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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 144299716091.jpg - (119.88KB , 900x1600 , 20150922_172002.jpg )
16251 No. 16251 ID: 7443a9
Sup guys,

So one of the things I like to do is about once or twice a year is buy myself something nice...something pricey. I decided that this year is would be a watch. What I wanted was a basic manually wound mechanical watch. I spent a couple of months researching and finally decided on buying a Weiss Watch Co. Field Watch. I was going go with the slightly cheaper Hamilton field watch that fit the same criteria but I decided I wanted to help out the small American business more and I liked the Weiss's dial better.

The good:
Higher quality finish than I was expecting. Most pics online are of his first pieces and while he hasn't changed anything major in the design he has come a LONG way in the finishing of the watch.
The sapphire front and back. Not only are they super scratch resistant but being able to see the mechanism is pretty cool.
The weight is also something to comment on. For the size of this watch (42mm) it is light on my wrist.
Lastly while it comes close it is not too big for me to wear like most 42mm watches.

The bad:
No hacking seconds. I'm not sure you can actually call this a real field watch without that capability. On a TAC mission you HAVE to be within +/- 30seconds of your L-Hour or you can get yourself or other people killed. Not that we use wrist watches for timing that nowadays but I would have liked to actually do a time hack next brief I was in for the lulz. I guess for most people today it's a non issue but really it would be nice for historical accuracy.

The neutral:
He calls the movement the "Caliber 1001". I feel this is a bit dishonest. The movement is a ETA UNITAS 6497 that he disassembles, polishes, etches, and "modifies" (not that I can find what that entails anywhere. But I honestly don't care enough to ask) before reassembling & regulating. I think he should hold off on the naming before he reaches his stated goal of making his own movements.

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase. $950 well spent.
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>> No. 16252 ID: 7443a9
File 14429972305.jpg - (223.83KB , 1600x900 , 20150922_172029.jpg )
>> No. 16253 ID: 7443a9
File 144299728693.jpg - (182.20KB , 1600x900 , 20150922_172057.jpg )
>> No. 16258 ID: f3d37a
If the cannon pinion is propperly adjusted, you can stop the movment by slowly setting the hands backwards. Not as nice as a hack mechanism, but it will allow you to sync with another time piece.
For almost a grand, whay not get an autowind?
>> No. 16261 ID: 7443a9
There is something nice about winding you watch every morning when you wake up.
>> No. 16308 ID: b5e738
what is the purpose of wearing a watch facing in like that?
>> No. 16309 ID: 0b7429
Multiple reasons. Can see the face while holding a gun, doesn't get caught on stuff as easy, reduces outward glare.

Personally I find it more comfortable. But, I've been wearing it outward for a while now because it's easier to tell time when using handlebars.
>> No. 16310 ID: 2404e6
I prefer inside facing because Im HSLD.

Or because its more comfortable to me. For example doing pushups. Wearing it normally the watch might press into the back of my hand. With it inward facing it never interferes with hand things.
>> No. 16429 ID: 7443a9
Mostly to protect the face of the watch when I'm working.
>> No. 16495 ID: be0d6b
File 144703735173.jpg - (0.96MB , 2592x1456 , 2015-10-23 17_27_17.jpg )
I've never heard of Weiss, but that's damn pretty. The detail of the face is very classy and I like the small seconds dial. How big is it?

I love field watches. My current favorite is the Hamilton 42mm Day/Date my wife got me. It's everything I need and nothing I don't. I'd love a tritium field watch but they're fairly rare.
>> No. 16516 ID: 7443a9
Fits slightly smaller than most 42mm watches. 6" wrist I would say are the minimum for it.
>> No. 16560 ID: f1416a
That sounds nice. I like a 40-42mm case, so a 42 that wears small sounds nice. I like the blue limited edition - there aren't enough blue faced field watches out there.
>> No. 17177 ID: ad4e27
File 145960447046.jpg - (1.98MB , 3264x2448 , 1459604156527.jpg )
Bought a Suunto core for $188
>> No. 17313 ID: c789cd
File 146036962848.jpg - (1.36MB , 2048x1152 , 20160411_030828.jpg )
>> No. 17327 ID: 53e7c0
Recently I've taken a liking to Skagen watches. Not exactly "tactical", well by any means really, but mine does happen to have DAY-DATE function and a 24 hour clock as well. Face is white with chrome accents, not my preferred combination but its still easy to read at a glance. It's marked 331XLSL1, but I think the specific model was called the Jonas. It's case is about 8mm thick. I think it's been discontinued.

But I DO NOT like a thick case. I don't mind large size, but I find thick cases are just asking to be ruined. Skagen has a case that's very thin comparatively. People have complained about the straps being poor quality but I haven't had any problems yet, and I am hard on watches.

I really don't like the trend towards huge thick cases, lately, and wish more people were into low drag. Anyone know any thin watches, that are actually functional, unlike the Citizen Stiletto?
>> No. 17380 ID: 1a91fc
Just saw this thread again and now I'm sad. Watch got stolen a while back. Though I just misplaced it in the house but I literally moved every piece of furniture, flipped every cushion, etc...even searched my housemates rooms after they left for the summer...

Weiss isn't exactly common on the east coast. I swear if I see someone in Radford wearing it I'm gonna cut their arm off and beat them to death with it.
>> No. 17386 ID: 51e25e
File 146338679872.jpg - (2.66MB , 4030x3024 , IMG_20160511_152119.jpg )
Sinn 556i

Pictures can't even capture how crisp the dial is.
>> No. 17387 ID: 51e25e
File 146338688326.jpg - (3.39MB , 4000x2992 , IMG_20160516_023111.jpg )
Despite not being a diver, it had a water resistance rating of 200m which is definitely a feat for having...
>> No. 17388 ID: 51e25e
File 146338697754.jpg - (2.38MB , 4030x3024 , IMG_20160511_152106.jpg )
An exhibition caseback of sapphire! Always nice to be able to see the inner workings.
>> No. 17389 ID: 51e25e
File 146338703779.jpg - (132.88KB , 768x483 , f15a6598-eb4c-427c-896b-d0d0e5d6ea5a.jpg )
>> No. 17390 ID: 51e25e
File 146338713679.jpg - (3.40MB , 4000x2992 , IMG_20160513_000831.jpg )
It wears equally nice on a NATO as well. I plan on eventually getting the Sinn bracelet or a deployment clasp rubber.
>> No. 17418 ID: 818111
My Stocker and Yale "mickey mouse" watch died.

Had it since tech. Who can get it working? Tritium is long dead, if that matters.
>> No. 17422 ID: bec165

Any competent watch maker should be able to help you out.
>> No. 17423 ID: f87148

Fuck me, I could look at automatics' asses all damn day.

I just got a Seiko 5 about six months ago, and for ~$70, I couldn't be happier. I'll post photos when I get a halfway decent camera.
>> No. 17912 ID: 1d4d8c
What band is that?
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