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File 144654379218.jpg - (1.89MB , 2448x3264 , foto01_05_13132002.jpg )
16451 No. 16451 ID: 1f4942
I got a flak west and it smelled a bit of storage
so i put it in the washing machine and it now smells like flowers

But how the hell do i get the big inserts back in the west properly
is there a trick ?!?!?!
>> No. 16452 ID: dda126
>But how the hell do i get the big inserts back in the west properly
is there a trick ?!?!?!

1. HAHAHAHAHA PLEB! Could have gotten an actual ballistic vest for little more from ebay!

2. Yes, put some duct tape on the velcro of the inserts, slide it in, position it properly and then pull of the duct tape and connect the velcro.
>> No. 16454 ID: 1f4942
not really this was 45$ new
thx ill try the duct tape approach
>> No. 16455 ID: dda126
Dude. Explain to me what you'll use this thing for then? I use it for knife fighting ICW a fencing mask. That's all it's useful for. If you'll wash it on a regular basis, getting 4 pieces of female velcro to stick on the insert while putting it back in can help save you duct tape.
>> No. 16456 ID: 1f4942

Looks like IIIA to me
hope you didnt pay a fortune for yours
>> No. 16457 ID: dda126
>wtf is back face deformation and why can it kill me?
>why do NIJ ratings exist?
>> No. 17621 ID: 54b1b1
Where did you purchase yours from?
>> No. 17624 ID: 11d6e3
I dont remember it was over a year ago
Some german surplus site with no english
>> No. 17625 ID: dda126


wow, shit got expensive.
>> No. 17627 ID: 11d6e3

>> No. 17676 ID: 6791a2
Goddamn i wish mine looked as new as this, shit's looking washed-out, i really should try to restore the colors or something

Still the most important thing is that it gets the job done

Kek i got mine for much less than that
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