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File 142414678527.jpg - (48.31KB , 720x540 , _facebook_675933295.jpg )
15429 No. 15429 ID: b4e593 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does ANYONE make a modern plate carrier in good old woodland pattern any more? Or has it completely fallen by the wayside?
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>> No. 15562 ID: 117db1
Ferro will make anything you want if you ask.
>> No. 16475 ID: b04a50
File 14467897067.jpg - (348.02KB , 1024x683 , 9035683636_6fde76e053_b.jpg )
LBT has made some woodland gear recently, in limited batches. Shows up on the 'bay now and then. Its pretty fuckin sweet, I used to have a woodland 1961a-r
>> No. 16480 ID: 044fd0
File 144680115942.jpg - (2.03MB , 3264x2448 , 20151106_040407.jpg )
Woodland is my waifu.

The IBA can be had in woodland but they're not terribly common.
>> No. 16485 ID: e28f90
>> No. 16502 ID: dda126
File 144713902012.jpg - (747.30KB , 1270x847 , 140153488617.jpg )
woodland a shit.

File 143043924612.jpg - (490.33KB , 1600x1200 , dog hearing protection Mutt Muffs 3.jpg )
15760 No. 15760 ID: 1e7cc7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hearing protection for hunting dogs?
I bet dogs could benefit from wearing hearing protection when shooting with them in the area. Or have someone cup their ears to muffle the sound when you fire. Researching into this, there is a high rate of deafness in retrievers who have been out hunting with their masters. Not surprising, since they are at close range when the gun is fired, as opposed to other types of hunting dogs who are generally far away when the guns go off. Here's an article linking dog hearing loss and and their close proximity to shooting: http://www.msstate.edu/web/media/detail.php?id=1812

The simple solution is to offer the dogs hearing protection. Hunters use it, and there is such a thing for dogs, although it was developed for dogs how ride along in the loud cockpit of small private planes. Mutt Muffs: http://www.safeandsoundpets.com/index.html
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>> No. 15775 ID: 90a126
File 14310643168.jpg - (88.13KB , 454x606 , high vis dog.jpg )
Having high vis clothing while blasting Bambi ain't a bad thing. It, like wearing seatbelts, is something people should already do but don't because they enjoy proving that Darwin was right.

People get shot alot even with high visibility clothing thanks to hunters who don't confirm their target before firing or think they did but are so drunk they think a person looks like a deer, we wouldn't even need the clothing if people weren't so goddamn stupid.

While I'm not a big fan of government intrusions (unless it was me intruding into Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann, don't judge me, she'd probably be a crazy fun fuck) but the fact is shit like mandated seatbelts and highly visible hunting clothing are pretty minor things and, to take a page from anti-rights shitstains, should be fucking common sense (I wonder if there is porn of fucking common sense?).
>> No. 15937 ID: ce25f0
Norway allows silencers on hunting rifles too - you just need to remember to leave it on the rifle for the annual shooting test, and you're good to go for the hunt. Never been a problem - just makes the hunting less loud for the neighbors.
>> No. 15938 ID: 1e7cc7
File 143567309954.jpg - (860.85KB , 3712x2712 , UK Accuracy International L115A3 Long Range Rifle .jpg )

- A British sniper (center) carrying his L115A3 Long Range Rifle with attached suppressor. Apparently with some friends with some French rifles, a PGM Hécate and an FR F2.
A British sniper from 5 SCOTS (centre) and French snipers of the 8th Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment train together at Exercise Boar's Head, Otterburn Training Area, Northumberland. Exercise Boars Head was a company level live firing exercise which took place at Otterburn Training Area involving a British Army infantry company from 5 SCOTS, a unit of 16 Air Assault Brigade; and a company from 8th Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment a unit of the French 11th Parachute Brigade. The exercise was part of the continuing relationship between French and British Army units following the signing of the Defence and Security Co-operation Treaty by Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy in November 2010. The fancy scope of the left-most sniper is a "Sagem Sword Sniper" 3-in-1 sight.
>> No. 15939 ID: 1e7cc7
File 143567376911.jpg - (355.92KB , 3820x1158 , UK Accuracy International AWM 338 akakL115A3 Long .jpg )
British Armed Forces AWM 338, designated L115A3

The L115A3 sniper rifle, part of the Sniper System Improvement Programme (SSIP), is a larger calibre weapon which provides state-of-the-art telescopic day and night all-weather sights, increasing a sniper's effective range considerably. The first batch of SSIP systems was deployed to Afghanistan with members of 16 Air Assault Brigade in May 2008 with subsequent deliveries being made to training units across the UK. Designed to achieve a first-round hit at 600 metres and harassing fire out to 1,100 metres, Accuracy International's L96 sniper rifle has also been upgraded with a new x3-x12 x 50 sight and spotting scope. The L115A3 long range rifle fires an 8.59mm bullet which is heavier than the 7.62mm round of the L96 and less likely to be deflected over extremely long ranges. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accuracy_International_AWM
>> No. 16500 ID: fa69dc

File 143950492138.jpg - (473.63KB , 2000x1000 , o-NIGHT-VISION-facebook.jpg )
16061 No. 16061 ID: e06ef9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Hello all.

I've got a security gig I work sometimes that requires me to use a Night Vision monocular. Basically look for people doing things they shouldn't in darkened areas. Work provides the monocular, but it's a pain to return the thing to my boss at the end of my shift (he's 30 miles away), so I was thinking about buying my own.

I was hoping I could get something I could attach inline with my red dot on my AR, maybe, but I know nothing about NV equipment. Why is it that I can get a hand-held monocular unit for $149 but there's dozens of other units that cost upwards of $3000? Forgive my ignorance, please, but what's the difference?

Pic weird, might be related?
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>> No. 16263 ID: 7feea4
File 144387889268.jpg - (755.58KB , 3000x1996 , F15E.jpg )
There's already talk in aviation of NVGs being rendered obsolete by something along those lines. Not in the near future mind you, and certainly not something that's going to stand up to field conditions, but yeah.
>> No. 16264 ID: 963c4b
File 14438826744.jpg - (572.58KB , 1747x2000 , US F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot peers through his ni.jpg )
>> No. 16311 ID: 3254ec
I was thinking of unconventionally shaped tubes, and flat tubes/visor tubes (imagine star trek jordie laforge)
>> No. 16470 ID: dcbfbe
ITSTactical did a nice write up on NVGs, if you are interested.


>>I tried those. Fucking weaker than gen 1.

Is...is it a piece of shit consisting of a cluster of IR LEDs and a camera viewfinder/display rigged up to look like NVGs?
>> No. 16471 ID: 79b400
>Is...is it a piece of shit consisting of a cluster of IR LEDs and a camera viewfinder/display rigged up to look like NVGs?

I think so.

I was kind of excited when it was released, because I thought I could score some gen 1s on the cheap. It wasn't even close to gen 1. It could barely illuminate the room even when I had a candle behind me illuminating the room.

I think I'm going to save up for a gen 2 or 3 monocular when money isn't an issue.

File 144425406576.jpg - (92.16KB , 634x719 , Big-Backpack-634x719.jpg )
16273 No. 16273 ID: 50525d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey /K/ommandos,

I'm in the market for a new daily use backpack. I've been using a fox tactical "NATO rucksack" for a while now, which isn't too comfy and is just falling apart. I'm not wild about the whole uber tactical, MOLLE covered mall ninja look, so something a little more low key would be preferable. I'm thinking doing some ruck runs, so something I could run with/that has a waist belt would be good.

I'm going to be using this to haul a laptop and textbooks around to class for the most part, so something that has some space would be nice.

The goruck ones look pretty good, as do the TOPO Designs mountain packs, but both are sort of pricey. Any suggestions?
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>> No. 16323 ID: 6372b6
It's a 13 dollar RUK, serves as a hammer, a prybar, a hatchet, a machete, and a knife.
>> No. 16324 ID: 0b7429
My googling can't find anything on said knife.
>> No. 16325 ID: 6057a8

I think they're not being made anymore. That's a bit of a shame, good thing I bought like three. They're just cheap as fuck sharpened prybars, no fucks given if I lose one or fuck one up. They're like the giant brother of the Mora knives.
>> No. 16416 ID: e7f332
File 14459482172.jpg - (4.09MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_1688.jpg )
I know you said no OMGMOLLE but I cannot restrain myself, I use a TAD litespeed for that kind of stuff. It accepts the waistband from their larger EDC pack but honestly the straps are so well designed it doesn't shift back and forth when jogging.


This is a V1 litespeed - it doesn't have an integral frame but the straps are a billion percent better than the V2. I bought it, hated it, and wondered why everyone had previously ranted about how good the litespeed is. IMO they screwed the pooch on the redesign, and while the V2 has nicer padding and an integral framesheet, everything else about it is worse. However, it does look a bit less tacticool if that's what you're looking for.
>> No. 16419 ID: 0b7429
Damn. I always saw them in the CTD catalog and contemplated it, but hesitated because I wondered if it was shit. Then Sandy Hook happened, CTD pulled their bullshit and I withdrew any notion of ordering from them ever again.

Guess I'll be ordering a Cold Steel GI tanto in its stead.

File 144512324470.jpg - (53.61KB , 800x155 , Rem870w618Surefire.jpg )
16302 No. 16302 ID: 8ce8d9 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I want to get a flashlight for my 870, and like the look of the old school surefire 618. I'm not sure that anyone makes anythign similar now, or what name to look for for the old school ones because I keep seeing the newer ones whenever I search.

Any advice?
>> No. 16316 ID: 4c9c56
File 144575291186.jpg - (16.58KB , 400x320 , ILF_LED_MED_01.jpg )
Insight/L3 makes a forend like that. Whether its as battle-hardy as a shoorfire or not is beyond me. It is another option if you don't want to the Elzetta ZSM or railzzz on your forend.

File 144201167657.jpg - (148.64KB , 420x550 , 4553308303_74be82c880_b2.jpg )
16196 No. 16196 ID: 76f7f7 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Short and simple: I am interested in Polish gear.
Anyone know what armor/LBV is being worn in this picture? Maybe the backpack too.

In general I'm just looking for more info on what the Polish general issue kit is like since it doesn't appear to me that they use Platecarriers like the US.
>> No. 16197 ID: dda126
File 144201383388.jpg - (202.35KB , 640x420 , 1426407487001.jpg )
>> No. 16198 ID: dda126
>> No. 16298 ID: 960671
Well I, due to sad coincidence as it turns out, may have something to say that just might help you, generally speaking the kit is fairly typical for that period (most likely 6th deployment of polish contingent in ISAF from X.2009 to IV.2010 that was send by the 21st Podhalan Rifles Brigade judging by his unit patch on the left sleeve)
-body armour: OTV in woodland cover(probably the later version) with most likely SAPI plates
-ammunition pouches (look to be single open top "CQB type") from domestic manufacturers like shitty "Miwo Lubliniec" (back then Miwo Military I guess)
-early version of wz.96 "beryl" assault rifle with EoTech 552 mounted on top of the rear sight, standard polymer mags, dunno bout the sling
-privately purchased backpack from jansport with license produced RRC9200 radio by Radmor
-i think he wears wz.2000 helmet (wz.2005 maybe) with MU-3 NOD mount
>> No. 16299 ID: 76f7f7
Even a month later, still very helpful information. Thank you very much. Same to the earlier poster as well. I haven't been able to keep up with this thread much because of work and social obligations.

File 144387282733.jpg - (22.47KB , 400x294 , eotech_features.jpg )
16262 No. 16262 ID: e2c591 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Seems like EOTechs run into some issues when facing modern battlefield conditions:
>Thermal Drift-After zeroing the ECOSsystemsat or near ambient temperature (73°F), the zeroposition willshift during operating temperature changes. The ECOS systemshavethe potential to shift approximately +/-4Minutesof Angle (MOA)at -40°Fand 122°F. Due to thermal drift, the sight may not return to zero. The systemshavethe potential of approximately a +/-2MOAzero shiftupon return to ambient (73°F)after being exposed to any temperature between -40°Fand 122°Ftemperatures. Impact to the operators is the sight zerowill be affected atvaryingoperatingtemperatures.

>Fading Reticle -The complete 65 MOA ring with 1 MOA dotreticlemay not be visible to the operator throughout the entire viewing window of the ECOS-Q optic. The ECOS-Q system’sage and environmental exposure are factors which accelerate reticle dimming. Impact to operators is the holographic reticle may not be visible in all firing positions.

>Parallax Error – Parallax is an apparent change in the position of an object resulting from a change in position of the observer.The 65 MOA ring with 1 MOA dot reticle point of aim will appear to move in relation to your target during off-axis firing positions where maintaining cheek-weld and sight picture is not feasible. The ECOS-Q system has the potential of approximately 4 Minute of Angle (MOA) parallax error at 70°F and approximately 6 MOA parallax error at 5°F. Impact to the operators is the point of aim / point of impact will be affected by a MOA parallax error, in off-axis firing positions at all temperatures.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16268 ID: e2c591
>Heard it was mostly restricted to the AA battery models.

Aye, and for obvious reasons. :)
The "normal" way to work with batteries like that doesn't keep in mind that the thing it's mounted on will recoil in line with the battery. The springy bits would contract and contact would be lost for a very short time.
>> No. 16269 ID: 4d1df1

>> No. 16271 ID: bd9939
Other than the BSA garbage we sell mountains of, I see more eotechs returned with problems than anything. Most of the time it's stupid little shit like you have to use a round to push the buttons they're so insensitive or something, but it's a noticeable amount.

I wouldn't be too nervous if that's all I had, but I'm very happy with my aimpoint.
>> No. 16272 ID: 6dc7ad

It was mostly the battery contact issues as you point out, but I recall the original stop-use from SOCOM also cited POI shifts. I'd have to look that up to be sure though.

My opinion it boils down to "L3 doesn't give a shit." When (numerous) people pointed out how stupid their battery compartment design was, they just kept on trucking.

It sucks, cause I love the reticle but these things have been trouble since the days of the Bushnell Holosight. I have yet to see an iteration of them I'd personally trust off of a controlled range.
>> No. 16293 ID: 17e2ba
I've used the EOtech for a few biathlons, and can confirm that they do in fact drift zero. There were a few fucked off 400 and 500 meter stages due to dropped shots where the bullet should have rung steel. The real deal breaker for me which caused the sight to be sold on a Facebook trader group, is having exposed windage and elevation screws EXPOSED on the side. What the fuck was L3 thinking with that? Those points, and the auto turn off feature.

It struck me that it is only a CQB sight, not to be used for medium distance and beyond shots. I was asking it to serve a function that it was never designed for. The sight might have been good for high speeds; but as an all purpose optic for regular jackoffs like myself not so much.

File 143604061563.jpg - (49.51KB , 212x144 , cfisha.jpg )
15975 No. 15975 ID: 940fb7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Desirable properties:

•Waterproof would be nice, waterproof pouches at a minimum

•Able to be stowed; for instance on the luggage rack on top of a Greyhound bus


•Ergonomic/adjustable, for example, has at a minimum chest and waist buckles

•External water bottle pouch is nice

•Being able to add stuff modularly would be nice

-Fish unrelated
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 16173 ID: 0f61f0
God that is gorgeous. What model is that and what calibre? Doesn't look like a 30-30
>> No. 16174 ID: 044fd0

Winchester 94.
>> No. 16181 ID: 0f61f0

There's about a million 94 models and non-winchester clones. Do you know which one?
>> No. 16182 ID: 044fd0

Not exactly, but it appears to be the saddle-ring carbine.
>> No. 16183 ID: d2e752
Looks like a Trapper with some sort of ghost ring sight.

File 14409951097.png - (1.32MB , 1656x632 , zippers.png )
16169 No. 16169 ID: 87f240 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Zipper discussion. Also, does anyone know of a 1 or 2 man tent with a GOOD (not coiled) zipper on the door?
>> No. 16170 ID: cb1558
If the zipper doesn't say Y-K-K, you're G-A-Y.
>> No. 16172 ID: cfe73e
File 144124379848.jpg - (120.07KB , 1200x1800 , Leather zip front halter top 1.jpg )
Aw, darn it!
As if I didn't have ENOUGH problems, now I'm gay. Great.
>> No. 16180 ID: e7f332
File 144148935555.jpg - (59.14KB , 600x368 , 1205300441364136.jpg )
riri or GTFO

File 14407113825.jpg - (190.40KB , 1984x1488 , 11260824_1084484961562919_8214762943694537673_o.jpg )
16138 No. 16138 ID: 2521a2 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
about this french button without regiment number, Why?
>> No. 16139 ID: 2521a2
File 144071151191.jpg - (49.23KB , 742x731 , 11953094_10206876009796657_7133259356762408278_n.jpg )

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