Buy in is shipping. Don't be an idiot.

If there's a lot of interest, anyone wanna donate 1-2 dollars on paypal to add to my ~20 budget for the box?
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>> No. 9802 ID: 51be42
Sweet, sounds good!
>> No. 9803 ID: c31dc3
Well guys we got fucking hosed on 5 he school boxes. I'll throw in what little shit I got from it. Opchan box is going out Wednesday morning
>> No. 9804 ID: db81c7
Box arrived yesterday, I am still sorting through it and finding stuff to throw in. Will ship it out in 6 months give or take.
>> No. 9805 ID: 51be42
You best be joking...
>> No. 9806 ID: db81c7
No I will likely be shipping it out tomorrow if I can get to the post office in time, if not tomorrow then Saturday.
>> No. 9807 ID: 51be42
>> No. 9808 ID: 0ec15c
Deets on the location?
>> No. 9809 ID: db81c7
Curse of the box is real. Was going to send it out last week but had to tend to family medical issues and never got around to it, this week I've not been able to get there while the place is open. Tomorrow I will be in town and should have time to drop it off though, I've got the label ready and everything.
>> No. 9810 ID: 51be42
Get that shit sent yo!
>> No. 9811 ID: 5a4385
And to think, when I got the box I turned it around in less than two hours.
>> No. 9812 ID: 0ec15c
Last go around I only had it for 2 days and shipped it on the third.
>> No. 9813 ID: c3e6b2
File 142954376647.jpg - (126.43KB , 500x334 , hexes-black-magic.jpg )
The box has no curse, I had to box for a week that's because Buckeye didn't want it and I had to get serv's address.

Only curse it could have was in that condom and someone already wrap it around their ding-a-lang
>> No. 9814 ID: db81c7
File 142962645169.jpg - (22.61KB , 492x399 , 1427391630914.jpg )
Alright I got it sorted, I sat on it for a while because of family medical issues but then I decided to hold it a week longer so I could go to Georgia and grab a few goodies to revamp it a little.

Getting a flat rate to fit it all into today as it was already pretty tight in the old box, scheduled pickup for tomorrow.

My bad though, I have had it for an unreasonably long time, like life was all good until the box got here then my mom was in the hospital then my little brother, shit, fuck this box man.
>> No. 9815 ID: a13ac7
it really needed a new box. my post office didnt have flat rates big enough for all the shit in it :<
>> No. 9816 ID: 51be42
Cool, did it end up getting sent out? I haven't received it yet, and I'm getting ready to move in the next month here...
>> No. 9817 ID: 605c9c
Any new updates?
>> No. 9819 ID: 51be42
File 143217829299.jpg - (94.25KB , 500x444 , Absolutely Haram.jpg )
Still waiting to receive it on my end.
JonNathe, any updates?
>> No. 9820 ID: 2e9178
File 143314569966.jpg - (17.75KB , 300x136 , img-thing.jpg )
>> No. 9821 ID: c4277d
So, don't hate me, I told JonNathe over a month ago, but I moved... If the box hasn't been sent, Email me man, if it has, its gonna have to be forwarded by my old roommates, may take a while...
>> No. 9822 ID: e058e8
So I guess another box has gone MIA?
>> No. 9823 ID: c4277d
I never got it from JonNathe, so seems like it...
He isn't replying to my attempts to contact him either....
>> No. 9824 ID: 34017a
File 143614260684.jpg - (45.96KB , 405x720 , HUwNCr4.jpg )
>one month later...
>> No. 9825 ID: c4277d
That would explain it...
Not upset, just didnt want to catch shit for "loosing the box" haha
>> No. 9826 ID: de0bec
File 143614793238.gif - (12.36KB , 255x246 , clapping.gif )
The travelling box is a fucking opera to our combined responsibility made manifest.
>> No. 9827 ID: 67299a
This has died. I've got a decent amount of random gun shit laying around. Someone email me and I'll send out a second operator box to kick off the list.
>> No. 9828 ID: 67299a
derped on email. Also, please let me send stuff so I don't trash it when I become homeless lol
>> No. 9829 ID: c4277d
You gotten any emails yet? if not, I,m down. I was next in line for the last box, after all.
>> No. 9830 ID: 67299a
no, try again.
>> No. 9831 ID: c4277d
File 14371974468.jpg - (225.13KB , 597x604 , 134360842785.jpg )
Email sent.
>> No. 9832 ID: 67299a
I'm not receiving emails. Find me on IRC please.
>> No. 9833 ID: c4277d
Check your Spam box?
I dont usually go on IRC...
>> No. 9834 ID: 67299a
Checked and didn't see it. Shoot me another before I go insane.
>> No. 9836 ID: 67299a
received. I have no clue wtf was up with google.
>> No. 9837 ID: 67299a
received. I have no clue wtf was up with google.
>> No. 9838 ID: c4277d
>> No. 9839 ID: c4277d
Any updates? I haven't seen or heard anything in a while....
>> No. 9840 ID: a804a5
File 144751965839.jpg - (4.98KB , 165x115 , f6c.jpg )
>> No. 9841 ID: c743e8
File 144911715530.png - (153.54KB , 546x338 , A2KBM4K.png )
Who was I supposed to send this to though?
>> No. 9842 ID: c4277d
That would be me.
>> No. 9843 ID: fc3045
That's fine, we are all bad with responsibilities. But get the box sent or I'll kick you in the balls.

god damnit y'all, do we need to scan the operator passport everytime the box is received? FUCK me mate.
>> No. 9844 ID: 465a11
File 145083317383.jpg - (564.13KB , 1500x841 , Jon Nathe Gives OpChan Cancer- No reacharound.jpg )
This is why we can't have nice things.

>Box arrived yesterday, I am still sorting through it and finding stuff to throw in. Will ship it out in 6 months give or take.

Ten months later...
>> No. 9845 ID: c4277d
Welp, still haven't received any box...
Waiting on JonNathe or retro to email me/send the damn box already. I've basically given up on it 3 times at this point.
>> No. 9846 ID: c39abd
File 145096864092.jpg - (72.60KB , 448x600 , tumblr_mp6ujjpfUD1rgzhe0o1_500.jpg )
10th of march to the 24th of december...
9 months later...
I could have birthed a fucking child by now...
5 years and I've seen the box twice, there arent that many godamn operators on the list.
You had one job
>> No. 9847 ID: c7c4e2
/andrewfromidaho/ ohhh ohhh i want on the list! add me thx
>> No. 9848 ID: c7c4e2
I want on the list! andrewtech101@gmail.com
>> No. 9849 ID: c39abd
File 145512165523.jpg - (62.60KB , 483x270 , 65874759.jpg )
Should I feel reasonably upset with this? The box was to my knowledge in my possession last before it went to nathe, and so he still has the box. Was there ever an update of that afterward? Did it get shipped out by him? Where the fuck is the godamn box?

I've literally completed a college program, moved three states away, and been working at a job since last july and there hasn't been really a single update on this shit show. What the actual fuck
>> No. 9850 ID: 9dc901
>> No. 9851 ID: 6cf6ac
I think I told you guys this was a doomed effort long ago. Next time put a GPS beacon in the thing. It will run out of batteries in the ensuing years but at least you'd have tried.
>> No. 9852 ID: e1765b
>more accurate for this thread
>> No. 9853 ID: ae87b5
Guys this thread is ancient and necrotic. The box is lost. I will archive this soon.
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