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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 140668113459.jpg - (96.58KB , 852x468 , StealthGearUSA-Onyx-IWB-Holster-Review.jpg )
14174 No. 14174 ID: d6e397
I bought a 9mm Shield probably 3 weeks ago now, and it's been collecting dust because I haven't gotten around to finding a proper holster for it or even broken it in yet. I think I'm finally going to nut up and go get a proper carry permit and start carrying inside city limits vs keeping my .380 bodyguard in a pocket holster inna car.

The thing is that I'm woefully inexperienced with IWB holsters, I can list off a few high end companies, and that's aboot it.

I started looking at the original Alien Gear holsters because of a link I saved off of OPchan from months ago, but it looks like they have a new version that they claim is better using neoprene stuff instead of leather. Researching what little I could on that, I found some references to the StealthGear Onyx which looks like a jacked up Gucci equivalent, but it's significantly more expensive at $105 shipped. I'm definitely willing to pay for quality, but I don't want to drop $100 on something and find out it's all flash and no substance.

So anywho, any experience with either of those? Any company or different style suggestions? Anything helps.


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>> No. 14175 ID: 06ae7b
File 140669304414.jpg - (2.90MB , 2592x1944 , DSC06080.jpg )
I was going to write up it's own review why not here

I got the Alien Gear Holster for my SIG P2009 (took 2 weeks to get here, it's not bad), price was under $40 shipped which is 1/2 of what my MTAC was. It's pretty cool it uses exact same hardware as the MTAC which was one of the reason I went with them so I can utilize the C-Clip that came with MTAC. As shown in pic
>> No. 14176 ID: 06ae7b
File 140669319828.jpg - (2.91MB , 2592x1944 , DSC06076.jpg )
Here it is side by side with the MTAC, the leather backing is wider and so is the kydex body. It mount fine but because it's wider it doesn't fold well against my body (32w wearing 34w pants so holster will fit), I think this holster will work better for fellows with wider waist/more padding.
>> No. 14177 ID: 06ae7b
File 140669353520.jpg - (2.69MB , 2592x1944 , DSC06077.jpg )
Here are the back side, the MTAC I have has the extra piece of leather to cover up the exposed hardware.Comp-Tac does make a MTAC that doesn't have the back piece for cost cutter it's call the Spartan


By the time I wrote this Alien Gear Holster came out with their 2.0 version which has the extra leather to cover up the hardware.

Comp-Tac Spartan = AGH
Comp-Tac MTAC = AGH 2.0

It includes 3 position for your belt clip to mount on so you can setup cant for your holster setup. One bad thing about the AGH 2.0 is since is covered up you can't take the 4 extra mounting points off. With AGH 1.0 you can take them out and it won't effect the holster and it's pretty easy to put them back in place if you ever need to change cant direction.
>> No. 14178 ID: 06ae7b
File 140669371251.jpg - (2.47MB , 2592x1944 , DSC06078.jpg )
Here is over lapping showing the side difference, I lined up the mounting points on the left and now you can see how far apart the other side is. One pair of my tactical pants has a wide belt loop where the AGH belt clip is, I had to find a different pair of pants so it will work with the AGH mounting system, even change to C-Clip off the MTAC it still won't work with that pair of pants.
>> No. 14179 ID: 06ae7b
File 14066941689.jpg - (1.58MB , 2592x1944 , DSC06079.jpg )
AGH $40 vs MTAC $80 you can tell more labor was put into making of the holster, the edges of the AGH was just straight cut, not rounded at all like the MTAC. Noting some Dremal and sand paper can't fix.

Some people might feel it isn't a finished holster but I see it as a DIY paradise but I would have to do some serious modding to make it EDC worthy.
- Round the edges of the kydex
- Add a dimple for trigger guard retention
- Maybe move the mounting point near the trigger closer to the trigger, something close to MTAC's position in order to shorten the width of the holster
- If I move the mounting point I am going to trim the leather back piece too.

I might dick around with this one and see where it goes, I thought about ordering a kydex piece with no holes drilled so I can drill my own and get it converted to work with MTAC back piece.
>> No. 14180 ID: 06ae7b
File 140669452750.jpg - (313.34KB , 1627x726 , Back.jpg )
Oops correction

I couldn't find pictures of AGH 2.0's back and I saw the sew line and assumed the back was covered. After looking around I found a Youtube review and the guy showed the back it's still not covered it's actually a different material so they can speed up the production process. Leather was delaying them up to 1.5 month waiting on the black leather.

Here is picture of the AGH 2.0 and Comp-Tac Spartan's back.
>> No. 14181 ID: d6e397
File 140670289380.jpg - (242.75KB , 1000x765 , onyx.jpg )
I'm actually in that exact size zone now, so I'm thinking maybe I'd better hold off on an Alien Gear for this particular pistol. Might still nab one for my full size M&P or the Glock 17 I'm thinking of replacing it with. Figure it wouldn't hurt having a serviceable IWB alternative holster around for my full size for reasons.

MTAC is definitely a big consideration now. I've heard good things now that read the name and think aboot it. Thanks for the detailed writeup.
>> No. 14182 ID: 06ae7b
Thing about MTAC or Comp-Tac they are not expanding their list of firearms they make holsters for, not matter how much you ask. They bought the company that made MTAC holster and they don't have any R&D to make shell for new pistols.
>> No. 14185 ID: 824045
What? I'm on Comp-Tac's email list, and they come out with new fits for their holsters all the time. What they will probably not do is custom-make a holster for a gun you ship to them.

I would like to know if there is a company making hybrid holsters that does that, though.

The Comp-Tac MTAC is a fantastic holster. Mine makes carrying a Beretta 92G Brigadier more than doable with the right shirt selection.
>> No. 15628 ID: 457a14
File 142764855094.jpg - (106.23KB , 640x640 , 10732029_422613481232292_982393518_n.jpg )
Got this made just yesterday by a local craftsman. After selling my model 10 to Tactikool, I upgraded and bought this 64. Its wider bull barrel necessitated a new holster, the one seen at right compared to my old one, left. I think the smartest thing he did was to put the clip alongside and not over the cylinder making the holster less bulky. The grid he drilled into it makes it adjustable. Despite the lower profile and use of spacers, the new one holds rock steady. Also, dude gives customers a lifetime guarantee. I sure hope he stays in business. Not many people carry 4" K frames anymore, and even less carry them in IWB holsters, but I think he did a good job of it.

http://www.z2hgear.com/ If you're in the Las Vegas area, schedule an appointment and he will make it for you on the spot. If you're not local, he has a garage wall covered in blue guns, and most likely can make a holster to your model.
>> No. 15629 ID: cd49aa
Revived has turned me onto Armiger holsters if that's something you'd like to take a look at. They bretty goddamn kewl IWB holsters.

I'm not a fan of IWB unless I'm appendix carrying, because that's really the only way I find it comfortable when it's on the inside of my pants. I like OWB more.
>> No. 15630 ID: 457a14
IWB appendix is how I have carried since getting my permit last August. It did take a minute to get over having a gun barrel resting above my nut sack.
>> No. 15631 ID: cd49aa
It's so comfortable and it's a more natural draw for me. There are times where I'm going to prefer OWB, but I'm going to stick with appendix primarily.
>> No. 15632 ID: 2f4fd6

>having a gun barrel resting above my nut sack

>appendix carry

Wait, what?

Sorry, I just had this sudden mental image of somebody with the lower half of their anatomy on backwards, lol.
>> No. 15633 ID: 2f4fd6
File 142770213870.png - (199.96KB , 450x339 , derped.png )

Errrr, disregard that I'm too drunk to anatomy. My brain subbed kidney for appendix there. I blame the cedar tree for talking too loud while I was typing.
>> No. 15651 ID: 65c27c
File 14281396934.jpg - (1.47MB , 3200x2368 , IMG_20150404_052323.jpg )

Stop letting your pants sag like a pavement ape then. Pull up yer britches.

Now please allow me to model myself, I marked with my paint skillz wear the barrel is. My most impressive member far out of the way from that.
>> No. 15652 ID: c3e6b2
File 142816338170.jpg - (28.26KB , 414x268 , top1-414x268_jpeg.jpg )
Just going to leave this here :)

>> No. 15654 ID: cd49aa

I'm looking to change my belt out with something similar.
>> No. 15655 ID: 457a14
And when you sit?
>> No. 15656 ID: 65c27c

Doesn't dig much into my tissue. Sorta rests a top your pubes area.
>> No. 15657 ID: c3e6b2
Looks like a ranger belt/rigger belt
>> No. 15658 ID: cd49aa
Fucking hell, that price. Is a belt really worth $100?

I just want something that makes appendix carry a little easier without shoving the buckle to the side.
>> No. 15660 ID: 65c27c

Shoving the buckle to the side really helps prevent printing.

The Ares belt is just solid, I lerv mine.
>> No. 15661 ID: df12a0
>shove buckle to the side

That's what I do.
>> No. 15662 ID: 3bf2ae
File 142826272586.jpg - (1.81MB , 2560x1920 , 20150405_153620.jpg )
I've been running a StealthGear Onyx for a month and a half now with an LC9S and it's been utterly fantastic. I live in Florida so it's hot eleven months out of the year, and the mesh definitely helps I've yet to sweat due to the holster. It's very comfortable, and VERY lightweight, to a point where I forget about it (which is a good thing). The draw is very fast and drama-free, though I did have to cant it a little forward from stock due to personal preference. I see no reason why I would ever switch to a different holster.

Definitely worth checking out if you have a hundred dollars to burn.
>> No. 15663 ID: 3bf2ae
File 142826280359.jpg - (2.21MB , 2560x1920 , 20150405_153639.jpg )
>> No. 15664 ID: cd49aa
I guess I should stop being a little bitch and just shove it to the side.

Though, I have wanted a belt like that since I saw Travis Haley talking about one in his INCOG video. It just looks convenient.
>> No. 15665 ID: 9eea57
I have a 5.11 maverick assaulter belt. It's got a curve to the design that kinda fits the shape of your body and unlike some of the other belt designs it doesn't use a smaller webbing for the cobra buckle, its all the one width. I've never had to worry about taking the buckle off to put the belt on as some people seem to do with the ares style belts. But when taking it off the web loop will sometimes get stuck on your belt loops and be a bit of a pain in the ass.

Also it's a ready made item so there's no 3 week lead time.
>> No. 15666 ID: cd49aa
I've been eying a 5.11 belt at work, but it's like $60. I've been thinking about it though.

I can't remember what model, I think it's the TDU, trainer or operator belt. One of those.
>> No. 15667 ID: 0b4e9b
File 142829775975.jpg - (248.92KB , 1200x1600 , duckyshield.jpg )
Little bit of a follow up since this thread was resurrected just liek babby jeezus.

I actually ended up ordering the Onyx a bit after posting the thread and have been carrying my Shield regularly for around a month. I actually have to carry at home because I have a fucking psychotic 40 year old anti gunz hippie roommate with "shaggy" friends that we're currently trying to escape.

I don't have another IWB to compare it to, but I am very impressed. I'm unfortunately not allowed to carry on the clock, but I wear this thing everywhere including hiking and have no unreasonable discomfort. Never have had any hot spot issues or pinching. I'm super impressed.

As far as belts go, I've been carrying using a 215 Gear with the manual pull through style buckle until today. My girlfriend finally got the EDC SOE mini cobra belt we ordered during the shotshow sale so I've got my full size Cobra buckle 215 gear belt back from her and it definitely holds up a little tighter. They're aspensive, but they're really really nice. I also highly recommend the SOE belt she got as far as function goes. It digs into the stomach less and it's still comfortable while being rigid as fuck. Their service and shipping fucking blows but the gear itself is solid. I really do like the Ares belts too, but I feel like I got more for the money with the SOE and 215 gear stuff.
>> No. 15668 ID: 2f4fd6

I still swear by the Maxped Liger I've had going on about ten years now. Some brightening on the buckle's high spots aside it still looks pretty much factory new and more importantly, still has just the right amount of rigidity in it.

Also has the bonus of blending in with pretty much any clothes up through formal wear without screaming I HAVE A GUN ON THIS RIGGER'S BELT! Seriously, around my parts it's really, really easy to spot other CCWs just from that factor.

I like rigger's belts too, but idk... I usually don't wear them unless I'm actually involved around, say, rigging things or roping about on cliffs.
>> No. 15672 ID: 9eea57
A good belt will cost you some dosh. But it means you won't need to spend money for a good long while on another one if you buy right.
>> No. 15674 ID: cd49aa
Yeah, I figure that. I'm really liking the Maxpedition belt the poster above you mentioned. I might jump on that when I have the opportunity.
>> No. 15696 ID: 457a14
>Little bit of a follow up since this thread was resurrected just liek babby jeezus.
Is that frowned upon? I find it best to use an existing thread if what I want to say is covered by the thread's topic, even if said thread is... oh, shit. Last July? God damn, this is a slow board!
>> No. 15697 ID: cd49aa
Same here. If I can necrobump an old discussion that fits my needs, I'd rather do that.
>> No. 17312 ID: d8acd0
File 146036931756.jpg - (1.11MB , 2577x2402 , pistol holster Belgian Browning Hi-Power 1.jpg )
Belgian Browning Hi-Power holster.
Yeah, more expensive than a nylon or other type of plastic form-fitting holster, but much more stylish.
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