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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File work.webm - (1.40MB )
9854 No. 9854 ID: 2f62b7
>be at job
>boss comes over, says we have a big order on these new parts
>says to go find 3 double vises so we'll have six parts on machine at once
>sure thing
>find the shit, set stuff up, line up vises, make some aluminum jaws
>boss comes back with a new program to make jaws the right shape to hold part
>fiddle around with programs, get softjaw stuff done
>next day, start making first set of parts
>lots of tiny details inside
>imagine hard drive cases
>shit is flying
>all carbide tooling
>machine is a nice little high speed girl, brand new
>spindle doing 24000RPM
>rapid movement is 2000 inches per minute or something fucking wild
>she can fucking cold form tap a 6-48 at 4000RPM
>be delighted, it's great to work with something like this
>six parts done in 2 hours 11 minutes after lots of fuckery
>programs not being perfect, tooling needing adjustment, tight tolerances
>the usual
>get mad overtime
>get in yesterday, boss says to make it faster
>work hard, fiddle with shit
>push machine
>roughing stuff is 3/8ths carbide 3 flute doing 24000RPM, feeding at 375 inches per minute
>other tools adjusted, type up stuff in programs to automatically call up subprograms (type those too) for a more efficient path
>get it down to 1 hour 45 minutes
>feel bad for the machine because spindle load over 100% a lot
>it's adorable how it waits for the coolant before starting a cut
>fanuc a cute
>be sad that once it's all set up and running, I'll be sent somewhere else to work with another machine until this big order is done

Next week I'll be looking at retract values to save on time while repositioning. So yeah, talk about work or something, stories, flirting with pretty RoboDrills, etc.
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>> No. 10325 ID: 9dcda2
File 146032281078.jpg - (2.24MB , 3264x2448 , Bristol_Centaurus_centrifugal_supercharger.jpg )

Not the "most correct" answer.


Is the correct answer. When the FAA test was written, radial engines still walked the earth and centrifugal, gear driven, superchargers were the norm.

Anything that blows air into the intake is a supercharger, which can be exhaust driven (turbo-supercharger), mechanically (belt or gear), or electrically driven. (Like those sweet ebay kits.)

The "turbo" prefix means drives or is driven by a moving fluid. (Like air or water.)

> Any devices that extracts energy from or imparts energy to a continuously moving stream of fluid can be called a Turbomachine.


Here's more sample questions:

Here's another good one I found:

Which of the following determines oil and grease specifications for lubrication of propellers?
A) Airframe manufacturers.
B) Engine manufacturers.
C) Propeller manufacturers.

It seems obvious... but IS IT?!? (Fuck if I know.)

I think it's the airframe mfg. I believe they're responsible for the whole package, parts included. I'd have to look it up, probably in the CFRs... somewhere.
>> No. 10326 ID: 9dcda2
> Aye, turbos are generally exhaust driven

By definition, always.

> hence the problem of "turbo lag".

It's more accurately called "boost threshold". Centrifugal compressors need pretty high RPM to operate. So if you're cruising, the engine isn't producing much for exhaust flow and the wastegate is blowing most it around the turbo's turbine anyway. Once you punch it, exhaust flow is increased, the boost controller or engine's ECU commands the wastegate closed, and the turbo starts to speed up. As the RPM increases, the turbo's compressor starts to become efficient and really move air.

Turbo lag was an issue with older designs, with the pinnacle being the 70's era Porsche 911s. This was before intercoolers were popular for cars, so to prevent heating the intake charge excessively, they had to use a large turbo.

(Formerly) My 2010 Mazdaspeed 3, in 4th gear

0 secs -6.4 psi 2616 rpm 43.5 mph
1 secs 11.54 psi 2824 rpm 47.2 mph
2 secs 16.7 psi 3212 rpm 53.44 mph
3 secs 18.43 psi 3660 rpm 60.27 mph
10 secs 17.21 psi 6122 rpm 102.53 mph

(On a closed course with a professional driver, don't try this at home)

That thing pulled like a raped ape, then then you shove it into 5th gear, and it keeps pulling. Everyone says that 300+hp in a FWD car is a bad idea. They're right. With the stock motor mounts that thing torque steered like a mother. The hard polyurethane engine mounts helped and also transmitted every noise the engine or transmission made directly to your brainballs. I thought it was rad, but my passengers frequently voiced their disapproval, which I couldn't hear over the transmission anyway.
>> No. 10327 ID: 9dcda2
> Speaking of - I saw an video showing off a concept for a "lag free" turbo design that was driven via a belt from the engine. It used a gearing system to get the compressor speeds up to something usable from the slower belt speed coming off the engine

Might be this guy. With this, you just win.
>> No. 10328 ID: 79b400
>have to piss
>get to bathroom stalls, see shit smeared on the toilets
>I can hold it now
>back out, pull a bitch move and wait for management to bring it up because if I find it, I have to clean it
>have cleaned too many public restrooms at previous jobs
>management brings it up
>"oh sorry, I'm busy helping the bar right now and the others can't do this. There's Jamal! Get him real quick."
>Jamal is a lazy dindu who has been making our workload annoying because he's intentionally slow and just all around stupid

I didn't feel bad giving him that task. Fuck that shit.

Shit, that's a hard one. I'm split between engine and airframe.
>> No. 10329 ID: d57b03
Somehow, being in an orphanage sounds like a better situation than being in foster care, to me. Am I insane?
>> No. 10330 ID: de0bec
Probably not. My experience is that when a kid ends up in foster care, the parents are just a perpetual source of drama, desperation and danger.
>> No. 10331 ID: 79b400
Just figured I'd put this out there.

If you guys ever order food over the phone, be it at a restaurant or ordering pizza, please don't put it on speaker.

It's already difficult to hear with all the noise, but speaker makes so hard to hear. And it's somehow always our fault that factors they control make it difficult to hear them.

Customer service: it's not that they're always right, it's just we're always wrong.
>> No. 10332 ID: 9dcda2
File 146039511431.jpg - (10.16KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
> please don't put it on speaker

Actually just never use speaker phone. My boss will often call me, using the speaker, while on speaker with a conference call and on speaker with his other cell phone. And then he talks fast.

When on the phone or in person, I have good results when I tell someone "I can't hear what you're saying" if I can't hear them, or "I don't understand what you're trying to tell me, what is it that you want?" if they're babbling complete nonsense. Some people just get ahead of themselves and/or can't fucking communicate.

In your case, I'd tell them "I'm sorry, it's noisy in the restaurant and I can barely understand what you're saying, would you pull your head out of your ass and use the phone like trained primates are able to?"

Or something like that.

>>104930 >>104944

My mistake, esteemed operator, you guessed correctly.
>> No. 10333 ID: bdae0c

People who use speaker in situations where they can just use a phone normally are mentally deficient.

It's retarded to hold your phone a foot from your face walking down the street or whatever.
>> No. 10334 ID: 90a126
File 146041980562.jpg - (2.47MB , 1591x1946 , img_08491.jpg )
That shit is annoying as frack. It probably annoys me more when they are jabbering into to the thing and then bringing it to their ear and just continuously doing that. I don't know why that bothers me more then regular speaker phone shenanigans but it does.

Really people on cell phones in public generally bother me. Something about mobile phones make people assholes. When they first happened it was only used by assholes needed status symbols but now every one has them. Walking down the street, driving their cars, even fucking riding bikes, completely and udderly oblivious to their surroundings or anyone else. Noisy as shit, talking loudly as fuck and usually with the modern urban affectation that seems to be half "you know what I mean" or something similar.

Rude motherfuckers. Don't give a shit if they are ruining your conversations or music or whatever but heaven help you if you start talking over them of ask to them keep it down. Fucking acting like you just insulted their daddy they never met. Its gotten even worse with all the faceboob and twatter bullshit, now people just ain't talking but doing that online bullshit drama anywhere they go. Seems like more fights nowadays are started by facebook drama then anything else.

Fuck gun control, needs to be cell phone control. People need to prove they can handle a cell phone, that they can speak FUCKING ENGLISH, and actually have more manners then a shit slinging simian.
>> No. 10335 ID: cfaec1
Is it possible to create some kind of focused jamming system right in front of the counter? That way people at the back of the line can still call friends, as can people outside the lineup.
>> No. 10336 ID: e9c0bd
yes, but signal jammers are for the most part illegal
>> No. 10337 ID: 9723b1
File 146050663720.jpg - (26.57KB , 400x501 , airport-security-detector1.jpg )
Faraday cages are simpler to construct, and aren't illegal. Just have the line of people enter a 1.5 yard long tunnel shielded from wifi.

Kind of like a stretched out pic-related.
>> No. 10338 ID: 9723b1
File 146050673343.jpg - (97.78KB , 800x600 , mDeal7.jpg )
Also have a rubber pressure mat at their feet tied to a timer, so if they take too long to make a decision a nozzle from above sprays boiling oil piped in from the fryers onto the fucker.
>> No. 10339 ID: bdae0c

I have one. Bought from china and it works for a house sized area in theory I swear only in theory

It's not illegal to own one in my locale though operating one would be very illegal, similar to HAM radio stuff being able to TX on frequencies your not allowed to use, in that regard.

Though if you were to use one in a localised area to kill mobile signals I can't imagine people would even realise what was going on for the most part.
>> No. 10340 ID: 3ce844
Goddamnit, another person at work said I look and act like Billy Bob Thorton. This is like the 20th person at 4 jobs.

>> No. 10341 ID: 82a3e8
You look like old white trash that marries some ethnic thot 1/4th his age at a futile attempt to stay relevant?
>> No. 10342 ID: 79b400

Though, they say when he was young.

Still. DON'T SEE IT. And it's bugging the shit out of me, so many people have randomly brought it up.
>> No. 10343 ID: 82a3e8
Dem trips.

The two I get are

>You look like Harry Potter
I got that one A LOT when I was younger.

>You look like the a younger version of the painting of vlad the impaler.
Fucking.. thanks. Ive got no slavic in my blood. like.. at all
>> No. 10344 ID: 7658f4
It's confusing me so much I'd send you a picture if I didn't have a strict no picture rule. And if I had your Faceboob.

You seem to have a similar rule, except it doesn't apply to your wiener and Dr. Pepper.
>> No. 10345 ID: 82a3e8
I also have said rule, because I doubt any of you you could identify me via my dick pic so its all good :D.
>> No. 10346 ID: 79b400
I haven't deposited any of the tips I've made in my bank yet, so I have like $56 in singles right now.

Almost enough to make a stripper look twice at me! I've never been to a strip club. I need to do that when I can afford it, but frivolities can wait.

No, but that Dr. Pepper had all sorts of identifying features!

I'll find you, Steven!

It'd be funny if I actually got the name right. Whenever I find myself over in Texas, we need to grab a beer.
>> No. 10347 ID: 82a3e8
That was my dads name, so close enough.

Lol totally. Youll be like "it all makes sense now".
>> No. 10348 ID: 79b400
I tracked that Dr. Pepper down and he had some choice words to say, Johnathan. I know what went on after the camera turned off.

If you want me to stay quiet, I require a substantial number of the highest quality daisy duke shorts and Pug based tshirts. Don't ask why, just provide and you will have nothing to worry about.
>> No. 10349 ID: 82a3e8
Your legs would look mighty fine in them daisy dukes.
>> No. 10350 ID: 79b400
Aww thanks, Carl.

All dat bike riding and jumping in and out of boats had an effect on my string beans.
>> No. 10351 ID: 254d85
File 146113634720.gif - (4.73MB , 501x273 , eh19FIL.gif )
>autocad classes
>old guy who goes "BUT HOW DO YOU DO THIS" within 5 minutes of the the instructor showing how to do something
>"okay so everybody open up inventor and extrude two squares" two minutes later "THIS ISN'T THE SAME AS ON THE PROJECTOR"
>exaggerated AAAAAAAAAHHHH any time he figures something out

>> No. 10352 ID: 982cdd
Cut a wire I wasn't supposed to when everything else on the harness was termed, spliced, and bagged up ready to go. I'll still be able to send it out today, but my weekly standards are gonna take a hit just when they were coming back up too. Looks like I'm buying donuts for everyone again tomorrow.
>> No. 10353 ID: c05e32
It's a rare day when I look into a client's eyes and think they're going to be dead soon. A white woman in her fifties, dark sunglasses, started crying as soon as she got into the office. She described a horrific situation with her boyfriend. Threats on her life (often at gunpoint), she isn't allowed to keep a phone, she has no ID, no cash, no social security card, she took a risk just leaving her house today. She wore a bandana over her head; I suspect he makes her shave her hair. I could've made her disappear, if only she'd let me. We contract with a local women's shelter. "Just call this number, and you'll be taken to a confidential location. I'll let you borrow my phone." She just couldn't fucking do it. In addition to the cats she has at home, she has three urns holding the remains of her mother, her late husband, and a daughter. Came at her from another angle. Make a plan. Only saving grace is that she's LDS. Say what you will about Mormons, but they tend their flock. I provided her with a number for a local ward, and told her to walk me through her plan. I stressed the utmost importance of making a clean break: go to a friend or relative unknown to the abuser, no contact, no going back. Leaving is the most dangerous time for a DV victim. You vanish, or you get killed. She sort of muddled through what she was going to do. She would return home, get some important paperwork she needed, and reach out to the church in hopes someone will take her in.

She won't, of course. She'll stay where she is, dependent on the bastard for everything, until she's hospitalized and he finally ends up in jail, or she's killed. I don't have much hope for this one. I'll follow her case in the system; I pray for an address change, but I fear a case log entry will one day read "Terminate benefits. Client deceased."
>> No. 10354 ID: 79b400
Stupid question, but should I turn in my uniforms to Bass Pro? I haven't done it yet because I'm waiting to replace a part on my scooter, so I'm not making any trips that aren't commuting right now.

But, I've been thinking about it and I've technically more than paid for them by having $2 taken out of every paycheck to pay for a laundering service I never used, because I just wash them at home.

And there's nothing they can really do with them, they can't reuse the uniforms since they have my name on them and are really worn in. I've noticed the company provides new clothing to everyone wheh they issue uniforms too. They'd probably just be throwing them away or recycling them.

Should I just say fuck it and keep them? I don't care about the shirts, I wouldn't have many pants if I turned them in, except for some cheap jeans.

Jesus, man. I've never asked this before, but why do you do it?

I personally couldn't handle the level of torment you deal with.
>> No. 10355 ID: c05e32
Because the second semester of my sophomore year, I HAD to declare a major if I wanted to actually finish a bachelors in four years, and social work happened to be what I was reading about that week. That's it. 19 year old me made a decision on a whim that has set the course for my career. Wish I had something inspirational. Sorry.

And keep the uniforms. If they give a shit, they know how to reach you.
>> No. 10356 ID: d1353d
Well, you're a damn good guy and more of a man than I can be, I just can't do what you do.

Also, it's been almost 2 months and I haven't heard anything from them. Looks like I have 11 pairs of Dickie jeans.
>> No. 10357 ID: e9172b
Shit yeah, keep the uniforms. Use em to change oil or mow the lawn or whatever.
>> No. 10358 ID: 79b400
I was actually thinking about wearing the shirts when I start going to school for the mechanicals, that way I don't ruin any personal shirts.

For mowing the grass and shit, I'll take a tshirt. These work shirts are closed weave polyester, they don't breathe well. I've learned this from working out in the sun with them.
>> No. 10359 ID: 79b400

Worked solo this morning as a busser when a surprise 40 top appeared.

They originally called in an 18 top and we prepared the space for 18, but when they arrived they had 20 more people with them.

BITCH, there's a reason we ask how big your party is on the phone, so we can make the accommodations before you arrive and not have to rush around to get everything ready.

On top of that, the server was stupid and fucked up splitting the checks, forcing them to stay for 45 minutes and when they figured they would have to ask each individual person what they ordered, they said fuck it and gave them the food for free.

They sent that server home early.
>> No. 10360 ID: 90a126
File 146144915255.jpg - (96.96KB , 780x520 , editorial_18543_780x0_proportion.jpg )
Why were they not turned away?

Here at my work anytime we let someone use a room for some meeting or bullshit we usually ask before hand how many people are coming, though not always. Most of the times its closed groups but sometimes its some open event where we gotta expect a possible shitton of people.

We usually allow some breathing room for a few extra people for the closed events but if its way over the estimation we usually tell the people to reschedule. The room we set up for them isn't set up for that many people and we don't have enough staff available to deal with that many people. If the room is too crowded it can violate fire codes and other possible hazards to the point my work cannot allow it just because they don't want to get sued.
>> No. 10361 ID: d1353d
While it's incredibly annoying to have large parties, they're more than welcome. They're good for business.

That said, them coming in as early as they did stretched our resources out because the morning is usually not that busy, so you get the skeleton crew.

Then they had to get the retard of a server who looks like a caveman and sounds like Mickey Mouse getting throat fucked by Bobcat Golthwait listening to a Roseanne Barr self help tape.

A large party and lots of hard work wasted because their meal was comped. That's money out of my pocket, no tipshare or sales share from that.
>> No. 10362 ID: 79b400
Huzzah, I'm happy about this coming week's schedule.

Not a single bussing shift, just expo and to-go. I'm trying to set it up to where I'm either working in to-gos which will lead to serving or working in the kitchen, which will make the managers happy since I'm reliable and versatile. I'm just sick of bussing, I don't want to deal with girls almost half my age talking down to me and throwing a hissy fit whenever I don't roll over and accept it. Managers always side with me, ladies, I'm not as unprofessional as you.
>> No. 10363 ID: c05e32
Assessed a client today, black male. I was really having trouble getting him to open up. When asked if he goes to church, he mentioned he's Muslim,. Not an immigrant; he's very obviously a born and bred American. Curious, I asked if he's mainstream or Nation of Islam. "Sunni. I'm not with The Nation." "What, don't look good in a bow tie?" That got a laugh. After the assessment, I got him in touch with a local mosque. I really hope he gets involved. A religious community with strict rules against alcohol and drugs is exactly where this recovering pill popping alcoholic needs to be right now.
>> No. 10364 ID: cd5ece
File 146198157943.jpg - (329.63KB , 2105x1517 , Shit-Sandwich-e1410031249502.jpg )
I've been in training all this week for some new software our field techs will use for scheduling and reporting. I found a graphic that sums it up pretty well. The best part is that I have to train our guys and gals on it... All while chugging the koolaid and pretending it doesn't suck ass. (So it doesn't become a riot.)

Fuckin great. In related news, I'll be in Miami FL June 4/5 if anyone wants to hang out. Email me. Caseless, about a 3 hour drive up to you? (Can you get those I <3 my job shirts?)
>> No. 10366 ID: 798a48
No summer classes this break so I'm getting a third job for a couple months since there's student internships with our department at a corrugated packager and one of my classmates is the operations manager who set it up.

That brings me up to 80 a week, which should bring me about even with the temporary absence of the GI Bill BAH plus the Pell Grant installments. I don't know if I'm eligible for another year of the grant, and I still need to file to find out. Next semester's my last and I should still have a few months left of GI Bill left after graduating so I need to do research and make inquiries at Chandler-Gilbert for their Airframe and Powerplant program.

Permanent positions for my contract job have been posted this week. Applications are open until the 10th, and there are 5 hard badges available, I believe. I'll finish my application during breaks in my weekend job and one of the older experienced co-workers is going to look over it on Monday before I finalize it.

I need to get my hair cut it's been three months. I look in the mirror and I realized I can use a comb again, but I don't recognize myself anymore more when I'm looking like that. Also, I'm simultaneously balding and greying. I'll be 30 before school starts again.

Getting out of bed has started to hurt but the back pain from lying down is probably the only thing that keeps me from hitting snooze more often. I feel satisfied most days when I think about it.
>> No. 10367 ID: 9dcda2
> Chandler-Gilbert for their Airframe and Powerplant program
> Part 147 Certificate program

Rock n' Roll.
>> No. 10369 ID: cad48c
File 146268021168.jpg - (79.67KB , 1920x1200 , pokerface.jpg )
> get promoted after realizing I don't really want it.
> get put on big project, seems like easy money. Turns out it's annoying and sucks hard.

> "Fuck it", I'm checked out anyway. Don't really do much. Spend tons of OT time watching TV.

> Project ends up half-done, half works at deadline, but this is somehow a huge success compared to past efforts. Get praised, CEO himself comes down to thank me and give me a bonus for all the extra hours I pulled. Buy myself a new pistol with money made not working.

> Guy comes in one day, company is really screwing him over. Help him out because he's pretty cool about it, seems like a good guy. Didn't really do much, but he was happy about the effort.

> Get called into office by management a few weeks later. Jig must be up, they've figured out I'm not doing anything. Oh well. Time to pack up my shit, how do I hide the booze bottles?

> Nope. PROMOTION! Turns out the guy I helped was a Big Name, said lots of good stuff. Management wants me in new role ASAP, working out new pay, etc.

> Take new role. More work, but the pay should be worth it. Not really happy with it, but I lucked out and got about the easiest load possible, though it's still a beast.

> Pay is finalized after about a month. Completely laughable raise over previous position, not even retroactive. Coworkers who got same offer get pissed, tons of talk of mass walkout.

> Get shuffled around right after this. End up with almost no workload at all through luck.

> Micromanagement on the rise, not enough people to do the work, everyone's underpaid. Most of the place is on the verge of quitting.

> Still do nothing. Still get paid for it. Still get praised by management.

Honestly, at this point I'm just getting my personal life sorted out. Soon as something changes for the worse (which I'm expecting soon), I'm done. In the meantime, pic related every time anyone talks to me, especially when the execs took me out for drinks.
>> No. 10370 ID: 41e92c
>Still do nothing. Still get paid for it.

Sounds like some of my management too.

Whenever they're not around, work gets done more smoothly. :)
>> No. 10372 ID: cad48c
File 146273362562.jpg - (619.05KB , 1920x1200 , 139925493278.jpg )
Yeah, I'm pretty much fed up with my direct management these days and the executives are just clueless. My workday is mostly staying out of sight of my manager when they're around. When they're not I blow through my to-do list and halfass enough stuff that it looks like I've been busy, then it's TV or study time for several hours. If customers show up and they're cool, I'll bend over backwards to help them. Anyone who's a prick gets literally the barest amount of effort possible. 5 minute job? Well, contract says we've got 3 days and I can't be fucking bothered to do it right now, so piss off.

Micromanagement is getting absurd. Latest thing going on is crackdowns on restroom time & breaks running a little long. People are getting bitched at and threatening to have a break exchanged for bathroom time because they spend more than 10 minutes in the bathroom during an 8 hour shift. People getting written up for clocking in after 11 minutes on a 10 minute break. Writeups for literally being 30 seconds late to clock in.

Meanwhile, since management only shows up a bit before I'm out, I walk over to the bar a couple hours into my shift, have a few drinks, and take an hour long lunch off the record. Fuck it, anybody asks I was in the back and didn't hear anyone come in. I've taken shits long enough to get other people fired and counted it as time spent working on internal projects (Hey, it started internal to me, and man, believe me when I say that it was a project.)

If management is going to stop using judgement and trusting employees, I'm going to use their system against them. Treat people like adults and either trust them or fire them and hire someone you can trust. Don't pull this "minute over break" bullshit. Either they deliver or they don't, and if they take 10 minutes on break or 15 minutes it doesn't matter if the work is done at the end of the day.

Anyway, I feel like I'm the main character from Office Space. Again. It's gonna be gravy if I don't get canned before I get my personal shit in order.
>> No. 10373 ID: 79b400
It's like everyone and their mother wanted to eat out tonight. Shit was cray.

This shit is hilarious. Be nice to the guy with the stapler.
>> No. 10374 ID: ad8094
File 146281126097.jpg - (349.19KB , 1500x1228 , stock-vector-a-dot-matrix-printer-with-tractor-fee.jpg )
> Micromanagement on the rise, not enough people to do the work, everyone's underpaid. Most of the place is on the verge of quitting.

Everyone want to be the chief not the indians

This is a story from one of my customer
> got a new job (finally)
> show up for work and they have nothing for him to do
> he even has a personal assistance and comes in everyday ask him what he wants for lunch
> after 2 weeks with nothing to do he is actually bored
> start wondering around the building checking out different rooms and stuff
> came across a lady with huge print out of spread sheets on banner paper
> ask her what she is doing
> turns out near the end of the money she has to spend about 2 to 3 days to manually look through the numbers and to make sure all the accounts balance out
> he ask where is the file
> it's on the network in Excel format
> wrote a little macro program to compare numbers in column X with column Y then bunch up the ones with difference and out put to a smaller sheet
> show it to the lady and her boss
> they were impressed
> 2 months later company went belly up
>> No. 10375 ID: 79b400
I somehow accidentally scored a part time job at a bicycle shop. Well, at least a trial period, but I know I can do it from both a sales and repair angle.

Also, the thread has stopped bumping. Shall we make a new one?
>> No. 10376 ID: dcdca6
I'll move this to /arch/ when I get home
>> No. 10377 ID: f49edb
saved forever
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