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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File work.webm - (1.40MB )
9854 No. 9854 ID: 2f62b7
>be at job
>boss comes over, says we have a big order on these new parts
>says to go find 3 double vises so we'll have six parts on machine at once
>sure thing
>find the shit, set stuff up, line up vises, make some aluminum jaws
>boss comes back with a new program to make jaws the right shape to hold part
>fiddle around with programs, get softjaw stuff done
>next day, start making first set of parts
>lots of tiny details inside
>imagine hard drive cases
>shit is flying
>all carbide tooling
>machine is a nice little high speed girl, brand new
>spindle doing 24000RPM
>rapid movement is 2000 inches per minute or something fucking wild
>she can fucking cold form tap a 6-48 at 4000RPM
>be delighted, it's great to work with something like this
>six parts done in 2 hours 11 minutes after lots of fuckery
>programs not being perfect, tooling needing adjustment, tight tolerances
>the usual
>get mad overtime
>get in yesterday, boss says to make it faster
>work hard, fiddle with shit
>push machine
>roughing stuff is 3/8ths carbide 3 flute doing 24000RPM, feeding at 375 inches per minute
>other tools adjusted, type up stuff in programs to automatically call up subprograms (type those too) for a more efficient path
>get it down to 1 hour 45 minutes
>feel bad for the machine because spindle load over 100% a lot
>it's adorable how it waits for the coolant before starting a cut
>fanuc a cute
>be sad that once it's all set up and running, I'll be sent somewhere else to work with another machine until this big order is done

Next week I'll be looking at retract values to save on time while repositioning. So yeah, talk about work or something, stories, flirting with pretty RoboDrills, etc.
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>> No. 9855 ID: 304e9b
File 143899929210.jpg - (1.91KB , 126x100 , stick figure 3.jpg )
>spindle doing 24000RPM
>rapid movement is 2000 inches per minute or something fucking wild
>she can fucking cold form tap a 6-48 at 4000RPM

>> No. 9856 ID: 70d38f
File 143899981933.jpg - (478.13KB , 1232x924 , chaplin_modern_times.jpg )
>be sad that once it's all set up and running, I'll be sent somewhere else to work with another machine until this big order is done
My experience tells me that there can never be just enough job to do, so you have to do you job just as fast as you can handle it .. indefinitely, unless of course you are really interested in that being done with effort. Corporate logic implies that worker shouldn't be slacking off even if he was working hard, there are the vacations for that. I'm pretty used to maintain a toughest poker face when somebody tells me I need to do something really quick, and sure thing it happens all the time.
>> No. 9857 ID: 2f62b7
2200 inch/min rapid, actually.

Yeah it's a really nice little machine. The controller is wonderful as well, Fanuc really went all out with the 35i A5 on top of the Robodrill's performance. It's a real dream to work on; I guess when a company that makes controllers for other companies' machines makes its own machine, they tend not to half-ass it. Maybe I sound like a total shill for Fanuc, but if I need a small, light, awesome little CNC mill I have to recommend the Fanuc Robodrill. It costs more than a HAAS for a shitton of good fucking reasons.

Also you can do crowd control with the chip wash hose. HOLD ON TO IT TIGHT SHE'S A SQUIRTER. Fucking hydro-pump makes Blastoise look like a moist towel.
>> No. 9858 ID: 2f62b7
I meant that more in the sense that I'll be away from that darling little machine until the order is over, as regular CNC operators will be doing the "take part off, put blank on, press button" work.

Oh well, getting to know the other machines is fun too. Like when I was working on an old Feeler CNC and the E-Stop somehow makes the whole spindle slowly droop and it needs a log under it to stop the spindle from hitting the table. Kinda scary because that whole spindle assembly probably weighs quite a bit, so if you're inside the machine in the wrong spot it could hurt you. It's one of those machines you have to put a log in it and hit the E-Stop before getting inside.

>all this talk of robodrill and her chip wash
>putting a log in the Feeler
I'll be in my bunk
>> No. 9859 ID: e9c3ed
Not going to green text, it's a bitch on the tablet.

Come into work
"Surprise, Caseless! The dumb white trash bitch that got the full time position instead of you despite being lazy, unreliable and calls out a lot didn't clean a boat that's being delivered around the time you clock in while the customers are signing papers! Also, she's pregnant 3 weeks after getting hired for a manual labor job and can't use chemicals, you have to check up and finish her work!"
This has been how I start every work day these last two months, scrambling to make a turd presentable in 15 minutes because she didn't clean a boat in the last 3 hours of her shift the previous day or the 3 hours before I clock in.
Dumb bitch doesn't work, she disappears a lot and is caught napping all the time.
I have to do two people's work every day now.
Getting ready to just tell the managers "do something about this or bump my pay significantly, because I'm not paid to do her job."
On the bright side, it was my manager's birthday and we had a racist cake. Will post from phone in a second.

I'm going to inquire about the noncredit metalworking program at the local college. At least work on one trade before venturing into A&P.
>> No. 9860 ID: 798a29
File 143900340133.jpg - (2.06MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0049.jpg )
>> No. 9861 ID: c561cd
File 14390041664.jpg - (30.55KB , 260x335 , P02_29020399182944.jpg )

Here's the abridged version of how my customers are stupid sometimes.

> Not scheduled to work, stayed up late playing Xenonauts
> Get call from customer at 6:45 am Monday morning
> (New) unit won't start
> Controller says ventilation fans are not working
> Tell customer to try it on manual, can hear fans running
> Tell customer to open door and look inside
> Fan running but shutters closed
(Shutters only close when the fire system discharges, or if something broke)
> Tell customer to check the fire bottles
> They dumped

Well shit, I'll be there in a few hours.

> Look around to see if there was a fire, no fire
> Pull logs from controller and fire system
> Bad detector false alarmed, didn't do anything except sound the alarm
> Normal stop button pressed
> Emergency stop button pressed
> Acknowledge, reset, fire system auto/inhibit pressed
> Fire system manual release pushed
> Fire system dumped

Basically, the overnight guy heard the (false) alarm and pressed every button on the console, including the red button under a guard, dumping hundreds of pounds of CO2 gas into the turbine enclosure. (Unit was shutdown at the time, thankfully, and CO2 doesn't leave residue or anything.)

Wasn't me. No fucks given.

Also hilarious and ironic, one of our sites has Simpsons safety posters all over the place. It's like their boss is passive-aggressively telling them they're all fat lazy fucks. (Which is every plant operator everywhere... and they make large money.)
>> No. 9862 ID: 2f62b7
I sometimes feel it would shake things up to see a girl in a machine shop, but then these stories make me realize that a sausagefest isn't so bad.

We get doughnuts usually fridays. Not much racism tho.
>> No. 9863 ID: e9c3ed
Sausagefest is good, sausage gets shit done.

I'm not really sexist, if someone can do the job with no drama, I don't care what gender they are.

Speaking of which, I've been flirting with the new sales chick and I just found out she's vegan. So, I started joking around by telling her the proper way to cook a domesticated cat. She is fucking awesome, why can't all vegans have a sense of humor? Not a smug bone in this cutie.

Now I need a vehicle so I feel secure enough to ask her out. Can't really do anything fun around here without a car.
>> No. 9864 ID: ed343e
I wish I knew how it felt to work on nice, new machines. The cosest thing to new we have are some big Doosan HBMs that we got second hand from Korea. They suck.
>> No. 9865 ID: e7f332
We got an email from a fairly high ranking DoD official asking us to proofread any signs we wanted to post. He closed it "#allsignsmatter :)"

I am hoping this is a career ender for him because anyone who would do that ironically or unironically deserves any repercussion that happens.
>> No. 9867 ID: 2f62b7
It's nice. They're clean, they smell good, and they're usually pretty spot on for results/accuracy. Some machines say they'll be accurate to whatever, doesn't mean they will be in the real world in work conditions.

Old machines, however, are often built heavier. They have their little quirks, and it's more challenging to get a result out of them that's right on the mark.

I think I like both depending what job I have to do. There are plenty of ways of squeezing all sorts of performance from an old clapped out clunker. Getting it done on those things is one of the best ways to learn and work those outside-the-box brain muscles.

>be at gunsmith school
>lathes are really, really bad
>spindle runs out 0.001"
>it's a lathe and it can't even make a properly round part
>four jaw's jaws are so off in parallelism to the spindle that it's impossible to dial; indicate one spot until it spins concentric, and the rest of the part will be spinning out
>tailstock just bends the part
>have to put dowel pins in the jaws to hold workpiece on a small enough contact surface that the jaws can't bend the part in relation to the tailstock
>tailstock is out in every direction
>live center has more runout than my indicator's travel
>shim tailstock
>shim center

yeah trying to get something to spin in a round circle turned into shims everywhere and at least three dial indicators pretty quickly
>> No. 9868 ID: 798a48
That's not a racist cake.

At school there's a small fraction of women in the shops. It's not much to write home about, except for a couple of them are a bit more attractive.
>> No. 9869 ID: f2c4ed
I don't really have any work stories from my job yet. Except for the following:

>get random phone call from temp agency in May
>You want to come work for us, yes?
>Doing what, on what planes, in what city, for how much?
>"A&P gig, 737s, Everett, and your pay will be X dollars an hour hourly, with Y dollars an hour per diem, for a total of Z."
>Sure, why not
So that's how I ended up in the Greater Seattle Area.
>Start Orientation in June
>"sorry, you can't get per diem for orientation"
>Work OT that first week
>Look at paycheck
>Yep, X dollars an hour for the hourly...
>Z-4.75 for the OT
>What the hell?
After a few phone calls, it turns out that my temp agency quoted me the L4 Mechanic pay grade, and tried to get me hired as one (good for them?) but the actual company I'm working at (much more accurately) assessed me as an L3 Mech and started me at that wage instead. Which was wise of them, but nobody told me that my contracting agency was trying to get me hired as an L4, so I had to do the detective work myself. So now, compared to what I was told I was going to be making, I'm making roughly $180/week less than that, neverminding lost wages from whatever OT I work.

This is why communication is important. Next time I take a contract (probably around New Year's, unless something really cool happens), I'll make sure to find out in advance what pay grade they're going to try to get me hired as, since the contracting company doesn't actually control that part of things. I'm also going to make sure that I get it all in writing, instead of simply via phone calls.

Thank God I can make the bills on what an L3 makes, and it's always better to get bumped down during orientation than after a couple weeks or months of disappointing managers through incompetence and inexperience. Still, that's $180/week for a minimum of six months that I'm losing due to the shuffle, so I'm certainly not happy. I was hoping to have the money for a trailer by Fall, now I'll be lucky to have it by New Year's.

There are several girls working in the hangar I work in, they seem to be generally cool themselves, but they cause drama just by being women in a hangar that has 150 male mechanics and 4 more-or-less attractive women (think 5-8s).
>> No. 9870 ID: e9c3ed
The context is a little. He's Mexican and the technicians that knew him before they worked there give him a lot of shit about it. Lighthearted racial jokes.
>> No. 9871 ID: 798a48
File 143904823090.jpg - (7.10KB , 375x249 , 158676-375x249-Roll-of-foil.jpg )
I figured there was a chance he was Mexican. If we loosely apply Title VII though, is it 1) unwanted? and 2) does it create a hostile work environment?

Of course, that doesn't matter if the wrong person doesn't want it to. Be careful. If you really want to call it racist, keep it to yourself, because everyone might know each other at work but at work there's no such thing as 'lighthearted racial' AT WORK. Maybe something happens where the jokes are officially no longer funny and you end up on the hotseat during the ensuing witchhunt, because up until then you were on good terms with him too and thought you'd join in a bit on the friendly ribbing that the technicians were giving him.
>> No. 9872 ID: e9c3ed
I don't know him like they do and I really don't like him because he's pretty two face. My contact with him is professional with the occasional idle chitchat.

The only thing that I joke about him is that he borrows the lead tech's expensive Snap On tools and leaves them all over the shop, so I call him a bad neighbor. Every time I borrow his tools, they go right back to where I found it. He's cool with that, but he put up a sign saying "Manager's name can no longer touch my tools" on his tool box.
>> No. 9873 ID: ed343e
File 14390600524.png - (1.25MB , 824x670 , Piece of Shit.png )
Ugh. We have an old G&L Model H-70F that is the biggest pile of shit. On our website we claim it can hold a true position of .003", we did a test piece on thursday with a hole pattern about 75" long, some of the holes were a true position of like .018". Supposedly they did another one friday that came out perfect, the only difference being that the part was on the table instead of 246 blocks.
>> No. 9874 ID: ed343e
File 143906033960.jpg - (27.21KB , 622x349 , 01_big.jpg )
I do appreciate the heavier castings on older machines when they work right. We have an old Monarch VMC-150B with a crap Dynapath controller that everyone hates but I like it, it's real solid and has taken a lot of abuse over the years. These damn Doosans are not built solid though, the columns shake like a mother fucker.
>> No. 9875 ID: 1877bd
File 143906166418.jpg - (193.39KB , 1672x2075 , Sailor_looking_into_the_breech_of_16_inch_gun_aboa.jpg )
>column shake
Reminds me of the time programmers thought it was a good idea to machine hard alloy steel with .350" depth of cut, 50% tool engagement, 1200rpm at 12"/min with a 2 insert cutter 1" in diameter. Even a solid Okuma would catch some vibration, despite the fact that Okuma CNCs weigh at least two to three times as much as a HAAS of the same size.

Then there was the time where I was on a $300 drill-mill and it caught a corner wrong enough to start climb milling. Instantly the whole head swung on the column about a quarter turn, breaking the endmill and wrecking the part pretty hard. Fucking mickey mouse Harbor Freight bullshit drill-mills man.

Picture highly unrelated, but I'm still wondering how exactly they machined those stepped threads. I have a good couple of ideas on how to do it, it would be fun to try.
>> No. 9876 ID: 1fcda9
> rewind a month or two
> got passed over for a promotion
> made me take a step back, realize that this place is a dead end and really isn't worth the effort
> start goldbricking, half-assing my work. Use spare time to work on personal stuff / learn things that will help land a new job

> back to current
> get hauled into boss's office. Manager, boss, the bigwigs are there.
> dididothat.jpg
> nope, PROMOTION!
> well fuck.

So now I'm going to be making a few dollars an hour more for a job I'm pretty positive I don't want to do long term, but unless I get exceptionally lucky I'll no longer have the ability to fuck off on the clock working on stuff that'll net me higher pay at the next place.

Hilariously, the fact that I was halfassing everything made it so that I "completed" more things, which factored into them deciding to promote me.

I slacked my way into a promotion I didn't want. Damnit.
>> No. 9877 ID: ed343e
I have also spent considerable time thinking about how they cut those, and a little research. IIRC, they had some purpose built machine with some kind of cam system that pulled the cutter out automatically.
>> No. 9878 ID: c561cd
File 143909153324.jpg - (29.96KB , 450x450 , laughing cheetah 3x.jpg )
>> No. 9879 ID: 5716f7
It is true that firearms need a good round muzzle, but guns were made for hundreds of years to around those tolerances I have a couple friends who hand-make barrels and hand ream them
>> No. 9880 ID: 1877bd
With the main shape roughed out on a broaching machine, I figured they could do it that way.

Lathe cams are pretty common, you see them in profiling but mostly just to turn tapers (taper attachment). Not hard to imagine a cam shape for those stepped threads. The other one was to rig up the brake with an automatic switch that engaged at every section and stopped at the gap, the operator would move the cross slide in and out for the steps and take cuts with the compound slide. Another way would be with a hydrolic or pneumatic actuator, some old lathes have those kinds of systems to machine round parts with a raised section and such an attachment could work.

Another way would be straight up machined thread with a milling machine and two locked gear feed and rotary table.

I want to try it myself on a lathe just with a slow RPM, a well timed spindle chooch lever reverse and a quick foot, I can stop within less than a quarter turn when I'm threading at 140RPM so with a slow enough lathe, I think I could do it. It would probably take a day or two and make my lifespan decrease by a few years, just stopping in those tiny gaps every eighth of a turn. Fuck. Don't think I'd even try it if the lathe had a minimum RPM over 30, I ain't no lathe wizard.

When you're trying to make a bench gun...

Even if the machines of old were old, I guarantee they were solid and when they weren't true or straight, they'd get some TLC. I don't think they worked on machines that would bend a barrel almost a sixteenth between the four jaw and the tailstock. They most likely had machines with some slop, machines that were probably more tricky to make a part on size the first time, but I bet you they at least spun in a round circle, could face a part square, and machine a part without a huge taper when they needed a straight one.
>> No. 9881 ID: 798a48
File 143911161640.jpg - (62.91KB , 500x375 , 4635982065_9bf369938b.jpg )
Company emails from the section manager and the central manager:

Women need to pick up after themselves in the women's bathroom. The section manager is a woman.

Stop stealing from the catering shelves in the break room, or we'll have to stop selling food, snacks and drinks. Since everything is under a ton of cameras and keycard doors, I'm guessing either building management or our company needs to hire dedicated security if it's the managers themselves who have to go through the cam footage.

Stop touching or otherwise negatively interacting with other people's food; it's sad that I have had talk to people in my office over this. People look forward to their lunches all day and it sucks to have it stolen. That one was from the central manager. We have three fridges in the break room, one for cleaning on Monday, one for Wednesday, and one for Friday, so it's definitely not a case of people's stuff getting tossed out. Have any of you guys seriously had to deal with co-workers stealing each other's lunches or your lunch? I figure it's just a vanilla humor thing.
>> No. 9882 ID: ae11c2

Most I've heard at work is "oops, I ate your youghurt before I realized I left mine at home this morning" or some shit.

Worse is people leaving shit in the fridge forever.
>> No. 9883 ID: 0cb322
Oh yeah. It was so bad that the fridge was left virtually empty except for condiments and such.
>> No. 9884 ID: 90a126
File 143913992837.jpg - (36.20KB , 640x480 , dc132d9dc8dee5a3a996c7f2d187848f.jpg )
We got rid of the fridge for my work a few years back because douches couldn't keep hands off other peoples stuff.

Too many people nabbing other peoples chow. Too many people taking food from the break room onto the floor around computers and books and upsetting patrons who aren't allowed to eat. Way too many motherfuckers who couldn't clean up after themselves.

Now the policy is to go out on lunch break. We got a few eating places around the building and the mall with its food court is two streets over. Make the trash and food stealing someone elses problem.

We're not even allowed to bring our lunch into the building at all. Eat it from where we got it or eat it outside. Even eating it outside is a bit of a grey area. Most of us don't do it anyway because there are bums that congregate around, they don't ask for our food but just try to bum money and get close enough to make your meal no longer appealing.

I blame fucking security. Motherfuckers need to do their jobs. They couldn't police the break room, rarely police the hallways letting kids run wild, people make out, people shit in corners, and people tear up books, don't go outside and run off the bums or skateboarders, really don't do shit other then stand around and try to look intimidating.

They fail miserably at that same as everything. Kinda hard to be intimidated by some 400 pound lardass in some rent-a-cop uniform with a belly that goes through doors a second before they do and cannot go up a single story on the stairs without sounding like they are about ready to die.
>> No. 9885 ID: 70d38f
File 143914554638.jpg - (16.42KB , 500x500 , pruta-food-container-set-of-green__0095330_PE23387.jpg )
>Too many people nabbing other peoples chow.
>Now the policy is to go out on lunch break. We got a few eating places around the building and the mall with its food court is two streets over. Make the trash and food stealing someone elses problem.
>We're not even allowed to bring our lunch into the building at all.

The last place I worked was quite crowded and they've had dedicated tea break room with at least 4 tables for 16+ people, and equipped like a kitchen, pretty neat place. Each division visited them for 15 minutes in their turn 10-11 pm in the morning and 2-3 am during the day. During the dinner some people brought there their food from home in closed containers, but most of them went to the different shops and cafeterias around there. There's a transport hub with multiple bus stations and a train station nearby, so I counted at least 20 of those within 10-minute reach of my work, and every time they all are full of people.

My current place is near there as well, but because it's a big organization it has a big dedicated dining hall as well, for at least 30 people - it's the heritage of the old times. But at least 1/3 of the people here are more conservative and have families so they prefer to bring food with them and eat at the workplace - there are several microwaves and electric kettles. Sometimes we order a delivery from sushi/pizza bar. Unfortunately, there isn't even a tea room there yet, or the place for it, or good ventilation system, and I can only hope for it at some very distant future. And security around this place seems to be pretty tight, but not too annoying, with a row of turnstiles and some metal detectors.

I'm not living in an English-speaking countries and in general people prefer to eat more healthy food and keep their workplaces clean, so there are no problems with getting some food through security.

>They fail miserably at that same as everything.
I wonder what kind of situation they are usually dealing with.

From my last job, I lifted about 5 kg of old(10-20 years) diskettes, although I excuse myself with the fact that they were going to dispose of them anyway. But I doubt my current security would allow that. At the same place, the other day I was trying to have some use for empty plastic tubes (for paper rolls for printers) and brought 3 of them to the lobby, coupled with clips, and they were staring at me for a whole minute until they realized it's just three empty tubes and I'm not trying to fool them.
>> No. 9886 ID: e9c3ed
People rarely steal food at my work. Though, I was told that nobody will ever steal my food because "you're too nice a person. So, you're bound to shoot up the place. Just remember we were nice to you, ok? Lol"

Also, the fact that I bring in peanut butter and pickle sammiches might have something to do with it.
>> No. 9887 ID: ed343e
Peanut butter pickle sandwiches are awesome. I've never met someone outside my family who ate them.
>> No. 9888 ID: 556472
File 143918198481.jpg - (424.06KB , 1101x1402 , When+Potato+Salad+Goes+Bad.jpg )
Food theft at work doesn't seem to be a problem where i'm at. Mostly older people there. But I have seen food theft issues when I once worked at a Wallyworld. I spread the word that it would only work once. I'm a sneaky git and I would randomly sabotage something in my lunch and by-cracky if someone tried it again I hope their stomach is strong. Because I once had a friend who had a roommate who would unceasingly steal his food. Pickles and Coca-Cola seemed to be fave targets. After 8 months of his shenanigans he had enough and started pissing into his jar of pickles, backwashing into the 2 litre Coke bottle, (and I kid you not) cumming into the jar of Miracle Whip. He would then sit back and watch the contents disappear. Lol. Someone finally told him many months later and how 'bout that, he stopped!

My food was never touched.

Now abandoned food is another issue altogether. I think some of the items left at the back of the fridge were old enough to vote. One thing I like about being a mobile tech is I keep my lunch with me.
>> No. 9889 ID: df12a0
I've got plenty of food places within 5-10 minutes of work, if I don't want to eat for free in the cafeteria. Really don't like the idea of eating leftovers, so if I must cook, I only cook enough that I can finish.
>> No. 9890 ID: c561cd
File 143921860978.jpg - (50.00KB , 400x400 , avgas can top.jpg )
It took me a minute to remember you work in a public library. I was thinking "What kind of fucked up hell hole does this guy work at?"

At the gun store, my stuff was never even touched.

When I worked in the factory, I had some cokes stolen out of the assembly line fridge... even though there was nobody on our line at night. Bitches. The cans were labeled too.

Later, when I got a new Lead-Man, his wife would pack his lunch with tons of goodies. Thing is, he was diabetic, so I joked that his wife was trying to kill him. He shared the stuff to me. I was getting fruit, snacks, peanuts, chips and bean dip, chicken molle, cookies... aw yeah.
>> No. 9891 ID: e9c3ed
I'm getting more hours now because they laid off the lazy preggers chick. Sound reasoning, which is rare around here. "If you can't use any of the chemicals and can't exert yourself, there's no point in you coming in."

Which means I have the same workload, but at least I know it ahead of time. Might even be able to snag the full time position, relieving a lot of stress.

My favorite sammiches. I can't remember who it was around here that turned me onto them, but I thank them.

I managed to convert 3 people at work to the blessed church of PB&P.
>> No. 9892 ID: 798a48
Sounds sound to me too, but that may ire people who want to push the idea of a wage-gender gap specifically based on the argument of a lack of federally mandated maternal/paternal leave in the US, specifically paid leave and not just an ensured return as a couple states do. Was she full-time?
>> No. 9893 ID: e9c3ed
She came from the clothing department of the store, got the full time position I tried for and my part time ass had to train the full timer. And she quickly ran out of fucks to give.

I think she knew she was pregnant before she got the job and wanted full time for the bennies. One week into it and she told the manager that she just found out that she was 7 weeks pregnant. On top of this, she's on probation for drunk driving.

Hopefully the managers will see that both of the full timers they hired have failed horribly and that I've been reliable and consistent. I've fucking ridden 10 miles to work after being hit by a car and busted my ass with a broken wrist and sprained ankle, still producing results. And I still arrived early to work! Never been late, ever. I think that should show a fucking work ethic that others seriously lack. Especially considering I'm the only detailer that ventures out in the sun for hours at a time to get anything done. I'm so brown, I'm about to be mistakenly deported.
>> No. 9894 ID: 5716f7
File 143925608852.png - (166.52KB , 499x457 , extremely expensive prostration.png )
I know how you feel. Frankly I have severe reservations about working with any woman under 40.

Attractive women or even women in their 20's are some of the laziest fuckers imaginable, I can't even count the number of times some 'strong independent woman who don't need no man" had almost all of her workload carried by some schmuck who thought he had the tiniest chance of banging her.
>> No. 9895 ID: 667a5a
File 143926462793.jpg - (137.55KB , 665x694 , reaction foreman fucking really.jpg )
>it's adorable how it waits for the coolant before starting a cut
>> No. 9896 ID: 2f62b7
File 20150808_110112.webm - (1.57MB )
It does, and it just about makes me blush.

Here's 9 holes tapped at 4000RMP, notice the pause for coolant.
>> No. 9897 ID: 51bd39
File 143941095895.jpg - (2.20MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0050.jpg )
>> No. 9898 ID: 304e9b
I got hired as the photo editor for the college newspaper, and I'm the only pro photog there. I basically have to shoot everything. I'm also the VP of the photography club at the school.

I decided to bring up the fact that the paper needs photographers at the next photo club meeting, and everyone interested in photojournalism should see me after the meeting. The whole club scoffed and everyone in one way or another said, "pff, fuck that, I'm an artist. I'm a photographer for art's sake only, and I'm going to pay my bills by selling art".

I'm into not compromising on what you want to do in life, but holy shit. Having the opportunity to build a portfolio, and resume by working for the school paper and squandering it because you think you're the next Ansel Adams. God damn. Fuck artists.
>> No. 9899 ID: 5716f7
Well it looks like I'm making EOD suits now. What a crazy fucking world, huh? Maybe they'll let me have some kevlar scraps.
>> No. 9900 ID: 50cd85
Saw the local nuke facility by Paducah was hiring.

My inner Homer smiled..
>> No. 9901 ID: e9c3ed
What are your dream jobs?

Personally, I want weed to be legalized so I can start producing industrial hemp for consumer goods and hydroponic weed for stores.

I like the smell of the plants and wouldn't mind a farming job producing it. I used to help out on tobacco farms and think this would be more enjoyable.

Realistically, I have to think practically. So, I'm working on going to school to become an A&P mechanic. But, I'll always study farming on the side just in case one day it becomes a reality.
>> No. 9902 ID: cfe73e
File 143958505193.jpg - (238.19KB , 1024x612 , 121348322-1024x612.jpg )
Wait... Operatorchan Weed Enterprise!
Come on down to Colorado (I'm already there) and set up grow businesses. Train the armed guards (everyone is an armed guard) to grow and manage the operation. Pack less-lethal beanbag shotgun rounds to discourage thieves and whatever else you want for if things get heavy.

Growing marijuana for personal use in Colorado:
* You must be 21 years of age or older to legally possess or grow marijuana for recreational use in Colorado. (Colo. Rev. Stat. § 18-18-406.)
* You may grow no more than six plants and no more than three of those can be mature plants. (Colo. Const. amend. 64.) A mature plant is defined as a flowering plant. Colorado law also requires that the plants be grown in an enclosed, locked space that is not “open” or “public.”
* You can legally possess no more than one ounce of marijuana. So, if you happen to have a bumper crop, be sure to have no more than one ounce of the drug in your possession at any given time. However, unless you are a licensed retail marijuana establishment, you cannot legally sell the surplus!
* Recreational marijuana may be legally sold only by licensed establishments. (Colo. Rev. Stat. § 18-18-406.) Sale by anyone else is a crime and is either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the amount sold. The licensing procedure involves an application, testing, inspections, fees, and many other steps. The good news is that you can give up to an ounce of your homegrown to a friend who is 21 or older. http://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/resources/can-i-grow-marijuana-my-personal-use-colorado.htm
>> No. 9903 ID: cfe73e
File 143958534288.jpg - (471.39KB , 1620x1080 , poison marijuana security guard at The Shelter dis.jpg )
POT SECURITY - The danger surrounding the new legal pot industry in Colorado is a growing issue. Security efforts are being made to protect these companies who are left without government support or protection due to conflicting state and federal laws. This story looks at pot culture and the challenge of security around the newly legalized recreational & medical marijuana industry in the state of Colorado.

As Colorado leads the United States into uncharted territory by legalizing marijuana sales and creating laws as of January 1, 2014 that defy the federal statutes against pot, this state has become a test case for the nation. Even before the new law came into effect, burglaries and break-ins to medical pot dispensaries and grow houses were an issue. However, since the law was passed the problem has significantly worsened. This is a result of the lack of coordination between state and federal banking laws, which makes these legal businesses unable to deposit their cash in a bank, leaving them exposed as easy targets for robbery. http://edkashi.com/project/pot-security/

- A security guard from Blue Line Protection watches over production at The Shelter marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colo. on Jan. 24, 2014.
>> No. 9904 ID: cfe73e
File 143958570126.jpg - (205.88KB , 1024x680 , US trooper in Afghanistan, and pot everywhere.jpg )
We can make this work.
>> No. 9905 ID: cfe73e
File 143958576527.jpg - (571.37KB , 1600x1200 , US trooper in Afghanistan, defending a marijuana f.jpg )
US trooper in Afghanistan, defending a marijuana field.
>> No. 9906 ID: 2404e6
I wouldnt call weed stuff a dream job, but I would absolutely love to have that as a job. Im not a huge partaker in the mary J, but I always thought it was awesome how people crossbreed plants for all sorts of various effects and flavors. I would probably really enjoy doing that.

Is "Being James Bond" a dream job? ;)
>> No. 9907 ID: e9c3ed
Dream job as in that's how I want to retire. It's hard work, but an easily enjoyable job. And I have two markets. Hemp for clothing, paper, etc. High quality weed for recreational and medical use. And my personal use. I just need good land, might move back to Kentucky for that.

If we're going fictional, I wanna be Kruger from Elysium. Throwing beer at kids from the rooftops and kicking the shit out of immigrants with a thick South African accent.

That's an idea. PBE gets into the weed business.
>> No. 9908 ID: 2404e6
I know what you meant, I meant it as not a dream job for me, but one I would enjoy immensely none the less.

I cant imagine nationwide recreational legalization would not happen in the next 10 years.
>> No. 9909 ID: e9c3ed
We can hope. :)

I've drawn up some plans on how I'd start and what scale I'd eventually want to grow to. I've been studying modern farms. Networking and setting business relationships are my weakest links that I have to work on.

The hydroponic setup is a little more complicated and requires more planning. Might even try an aquaponic setup and see if that'd be more feasible large scale while still retaining quality.
>> No. 9910 ID: 2404e6
I do know that if I have money by the time it goes legal in texas/federally Im going to invest in my step brothers grow up.

Because he has experience in said field lol.

I enjoyed growing a bunch of different roses when I was in high school (my mom wanted rose bushes, in texas heat, but she cant keep a plant alive to save her life) so I took over and had fun with it. I got pretty good at it.

That and I find planting/growing/harvesting things to be a pretty zenlike ordeal. Perhaps learned from the many hours weed eating/steam cleaning carpets/doing other time consuming yet not very mentally difficult chores I had growing up.
>> No. 9911 ID: e9c3ed
>That and I find planting/growing/harvesting things to be a pretty zenlike ordeal.

Same. It's partly the reason I want to get into the business. After all the chaos I've been through, it's a pretty peaceful way to make a living. I feel I've earned the right to take a breather.

If it grows into a big business, I want to work with vets and ex military in general. They're more fun than hippies. I can hold a conversation with vets. With hippies, I just smile, nod and inch away.
>> No. 9913 ID: 2404e6
Id put good money on there being plenty of vets who would be interested to work in the field.
>> No. 9914 ID: 1e7925
>work at small defense contractor
>live close to work, yay, 5 minute commute
>oh great this puts me on "first responder" list for burglar alarms
>false alarms monthly, come in middle of the night every month, FML
>asshole manager moves into apartment 5 MINUTE WALK FROM WORK
>refuses to be put on first responder list because "not security guard"

if he gets away with this I will be angrier than all fucking hell
>> No. 9915 ID: ae11c2
File 143964529330.jpg - (107.74KB , 385x742 , 132769247582.jpg )

Do you get paid for it? If so, stop complaining.
If not, you're an idiot.
>> No. 9916 ID: a4bc16

Your company really expects all its employees to get out of bed alone and go conduct a building search at the site of a possible burglary or worse, at a defense facility?

The fuck? Do they just not hire security or... what?

>"Sure, you can have the secretary position, but since you live close by if the burglar alarm goes off you're gonna have to get out of bed, put your heels back on, schlep on down to the office and shoot the guy, kay doll?"
>> No. 9917 ID: df12a0
File 143967685827.jpg - (90.90KB , 640x480 , multicamdeficit.jpg )
>Your company really expects all its employees to get out of bed alone and go conduct a building search at the site of a possible burglary or worse

You say that like telephone/desk OPERATORS like me wouldn't jump at the chance.
>> No. 9918 ID: a4bc16

If you had something worth that much money, wouldn't you want professionals to deal with it instead of getting random employees to show up and potentially (probably) screw it up and you be liable for everybody's injuries and damages?
>> No. 9919 ID: 6deef4
File 143970481951.png - (138.49KB , 453x286 , 1335270102626.png )
Working in surgical health care for almost four years now has only taught me one valuable lesson.

OR nurses are almost invariably garbage, and the only ones that are actually good acknowledge the fact that OR nursing isn't nursing and then go on to leave after a year or two.

So anesthesia hierarchy works like this
>People with licensure that know what the fuck they're doing
>Attending anesthesiologists
>Residents/Fellows that know what they're doing
>Technicians that know what they're doing

Me? I'm a technician who knows what he's doing. As far as the hospital is concerned I have zero patient contact, but in a pinch I've gotten involved in emergency procedures and actively administered drugs. On more than one occasion I've bailed out a SRNA or fellow who's in over their head until the attending shows up for the code blue. Very illegal, but if there's no M&M hearing and nobody to rat you out, nobody gives a fuck. If somebody does give a fuck, attending anesthesiologists are 99.9% true bros and always have your back.

Meanwhile, in actual surgery, you have
>Attending surgeon
>Resident/Fellow/Med Student
>Scrub technician
>And a completely anachronistic OR nurse who's sole purpose is charting

My first job in healthcare was at a children's hospital. One day I went to take lunch in the communal break room. It was broken up into a dining room section with a few long tables, and a kitchen area that had a small table that a couple people could sit at. Not knowing at the time that nurses are horrendous bitches, I took my food to one of the long tables. The next day, my boss literally pulled me aside and told me that some of the nurses complained that I wasn't sitting at the small table where technicians eat.

I wish I was making this up.

Well I'm a stubborn piece of shit and I figured that there was no possible way I would get fired over this so I continued on as I was despite regular complaints. Eventually the rest of the technicians caught on and it became a non-issue over the span of a couple months. Fast forward about a year, and my team received a radio call from a nurse. While we were busy tending to 15+ operating rooms currently engaged in actual anesthesia, this cunt spilled her coffee in the break room and was actually calling us to get a mop and come clean it up. I earned my first disciplinary trip to the office like this;

"No. We're too busy to clean up after you."

Just one of a hundred stories I have about this incredibly toxic profession, but this was already plenty cathartic. All the elitism of a two year glorified trade school RN degree, none of the actual skill or compassion that goes into something legitimate like ICU nursing. Fuck them.
>> No. 9920 ID: bdae0c
Who in their right mind would call you in that scenario to clean up split coffee in a break room? That is so beyond retarded I am surprised they didn't start a small fire putting the radio down.

Surely no higher ups could entertain such a waste of time as an issue? Tell me there were no legit issues arising from it for you and your peers.
>> No. 9921 ID: 2404e6
My college has a huge nursing program. All the soon to be nurses Ive met on campus are in fact giant fucking cunts.

So I can believe it.

>Nurses complaining you arent eating at the tech table
>going to your superiors to complain
Holy fuck. I was gonna say "thats some high school bull shit" but that would be wrong, at least bitches in high school will complain to your face.
>> No. 9922 ID: e9c3ed
Almost every nursing student I've ever met has been a stuck up cunt with a superiority complex. They would talk about getting into the field because "I want to help people, because I seem to be one of the few that cares, me me ME."

They would talk endlessly about "helping others" while somehow making it all about them and having generally a really shitty attitude towards people.
>> No. 9923 ID: 2404e6
True that. Also add the fact that most nursing majors I met at my school were also in ROTC. So add that to the stuck uppityness.
>> No. 9924 ID: 90a126
File 143975567123.jpg - (203.53KB , 1024x534 , rotc off campus.jpg )
>ROTC, uppityness

I didn't really ever think aboot it before now, but now that you mentioned it the ROTC program at my HS and college seemed filled with snobbish pricks.

The general air of being better then everyone, acting like total tools, just fucking assholes. Some higher ranked fucks seemed to think they had authority all the damn time even outside ROTC. It got old really fucking quick and made me want to annoy them right fucking back.

I tell you, I had a load of a time fucking with those bitches back in HS. I was in a good way physically at the time (sadly no longer) to the point I was the 2nd best runner in the class (the only person better was one of the instructors who was a reservist) which pissed off my classmates because I never tried.

We'd have inspection days on thursdays and I'd come in sloppy as fuck but then on other days wear my own uniforms (I have uniforms for airsoft and just to collect but never wore anything causally beyond the pants and boots, maybe the jacket when its cold with some non mil pants) that would be all spit and polish. Pissed of the instructors who said I couldn't be wearing military clothing and I pretty much told them to fuck off, if they don't like it they can buy some new clothes and I still won't wear anything but military. Pissed off the classmates whose grades were effected by my own because teamwork and bullshit.

In retrospect my one man war against Da Man was probably inept as it was pointless but goddamn it was worth just to see the look on a instructors face when I showed up in a horribly mismatched uniform (woodland cover, blue top, tan shirt, urban pants, and jungle boots with the green soft bits).

I never went ROTC in my limited college career but the assholishness seemed to hold true for them. Getting assholes stopping me between classes because of my camo pants or boots or occasional jacket and saying I couldn't wear it, seeming to do their cadence marches or whatever the fuck you call them on the most populated parts of the campus and even running into people "accidentally", and just being assholes to lower ranked members or anybody not in the program.

One thing I did notice is that ROTC members who had been active service mostly didn't seem to share in the pigheaded stupidity of their classmates. I guess going to war has a way of making some people grow up.
>> No. 9925 ID: 2404e6
Doomguy I dont mean this as an insult, but holy fuck you sound like you were the biggest shitbird asshole when you were a kid. Purposefully fucking up classmates grades for lols is Olympic tier blue falconism.

But to each his/her own. But ya all the prior service folk in ROTC basically warned me away from my colleges rotc. And god did I hate seeing those kids in super jacked up uniforms on uniform day.

There is one girl I still totally bone hard from rotc. She posts her modeling photos on failfacebook. And its funny because every single time she does the first response is her brother threatening to beat up anyone who compliments her. I wanna comment "Maybe you should fuck her then."
>> No. 9926 ID: 90a126
File 143975878270.jpg - (96.61KB , 600x962 , collegehumor_d3d6913b780be638b8056dfaec067a3b.jpg )
I was a bit of a shitbird (okay more then a bit) but in this case I was a shitbird with a cause. I didn't do what I did for the lols, though they were certainly an added bonus. I didn't slack off going into the class, I started doing that when my classmates were all acting like massive shitbirds themselves.

Being needlessly insulting, being assholes who lord what little authority they have over their underlings even outside of class, acting like pure douches constantly, well that shit didn't sit right with me. So I retaliated in my own forcefully failing manner.

They kinda remind me of fudds do now. You know how fudds are, they act like they know better then other gun owners, are better then other gun owners, lord over their "real sportsmen" aura over other hunters and gun owners, just constant power trip. It was similar attitude with the ROTC cunts over other students and even other ROTC members.

My general thought on the matter is if they wanted their grades to be better they should have worked towards being a cohesive team rather then spending all their time being jerks to everyone.

Yeah it was assholish on my part but I was just returning the favor.
>> No. 9927 ID: e7f332
File 143975950016.png - (348.24KB , 355x529 , F1OwOHw.png )
The way we do officer training in the US military is deeply, deeply flawed, and your experiences with idiot ROTC kids reflects that.

That is another topic. Suffice it to say, we're doing it wrong. Very wrong.
>> No. 9928 ID: 2404e6
Its telling that the best officers you meet tend to be mustangs, that is to say guys and gals who worked up as an enlisted to say SGT or whatever and then got a commission. Those types tend to be great officers. Look at the stigma associated with being a westpointer.
>> No. 9929 ID: 798a48
Sometime after the third PL came to our platoon, we got about six or seven cadets rotating around our company and later in the battalion as part of their pipeline. They were okay folks for the most part, but there were two who wanted to push for salutes. I was only a shamshield at the time, but it wasn't hard to remind them which AR stated they weren't to be addressed as sirramaam, and any salutes rendered them that any salutes rendered to them at the behest of actual officers was still more of a courtesy rather than a requirement. Our PL herding them around was OCS himself, and while his charges were certainly to be respected and given a good impression of the working Army, he was plenty savvy enough not to side with them against his own real guys on brass tacks.

The guy was a trip. A rare, competent and fit officer who respected the enlisted side, but in person he got on some of the joes' nerves because he was good in combatives and had some gay-69-dan in Taekwondo and a couple times he told stories about the badass streets of _______, Kentucky where him and his brother who's a deputy or something totally got in bar fights and beat up like 20 guys all by themselves plus a third guy who was also a deputy and then they fought their way through the city to rescue the mayor's daughter from the Mad Gear gang. His nickname among some of the more delinquent joes was 'Mars' because of how he totally fought street-fought aliens in outer space once.

He as well as some of the guys from our MP platoon can be seen on Netflix dicking around the NTC lanes on Netflix, Live Fire episode 2.

Just for future reference, JROTC should not be referred to as ROTC. Not quite the same level as the clip/mag distinction, but it's there.
>> No. 9930 ID: 798a48
Did you ever screencap that critical look at the officers corps thread you made in /w/ way back when?
>> No. 9931 ID: e7f332

Nope. Tears in rain.
>> No. 9932 ID: 2404e6
File 143977042217.gif - (483.93KB , 450x254 , 1347472239145.gif )
>> No. 9933 ID: e9c3ed
I guess my work is afraid of a lawsuit for unpaid maternity leave and she isn't far enough for maternity leave, so the lazy bitch is back.

Just sitting around, snacking, while my manager has me do her workload.

Fuck this place, I hope one of those places calls me and has full time available. My discount is awesome, but it's not worth this bullshit. I never thought Bass Pro would be more PC than a female run clothing store.
>> No. 9934 ID: 501bc8

To be fair, you can't fire people for being pregnant. This is a hot button issue right now and from a corporate perspective you'd be stupid to even give the appearance of shitcanning someone due to pregnancy. It would not go well in court. Honestly what employers are figuring out is that it's cheaper to just say oh hey take a a bunch of months maternity leave with pay - 9/10 the woman will quit about a week before it ends.
>> No. 9935 ID: a4bc16

>than a female run clothing store.

You'll notice that women are pretty hard on other women, they know better than to pay someone for nearly a year to do nothing just because they got knocked up while they happened to be employed there, and they're immune from 'war on women' complaints.

Family planning expenses are not the employer's responsibility, after all. Shouldn't be. The family itself should plan accordingly before they go popping out kids.

The answer is to make sure your entire HR department and legal are staffed with divorced, menopausal, childless professional women. No maternity leave will exist.
>> No. 9936 ID: e7f332
So here's the best way to understand why shit is the way it is. It starts with the simple premise that you can't discriminate against employees just because they get pregnant. Whether or not you agree with that is immaterial, because that's one of those laws that is with us until some kind of massive gov't-overthrowing revolutions. Neither party will ever touch that basic premise.

That having been said, it doesn't mean you need to have policies in place regarding pregnancy. What it does mean is that if a pregnant woman can't do her job for whatever reason, you have to treat her the same as you would anyone else who TEMPORARILY can't do their job.

Caseless, if you got destroyed by a car and were completely laid up, what would your employer do? Say for the sake of argument you were able to wheel your broken husk into work as needed, but you definitely couldn't wash boats.
>> No. 9937 ID: e9c3ed
Well, she came from the clothing department. Move her back there, I'm not paid enough to do two people's jobs.

She was two months pregnant when she got hired to do a manual labor job, then told the managers a month later that she was pregnant. A week after that it was all "hurrrr, I'm so fat... everything hurts, I can't do anything... Do this for me." She's already acting 9 months pregnant.

Yeah, woman don't really take each other's bullshit.

But, there is other PC bullshit that happens, not just female shit.

Restaurant managers don't take this shit. I've worked with several pregnant women in restaurants, some worked incredibly hard and only needed help lifting things. Had no problem helping them.

Others would try to get you to do everything for them. "Please lift this for me. Now stir it for me. Can you turn that on? Please peel these for me." Managers cracked down on them. Managers told everyone not to help them at all. If they can't work, don't come in.

They would fire me.

I almost got fired for having a dislocated shoulder and could only do my job around 70% and couldn't lift anything heavy.

If I could come in and couldn't do anything at all, they would fire me. They wouldn't even put me in the parts department, which I know pretty well.

My point is she's putting more of a burden on everyone around her when she was already lazy. I'm not paid to do her job, I already work harder than everyone else in that department and do things nobody else wants to do. Unless they double my pay, I shouldn't have to do her entire workload on top of mine.
>> No. 9938 ID: 2404e6
>"hurrrr, I'm so fat... everything hurts, I can't do anything... Do this for me."
You should be all "Tribeswomen in africa give birth mid lion hunt and continue hunting lions. Quit your bitching" or something to that extent.

>Yeah, woman don't really take each other's bullshit.
Its not that women dont take each other's bullshit. Most women fucking hate other women. Which is odd. Then again women can harbor a grudge for like a thousand years. Guys get over most grudges fairly quickly. Quicker if you and the other guy fisticuff it out then share a beer and laugh about it.

>If I could come in and couldn't do anything at all, they would fire me. They wouldn't even put me in the parts department, which I know pretty well.
Check your male privilege bitch.

>My point is she's putting more of a burden on everyone around her when she was already lazy. I'm not paid to do her job, I already work harder than everyone else in that department and do things nobody else wants to do. Unless they double my pay, I shouldn't have to do her entire workload on top of mine.
You should take that paragraph, and tell it word by word to your manager when she isnt around to hear it. Tell your manager the fact that you have to do her job while she gets paid for it and you dont get paid for it is making you not enjoy your job. If you are as hard working as you say, they might give her a talking to as opposed to losing you.
>> No. 9939 ID: 7f7712
File 143993414714.png - (144.48KB , 231x277 , 911.png )
>show up first day of work
>somewhat excited
>the manager sat me down and went over and over on saftey shit
>2 hours of him saying the same shit over and over
>then I get handed over to some woman who does quality assurance
>she pulls up a powerpoint and then slowly reads it to me
>takes half and hour to do half of it
>she leaves for a meeting and tells me to read the rest myself
>I'm left alone in a cubicle for over an hour
>when she gets back I get handed back to the manager
>He tells me that I'm not going to be doing the job I applied for
>instead of soldering I was going to be making visors and stuffing the kevlar and ceramic plates into the suits
>I get handed off to a guy
>he hands me several binders with CONFIDENTIAL stamped all over them, get told to read them in the empty lunch room if I want
>I'm told to watch him make and sand the hard visor shells
>for 2 hours
>after lunch I got to watch him stuff suits for another two hours
>they let me finally stuff the suits with two people watching me and double checking every piece I finished
>everyone constantly told me how hard it is
>10 minutes to clocking out I went to the bathroom
>clean and spacious as fuck
>has potpourri and a marble wash basin
>toilets comfy as fuck

The company I work for is owned by what looks to be an evil megacorp which mostly makes things for riot police and the military
>> No. 9940 ID: d2e752
When I am told to pick up that can, I will be sure to take notice of the fine craftsmanship that you put into his body armor.

Yeah, I'm definitely going to bring it up.

All she does all day is sit down and complain.
>> No. 9941 ID: 798a48
File 143994403927.jpg - (280.29KB , 1920x1024 , PAYDAY_2_Death_Wish_13935249894488.jpg )
Safariland ain't evil. They been making concealable body armor, speedloaders, duty belts, and decent holsters forever. The megacorp you're looking at is BAE Systems.

iirc he's specifically doing part of the assembly for EOD suits. I imagine if you're interacting with Bulldozer or a Juggernaut, you've got more than pickin' up cans to worry about.
>> No. 9942 ID: 50cd85
A lot of places are that way, because there are a lot of totally retarded people looking for work.

When my resto business was doing well, I had a slew of "one day" hire and fires, consisting of people who'd supposedly gone to one of the mechanic's schools or were "very experienced".
Yeah, "Very Experienced" in swapping parts til the thing runs. Not so good in "This ignitor assembly is full of gasoline. Find out why" (Or comprehending stuff like "Left hand thread on the left hand side").

Some of the best jobs I had were ones that took my experience at it's worth and threw me in the deep end of the pool.
Those are getting few and far between because of the increasing numbers of special snowflakes out there who basically have to be led by the nose.

Good luck.
>> No. 9943 ID: 6deef4
File 143999751395.png - (122.58KB , 300x203 , reaction_dying watermelon monkey.png )
Nah, I never got into any actual trouble. My direct supervisor at the time didn't give a shit, and everyone in anesthesia shared my sentiments on the cunts. The only problem was our technician department head. The definition of a middle-management administrator who's boss was, surprise surprise, a nurse. His number one priority was not patient safety, or smooth running of the hospital, or even discovering the source of the massive employee turnover in his department. No, his number one priority was his own career. I remember his conniption fits when I first told him that nursing bullshit was not our priority. Thought I was going to get fired then and there.

The event that had me finally find a new job was pretty incredible. I would regularly get into arguments with the night charge nurse, who was so fucking incompetent that they regularly had to have two charge nurses just to cover for her. One day I get called into the office. Not my supervisor's, but my department head. The story he told me was one of such fantastic struggle. The poor, downtrodden, underpaid, overworked charge nurse had to deign to get up from the chair she sits in 8 hours a day... And then the horror, she had to carry a bag of trash! And when she saw the lumbering beast, the horrible, lazy, stupid tech, she cried out for help... But the tech looked at her, and smiled, and walked away obviously to go sit on his phone somewhere! And so the poor nurse struggled with the garbage for the fifteen feet to the processing elevator, and then spent several restless nights considering whether she should report the incident or not.

Of course, I asked when this whole cloth fantasy was said to have happened.

"This would have been three weeks ago, the Thursday, I believe."
"I was on military leave. That was the last week of my AT."
"Well I don't believe that the charge nurse would just make something up!"
"I was on LoA for my military AT and this situation is a complete lie. If you continue to push this or take disciplinary action without witnesses, I will involve ESGR."

I noticed that after I demolished a complaint about me from HR by providing witnesses, most other complaints came about incidents where no other witnesses were available. Funny what you can avoid by saying "Prove it." or better, "Talk to these specific people who will tell you this never happened."

But that's another story completely.
>> No. 9944 ID: ae11c2

They make pretty decent kit though.
And give them a break, since it's unskilled manual labour (for now), they probably get so many fucking idiots in there that they probably need to do it like that.

Usually it's not hard to "grow" in such an environment if you prove you're not a waste of air.
>> No. 9945 ID: df12a0

Link, please; if you won't say it to her brother, you can bet one of us will.
>> No. 9946 ID: 2404e6
There was a guy locally who was hiring preferably collage kids to help him restore old cars (he had a car place). Someone beat me to it unfortunately. I would have loved that.

Lol nah. Ill probably say it in a drunken state at some point.
>> No. 9947 ID: d2e752
I'm over this job and my incompetent managers. Fucking idiots.

I'm trying to do everything I can to get a running shitbox of a car, because if I had a car, there are 4 different delivery jobs I can get that very day. And I'd be making considerably more money than I am now, with more flexibility to work on my education.

Problem is I can't even cover rent with my current job, let alone get a car that barely runs. If I didn't shave my head, I'd be pulling my hair out. I just want to leave this place behind and make enough to help me move ahead. This fucking job is one massive dead end that wants me to prioritize it over everything else, while giving me shit hours and getting offended that I look for other work.

Lol, I love when people complain about doing one menial task.

"It's sooooooo hard!"
>> No. 9948 ID: 798a48
Well, as much as I don't like unions, they still exist, even in right-to-work states, so how close are you to this one in Melbourne?

>> No. 9949 ID: 694bfd
That's near Viera, pretty far from me.
>> No. 9950 ID: 7b644c
How far away are you from the EFSC Palm Bay campus?


The actual office is probably still too far and it's already too late for this year, but if you can find a way to register for next August and get hired by a participating contractor, you have a standing promise from me that I'll finance the first year's registration fees and book money.
>> No. 9951 ID: d2e752
It's right up the street from me, about three miles.

I need to get my GED first, which the only reasons I haven't jumped on that yet is it costs $70 and I've been running around so much trying to find another job so I can afford rent and food that I haven't been able to work on my math. Which I know I'd fail. I really need to find another job so I can have peace of mind financially and focus on my education. I don't care if I have to nigger rig a pizza carrier to a scooter to score a delivery job, as long as I can get it.

Last night I applied to an airplane detailing job, I hope I can score that because it's full time and it'd give me a chance to familiarize myself with working around planes.

Despite the last few months at work being terrible for me, I had one of the best days I've ever had there today. Sure, I worked in the sun for hours, but I was rewarded with a ride in a $200,000 boat, a fully loaded Mako 284. We were going 65 mph with two 350hp Mercury Verado engines, I've never been that fast in a boat before. It was fun, I learned a lot.

I'm going back to the demo tomorrow, I'm going to try to snag a ride in the new Tahoe 2150. That boat is so new nobody knows a goddamn thing about it, we have the only one in the entire state. I think it's still a prototype.
>> No. 9952 ID: 7f7712
File 144010663743.jpg - (52.09KB , 310x479 , Average irishman.jpg )
My job just become a whole lot less fun. When I was putting the kevlar and shit into the suits, I noticed a little red spot of the straps that loop through the back protector. This caused everything to screech to a complete halt. 4 people came over and started touching all of them, and I was told to leave everything alone because a chemical in the suit was reacting with something.

They then had me sweep and mop the warehouse for the other 9 3/4 hours.
>> No. 9953 ID: d2e752
Found my problem solver.


Now I just have to give hand jobs and pick up cans to afford clown car, then I'll finally be able to deliver pizza! Joking aside, I'd even consider doing gay porn if I wasn't three counties away from where that's possible... This area sucks, I can't even degrade myself for money around here.
>> No. 9954 ID: 10d6c7
Note that on the eligibility requirements on the link, that you don't need a diploma or GED as long as you're over 18.

For hiring purposes you should still eventually get one, but to get your foot in the door it won't stop you from registering. The distance of the physical office is a bigger hurdle imo.
>> No. 9955 ID: d2e752
That's why I'm focusing on vehicular independence at the moment. I'm so far away from anything.

As I said in the post above yours, I can't even resort to gay porn because it's like 70 miles away. And financially, I'm desperate enough to do it. Even if NSWG will post it all over /dmz/.
>> No. 9956 ID: cfe73e
File 144011928684.jpg - (428.43KB , 1920x800 , Dredd 2012 will debase self for credits.jpg )
"Will debase self for credits."
>> No. 9957 ID: ae11c2
File 144017727589.png - (32.94KB , 523x497 , 135849863971.png )
I just learnt that I'll be sent to Buenos Aires for a week later this year to supervise & train some people. I'm sure I'll get a lot of sympathy from everyone in this thread. Poor me.
>> No. 9958 ID: 6c44b8
You do from me.

But that may just be my Falklands reflex kicking in.
>> No. 9959 ID: 5d0b3a
Actually, you do get sympathy from me, as well as a bit of worry. Buenos Aires may be the capital but it's a far cry from the romantic place back when Borges wrote about it.

Be safe. I really do fear for your life over there.
>> No. 9960 ID: 7f7712
File 144019335232.jpg - (143.26KB , 954x621 , casper-van-dien-as-johnny-rico-in-starship.jpg )
>post unrelated
My job is boring and I've told most of you, I haven't really touched much of the cool exotic materials like dyneema, specter or that weird graphite studded shit. Mostly it's just stuffing kevlar into suits.

One guy however, has decided to make my job incredibly fucking annoying. He's a guy who has been working there for 10+ years running the presses and other heavier equipment. This apparently makes him second to job and me his little bitch. Since he isn't my supervisor and just a coworker he has effectively no power over me. The one thing he can do is rule enforcement. I don't have my earplugs in 100% tight? He bitches at me. I don't take the jigsaw blade out everytime I stop cutting? He bitches at me. Have a bottle of water with me while I'm stuffing suits? He walks over and whispers into my ear that I can't have that water, even though everyone else on the floor has a drink with them

I don't know what the guy's problem is, but he is forever cataloged into the "huge fucking prick" folder in my brain. The guy seems to think I care about this job much more than I actually do.
>> No. 9961 ID: 7f7712
I also got a small peek at something new that looks pretty interesting, if you're into body armor look for some interesting developments in November. You didn't hear that from me btw
>> No. 9962 ID: a4bc16

You know, in the book Johnny Rico is from Manila. This is why he gets the best food in the Rodger Young's mess.
>> No. 9963 ID: d2e752
Will keep it in mind.
>> No. 9964 ID: df12a0
File 144019571070.jpg - (46.37KB , 400x270 , buenos_aires.jpg )

I'm worried about you too; we haven't got complete anti-meteor defense coverage over there.
>> No. 9965 ID: 7f7712
Also, the suits I put together weigh around 28 kilos, however they apparently are so buoyant that you don't need any flotation devices in water.
>> No. 9966 ID: df12a0
>be PBE Maritime Security
>accidentally overboard
>be bobbing in the ocean
>Somalis shooting at you
>be thankful that at least you're armored
>> No. 9967 ID: 6372b6
File 144030064193.jpg - (881.54KB , 1974x1243 , 20150821_164432.jpg )
>be workin
>get to the Mazak in the corner, see part on desk
>hunh why 3D profile is why
>hard time figuring what the program was doing, pic related
>> No. 9968 ID: 6372b6
File 144030105050.jpg - (709.39KB , 2000x1160 , 20150821_164441.jpg )
>notice NFG on part
>wonder if the part was pulled up or something
>apparently the roughing tool, a 3 flute 0.5" endmill, was doing a pocketing profile with 0.25" steps
>a collet was used instead of a solid holder
>tool pulled out of collet and started cutting deeper and deeper

I'm really impressed at how the final depth near the wall was from 1/2" to 3/4" deep over a 3" distance. It was cutting at around 6000RPM, at least 75 in/m feed, and finally shit the bed when 100% of the tool was cutting an inch deep. It's quite astonishing to see the tool take such a huge cut before finally getting rekt.
>> No. 9969 ID: 6372b6
File 144030118514.jpg - (868.82KB , 2000x1800 , 20150820_142608.jpg )
>get to another robo
>tool carousel doodelidoo that holds tools isn't working right
>take her skirt off
>design looks a bit H.R. Giger under there, kinda turned on
>> No. 9970 ID: 6372b6
File 144030163997.jpg - (438.13KB , 1200x1600 , 20150812_183417.jpg )
>arm self Gordon Manchineman style in case of skittering aliens spring out
>dried coolant shmoo seized up tool carousel arm, clean it up
>reassure robo that the key isn't for her, and that no, I don't think she's got any weird bugs anywhere
>good as new after machine spirit pep-talk
>> No. 9971 ID: 0cb322
you used all authorized holy oils and incenses, and chanted the Litany of Calming the Machine thrice while reassembling as directed by Local Mechanicus ordnances, correct?
>> No. 9972 ID: cfe73e
File 144035356552.jpg - (310.00KB , 795x981 , The God Machine from the book by Martin Caidin 198.jpg )
No, he did not!
>> No. 9973 ID: 70d38f
File 144036879278.jpg - (324.85KB , 1023x784 , what-my-friends-think-I-do-what-i-actually-do-engi.jpg )
>and sure thing it happens all the time
And it happened. A week ago bunch of superiors (Chief Engineer, boss and a some managers) came over to our subdivision and told us that everything must be completed by the middle of next month because it's some special offer. That includes, actually, everything - drawings, supplemental documents, assembly, testing, and everything else, so I've only had just a single week to finish all diagrams(usually it takes 3-4 days to finish and check everything). So there comes the overtime - a paid one, but still a lot of hard work because my organization does not even bother to buy a proper software as of yet! Fuck those guys for everything I have to draw manually.

And the Friday comes, and at least one of the diagrams isn't ready, because I gave it to some newcomer and he couldn't possibly finish it properly. So we've had to go through our usual trick to make it all seems on time
>put everything on the database as if it's ready
>pull back for overtime
>approve again
>> No. 9974 ID: f2c4ed
File 144037410151.jpg - (362.65KB , 1548x1088 , mistake-bridge.jpg )
>What mechanics think you do (supposing you're involved in cars/planes/etc)
>> No. 9975 ID: 6372b6
What kind of filthy pleb do you think I am? You need the Canticle of Appeasement, then three Catechism of the Machine and the final Litany of Completion.

Be still, oh Spirits,
I do what I must.
Forgive the intrusion,
and give me your trust.

With my care I repair you.
With sacred oil I appease you,
Be quiet, good spirits,
And accept my benediction.

With my care I repair you.
With sacred oil I appease you,
Be quiet, good spirits,
And accept my benediction.

With my care I repair you.
With sacred oil I appease you,
Be quiet, good spirits,
And accept my benediction.

Machine Spirits,
In all your unknowable grace and wisdom,
Grant this tool durability,
So that it may serve me,
As I serve you,
With faith, care and servility.

I also gave that machine a Rite of Reparation. Machines love Rites of Reparation.

Suffer not the Abominable Intelligence to live! jk bats i <3 u
>> No. 9976 ID: ae11c2
File 144043434696.jpg - (51.37KB , 1280x688 , 1419767841523.jpg )
>But that may just be my Falklands reflex kicking in.

That's a different "don't mention the war" than what I'm used to. :P

>Actually, you do get sympathy from me, as well as a bit of worry. Buenos Aires may be the capital but it's a far cry from the romantic place back when Borges wrote about it.
>Be safe. I really do fear for your life over there.

I know what I'm getting into. It's not like I'll go into the slummy areas. Business districts and semi-touristic stuff is likely where I'll be. And maybe the harbour on board of one of our ships, but in general about as safe as you can get.

And if I do get bumped off, my family gets a very nice paycheck, so it's not all bad. :)

I'd rather go to Buenos Aires than say, Colombia or Bolivia. Somewhat dangerous to yourself, but also dangerous as fuck to have something planted in your luggage to be a decoy for a real courier to get through.

(and if there's bugs, I know what to do!)
>> No. 9977 ID: d2e752
I found out why my managers have been insufferable dicks lately. Apparently, both of them are under some sort of disciplinary action for something that a manager buddy from another department couldn't disclose and have lost a lot of their status.

He basically told me "it's like they've been knocked down to junior managers. They can't take any action of their own without discussing it with another manager and getting approval from them. They're basically glorified team leads."

Friend in OP support said this about my service manager when telling me he didn't have the authority to open the warehouse doors, "he was a real boy, but now he's a wooden boy hoping to become a real boy again." It seems they've lost a lot of respect amongst managers around the store. I wonder what they did.
>> No. 9978 ID: 7f7712
File 144062461820.jpg - (12.98KB , 395x395 , 8380.jpg )
>12 hour days are starting to get to me
>mangers becoming complete and utter vindictive cockbags
>having me do two jobs with minimal training
>only other guy my age tells me to get the fuck out
>every day he calls me a fucking idiot for coming in to work each day
>agree with him 100%
>the guy quitting
>tfw no one to talk too
I'm so fucking close to just walking out, this doesn't pay enough for all the shit I deal with, not to mention I'm not even doing the job I signed up to do.
This is by far the shittiest job I have ever taken.
>> No. 9979 ID: c561cd

That sucks dude. I'm almost spectacular to see how quickly it's gone bad. You've been there, what a week and a half?
>> No. 9980 ID: 7f7712
There were redflags that I ignored. Not being trained in the position I signed up for, people doing multiple jobs. The posters asking for people to volunteer for cross training. How everyone has been there for 10+ years except for a few people that all signed up at almost the same time as me.

I believe my situation can best be explained by a quote from the modern poet, Curtis James Jackson III "Shit's fucked yo"
>> No. 9981 ID: 7f7712
aw come on, that wasn't even a real chinese flipbook picture
>> No. 9982 ID: 708a33
>Be Chicano kid in LA in late 80's.
>Shit teachers just pass you onto the next grade.
>Be 15. Can't keep up. Can't fucking read.
>Drop out. Stand in front of Home Depots.
>Get older. Hooke up with white chick.
>Bitch is useless. Just stays at home. Not even a house wife.
>Have to clean shitty apartment after busting ass as a day laborer.
>When he can't make enough money, she fucks other guys.
Though I'll never tell him. Client confidentiality and all that.
>Be 39. Still can't read. Still stand in front of Home Depot.
>Bitch objects to you taking classes. Takes away from Home Depot time.

What the fuck do I do with this fucker? Even the almost kinda sorta decent jobs that don't require a diploma or GED still need you to fucking read English! Cash assistance runs out in five months, and this poor bastard hasn't progressed an inch. If he could just get over this hump, he would KILL as a skilled tradesman! Labor experience, work ethic, just can't fucking get it together enough to get a GED. And I HATE his woman! I hate her sooo much! The only fuck up I have ever worked with that doesn't even HOPE for shit to get better. Bitch doesn't do SHIT! She is the welfare recipient that Paul Ryan is whining about.
>> No. 9983 ID: f660a1
Have him work in a shop that doesn't speak English. My carpenter speaks no English, my tailor, broken English, as it should be
>> No. 9984 ID: d2e752
Bet they can read.
>> No. 9985 ID: e1463b
I dunno on that part. I'm going with some can, some can't

The serious part though, is get his ass into classes, and get him away from that bitch.
>> No. 9986 ID: cd1c1d
>Those stepped threads

My guess would be a shaper.
>> No. 9987 ID: 6057a8
A shaper?
>> No. 9988 ID: 656a83
File 144187623791.jpg - (22.06KB , 350x366 , shaper-machine-842698.jpg )
A shaper.
>> No. 9989 ID: f195d8
It's a machine that looks somewhat like a mill, but instead of rotating the tool or part like a mill or lathe, it just pushes the tool into the material. Sort of like you would a file. Linear motion.

With the right table and gearing, it can cut gear teeth, threads, etc. Quite a neat machine.
>> No. 9990 ID: f3d37a
The old addage is 'You can make anything with a shaper, except money'

it can do things that a mill can't (like blind square holes with 0 radius corners) but is soooo slllooowww compared to a mill.
>> No. 9991 ID: 7f7712
  >go to my shitty job, cutting out and sanding down visors made of dyneema
>the guy I'm forced to work with is bitching and moaning about all kinds of stupid ass shit
>don't care because I have earplugs and headphones on so I can't hear shit
>around 8-9 some guy comes into the sanding room and says something I could hear
>I get up to see whats up when the asshole shouts at me
>"What do you think your doing, this is a moment of silence!"
>roll my eyes and sitback down, figuring it was a stupid fucking canadian deal
>This pisses him off to no fucking end
>he gets in my face and yells "THIS IS 9/11 YOU LITTLE PRICK"
>tell him I don't give a shit
>Bitches and moans about all the people who sacrificed, blah, blah
>calls me a self-centered, egotistical asshole when I tell him I don't give a fuck, and that he can go fuck himself
>tells me how privileged I am to have my shitty minimum wage job
>Just tell him to take all complaints to the supervisor
>supervisor does jackshit
>get to work in peace for the other 5 hours
I completely forgot today was 9/11 I couldn't help but laugh to myself for the rest of the day
>> No. 9993 ID: d2e752
  I know I should be more mature than this, but I went into my manager's office to get some keys and I let out a pretty nasty fart while I was in there. 

I happened to see him return to his office, open his door and the look on his face was that of a landlord discovering the smell of a decaying corpse in a tenant's apartment. Like he opened the door to a man beating his wife to death with an infant. 

My sides were on fire reentering orbit and I told my buddy back in the parts department what happened and he just high fived me. 

That manager isn't particularly liked. 

As for maturity, back in the service department, we play a game called "who dropped ass?"
>> No. 9994 ID: 50cd85
Grabbed a local(Paducah) job as I was getting bored..
So I'm working at a rental place as a mechanic.

The shop was a mess, and the one kid there could be a good wrench but he's got that attitude all 20 somethings have. Trying to break him of that, cause I think shit is not going to get better.

So while I'm sorting the wheat from the chaff of innumerable previous half-assed mechanics this place has suffered, he clatters up with one of those baby excavators. Looked like someone just ripped a corner out of the bucket. He says "Oh have I got a job for you"..

I look and say "yep. Got a hot wrench and a buzz box? Cause we need to get to work on that, or order a new bucket..

After much kerfluffle involving getting a set of full O2 and Acetylene bottles, having a torch "pop" in my hand and the old Lincoln tombstone deciding to not work at the right amperage, I managed to get the bucket back in shape in ~ six hours.

I look and see some of the shittiest welds I've ever laid, and a ragged gusset torched from an old concrete saw blade and then blacksmithed onto the bucket . The rods had gotten wet so occasionally the flux would just 'gatorskin or fluff off when you lit the arc, and because the tombstone was on it's last legs, you had to run it overamps, which means loads of splatter and the occasional rod bursting into flame.

Everyone else comes out and goes "Holy Shit! That's beautiful! And you fixed it so fast! Wait you fixed that compressor, and all those saws? And rebuilt half a dozen recoil starters?"...

Meanwhile, my relatives are lining up to ask "So.... What does this place you work at rent? And do you get a discount?"...

Meh, work is work.
>> No. 9995 ID: c561cd
File 144211176837.jpg - (64.45KB , 776x600 , 776px-Lift_correctly__This_way____Not_this_-_NARA_.jpg )
> minor work on turbine
> find shit burned up
> passdown to coworkers, engineers, and bosses
> go on vacation

> come back from vacation
> the shit storm I discovered before leaving is now in the resolution phase
> conveniently timed for me to do the work
> spend all day friday horsecocking ~40 pound 3 foot long fuel injectors made of hastalloy-x into the ass of the engine
> spend all day saturday fixing the ones the site guys "helped" with and putting everything else back together
> going back tomorrow to fix one that I fucked up... and install the dot-matrix printers we ship with every turbine

I have no fucking clue what the printers are for, but the customer is buying tractor paper and everything, and it's in the contract, so I'll hook em up. Every other customer just throws the fuckers in the corner and piles shit on them.

Remember, if you need a verb for some kind of physical activity, it's "horsecock".

> Horsecock (carry) that bag of cement into the back yard
> Horsecock (tighten) those bolts down

The picture on the right is me installing that shit, except with a lot less room to move and straddling the fuel control actuator.
>> No. 9996 ID: 6372b6
File 144350997195.jpg - (19.78KB , 245x262 , 1343448156293.jpg )
>get to work a couple days ago
>machine in one corner has new job, some guy setting it up, plastic parts to make
>busy with other stuff whole shift
>go see what's going on at the end of the day
>see some surface rust on the table
"hunh did you check your coolant mix?"
>he replies he was told to empty the tank of coolant and put straight water, as the plastic is no-go with coolant
>straight water
>look at inside of machine
>rust starting pretty much everywhere on table
>coworker asks if I'm okay, said I went a bit pale
>s t r a i g h t w a t e r
>ask if they greased stuff before putting on 4th axis, trunnion, tailstock, fixture
>the lack of surprise is equal and inversely proportional to the displeasure
>check out machine this evening
>water in coolant tank turning a slight shade of brown-red
>the machine is bleeding all over itself on the inside

>> No. 9997 ID: fb3bdd
...Do you even need coolant with plastic?
>> No. 9998 ID: fb3bdd
Actually, I guess shoving tool steel into much of anything at a few thousand RPM will heat it up, so yeah, probably.

But water? Fucking seriously?
>> No. 9999 ID: 656a83
I have done a few jobs with plastic (I think it was polypropylene) and we never used any kind of coolant for milling, even hogging large amounts of material. We had special inserts with very sharp edges though. And we did use a spray bottle of kool mist when we were going ~12 inches deep with a ~.125" aircraft drill.
>> No. 10000 ID: 656a83
It's kinda fun actually, because you can FLY with your feedrate, and the chips curl up and fly off in a stream into a pile of little plastic balls that make it seem like your machine is a ball pit. Bitch to clean up though.
>> No. 10001 ID: 50cd85
Yeah.. Been there.
It's really fun when the coolant gets sour, and the chip-tray smells like bad cheese.
>> No. 10002 ID: bdae0c
File 144356613679.jpg - (99.01KB , 900x731 , bullet_cure.jpg )

That's a disgusting story.
>> No. 10003 ID: 7f7712
File 144356997345.png - (74.55KB , 316x208 , doomface.png )
>father works at SKF
>setting up the machines, making bearings all day
>one day a machine starts leaking lubricant
>the factory doesn't change it's lubricant much
>he's taking it apart getting lube all over his hands
>manages to fix the machine and get it back up and running
>a few hours later his hands starts iching
>he does home
>the next day his hands feel like shit, still goes into work
>while setting up a machine the skin on one of his hands rips off
>all of the skin
>he's just standing there with a skinless, bleeding hand
>gets sent home for a few weeks while his hand grows back
>they get around to changing the lube about a month later
This was in the 80's
>> No. 10004 ID: c561cd
File 144357268498.jpg - (16.82KB , 158x119 , nitrile-pro-thumbs.jpg )
And that's why I wear gloves when I work on shit.Blue nitrile gloves for chemicals of any kind. The fucking 8 mil thick ones.

I was talking to one of the other contractors about hazards, specifically chemicals.

> Me: I don't like things that kill me slowly.
> Other guy: Well, don't get married.
>> No. 10005 ID: c561cd
File 144357283192.jpg - (260.38KB , 700x443 , MaxiFlex.jpg )
And maxiflex for general work. These are semi-disposable. I'll use them for about a week, at which point I've probably got them pretty nasty.

The other reason is I just literately don't like getting my hands dirty.
>> No. 10006 ID: 2404e6
File 144357408816.png - (38.08KB , 500x314 , 3929-hah.png )

>ew and ouch.
>> No. 10007 ID: de0cbd

What does wife stand for... Wash, Iron, Fuck, Etc
>> No. 10008 ID: 0b7429
Oh god, this.

This is one part of my OCD that's never going away. I always wear gloves when nasty chemicals or dirty conditions are involved.

Not only is it safer, but also more efficient as it cuts down time washing up.
>> No. 10009 ID: 304e9b

But seriously, wear your PPE. My dad had a cancerous tumor removed from his liver a few years go, which was caused by, what the doctors think, painting cars/cleaning paint sprayers with his bare hands all day. Exposing yourself to auto painter chemicals, including solvents, ain't too good for you in the long term. He swore he could taste lacquer thinner in the evenings.
>> No. 10010 ID: 6372b6
File SUFFERING.webm - (1.63MB )
ṉ̜̬̝̱O̲̟͈͓͙ ̼̰͖̲m͍o͕ͅỤ͍͎̼͈͟T҉͔̰̤H͚̪͍̤̺̤̘͜
̞̖͎̺̝̭̳ ̻ ͖̗͚͈͎ ̢̖͓͉͔̹ ̵͕ ͖͇̤̹ ͕͖̗͙͇͙̗͘ ̯̖̝ ̥ ҉͎͖͓͉ ͏͔ ͏͚ ͚̯̘̘̹ͅͅ ҉͖̺ ̞̟̹͈́ ̱͔͍̣ ̞̩͉ ̻̹̲̥͙ ̷̳̯ ̷ ̮̲̫͕͓̙̙ ̬͢ ͞ ̡͚ ̗̝̱͙̮͘ͅ ̱͇̝̻̩ ͓͓̼̙̳ ̼͓̭̺̼͎̩ ͇͞ ̯ ̵̘͎̭ ͍̖Y͈͍̬E̙̙͚̤̣͍T̡
͕̺͍̝̻̫I̬͇ ͎M̘͙U̥̦͙͕̝s͉͈̱̣͍̮̟t͉͈̬͢ ̭̫̹̰̘͝ ̧̳̫̻̫̟͖̲ ̲͓̤̝̰ ̺͈̩̦͍̰̪͟ ̭ ̠͜ ͘ ͏̙͎ ̣̩̙̙͚͟ ͡ ̮̱̘S̵̯̼̗̯̳̗C̜̻̲̳̫̜̲͝R̨̘̤̖̰E̮̱̦̲̳͜AM͔̭̜͙̻͈
>> No. 10011 ID: f2c4ed
File 144369632290.jpg - (1.71MB , 2540x1981 , 8850-munch-the-scream-e1336013995741.jpg )
>> No. 10012 ID: e2c591
File 144372908261.jpg - (87.10KB , 772x397 , event-horizon-eyes.jpg )
>> No. 10013 ID: 5d583f

Zalgo? In MY universe contained within the finite dimensional curve?

It's more likely than youT̷͕̖̼͕͔͖H͖̼̖͓̣͈I̲̖̦N͍̩̱̫͡K̳̠̟ ̥̮̬͓͚͢ͅͅH̞̮̘̬̼ͅE̱̣̦͇͖̞̯͟ ̰͞C̜̬͞ƠM͚̩̱ͅE̡̗̘̬̘̜͚̦S͉͎ ̺͜O̳̬̩͇̪̝̲P͚̜Ḙ̫̤̥̞͙̳Ń̫̠̗ ̧T͔͍̥H͎͢E̯̤̪̼ ̷G̷͕̭̜̭͓͇̱AT̢̺̠̰̼̲͉͇E̡̖̼̥͍͕͈̩ ̩̺͇̙̭O̹̲̦̱̫̪P̢͚E̢̻͉̣N͇͝ ̖͚̘̳ͅT̖̦͘H҉̳̠̗̪E̞̮̗͚̭͙̬ ̙̻̯̭̝̟G͉͓̗̝̰̲AT҉E̦͖̻̥͢ ̩̥̺O͝P̢̯̤͔̤̫̳E̺̲N͉ ͜TH̨̫͔̙̖̜E҉͎ ͔̪̮G̠̠̥̲̞̭̯A̱̣̬̼̦̩T̢͇̣̼E̡͉̖ ͕O̸̦P̹͈̱͕̪E̻̞̠̻̟̩͢Ǹ͓̲ ̬T̝̻̥̝H̪͇̝̳̱͓̬͟E̱̥̖̰̙ ͔̦̱G͇̥̼̳A̠̖͈Ț̡̹̥͈͍̝ͅE̢̱̙̳̞̳̩ͅ
>> No. 10014 ID: 6372b6
File healing.webm - (2.15MB )
This was good for both of us.

Yep I also did 'er right with the way rails under the skirt too. She's okay now.
>> No. 10015 ID: d8945d
File 14444140677.jpg - (40.48KB , 600x404 , 1443220875423.jpg )
>brother called me yesterday
>"hey bro, I got tickets to comicon, do you want to go?"
>"Nah, I have work tomorrow"
>go into work
>ordinary as fuck day stuffing kevlar into suits
>at one my supervisor pulls me and three other people into the conference room
>manager is looking guilty as fuck
>pulls up a powerpoint and tells all of us that we're let go because a japanese order fell through

At least that shitshow is over
>> No. 10016 ID: 598e3f
File 144443123387.jpg - (93.41KB , 773x958 , rps20151009_185249.jpg )
>terrible handwriting feels

Hey I hope you find something new soon.
>> No. 10017 ID: 7eee47
"greater Seattle area" last time I was in Everett I saw a guy stabbing a crab at the bus station with a switchblade.
>> No. 10018 ID: 0b7429
Crab battle?
>> No. 10019 ID: bdae0c
File 144460942491.gif - (492.47KB , 500x270 , 2720641-2893151740-tumbl.gif )

A true survivor.
>> No. 10020 ID: f2c4ed
That's one brave dude, I'm not sure I'd have wanted to get that close.
>> No. 10021 ID: 0b7429
>> No. 10022 ID: 0b7429
Working a job that requires a lot of jumping when you fucked up your knee the day before sucks. A lot.

Hopefully I'll be employed elsewhere soon, things are looking good at a few prospective jobs.
>> No. 10023 ID: c561cd
File 144677863898.jpg - (31.21KB , 410x273 , 5-steam-turbine-blades.jpg )
What turbine blades are supposed to look like.
>> No. 10024 ID: c561cd
File 144677962166.jpg - (86.69KB , 640x480 , Rocky_Mars_Surface_jpeg.jpg )
And this is what I found borescoping an engine at a landfill site.

I've never gotten mad giving an engine a colonoscopy, but this is an affront to the Machine God.

You think >>100262 was bad? Everything in the hot section looks like a shipwreck. The fuel injectors, combustor, turbine nozzles and blades.

The worst part is, this has been going on for 20 fucking years. These dumb fuck customers won't do anything about their gas quality. We're in there once a month because their fuel injectors, hoses, valves, and manifolds are just clogged with brown/yellow glassy shit. (That smells like a dead man's burning asshole.)

Finally, our company said enough, and we charge the fuck out of them for parts and labor pertaining to their fuel system. Now they're suddenly interested in cleaning up the gas.
>> No. 10025 ID: b5ed63

Working overnight to unload trucks, on my 15. I grabbed a sandwich and a fat bitch who can't keep up saw me grab my sandwich and said "ya brought food?"

It's an 8 hour shift, of course I brought food. She's now staring at me as I eat.
>> No. 10026 ID: 2404e6
>Currently working shitty retail job in shoe department
>Some new super strep throat virus sweeps the store
>Thank the dieties above I havent gotten it yet
>Have most of the week off
>Feel a little under the weather yesterday
>Full blown super virus today. Fever, 48 hour long migraine so far, severe stabbing stomach pains, nausea/vomiting, the shits
>Call in
>Manager: "Yeah we are missing like 13 people for the same thing today."
>Girlfriends manager (same store) was telling gf "Oh yeah im really sick today but I cant miss work"
>Dat bitch gonna get lynched.
>> No. 10027 ID: 79b400
Whenever I'm paired up with a fat chick and a nigger, I know I'm going to be doing most of the work.

It's funny, I get the seasonal section which is the most difficult section of the store to stock because it's constantly changing and it's so fucking diverse, there's too many items and too little real estate, which leads to tricky merchandising. When I'm done with that, I have to go pick up where a fat chick who seriously looks with a pig with a heartagram tattoo on her neck and Tyrone left off, which is most of Legos (the EASIEST part of the store, just match a picture with a picture, it's all laid out), Imaginarium and girls.
>> No. 10028 ID: 6372b6
>get called in emergency friday
>walk in with like four coffees at beginning of dayshift morning (7 am)
>start tearing shit up, work is getting done
>halfway into shift, someone asks me if anyone is staying later than friday dayshift end (3:30pm)
>I say sure, regular nighshift folk should be staying until regular nighshift end (1:30am)
>guy looks at me funny, says well there's a supervisor staying until 5pm so we can get schedules with him
>talk to supervisor at 3pm, seeing what's up for the evening
>supervisor looks at me funny
>"everyone's leaving, including me, for 5pm or earler"
>remember there's no night shift on friday
>bummed out that I can't work for 18 hours straight
>bought coffee for no reason

Roommate made poutine so its not all bad.
>> No. 10029 ID: 242c33
Why is everyone surprised that I'm always early with the mentality "I'd rather be an hour early than 5 minutes late?"

Punctuality is important, I've shown up early to work 3 times after getting hit by cars on the bike, 2 with broken bones, and worked my shift.

In fact, I've never been late for anything when it was under my own power to get there.

I'm drinking coffee at 9:30. Shits weird, I'm usually asleep by now or in a half hour.

I have to talk to my manager about my schedule, because the way it is now, I'm going to be working two jobs three days straight with only an hour or two of sleep a day. I can't do that, it's dangerous on the scooter with that little sleep in the dark.
>> No. 10030 ID: bdae0c
Sleep derivation is worse than having a few drinks before driving man. No need to kill yourself for a workplace you don't own. Have the chat with the manager.
>> No. 10031 ID: 20f42b
I did, we're going to fix it before I leave.
>> No. 10032 ID: 5917ef
>Why is everyone surprised that I'm always early with the mentality "I'd rather be an hour early than 5 minutes late?"

>Punctuality is important

I agree completely and can relate. I get the same thing with my uni classes.
>"why are you here [on campus] 45 minutes early? class doesn't start 'till 35 past!"
The next bus gets me there 5 minutes before class starts, and the drivers are usually awful at keeping on schedule, let alone the chances of there being any delays (which there often are).
>> No. 10033 ID: 79b400
The fat chick is hilarious. She becomes red faced and exhausted after moving 3 boxes and becomes panicky and overwhelmed when tasks are assigned.

She gets this worried look, like "I thought we were just going to Netflix and chill!"

I'm like Liam Neeson in the beginning of taken where I'm counting down the clock and don't knock on the door until the exact time.

My OCD keeps me punctual because I take that shit seriously. It's a personal offense if I can't.
>> No. 10034 ID: 52ed6e
File 14470963698.png - (23.79KB , 954x539 , 1407666439449.png )
Meanwhile I've shown up 5 minutes late for work literally every single day, with not a single exception, for the past 2 years.
>> No. 10035 ID: 79b400
Need some work advice, niggas.

When I've been unpacking tightly fitted packages, it's been shoving my cuticle up and now they're all ripped to shit after several shifts of this. Pretty painful and starts bleeding once I put too much pressure on it.

Should I get some gloves? If so, what would be the least bulky, but still provide enough grip like Mechanix gloves? I still need to be able to fit my fingers in tight spaces.

I've been thinking about some medical/sports tape, but the continued cost of this as opposed to a one time purchase of gloves is less appealing.
>> No. 10036 ID: 3e7491
I just asked a vendor for pricing information for a few items, and he responded he couldn't find them in his system. I sent him links to the products on his company's own goddamn website. Jesus Fuck I hate people.
>> No. 10037 ID: 3e7491

When I worked in planning & presentation at target I would wear mechanix to set up planograms. If I needed my fingernail to do something I'd take them off, it was a net benefit to not fucking up my hands
>> No. 10038 ID: 7188a3
Just a thought, what about covering wear-prone parts of your hand with superglue or nail polish? It should act something like a liquid bandage that prevents wounds instead of treating them and will be less expensive than tape.
>> No. 10039 ID: 79b400
I carry super glue in my EDC bag and sealed up the wound on sunday night after I stopped the bleeding. But, the corners are pushing the cuticle up, so it eventually reopens and grows.

But, yeah, that's how I'm currently closing the wound, but I know it's going to reopen and bleed when I work tonight.

I'm thinking about picking up a pair next paycheck. But, I'm just trying to figure out if they'd be bulky for my applications.

Then again, I could just follow my late grandfather's dating advice. If it rips, it fits.
>> No. 10040 ID: f2c4ed
I'm confused, why aren't you tearing open one side of the outer packaging to make it easier to access?
>> No. 10041 ID: 79b400
I did that for a while, but it kind of hindered speed and made uneven cardboard stacks on my uboat after I broke them down.

It's faster for me to just plunge right in there and pull it out. That said, there are some drawbacks which is why I'm looking at gloves.

Also, having something to prevent all the paper cuts would be a plus.
>> No. 10042 ID: e7f332

Sometimes that's not an option... back in my days of working at a candy, potato chip, and tobacco product distribution center I couldn't mess up the containers because they sold them back to the manufacturers for like 15 cents each. Not much but when you have thousands of boxes its appreciable.
>> No. 10043 ID: 06d21f
File 144713191125.jpg - (2.64MB , 2592x1944 , 1447131820692.jpg )
Fuck these things so hard. They hardly ever work and my entire job is dependenton it.

Hard to believe this piece of shit is $700.
>> No. 10044 ID: e7f332

You're just working for the wrong company bro, the PDAs at Target are magical. They can do anything. I forget what product it was but a guy asked if we had any in the back, and I was like bleep boop no we don't but Albany has 3 of them, want me to get them to pull it and ship it here, or should they hold it for you there?

The guy is like... are you a wizard? Now... if you ask a target employee to do that for you, they're going to pretend they can't. But they absolutely can.

Also if you're checking out something without a price tag and they ask you if you remember the price, they are supposed to just accept whatever you tell them if it's under $20. Fast. Fun. Friendly.
>> No. 10045 ID: 90a126
File 14471448995.jpg - (38.40KB , 388x351 , bent-iphone-6-plus-satire.jpg )
At work we actually got iPhones with these scanning dongle things now. We used to use those gun scanners to scan books and shit.

I usually don't sing the praises of Apple but surprisingly those things work pretty darn well and are alot easier to carry around then the gun scanners. Like for Weinerdog, they are fantastic for bringing up inventory to see what we got in stock or if other libraries have shit in stock without having to go to a computer.

Pretty fucking fragile though. Thats one thing I liked about the gun scanners is they were Nokia brick phone levels of durability. The iPhones if you drop them from medium height or leave them on a cart and drop a somewhat big large print hardcover Steven King book or just leave them in your back pocket and sit on it, they're fucking toast.

Lucky for me I bought a hardcase for it but it seems strange that they wouldn't make the iPhone out of the same shit.
>> No. 10046 ID: 9b068d
My phone was $30 and it'd do a better job than this thing.

More robust than an iPhone, though. It's milspec shock resistant and water resistant.

Pretty damn good for what I use it for.

I miss the old Nokia's, though. I want to buy one and use it instead.
>> No. 10047 ID: 67dc5e
Fuck. Video related, I was the one in the video, minus the explosion. Near miss.

We were loading up the (natural gas pipeline) compressor. I heard some hissing and went to check it out. Hopped up on the unit. About 2 feet behind me, a 3/4" gas line at 670 psi, that my coworker failed to tighten, only on by a thread, fucking popped off. I jumped off the platform and ran out of the building. The site guys shut it down.

The building got to 90% LEL. Low explosive limit. Explosive.

And then we watched their surveillance video of me climbing on the unit then jumping off. My comment was "Damn, how many accident investigation videos start this way..."

So what do you do in this kind of situation?

I went to Target to get the flu shot I've been putting off. Then I got some qdoba and ate it at the hotel while watching music videos. My next step is to go cry in the shower. This is the 5th time I've evacuated the building while working at customer sites, this year. (2 were false fire alarms. 2 were gas leaks, 1 was a boiler acting like a 10ft diameter bass speaker.) I called my buddy, who just had a variable frequency drive (VFD) burn up across the room from him. (Said it was like firecrackers going off.)

I'm really thinking about getting a desk job.
>> No. 10048 ID: de0bec
>So what do you do in this kind of situation?
I'm more of a spicy broccoli beef kind of guy.

Seriously, god damn dude. Glad you're still with us.
>> No. 10049 ID: e89d24
Dear lawd. I'm glad you're okay.

Are you sure about a desk job? Isn't there another safer job you can use your cert for?

Being stuck behind a desk just seems awful.
>> No. 10050 ID: c9924e
File 144728395677.jpg - (1.17MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0080.jpg )
>much long haul
>so power
>such pumpkin roller
>> No. 10051 ID: c561cd
  >>101366 >>101368 >>101380

Thanks. I should clarify that nothing happened, except for the tube popping off and the building filling up with gas. However, if there was any source of ignition, I would be a crispy critter right now.

I'm gonna stick with it, but I've reevaluated my safety mindset. There's always the pressure to "Get the job done", but I'm not launching planes into the Persian Gulf, and the only lives on the line are me and my guys. Now, when it's raining in the basement because their boiler has a broken valve, or there's motherfuckers building scaffolding above me, or the guy trying to fix the gas compressor shorts 480v for fun, or the room is filling up with a choking amount of turbine exhaust and carbon monoxide.... I'm gonna go sit in my truck and do paperwork.

I'm back to Baldy-more, doing turbine colonoscopies. Holy fuck people in Maryland can't drive.

Also got a new guy who's from Turkey.

> Partner-Bro: How much bending over time do you owe me? Two hours now?
> Turk-Bro: Man I don't want to get fucked in the ass. I'm not going to poop that day so it's shitty for both of us.
>> No. 10052 ID: a77989
File 144745891325.jpg - (2.66MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0084.jpg )
Everyone at work doubts my ability to kill wasps with soap until they witness a genocide. Not even the children were spared
>> No. 10053 ID: cfe73e
Please go into details, Caseless Priapism.
Hornets killed with homemade flamethrower! https://youtu.be/k2sC29_XR88
This is how to do things right! Scientific tests on household (or easily obtainable) aerosol spray cans and see how well they burn.
- WD-40 penetrating oil and water-displacing spray. WD-40 was first used by Convair to protect the outer skin and, more importantly, the paper-thin "balloon tanks" of the Atlas nuclear missiles from rust and corrosion. Burned pretty well 6/10.
- Windshield de-icer. Burns 5/10. You can make this at home with a spray bottle containing 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water. Or 1 part water and 2 parts 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (91% by volume). http://www.instructables.com/id/Windshield-De-Icer-And-Ice-Prevention-Spray/
- STP Throttle Body Cleaner. Burns pretty well 7/10.
- Professional Carb Cleaner. Burns like MAD 10/10! Looks like Berryman B-12 Chemtool - Carburetor, Choke & Throttle Body Cleaner. Has the word Professional on it. http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/BRY1/0120/N0406.oap?ck=Search_N0406_-1_-1&pt=N0406&ppt=C0126

And then you hit the hornets at night when they are all in the nest, sleeping. You would not believe how many people attack during the day when the hornets are active and irate. Next should have been clipping the scorched nest from the tree and then burning it in a wire cage where no survivors could escape.
>> No. 10054 ID: cfe73e
  Dish Soap Wasp Nest Extermination https://youtu.be/VzT3P7uRBd8
>> No. 10055 ID: cfe73e
  Kill Wasp Nest using Only Soapy Water & Stepping Stool
I would recommend going after the wasp or hornet nests at night when all the residents are inside and harmlessly sleeping.
>> No. 10056 ID: f98c5d
File 144747727039.jpg - (2.06MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0089.jpg )
I need one of these for operating.

Fuck, I'm exhausted. Worked one job this morning, working the other until 6am. I woke up at 7am, won't go to bed until 7am next morning.

Not much to tell. Couple dozen wasps were preventing us from moving a boat, I was told to get the spray and I said "fuck that, I'm getting soap." Coworkers gathered around expecting me to get stung, but I killed them all in one go with straight boat soap.

I just hate using spray.
>> No. 10058 ID: 798a48
Three jobs? Did the bar hire you too?
Have you given your two weeks' notice at the sporting goods shop yet? It doesn't sound like the toy store has resolved your scheduling conflicts despite you saying they were aware and would resolve.

How about you wait 'til you've saved up for some decent health insurance BEFORE you start working like a coal miner with six kids? Jesus.
>> No. 10059 ID: 79b400
Two jobs. I had it scheduled like this because I needed Monday off to deal with shit and didn't want to miss a day's pay because I need it.

I have an interview with two restaurants this week, one on Sunday and the other on Monday. I'm hoping they go well, because they're both busy restaurants where I'd make some dosh once I move to serving.
>> No. 10060 ID: c561cd

Fucking hell, it happened again. This time the cleaning crew (who apparently were some random youths hired off a basketball court lead by a really ugly woman) knocked open a natural gas drain valve and flooded the building with gas. This time I was outside. We heard the building gas alarm go off and a loud whooshing sound from inside. We piled in the truck and hauled ass for the other building.

One of the plant operators ran over and closed the valve. Fire dept showed up and was rather displeased.

The operator, afterword, cursed himself for running to the danger, as any source of ignition would have cooked his ass.

I know the feeling....
>> No. 10061 ID: 79b400
Interview went really well today, going in for a second interview tomorrow.

I may quit the toy store before I do Bass Pro, because those overnight shifts are killing me. I've never been this tired day to day.

Have you considered switching companies?
>> No. 10062 ID: 2404e6
Im back on the job hunt. I have the worst fucking luck with jobs this year.

>Get hired to Stanley Steamer
>Go three and a half weeks without starting because "busy"
>Call back guy says "sorry cant hire you right now"
>Get hired to HEB as a stocker. Go two weeks of asking when I can start
>"Sorry, dont have time for you to start"
>Get hired at Sears
>Do training (paid thank god)
>Get 2 days one week, 2 days the next, one day the next, one day the next, now not scheduled at all next week.
>They hired a kid out of HS after me, he gets 20+ hours a week, Im getting 4.5 hours a week at best.
>Talk to managers "We will get this sorted tomorrow and call you" no call. Wont return calls

Well at least I have a gaggle of potential interview this week (electrician company, PET refinery, cable company, motorcycle dealership). Heres to hopin.
>> No. 10063 ID: 06a0fb
that shit is why i'm glad I have a trade. At the very least, if work gets tough, I can work in a slaughterhosue and kill russians on saint patrick's day.
>> No. 10064 ID: ddb933
Have you considered serving? It can be good money and once you have experience, it's easy to find work.
>> No. 10065 ID: 2404e6
Im gonna assume you mean waitering. I bar tended for a while. Id rather not live on tip to be honest.

Yeah, Im hoping I land the apprentice job at the electrician company my local friend works for (he has his journeyman license or whatever). Pays good, regular hours, weekends off etc.

My main hesitation for getting into things that are career worthy (that PET plant, etc etc) is that I intend to re enlist next year or so.
>> No. 10066 ID: ab2ea7
you could always forget to tell them that, they are required by law to reserve a job for you when you get out.

A dick thing to do, but sometimes it's required.
>> No. 10067 ID: c561cd
> Have you considered switching companies?

My company is pretty GTG. It's everything else. Fucking suicidal deer, morons on cell phones, Baltimore riots, Ravens fans, other contractors, high pressure gas, high voltage, spilled diesel fuel and lube oil, landfill gas, generator exciters that shoot lightning, 110+ temps in the boiler room or freezing ass cold working on a turbine package out in the snow.

And I only work on-shore. Imagine what it's like for the guys who are working on oil platforms, the north slope of Alaska, or in Africa or some shit.

I've already decided that I'm not going anywhere they kill Americans for fun. And Mars, fuck Mars. (The planet. Mars, PA is p-cool.)
>> No. 10068 ID: 79b400
Just got back from a company Christmas party. This year they did it pretty cool, we all went bowling. But, they cheaped out on the raffle this year. First year I won an $80 flashlight and last year, I won a $400 tablet (that I'm currently typing on. And filled with odd porn). This year they just put names in a hat and gave away gift cards to restaurants. I got $25 towards Longhorn Steakhouse, that's not even enough for an appetizer.

Jokingly granny bowled for a session on a bet. And kicked ass, I was surprised how effective granny bowling is. We need an OPchan bowling league.

I didn't mean it as a primary job, but something supplementary to help you get by until you find a better, more career worthy job.

My current goal is to advance to serving and eventually bartending so I can gain the experience I need to be able to score a job anywhere the moment I hit the ground. So, when I eventually move to Tulsa for schooling, I can just go out and get a job essentially the day I get there. Plus, serving and bartending are great school jobs. And with tips, I'd be making a shitload more than I am now, I'm great with customer service. Shit is super easy.
>> No. 10069 ID: 79b400
Forgot vid.

Those on site jobs seem terrifying. Though, I'd want to go to Mars. Moon first, then Mars.
>> No. 10070 ID: 79b400
I r failure.
>> No. 10071 ID: 79b400
I just got hired at a very prolific national steakhouse. Orientation is on Saturday, training on Monday and scheduling from there on.

I'm gonna put in my notice at Toys R Us when I work tonight, I can work Bass Pro and the restaurant with no scheduling conflicts at all with no need to talk to management about scheduling. So, that works. Plus, I can't keep doing these overnight shifts and work a day job, I've never been this exhausted and I'm scared while on the road because my attention span is shot.
>> No. 10072 ID: cfe73e
File 144777403660.jpg - (136.41KB , 926x800 , elderly-couple-working-in-crop-field.jpg )
How many hours will you be working?
These aren't two full-time jobs, are they?
I have known people who have worked two back-to-back jobs and that's a tough row to hoe working 16 hour days.
One ended up living in his van and took his mail, showers and meals at a gym.
>> No. 10073 ID: 79b400
On schedule, 24 to 26 hours. Picking up shifts (which one can easily do in a restaurant thanks to apathetic teenagers who don't care about the job), well over 30 as long as it's under 40.

The more hours I pick up in a single day means I get a larger percentage of the tip share of that day. Meaning if there were 4 bussers working that night, three worked 4 hours and I worked 6 hours and the tip share was $100, I'd be getting $45 of it. And the tip share is usually larger, that's just an example. If I do that often, I can easily go over $300 a week. And that's just bussing, once I move up to serving, I'll be making significantly more money.

But, that'll be a while. It'll be a minimum 6 months of bussing, then a few months of to go orders to learn the menus and their POS system. Which I expected, getting trained as a server takes a while in restaurants.
>> No. 10074 ID: 79b400
Also, posting this here in hopes of getting an answer sooner. Don't want to have an accident because work has been requiring me to travel at night.

>> No. 10075 ID: 79b400
OH! I can't believe I've been forgetting this.

At my other job, the preggers full time detailer (who just sat around and complained) quit under funny circumstances. Her husband found out she was cheating on him (7 months pregnant ) and kicked her out. She has to move back in with her parents and had to quit her job.

We all laughed our asses off .

My manager came out of his office, and solemnly and seriously said "it's a sad day at Tracker..." We all started howling with laughter and he gave us a "what the fuck, you guys?" look and told us to get back to work.

I put one of her small gloves up on the dry erase board at my station and wrote "WHISKEY TANGO OVER AND OUT."
>> No. 10076 ID: ab2ea7
File 144784579145.jpg - (213.87KB , 640x495 , 1.jpg )
I'm currently self-employed cutting firewood. I have a lot of free standing dead wood and it's not like I'm doing much at the moment. Having the freedom to do some light hunting while on the job is a nice perk as is the comfort of a nice brush fire.

I even got to see a very cute spruce grouse
>> No. 10077 ID: bdae0c

Surprising cash cash money to be made this time of year in that.

Man I see bags of wood that would barely do one evening going for €6-7 in shops around relatively rural areas. When I lived back in a nearby city it was not even worth buying wood, used to bring it from my home town time to time in personal mini-shipments.

People have forgotten how to make ready for autumn and winter. The think there is some magic in it and as such it is now a valuable skill again. Good for gentlemen like yourself of course. Makes a modern opening for old required skills.
>> No. 10078 ID: 6372b6
File 144800434882.gif - (1.94MB , 256x144 , 1399522732275.gif )
>supervisor comes up to me
>we bros
>he's all "dude manager tells me they're buying another Kiwa"
>kiwa is a horizontal 4 axis milling machine with two pallets, cute little production-tier machine
>I call it the "soccer mom" because it's so safetied up it becomes practically unsafe to operate
>"they want to sell the thou-pow to fit it in"
>thou-pow is a Challenger 1000, seen here >>100414 >>100313
>"guess how much they want to sell it for"
>despite the slight rust issue, the 1000 is a decent machine
>big table, decent power, good chip management, good coolant system, good tool changer, has a 4th axis, everything works
>I'm expecting something like 30-40k because they want it gone ASAP
"Ten thousand bucks"
>B U Y
>he's all "yeah I asked them if I could buy it right now, I got that much cash squirreled away"
>we're both flipping the fuck out and going "we're buying it"
>walk in the shop today with ten grand in my pocket
>it was sold yesterday to some other buyer

>> No. 10079 ID: 79b400
I had to clean up hobo vomit out of the battery box of a 24 foot pontoon boat.

Fuckers been sleeping in the boats at night. What gets me is he took the extra effort to open the box and vomit instead of going the easier and cleaner route of puking over the gunwale.
>> No. 10080 ID: 381ee6
The "other buyer" was a cousin to the guy who helped arrange the price behind the scenes

Next time something needs to be sold, suggest an absurdly low price and get your cousin ready to buy it
>> No. 10081 ID: c561cd
File 144807311034.jpg - (67.25KB , 640x480 , 6bb1ad45a244aadd6e487b5414e52eeb.jpg )

> Maintenance season, been busy since October
> Work 13 straight days (of a scheduled 27)
> Last 8-9 have been heavy mechanical work 12-15 hour days
> Swinging a 48" long torque wrench, torquing and untorquing bolts, overhead and in awkward positions, to 275 ft/lbs... FOR DAYS
> Shoulders, back, neck, arms hurt

> This week working with Highly Respected Senior, a hard worker (who IS the rumor mill) and the old guy who almost blew me up >>101366

> Wednesday
> Fucking failing at torquing bolts
> Stumble off ladder, catch self
> Old Guy freaking out over safety shit
> Failing in front of Highly Respected Senior and Rumor Mill
> Losing my shit
> Ready to quit and go back to CA
> Decide that I don't care, and if my reputation is that I'm bad at heavy mechanical work and can't work 2 months hardcore, so be it

> Thursday
> Respected Senior and Rumor Mill were talking about me at dinner last night... (which I was not present for), and how I did a good job with that special engine testing a while ago
> They take over to finish the torquing shit, while I stand by
> Embarrassing...
> All three leave
> Work going ok by myself
> Running behind...

> Friday
> Got one guy + help coming
> Boss reassigns help to some bullshit job
> Decision making ability degrading...

> Call boss to complain (never a good idea)

> Boss comes to the conclusion that it's my fault for not knowing it would be fucked the first day of the job, because of Old Guy

> Few more phone calls
> Bosses are on a quest to throw Old Guy under the bus and attribute my bitching temporary insanity
> "Yeah, I'm burned out. I need some time. I haven't done any paperwork in 2 weeks."
> *Tire screeching sound effect* NO PAPERWORK?!?
> Get benched for the weekend to do paperwork and allowed to charge overtime
> Future maintenance jobs will have buffer time incorporated
> Won't get stuck with Old Guy again for hard jobs

Turned out better than expected. Going in for a half day to finish the maintenance on this one engine, then I'm relieved for a bit.

As soon as I can, I'm going to my LGS to start my 7 days on the Chiappa Rhino 60DS. Because I need a futuristic pimp's gun.
>> No. 10082 ID: 79b400
Left the house at 8am, didn't get home until 10:40pm. Worked both jobs today in shoes that weren't broken in, I have blisters under my calluses. Oh, well.

I'm quickly establishing myself at the restaurant, managers like that I'm going above and beyond to move up, even with the short time I've been there. I keep this up, I'll be a server quicker than the time originally estimated.

What sucks right now is it's getting colder and while I like the cold, getting wind chilled on the ride home and then immediately having to take a shower with no hot water is terrible. I was shivering pretty bad when I got out. I need to move out as soon as I can, it sucks here, especially with my landlord raising rent for no reason other than she wants more spending money. She's already overcharging for what she provides, now it's insane.
>> No. 10083 ID: 649f2c
dam u da victim nigga
u been victimized every which way
if i wanna fuck with someone imma come to you lol
>> No. 10084 ID: 2f01dc
nigger that's rent holding time and small claims court time.

>The landlord is required to rent a dwelling that is fit to be lived in. It must have working plumbing, hot water and heating, be structurally sound and have reasonable security, including working and locking doors and windows, and it must be free of pests. The landlord must also comply with local health, building and safety codes. If the landlord has to make repairs to make the dwelling fit to live in, the landlord must pay.

>he tenant has the right, under certain very aggravated circumstances caused by the landlord's neglect, to withhold rent. This can be done only when the landlord fails to comply with an important responsibility, such as providing a safe and habitable home in compliance with local housing codes. Before rent is withheld, the tenant must give the landlord seven days' written notice of the problem so the landlord can fix it. Even after withholding rent, the tenant should save the money and seek court permission to spend part of it to do what the landlord should have done. If the tenant does not preserve the money and seek court assistance, the tenant may be evicted for nonpayment.

Or, live with no hot water, and the knowledge you can break your lease legally at any time you want.
>> No. 10085 ID: ae9f41
I'm just going to move out instead of starting a hassle. I've learned her method of evicting people in a hurry, which is planting drugs in their room and calling police so she doesn't go through the extended legal process.

I'd rather not come home to crack planted in my place.

So, I'm going to just leave as soon as I can, which will hopefully be in December if a place at this one spot opens up. I've already put a deposit down, they'll call me as soon as something becomes available.
>> No. 10086 ID: cfe73e
  Whoa, get out of there! If this landlord has a history of doing that (railroading tenants, planting drugs in their rooms to get the police to take them away as a method of evicting, etc.), then get out of there.
Dead Kennedys - Let's Lynch The Landlord https://youtu.be/aCiYmCVikjo
The Landlord's here to visit
They're blasting disco down below
Sez, I'm doubling up the rent
Cos the building's condemned
You're gonna help me buy City Hall
But we can, you know we can
But we can, you know we can
Let's lynch the landlord man

I tell them 'turn on the water'
I tell 'em 'turn on the heat'
Tells me 'All you ever do is complain'
Then they search the place when I'm not here
But we can, you know we can

Let's lynch the landlord
Let's lynch the landlord
Let's lynch the landlord man

There's rats chewin' up the kitchen
Roaches up to my knees
Turn the oven on, it smells like Dachau, yeah
Til the rain pours thru the ceiling
But we can, you know we can

Let's lynch the landlord man
>> No. 10087 ID: 136550
That's the plan.
>> No. 10088 ID: bdae0c

Most badass thing I did was hide the cat when she called round haha
>> No. 10089 ID: 79b400
Lol stolen valor retard at work is getting fired over sexual harassment.

This balding loud mouthed retard with crack teeth is always hitting on underaged chicks.
>> No. 10090 ID: 2f01dc
Dude, what the actual fuck?



YOU CAN RENT A ROOM FOR 180-500 a month in palm bay area. JUST LEAVE NOW.

>> No. 10091 ID: 79b400
Can't afford it at the moment and I'm waiting for this one place to open up so I don't have to worry about housemates stealing shit.

It's why I'm taking all these shifts where I leave the house at 7am and don't get home until 11 or midnight. Then doing it all again the next day. Because I need to get out of here.

But, my first paycheck will be delayed at the restaurant and all the hours I've picked up this week account for nothing until next week. Plus, I have to pay rent here on the first or I'll run into a surprise when I get home.
>> No. 10092 ID: 79b400
Though, I did find a 1br duplex for $600 a month that's perfect. Includes electricity, water, and even basic cable. I do miss local news. And it's close to both my jobs, which I currently am not.

Knowing my luck, though, it'll be gone before I can do anything. I'm just going to keep the info and pray there is still something by the time I can afford it.
>> No. 10093 ID: ae9239
Against my better judgement, Caseless, if you want to go ahead and inquire about that place, I will front you the 600, but I expect repayment and you're on you're own for security deposit.
>> No. 10094 ID: cfe73e
File 144856865425.jpg - (53.12KB , 800x496 , US AR-15 A Christmas Story 1.jpg )
Again, Concerned Citizen really helps a brother out!
I'll send another hundred for moving and assorted expenses.
Pay me back in a year when you get settled.
>> No. 10095 ID: 79b400
>> No. 10096 ID: 79b400
Fucking tablet.

As I was trying to type, I can cover the security deposit if I prorate my upcoming rent. I'll get everything packed up and tell her I'm hitting the road here soon.

If it's still available, though. I was just about to call the guy and forgot that it's thanksgiving and I don't want to bother him if he's with family. I'll call tomorrow between shifts.
>> No. 10097 ID: cfe73e
File 144857602346.jpg - (338.79KB , 965x1210 , Gustave Dore - Orlando Furioso - royal banquet in .jpg )
But you'll be calling him to tell him he's going to be bringing in money and that his place will be rented.

- Gustave Dore - Orlando Furioso - Royal banquet in the palace at Damascus.
>> No. 10098 ID: 79b400
Ffffffffffuck black Friday. Fuck it so hard.

Me and my buddy who helped me bag were able to make it enjoyable to an extent and had a huge chunk of people leaving the store laughing, which was good.

But, there were so many assholes. One even said "I don't support welfare queens" when I asked them if they'd like to round up their purchase and donate to USO and Amvets. Seriously.

There was this one special group of white trash who was taking advantage of their senile grandmother to purchase $280 worth a stuff PLUS four $50 gift cards for themselves. The lady was so confused and wanted to leave. I'd be fired if I said a single thing. Fuck.

I called him, but he didn't answer. As per the instructions on the ad, I left a message with the number of occupants (just me), employment, income, and date of desired occupancy.

I'm going to try to call him later before I have to close at the restaurant. Right now I'm going to try to nap.
>> No. 10099 ID: 793e55
True bro right here.
>> No. 10100 ID: 79b400
He just called me. He says another party is interested and if they fall through, then he'll let me know by Monday. Which sucks, because my landlord wants rent by the first. Actually, knowing her, she'll ask for it before because she has a habit of asking for it in advance.
>> No. 10101 ID: 11bfaa
File 144866078130.jpg - (1.41MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0118.jpg )
Leaving for work. This is another reason I'm trying to move. Fucking junkies.

Attempted entry, but too dumb to get passed it without breaking anything.
>> No. 10102 ID: 13192e
Hmm. Do you deposit your paychecks in a bank account or do you keep it in cash?
>> No. 10103 ID: 267def
Little column A, little column B.

I withdraw for big stuff like rent to keep track of it easier, but I keep a small amount in the account to pay for groceries quickly.
>> No. 10104 ID: 50cd85
Worked a half-day with the actual owner of my current distraction.

Had a good talk with him. Between the holiday and rain, we had few customers, and shit got laid out. Basically "I can work where I want. I would like to work here, but...".

Also sorted out some other bullshit. Like smoking around the POL point.. I almost beat the company moron with a hose for smoking while fueling.
Now I have approval from the top to do so.
Filling a 2" hose with birdshot right now..

Sympathized with the guy on work ethic. There are a lot of fantastically lazy motherfuckers about now. I lose my shit when not -doing- something. Meanwhile I deal with people who find that working like a mushroom is fine.

This is NOT the "south" of my Parents/Grandparents. This is some cartoonish portrayal that seems to have cropped up in the past 20 years, and it annoys me no end.

It's made worse because I meet the older contractors who see someone who gives a fuck about their job, and they open up. It's the same thing I saw working at a full-serve station in Michigan 20 years ago.

There are a lot of "kiddos" who are doomed to mediocrity if not government servitude in their future if they do not pull their damned thumbs out.

I cannot help but think this is planned. That -this- is what a lot of people want.
>> No. 10105 ID: fdabb9
File 144875579437.jpg - (632.18KB , 2592x1456 , 2015-10-21 16_47_32 - Copy.jpg )
>be unemployed
>at party
>"hey deadff you did showpro before right?"
>"kinda, all neckdown labor"
>"ever work in a warehouse?"
>"come in on Monday"
>Monday: build a stage, learn how to drive Penske rentals, drive rental to other stage, load out stage, drive back to shop
>17.5 hours
>warehouse turns out to be staffed by young idiots willing to risk their lives every day for peanuts
>like me

>five months later
>loading out bullshit risers at a YMCA
>pulling lots of calls because only three people in our department, including the head
>L2 disk takes a shit all over my sciatic nerve
>workers compensation actually works pretty well
>while laid up, department head is fired for attempting to break into company safe, possibly in drug induced fugue state

>three months later
>completed physical therapy, can touch toes again
>while on light duty, started updating our woefully out-of-date inventory
>"deadff, your ability to count is impressive, and we have an opening..."
>now department head
>...wait, wat

>hire first new dude
>not really sure what to look for
>utterly lazy, smells bad, everyone hates talking to him
>okay sure
>proceed to develop mnemonics and SOPs where none have existed before in order to quantify how lazy he is
>get him transferred to shipping
>now have somewhat better organized labor standards
>but everyone I can find to interview either can't drive or is nixed by sexist, racist, alcoholic senior hand in the department
>actually pretty nice guy

Anybody want to work in a warehouse? Orlando area. Pay isn't excellent but it will keep you in shape.
>> No. 10106 ID: 79b400
>"deadff, your ability to count is impressive, and we have an opening..."

Lost it.

Also, you're in Orlando? Look me up if you ever head east.
>> No. 10107 ID: d9e850
File 144880424461.jpg - (1.65MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0120.jpg )
OJ is un the coder.
>> No. 10108 ID: cb7171
File 144882207124.jpg - (2.07MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0121.jpg )
Been using these overhead retractable extension cords for over 2 years now.

Today, gave it a slight tug to retract it and the whole thing comes down 2 feet away from me.

What I always thought was secured by a bolt was actually held in by a loose pin. Every single one of them.

I called my manager since I'm the only one here today and he acknowledged it was a concern and we won't use them until it's addressed, but then was immediately condescending when I told him how close it was to hitting me. Fucker.

Bass Pro almost had a hefty lawsuit today. Ignorance is bliss until it knocks your ass out.
>> No. 10109 ID: cbfddb
File 144882212328.jpg - (1.52MB , 2592x1944 , 1448822086577.jpg )
How high up they are.
>> No. 10110 ID: b47376

Dead & gone, if that fell on your noggin.

How do you always go it, to find these kind of places with such poor standards or horrendous management?
>> No. 10111 ID: 79b400
Just lucky, I guess.

I actually got very lucky with my new job, it's a great company to work for that rewards hard work pretty quickly and has good management across the board. And I'm happy there's a location in Tulsa, so when I'm a server and ready to move, I can just transfer instead of looking for another serving job when I get there. It made my plans easier.
>> No. 10112 ID: bfdb82
What you are saying is I could get hit and sue them for millions for damage?
>> No. 10113 ID: 793e55
Just ride there in a motorcycle or something and don't take off your helmet and armor.
>> No. 10115 ID: 79b400

If only it were that easy.

I wish it clipped my body so I could have a reason to sue.
>> No. 10116 ID: 38d3ce
What's the happs on that rent?
>> No. 10117 ID: 79b400
Unsure at the moment. I left two messages today and I'm hoping he calls back with good news.

Otherwise I'm staying here for another month or whenever a vacancy at Casa De Crack Shacks open up. Pretty much a little shanty town of efficiency cottages, but really cheap rent and it's much closer to my new job.
>> No. 10118 ID: 79b400
If I ran a restaurant, it'd be trucker themed and fat servers would have to wear a shirt that says "OVERSIZED LOAD" and "CAUTION: MAKES FREQUENT STOPS."

If I ran the country, fat people would have to wear the same shirt along with having the food pyramid pinned on them like a star of David.
>> No. 10119 ID: fe966b
>> No. 10120 ID: 79b400
Not really, I just hate fat people. They're the most spatially unaware people on the planet.

It's worse in restaurants. Not only are they unaware of the space they take up, but they're also constantly in the way, feel whatever they're doing is more important than what you're doing even if they're just standing there telling an inane story in a highly trafficked walkway while you're trying to get through to dump your tub so you can clear other tables to increase turnover.

They're also very lazy and dumb, complaining about not making enough tips and wondering why other servers did better when the other servers focused on their job and brought the customers their shit ASAP instead of standing at the fountain drink dispenser gossiping while the customers wait for their drinks.

This can be any shitty server and there can be good fat servers, but in my experience this is most fat servers.

Also, they just stop walking out of nowhere all the time. Either because "muh feet hurt, I'm tired, muh blood sugar" or they spot someone they want to gossip to, disrupting traffic, not just for employees, but for guests too. And they wonder why they get small tips.
>> No. 10121 ID: 79b400
God, after tomorrow, I've worked over 50 hours this week. With one job, that wouldn't be an issue. But, with two, opening one store in the morning and closing a restaurant at night, getting only 5 hours sleep a night, it's taxing.

I pissed my managers off at Bass Pro today. The restaurant called and said that they needed me to come in two hours early because of a kid calling out. So, I told my managers I needed to leave an hour early so I can get something to eat in between. If I left my scheduled time, all my time would have been spent traveling and I would have been closing with nothing to eat at all. Fuck that.

Manager got mad, which I understand, but I told him I have to do what's good for me. I've been good to the company at a detriment to myself, I need to do what's right for me now. Plus, I got everything I needed to do done, except for one thing, but that's only because the tractor is out of commission. I'm going to get chewed out tomorrow, but whatever.

Also, most of the kitchen staff are Mexican and don't speak a lick of English. But, they do an amazing job and are obsessed with Audioslave, so they are okay in my book.

Though, I heard them joking about me calling me gringo when I walked by the dish pit, so I said "hablar mierda ser golpeado." Now, they call me "Mierda Hablador." I don't know what it means, but I'm sure it's a sign of high respect.
>> No. 10122 ID: cfe73e
File 14490333954.jpg - (99.95KB , 407x405 , 38657939.jpg )
Mierda hablador means "shit talker"
>> No. 10123 ID: cfe73e
File 144903403438.gif - (1.59MB , 500x227 , TqIEnYB.gif )
But you knew that as "hablar mierda ser golpeado" means "talk shit get hit". https://youtu.be/-iKxCvAYOrI
>> No. 10124 ID: 50cd85
Had a kid at one place accuse me of racism, because he was hispanic.
I said "You have to be the laziest mexican I've ever encountered. You are lazy to the point that "lazy" mexicans shun you. You are the far end of the bell curve, and the sole reason people think Mexes are lazy".

He quit and filed an unemployment claim, which was denied. May the everlasting fuck and damnation be upon him.
>> No. 10125 ID: 79b400
Have to do this Servsafe shit, finally had a chance to sit down and do it.

Halfway sleep and play on my phone throughout the courses because it's fucking boring and the lady's pronunciation is weird, still score 100% because lol OCD, proper food prep is ingrained in my very being. Plus, it's retardedly easy.

What pissed me off is they forced me to do a survey at the end and wouldn't give me my certification until I did it. Filled it out all below average and the last question they asked me was "as a food handler, what other training would you invest in?"

Replied "various POS, menu memorization, and puppies." Because puppies. And fuck forced surveys.

Also, would it fucking hurt them to purchase a decent microphone or at the very fucking least nigger rig a wind catch with two paperclips and panty hose? I don't want to have my ears blown out because the bitch speaks low and breathes loud.

Lol, the Mexicans I've known have either been incredibly hard working or incredibly lazy. I've never seen an in between.
>> No. 10126 ID: 79b400

I've been running around so much at working and breaking in some Tredsafe shoes that a few days ago, I had so many blisters form under a callous that it slid right off.

Same thing happened to my other foot today as I was taking my work shoes and socks off.

I'm treating them, cleaning them, bandaging them when needed, letting them breathe when not. But, fuck, it sucks. It's just like what happened to that dude in Eric Haney's book, except on a smaller scale. It's not my whole sole, it's just the sides of the IP joint on the big toe and the sesamoid.

Hopefully I don't get called in tomorrow, it'd be nice to just take a load off for the day.
>> No. 10127 ID: 963c4b
File 14493015731.jpg - (134.36KB , 1600x795 , CC surgical prosthetic foot concept 1.jpg )
We can fix that.
>> No. 10128 ID: 963c4b
File 144930160467.png - (1.68MB , 1600x795 , CC surgical prosthetic foot concept 3.png )
Except the maintenance is a hassle.
>> No. 10129 ID: 963c4b
File 144930198092.jpg - (1.54MB , 3456x2304 , CC surgical prosthetic foot robot ankle 1.jpg )
>> No. 10130 ID: 82a3e8
I just got a new pair of bates 8 inch enforces for my early xmas gift. Shit are they comfy. Like the perfect mix of tennis shoes, and boots.
>> No. 10131 ID: 79b400
I wish I could wear comfy boots. But, I need slip resistant shoes that clean and dry off easy.
>> No. 10132 ID: 79b400
Almost forgot, funny thing happened.

I was cleaning the table after a 6 top of loudmouthed blacks when the server came and picked up the receipts and her tip. She looks at it all and says "goddammit. 3 bills, one $78, $15, and $18 and they only gave me a $7 tip."

I pointed and said "AND they stole your pen and fucked up the peanut bucket." She looks down and says "THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!"

Also, it's funny how perspective changes. When I worked BOH with a flat rate, I prayed for slow nights every night, even if it was bad for business. Also, that was a bad restaurant, so I couldn't care less if they flopped.

Now that I'm FOH and my pay is determined by how many products we sell, so the more tables I turn the better. So, I'm praying for busy nights every night. Seeing how that's the difference between minimum wage and $10 or $11 an hour.
>> No. 10133 ID: bdae0c

That's a massive faux pas in the states right? I mean like 15 to 18% is a standard minimum from what I have heard.
7 dollars would be like 5% out of that bill
>> No. 10134 ID: 79b400
Yeah, that's shitty, especially for a good server like her.

How it's set up is minimum wage for a regular job is something around $8.50 an hour, but a serving wage is different so the average around the states is $5.75 an hour because of tips. So, gratuities are incredibly important to a server's income.

It's a great motivator to be great at your job and provide the best experience you can, which doesn't click with a lot of people (like the fat servers I mentioned before).

That said, it isn't a guarantee even if you're amazing at your job. There's still assholes who don't tip or just try to be difficult.

So, 15%-18% is the benchmark for average service, so if the service was exceptional you tip higher than that, if it was below average you go lower or not at all if the experience was terrible.

I hear tipping isn't common in Europe, that servers are paid a flat rate.
>> No. 10135 ID: c561cd
File 144937132249.jpg - (12.91KB , 460x460 , i_love_my_job_tshirt.jpg )
This steak house? If so, I want a shirt.

Does your location do the mandatory line dancing? I went to one in West Virginia, everyone was all into it, complete with the bartender turning up the music and some lady who was either the manager or homeless cheering them on with a tambourine.

In New Jersey, the staff danced with a mix of apathy and displeasure.

In Maryland, they just don't.

In Mesquite TX, the chicks wear cowboy boots and daisy dukes (fuck yeah), but no dancing.
>> No. 10136 ID: 79b400
Line dancing is semi-mandatory.

Technically, men are supposed to get in on it, but we're given a pass. Any available female server or hostess has to do it.

And I can hook you up with a shirt, nigga. What design and long sleeve or short sleeve? (lol Blood Diamond) They cost me like $5 or $6 depending on the shirt, I already have 6. Though, I only paid for two. The first two were free, I bought two more and then got two more for free under different circumstances. Like when I showed up soaking wet because the weather has been terrible these last few days.

Also, daisy dukes and cowboy boots? Shit, I need to be transferred.
>> No. 10138 ID: c561cd
File 14493749586.jpg - (146.85KB , 850x850 , welcome-to-the-shitshow-capitol-concrete.jpg )
Short sleeve, XL. What are the different designs? I was thinking the I <3 My Job one.

My coworkers were talking about getting some of <---- pic related.

> Also, daisy dukes and cowboy boots? Shit, I need to be transferred.

That was the only good the best thing about TX when I was there. Although, a pre-req for the shorts is the million degree heat.

One of my coworkers from Canada-land told me, "I'm not adapting to the heat, I'm just melting slower."

I found everything in Texas to be bigger, as advertised, including The Sun. Going outside without eyepro would result in temporary blindness. (Solution: Pool sunglasses.)
>> No. 10139 ID: 79b400
There's one with the basic logo, one with pink boots saying "stomping on breast cancer" and the last I've seen says "keep calm and stay legendary." There's probably more, but I have only seen those. I have the the basic logo, I love my job, and breast cancer shirts, I have yet to see a legendary shirt for sale.

Also, I feel you about the heat and the sun. Florida sucks.

The only reason I haven't been wearing sunglasses lately is I need to get a new pair that will fit in a helmet without coming off my nose and obstructing my view like my current glasses. Since I need a new pair, I'm going to get something polarized this time around to help with windshields and on the water. So, I'm currently on the hunt for something sub $30.
>> No. 10140 ID: 963c4b
File 144947233948.png - (1.14MB , 2000x2000 , stats 91% of the time the better-financed candidat.png )
People in the USA complain about the corrupt indolent swine in Congress, but keep reelecting their Congressmen. The system is not broke, it's FIXED. The US political system is so heavily geared to advantage the incumbents because they are juiced in to the contributors and they spend around 70% of their time raising campaign donations for their next re-election. In the elections of 2014, Congress had a 14 percent approval rate, but the incumbent re-election rate was 96 percent. In the Soviet Union, the Communist Party abused a one-party dictatorship, but only retained their politburo Party Congress incumbents at 93 percent.

91% of the time the better-financed candidate wins. Don’t act surprised.
There are few talking points more beloved by underdog political candidates (and their aides) than to declare that money doesn't matter. (If it did, Steve Forbes would be the president!)
Well, they're wrong -- at least most of the time.
Take a look at the chart below, created last month by Jasper McChesney, a designer at United Republic, a nonpartisan nonprofit that tries to spread awareness about the influence of money in politics.

The chart analyzes 467 congressional races held in 2012. Its findings:
* Candidates who out-fundraised their opponents were nine times more likely to win elections in 2012.
* Winning congressional candidates outspent their opponents by about 20 to 1.
* Winning candidates on average spent $2.3 million. Losing candidates, on average, spent $1.1 million. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2014/04/04/think-money-doesnt-matter-in-elections-this-chart-says-youre-wrong/
>> No. 10141 ID: 79b400
I fucking LOVE our Mexican kitchen crew. Fucking hilarious and fun guys, even though most don't speak English.

I worked a silverware rolling shift tonight, usually a cake shift, but it got busy real fast. I roll fast, faster than most, but they still were running out in the front. Every time I was catching up on a bin and was thinking "YES! I CAN FINALLY GO PEE!" the dish crew dumped a huge batch of silverware in the bin.

At one point, I caught up and was about to go piss when the dish guy dumped silverware and I looked at him wide eyed and said "...tu monstruo..." and he let out the most evil cackle that only a Mexican could do.
>> No. 10142 ID: bc2b00
Drinking Surge while playing Sega Genesis games with my manager before having to clock in.

Am I 10 again?
>> No. 10143 ID: bc2b00
File 145007727591.jpg - (1.81MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0142.jpg )
I hope you guys like this as much as I did, I was laughing all night.

A larger woman, a dedicated customer if you will, sat down with her phone in her back pocket. They were in the booth for about an hour. I cleaned the table after they left, went to wipe the seats and noticed this. I pointed it out to coworkers and laughed.

It never went away. I kept coming back and it was there. It was there after several people came and went. I took this picture two hours after they left.
>> No. 10144 ID: bc2b00
File 14500773344.jpg - (1.76MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0144.jpg )
This was about 5 hours after they left.
>> No. 10145 ID: 087d66

>Ass with the density of a collapsed star

That's pretty impressive. How huge was this woman?
>> No. 10146 ID: 79b400
She had two front butts that were indistinguishable from her two back butts, but she was still able to fit in our booth unlike some of our other patrons. Who need to pull two chairs together either in the 20s which is filled with conventional tables or just have a seat pulled up to the side of the booth.

I had one customer ask for a booth, had a chair pulled up to the side and the entire table was laid out with food in front of him. He was the only one there.

Our fucking chairs, man. They are so fucking impressive. I wish I could photoshop, I'd make one of those posters with a picture from WWI saying "there's heroism, then there's TRUE heroism" followed by a fatty pushing a chair past its limits, "support your local chairs, they support you."
>> No. 10147 ID: 087d66
Do you work at that heart attack burger and grill in Las Vegas or something?
>> No. 10148 ID: 82a3e8
I went there while in Vegas. I was expecting delicious burgers, cripsy fresh unlimited fries with cheese sauce, and to buy a pack of unfiltered lucky strikes.

The burger was super greasy yet dry. The fries were soggy and nasty, they had no cheese sauce, no free refills on soda, and they didnt have any lucky strikes.
>> No. 10149 ID: 087d66

That's a shame. I've never been but now I don't feel like I missed out on anything.
>> No. 10150 ID: 79b400
Steakhouse in Flawdah.

So, the obesity level is pretty high.

Also, old people are the nastiest motherfuckers. I wonder if it's because they keep their shit clean and when they go out, they're like "FUCK IT, ITS NOT MINE!" and leave a huge mess. Like a reserved Christian chick in bed (one of which I'm trying to get to go on a date. Fuck, I'd convert to Christianity for her).

I'm expecting a little old lady to come to me one day and say "excuse me... I fucked it all up... bitch... whatchu gonna do about it? Clean it, that's what. Bitch."
>> No. 10151 ID: fc3045
They make slip resistant boots.

When you can, buy a nice pair of slip resistant soled boots with your bass pro discount.

Damn chinks :3

Osha will give you jew golds for reporting that shit.
Also, mental anguish because of a near death experience.
Hostile workplace because the manager made fun of you.

I was going to guess a nicer steakhouse (seriously, this is like ruth chris's level of fat snowbirds) but then I saw the line dancing and shit.
Are you working at the stripclub country western bar? Double D's? Kek
>> No. 10152 ID: 79b400
Yeah, but they ruin quickly and the soles detach in a restaurant environment. It happens so much.

Tredsafe clogs are the most common thing in the industry for a reason. I can run those bitches through the dishwasher to clean them.

Also, I'm going to be line dancing tonight. This boy don't dance, but the incredibly attractive Christian chick has been trying to get me to do it.
>> No. 10153 ID: fc3045
hUH, I've spilled gasoline and acetone all over my doc martins and it's never been an issue with sole seperation.

Even buying stitched not glued boots?
>> No. 10154 ID: 79b400
There's something about the shoes becoming caked with organic material all night that rots stitching, I don't know what it is.

I've seen quite a few industrial grade boots in the kitchen, they don't last long. Everyone eventually switches to plastic clogs like the Tredsafe or even Crocs. They just handle food better. Plus, they're only $20 at Walmart, so you don't care what happens to them, there's a reason they're the most common shoe in restaurants.

Mine are broken in now, so they're pretty good to go. My only issue at the moment is I'm still healing from having the skin under my callous slide completely off. So, it's a bit tender.
>> No. 10155 ID: fc3045
Might be a microbial and wetness thing.

Who knows. I never knew that. Pay a cobbler $15 to stitch it with catgut surgical sutures?
>> No. 10156 ID: 06a0fb
fat decaying in meat residues and ph levels in meat/poultry blood will dissolve non-PVC rubber and most typical shoe adhesives, and some of the cleaners used in restauarant/food prep/food retail will damage the materials most non-PVC rubber that typical shoes and boots are made of.

I havent tried Doc Martens at my job, as they don't make many in solid black (uniform code) and men's wide sizes. I can say I have tried Danner, Altama, Rocky, Nike shoes, Bogs boots, Magnum, the cheap walmart Brahma brand, all kinds of price points. Blood and any kind of meat residues are going to damage shoes quickly, and the cleaning chemicals even more.

Far as I have found, vulcanized rubber and PVC are the only rubbers that won't dissolve and wear down in meat residuals (fat, blood, grease from cooking, etc.)

I'm a butcher. I go through 4 to 5 pairs of shoes a year, depending.
>> No. 10157 ID: fc3045
The old doc martins (which i'vegot) have a blood/fat/oil resistant non slip sole.

I dunno about the new stuff.

I never knew that about bio waste. Thanks. TIL
>> No. 10158 ID: fc5d2d
File 145024059292.jpg - (53.40KB , 540x650 , IMG_20151215_233333.jpg )
>> No. 10159 ID: fc5d2d
File 14502406191.jpg - (58.29KB , 540x734 , IMG_20151215_233418.jpg )
>> No. 10160 ID: fc5d2d
Have you tried those Tredsafe shoes? If you're going through that many shoes, may as well be cheap and easy to care for.
>> No. 10161 ID: 06a0fb
the older docs are a vulcanized rubber which should be good against the fat and alkali cleaners, but the blood still chews up the leather. I can saddle soap and polish my boots 3 times a week and still wear through them in a single winter's wear (but that's partly the road salt too).

I try to get safety toe shoes should I drop a knife or case of meat at work. I also like boots because I have to work in our meat freezer every other day, tearing down the frozen loads. Higher ankles means fewer twisted ankles navigating around pallets in the freezer and if I slip on blood or water during clean up time.
These worked really well for a good 8 months but the salt in winter here in Wisconsin and the sanitizers from cleanup did a number on the rubber in the soles.
>> No. 10162 ID: fc3045
vulcanized rubber, that makes sense.

I can see how the leather would get chewed up, I'm wondering if using a sealer on it (like an actual sealer) product would help a ton.

Thanks for the information.
>> No. 10163 ID: 06a0fb
you're welcome.
>> No. 10164 ID: fc3045
Shoot me a text, new phone, lost your number. I should probably save it.
>> No. 10165 ID: 79b400
I know most of the people here are pretty squared away and work skilled trades or other professional careers, but I have to ask.

Do any of you have to work with teenagers on a regular basis?

The horror... I keep telling myself "it's just a means to an end." And "dat underage poon isn't worth it, even though she's 17 and looks fucking 24. Plenty of of age poon to go around-- they're all taken. Fuck. Just you and me tonight Mr. Palmer."
>> No. 10166 ID: 82a3e8
I work/worked with a kid who was really squared away. He got the job so he could help his fam pay bills and to save up for a new car (his brother wrecked his). He worked pretty hard and wasnt an ass.

Everyone else at that job is a piece of shit.

17 is legal in texas, and them 17 year old girls in my area sure do know it.
>> No. 10167 ID: 90a126
File 145102275863.jpg - (76.02KB , 840x529 , MDkxNTZhMjMxYiMvS.jpg )
When I worked at another branch for a time I did. Makes me feel weird. I'm not that old now, 30, and at the time I was only about 25 or 26. Still felt weird to be working with a bunch of teens doing summer jobs at the place. Looking at some girl 16 and 17 and finding her attractive because she is physically identical to an adult made me feel like a creeper.

Kids talking about the latest phones, music, and trends just left me confused. To their credit they weren't dicks and did try to include me and my elders in conversations but I was completely lost when they talk about shit like Big Sean or Iggy Azalea. I did not know what the fuck a Iggy Azalea was, I thought it was something to do with Iggy Pop and I only know about that guy because he was on Star Trek.

Of course to be fair I've never been hip. Even as a teen I was such a emo hipster bastard I never listened to hip and happening music or stayed updated on the latest trends.

Still made me feel a bit shit when some 60 year old granny could keep up with the gab of a bunch of high school students while I was as lost as a city dweller in a moderately wooded area despite being only a few years older then they.

Though all their gossiping and running their traps was part of the problem with the little shits. They had no work ethic and thats saying something coming from me considering I try to avoid as much work as possible and tend to do the Scotty thing of saying work takes far longer then it actually does.

I was transferred to that branch temporarily because the branch has been getting alot of complaints from upstairs and patrons about how everything was all fucked up. New shit to be put out was perpetually delayed, season displays tended to go up nearly when the season was ended if at all, the computer systems were out of date and severely effed up despite new computers sitting in the branches storage for months (I made the joke that the computers were sitting so long there was no point in hooking them up as they were already outdated) and the shelves were a fucking mess.

The problems were blamed on a lack of staff. Normally 5 people ran the place but the number had been reduced to one and a half (technically 3 for a time) were 3 people had quite, one person was pregnant and could only work part-time even after popping out the baby, and the only person working full time was the 60 year old granny.

So the powers that be transferred me and another person from another branch plus hired on the summer jobbers in the hopes it would improve the library until they could get some new permanent staff.

The branch was improved but no thanks to the temps.

Now this isn't implying all teens are fucking lazy bastard but the ones I worked with certainly were. It probably didn't help that it was the summer and a bunch of teens certainly did not want to be in a stuffy librarium when they could be out having fun in the sun on a bun.
>> No. 10168 ID: 79b400
FUCK the holidays in restaurants. Fucking loud ass snowbirds staying hours after close with big tops.

And fuck the kids I work with for conveniently disappearing during the dinner rush and all 3 clocking out before finishing their duties and getting checked out, making me stay even later.

Lucky for me it just makes me look better with the managers.

All I need to say is I had a 16 year old try to sell me pot. AND said he thinks Darth Vader is the one that gets killed in the new Star Wars movie in the same breath and was shocked when I said he already died in the OT.
>> No. 10169 ID: 50cd85
File 145109781367.jpg - (8.91KB , 225x225 , gc.jpg )
Turned the pressure washer on a doofus I work with, for smoking while fueling.

He threatened to "Kick my ass" (I'm easily twice his size, and lift what he needs help with, with one arm). I feigned deafness, and said "Lick my ass? Make sure you get the dingleberries".

He then mentioned that he owns a gun ( a Hi Point). I reminded him that "If he felt froggy to bring it, but the be sure he filed the front sight off, to minimize injury when I shoved his popgun up his ass".

The owner of the company mentioned that he's probably going to fire dipshit soon. Getting real tired of dealing with lazy 20 something narcissistic fucktards, so this is good news.
>> No. 10170 ID: 8060ad
>be at job
>old man threatens to rape and stab me
>old lady threatens to punch me
>old lady accuses me of trying to rape her
>somebody pooped on the wall again
>I can't even put on my own pants
>> No. 10171 ID: eb9eee
File 145114925087.jpg - (39.03KB , 361x500 , putin-laughing.jpg )
>"Lick my ass? Make sure you get the dingleberries"

>"... be sure he filed the front sight off, to minimize injury when I shoved his popgun up his ass"

Comedy gold.
>> No. 10172 ID: 5dc04d
Deployment is going well. Trying to get an extension because dat money and dem bonuses. Also lining up shit for my MSc. which should hopefully start in September.

Also wtf guys get fucking educated or something, y'all working some shitty-ass jobs.
>> No. 10173 ID: d27421
I've looked around but.... Is there an area to post OUR shooting gifs/webm's. If not there needs to be. That way we can tell who knows what they're talking about and who doesn't.
>> No. 10174 ID: 6372b6
You can make a thread in /k/ about "posting your shooting vids", nothing wrong with that.

Lurk around a little first, you'll get the hang of things soon.
>> No. 10175 ID: ae5e12
File 145145467559.jpg - (2.13MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0163.jpg )
Workplace drama!

Apparently complaining that the other kids conveniently disappear during dinner rush, leaving me alone up front when all the servers and bartenders need something now and all want you to prioritize them first is "talking mad shit."

So, I just told the kid "listen, I didn't take this job to make friends with teenagers. I took it with a specific purpose which I will accomplish within the year. Don't tell me how shit works here, you've only worked here for 6 months and this is your first job. This is my third restaurant job and I'm already good with the managers, I know what they want and expect. So, either do your job or shut up, either way I'm not dealing with this shit."

There's a reason the majority of servers and managers seek me out to get shit done. Because I get shit done and I'm always friendly and professional.

Pic related. 36 hours there, 24 hours at Bass Pro. Busy week.
>> No. 10176 ID: fc3045
I have a retarded sister. So kinda?

I expected that. Enjoy the teenager drama.
Enjoy it, become alcoholic, post on /r/kitchenconfidential
>> No. 10177 ID: ae5e12
Had a contest at work today seeing who could bus the most tables, winner received a free meal.

It was a good meal, very hearty. :)

On another note, I've spent the last week heavily considering a different career field than the one I've been set on the last two years.

I had like a two hour conversation with a high ranking police officer the other day, just shooting the shit to kill time and we just enjoyed talking to each other. He kept asking me if I'd considered becoming a police officer, that the nation needs more officers like me, I have the perfect temperament and attitude about being a police officer, there'd be less bad headlines with officers like me, etc.

Truth is, I've always wanted to become a police officer, it's work I've always been attracted to. I'm seriously considering transferring to a city I want to work in and going through the academy to become a police officer.

I just need to do research about where I would want to move to.
>> No. 10178 ID: 0cc1d8
By the way, didn't buy into everything he was saying, I think he's just trying to get more people to apply.

But, it still got me thinking about it. I have wanted to do it longer than I can remember.

...plus I want get into at least one car chase in my life. ...hopefully a lot... vroom vroom
>> No. 10179 ID: 3d52d9
If I were you, I'd probably want to apply to that guy's department. It sounds like he might be able to grease the skids for you. Hell, do it soon, even.

A few years down the line, if you still want to be somewhere else, your experience would make it easier to land a position where you really want to be.
>> No. 10181 ID: 4fa6a2
No. Please no. There are some people that should not be police officers. You are one of them.

Right now all of the terrible decisions you make in your life only fuck up your life. When you become an officer, those decisions fuck up other people's lives, up to and including death. The world needs fewer retarded cops, not more.

Let me explain how your career as a cop would go:
>Almost guaranteed to shot or stabbed in first year
>Recover from injuries because you are too unlucky to die
>Shoot unarmed black child
>Cause riots
>Indicted and charged
>Raped in prison until death of old age

I hate to discourage someone, but you are not meant to be a cop. Pick something else.
>> No. 10182 ID: ae5e12
Please, I'm the only family member making rational decisions.

My problems aren't a result of poor decision making on my end, they're usually caused by family.

I think I'd be a damn good cop. Hold reservations until you meet me one day.

I'd rather pull my intestine through my urethra than be a cop in Florida for one day.
>> No. 10183 ID: 798a48
You still need to get your medical paperwork taken care of in order to assess whether you will be allowed to enlist or not. Not to mention you still need to see about getting your education, securing your insurance payouts?, and paying back those you owe debts to.

Before any of that, you still need to become financially solvent not to mention finding better living arrangements.

I'm not going to pretend you're Broseph like Nordic might, but you've yet to get your shit in one sock.
>> No. 10184 ID: 3d52d9
>I'd rather pull my intestine through my urethra than be a cop in Florida for one day.
Why's that?
>> No. 10185 ID: 795be7

He'll probably just run over cyclists.

>> No. 10186 ID: 79b400
I HATE this state and most of its inhabitants. Being a cop here would turn me into Chris Dorner. Big, black and angry.

Moving to another state is a big motivator right now.

Finding new living arrangements is at the top of my list right now, followed by paying everybody back.

As for my education, I'm currently working on that, it's just been a pain finding the time. I'm going to go to this adult ed place to gain the most basic of credentials, the GED, I just need to make time and have work schedule around it (apparently it's a little class before it leads to the test).

I'll talk to a doctor and try my hand at enlisting.

I know I have a lot of shit to get in order and I don't like to pass off blame, but honestly, the majority of the problems I'm sorting out weren't caused by me. I mean, it's like I've been forced to stare at a wall while a bull and a cow shit behind me for 24 years, then I was spun around, given a toothpick and told to sort out the shit from the bull and cow. Do that for two years, make little progress, have several cave ins, then after two years, I'm given a trowel. Now I'm making headway and shit is going in its proper place.

Honestly, with how I was raised and what was done to me (you guys still only know like a quarter of it), I think I'm surprisingly rational. Especially with how I could have turned out.

I always believed I could make a good cop. Though, not ignoring my luck, the entirety of the movie End of Watch would happen in my first shift.
>> No. 10187 ID: 79b400
  Also, this will be me on Thursday when my manager gets back.

He got pissy with me because I refused to stay later because I was scheduled for my other job in two hours and had to go take care of some dogs in between.

I don't give a fuck. If he doesn't give a fuck about an individual employees needs to make ends meet, I don't give a fuck either. He needs to learn to not take the workplace so personally and expect employees to jeopardize their standing at another job to appease him.
>> No. 10188 ID: ef8f9a
File 145206770940.jpg - (35.80KB , 350x475 , MATT_361lg.jpg )
>tfw every job I've applied too in the last week asks for all my non-existent social media accounts
I blame the fucking normies.
>> No. 10189 ID: b47376

LOL. Too lazy to try & track you down by themselves?
Here it tends to be done underhandedly. They'll try to find your online persona(s) after going through your CV & you probably won't even get called in for an interview if they found any dirt.
>> No. 10190 ID: ab4830

I frequently wonder if that's why I rarely hear from employers after applying for a job. My resume is fine, speaks for itself, good job history mixed in with some entrepreneurial ventures, past employers would all have good reviews for me as well.

Given the economic climate, I might be running into typical overqualification issues. I know it's a thing to want to hire young kids who won't negotiate pay or think for themselves, it's a lot easier to give a recent grad minimum wage and expect no argument from them, even when the job traditionally pays more and the responsibilities would typically command higher than min. wage, but that's the benefit of hiring what are essentially children with no work experience.

But outside of that, I am not actually on social media. I never once signed up for Facebook, I never had Myspace back when it was popular either, I am not even on Twitter although I do read tweets from companies if I am interested in their products, etc.

Part of me is always nagged by this feeling that they see my resume, are impressed, then see that I do not exist on Facebook or LinkedIn and immediately throw my resume in the trash. Social media presence has become so standard that it can affect your ability to find work, regardless of your qualifications and history, and that is fucking retarded.

I have a decent enough job now though so I don't sweat it. Sometimes it might be that other employers don't want to be accused of poaching a worker who is currently employed...or it makes them wary that an employed person is seeking new work while still working. Who knows? HR types who make hiring decisions never struck me as logical to start with and I know there are always situations where they have about 10 people they'd like to hire and probably pick one almost at random.

I need to become like more Operators here and get into vocational or niche lines of work where as long as you're trained and not a moron, the jobs are there and the pay is decent. I currently work in a saturated industry that I broke into through a combination of skill and luck, but competition in this industry also sometimes has me competing against traditional route prospects who hold MBAs and shit, and I know I will be overlooked everytime when that happens.

Plus my job skills will be largely useless if I have to ever go innawoods someday.
>> No. 10191 ID: 634497
File 145217025514.jpg - (1.03MB , 1920x1080 , ilse_delange1.jpg )

And from what I've read, the magic number is two. Two social media "networks", though for the life of me I can't figure out how that's relevant to one's ability to perform one's job adequately.

So if you haven't got one, sign up for a faecesbook and join Opchan's page or group or whatever and get all of us to add you as friends. Then add your family members and people you knew in high school and college so you look a little less homicidal. Boom, problem solved.

Ilse unrelated.
>> No. 10192 ID: 3796ec
> sign up for a faecesbook and join Opchan's page or group or whatever and get all of us to add you as friends.

You'll probably be more popular with the three letter agencies than your potential employer that way.

> Part of me is always nagged by this feeling that they see my resume, are impressed, then see that I do not exist on Facebook or LinkedIn and immediately throw my resume in the trash.

I saw a room for rent advertisement that wanted to see your LinkedIn profile.

> We're two young professional dudes and we want more of the same! Include your job title, employer, and a LinkedIn profile when applying!

I responded to the ad just for shits and giggles.

> I need to become like more Operators here and get into vocational or niche lines of work where as long as you're trained and not a moron, the jobs are there and the pay is decent.

And if you're good, the jobs come looking for you. I got "found" for my current job. At very least, I can find a decent job doing anything mechanical, electrical, or controls related. (Or go back to my previous careers of selling guns or doing webpage / software work.)

Having job skills is important.

> I currently work in a saturated industry that I broke into through a combination of skill and luck, but competition in this industry also sometimes has me competing against traditional route prospects who hold MBAs and shit, and I know I will be overlooked everytime when that happens.

That's rough. The good news is you've got, what I assume is, a 9-5 salary job. You're good right up until you get laid off. Also, the chances of you getting blown up, electrocuted, drowning in a pool of poop, burned, gassed, exposed to chemicals, or crushed on the job are a lot lower than mine.

So, you know, take up mountain biking if you want some excitement.
>> No. 10193 ID: b47376
File 145218772936.jpg - (58.66KB , 514x400 , 1286087046802.jpg )
>Part of me is always nagged by this feeling that they see my resume, are impressed, then see that I do not exist on Facebook or LinkedIn and immediately throw my resume in the trash.

I doubt that happens. If they can't find you, that's generally a good sign.
I only have LinkedIn myself & use it as an online resume. That's it. I'm not on any other social network at all.

>Who knows? HR types who make hiring decisions never struck me as logical to start with and I know there are always situations where they have about 10 people they'd like to hire and probably pick one almost at random.

I've come into contact with one of the many HR professionals hiring people for cabin crew of our national airline. Turns out she never hired anyone on for a specific crew unless their horoscope matches the crew's...

Yeah, crazy shit happens in HR.

>So if you haven't got one, sign up for a faecesbook and join Opchan's page or group or whatever and get all of us to add you as friends.

Pic related.
>> No. 10194 ID: 82a3e8
Honestly, there is nothing wrong with having a facebook. Just use common fucking sense when social mediaing.

My facebook is set to private, my profile picture is of a comic book character, and people who arent on my friends list cant see anything I post, or my info or whatever.

I dont add bosses/coworkers etc. Facebook told me to add my landlord once, I laughed and noped the fuck out of that one.

I have a linkedin I never use. The entire reason I made one was so I could keep in contact with yo deg.

Meanwhile of the very few people I added to my linkedin keep adding skills on my linkedin. And im all "Thanks.. I guess?"

>step dad adds me on linked in
>occasionally puts new skills on mine that have to do with computer shit, or snarky "har har" things like Im great at mowing lawns and detailing cars
>what a world we live in where a 65 year old country bumpkin is trolling me on social media.
>> No. 10195 ID: a18c5a

>> No. 10196 ID: 38f673
File 145230608226.jpg - (48.52KB , 500x375 , Russian Trooper cat.jpg )
Started exchanging emails with a CA-based security training group and already submitted my resume.

Not sure how they are as a security group and the fact they were at a job fair, but it's a start instead of sitting on my ass since I got out of the military. The associates and I think CEO talked to me at a veteran's job fair about how I could possible train to become a firearms instructor assistant. I have my reservations and the experiences I've read about from other people in the general security field aren't too encouraging, but the prospect of being a firearms instructor assistant and being an actual one eventually is god damn exciting. I'm hoping that because I'll be going through guard training and the associated side stuff, that I can utilize my GI Bill for expenses. That and I'll still be able to attend some regular classes and finally the proper school requirements for a CSU.
>> No. 10197 ID: df12a0
>CA-based security training group

>instructor: "Make your ten shots count!"
>> No. 10198 ID: 8ae717
> start new job at a company that designs / manufactures custom orthotic braces.
>company wants to switch over to 3d printing for their manufacturing
>my job is to make this happen
>day 5
>have one semi-successful print
>day 6
>company owner wants to put 3d printed parts into production now

best part is:

>using blender for design work

Is day 7 too soon to sit your boss down and tell them why what they want to happen simply won't without a Solidworks license and 6 months (minimum) of R&D?
>> No. 10199 ID: bdae0c

Did they see all this 3D printing hype nonsense and think that it's going to be a StarTrek replicator the second they make a half assed attempt?
>> No. 10200 ID: 8ae717


It's not worse than the current method but the guy doesn't seem to understand that there's more kinks than the folsom street fair that need ironing before it's ready for even limited production.
>> No. 10201 ID: ba2103
I was thinking of buying a 3d printer. School me plz

>more kinks than the folsom street fair.

Oh baby, tell me more.
>> No. 10202 ID: 8ae717
What do you want to do with it?

I'm certainly no expert or anything but they're not very hard to get very okay results out of provided you have the patience and filament to fuck it up a few times first.
>> No. 10203 ID: 79b400
There's this place up the street from me that teaches people how to use 3D printers and sells a variety of them.

It's actually the place that AKR drove me to for orientation for my first job.
>> No. 10204 ID: 121626
> be tradesman apprentice
> doing jerb
> Have laborers doing prep work, cleanup, etc.
> a pair of girls and some fuckhead with a ponytail (call him Cory)
> first night, Cory comes over and stats telling me and my boss about how he spent 27 years in prison
> yeah that's great, now fuck off
> next night, have Cory and another laborer (call him Trevor)
> Have Cory and Trevor with me moving 12 fit sheets of drywall through the maze that is Scottsdale Fashion Square
> go to move second load of drywall
> Cory is nowhere to be found
> grab one of the girls
> she fucking works hard, pushing that cart
> Trevor is working just as hard, he stuck by my side the entire night
> find out later Cory was sleeping on a bench
> point this out to the superintendent
> he just laughs
> superintendent also catches Cory sleeping on a bench *yet again* later that night
> next night, Trevor was told not to come in
> Cory is still there, getting in our way

Fuck everything.
>> No. 10205 ID: 0c6790
>Corey and Trevor

fuck I'm already laughing because of TPB.
>> No. 10206 ID: 0663b3
I actually shouldn't call him Cory. Cory is useful, at the very least as jail cover.

The only thing this guy did well was swinging the 20 pound demo hammer. For the ten minutes he worked between smoke breaks, 40-minute shits, and naps.

On the third night (that would have been Tuesday morning) I woke his ass up from a nap, made him go downstairs and get the glued together sticks of drywall and bring them up to the jobsite. And then made him go clear across the mall to throw them in the dumpster.

Fuck that guy.

Fortunately, he wasn't there today. Apparently he got fired yesterday. I can't imagine why.
>> No. 10207 ID: 0663b3
>glued together sticks of drywall
Used as padding between the sheets and the truck bed so they don't break or get dirty.

Just got off an 11 hour shift of installing 250 pound display cases up 5 feet on poles lel.
>> No. 10208 ID: 79b400
Lol had to collect 6 W2s for 2015. Filing taxes this sunday, only day off.

Also, these last few days have been brutal. Everything hurts. Though, it's leading places.

After watching a no knock raid happen right in front of my eyes on my way to work from my friend's house, it was kind of life affirming. I know without a shadow of doubt what career path I want to go.

It was awesome BTW, our SWAT team is badass. They used an APC I don't know the make of and an MRAP.
>> No. 10209 ID: 798a48
Second job starts Thursday.
If I can make this work, I'll be able to afford a Neumann for my brother's bday.
>> No. 10210 ID: eb9eee
File 145418901841.jpg - (188.07KB , 540x960 , IMG_20160128_104320.jpg )
>Reading manual for $50,000 high temperature, high vacuum/inert gas capable furnace.
>See this.
>> No. 10211 ID: b0a917
>boss: "stop slacking off!"
>thwg: "I'mma just doin' what the manual says ta do, boss!"
>> No. 10212 ID: 7f5e86
Orientation for new job (asset protection) is tomorrow. It will feel nice to be among the employed, but I can't help but worry I will fuck things up.
>> No. 10213 ID: 7f5e86
>Asking about social media accounts...

What jobs are you applying for? Virtually every LE job I have applied for asks about social media, but none of the others have.
>> No. 10214 ID: ae87b5
File 145426005618.jpg - (97.81KB , 795x778 , nQB8gLu.jpg )

When we hire people we don't ask them for their accounts, we just detail someone to spend a few hours stalking them. It usually turns up everything we need.
>> No. 10215 ID: ae87b5

And actually, it can be as much positive as negative. For instance, in my office we generally aren't looking for your professional qualifications, because almost no one actually comes out of college with experience in assistive technology or federal acquisitions, let alone both. So we already know we're looking for someone we'll be training basically from scratch.

So with that in mind, we need someone who is reasonably competent with computers and will also fit into our existing team culture. If we find your completely public facebook profile and it's a bunch of stupid bullshit, it's pretty obvious you're not going to fit in. For our last hire, we were facebook stalking the chick and her account was completely private except for one post, and it read: "Fucking bitches, am I right?" We all had a chuckle and gave her the call later that day.
>> No. 10216 ID: 360765
Are you trashing resumes without social media accounts?
>> No. 10217 ID: ae87b5

No, in fact if we look and don't find anything I consider that a positive.
>> No. 10218 ID: 3d25a3
Kids, i'm only going to say this once.


People spin these yarns of bullshit about magical mehtods companies use that will still find everything you post.

It's a lie.

When i'm on your ass about your student loans, you can fucking bet I go looking for a facebook.

By the time i look ofr it, I've already seen
>your social
>every address you've legally had in the US
>past employers if you've ever applied for credit
>all of your creditors
>names, phones dob, social of your family
>and in laws
>every phone registered to you, ever
>i may get bored and check if you own pets

And I STILL can't fucking see anything on a private facebook. I'll get a name and picture at best.

Now if you're the kind of fucktard that posts to public groups, yes, people can find that shit.

Otherwise, no, people without a warrant or enough money to scare facebook aren't seeing anything you don't let them see.
>> No. 10219 ID: 634497

This is pleb-tier, though. If you really, really want to tap into someone's facebook, it isn't difficult in most cases. The key is to either crack their email open, which is itself not as difficult as one might imagine, or to get them to add you, giving you greater access to their content.

Here's the thing: half the people on facebook are actively trying to inflate their "friend" list, which means that as long as you take the time to add request craploads of the people connected to them (some of whom will accept, which is all that matters), they'll see those all-important "mutual friends" that make them feel perfectly safe adding you for no real reason.

Once you're in, a little time is all you need to get virtually anything you might want on nearly any target in our generation. It's a fucking dream come true.
>> No. 10220 ID: 79b400
Jedi, are we FB friends? Can't remember.

Anyways, I ask because I'm wondering if my profile could be taken in any negative context just for the fact that I never use it and the only picture there is of a funny looking dachshund.

Honestly, I just use Facebook as a communication tool and that's primarily through private messages, I've never posted anything public. And I'm never on it, which I need to change considering one job of mine primarily communicates through it.
>> No. 10221 ID: ae87b5

Think of it this way. When you apply for a job, the people looking to hire you are trying to figure out if you're going to make things better or worse at the office. We generally look at three core questions:

1. Can they do the job?
2. Do they WANT to do the job?
3. Will they fit in with the team they'll be on?

I can figure out 1 from your resume and an interview, but 2 & 3 are far more nebulous, so I am going to look for more context to inform my decision or rating. That means I'm going to take the convenient list of information about you that you sent to my HR folks, and use it to google you. If I find things, they are going to influence me one way or another. If I find nothing, I have to go on what I know. Your absolute best shot is to curate your online presence to project the image you want potential employers to see. If you don't really use facebook for anything, either make it unsearchable or set it up to project a positive image and restrict it to the point where that image is all that is seen. Personally, if I went searching and found I could only see someone's cover photo and it's a dachshund that's going to be positive points in my book, but you might be googled by a cat lover, so YMMV. Repeat for every "social network" you're part of. If your name is in news stories anywhere, it's in your best interest to know that ahead of time, etc.
>> No. 10223 ID: 6372b6
>work ordered two new Kiwa horizontal CNC milling machines, 4 axis, two pallets
>looks good, has all the features of a production machine
>on paper
>we get the machines, all the higher-ups are creaming themselves
>machines are "super safe"
>basically require a song and dance just to open a door
>machines so safe they're dangerous
>machines both take two weeks of unfucking to actually get up and running
>get them both up and running
>chip filters woefully inadequate for production, through-spindle coolant craps out within two days
>takes a week to unfuck
>chip conveyer breaks
>tool changer breaks
>one of the machines seems to have parts of it covered in a fine soot, it wasn't there before
>no cause was identified, I think it is chaos taint over the tortured machine spirit
>machine leaks oil into coolant pan
>both machines routinely alarm out because a chip gets caught in a super-safe door
>machine locks up entirely, door stuck with chips needs to be unstuck with a prybar
>machine then needs to be powered down, then disconnected with master switch
>then you need to cycle all the doors (all the doors require one button to unlock, then physical opening/closing of the door, then a button to re-lock, then another button to tell machine it is safe)
>there are 5 doors
>the machine needs to be in the right mode to cycle doors (manual mode, not MDI, not memory, not other modes)
>everything inside the machine is a chip-trap
>pallet changer doors are chip traps, they need to be manually cleaned inside and out after a few parts or else they lock up
>manual clean means mode change to manual, then a full cycle of the doors before resuming work
>tool changer door is chip-trap, same deal
>pallet sockets are chip-traps, same deal but you have to run a pallet change command in single block to clean that
>laser tool checker is also chip-trap
>machine has multiple hard to reach recesses that are also chip traps and just gather chips until they clog up and fuck something up

I have begun chanting rites to the machine spirit when using those Kiwas. Like out loud. Gonna bring some incense next week.
>> No. 10224 ID: 6372b6
>Kiwa machines are like 250k monies each
>despite pallets and through-spindle coolant, they fail to make parts as fast as the Fanuc Robodrill because 24k spindle speed is better at small tool, high speed shit we need to do
>Fanuc Robodrill is 125k less monies and can make parts in half the time
>Fanuc Robodrill has no chip traps (except for the minor tool carousel skirt issue, but that's really not so bad)
>Fanuc Robodrill has no pants-on-head retarded "perform Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg before opening a fucking door"
>Fanuc Robodrill has proper coolant system that can strip the paint off cars or be used as riot control, not dribble out like when you ruin an orgasm
>Fanuc Robodrill's 4th axis system can do a barrel roll at 400RPM, Kiwa is maybe 10RPM
>Fanuc Robodrill has honestly the best standard CNC controller
>Fanuc Robodrill is love
>Fanuc Robodrill is life

Honestly if the Robodrill had a standard tool magazine instead of the carousel, and a belt-type chip conveyer instead of a little drool pan I would marry it.

All the higher-ups are ecstatic over the Kiwas, going "oh boy soon we can make more parts with less people because look at these marketing buzzwords on the advertizements for the machine"

All the people in the shop are like "So when the Kiwas break down so hard they can't be fixed, I wonder if that'll make the higher-ups get something that's NOT a kiwa". Notice the "when" and not "if". It's not that people would sabotage it, nobody will do that, but not a single person on the floor has any confidence in the machine. We all expect it to start bleeding out, or grind to a halt with chunks of spindle bearings to sprinkle out, or to catch fire, sometime soon.
>> No. 10225 ID: 8dfa9e
Surprised that japanese machines are that crappy. I have no experience with kiwas but we have 3 kurakis at work and although they have their share of problems being old and poorly maintained, they are pretty good machines. That's the kind of crap I would expect from crap-tastic korean junk.

I got to run the big lathe at work for the first time recently. Big old polish monster with about a four foot chuck and an at least 14 foot bed (without the extension). Running a dampened Sandvik boring bar sticking out about 3 feet. The thing was converted to cnc well before my time, long enough ago that the controller has a monochrome CRT. Anyway I get a new part on, the inside runs out about an inch when the outside is indicated in. Start the program, tool approaches part. Hit the feed hold because I didn't put enough in the comp to start with, hit the spindle off button on the controller.

"huh, that spindle sure takes a while to slow down..."

Still not stopping...

Ask someone who's run the machine before what I did wrong.

"Nothing. That's wierd."

Hit the E-stop on the controller. Spindle keeps on trucking. Fucking A. E-stop does not de-energize the spindle. Been like that since it was installed apparently. Managements solution? Hang a sign on it that says it's not a spindle e-stop.
>> No. 10226 ID: 6372b6
>Surprised that japanese machines are that crappy
Holy fuck it's Jappo?

That's messed up. All the japanese machines I've ever had the pleasure of running have been top-tier. Okuma and Enshu especially, they are the shit. 20 years of hard hogging steel? No problem. Hard crashes on average every six months for all of those years in full rapid high RPM? No problem. No real maintenance ever? No problem. Need to drive a 4" diameter 6 insert facemill at 4000RPM, 100% engaged tool diameter, .125 DOC at 250"/m? No problem.

I'd love an Okuma MC600H instead of those fucking Kiwas. The Enshu we have at work is a 5 axis and it's just dreamy.

Just the way it moves, man. It moves different than other machines.
>> No. 10227 ID: 9dcda2
File 145542611933.gif - (11.11KB , 519x354 , oscillations.gif )
>Fanuc Robodrill has proper coolant system that can strip the paint off cars or be used as riot control, not dribble out like when you ruin an orgasm

I loled.

What's the best way to learn PID loop tuning? On a live turbine engine cranking out a couple of megs of power, of course.

> Customer's engine #1 down on low lube oil pressure
> Oil pump controlled by Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

VFDs are basically solid state devices that take AC, rectify it, then switch it on and off to produce AC at whatever voltage / frequency and amperage you want. Used to precisely control 3-phase motors for speed and torque.

> These things are normally spot on... odd
> Review log data, readings erratic +\- 15 psi from 50. Fuck.
> #2 engine is running and readings are erratic
> Hook up to PLC, record high speed data
> Oil pressure is +\- 10 psi, every 100ms
> Don't believe data
> Go look at VFD display, Voltage, Frequency and Current are all over the fuck
> !!

After I accidentally the engine (whoops), I played around with the PID control loop for the pump/motor. PID control loops are the basis of every modern control system. Turbines, cars, CNC machines, Terminators, building HVAC systems, etc.

What I figured out was happening was an "Unstable Oscillation", picture related. Transmitter is noisy. Trans goes high, pump cuts back. Trans goes low, pump runs up. Between the noise and the physical delay of the pump/motor ramping up and down, shit was just going haywire.

I'd seen PID loops before, but never actually messed with one. I knew there were things called "Proportional Gains" and "Integral Gains", but had no fucking clue what they did. The P-Gain was 1.0 and the I-Gain 30. No clue what that meant.

> Change I-Gain
> No effect
> Change P-Gain to 1.1
> Shit goes even more haywire
> Change P-Gain to 0.9
> Shit smooths right out

> Read "PID Control for Dummies" site on my phone
> Read Wiki page for PID control
> Fucking expert now

I manged to fix the oil pump control oscillation, and another PID related issue, but I wasn't going to try to tune the whole fuel system.

Imagine if you had half a dozen eager children each taking turns steering a car, and each one is looking at something different. Which ever one is the closest to disaster gets to work the wheel, until the next disaster.

If anyone is interested, I'll explain how PID loops work. Suffice it to say, it's some good shit. I'm really happy I figured it out and solved a problem to get the customer's engine back up.
>> No. 10228 ID: 6372b6
File 145558604899.jpg - (65.62KB , 300x300 , 136237691092.jpg )
>fixing oscillations on a giant engine by trying shit out on the engine

Reminds me of my face when one of our machines alarmed out (power system) after tapping a couple of holes while it still had to tap a few more. It was using a cold-form tap, and there was no way I'd try sending the program through the already tapped holes; any kind of deviation would instantly break the tap. I went into single block, engaged the tapping cycle, but before the first XY call I put it in edit mode, skipped the holes previously tapped, and went back into memory to resume the cycle.

I didn't know what would happen when pressing that cycle start button. Sure, if the machine even looked like it was thinking of going all sixes and sevens I would have mashed the fuck out of the E-Stop but even at slowest rapid, that machine is fast. Starting, moving around in edit, and going back to memory is also touchy business at best with most controllers.

Everything went well though, based Enshu ENAC controller.
>> No. 10229 ID: 9dcda2
File 145558968394.jpg - (386.55KB , 1200x675 , rim job.jpg )
> Hit the E-stop on the controller. Spindle keeps on trucking. Fucking A. E-stop does not de-energize the spindle. Been like that since it was installed apparently. Managements solution? Hang a sign on it that says it's not a spindle e-stop.

That's all kinds of unsafe. We'd call a "Stop Work Authority" right then and there. That's when my boss's boss's boss's boss talks to the site's boss's boss's boss.

Fuckin' right man. Even better: I hadn't consulted anyone about. Basically had gone rogue and decided I was going to start fucking with shit.


Jeebus, what a weekend.

So the PID loop tuning was Saturday, and that was good to go. Figured the shit out, fixed the customer's problem, canceled the expensive parts order, good to go.

Sunday 12:00, I get a call to go to Baldy-more (Number 2 in Murder, 6 in Violent Crime) to do some troubleshooting. 4 hours later I find the one partially loose intermittently contacting wire and get the shit working. Then I talked to the plant operator about guns for like an hour while we watched the engine run. Cool. Back home by 19:30, get some food and watch some Forgotten Weapons.

21:30 get another call. Local gas companies have instituted "Gas Curtailment" where co-gen powerplants are not allowed to use natural gas. This is to give more to residential customers so they can heat homes and bullshit. The powerplant switched to diesel, and ran successfully for Friday and Saturday. When they were switching fuel tanks the pump and valves in between were literally frozen, and the engines ran out of fuel.

Problem: This is exactly what happened last year, and we never got them running. When it's well below freezing, nothing fucking works. Fuel won't atomize. Fine when you transfer from natural gas to diesel, you're already running and you've got 150 psi of boost and you're spraying fuel into a 3000 degree fireball. Not fucking happening when you're using 20 psi of shop-air to atomize a dribble of fuel that's just come from a frozen tank outside.

From 21:30 Sunday night to 05:00 Monday, my partner and I were fucking with the engine trying to heat shit up enough to run... using two heat guns and the secretary's space heater. No joy. The customer decided they would take the fines from the gas company, start on gas, and then transfer to diesel. It took the plant operators 3 hours to get the gas compressors to work and the heat recovery boilers operational. I left at 5am, my partner stayed a little longer. They got the turbines up on gas, then transferred to diesel just fine.

On the way home, in the snow, I slid out and hit a curb. It fucked up the rim but otherwise seems ok. The traction control system was complaining, but seems to have gotten over it.

06:00 I'm home with a fucked up rim, having worked 16 hours of trouble calls and having been up for 21 hours, I did not have many fucks to give, so I ate a sandwich, watched some cat videos, and passed the fuck out.
>> No. 10230 ID: 9dcda2
File 145559026934.gif - (1.67MB , 320x180 , 140313566282.gif )

This gif pretty well sums up the oil pump control issue. >>103651
>> No. 10231 ID: c48f78
>complaining about unsafe working conditions
I shouldn't give you any shit because I've refused to work for less. However I currently work for myself and as such I give myself some slack since you can't give a shit about every safety concern when you're paying the bills.

A week ago I was cutting down an old dead ash for firewood but as I was cutting the notch I hit something metallic and the chain snapped. It whipped right at me and snaked around my leg, it was surprising. I've also been almost crushed by widowmakers and set on fire by brush fires. I've also almost chopped my leg off more than a few times but that's what kevlar chaps are for.

I'm honestly surprised I haven't killed myself yet.
>> No. 10232 ID: 4ea771
File 145560290830.jpg - (3.15MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0216.jpg )
My closing manager was a scared little white chick who is terrified of walking to her car at night and in the past has made me and other closers stay until she was finished so she could feel safe walking to her car. It's not even a bad neighborhood.

I've had a bad night and I have to get up early, so I said no. She was freaking out until someone told her this one server was still there. I saw the other server and asked if someone asked him about walking her to her car. He said "fuck no!" and we both laughed because she was under the assumption someone was staying behind.

As I walked out through the back gate, I saw this. This is where she was parked. SHE WAS SCARED OF WALKING THIS FAR. Thank god you it was her last night here, she's another location's problem now. Literally everyone is happy to see her leave.
>> No. 10233 ID: bdae0c

I'd bet you anything she binged watch all the 'criminal minds' episodes at some point haha
>> No. 10234 ID: 82a3e8
Since it was her last night I would have hid under/near the car and scared the shit out of her.

Because Im an asshole.
>> No. 10235 ID: 79b400
I think the Mexican kitchen crew did that.

When I was leaving, I saw the kitchen crew come back (they carpool in a shitty Mazda and a Suburban) and just sit in the parking lot.

I think they either scared her or robbed her. Or more likely they were concerned about her because they saw me and the server leaving and decided to give her piece of mind.

But, I want to believe in stereotypes.
>> No. 10236 ID: 79b400
>peace of mind

My coffee isn't warm enough to drink yet.
>> No. 10237 ID: a18c5a
There's a homeless man that lives behind our office. Nobody is sure how long he's lived there, only that it's been a very long time. He scrounges and scavenges, never begs. If offered anything but food, he does not accept. On very, very hot days, the heat messes with him, and he yells and threatens the surrounding buildings. I've said hello in passing or nodded. He nods in return. He watches us come and go, day after day. He controls a flock of birds that join him from the adjacent park. They follow him at a respectful distance, and he speaks with them. One time, I saw him hold out an arm, and the largest bird in the flock took off and gently perched on him. Last week, I was walking to the half empty, run down swap meet next to our building for lunch. I passed him while he sat on the sidewalk and nodded. He said "My kid. You used to be happy."

Stopped me in my fucking tracks...
>> No. 10238 ID: 245861
File 145567694484.gif - (700.31KB , 300x169 , 1392941798897.gif )
Damn dude, bird-whispering hobo messiahs eh
>> No. 10239 ID: 4aaaa0
File 145567988926.jpg - (710.99KB , 2705x3965 , religion Aztec Huitzilopochtli sun and war god 1.jpg )
He may be an agent or even an avatar of Huitzilopochtli, meaning "Left-handed Hummingbird" or "Hummingbird from the South" the Aztec deity of war, sun, human sacrifice and the patron of the city of Tenochtitlan.

Beware of him!
>> No. 10240 ID: 9dcda2
> Last week, I was walking to the half empty, run down swap meet next to our building for lunch.

I can tell you're down too. It used to be the half full, run down swap meet.

Sorry that was stupid.
>> No. 10241 ID: a18c5a
File 14556862893.jpg - (56.75KB , 398x353 , romulusvultures1.jpg )
I kind of imagine him as an augur in the old Roman tradition. Nice ID, by the way.
>> No. 10242 ID: c48f78
File 145571212047.jpg - (21.18KB , 200x190 , 51001571.jpg )
>not abandoning your obviously false heretical beliefs and returning to the faith of your forfathers
>> No. 10243 ID: 4aaaa0
File 145573436613.jpg - (1.96MB , 1889x2667 , Aztec Tezcatlipoca turquoise mask 1.jpg )
Yeah, but pretty much everybody's forefathers were mostly incredulous morons who would believe anything.
>> No. 10244 ID: 634497

>> No. 10245 ID: 4aaaa0
File 145574246774.jpg - (2.86MB , 2432x2228 , Aztec Tezcatlipoca turquoise mask 2.jpg )
Damn! Credulous!
Forgive me, Tezcatlipoca!
>> No. 10246 ID: 793e55

Whenever I get frustrated about how I can't make any changes and do any interesting work, I see your posts and then remember what I am asking for.

Oh well, I guess I'll head to the library and get a new batch of books to read at work...
>> No. 10247 ID: 798a48
Lei, are you still working where you said you were last? Are you hard badge yet or still contract?
>> No. 10248 ID: 1cba1b
I had signed up for a factory tour of an arms plant in Idaho, which was supposed to also be an interview for a prospective internship.
Apparently, I was supposed to send in a resume or something, because they went ahead and took the tour without even emailing me about any dates or deliverables. FUCK!
>> No. 10249 ID: 79b400
I almost quit Bass Pro today.

I hurt my shoulder last night at the restaurant (filed for worker's comp, getting it checked out tomorrow to make sure it's nothing serious), and I was given a pretty big job when I got to work this morning.

"Okay, I can do everything on this boat, but I need help with the carpet because the carpet cleaner is a little heavy and I fucked my shoulder up."

Manager gets pissy, says I'm trying to get other people to do my job even after I said I'm doing 98% of the boat. I press the issue, "I NEED help with the carpet, I help everyone with everything, least they can do is help with one small thing every now and then. "

He gets mad, goes to get the MOD to write me up. Jokes on him, the MOD today is awesome and understanding. Tells my manager I need help. They tell the other detailer, he does jack shit. "You got this."

Then the detailer and a rigger starts making fun of me, mocking my shoulder and the fact that I'm asking for help, something I rarely do. This coming from the two whiniest bitches that demand help with everything. I just had it, it was enough to send me over the edge for some reason. I just quietly got out of the boat and left the shop with the intent to quit. I can't stand the place anymore.

I stopped in the break room to grab aspirin before reaching the office, listened to a message on my phone, got bad news and was just taking it all in, having a small panic attack when my manager came in the break room. I explained the situation and we find ourselves in HR discussing it. I left early for my shoulder and stress.

This was the rare day that I actually caved in to stress instead of using it as a positive force. It was just a bad day.

On the other hand, I had to work at the restaurant a couple hours after this and I told a coworker "I fucked my shoulder up, can you help me keep up with the trash throughout the night?" And he did more than that, he helped me throughout most of the night because he was worried I was going to hurt myself. Unlike BP, there's some reciprocity for helping people at the restaurant.
>> No. 10250 ID: 79b400
Almost forgot, on the bright side, my hard work is paying off. I'm getting moved up at the restaurant, I'm now one step away from serving and eventually bartending.

Then I can go to school.

By the way, I found out my manager is a certified A&P mechanic. We had a nice long chat after I clocked out tonight.
>> No. 10251 ID: 6372b6
I hope the shoulder isn't serious, good move on getting it checked out. Even if it's nothing, better a bit of wasted time than to assume it's nothing and be cripple down the road.

Holy shit lol most people at bass pro sound like huge faggots.
>> No. 10252 ID: 6372b6
File 145699430828.jpg - (1.28MB , 3096x1872 , test dial with spare tips.jpg )
Cool shit did happen at work tho.

>get new tips for test dial indicator
>Mitutoyo is all "we got these three sizes, that's it"
>> No. 10253 ID: 6372b6
File 145699442592.jpg - (570.75KB , 3144x1676 , we must go smaller.jpg )
>but Mitutoyo-sama I want SMALLER tips
>Mitutoyo is all "fuck you"
>take old broken tip
>grab power drill
>grab file
>ten cross-eyed minutes later picture related
>> No. 10254 ID: 6372b6
File 145699452215.jpg - (575.53KB , 2011x1561 , fongars.jpg )
I think I could go smaller but this should be ok for now.
>> No. 10255 ID: 6372b6
File robomotor.webm - (2.47MB )
Here's the actual kinda neat cool thing I mentioned before. Also includes test dial indicator action.
>> No. 10256 ID: fb3bdd
Fuck, could you sound any more Canadian?
>> No. 10257 ID: 6372b6
I go all AvE when I geek out with shit like this.
>> No. 10258 ID: 793e55
Sorry for the late reply. Yep, I'm an official dude there for about two and 1/4 years now. It's pretty good, though the machine I've been running recently runs a very long job (24 hrs for one part, front and back) so I've been doing a lot of reading and such. Been reading a lot of history books.
>> No. 10259 ID: b53f4e
Ahaha I thought of exactly that when I watched your vidjeo. That robodrill is one skookum choocher.
>> No. 10260 ID: 79b400
Thanks man, it's just a sprain, I should be good as long as I don't do anything stupid.

Got it checked it out today.

Holy shit, I have maple syrup pouring out my ears.

You should do AVE like videos.

Jesus, what do I have to do to become as well rounded as that man? He seems like an expert in anything mechanical.
>> No. 10261 ID: 9dcda2
File 145704618268.gif - (494.60KB , 222x142 , 13620386253.gif )
> last week
> elbows deep in an engine
> people keep calling me
> supervisor
> Hey got a minute to talk about job "A"?
> Sure...

> back to work

> hour later
> supervisor calls again
> Hey got a minute to talk about job "A"? ... wait did I already talk to you about it?
> Yeah, I told you _____ and ______
> Supervisor: "Oh... I'M CANCELING THIS CALL!" *hangs up*

> mfw
>> No. 10262 ID: 79b400
Is this common?

By the way, which field should I get into after school? Small aircraft, airlines, etc? Which is ideal for a newbie?

I think you're working on terrestrial based turbines, right? I can't remember if it's a natural gas facility or a sewage processing facility.
>> No. 10263 ID: ca3ea6

Well ain't you a skookum choocher.

it's sad, both those words are in my phone's user assigned dictionary already, lol
>> No. 10265 ID: 17bc35
I'd love to get into machine, but right now I'm in the electrical department making harnesses as a vendor. It's good work and the pay's okay for starting, but I hear this section is a sandtrap and I don't know how long I need to stay here to be official or if I should try to get into another department.
>> No. 10266 ID: d587e6
Hmm. Werktalk.

Finished remodeling a store Monday. (Started right after the job with Cory and Trevor)

It was... not bad overall. Despite having to work around other people's fuckups (Like the Mexicans' framing job, and the HVAC dicks putting their vents between the roof beams and the ceiling grid with ~1" of clearance on the bottom), and dodging screaming electrussians for half the job.
Oh, yeah, and the superintendent not listening to me, my boss, or anyone.

But, the punchlist walkthrough was yesterday, and they were satisfied with it. Thank fuck. I'm glad to be done with that site.
>> No. 10267 ID: 9dcda2
File 145706090253.png - (240.51KB , 1028x965 , UXO-ANSI-Sign-explosing-bomb.png )

> Is this common?

Only twice in a week. My boss has the memory of a goldfish. (Though he thinks I'm doing a great job and get all my paperwork in on time. I'm not going to tell him otherwise.)

> By the way, which field should I get into after school? Small aircraft, airlines, etc? Which is ideal for a newbie?

Whoever is hiring. I applied at probably 30 places and the only leads I got were mopping underneath some turboprops in Tucson AZ, and fixing Cessnas at a small airport an hour+ outside of town. It took a year before a family friend got my resume on the right desk where I'm working now. As soon as I got an interview it was on.

> I think you're working on terrestrial based turbines, right?


> I can't remember if it's a natural gas facility or a sewage processing facility.

Both. And colleges, hospitals, military bases, utility companies, fracking sites, milk factories, government data centers, LNG export facilities, paper mills, and research labs. I usually just hang out with the turbines, so it's not like I wander around. (Especially when there's UXO around!)

I did get the "on the way to the bathroom tour" of the milk factory. They were making almond coffee creamer or something. It smelled fucking awesome. At the entrance they make you walk through a shallow pool of acidic water to kill all the germs on your boots. Which was a good idea since I'd just been at the shit plant. However, since I'd come in from the back of the facility, I'd already tracked the Capital Wasteland's finest through the whole facility. (Whoops) I didn't hear about anything on the news, so I guess it was ok?
>> No. 10268 ID: 793e55
I know how you feel. The job I do here right now is machining a very large expensive part, so if you prove yourself competent enough to not mess up horribly, you've got a good chance of being stuck here forever barring a job classification change or shift change (which are both union contract assured items), or I guess getting into an apprenticeship. I'm ok with this area though. It's not bad, aside from boredom. The programs are very VERY refined, so everything moves smoothly as long as the machines don't break down.

I don't know the culture over there, but usually it doesn't hurt to mention to your boss and or bosses of your target area that you are interested. I won't claim to be good at maneuvering around into favorable positions in companies or anything but unless your bosses are shit, they will keep you in mind if anything opens up.
>> No. 10269 ID: d8acd0
File 145709753918.jpg - (293.67KB , 1599x1199 , German WW2 bomb fuzes Danger UXB 1.jpg )
Got any more bomb warning signs?
>> No. 10270 ID: d8acd0
File 145709756951.jpg - (368.63KB , 1024x768 , Danger UXB 1979 city of London police 1.jpg )
>> No. 10271 ID: d8acd0
File 145709760874.jpg - (25.89KB , 276x475 , Danger UXB 1979 British ITV television series by J.jpg )
Danger UXB, a 1979 British ITV television series by John Hawkesworth.
Highly recommended.
>> No. 10272 ID: d8acd0
  Danger UXB Episode 1 - Dead Man's Shoes https://youtu.be/hoaV-4uGBc4
>> No. 10273 ID: b53f4e
>The job I do here right now is machining a very large expensive part

Just curious, how large and expensive is large and expensive where you work? You don't have to get specific if you don't want to.
>> No. 10274 ID: f4bbfb
  FF to 1:50

> department meeting
> smoke break
> wearing my C-5 Galaxy "Size Does Matter" shirt
> talking to hilarious old (useless) guy, talking about his air force days in 'Nam
> dude used to work on F4 Phantoms
> talking about how the P&W J79s were op as fuck, and how they'd test the engines (run-up) with the airplane chained to the ground, wheels chalked, tail hook extended, and brakes on

> OG: Yeah I was run-up qualified. I'll tell you what, there's nothing better than smoking dope [weed] and running an engine at full afterburner! When you're high as shit there's nothing like it. It's better than having an 18 inch dick! And when they'd do a night take off, it would light up the sky!
>> No. 10275 ID: 793e55
It's 30k after our step of the machining process. 60k is the total cost delivered and installed however. Although we are the last machining step, there's plenty of other stuff that goes on after such as painting with fancy special paint, installation of various brackets, installation of bushings, plus all the QC and penetrant inspection. The part is about 8 feet long. Starts as a titanium forging about 950 ish lbs, is pre-roughed on another machine (a six spindle open bed gantry) to about 500 lbs, and then we machine it to final dimensions which makes it around 260 lbs.
>> No. 10277 ID: b53f4e
Neat! I don't think I've ever worked on a piece of Ti that heavy, but the most expensive part I ever worked on was a Ti weldment about 10ft long. Can't have weighed more than 150lbs. I was told the cost to the customer was in the neighborhood of a million.
>> No. 10278 ID: 55d7fc
File 145948829876.png - (233.92KB , 800x873 , cletus__the_slack_jawed_yokel_by_leeroberts-d3ht7i.png )
The guy in the cubicle next to me is a raging liberal, and that's coming from a social worker. He's been doing this thing that gets on my nerves. Like many giga-liberals, when bitching about conservatives (lately, it's been Trump supporters in particular), he affects this stereo-typical hillbilly accent to mock them. It irks me. It's troublesome enough that he implies that those who aren't like minded are automatically stupid. That's not the thing though; what really gets me is this assumption that anyone who speaks with a strong southern (particularly Ozark or Appalachian) accent is unintelligent and dim witted. I think I'm going to mention something next time he's doing it.

Typing it out, it seems like such a small gripe, but it's really been bugging the fuck out of me.
>> No. 10279 ID: 79b400
Coming from someone that used to have a heavy Appalachian accent, but has thinned out over the years, I'm also very annoyed by this. This is why I use a northeasterner accent when I mock idiots.

Some updates. One step closer to serving at the restaurant, I'm now doing phone, online orders and curbside shit. Nothing impressive, but I'm now making tips when I get these shifts. Didn't make much tonight, though, only $32 in tips and I dealt with some really, really, REALLY stupid people tonight.

Also, this is kind of funny. I have an interview in the afternoon at a biker bar close to me. It's funny how it happened, three nights ago I got a flat on my way home. Fucking sucks, I've been dreading a flat after 5pm because the scooter shop is closed (I'm going to buy a spare and nigger-rig a mount on the brackets in the front panel, I already carry tools with me wherever I go). I was right by the biker bar and 5 miles from home, so I pushed it to the bar and talked to the manager about leaving it there overnight and a friend picked me up. So, when the shop opens up, I call and he says he'll be there as soon as possible. I head down there, wait 3 hours, call, he says he can't make it today. I was angry, he knew I was waiting and had work, which I had to call out of. Then I waited another hour and a half for a friend to become available to pick me up again.

Did the same thing the next morning, except he actually came through at the three and a half hour mark and picked the scooter up at 4 hours.

During that 8 hour wait at the bar, I chatted the bartender up. She ended up liking me, joking "you're spending so much time here you may as well work here."

"Actually, I noticed the help wanted sign. Out of curiosity, what position are you trying to fill?"

She tells me she doesn't know what the owner is looking for, but she's looking for a barback to replace the shitty one she currently has and that if I fill out an application right there, she'll put in a good word for me. I did just that. Got a call this morning from the owner and set up an interview.

This is sweet, this would be a big step toward bartending and since I just quit Bass Pro a few weeks ago (I had to, I couldn't emotionally handle going there anymore and it was holding me back more than anything, I couldn't work on my education and I was only getting 3 hours of sleep a night), this is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. Plus, I spent a huge chunk of my childhood around bikers and bars, I'm pretty comfortable around both and bikers tend to love me. Don't know why, but they do.
>> No. 10280 ID: 814a1d
You're not seriously going to work at a biker bar while driving a scooter are you?

I'm in India right now touring through all the divisions of our hella vertically integrated flexible packaging company. We make everything from the raw plastic chips to engraving rollers to packaging machines. Shit' s cray
>> No. 10281 ID: 6372b6
File 145949616384.gif - (771.88KB , 250x200 , 133515229658.gif )
>be at work looking for a chamfering tool in the clusterfuck of tools
>"solid carbide drill"
>that's not it
>"solid carbide drill 0.0079" diameter"
>actually look at the thing
>diameter is literally two sheets of paper thick
>had a good 1/4" of flute
>shank was 1/8th ground to 1/32nd ground to two cunt hair curled around each other

I cringed at how much trouble it would probably be to ensure it spins true enough not to snap instantly, like fuck's sake if you're 0.0001" out of concentricity it's like flopping every which way from the drill's point of view at that scale, carbide isn't helping on that end either.

Glad to hear you're heading for a job that isn't eternal soul-sucking torment. Being a good barkeeper eventually does come in handy, because people and jobs might change but alcohol does not.
>> No. 10282 ID: 79b400
Absolutely, bikers have a sense of humor and surprisingly tend to love my scooter. "As long as you're on two wheels" mentality.

I want to get a group together and go on a group ride, with my scooter spearheading a bunch of Harleys.

>in India

You poor man.

It would just be a weekend gig right now. But, it's a night job and I'm currently working a weekday night job, so I'll be able to use the mornings to prep myself for going to school.
>> No. 10283 ID: 6a0fc5
>> No. 10284 ID: 79b400
Had the interview. Went great, but I declined it.

The bartender thought they were hiring for separate positions, but the owner told me she's looking for one person for barback/dish/prep/all around help and it's a 5 day a week thing.

It's BOH and it would conflict with my goal and current progress in FOH.

Great place, though, I'll definitely be back there as a customer from time to time if finances permit a burger here and there. Currently they do not with rent and unexpected expenses.
>> No. 10285 ID: 231f3d
>be at work
>doing inspection on motor controller
>confirm with yard that the machine is danger tagged out
>inspect tagout, seems valid
>head down to work site
>start looking at motor, prepare to start to megger to determine how bad it is
>motor starts
>I am by the drive shaft
>uniform fliled off
>skin on top of stomach is pulled of, like, I'm seeing the fat layer
>shit bricks
>coworker hits E-Stop
>first aid insures
>in hospital
>find out worker was fired for not checking tagout
>Surgeons manage to put me back together
>6 months LIMDU
>possible medical board and full benifits for life

feels iffy man.

Mind you, this shit was only a slowish motor, since they thank god tagged out the high power power supply (its a 3 power supply machine, it has a set of breakers supplying 120/220/440 for low/medium/fast speed, so they fucked up since they thought it would be like a solid state, which has the control power and the 440 in, and if you just tag the 440, it won't start (the controller will shut the breaker, but the drive bits won't move)
>> No. 10286 ID: bdae0c

Holy fucking shit man. Was getting tense reading that.

Glad they were able to ungrind your meat and gristle.

Odd sounding supply for that motor, makes it seem like assumptions were eventually going to fucking murder somebody.
>> No. 10287 ID: 79b400
Holy shit. Is there any lingering pain or damage, any limitations? That kind of experience terrifies me.

Also, what kind of machine was it?
>> No. 10288 ID: 9dcda2
Fuck! Glad you're not dead. I'm interested to hear more of what happened, since I deal with a lot of Lockout/Tagout.
>> No. 10289 ID: cfaec1
>uniform fliled off
Saved your life probably, if it was bare skin you might have gotten caught.

I had a coworker at a cookie factory checking one of those cookie cutter rollers, like two rollers together that take in dough and spit out cookies. Some retard was going by the unplugged machine and had the bright idea of plugging it in.

Long story short her hands were flayed to the elbows (skin 100% missing) and these tiny flower shaped cuttouts of skin, meat and fat were strewn everywhere. They had to transplant skin in strips from her legs, looks horrible.
>> No. 10290 ID: 79b400
  Two nights ago, I introduced my manager to this video because we like the same shit. And now it's all he can talk about. He started asking me about the genre of music, where he can get more of it, etc.

>Mfw when he has the kitchen stereos (they play music in the kitchen controlled by a computer in the office) dedicated to Carpenter Brut, Dance With The Dead, Kavinsky, Tupperware Remix Party, etc, playing nonstop, not caring what in the kitchen thinks.

I love my manager. Too bad I only have 7 more days with him, he got a big promotion at a new location.

My god. Industrial accidents terrify me, they always tend to be so extreme. How is she now?

>uniform pulled off

I hear this is why machinists will often wear scrubs with every other stitch cut so it'll fly off in the event it's caught in a machine.
>> No. 10291 ID: 85e30a
Why wouldn't he?

NOT being a biker bar while at a biker bar is the best thing you can do.

Provided you aren't involved with drugs in any way, and don't bring a woman to said bar, there's now zero chance you will ever have to deal with any trouble at work.

>> No. 10292 ID: cfaec1
She looks fucked up but she's fine.

Her husband saved her life imo, if she was alone she would have offed herself by now.
>> No. 10293 ID: 79b400
Well, it's mostly motorcycle enthusiasts, but there are some 1%ers that come in. But, the Warlocks mostly stick to their clubhouse up in Melbourne. Fun fact! This Warlock clubhouse is the one Taco Bowman, president of the Outlaws MC and a friend of my mom when I was a kid who I knew well enough to call "Uncle Taco", planned to blow up after he blew up their clubhouses in Orlando and Daytona, but they arrested him for the two previous bombings, three murders and some RICO racketeering shit before he could do it.

I had an interesting childhood.

Is it just cosmetic or does she have limited mobility?

If she somehow got away from it without any long term damage, I'd count that as a blessing.

Also her husband sounds like a cool dude. Who cares about scars?
>> No. 10294 ID: 8ae717

I've met more than a few bikers (the 1% type) and my impression is that they tend to be perfectly nice people that you absolutely wouldn't want to fuck with.
>> No. 10295 ID: 79b400
Absolutely right. They tend to be incredibly nice people that won't do anything to cross you, but god help you if you cross them.

And if they view you as family, regardless of whether you're associated with the club activities itself, god help ahybody that crosses you.

As far as criminal organizations go, they tend to be the most polite. But, I think that's more to protect the public perception of their club, same reason they do toy runs and other charity events.

"Running drugs? What are you talking about? We're just a club of motorcycle enthusiasts that want to help the kids out."
>> No. 10296 ID: 85e30a
Accurate. I had my first drink in a clubhouse that is now a 1% club.

It was useful, I learned how to handle my booze very, very quickly.

The only issues comes up when you're dealing with wannabees-people who can't get into a national club but who still want to feel like bad asses.

That, or if you decide to enter that world. Don't have anything to do with drugs. Don't help the club out with anything. Don't ride a bike to or from, don't haul bikes for friends, and don't work on them.

The whole Charity a a cover thing varies.

National clubs like the angels are smart enough that they just give up a B club to avoid trouble, but yes, they ALSO do charitable shit to keep attention away.

Biker also just love charity. It's damned universal, including with clubs that have nothing to do with crime.

It's a fascinating subculture. Imagine if niggers could organize to the degree these people do.
>> No. 10297 ID: 79b400
I have a shitload of glass in my hands right now, I'm spending the rest of my night picking what I can out with tweezers.

I'm waiting for the water heater to warm up so I can do the hot to cold water trick that I learned from dealing with fiber glass slivers. That should get even more of the glass

A vacuum formed between two cups and it just exploded when I tried to pull them apart. I'm not exaggerating when I say exploded, I even started bleeding from the neck. But, my hands received the pieces.

Dis nigga knows what's up.
>> No. 10298 ID: de0bec
File 145975121715.jpg - (39.46KB , 498x330 , fgfdg.jpg )
Goddamn man.
>> No. 10299 ID: bdae0c

Shit, I have had glass break on me when they get wedged together but sounds like you found the extreme case where the heat of the washing machine expanded the gas which left a partial vacuum on cooling. How wrong can it go like haha

Hope you get the glass out as easily as you can. What is the hot to cold water trick? Sounds useful.

You know, if you can make your stubs type out another paragraph.
>> No. 10300 ID: 79b400
Well, it hadn't been run through the machine yet. I was giving it to dish. But, the glasses were cold and I was in a very steamy environment because the machine decided to break and shoot steam everywhere. Maybe that had an effect? Either way, it asploded and gave me a glass shower.

The weird thing is I barely did anything. I lifted the two stacked glasses, I touched the top glass and barely tugged when it just sent glass everywhere.

The hot to cold water trick is simple, I learned it when I had to get fiberglass slivers out of me. In the shower, you start off with hot water and that opens your pores. You scrub out as much as you can at this point. Then you switch to cold water, which helps push the remainder to the surface.

I learned it from insulation installers. Works with more than fiberglass, though.
>> No. 10301 ID: 231f3d
So yeah, I'm here. The motor was for a pump, and apparently we have several of these style of motors and controllers. It feels sort of twitchy though. and yeah. It now sucks since all future tags apparently will all but take the machine apart, but ~futuristic technology~ is the huge deal.\

The problem is the guy who wrote the tagout was not reading the actual electrical diagrams right, he just followed the controller's power source to the breaker (and not the diagrams which point this out, even though the box does say MULTIPLE SOURCES OF POWER on it).
>> No. 10302 ID: 1a9c38
Had some issues with irritation from fiberglass tape at work back during the first week on the floor, which nobody said anything about during safety briefings and training. Kept on putting SBS-40 on over and over feeling like a pervert since the dispenser is mounted on the wall right next to the ladies' room. I was finally handed a pair of Ansell Golden Needles a few days later by one of the safety reps.
>> No. 10303 ID: 79b400
For those of you who've never worked in the food service industry, you should know the chick serving you usually has an unwarranted sense of arrogance and for some reason thinks their job is incredibly hard and above others, on the same tier as a fucking skilled trade.

I mean, not all, there are some really good ones that are aware of their station in life and are using the position as a stepping stone for a better career or are simply trying to pull their weight in a marriage so they're not spending their husband's money, which is cool and they tend to be pretty chill people.

But, 90% of the time that woman that's smiling, asking if you need a refill and if everything is how you want it, is talking down to anybody that isn't a server or a management. Talking down to dish, broil, prep, bussers, etc.

It's fucking hilarious when you remind them of their place in life.
>> No. 10304 ID: 254d85
File 146009769012.gif - (1.19MB , 295x222 , LnBaD.gif )
>drinking coffee near the eyewash station before going back to running stuff on the simulator
>one of the other students is running a program on a CNC bridgeport and having a animated conversation with another student
>his buddy hits the e-stop while waving his arms around
>> No. 10305 ID: bdae0c

Hahaha dumbass, hope the story's punch line was worth it.

Did it cause much trouble for him?
>> No. 10306 ID: 254d85
Looked like he was still doing face roughing on a plate of aluminum. The instructor came out to see what happened/make sure nobody got killed and said it was fixable after taking a look at it.
>> No. 10307 ID: 6372b6
File 14601661936.gif - (2.74MB , 472x360 , 1335033247171.gif )
Of all the things you can do wrong, hitting the E-Stop accidentally is probably one of the least troublesome.

Like that time I was doing manual roughing on aluminum with a 4" facemill on a CNC. .25 DOC, 3krmp, 80IPM feed, 90% step over. Spindle load was 120% and I'm thinking how it's lame to have a machine with no balls. Problematic is that machine's controller has a button for "rapid" and a button for "manual jog" right next to each other, so you press one to go up in Z, back in X to go to your original destination to take a new cut, and then use the pulse handle to lower down in Z for your lower depth of cut, and then feed X to cut. I only had three or four parts to rough face so it wasn't worth typing a program in that machine's rudimentary keyboard.

Luckily when the wrong button was eventually pressed she done just stalled right dead stopped, didn't even bust inserts or anything. I was at that point thankful that the machine had no balls and not a very quick rapid. Felt like an idiot all day, gif related being a good example of my face. Been on machines that would have simply obliterated all the inserts, driven the facemill through the aluminum like foam, possibly throwing it out of the vice or busting the 1/2-13s clamping the vice and throwing that too.
>> No. 10308 ID: 9dcda2
File 146017077577.jpg - (140.04KB , 1230x1200 , 239997.jpg )

And that's why some customers, gas compression sites especially, go to PULL buttons. It look like this with some verbiage describing it's pully nature.

Of course, that's because an ESD (Emergency Shut Down) at most gas sites will blow down the unit or station, which will vent thousands of cubic feet of gas (at 400-1000 psi) into the atmosphere.

> Of all the things you can do wrong, hitting the E-Stop accidentally is probably one of the least troublesome.

Not great for turbines. Hot shutdowns in general are bad. It's like you're on a bicycle and pedaling at full speed up a hill, then the chain breaks and you fall on your nuts. Don't do that to your turbine's nuts.

Everything in the hot section, the turbine disks and blades especially, thermally expands. When it's cold it's like a hot dog in a hallway. When it's fully thermally expanded, clearances between the turbine blades and the case are basically non-existent. It's possible for the case to cool faster than the turbine disk, in which case the rotor will be locked up until it cools off. (And a little damaged.)

(And then some customer's plants are so fucked up it's like a 10 to 1 ratio of hard shutdowns vs actually turning it off.)
>> No. 10309 ID: e07445
File 146022222718.gif - (2.39MB , 448x252 , NO.gif )
>went to take civil service exam
>showed up 30 minutes early with a book and a can of seltzer
>people rapidly begin piling in to such an extent that the monitors have to repeatedly remind people not to block the doors
>most of the people that showed up are either fat, covered in piercings, or in their late 40's
>at least 50 people didn't bring the admittance slip and had to be turned away
>a couple dozen people forgot to bring either photo ID or had signed the paper at home and in pen, disqualifying them
>one retard opened the packet that had written on it "DO NOT OPEN UNLESS TOLD" and got kicked out
>had 2 1/2 hours to do 60 multiple choice questions
>finished in 70 minutes
>the majority of people weren't even halfway through the test
These are the people I'm going to have to work with
>> No. 10310 ID: 79b400
Multiple choice questions are my jam, I don't even need to know the answer to get it right. Process of elimination, nigga. I don't know how people struggle with that.

What kind of job are you doing now that requires you to work with such people?
>> No. 10311 ID: 9dcda2
File 146023443914.jpg - (4.00MB , 2700x2100 , Turbocharger.jpg )
Here is an actual question from my A&P test. Choose the most correct answer.

Which one of these is a method for driving a supercharger?
A) Belt
B) Exhaust
C) Gear

They all are, however there is a "correct" answer.
>> No. 10312 ID: e07445
Correctional officer, otherwise known as the people who keep the triple rapists from escaping.
>> No. 10313 ID: c05e32
Yesterday, I followed up on a couple whose cash I'd taken away months ago for non-compliance. When I had them on my caseload, baby daddy didn't want to bother with his GED, so we tried for a guard card. Security work is about as good as it's going to get for a drop out in Vegas. He missed some appointments, didn't get back to me, and I shut them down. I realized it'd been more than three months since then(the punitive period when clients are ineligible to receive cash assistance), and decided to look them up to see if they'd reapplied. She had. Alone. The man wasn't in the home. Further research revealed he went to jail. He got caught with dope and a gun. I'm glad the judge ordered him to get his GED as a probationary condition, because he can forget about his guard card. It's so disappointing sometimes when I do this kind of followup.
I was already feeling down that day. Sometimes, I wish I'd gotten a Bachelors in Blah Blah, got a desk at Generic Widget LLC., and I lived life thinking that the world was nice and everyone is doing okay and I didn't know things like how common it was for a man to choke his child's mother unconscious or how the foster system here is so broken and inadequate, the county is running an actual orphanage, or how it's raining as I type this, and right now, there's a good chance some wretched soul is drowning in the tunnels that run underneath our streets.
>> No. 10314 ID: dde3b4
Just finished my firearms guard training and just need to submit a DD214 to my instructor. Feels good being a step closer to having a decent job off the bat while supporting my parents and school.

Also got to fire a .357 S&W and MP. Both are very fun to shoot and I enjoyed the MP for being leftie friendly.
>> No. 10315 ID: e9c0bd
do you need a hug? cause hugs are free man
>> No. 10316 ID: ab4830

IDK shit about that shit but I would assume it's the gear. I only base this on my knowledge of direct drive motors so it's just a hunch.
>> No. 10317 ID: bdae0c

Belt. Man, watch Mad Max 20 times like the rest of us normal motherfuckers.
>> No. 10318 ID: 8ae717
They're probably looking for belt. Technically, I think, turbochargers are a subset of superchargers and they're exhaust driven. Granted this is for cars and the requirements for planes may differ.
>> No. 10319 ID: ae87b5

Damn son.

I have a fun work story to tell. So our staff is split into two teams, Team A and Team B - Team A's work produces a package of information that they give to Team B who then acts on it.(I'm on Team B) Pretty simple work structure, makes sense organizationally. Unfortunately, over the years Team B has been taking on more and more tasks and responsibilities, while Team A's scope of work has narrowed further and further. Finally, Team B noticed that the list of pending work for Team A to accomplish was piling up to a ridiculous degree and said something. Management panicked and their ultimate solution was to have Team B start doing Team A's work too until they caught up. We had a "dig out" day to try and get them back on track. Well, they continued to suck ass and the dig out didn't work. We processed 2-3x as many actions each as they did on average and they are still lagging behind and generally sucking. Now we will have to continue doing their work as well as our work probably forever.

Why do they suck so bad? It's hard to tell, but they aren't dumb or lazy people so my theory is their leadership is total shit, and the shit leadership is fucking literally everything up across the entire contract.

Thanks Obama.
>> No. 10320 ID: 5c91b8
Aye, turbos are generally exhaust driven, hence the problem of "turbo lag".
Speaking of - I saw an video showing off a concept for a "lag free" turbo design that was driven via a belt from the engine. It used a gearing system to get the compressor speeds up to something usable from the slower belt speed coming off the engine. They claimed it was going to be the way of the future and such... we shall see how that goes.
>> No. 10321 ID: 06a0fb
In a piston driven aircraft, superchargers are gear driven.
>> No. 10322 ID: 06a0fb
File 146025070765.gif - (3.88KB , 314x248 , GearedSupercharger.gif )
pic related.
>> No. 10323 ID: 79b400
Had a good day at work, made $60 in tips. Though, I had one guy demand his tip back because he forgot his card at the restaurant. I had to call him for him to retrieve it and somehow it's our fault that he forgot it after I handed it back to him.

Goddamn you, I actually knew that answer. In fact, it's because of him I know that answer, he talked about it a long while back.

Ask another multiple choice, if anyone else answers just use spoilers please.

I could never be a social worker, I'm already depressed and angry enough.
>> No. 10324 ID: 06a0fb
>Goddamn you, I actually knew that answer. In fact, it's because of him I know that answer, he talked about it a long while back.

Heh, I only know it because I have a xeroxed copy of a 1948 Navy F4U Corsair flight manual.
>> No. 10325 ID: 9dcda2
File 146032281078.jpg - (2.24MB , 3264x2448 , Bristol_Centaurus_centrifugal_supercharger.jpg )

Not the "most correct" answer.


Is the correct answer. When the FAA test was written, radial engines still walked the earth and centrifugal, gear driven, superchargers were the norm.

Anything that blows air into the intake is a supercharger, which can be exhaust driven (turbo-supercharger), mechanically (belt or gear), or electrically driven. (Like those sweet ebay kits.)

The "turbo" prefix means drives or is driven by a moving fluid. (Like air or water.)

> Any devices that extracts energy from or imparts energy to a continuously moving stream of fluid can be called a Turbomachine.


Here's more sample questions:

Here's another good one I found:

Which of the following determines oil and grease specifications for lubrication of propellers?
A) Airframe manufacturers.
B) Engine manufacturers.
C) Propeller manufacturers.

It seems obvious... but IS IT?!? (Fuck if I know.)

I think it's the airframe mfg. I believe they're responsible for the whole package, parts included. I'd have to look it up, probably in the CFRs... somewhere.
>> No. 10326 ID: 9dcda2
> Aye, turbos are generally exhaust driven

By definition, always.

> hence the problem of "turbo lag".

It's more accurately called "boost threshold". Centrifugal compressors need pretty high RPM to operate. So if you're cruising, the engine isn't producing much for exhaust flow and the wastegate is blowing most it around the turbo's turbine anyway. Once you punch it, exhaust flow is increased, the boost controller or engine's ECU commands the wastegate closed, and the turbo starts to speed up. As the RPM increases, the turbo's compressor starts to become efficient and really move air.

Turbo lag was an issue with older designs, with the pinnacle being the 70's era Porsche 911s. This was before intercoolers were popular for cars, so to prevent heating the intake charge excessively, they had to use a large turbo.

(Formerly) My 2010 Mazdaspeed 3, in 4th gear

0 secs -6.4 psi 2616 rpm 43.5 mph
1 secs 11.54 psi 2824 rpm 47.2 mph
2 secs 16.7 psi 3212 rpm 53.44 mph
3 secs 18.43 psi 3660 rpm 60.27 mph
10 secs 17.21 psi 6122 rpm 102.53 mph

(On a closed course with a professional driver, don't try this at home)

That thing pulled like a raped ape, then then you shove it into 5th gear, and it keeps pulling. Everyone says that 300+hp in a FWD car is a bad idea. They're right. With the stock motor mounts that thing torque steered like a mother. The hard polyurethane engine mounts helped and also transmitted every noise the engine or transmission made directly to your brainballs. I thought it was rad, but my passengers frequently voiced their disapproval, which I couldn't hear over the transmission anyway.
>> No. 10327 ID: 9dcda2
> Speaking of - I saw an video showing off a concept for a "lag free" turbo design that was driven via a belt from the engine. It used a gearing system to get the compressor speeds up to something usable from the slower belt speed coming off the engine

Might be this guy. With this, you just win.
>> No. 10328 ID: 79b400
>have to piss
>get to bathroom stalls, see shit smeared on the toilets
>I can hold it now
>back out, pull a bitch move and wait for management to bring it up because if I find it, I have to clean it
>have cleaned too many public restrooms at previous jobs
>management brings it up
>"oh sorry, I'm busy helping the bar right now and the others can't do this. There's Jamal! Get him real quick."
>Jamal is a lazy dindu who has been making our workload annoying because he's intentionally slow and just all around stupid

I didn't feel bad giving him that task. Fuck that shit.

Shit, that's a hard one. I'm split between engine and airframe.
>> No. 10329 ID: d57b03
Somehow, being in an orphanage sounds like a better situation than being in foster care, to me. Am I insane?
>> No. 10330 ID: de0bec
Probably not. My experience is that when a kid ends up in foster care, the parents are just a perpetual source of drama, desperation and danger.
>> No. 10331 ID: 79b400
Just figured I'd put this out there.

If you guys ever order food over the phone, be it at a restaurant or ordering pizza, please don't put it on speaker.

It's already difficult to hear with all the noise, but speaker makes so hard to hear. And it's somehow always our fault that factors they control make it difficult to hear them.

Customer service: it's not that they're always right, it's just we're always wrong.
>> No. 10332 ID: 9dcda2
File 146039511431.jpg - (10.16KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
> please don't put it on speaker

Actually just never use speaker phone. My boss will often call me, using the speaker, while on speaker with a conference call and on speaker with his other cell phone. And then he talks fast.

When on the phone or in person, I have good results when I tell someone "I can't hear what you're saying" if I can't hear them, or "I don't understand what you're trying to tell me, what is it that you want?" if they're babbling complete nonsense. Some people just get ahead of themselves and/or can't fucking communicate.

In your case, I'd tell them "I'm sorry, it's noisy in the restaurant and I can barely understand what you're saying, would you pull your head out of your ass and use the phone like trained primates are able to?"

Or something like that.

>>104930 >>104944

My mistake, esteemed operator, you guessed correctly.
>> No. 10333 ID: bdae0c

People who use speaker in situations where they can just use a phone normally are mentally deficient.

It's retarded to hold your phone a foot from your face walking down the street or whatever.
>> No. 10334 ID: 90a126
File 146041980562.jpg - (2.47MB , 1591x1946 , img_08491.jpg )
That shit is annoying as frack. It probably annoys me more when they are jabbering into to the thing and then bringing it to their ear and just continuously doing that. I don't know why that bothers me more then regular speaker phone shenanigans but it does.

Really people on cell phones in public generally bother me. Something about mobile phones make people assholes. When they first happened it was only used by assholes needed status symbols but now every one has them. Walking down the street, driving their cars, even fucking riding bikes, completely and udderly oblivious to their surroundings or anyone else. Noisy as shit, talking loudly as fuck and usually with the modern urban affectation that seems to be half "you know what I mean" or something similar.

Rude motherfuckers. Don't give a shit if they are ruining your conversations or music or whatever but heaven help you if you start talking over them of ask to them keep it down. Fucking acting like you just insulted their daddy they never met. Its gotten even worse with all the faceboob and twatter bullshit, now people just ain't talking but doing that online bullshit drama anywhere they go. Seems like more fights nowadays are started by facebook drama then anything else.

Fuck gun control, needs to be cell phone control. People need to prove they can handle a cell phone, that they can speak FUCKING ENGLISH, and actually have more manners then a shit slinging simian.
>> No. 10335 ID: cfaec1
Is it possible to create some kind of focused jamming system right in front of the counter? That way people at the back of the line can still call friends, as can people outside the lineup.
>> No. 10336 ID: e9c0bd
yes, but signal jammers are for the most part illegal
>> No. 10337 ID: 9723b1
File 146050663720.jpg - (26.57KB , 400x501 , airport-security-detector1.jpg )
Faraday cages are simpler to construct, and aren't illegal. Just have the line of people enter a 1.5 yard long tunnel shielded from wifi.

Kind of like a stretched out pic-related.
>> No. 10338 ID: 9723b1
File 146050673343.jpg - (97.78KB , 800x600 , mDeal7.jpg )
Also have a rubber pressure mat at their feet tied to a timer, so if they take too long to make a decision a nozzle from above sprays boiling oil piped in from the fryers onto the fucker.
>> No. 10339 ID: bdae0c

I have one. Bought from china and it works for a house sized area in theory I swear only in theory

It's not illegal to own one in my locale though operating one would be very illegal, similar to HAM radio stuff being able to TX on frequencies your not allowed to use, in that regard.

Though if you were to use one in a localised area to kill mobile signals I can't imagine people would even realise what was going on for the most part.
>> No. 10340 ID: 3ce844
Goddamnit, another person at work said I look and act like Billy Bob Thorton. This is like the 20th person at 4 jobs.

>> No. 10341 ID: 82a3e8
You look like old white trash that marries some ethnic thot 1/4th his age at a futile attempt to stay relevant?
>> No. 10342 ID: 79b400

Though, they say when he was young.

Still. DON'T SEE IT. And it's bugging the shit out of me, so many people have randomly brought it up.
>> No. 10343 ID: 82a3e8
Dem trips.

The two I get are

>You look like Harry Potter
I got that one A LOT when I was younger.

>You look like the a younger version of the painting of vlad the impaler.
Fucking.. thanks. Ive got no slavic in my blood. like.. at all
>> No. 10344 ID: 7658f4
It's confusing me so much I'd send you a picture if I didn't have a strict no picture rule. And if I had your Faceboob.

You seem to have a similar rule, except it doesn't apply to your wiener and Dr. Pepper.
>> No. 10345 ID: 82a3e8
I also have said rule, because I doubt any of you you could identify me via my dick pic so its all good :D.
>> No. 10346 ID: 79b400
I haven't deposited any of the tips I've made in my bank yet, so I have like $56 in singles right now.

Almost enough to make a stripper look twice at me! I've never been to a strip club. I need to do that when I can afford it, but frivolities can wait.

No, but that Dr. Pepper had all sorts of identifying features!

I'll find you, Steven!

It'd be funny if I actually got the name right. Whenever I find myself over in Texas, we need to grab a beer.
>> No. 10347 ID: 82a3e8
That was my dads name, so close enough.

Lol totally. Youll be like "it all makes sense now".
>> No. 10348 ID: 79b400
I tracked that Dr. Pepper down and he had some choice words to say, Johnathan. I know what went on after the camera turned off.

If you want me to stay quiet, I require a substantial number of the highest quality daisy duke shorts and Pug based tshirts. Don't ask why, just provide and you will have nothing to worry about.
>> No. 10349 ID: 82a3e8
Your legs would look mighty fine in them daisy dukes.
>> No. 10350 ID: 79b400
Aww thanks, Carl.

All dat bike riding and jumping in and out of boats had an effect on my string beans.
>> No. 10351 ID: 254d85
File 146113634720.gif - (4.73MB , 501x273 , eh19FIL.gif )
>autocad classes
>old guy who goes "BUT HOW DO YOU DO THIS" within 5 minutes of the the instructor showing how to do something
>"okay so everybody open up inventor and extrude two squares" two minutes later "THIS ISN'T THE SAME AS ON THE PROJECTOR"
>exaggerated AAAAAAAAAHHHH any time he figures something out

>> No. 10352 ID: 982cdd
Cut a wire I wasn't supposed to when everything else on the harness was termed, spliced, and bagged up ready to go. I'll still be able to send it out today, but my weekly standards are gonna take a hit just when they were coming back up too. Looks like I'm buying donuts for everyone again tomorrow.
>> No. 10353 ID: c05e32
It's a rare day when I look into a client's eyes and think they're going to be dead soon. A white woman in her fifties, dark sunglasses, started crying as soon as she got into the office. She described a horrific situation with her boyfriend. Threats on her life (often at gunpoint), she isn't allowed to keep a phone, she has no ID, no cash, no social security card, she took a risk just leaving her house today. She wore a bandana over her head; I suspect he makes her shave her hair. I could've made her disappear, if only she'd let me. We contract with a local women's shelter. "Just call this number, and you'll be taken to a confidential location. I'll let you borrow my phone." She just couldn't fucking do it. In addition to the cats she has at home, she has three urns holding the remains of her mother, her late husband, and a daughter. Came at her from another angle. Make a plan. Only saving grace is that she's LDS. Say what you will about Mormons, but they tend their flock. I provided her with a number for a local ward, and told her to walk me through her plan. I stressed the utmost importance of making a clean break: go to a friend or relative unknown to the abuser, no contact, no going back. Leaving is the most dangerous time for a DV victim. You vanish, or you get killed. She sort of muddled through what she was going to do. She would return home, get some important paperwork she needed, and reach out to the church in hopes someone will take her in.

She won't, of course. She'll stay where she is, dependent on the bastard for everything, until she's hospitalized and he finally ends up in jail, or she's killed. I don't have much hope for this one. I'll follow her case in the system; I pray for an address change, but I fear a case log entry will one day read "Terminate benefits. Client deceased."
>> No. 10354 ID: 79b400
Stupid question, but should I turn in my uniforms to Bass Pro? I haven't done it yet because I'm waiting to replace a part on my scooter, so I'm not making any trips that aren't commuting right now.

But, I've been thinking about it and I've technically more than paid for them by having $2 taken out of every paycheck to pay for a laundering service I never used, because I just wash them at home.

And there's nothing they can really do with them, they can't reuse the uniforms since they have my name on them and are really worn in. I've noticed the company provides new clothing to everyone wheh they issue uniforms too. They'd probably just be throwing them away or recycling them.

Should I just say fuck it and keep them? I don't care about the shirts, I wouldn't have many pants if I turned them in, except for some cheap jeans.

Jesus, man. I've never asked this before, but why do you do it?

I personally couldn't handle the level of torment you deal with.
>> No. 10355 ID: c05e32
Because the second semester of my sophomore year, I HAD to declare a major if I wanted to actually finish a bachelors in four years, and social work happened to be what I was reading about that week. That's it. 19 year old me made a decision on a whim that has set the course for my career. Wish I had something inspirational. Sorry.

And keep the uniforms. If they give a shit, they know how to reach you.
>> No. 10356 ID: d1353d
Well, you're a damn good guy and more of a man than I can be, I just can't do what you do.

Also, it's been almost 2 months and I haven't heard anything from them. Looks like I have 11 pairs of Dickie jeans.
>> No. 10357 ID: e9172b
Shit yeah, keep the uniforms. Use em to change oil or mow the lawn or whatever.
>> No. 10358 ID: 79b400
I was actually thinking about wearing the shirts when I start going to school for the mechanicals, that way I don't ruin any personal shirts.

For mowing the grass and shit, I'll take a tshirt. These work shirts are closed weave polyester, they don't breathe well. I've learned this from working out in the sun with them.
>> No. 10359 ID: 79b400

Worked solo this morning as a busser when a surprise 40 top appeared.

They originally called in an 18 top and we prepared the space for 18, but when they arrived they had 20 more people with them.

BITCH, there's a reason we ask how big your party is on the phone, so we can make the accommodations before you arrive and not have to rush around to get everything ready.

On top of that, the server was stupid and fucked up splitting the checks, forcing them to stay for 45 minutes and when they figured they would have to ask each individual person what they ordered, they said fuck it and gave them the food for free.

They sent that server home early.
>> No. 10360 ID: 90a126
File 146144915255.jpg - (96.96KB , 780x520 , editorial_18543_780x0_proportion.jpg )
Why were they not turned away?

Here at my work anytime we let someone use a room for some meeting or bullshit we usually ask before hand how many people are coming, though not always. Most of the times its closed groups but sometimes its some open event where we gotta expect a possible shitton of people.

We usually allow some breathing room for a few extra people for the closed events but if its way over the estimation we usually tell the people to reschedule. The room we set up for them isn't set up for that many people and we don't have enough staff available to deal with that many people. If the room is too crowded it can violate fire codes and other possible hazards to the point my work cannot allow it just because they don't want to get sued.
>> No. 10361 ID: d1353d
While it's incredibly annoying to have large parties, they're more than welcome. They're good for business.

That said, them coming in as early as they did stretched our resources out because the morning is usually not that busy, so you get the skeleton crew.

Then they had to get the retard of a server who looks like a caveman and sounds like Mickey Mouse getting throat fucked by Bobcat Golthwait listening to a Roseanne Barr self help tape.

A large party and lots of hard work wasted because their meal was comped. That's money out of my pocket, no tipshare or sales share from that.
>> No. 10362 ID: 79b400
Huzzah, I'm happy about this coming week's schedule.

Not a single bussing shift, just expo and to-go. I'm trying to set it up to where I'm either working in to-gos which will lead to serving or working in the kitchen, which will make the managers happy since I'm reliable and versatile. I'm just sick of bussing, I don't want to deal with girls almost half my age talking down to me and throwing a hissy fit whenever I don't roll over and accept it. Managers always side with me, ladies, I'm not as unprofessional as you.
>> No. 10363 ID: c05e32
Assessed a client today, black male. I was really having trouble getting him to open up. When asked if he goes to church, he mentioned he's Muslim,. Not an immigrant; he's very obviously a born and bred American. Curious, I asked if he's mainstream or Nation of Islam. "Sunni. I'm not with The Nation." "What, don't look good in a bow tie?" That got a laugh. After the assessment, I got him in touch with a local mosque. I really hope he gets involved. A religious community with strict rules against alcohol and drugs is exactly where this recovering pill popping alcoholic needs to be right now.
>> No. 10364 ID: cd5ece
File 146198157943.jpg - (329.63KB , 2105x1517 , Shit-Sandwich-e1410031249502.jpg )
I've been in training all this week for some new software our field techs will use for scheduling and reporting. I found a graphic that sums it up pretty well. The best part is that I have to train our guys and gals on it... All while chugging the koolaid and pretending it doesn't suck ass. (So it doesn't become a riot.)

Fuckin great. In related news, I'll be in Miami FL June 4/5 if anyone wants to hang out. Email me. Caseless, about a 3 hour drive up to you? (Can you get those I <3 my job shirts?)
>> No. 10366 ID: 798a48
No summer classes this break so I'm getting a third job for a couple months since there's student internships with our department at a corrugated packager and one of my classmates is the operations manager who set it up.

That brings me up to 80 a week, which should bring me about even with the temporary absence of the GI Bill BAH plus the Pell Grant installments. I don't know if I'm eligible for another year of the grant, and I still need to file to find out. Next semester's my last and I should still have a few months left of GI Bill left after graduating so I need to do research and make inquiries at Chandler-Gilbert for their Airframe and Powerplant program.

Permanent positions for my contract job have been posted this week. Applications are open until the 10th, and there are 5 hard badges available, I believe. I'll finish my application during breaks in my weekend job and one of the older experienced co-workers is going to look over it on Monday before I finalize it.

I need to get my hair cut it's been three months. I look in the mirror and I realized I can use a comb again, but I don't recognize myself anymore more when I'm looking like that. Also, I'm simultaneously balding and greying. I'll be 30 before school starts again.

Getting out of bed has started to hurt but the back pain from lying down is probably the only thing that keeps me from hitting snooze more often. I feel satisfied most days when I think about it.
>> No. 10367 ID: 9dcda2
> Chandler-Gilbert for their Airframe and Powerplant program
> Part 147 Certificate program

Rock n' Roll.
>> No. 10369 ID: cad48c
File 146268021168.jpg - (79.67KB , 1920x1200 , pokerface.jpg )
> get promoted after realizing I don't really want it.
> get put on big project, seems like easy money. Turns out it's annoying and sucks hard.

> "Fuck it", I'm checked out anyway. Don't really do much. Spend tons of OT time watching TV.

> Project ends up half-done, half works at deadline, but this is somehow a huge success compared to past efforts. Get praised, CEO himself comes down to thank me and give me a bonus for all the extra hours I pulled. Buy myself a new pistol with money made not working.

> Guy comes in one day, company is really screwing him over. Help him out because he's pretty cool about it, seems like a good guy. Didn't really do much, but he was happy about the effort.

> Get called into office by management a few weeks later. Jig must be up, they've figured out I'm not doing anything. Oh well. Time to pack up my shit, how do I hide the booze bottles?

> Nope. PROMOTION! Turns out the guy I helped was a Big Name, said lots of good stuff. Management wants me in new role ASAP, working out new pay, etc.

> Take new role. More work, but the pay should be worth it. Not really happy with it, but I lucked out and got about the easiest load possible, though it's still a beast.

> Pay is finalized after about a month. Completely laughable raise over previous position, not even retroactive. Coworkers who got same offer get pissed, tons of talk of mass walkout.

> Get shuffled around right after this. End up with almost no workload at all through luck.

> Micromanagement on the rise, not enough people to do the work, everyone's underpaid. Most of the place is on the verge of quitting.

> Still do nothing. Still get paid for it. Still get praised by management.

Honestly, at this point I'm just getting my personal life sorted out. Soon as something changes for the worse (which I'm expecting soon), I'm done. In the meantime, pic related every time anyone talks to me, especially when the execs took me out for drinks.
>> No. 10370 ID: 41e92c
>Still do nothing. Still get paid for it.

Sounds like some of my management too.

Whenever they're not around, work gets done more smoothly. :)
>> No. 10372 ID: cad48c
File 146273362562.jpg - (619.05KB , 1920x1200 , 139925493278.jpg )
Yeah, I'm pretty much fed up with my direct management these days and the executives are just clueless. My workday is mostly staying out of sight of my manager when they're around. When they're not I blow through my to-do list and halfass enough stuff that it looks like I've been busy, then it's TV or study time for several hours. If customers show up and they're cool, I'll bend over backwards to help them. Anyone who's a prick gets literally the barest amount of effort possible. 5 minute job? Well, contract says we've got 3 days and I can't be fucking bothered to do it right now, so piss off.

Micromanagement is getting absurd. Latest thing going on is crackdowns on restroom time & breaks running a little long. People are getting bitched at and threatening to have a break exchanged for bathroom time because they spend more than 10 minutes in the bathroom during an 8 hour shift. People getting written up for clocking in after 11 minutes on a 10 minute break. Writeups for literally being 30 seconds late to clock in.

Meanwhile, since management only shows up a bit before I'm out, I walk over to the bar a couple hours into my shift, have a few drinks, and take an hour long lunch off the record. Fuck it, anybody asks I was in the back and didn't hear anyone come in. I've taken shits long enough to get other people fired and counted it as time spent working on internal projects (Hey, it started internal to me, and man, believe me when I say that it was a project.)

If management is going to stop using judgement and trusting employees, I'm going to use their system against them. Treat people like adults and either trust them or fire them and hire someone you can trust. Don't pull this "minute over break" bullshit. Either they deliver or they don't, and if they take 10 minutes on break or 15 minutes it doesn't matter if the work is done at the end of the day.

Anyway, I feel like I'm the main character from Office Space. Again. It's gonna be gravy if I don't get canned before I get my personal shit in order.
>> No. 10373 ID: 79b400
It's like everyone and their mother wanted to eat out tonight. Shit was cray.

This shit is hilarious. Be nice to the guy with the stapler.
>> No. 10374 ID: ad8094
File 146281126097.jpg - (349.19KB , 1500x1228 , stock-vector-a-dot-matrix-printer-with-tractor-fee.jpg )
> Micromanagement on the rise, not enough people to do the work, everyone's underpaid. Most of the place is on the verge of quitting.

Everyone want to be the chief not the indians

This is a story from one of my customer
> got a new job (finally)
> show up for work and they have nothing for him to do
> he even has a personal assistance and comes in everyday ask him what he wants for lunch
> after 2 weeks with nothing to do he is actually bored
> start wondering around the building checking out different rooms and stuff
> came across a lady with huge print out of spread sheets on banner paper
> ask her what she is doing
> turns out near the end of the money she has to spend about 2 to 3 days to manually look through the numbers and to make sure all the accounts balance out
> he ask where is the file
> it's on the network in Excel format
> wrote a little macro program to compare numbers in column X with column Y then bunch up the ones with difference and out put to a smaller sheet
> show it to the lady and her boss
> they were impressed
> 2 months later company went belly up
>> No. 10375 ID: 79b400
I somehow accidentally scored a part time job at a bicycle shop. Well, at least a trial period, but I know I can do it from both a sales and repair angle.

Also, the thread has stopped bumping. Shall we make a new one?
>> No. 10376 ID: dcdca6
I'll move this to /arch/ when I get home
>> No. 10377 ID: f49edb
saved forever
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