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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File work.webm - (1.40MB )
9854 No. 9854 ID: 2f62b7
>be at job
>boss comes over, says we have a big order on these new parts
>says to go find 3 double vises so we'll have six parts on machine at once
>sure thing
>find the shit, set stuff up, line up vises, make some aluminum jaws
>boss comes back with a new program to make jaws the right shape to hold part
>fiddle around with programs, get softjaw stuff done
>next day, start making first set of parts
>lots of tiny details inside
>imagine hard drive cases
>shit is flying
>all carbide tooling
>machine is a nice little high speed girl, brand new
>spindle doing 24000RPM
>rapid movement is 2000 inches per minute or something fucking wild
>she can fucking cold form tap a 6-48 at 4000RPM
>be delighted, it's great to work with something like this
>six parts done in 2 hours 11 minutes after lots of fuckery
>programs not being perfect, tooling needing adjustment, tight tolerances
>the usual
>get mad overtime
>get in yesterday, boss says to make it faster
>work hard, fiddle with shit
>push machine
>roughing stuff is 3/8ths carbide 3 flute doing 24000RPM, feeding at 375 inches per minute
>other tools adjusted, type up stuff in programs to automatically call up subprograms (type those too) for a more efficient path
>get it down to 1 hour 45 minutes
>feel bad for the machine because spindle load over 100% a lot
>it's adorable how it waits for the coolant before starting a cut
>fanuc a cute
>be sad that once it's all set up and running, I'll be sent somewhere else to work with another machine until this big order is done

Next week I'll be looking at retract values to save on time while repositioning. So yeah, talk about work or something, stories, flirting with pretty RoboDrills, etc.
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>> No. 9855 ID: 304e9b
File 143899929210.jpg - (1.91KB , 126x100 , stick figure 3.jpg )
>spindle doing 24000RPM
>rapid movement is 2000 inches per minute or something fucking wild
>she can fucking cold form tap a 6-48 at 4000RPM

>> No. 9856 ID: 70d38f
File 143899981933.jpg - (478.13KB , 1232x924 , chaplin_modern_times.jpg )
>be sad that once it's all set up and running, I'll be sent somewhere else to work with another machine until this big order is done
My experience tells me that there can never be just enough job to do, so you have to do you job just as fast as you can handle it .. indefinitely, unless of course you are really interested in that being done with effort. Corporate logic implies that worker shouldn't be slacking off even if he was working hard, there are the vacations for that. I'm pretty used to maintain a toughest poker face when somebody tells me I need to do something really quick, and sure thing it happens all the time.
>> No. 9857 ID: 2f62b7
2200 inch/min rapid, actually.

Yeah it's a really nice little machine. The controller is wonderful as well, Fanuc really went all out with the 35i A5 on top of the Robodrill's performance. It's a real dream to work on; I guess when a company that makes controllers for other companies' machines makes its own machine, they tend not to half-ass it. Maybe I sound like a total shill for Fanuc, but if I need a small, light, awesome little CNC mill I have to recommend the Fanuc Robodrill. It costs more than a HAAS for a shitton of good fucking reasons.

Also you can do crowd control with the chip wash hose. HOLD ON TO IT TIGHT SHE'S A SQUIRTER. Fucking hydro-pump makes Blastoise look like a moist towel.
>> No. 9858 ID: 2f62b7
I meant that more in the sense that I'll be away from that darling little machine until the order is over, as regular CNC operators will be doing the "take part off, put blank on, press button" work.

Oh well, getting to know the other machines is fun too. Like when I was working on an old Feeler CNC and the E-Stop somehow makes the whole spindle slowly droop and it needs a log under it to stop the spindle from hitting the table. Kinda scary because that whole spindle assembly probably weighs quite a bit, so if you're inside the machine in the wrong spot it could hurt you. It's one of those machines you have to put a log in it and hit the E-Stop before getting inside.

>all this talk of robodrill and her chip wash
>putting a log in the Feeler
I'll be in my bunk
>> No. 9859 ID: e9c3ed
Not going to green text, it's a bitch on the tablet.

Come into work
"Surprise, Caseless! The dumb white trash bitch that got the full time position instead of you despite being lazy, unreliable and calls out a lot didn't clean a boat that's being delivered around the time you clock in while the customers are signing papers! Also, she's pregnant 3 weeks after getting hired for a manual labor job and can't use chemicals, you have to check up and finish her work!"
This has been how I start every work day these last two months, scrambling to make a turd presentable in 15 minutes because she didn't clean a boat in the last 3 hours of her shift the previous day or the 3 hours before I clock in.
Dumb bitch doesn't work, she disappears a lot and is caught napping all the time.
I have to do two people's work every day now.
Getting ready to just tell the managers "do something about this or bump my pay significantly, because I'm not paid to do her job."
On the bright side, it was my manager's birthday and we had a racist cake. Will post from phone in a second.

I'm going to inquire about the noncredit metalworking program at the local college. At least work on one trade before venturing into A&P.
>> No. 9860 ID: 798a29
File 143900340133.jpg - (2.06MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0049.jpg )
>> No. 9861 ID: c561cd
File 14390041664.jpg - (30.55KB , 260x335 , P02_29020399182944.jpg )

Here's the abridged version of how my customers are stupid sometimes.

> Not scheduled to work, stayed up late playing Xenonauts
> Get call from customer at 6:45 am Monday morning
> (New) unit won't start
> Controller says ventilation fans are not working
> Tell customer to try it on manual, can hear fans running
> Tell customer to open door and look inside
> Fan running but shutters closed
(Shutters only close when the fire system discharges, or if something broke)
> Tell customer to check the fire bottles
> They dumped

Well shit, I'll be there in a few hours.

> Look around to see if there was a fire, no fire
> Pull logs from controller and fire system
> Bad detector false alarmed, didn't do anything except sound the alarm
> Normal stop button pressed
> Emergency stop button pressed
> Acknowledge, reset, fire system auto/inhibit pressed
> Fire system manual release pushed
> Fire system dumped

Basically, the overnight guy heard the (false) alarm and pressed every button on the console, including the red button under a guard, dumping hundreds of pounds of CO2 gas into the turbine enclosure. (Unit was shutdown at the time, thankfully, and CO2 doesn't leave residue or anything.)

Wasn't me. No fucks given.

Also hilarious and ironic, one of our sites has Simpsons safety posters all over the place. It's like their boss is passive-aggressively telling them they're all fat lazy fucks. (Which is every plant operator everywhere... and they make large money.)
>> No. 9862 ID: 2f62b7
I sometimes feel it would shake things up to see a girl in a machine shop, but then these stories make me realize that a sausagefest isn't so bad.

We get doughnuts usually fridays. Not much racism tho.
>> No. 9863 ID: e9c3ed
Sausagefest is good, sausage gets shit done.

I'm not really sexist, if someone can do the job with no drama, I don't care what gender they are.

Speaking of which, I've been flirting with the new sales chick and I just found out she's vegan. So, I started joking around by telling her the proper way to cook a domesticated cat. She is fucking awesome, why can't all vegans have a sense of humor? Not a smug bone in this cutie.

Now I need a vehicle so I feel secure enough to ask her out. Can't really do anything fun around here without a car.
>> No. 9864 ID: ed343e
I wish I knew how it felt to work on nice, new machines. The cosest thing to new we have are some big Doosan HBMs that we got second hand from Korea. They suck.
>> No. 9865 ID: e7f332
We got an email from a fairly high ranking DoD official asking us to proofread any signs we wanted to post. He closed it "#allsignsmatter :)"

I am hoping this is a career ender for him because anyone who would do that ironically or unironically deserves any repercussion that happens.
>> No. 9867 ID: 2f62b7
It's nice. They're clean, they smell good, and they're usually pretty spot on for results/accuracy. Some machines say they'll be accurate to whatever, doesn't mean they will be in the real world in work conditions.

Old machines, however, are often built heavier. They have their little quirks, and it's more challenging to get a result out of them that's right on the mark.

I think I like both depending what job I have to do. There are plenty of ways of squeezing all sorts of performance from an old clapped out clunker. Getting it done on those things is one of the best ways to learn and work those outside-the-box brain muscles.

>be at gunsmith school
>lathes are really, really bad
>spindle runs out 0.001"
>it's a lathe and it can't even make a properly round part
>four jaw's jaws are so off in parallelism to the spindle that it's impossible to dial; indicate one spot until it spins concentric, and the rest of the part will be spinning out
>tailstock just bends the part
>have to put dowel pins in the jaws to hold workpiece on a small enough contact surface that the jaws can't bend the part in relation to the tailstock
>tailstock is out in every direction
>live center has more runout than my indicator's travel
>shim tailstock
>shim center

yeah trying to get something to spin in a round circle turned into shims everywhere and at least three dial indicators pretty quickly
>> No. 9868 ID: 798a48
That's not a racist cake.

At school there's a small fraction of women in the shops. It's not much to write home about, except for a couple of them are a bit more attractive.
>> No. 9869 ID: f2c4ed
I don't really have any work stories from my job yet. Except for the following:

>get random phone call from temp agency in May
>You want to come work for us, yes?
>Doing what, on what planes, in what city, for how much?
>"A&P gig, 737s, Everett, and your pay will be X dollars an hour hourly, with Y dollars an hour per diem, for a total of Z."
>Sure, why not
So that's how I ended up in the Greater Seattle Area.
>Start Orientation in June
>"sorry, you can't get per diem for orientation"
>Work OT that first week
>Look at paycheck
>Yep, X dollars an hour for the hourly...
>Z-4.75 for the OT
>What the hell?
After a few phone calls, it turns out that my temp agency quoted me the L4 Mechanic pay grade, and tried to get me hired as one (good for them?) but the actual company I'm working at (much more accurately) assessed me as an L3 Mech and started me at that wage instead. Which was wise of them, but nobody told me that my contracting agency was trying to get me hired as an L4, so I had to do the detective work myself. So now, compared to what I was told I was going to be making, I'm making roughly $180/week less than that, neverminding lost wages from whatever OT I work.

This is why communication is important. Next time I take a contract (probably around New Year's, unless something really cool happens), I'll make sure to find out in advance what pay grade they're going to try to get me hired as, since the contracting company doesn't actually control that part of things. I'm also going to make sure that I get it all in writing, instead of simply via phone calls.

Thank God I can make the bills on what an L3 makes, and it's always better to get bumped down during orientation than after a couple weeks or months of disappointing managers through incompetence and inexperience. Still, that's $180/week for a minimum of six months that I'm losing due to the shuffle, so I'm certainly not happy. I was hoping to have the money for a trailer by Fall, now I'll be lucky to have it by New Year's.

There are several girls working in the hangar I work in, they seem to be generally cool themselves, but they cause drama just by being women in a hangar that has 150 male mechanics and 4 more-or-less attractive women (think 5-8s).
>> No. 9870 ID: e9c3ed
The context is a little. He's Mexican and the technicians that knew him before they worked there give him a lot of shit about it. Lighthearted racial jokes.
>> No. 9871 ID: 798a48
File 143904823090.jpg - (7.10KB , 375x249 , 158676-375x249-Roll-of-foil.jpg )
I figured there was a chance he was Mexican. If we loosely apply Title VII though, is it 1) unwanted? and 2) does it create a hostile work environment?

Of course, that doesn't matter if the wrong person doesn't want it to. Be careful. If you really want to call it racist, keep it to yourself, because everyone might know each other at work but at work there's no such thing as 'lighthearted racial' AT WORK. Maybe something happens where the jokes are officially no longer funny and you end up on the hotseat during the ensuing witchhunt, because up until then you were on good terms with him too and thought you'd join in a bit on the friendly ribbing that the technicians were giving him.
>> No. 9872 ID: e9c3ed
I don't know him like they do and I really don't like him because he's pretty two face. My contact with him is professional with the occasional idle chitchat.

The only thing that I joke about him is that he borrows the lead tech's expensive Snap On tools and leaves them all over the shop, so I call him a bad neighbor. Every time I borrow his tools, they go right back to where I found it. He's cool with that, but he put up a sign saying "Manager's name can no longer touch my tools" on his tool box.
>> No. 9873 ID: ed343e
File 14390600524.png - (1.25MB , 824x670 , Piece of Shit.png )
Ugh. We have an old G&L Model H-70F that is the biggest pile of shit. On our website we claim it can hold a true position of .003", we did a test piece on thursday with a hole pattern about 75" long, some of the holes were a true position of like .018". Supposedly they did another one friday that came out perfect, the only difference being that the part was on the table instead of 246 blocks.
>> No. 9874 ID: ed343e
File 143906033960.jpg - (27.21KB , 622x349 , 01_big.jpg )
I do appreciate the heavier castings on older machines when they work right. We have an old Monarch VMC-150B with a crap Dynapath controller that everyone hates but I like it, it's real solid and has taken a lot of abuse over the years. These damn Doosans are not built solid though, the columns shake like a mother fucker.
>> No. 9875 ID: 1877bd
File 143906166418.jpg - (193.39KB , 1672x2075 , Sailor_looking_into_the_breech_of_16_inch_gun_aboa.jpg )
>column shake
Reminds me of the time programmers thought it was a good idea to machine hard alloy steel with .350" depth of cut, 50% tool engagement, 1200rpm at 12"/min with a 2 insert cutter 1" in diameter. Even a solid Okuma would catch some vibration, despite the fact that Okuma CNCs weigh at least two to three times as much as a HAAS of the same size.

Then there was the time where I was on a $300 drill-mill and it caught a corner wrong enough to start climb milling. Instantly the whole head swung on the column about a quarter turn, breaking the endmill and wrecking the part pretty hard. Fucking mickey mouse Harbor Freight bullshit drill-mills man.

Picture highly unrelated, but I'm still wondering how exactly they machined those stepped threads. I have a good couple of ideas on how to do it, it would be fun to try.
>> No. 9876 ID: 1fcda9
> rewind a month or two
> got passed over for a promotion
> made me take a step back, realize that this place is a dead end and really isn't worth the effort
> start goldbricking, half-assing my work. Use spare time to work on personal stuff / learn things that will help land a new job

> back to current
> get hauled into boss's office. Manager, boss, the bigwigs are there.
> dididothat.jpg
> nope, PROMOTION!
> well fuck.

So now I'm going to be making a few dollars an hour more for a job I'm pretty positive I don't want to do long term, but unless I get exceptionally lucky I'll no longer have the ability to fuck off on the clock working on stuff that'll net me higher pay at the next place.

Hilariously, the fact that I was halfassing everything made it so that I "completed" more things, which factored into them deciding to promote me.

I slacked my way into a promotion I didn't want. Damnit.
>> No. 9877 ID: ed343e
I have also spent considerable time thinking about how they cut those, and a little research. IIRC, they had some purpose built machine with some kind of cam system that pulled the cutter out automatically.
>> No. 9878 ID: c561cd
File 143909153324.jpg - (29.96KB , 450x450 , laughing cheetah 3x.jpg )
>> No. 9879 ID: 5716f7
It is true that firearms need a good round muzzle, but guns were made for hundreds of years to around those tolerances I have a couple friends who hand-make barrels and hand ream them
>> No. 9880 ID: 1877bd
With the main shape roughed out on a broaching machine, I figured they could do it that way.

Lathe cams are pretty common, you see them in profiling but mostly just to turn tapers (taper attachment). Not hard to imagine a cam shape for those stepped threads. The other one was to rig up the brake with an automatic switch that engaged at every section and stopped at the gap, the operator would move the cross slide in and out for the steps and take cuts with the compound slide. Another way would be with a hydrolic or pneumatic actuator, some old lathes have those kinds of systems to machine round parts with a raised section and such an attachment could work.

Another way would be straight up machined thread with a milling machine and two locked gear feed and rotary table.

I want to try it myself on a lathe just with a slow RPM, a well timed spindle chooch lever reverse and a quick foot, I can stop within less than a quarter turn when I'm threading at 140RPM so with a slow enough lathe, I think I could do it. It would probably take a day or two and make my lifespan decrease by a few years, just stopping in those tiny gaps every eighth of a turn. Fuck. Don't think I'd even try it if the lathe had a minimum RPM over 30, I ain't no lathe wizard.

When you're trying to make a bench gun...

Even if the machines of old were old, I guarantee they were solid and when they weren't true or straight, they'd get some TLC. I don't think they worked on machines that would bend a barrel almost a sixteenth between the four jaw and the tailstock. They most likely had machines with some slop, machines that were probably more tricky to make a part on size the first time, but I bet you they at least spun in a round circle, could face a part square, and machine a part without a huge taper when they needed a straight one.
>> No. 9881 ID: 798a48
File 143911161640.jpg - (62.91KB , 500x375 , 4635982065_9bf369938b.jpg )
Company emails from the section manager and the central manager:

Women need to pick up after themselves in the women's bathroom. The section manager is a woman.

Stop stealing from the catering shelves in the break room, or we'll have to stop selling food, snacks and drinks. Since everything is under a ton of cameras and keycard doors, I'm guessing either building management or our company needs to hire dedicated security if it's the managers themselves who have to go through the cam footage.

Stop touching or otherwise negatively interacting with other people's food; it's sad that I have had talk to people in my office over this. People look forward to their lunches all day and it sucks to have it stolen. That one was from the central manager. We have three fridges in the break room, one for cleaning on Monday, one for Wednesday, and one for Friday, so it's definitely not a case of people's stuff getting tossed out. Have any of you guys seriously had to deal with co-workers stealing each other's lunches or your lunch? I figure it's just a vanilla humor thing.
>> No. 9882 ID: ae11c2

Most I've heard at work is "oops, I ate your youghurt before I realized I left mine at home this morning" or some shit.

Worse is people leaving shit in the fridge forever.
>> No. 9883 ID: 0cb322
Oh yeah. It was so bad that the fridge was left virtually empty except for condiments and such.
>> No. 9884 ID: 90a126
File 143913992837.jpg - (36.20KB , 640x480 , dc132d9dc8dee5a3a996c7f2d187848f.jpg )
We got rid of the fridge for my work a few years back because douches couldn't keep hands off other peoples stuff.

Too many people nabbing other peoples chow. Too many people taking food from the break room onto the floor around computers and books and upsetting patrons who aren't allowed to eat. Way too many motherfuckers who couldn't clean up after themselves.

Now the policy is to go out on lunch break. We got a few eating places around the building and the mall with its food court is two streets over. Make the trash and food stealing someone elses problem.

We're not even allowed to bring our lunch into the building at all. Eat it from where we got it or eat it outside. Even eating it outside is a bit of a grey area. Most of us don't do it anyway because there are bums that congregate around, they don't ask for our food but just try to bum money and get close enough to make your meal no longer appealing.

I blame fucking security. Motherfuckers need to do their jobs. They couldn't police the break room, rarely police the hallways letting kids run wild, people make out, people shit in corners, and people tear up books, don't go outside and run off the bums or skateboarders, really don't do shit other then stand around and try to look intimidating.

They fail miserably at that same as everything. Kinda hard to be intimidated by some 400 pound lardass in some rent-a-cop uniform with a belly that goes through doors a second before they do and cannot go up a single story on the stairs without sounding like they are about ready to die.
>> No. 9885 ID: 70d38f
File 143914554638.jpg - (16.42KB , 500x500 , pruta-food-container-set-of-green__0095330_PE23387.jpg )
>Too many people nabbing other peoples chow.
>Now the policy is to go out on lunch break. We got a few eating places around the building and the mall with its food court is two streets over. Make the trash and food stealing someone elses problem.
>We're not even allowed to bring our lunch into the building at all.

The last place I worked was quite crowded and they've had dedicated tea break room with at least 4 tables for 16+ people, and equipped like a kitchen, pretty neat place. Each division visited them for 15 minutes in their turn 10-11 pm in the morning and 2-3 am during the day. During the dinner some people brought there their food from home in closed containers, but most of them went to the different shops and cafeterias around there. There's a transport hub with multiple bus stations and a train station nearby, so I counted at least 20 of those within 10-minute reach of my work, and every time they all are full of people.

My current place is near there as well, but because it's a big organization it has a big dedicated dining hall as well, for at least 30 people - it's the heritage of the old times. But at least 1/3 of the people here are more conservative and have families so they prefer to bring food with them and eat at the workplace - there are several microwaves and electric kettles. Sometimes we order a delivery from sushi/pizza bar. Unfortunately, there isn't even a tea room there yet, or the place for it, or good ventilation system, and I can only hope for it at some very distant future. And security around this place seems to be pretty tight, but not too annoying, with a row of turnstiles and some metal detectors.

I'm not living in an English-speaking countries and in general people prefer to eat more healthy food and keep their workplaces clean, so there are no problems with getting some food through security.

>They fail miserably at that same as everything.
I wonder what kind of situation they are usually dealing with.

From my last job, I lifted about 5 kg of old(10-20 years) diskettes, although I excuse myself with the fact that they were going to dispose of them anyway. But I doubt my current security would allow that. At the same place, the other day I was trying to have some use for empty plastic tubes (for paper rolls for printers) and brought 3 of them to the lobby, coupled with clips, and they were staring at me for a whole minute until they realized it's just three empty tubes and I'm not trying to fool them.
>> No. 9886 ID: e9c3ed
People rarely steal food at my work. Though, I was told that nobody will ever steal my food because "you're too nice a person. So, you're bound to shoot up the place. Just remember we were nice to you, ok? Lol"

Also, the fact that I bring in peanut butter and pickle sammiches might have something to do with it.
>> No. 9887 ID: ed343e
Peanut butter pickle sandwiches are awesome. I've never met someone outside my family who ate them.
>> No. 9888 ID: 556472
File 143918198481.jpg - (424.06KB , 1101x1402 , When+Potato+Salad+Goes+Bad.jpg )
Food theft at work doesn't seem to be a problem where i'm at. Mostly older people there. But I have seen food theft issues when I once worked at a Wallyworld. I spread the word that it would only work once. I'm a sneaky git and I would randomly sabotage something in my lunch and by-cracky if someone tried it again I hope their stomach is strong. Because I once had a friend who had a roommate who would unceasingly steal his food. Pickles and Coca-Cola seemed to be fave targets. After 8 months of his shenanigans he had enough and started pissing into his jar of pickles, backwashing into the 2 litre Coke bottle, (and I kid you not) cumming into the jar of Miracle Whip. He would then sit back and watch the contents disappear. Lol. Someone finally told him many months later and how 'bout that, he stopped!

My food was never touched.

Now abandoned food is another issue altogether. I think some of the items left at the back of the fridge were old enough to vote. One thing I like about being a mobile tech is I keep my lunch with me.
>> No. 9889 ID: df12a0
I've got plenty of food places within 5-10 minutes of work, if I don't want to eat for free in the cafeteria. Really don't like the idea of eating leftovers, so if I must cook, I only cook enough that I can finish.
>> No. 9890 ID: c561cd
File 143921860978.jpg - (50.00KB , 400x400 , avgas can top.jpg )
It took me a minute to remember you work in a public library. I was thinking "What kind of fucked up hell hole does this guy work at?"

At the gun store, my stuff was never even touched.

When I worked in the factory, I had some cokes stolen out of the assembly line fridge... even though there was nobody on our line at night. Bitches. The cans were labeled too.

Later, when I got a new Lead-Man, his wife would pack his lunch with tons of goodies. Thing is, he was diabetic, so I joked that his wife was trying to kill him. He shared the stuff to me. I was getting fruit, snacks, peanuts, chips and bean dip, chicken molle, cookies... aw yeah.
>> No. 9891 ID: e9c3ed
I'm getting more hours now because they laid off the lazy preggers chick. Sound reasoning, which is rare around here. "If you can't use any of the chemicals and can't exert yourself, there's no point in you coming in."

Which means I have the same workload, but at least I know it ahead of time. Might even be able to snag the full time position, relieving a lot of stress.

My favorite sammiches. I can't remember who it was around here that turned me onto them, but I thank them.

I managed to convert 3 people at work to the blessed church of PB&P.
>> No. 9892 ID: 798a48
Sounds sound to me too, but that may ire people who want to push the idea of a wage-gender gap specifically based on the argument of a lack of federally mandated maternal/paternal leave in the US, specifically paid leave and not just an ensured return as a couple states do. Was she full-time?
>> No. 9893 ID: e9c3ed
She came from the clothing department of the store, got the full time position I tried for and my part time ass had to train the full timer. And she quickly ran out of fucks to give.

I think she knew she was pregnant before she got the job and wanted full time for the bennies. One week into it and she told the manager that she just found out that she was 7 weeks pregnant. On top of this, she's on probation for drunk driving.

Hopefully the managers will see that both of the full timers they hired have failed horribly and that I've been reliable and consistent. I've fucking ridden 10 miles to work after being hit by a car and busted my ass with a broken wrist and sprained ankle, still producing results. And I still arrived early to work! Never been late, ever. I think that should show a fucking work ethic that others seriously lack. Especially considering I'm the only detailer that ventures out in the sun for hours at a time to get anything done. I'm so brown, I'm about to be mistakenly deported.
>> No. 9894 ID: 5716f7
File 143925608852.png - (166.52KB , 499x457 , extremely expensive prostration.png )
I know how you feel. Frankly I have severe reservations about working with any woman under 40.

Attractive women or even women in their 20's are some of the laziest fuckers imaginable, I can't even count the number of times some 'strong independent woman who don't need no man" had almost all of her workload carried by some schmuck who thought he had the tiniest chance of banging her.
>> No. 9895 ID: 667a5a
File 143926462793.jpg - (137.55KB , 665x694 , reaction foreman fucking really.jpg )
>it's adorable how it waits for the coolant before starting a cut
>> No. 9896 ID: 2f62b7
File 20150808_110112.webm - (1.57MB )
It does, and it just about makes me blush.

Here's 9 holes tapped at 4000RMP, notice the pause for coolant.
>> No. 9897 ID: 51bd39
File 143941095895.jpg - (2.20MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0050.jpg )
>> No. 9898 ID: 304e9b
I got hired as the photo editor for the college newspaper, and I'm the only pro photog there. I basically have to shoot everything. I'm also the VP of the photography club at the school.

I decided to bring up the fact that the paper needs photographers at the next photo club meeting, and everyone interested in photojournalism should see me after the meeting. The whole club scoffed and everyone in one way or another said, "pff, fuck that, I'm an artist. I'm a photographer for art's sake only, and I'm going to pay my bills by selling art".

I'm into not compromising on what you want to do in life, but holy shit. Having the opportunity to build a portfolio, and resume by working for the school paper and squandering it because you think you're the next Ansel Adams. God damn. Fuck artists.
>> No. 9899 ID: 5716f7
Well it looks like I'm making EOD suits now. What a crazy fucking world, huh? Maybe they'll let me have some kevlar scraps.
>> No. 9900 ID: 50cd85
Saw the local nuke facility by Paducah was hiring.

My inner Homer smiled..
>> No. 9901 ID: e9c3ed
What are your dream jobs?

Personally, I want weed to be legalized so I can start producing industrial hemp for consumer goods and hydroponic weed for stores.

I like the smell of the plants and wouldn't mind a farming job producing it. I used to help out on tobacco farms and think this would be more enjoyable.

Realistically, I have to think practically. So, I'm working on going to school to become an A&P mechanic. But, I'll always study farming on the side just in case one day it becomes a reality.
>> No. 9902 ID: cfe73e
File 143958505193.jpg - (238.19KB , 1024x612 , 121348322-1024x612.jpg )
Wait... Operatorchan Weed Enterprise!
Come on down to Colorado (I'm already there) and set up grow businesses. Train the armed guards (everyone is an armed guard) to grow and manage the operation. Pack less-lethal beanbag shotgun rounds to discourage thieves and whatever else you want for if things get heavy.

Growing marijuana for personal use in Colorado:
* You must be 21 years of age or older to legally possess or grow marijuana for recreational use in Colorado. (Colo. Rev. Stat. § 18-18-406.)
* You may grow no more than six plants and no more than three of those can be mature plants. (Colo. Const. amend. 64.) A mature plant is defined as a flowering plant. Colorado law also requires that the plants be grown in an enclosed, locked space that is not “open” or “public.”
* You can legally possess no more than one ounce of marijuana. So, if you happen to have a bumper crop, be sure to have no more than one ounce of the drug in your possession at any given time. However, unless you are a licensed retail marijuana establishment, you cannot legally sell the surplus!
* Recreational marijuana may be legally sold only by licensed establishments. (Colo. Rev. Stat. § 18-18-406.) Sale by anyone else is a crime and is either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the amount sold. The licensing procedure involves an application, testing, inspections, fees, and many other steps. The good news is that you can give up to an ounce of your homegrown to a friend who is 21 or older. http://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/resources/can-i-grow-marijuana-my-personal-use-colorado.htm
>> No. 9903 ID: cfe73e
File 143958534288.jpg - (471.39KB , 1620x1080 , poison marijuana security guard at The Shelter dis.jpg )
POT SECURITY - The danger surrounding the new legal pot industry in Colorado is a growing issue. Security efforts are being made to protect these companies who are left without government support or protection due to conflicting state and federal laws. This story looks at pot culture and the challenge of security around the newly legalized recreational & medical marijuana industry in the state of Colorado.

As Colorado leads the United States into uncharted territory by legalizing marijuana sales and creating laws as of January 1, 2014 that defy the federal statutes against pot, this state has become a test case for the nation. Even before the new law came into effect, burglaries and break-ins to medical pot dispensaries and grow houses were an issue. However, since the law was passed the problem has significantly worsened. This is a result of the lack of coordination between state and federal banking laws, which makes these legal businesses unable to deposit their cash in a bank, leaving them exposed as easy targets for robbery. http://edkashi.com/project/pot-security/

- A security guard from Blue Line Protection watches over production at The Shelter marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colo. on Jan. 24, 2014.
>> No. 9904 ID: cfe73e
File 143958570126.jpg - (205.88KB , 1024x680 , US trooper in Afghanistan, and pot everywhere.jpg )
We can make this work.
>> No. 9905 ID: cfe73e
File 143958576527.jpg - (571.37KB , 1600x1200 , US trooper in Afghanistan, defending a marijuana f.jpg )
US trooper in Afghanistan, defending a marijuana field.
>> No. 9906 ID: 2404e6
I wouldnt call weed stuff a dream job, but I would absolutely love to have that as a job. Im not a huge partaker in the mary J, but I always thought it was awesome how people crossbreed plants for all sorts of various effects and flavors. I would probably really enjoy doing that.

Is "Being James Bond" a dream job? ;)
>> No. 9907 ID: e9c3ed
Dream job as in that's how I want to retire. It's hard work, but an easily enjoyable job. And I have two markets. Hemp for clothing, paper, etc. High quality weed for recreational and medical use. And my personal use. I just need good land, might move back to Kentucky for that.

If we're going fictional, I wanna be Kruger from Elysium. Throwing beer at kids from the rooftops and kicking the shit out of immigrants with a thick South African accent.

That's an idea. PBE gets into the weed business.
>> No. 9908 ID: 2404e6
I know what you meant, I meant it as not a dream job for me, but one I would enjoy immensely none the less.

I cant imagine nationwide recreational legalization would not happen in the next 10 years.
>> No. 9909 ID: e9c3ed
We can hope. :)

I've drawn up some plans on how I'd start and what scale I'd eventually want to grow to. I've been studying modern farms. Networking and setting business relationships are my weakest links that I have to work on.

The hydroponic setup is a little more complicated and requires more planning. Might even try an aquaponic setup and see if that'd be more feasible large scale while still retaining quality.
>> No. 9910 ID: 2404e6
I do know that if I have money by the time it goes legal in texas/federally Im going to invest in my step brothers grow up.

Because he has experience in said field lol.

I enjoyed growing a bunch of different roses when I was in high school (my mom wanted rose bushes, in texas heat, but she cant keep a plant alive to save her life) so I took over and had fun with it. I got pretty good at it.

That and I find planting/growing/harvesting things to be a pretty zenlike ordeal. Perhaps learned from the many hours weed eating/steam cleaning carpets/doing other time consuming yet not very mentally difficult chores I had growing up.
>> No. 9911 ID: e9c3ed
>That and I find planting/growing/harvesting things to be a pretty zenlike ordeal.

Same. It's partly the reason I want to get into the business. After all the chaos I've been through, it's a pretty peaceful way to make a living. I feel I've earned the right to take a breather.

If it grows into a big business, I want to work with vets and ex military in general. They're more fun than hippies. I can hold a conversation with vets. With hippies, I just smile, nod and inch away.
>> No. 9913 ID: 2404e6
Id put good money on there being plenty of vets who would be interested to work in the field.
>> No. 9914 ID: 1e7925
>work at small defense contractor
>live close to work, yay, 5 minute commute
>oh great this puts me on "first responder" list for burglar alarms
>false alarms monthly, come in middle of the night every month, FML
>asshole manager moves into apartment 5 MINUTE WALK FROM WORK
>refuses to be put on first responder list because "not security guard"

if he gets away with this I will be angrier than all fucking hell
>> No. 9915 ID: ae11c2
File 143964529330.jpg - (107.74KB , 385x742 , 132769247582.jpg )

Do you get paid for it? If so, stop complaining.
If not, you're an idiot.
>> No. 9916 ID: a4bc16

Your company really expects all its employees to get out of bed alone and go conduct a building search at the site of a possible burglary or worse, at a defense facility?

The fuck? Do they just not hire security or... what?

>"Sure, you can have the secretary position, but since you live close by if the burglar alarm goes off you're gonna have to get out of bed, put your heels back on, schlep on down to the office and shoot the guy, kay doll?"
>> No. 9917 ID: df12a0
File 143967685827.jpg - (90.90KB , 640x480 , multicamdeficit.jpg )
>Your company really expects all its employees to get out of bed alone and go conduct a building search at the site of a possible burglary or worse

You say that like telephone/desk OPERATORS like me wouldn't jump at the chance.
>> No. 9918 ID: a4bc16

If you had something worth that much money, wouldn't you want professionals to deal with it instead of getting random employees to show up and potentially (probably) screw it up and you be liable for everybody's injuries and damages?
>> No. 9919 ID: 6deef4
File 143970481951.png - (138.49KB , 453x286 , 1335270102626.png )
Working in surgical health care for almost four years now has only taught me one valuable lesson.

OR nurses are almost invariably garbage, and the only ones that are actually good acknowledge the fact that OR nursing isn't nursing and then go on to leave after a year or two.

So anesthesia hierarchy works like this
>People with licensure that know what the fuck they're doing
>Attending anesthesiologists
>Residents/Fellows that know what they're doing
>Technicians that know what they're doing

Me? I'm a technician who knows what he's doing. As far as the hospital is concerned I have zero patient contact, but in a pinch I've gotten involved in emergency procedures and actively administered drugs. On more than one occasion I've bailed out a SRNA or fellow who's in over their head until the attending shows up for the code blue. Very illegal, but if there's no M&M hearing and nobody to rat you out, nobody gives a fuck. If somebody does give a fuck, attending anesthesiologists are 99.9% true bros and always have your back.

Meanwhile, in actual surgery, you have
>Attending surgeon
>Resident/Fellow/Med Student
>Scrub technician
>And a completely anachronistic OR nurse who's sole purpose is charting

My first job in healthcare was at a children's hospital. One day I went to take lunch in the communal break room. It was broken up into a dining room section with a few long tables, and a kitchen area that had a small table that a couple people could sit at. Not knowing at the time that nurses are horrendous bitches, I took my food to one of the long tables. The next day, my boss literally pulled me aside and told me that some of the nurses complained that I wasn't sitting at the small table where technicians eat.

I wish I was making this up.

Well I'm a stubborn piece of shit and I figured that there was no possible way I would get fired over this so I continued on as I was despite regular complaints. Eventually the rest of the technicians caught on and it became a non-issue over the span of a couple months. Fast forward about a year, and my team received a radio call from a nurse. While we were busy tending to 15+ operating rooms currently engaged in actual anesthesia, this cunt spilled her coffee in the break room and was actually calling us to get a mop and come clean it up. I earned my first disciplinary trip to the office like this;

"No. We're too busy to clean up after you."

Just one of a hundred stories I have about this incredibly toxic profession, but this was already plenty cathartic. All the elitism of a two year glorified trade school RN degree, none of the actual skill or compassion that goes into something legitimate like ICU nursing. Fuck them.
>> No. 9920 ID: bdae0c
Who in their right mind would call you in that scenario to clean up split coffee in a break room? That is so beyond retarded I am surprised they didn't start a small fire putting the radio down.

Surely no higher ups could entertain such a waste of time as an issue? Tell me there were no legit issues arising from it for you and your peers.
>> No. 9921 ID: 2404e6
My college has a huge nursing program. All the soon to be nurses Ive met on campus are in fact giant fucking cunts.

So I can believe it.

>Nurses complaining you arent eating at the tech table
>going to your superiors to complain
Holy fuck. I was gonna say "thats some high school bull shit" but that would be wrong, at least bitches in high school will complain to your face.
>> No. 9922 ID: e9c3ed
Almost every nursing student I've ever met has been a stuck up cunt with a superiority complex. They would talk about getting into the field because "I want to help people, because I seem to be one of the few that cares, me me ME."

They would talk endlessly about "helping others" while somehow making it all about them and having generally a really shitty attitude towards people.
>> No. 9923 ID: 2404e6
True that. Also add the fact that most nursing majors I met at my school were also in ROTC. So add that to the stuck uppityness.
>> No. 9924 ID: 90a126
File 143975567123.jpg - (203.53KB , 1024x534 , rotc off campus.jpg )
>ROTC, uppityness

I didn't really ever think aboot it before now, but now that you mentioned it the ROTC program at my HS and college seemed filled with snobbish pricks.

The general air of being better then everyone, acting like total tools, just fucking assholes. Some higher ranked fucks seemed to think they had authority all the damn time even outside ROTC. It got old really fucking quick and made me want to annoy them right fucking back.

I tell you, I had a load of a time fucking with those bitches back in HS. I was in a good way physically at the time (sadly no longer) to the point I was the 2nd best runner in the class (the only person better was one of the instructors who was a reservist) which pissed off my classmates because I never tried.

We'd have inspection days on thursdays and I'd come in sloppy as fuck but then on other days wear my own uniforms (I have uniforms for airsoft and just to collect but never wore anything causally beyond the pants and boots, maybe the jacket when its cold with some non mil pants) that would be all spit and polish. Pissed of the instructors who said I couldn't be wearing military clothing and I pretty much told them to fuck off, if they don't like it they can buy some new clothes and I still won't wear anything but military. Pissed off the classmates whose grades were effected by my own because teamwork and bullshit.

In retrospect my one man war against Da Man was probably inept as it was pointless but goddamn it was worth just to see the look on a instructors face when I showed up in a horribly mismatched uniform (woodland cover, blue top, tan shirt, urban pants, and jungle boots with the green soft bits).

I never went ROTC in my limited college career but the assholishness seemed to hold true for them. Getting assholes stopping me between classes because of my camo pants or boots or occasional jacket and saying I couldn't wear it, seeming to do their cadence marches or whatever the fuck you call them on the most populated parts of the campus and even running into people "accidentally", and just being assholes to lower ranked members or anybody not in the program.

One thing I did notice is that ROTC members who had been active service mostly didn't seem to share in the pigheaded stupidity of their classmates. I guess going to war has a way of making some people grow up.
>> No. 9925 ID: 2404e6
Doomguy I dont mean this as an insult, but holy fuck you sound like you were the biggest shitbird asshole when you were a kid. Purposefully fucking up classmates grades for lols is Olympic tier blue falconism.

But to each his/her own. But ya all the prior service folk in ROTC basically warned me away from my colleges rotc. And god did I hate seeing those kids in super jacked up uniforms on uniform day.

There is one girl I still totally bone hard from rotc. She posts her modeling photos on failfacebook. And its funny because every single time she does the first response is her brother threatening to beat up anyone who compliments her. I wanna comment "Maybe you should fuck her then."
>> No. 9926 ID: 90a126
File 143975878270.jpg - (96.61KB , 600x962 , collegehumor_d3d6913b780be638b8056dfaec067a3b.jpg )
I was a bit of a shitbird (okay more then a bit) but in this case I was a shitbird with a cause. I didn't do what I did for the lols, though they were certainly an added bonus. I didn't slack off going into the class, I started doing that when my classmates were all acting like massive shitbirds themselves.

Being needlessly insulting, being assholes who lord what little authority they have over their underlings even outside of class, acting like pure douches constantly, well that shit didn't sit right with me. So I retaliated in my own forcefully failing manner.

They kinda remind me of fudds do now. You know how fudds are, they act like they know better then other gun owners, are better then other gun owners, lord over their "real sportsmen" aura over other hunters and gun owners, just constant power trip. It was similar attitude with the ROTC cunts over other students and even other ROTC members.

My general thought on the matter is if they wanted their grades to be better they should have worked towards being a cohesive team rather then spending all their time being jerks to everyone.

Yeah it was assholish on my part but I was just returning the favor.
>> No. 9927 ID: e7f332
File 143975950016.png - (348.24KB , 355x529 , F1OwOHw.png )
The way we do officer training in the US military is deeply, deeply flawed, and your experiences with idiot ROTC kids reflects that.

That is another topic. Suffice it to say, we're doing it wrong. Very wrong.
>> No. 9928 ID: 2404e6
Its telling that the best officers you meet tend to be mustangs, that is to say guys and gals who worked up as an enlisted to say SGT or whatever and then got a commission. Those types tend to be great officers. Look at the stigma associated with being a westpointer.
>> No. 9929 ID: 798a48
Sometime after the third PL came to our platoon, we got about six or seven cadets rotating around our company and later in the battalion as part of their pipeline. They were okay folks for the most part, but there were two who wanted to push for salutes. I was only a shamshield at the time, but it wasn't hard to remind them which AR stated they weren't to be addressed as sirramaam, and any salutes rendered them that any salutes rendered to them at the behest of actual officers was still more of a courtesy rather than a requirement. Our PL herding them around was OCS himself, and while his charges were certainly to be respected and given a good impression of the working Army, he was plenty savvy enough not to side with them against his own real guys on brass tacks.

The guy was a trip. A rare, competent and fit officer who respected the enlisted side, but in person he got on some of the joes' nerves because he was good in combatives and had some gay-69-dan in Taekwondo and a couple times he told stories about the badass streets of _______, Kentucky where him and his brother who's a deputy or something totally got in bar fights and beat up like 20 guys all by themselves plus a third guy who was also a deputy and then they fought their way through the city to rescue the mayor's daughter from the Mad Gear gang. His nickname among some of the more delinquent joes was 'Mars' because of how he totally fought street-fought aliens in outer space once.

He as well as some of the guys from our MP platoon can be seen on Netflix dicking around the NTC lanes on Netflix, Live Fire episode 2.

Just for future reference, JROTC should not be referred to as ROTC. Not quite the same level as the clip/mag distinction, but it's there.
>> No. 9930 ID: 798a48
Did you ever screencap that critical look at the officers corps thread you made in /w/ way back when?
>> No. 9931 ID: e7f332

Nope. Tears in rain.
>> No. 9932 ID: 2404e6
File 143977042217.gif - (483.93KB , 450x254 , 1347472239145.gif )
>> No. 9933 ID: e9c3ed
I guess my work is afraid of a lawsuit for unpaid maternity leave and she isn't far enough for maternity leave, so the lazy bitch is back.

Just sitting around, snacking, while my manager has me do her workload.

Fuck this place, I hope one of those places calls me and has full time available. My discount is awesome, but it's not worth this bullshit. I never thought Bass Pro would be more PC than a female run clothing store.
>> No. 9934 ID: 501bc8

To be fair, you can't fire people for being pregnant. This is a hot button issue right now and from a corporate perspective you'd be stupid to even give the appearance of shitcanning someone due to pregnancy. It would not go well in court. Honestly what employers are figuring out is that it's cheaper to just say oh hey take a a bunch of months maternity leave with pay - 9/10 the woman will quit about a week before it ends.
>> No. 9935 ID: a4bc16

>than a female run clothing store.

You'll notice that women are pretty hard on other women, they know better than to pay someone for nearly a year to do nothing just because they got knocked up while they happened to be employed there, and they're immune from 'war on women' complaints.

Family planning expenses are not the employer's responsibility, after all. Shouldn't be. The family itself should plan accordingly before they go popping out kids.

The answer is to make sure your entire HR department and legal are staffed with divorced, menopausal, childless professional women. No maternity leave will exist.
>> No. 9936 ID: e7f332
So here's the best way to understand why shit is the way it is. It starts with the simple premise that you can't discriminate against employees just because they get pregnant. Whether or not you agree with that is immaterial, because that's one of those laws that is with us until some kind of massive gov't-overthrowing revolutions. Neither party will ever touch that basic premise.

That having been said, it doesn't mean you need to have policies in place regarding pregnancy. What it does mean is that if a pregnant woman can't do her job for whatever reason, you have to treat her the same as you would anyone else who TEMPORARILY can't do their job.

Caseless, if you got destroyed by a car and were completely laid up, what would your employer do? Say for the sake of argument you were able to wheel your broken husk into work as needed, but you definitely couldn't wash boats.
>> No. 9937 ID: e9c3ed
Well, she came from the clothing department. Move her back there, I'm not paid enough to do two people's jobs.

She was two months pregnant when she got hired to do a manual labor job, then told the managers a month later that she was pregnant. A week after that it was all "hurrrr, I'm so fat... everything hurts, I can't do anything... Do this for me." She's already acting 9 months pregnant.

Yeah, woman don't really take each other's bullshit.

But, there is other PC bullshit that happens, not just female shit.

Restaurant managers don't take this shit. I've worked with several pregnant women in restaurants, some worked incredibly hard and only needed help lifting things. Had no problem helping them.

Others would try to get you to do everything for them. "Please lift this for me. Now stir it for me. Can you turn that on? Please peel these for me." Managers cracked down on them. Managers told everyone not to help them at all. If they can't work, don't come in.

They would fire me.

I almost got fired for having a dislocated shoulder and could only do my job around 70% and couldn't lift anything heavy.

If I could come in and couldn't do anything at all, they would fire me. They wouldn't even put me in the parts department, which I know pretty well.

My point is she's putting more of a burden on everyone around her when she was already lazy. I'm not paid to do her job, I already work harder than everyone else in that department and do things nobody else wants to do. Unless they double my pay, I shouldn't have to do her entire workload on top of mine.
>> No. 9938 ID: 2404e6
>"hurrrr, I'm so fat... everything hurts, I can't do anything... Do this for me."
You should be all "Tribeswomen in africa give birth mid lion hunt and continue hunting lions. Quit your bitching" or something to that extent.

>Yeah, woman don't really take each other's bullshit.
Its not that women dont take each other's bullshit. Most women fucking hate other women. Which is odd. Then again women can harbor a grudge for like a thousand years. Guys get over most grudges fairly quickly. Quicker if you and the other guy fisticuff it out then share a beer and laugh about it.

>If I could come in and couldn't do anything at all, they would fire me. They wouldn't even put me in the parts department, which I know pretty well.
Check your male privilege bitch.

>My point is she's putting more of a burden on everyone around her when she was already lazy. I'm not paid to do her job, I already work harder than everyone else in that department and do things nobody else wants to do. Unless they double my pay, I shouldn't have to do her entire workload on top of mine.
You should take that paragraph, and tell it word by word to your manager when she isnt around to hear it. Tell your manager the fact that you have to do her job while she gets paid for it and you dont get paid for it is making you not enjoy your job. If you are as hard working as you say, they might give her a talking to as opposed to losing you.
>> No. 9939 ID: 7f7712
File 143993414714.png - (144.48KB , 231x277 , 911.png )
>show up first day of work
>somewhat excited
>the manager sat me down and went over and over on saftey shit
>2 hours of him saying the same shit over and over
>then I get handed over to some woman who does quality assurance
>she pulls up a powerpoint and then slowly reads it to me
>takes half and hour to do half of it
>she leaves for a meeting and tells me to read the rest myself
>I'm left alone in a cubicle for over an hour
>when she gets back I get handed back to the manager
>He tells me that I'm not going to be doing the job I applied for
>instead of soldering I was going to be making visors and stuffing the kevlar and ceramic plates into the suits
>I get handed off to a guy
>he hands me several binders with CONFIDENTIAL stamped all over them, get told to read them in the empty lunch room if I want
>I'm told to watch him make and sand the hard visor shells
>for 2 hours
>after lunch I got to watch him stuff suits for another two hours
>they let me finally stuff the suits with two people watching me and double checking every piece I finished
>everyone constantly told me how hard it is
>10 minutes to clocking out I went to the bathroom
>clean and spacious as fuck
>has potpourri and a marble wash basin
>toilets comfy as fuck

The company I work for is owned by what looks to be an evil megacorp which mostly makes things for riot police and the military
>> No. 9940 ID: d2e752
When I am told to pick up that can, I will be sure to take notice of the fine craftsmanship that you put into his body armor.

Yeah, I'm definitely going to bring it up.

All she does all day is sit down and complain.
>> No. 9941 ID: 798a48
File 143994403927.jpg - (280.29KB , 1920x1024 , PAYDAY_2_Death_Wish_13935249894488.jpg )
Safariland ain't evil. They been making concealable body armor, speedloaders, duty belts, and decent holsters forever. The megacorp you're looking at is BAE Systems.

iirc he's specifically doing part of the assembly for EOD suits. I imagine if you're interacting with Bulldozer or a Juggernaut, you've got more than pickin' up cans to worry about.
>> No. 9942 ID: 50cd85
A lot of places are that way, because there are a lot of totally retarded people looking for work.

When my resto business was doing well, I had a slew of "one day" hire and fires, consisting of people who'd supposedly gone to one of the mechanic's schools or were "very experienced".
Yeah, "Very Experienced" in swapping parts til the thing runs. Not so good in "This ignitor assembly is full of gasoline. Find out why" (Or comprehending stuff like "Left hand thread on the left hand side").

Some of the best jobs I had were ones that took my experience at it's worth and threw me in the deep end of the pool.
Those are getting few and far between because of the increasing numbers of special snowflakes out there who basically have to be led by the nose.

Good luck.
>> No. 9943 ID: 6deef4
File 143999751395.png - (122.58KB , 300x203 , reaction_dying watermelon monkey.png )
Nah, I never got into any actual trouble. My direct supervisor at the time didn't give a shit, and everyone in anesthesia shared my sentiments on the cunts. The only problem was our technician department head. The definition of a middle-management administrator who's boss was, surprise surprise, a nurse. His number one priority was not patient safety, or smooth running of the hospital, or even discovering the source of the massive employee turnover in his department. No, his number one priority was his own career. I remember his conniption fits when I first told him that nursing bullshit was not our priority. Thought I was going to get fired then and there.

The event that had me finally find a new job was pretty incredible. I would regularly get into arguments with the night charge nurse, who was so fucking incompetent that they regularly had to have two charge nurses just to cover for her. One day I get called into the office. Not my supervisor's, but my department head. The story he told me was one of such fantastic struggle. The poor, downtrodden, underpaid, overworked charge nurse had to deign to get up from the chair she sits in 8 hours a day... And then the horror, she had to carry a bag of trash! And when she saw the lumbering beast, the horrible, lazy, stupid tech, she cried out for help... But the tech looked at her, and smiled, and walked away obviously to go sit on his phone somewhere! And so the poor nurse struggled with the garbage for the fifteen feet to the processing elevator, and then spent several restless nights considering whether she should report the incident or not.

Of course, I asked when this whole cloth fantasy was said to have happened.

"This would have been three weeks ago, the Thursday, I believe."
"I was on military leave. That was the last week of my AT."
"Well I don't believe that the charge nurse would just make something up!"
"I was on LoA for my military AT and this situation is a complete lie. If you continue to push this or take disciplinary action without witnesses, I will involve ESGR."

I noticed that after I demolished a complaint about me from HR by providing witnesses, most other complaints came about incidents where no other witnesses were available. Funny what you can avoid by saying "Prove it." or better, "Talk to these specific people who will tell you this never happened."

But that's another story completely.
>> No. 9944 ID: ae11c2

They make pretty decent kit though.
And give them a break, since it's unskilled manual labour (for now), they probably get so many fucking idiots in there that they probably need to do it like that.

Usually it's not hard to "grow" in such an environment if you prove you're not a waste of air.
>> No. 9945 ID: df12a0

Link, please; if you won't say it to her brother, you can bet one of us will.
>> No. 9946 ID: 2404e6
There was a guy locally who was hiring preferably collage kids to help him restore old cars (he had a car place). Someone beat me to it unfortunately. I would have loved that.

Lol nah. Ill probably say it in a drunken state at some point.
>> No. 9947 ID: d2e752
I'm over this job and my incompetent managers. Fucking idiots.

I'm trying to do everything I can to get a running shitbox of a car, because if I had a car, there are 4 different delivery jobs I can get that very day. And I'd be making considerably more money than I am now, with more flexibility to work on my education.

Problem is I can't even cover rent with my current job, let alone get a car that barely runs. If I didn't shave my head, I'd be pulling my hair out. I just want to leave this place behind and make enough to help me move ahead. This fucking job is one massive dead end that wants me to prioritize it over everything else, while giving me shit hours and getting offended that I look for other work.

Lol, I love when people complain about doing one menial task.

"It's sooooooo hard!"
>> No. 9948 ID: 798a48
Well, as much as I don't like unions, they still exist, even in right-to-work states, so how close are you to this one in Melbourne?

>> No. 9949 ID: 694bfd
That's near Viera, pretty far from me.
>> No. 9950 ID: 7b644c
How far away are you from the EFSC Palm Bay campus?


The actual office is probably still too far and it's already too late for this year, but if you can find a way to register for next August and get hired by a participating contractor, you have a standing promise from me that I'll finance the first year's registration fees and book money.
>> No. 9951 ID: d2e752
It's right up the street from me, about three miles.

I need to get my GED first, which the only reasons I haven't jumped on that yet is it costs $70 and I've been running around so much trying to find another job so I can afford rent and food that I haven't been able to work on my math. Which I know I'd fail. I really need to find another job so I can have peace of mind financially and focus on my education. I don't care if I have to nigger rig a pizza carrier to a scooter to score a delivery job, as long as I can get it.

Last night I applied to an airplane detailing job, I hope I can score that because it's full time and it'd give me a chance to familiarize myself with working around planes.

Despite the last few months at work being terrible for me, I had one of the best days I've ever had there today. Sure, I worked in the sun for hours, but I was rewarded with a ride in a $200,000 boat, a fully loaded Mako 284. We were going 65 mph with two 350hp Mercury Verado engines, I've never been that fast in a boat before. It was fun, I learned a lot.

I'm going back to the demo tomorrow, I'm going to try to snag a ride in the new Tahoe 2150. That boat is so new nobody knows a goddamn thing about it, we have the only one in the entire state. I think it's still a prototype.
>> No. 9952 ID: 7f7712
File 144010663743.jpg - (52.09KB , 310x479 , Average irishman.jpg )
My job just become a whole lot less fun. When I was putting the kevlar and shit into the suits, I noticed a little red spot of the straps that loop through the back protector. This caused everything to screech to a complete halt. 4 people came over and started touching all of them, and I was told to leave everything alone because a chemical in the suit was reacting with something.

They then had me sweep and mop the warehouse for the other 9 3/4 hours.
>> No. 9953 ID: d2e752
Found my problem solver.


Now I just have to give hand jobs and pick up cans to afford clown car, then I'll finally be able to deliver pizza! Joking aside, I'd even consider doing gay porn if I wasn't three counties away from where that's possible... This area sucks, I can't even degrade myself for money around here.
>> No. 9954 ID: 10d6c7
Note that on the eligibility requirements on the link, that you don't need a diploma or GED as long as you're over 18.

For hiring purposes you should still eventually get one, but to get your foot in the door it won't stop you from registering. The distance of the physical office is a bigger hurdle imo.
>> No. 9955 ID: d2e752
That's why I'm focusing on vehicular independence at the moment. I'm so far away from anything.

As I said in the post above yours, I can't even resort to gay porn because it's like 70 miles away. And financially, I'm desperate enough to do it. Even if NSWG will post it all over /dmz/.
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