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File 145921300798.jpg - (238.75KB , 1280x629 , hognosewarsword.jpg )
17107 No. 17107 ID: 5023d5
Drooling over new Busse
It's another I can't spend that on that sword but Oh My!

let's see 'em.
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>> No. 17109 ID: dda126
File 145923858347.jpg - (283.77KB , 2048x1536 , 860439_122575704588005_1843393084_o.jpg )
>> No. 17125 ID: 254d85
  >modern swords
>> No. 17126 ID: b86cd3
Lead bullets can't shatter hanzo steel.
>> No. 17127 ID: 06a0fb
File 14592992615.jpg - (542.38KB , 1000x671 , Extrema_Ratio_Ontos_2_Large.jpg )
Angst and edge out the ass, but it's a damn good repro xiphos.


And it's not a sword, but I've been lusting after the Extrema Ratio Ontos for months now.

Pic related, but green scales.
>> No. 17128 ID: 06a0fb
An Extrema Ratio Fulcrum is cool too because it's the new issue bayonet for the FAMAS under the FELIN improvement.

>> No. 17131 ID: 254d85
File 145940468182.jpg - (162.70KB , 1198x899 , DV2_2_LRG.jpg )


On the topic of expensive knives, I've wanted to pick up a DV-2 for a while now, but the only readily available ones in the US are the "fancy" satin finish ones and I can't really justify the price for what is essentially one of the bowie-sized Ka-Bars.
>> No. 17132 ID: 83d63c
File 145940919893.jpg - (867.77KB , 3793x986 , CC Greek Xiphos 1.jpg )
Devil's Edge - Greek Xiphos - AK001
Overall Length: 25 1/2'' Blade: 19 3/8''
Retail Price: $194.95 Sale: $139.95
Blade: 1095 High Carbon Steel
Weight: 1 lb 7.4 oz
Edge: Sharp
P.O.B.: 2 7/8''
Thickness: 3.7 mm - 2.6 mm
Width: 70 mm - 32 mm - 51 mm
Grip Length: 3 3/4''
Pommel: Integrated
>> No. 17133 ID: 83d63c
File 145940922888.jpg - (1.01MB , 3381x1313 , CC Greek Xiphos 2.jpg )
This Greek Xiphos possesses a well-tempered and sharpened blade of 1095 high carbon steel. The grip of carved and polished hardwood is dual-pinned to the thick blade tang. The pommel is also wood and is capped on its end with a steel disc. The sword comes with a scabbard of wood.

This replica Xiphos is a practical sword purpose-built for those who wish to appreciate its time-tested design first-hand or the reenactor or collector who desires a battle-ready replica that is not overly heavy.
>> No. 17134 ID: 83d63c
File 145940927029.jpg - (1.19MB , 2081x2403 , CC Greek Xiphos 3.jpg )
The blade is crafted from strong, quality steel paired with a robust hilt construction. In terms of handling this Xiphos is quite easy to wield and is an agile, responsive weapon. The ancient leaf blade design accentuates the force of cuts and chops, whilst the wide tip forces even shallow thrusts to become notably wide.
>> No. 17135 ID: 83d63c
File 145940930454.jpg - (792.35KB , 2081x1196 , CC Greek Xiphos 4.jpg )
The weapon often identified with the Greek heroes of antiquity, the leaf-bladed design of the Xiphos stretches back well into the Bronze Age; when the transition to iron blades occurred the Greeks simply kept much of its original form. Though the weapon has a heroic pedigree it was most likely the secondary weapon for most Greek warriors - particularly the Hoplites whose primary weapon was the Dory spear. Should the spear be broken the Hoplite could draw his Xiphos and continue the fight. The Xiphos could also be used by the front ranks of a phalanx should the push-and-shove scrum of a phalanx vs phalanx fight clash too close for the spear to be useful for the ranks in the fore. In such close quarters the Xiphos could find its mark once its wielder found an opening in his opponents defense.
>> No. 17136 ID: 83d63c
File 145940933371.jpg - (578.96KB , 1750x1147 , CC Greek Xiphos 5.jpg )
>> No. 17137 ID: 83d63c
File 145940945241.jpg - (738.03KB , 3315x927 , CC Greek Xiphos 6.jpg )
I always liked leaf-shaped swords from classical antiquity and this seems a very nice modern version. Wish it was in actual bronze.
>> No. 17138 ID: 83d63c
File 145940979277.jpg - (423.31KB , 2178x1430 , CC Greek Short Xiphos with Bone Hilt 1.jpg )
Devil's Edge - Greek Short Xiphos with Bone Hilt
Overall Length: 20 1/16'' Blade: 13 3/4''
Retail Price: $159.95 sale: $119.95
Blade: 1095 High Carbon Steel
Weight: 1 lb 4.7 oz
Edge: Sharp
P.O.B.: 0''
Thickness: 4.3 mm - 1.8 mm
Width: 82 mm - 34 mm - 49 mm
Grip Length: 3 7/8''
Pommel: Integrated
>> No. 17139 ID: 83d63c
File 145940981567.jpg - (468.00KB , 3776x1103 , CC Greek Short Xiphos with Bone Hilt 2.jpg )
This short Xiphos is fitted with a sharpened blade of well-tempered 1095 high carbon steel; the grip of polished bone is pinned to the thick blade tang to create the grip. The pommel is likewise of bone and is finished with a pommel disc cap of steel. The sword is accompanied with a scabbard of wood.

This replica of the short-bladed Xiphos has a robust blade paired with strong construction; it is ideal for the cutting enthusiast who wishes to experience the time-tested ability of the ancient leaf-blade design for themselves. Such swords had a long history of use; their swollen leaf tips bring enhanced cutting and hacking ability; the wide tip causes even shallow thrusts to quickly widen into long, gaping entry wounds.
>> No. 17140 ID: 83d63c
File 145940985322.jpg - (744.40KB , 3843x1774 , CC Greek Short Xiphos with Bone Hilt 3.jpg )
It is also well-suited for the reenactor or collector who desires a blade that is not cumbersome to wield and one that is no mere display item or costume adornment. Like the originals this sword is nimble in the hand and quick on the strike.
>> No. 17141 ID: 83d63c
File 14594098804.jpg - (433.44KB , 1754x2202 , CC Greek Short Xiphos with Bone Hilt 4.jpg )
The Spartans were known to favor the use of a short-sword version of the Xiphos; though lesser in length than Xiphoi favored by other Greeks, the Spartans may have found the shorter blade more useful in very tight phalanx formations. In martial affairs the Spartans were ever-practical and it would be unwise to assume that their preferences were based upon anything less than battle-experience and the usefulness of such a weapon within the Spartan sphere of War.
>> No. 17142 ID: 83d63c
File 14594098996.jpg - (191.91KB , 1867x715 , CC Greek Short Xiphos with Bone Hilt 5.jpg )
The Spartans, like most Greeks used the Dory spear as their primary weapon for their hoplites within phalanxes. When dueling phalanxes become close and entangled the front rows of Spartans likely found it advantageous to temporarily discard their spears and to draw the short-bladed Xiphos. With so many men pressed closely together there was little room to maneuver in a pressed phalanx; perhaps an advantage went to the skilled man with a nimble, shorter sword that could easily navigate the scrum of shield and spear pole unentangled to find its mark within the foe. With a large, round shield to cover him, the Spartan warrior could fend off his opponents until the opportunity presented itself to press forward and strike.
>> No. 17143 ID: 83d63c
File 145940992147.jpg - (112.75KB , 1218x700 , CC Greek Short Xiphos with Bone Hilt 6.jpg )
In the later history of the Greeks it is noted that Phalangites of the Macedonian Phalanx would often carry a short-bladed Xiphos or a curved Kopis as a sidearm.
>> No. 17144 ID: 83d63c
File 14594099405.jpg - (273.59KB , 2017x850 , CC Greek Short Xiphos with Bone Hilt 7.jpg )
>> No. 17145 ID: 83d63c
File 145940995826.jpg - (492.63KB , 3440x1212 , CC Greek Short Xiphos with Bone Hilt 8.jpg )
>> No. 17146 ID: 83d63c
File 145941059452.jpg - (415.21KB , 1981x1138 , CC Greek Xiphos Sword with Bronzed Finish 1.jpg )
Greek Xiphos Sword with Bronzed Finish
This Xiphos is crafted from high carbon steel with an antiqued bronze finish. It comes with a leather-bound wooden scabbard with steel throat and chape pieces that have an antiqued bronze finish. It has two hanging rings to allow it to be hung from a baldric.

With roots in the bronze age, the Greek Xiphos existed alongside the Kopis as the two sidearm swords of the Greek Hoplite warrior. Unlike the forward curving Kopis, the Xiphos was a straight, leaf-bladed short sword. These leaf bladed designs were popular in the bronze age and they continued into the iron age. The leaf blade on the Xiphos is very similar in design to the Celtic leaf-bladed swords of the same era found elsewhere in Europe. It is a design that puts more mass in the tip region, giving the sword greater chopping power, as well as the ability to make even a shallow thrust wound grievously wide.

The main weapon of the Greek Hoplite was undoubtedly his Dory spear, but should it be broken in combat or the melee get too close-in for the spear to be as useful the shorter Xiphos would be drawn from its baldric-hung scabbard to finish the fight. http://www.kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=AH4212N&name=Greek+Xiphos+Sword+with+Bronzed+Finish
>> No. 17147 ID: 83d63c
File 145941060336.jpg - (133.19KB , 1485x576 , CC Greek Xiphos Sword with Bronzed Finish 2.jpg )
>> No. 17148 ID: 83d63c
File 145941061662.jpg - (336.17KB , 1771x1012 , CC Greek Xiphos Sword with Bronzed Finish 3.jpg )
>> No. 17149 ID: 83d63c
File 145941063624.jpg - (227.32KB , 1366x1203 , CC Greek Xiphos Sword with Bronzed Finish 4.jpg )
>> No. 17150 ID: 83d63c
File 145941064617.jpg - (137.93KB , 1644x550 , CC Greek Xiphos Sword with Bronzed Finish 5.jpg )
>> No. 17152 ID: dda126
File 145942013311.jpg - (332.09KB , 2048x1536 , 856336_122575674588008_855850081_o.jpg )
As an actual sword guy, I actually am disgusted by shit like that.
>> No. 17153 ID: 83d63c
File 145942817738.jpg - (393.52KB , 2888x962 , CC bronze aga Danish sword reproduction 1.jpg )
Danish Bronze Age Sword $450
Crafted by New York bronzesmith Chris Levatino, this replica bronze sword is based on a Bronze Age Danish weapon which is now housed in the Copenhagen Museum of Natural History. Cast from bronze, it has false rivets of bronze on the guard and wooden spaces in the grip. These false rivets were a decorative feature on many Bronze Age swords, as they were an stylistic emulation of other bronze swords which had wood or horn grips riveted to the blade. The blade has come to us slightly sharpened, but should you desire a sharper, more even edge, then please select the option for our in-house sharpening service below.
>> No. 17154 ID: 83d63c
File 145942823939.jpg - (183.73KB , 1141x786 , CC bronze aga Danish sword reproduction 2.jpg )
The archeological record is littered with bronze weapons which are surprisingly abundant thanks to the anti-corrosive properties of bronze. The best preserved ones could be sharpened and used today, as was the ‘’relatively’’ recent case of an ancient bronze sword that was wielded by a combatant in the United Irishman Rebellion of 1789!

Unlike iron and steel, bronze weapons were solid cast from earthen molds. Being softer than iron and steel, bronze blades need a thick central ridge or spine to impart as much rigidity as possible and minimize blade warping. From this thick spine, the blade rapidly tapers to a thin and keen edge.
>> No. 17155 ID: 83d63c
File 145942826542.jpg - (213.82KB , 1133x986 , CC bronze aga Danish sword reproduction 3.jpg )
Bronze weapons are deceptively sophisticated however - a good craftsman can ‘’harden’’ the blade edge whilst retaining the softer, unaltered core of the bronze, giving the blade properties similar to the ‘’differential hardening’’ that is most famously exhibited on traditionally made katanas. The katana, typically has a softer core and hardened edges to give the blade a shock absorbing core and a hard, sharp edge. A good bronzesmith can ‘’differentially harden’’ his blade by hammering its edges repeatedly and condensing the bronze material. This flattening makes the bronze edge dense, hard and gives it a more keen and surprisingly sharp edge. The unaltered, softer bronze core of the blade gives it shock absorbing properties. Bronze blades were rarely longer in length than what would typically be deemed ‘’short swords’’ - the longer a bronze blade is, the more easily it can be bent. Despite this shortcoming, a bent bronze sword can be returned to true without great difficulty.
>> No. 17156 ID: 83d63c
  The pros and cons of bronze swords https://youtu.be/C4qLhq5V2-o
Some more thoughts about bronze as a material for swords. It's of course nowhere near as hard or flexible as modern steel but it's quite underrated and has some very desirable properties.

For the study of archaeology, bronze is very useful because it lasts for thousands of years without significant corrosion. Iron swords on the other hand are often just lumps of rust after all that time.
>> No. 17157 ID: 83d63c
  Forging a Bronze-Age Sword https://youtu.be/R62TPFzBQ40
>> No. 17158 ID: fb3bdd
Balance? What's balance?
>> No. 17159 ID: 83d63c
File 14594406434.jpg - (416.93KB , 1350x926 , CC Celtic bronze handle dagger w human figure 1.jpg )
Reproduction of a Celtic sword or a dagger with anthropoid hilt, discovered in 1902 at North Grimston (Ryedale district, North Yorkshire, UK). The sword was found in the grave of a Celtic warrior, along with a shield, a second sword, and a joint of pork (Hull and East Riding Museum). Dagger is sharp.

Overall length: 41 cm, blade: 30 cm. https://www.etsy.com/listing/239430750/maeg-celtic-bronze-dagger-human-figure?ref=market
>> No. 17160 ID: 83d63c
File 145944067133.jpg - (354.24KB , 1000x853 , CC Celtic bronze handle dagger w human figure 2.jpg )
>> No. 17161 ID: 83d63c
File 145944069386.jpg - (422.80KB , 1250x833 , CC Celtic bronze handle dagger w human figure 3.jpg )
>> No. 17162 ID: 83d63c
File 145944070954.jpg - (367.34KB , 1300x924 , CC Celtic bronze handle dagger w human figure 4.jpg )
>> No. 17163 ID: 83d63c
File 145944072039.jpg - (273.50KB , 1250x922 , CC Celtic bronze handle dagger w human figure 5.jpg )
>> No. 17164 ID: 06a0fb
File 145948282851.jpg - (43.36KB , 380x380 , 4355.jpg )
Man you don't need balance when your knife is pimp as fuck.
>> No. 17165 ID: 06a0fb
File 145948306328.jpg - (579.95KB , 1200x1200 , ONTOS-2-190103_8_1424164714.jpg )
Besides, Ontos is a survival knife, not a fighting knife. You buy the knife and it comes with all this extra crap with it.
>> No. 17166 ID: 06a0fb
File 145948318774.jpg - (208.05KB , 1000x794 , Imgp1762.jpg )
Then there's Ontos' (Greek for The Thing, btw) bigger brother, Selvans.

Ontos on the left, Selvans on the right.
>> No. 17167 ID: 254d85
File 145948665120.jpg - (37.86KB , 736x552 , a1d50fbd25fc785c3a11153116ed12eb.jpg )
I question the point of a tanto point on a survival knife. They don't have a curved edge so skinning is going to be more time consuming, and a drop or clip point will be better for poking small holes in stuff.
>> No. 17168 ID: 044fd0
File 145949227264.jpg - (260.82KB , 719x611 , 12744230_1169276856446208_4987147283094896609_n.jpg )
Ontario 18" machete with knuckle guard and Cold Steel Smatchet. Along with a few other choppy things.
>> No. 17170 ID: dda126
File 14595152582.jpg - (51.34KB , 800x531 , Antique Japanese tanto shown dis-assembled, Britis.jpg )
>tanto point

Even real Japanese Tantō don't have that "tanto point" geometry.
>> No. 17171 ID: 06a0fb
Speaking as a professional butcher, if you can't figure out how to skin with the American-style tanto point, you shouldn't be using any knives. You're just too dumb to know how to use a knife period.
>> No. 17172 ID: d8acd0
File 145957999553.jpg - (76.82KB , 1500x786 , CC knife Buck 401 Kalinga Skinner 4_75-inch rosewo.jpg )
I would bet most people who do skinning use the one type of knife they were instructed with and seldom stray with different blades.

Skinning knives are typically small curved blades or having a small sharpened hook over the tip. Tantos more resemble scrapers.

- Buck 401 Kalinga Skinner 4.75-inch fixed blade, rosewood handle.
>> No. 17173 ID: d8acd0
File 145958002291.jpg - (657.12KB , 3000x1686 , CC knife Buck 402 Akonua skinning 1.jpg )
Buck 402 Akonua skinning knife.
>> No. 17174 ID: d8acd0
File 145958005839.jpg - (724.61KB , 2000x1500 , CC Damascus gut hook skinning knife 4_5-inch blade.jpg )
Damascus gut hook skinning knife, 4.5-inch blade.
>> No. 17175 ID: d8acd0
File 145958009511.jpg - (529.66KB , 2000x1420 , CC Damascus gut hook skinning knife 4_5-inch blade.jpg )
>> No. 17176 ID: d8acd0
File 145958012562.jpg - (634.78KB , 2000x1500 , CC Damascus gut hook skinning knife 4_5-inch blade.jpg )
>> No. 17178 ID: 83d63c
File 145964787946.jpg - (417.96KB , 2389x1632 , CC Damascus Finger Groove Skinning Knife 1.jpg )
>> No. 17179 ID: 83d63c
File 145964789659.jpg - (862.49KB , 2000x1500 , CC Damascus Finger Hole Skinning Knife 3_25-inch b.jpg )
>> No. 17180 ID: 83d63c
File 145964790947.jpg - (831.23KB , 2000x1500 , CC Damascus Finger Hole Skinning Knife 3_25-inch b.jpg )
>> No. 17181 ID: 83d63c
File 145964792259.jpg - (882.32KB , 2000x1500 , CC Damascus Finger Hole Skinning Knife 3_25-inch b.jpg )
>> No. 17182 ID: 83d63c
File 145964793260.jpg - (522.75KB , 2000x933 , CC Damascus Finger Hole Skinning Knife 3_25-inch b.jpg )
>> No. 17183 ID: 83d63c
File 145964794666.jpg - (0.97MB , 2000x1500 , CC Damascus Gut Hook Skinning Knife 3_75-inch blad.jpg )
>> No. 17184 ID: 83d63c
File 145964795546.jpg - (436.43KB , 1632x1224 , CC Damascus pattern welded skinning knife by Steel.jpg )
>> No. 17185 ID: 83d63c
File 145964796310.jpg - (387.00KB , 2292x1632 , CC Damascus Skinning Knife 1.jpg )
>> No. 17186 ID: 83d63c
File 145964796926.jpg - (81.66KB , 1024x719 , CC Damascus skinning knife 9-in long w blade 4_5-i.jpg )
>> No. 17187 ID: 83d63c
File 145964797829.jpg - (493.31KB , 2000x1268 , CC Damascus skinning knife w camel bone handle 1.jpg )
>> No. 17188 ID: 83d63c
File 145964798785.jpg - (458.11KB , 2000x1394 , CC Damascus skinning knife w camel bone handle 2.jpg )
>> No. 17189 ID: 83d63c
File 145964799535.jpg - (439.02KB , 2000x1557 , CC Damascus skinning knife w camel bone handle 3.jpg )
>> No. 17190 ID: 83d63c
File 145964800781.jpg - (381.79KB , 1742x1008 , CC Damascus Todd Kopp Arizona skinner with Sambar .jpg )
>> No. 17191 ID: 83d63c
File 145964801416.jpg - (306.76KB , 1800x1030 , CC knife Arizona skinner with Axis stag handle.jpg )
>> No. 17192 ID: 83d63c
File 145964802259.jpg - (320.79KB , 1734x998 , CC knife Arizona skinner with Sambar stag handle.jpg )
>> No. 17193 ID: 83d63c
File 145964803088.jpg - (397.83KB , 1600x1600 , CC knife finger hole skinning knife w marble handl.jpg )
>> No. 17194 ID: 83d63c
File 145964804340.jpg - (522.84KB , 1600x1600 , CC knife finger hole skinning knife w marble handl.jpg )
>> No. 17195 ID: 83d63c
File 145964805188.jpg - (356.73KB , 1600x1600 , CC knife finger hole skinning knife w marble handl.jpg )
>> No. 17196 ID: 83d63c
File 145964805957.jpg - (470.16KB , 1600x1600 , CC knife finger hole skinning knife w marble handl.jpg )
>> No. 17197 ID: 83d63c
File 145964806950.jpg - (494.86KB , 1800x1413 , CC knife M_ Mooney Trapper trailing point skinning.jpg )
>> No. 17198 ID: 83d63c
File 145964807973.jpg - (546.16KB , 2100x849 , CC knife Mooney Personal Skinner 2_5-inch blade, A.jpg )
>> No. 17199 ID: 83d63c
File 145964808757.jpg - (372.40KB , 1800x1199 , CC knife skinner.jpg )
>> No. 17200 ID: 83d63c
File 145964809224.jpg - (43.26KB , 1024x536 , CC knife skinning knife.jpg )
>> No. 17201 ID: beb81b
>Extrema Ratio Ontos for months now.

For a $400+ machete, one would hope they could actually learn how to do plunge line cuts and do them correctly. Jesus, I hope that's just a bad example or (even better) a knock off.
>> No. 17202 ID: beb81b
File 145975746586.jpg - (128.59KB , 900x503 , DV-2_Leather.jpg )
That's strange, because both the satin and DLC DV-2s with wood handles are export knives. The Kizlyar that Spetsnaz actually plays around with and gets issued have leather handles instead of wood (it's still coated, however).
>> No. 17204 ID: ae87b5
File 145981000190.jpg - (673.13KB , 2400x1800 , p5dzY.jpg )
DV-2 you say? I have one.
>> No. 17205 ID: 83d63c
File 145982239622.jpg - (105.54KB , 760x562 , CC Russian Kizlyar DV-2 knife.jpg )
DV-2 a good knife?
>> No. 17206 ID: 83d63c
File 145982255942.jpg - (1.04MB , 3358x1408 , CC Russian Kizlyar DV-2 knife 2.jpg )
New Kizlyar DV-2 Knife in Matte Black with Wood Handle. This multi-purpose knife was designed for use by the military and will stand up to heavy usage. Features a heavy, hand stitched leather sheath. Made in Russia. $285 (?!?) http://www.saigastock.com/dv2-military-knife-p-6715.html?zenid=31457d5f11026597490fbac062eb54bc
>> No. 17207 ID: 83d63c
File 14598227271.jpg - (1.71MB , 3319x1543 , CC Russian Kizlyar Korshun Knife in matte black 1.jpg )
New Kizlyar Korshun Knife in Matte Black. This multi-purpose knife is one of the most popular duo-form milled series military knives from Kizlyar. Features a one piece molded Elastron handle, polymer sheath, and leg strap. Made in Russia. $150
>> No. 17208 ID: 83d63c
File 145982281874.jpg - (1.23MB , 3180x1361 , CC Russian Kizlyar Korshun-2 knife in matte black .jpg )
New Kizlyar Korshun-2 Knife in Matte Black finish. This military-grade handmade knife, which is extremely popular among the Russian militia, features high strength, multi-purpose blade geometry and good cutting and slicing ability. Features polymer sheath with leg straps. Made in Russia. $155
>> No. 17209 ID: 83d63c
File 145982317525.jpg - (286.92KB , 1536x1152 , CC Russian Kizlyar Voron 'Raven' 1.jpg )
Voron "Raven" is based on the older version of Russian military issue Bayonets. It has a versatile long and very tough blade that makes the knife ideal for sticking prey, yet the blade features a very practical belly that lets the knife be used for meat preparations and other tasks also. Voron is still very popular with field military personal who prefer it over the general issue SKS bayonets. Reason being that Voron is longer, tougher, 100 times sharper and like all Kizlyars it keeps a great edge. http://kizlyarknifestore.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=35
Length: 330 mm
Blade: 200 mm
Handle: Elastron-G
Sheath: Genuine Leather
>> No. 17210 ID: 83d63c
File 145982322037.jpg - (225.29KB , 1536x1152 , CC Russian Kizlyar Voron 'Raven' 2.jpg )
>> No. 17211 ID: 83d63c
File 145982323331.jpg - (220.04KB , 1536x1152 , CC Russian Kizlyar Voron 'Raven' 3.jpg )
>> No. 17212 ID: 83d63c
File 145982346898.jpg - (366.58KB , 1500x1000 , CC Russian Kizlyar Voron-3 (or 'Raven' i.jpg )
Kizlyar Voron-3 (or 'Raven' in Russian)
>> No. 17213 ID: 83d63c
  Kizlyar DV2 Mick Parker Reviews https://youtu.be/jASv-fy2k1A
DV-2 - “Dalnya-Vostorchny Spetsnaz”, an acronym for a special purpose unit within the Russian military, whose operational role mainly encompasses the form of a “mobility troop” type, being LRRP (long range reconnaissance patrol) and counter-insurgency operations. This model of knife was designed by the unit and was subsequently made to their specifications. Their requirement was that their knife should be of the extreme hard use type, able to be used for the majority of tasks associated with living off the land deep behind enemy lines or in a frozen Siberian wasteland.
>> No. 17214 ID: 83d63c
File 145982424727.jpg - (445.56KB , 1728x1296 , CC Russian Kizlyar Olamic Cutlery - Model 1016 Kur.jpg )
And some Damascus skinning knives from Kizlyar - Olamic Cutlery - Model 1016 Kurok
>> No. 17215 ID: 83d63c
File 145982430562.jpg - (441.98KB , 1728x1296 , CC Russian Kizlyar Olamic Cutlery - Model 1713 Sun.jpg )
Olamic Cutlery - Model 1713 Suna
>> No. 17216 ID: 83d63c
File 14598243499.jpg - (378.17KB , 1728x1296 , CC Russian Kizlyar Olamic Cutlery - Model 0671 Ura.jpg )
Olamic Cutlery - Model 0671 Ural Skinner
>> No. 17217 ID: 83d63c
File 145982439886.jpg - (406.55KB , 1728x1296 , CC Russian Kizlyar Olamic Cutlery - Model 1718 Ura.jpg )
Olamic Cutlery - Model 1718 Ural Skinner
>> No. 17218 ID: 83d63c
File 145982466145.jpg - (165.33KB , 1198x899 , CC Russian Kizlyar Alligator Z90 Spetsnaz Military.jpg )
Kizlyar Alligator Z90 - Russian Spetsnaz Military Machete
>> No. 17219 ID: 83d63c
File 145982979851.jpg - (524.69KB , 1728x1296 , CC Russian Kizlyar J & V Adventure Knives - Co.jpg )
J & V Adventure Knives - Combat, Military knife - Black / Desert
>> No. 17220 ID: 83d63c
File 14598298516.jpg - (404.67KB , 1296x972 , CC Russian Kizlyar J & V Adventure Knives - Sa.jpg )
J & V Adventure Knives - Santa Fe
>> No. 17221 ID: 83d63c
File 145982992533.jpg - (279.91KB , 1296x972 , CC Russian Kizlyar J & V Adventure Knives - Bo.jpg )
J & V Adventure Knives - Boel / Moel
>> No. 17222 ID: 83d63c
File 145983004595.jpg - (159.48KB , 1512x1134 , CC Russian Kizlyar J & V Adventure Knives - Bo.jpg )
J & V Adventure Knives - Bowie / Ram horn XXL
>> No. 17223 ID: 83d63c
File 145983028054.jpg - (823.04KB , 1674x942 , CC Russian Kizlyar DV-2 knife 4.jpg )
>> No. 17224 ID: 83d63c
File 145983074093.jpg - (579.80KB , 2048x1536 , CC Russian Russian Damascus skull pattern weld w g.jpg )
Russian made Damascus knife of pattern welded skulls with a gun metal and wood handle.
>> No. 17225 ID: 83d63c
File 145983082615.jpg - (266.91KB , 1280x960 , CC knife Bulgarian Nikola Kovachev 1.jpg )
Knife by Bulgarian maker Nikola Kovachev
>> No. 17226 ID: 83d63c
File 145983101069.jpg - (966.99KB , 2019x1137 , CC knife Hungarian Barlangor knife by Kertesz Atti.jpg )
Hungarian made Barlangor knife by Kertesz Attila - N690 steel and stag handle.
>> No. 17227 ID: 83d63c
File 145983208396.jpg - (404.13KB , 1728x1296 , CC knife Olamic Cutlery - Wootz Hunter 3 (Bulat St.jpg )
The Wootz steel originated in South India and Sri Lanka. The crucible steel production process started in the sixth century BC. The steel was exported globally to the Romans, Egyptians, Chinese and Arabs by 500 BC. The steel was exported as cakes of steely iron that came to be known as "Wootz."
Over the centuries, the original methodology and the know how about Wootz steel was lost. However, the Mongol army used weapons made from Wootz steel and overtime developed their own techniques for making a steel very similar to Wootz, which they called Bulat. The word Bulat is used by the Russians for a steel which was later forged by Russian black smiths, and is believed to be quite similar to the original Wootz steel. In fact, Russian metallurgist Pavel Petrovich Anosov was able to reproduce ancient Wootz steel with almost all its properties and the steel he created was essentially identical to traditional Wootz. He documented four different methods of producing Wootz steel that exhibited traditional patterns.
The Olamic knives presented here are all forged using age old techniques to recreate the mystical Wootz steel. The hardness level of Wootz / Bulat steel is about 63-65 HRC. http://kizlyarknifestore.com.au/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=118_113_241

- Olamic Cutlery - Wootz Hunter #3 (Bulat Steel) made in Ukraine.
>> No. 17228 ID: 83d63c
File 145983213535.jpg - (331.02KB , 1512x1134 , CC knife Olamic Cutlery - Wootz Hunter 4 (Bulat St.jpg )
>> No. 17229 ID: 06a0fb
Those are some good looking knives.
>> No. 17255 ID: 82a3e8
Hmm, They have expanded their selection since the last time I saw their website.

Want list:
>Mauler (love that it comes with a right handed scout carry sheath)
>Ferrous Wolf

Their "Suppressor" knife is still one of the most gorgeous knives I have ever had the opportunity to hold. Too bad its a piece of shit for the price. I remember seeing a youtube video a while back of a guy testing it. And lightish/normalish use was rubbing the finish off of the blade.
>> No. 17659 ID: 119437
File 147261513333.jpg - (1.48MB , 1943x1295 , CC Damascus Cowboy Buckaroo w camel bone handle 1.jpg )
>> No. 17660 ID: 119437
File 147261516074.jpg - (2.27MB , 1943x1295 , CC Damascus Cowboy Buckaroo w ironwood handle 1.jpg )
>> No. 17661 ID: 119437
File 147261518170.jpg - (1.73MB , 1943x1295 , CC Damascus Cowboy California Coyote w elk horn ha.jpg )
>> No. 17662 ID: 119437
File 147261520184.jpg - (1.49MB , 1943x1295 , CC Damascus Cowboy California Coyote w ironwood ha.jpg )
>> No. 17663 ID: 119437
File 147261522176.jpg - (1.54MB , 1943x1295 , CC Damascus Cowboy California Coyote w ironwood ha.jpg )
>> No. 17664 ID: 119437
File 147261524147.jpg - (1.55MB , 1943x1295 , CC Damascus Cowboy Gordo w Turkish walnut handle 1.jpg )
>> No. 17665 ID: 119437
File 147261526383.jpg - (1.65MB , 1943x1295 , CC Damascus Cowboy Ranchero w camel bone handle 1.jpg )
>> No. 17666 ID: 119437
File 147261528146.jpg - (1.38MB , 1943x1295 , CC Damascus Cowboy Ranchero w ironwood handle 1.jpg )
>> No. 17667 ID: 119437
File 147261530637.jpg - (2.08MB , 1943x1295 , CC Damascus Cowboy Vaquero Ultralite 1.jpg )
>> No. 17692 ID: 0480d3
File 147365750043.jpg - (1.21MB , 2448x3264 , OI4GZtf.jpg )
Closest I've got (not including an OKC Raider Bowie) is an ESEE 5 set up for scout carry. It was uh... much larger than I thought it'd be. I have an ESEE 3 on the way though.
>> No. 17735 ID: 3a0e10
File 147623820094.jpg - (2.68MB , 1620x1080 , Millerbrosm2.jpg )
Miller Bros Blades M2
>> No. 17737 ID: bf6179
File 147649175577.jpg - (304.18KB , 1536x1025 , CC Bowie Natchez 1.jpg )
A Bowie/Gladius hybrid?
>> No. 17744 ID: 3a0e10
File 147713266486.jpg - (40.11KB , 430x372 , busseteamgemini.jpg )
...also with BCS Combat of Spain, a little less expensive versions of other knife makers designs. Their Busse Team Gemini Light Brigade version is a cheaper way for Walking Dead Cosplayers to Daryl but with less god tier steel.

>> No. 17745 ID: 3a0e10
File 147713449785.jpg - (140.93KB , 750x563 , conanconcealedcarry.jpg )
>> No. 17746 ID: 19518e
Where are my tacticool/modern smallswords, foils, epées, and rapiers?
>> No. 17747 ID: 33cb6b
File 147769083151.jpg - (256.50KB , 900x1200 , CC medieval sword 22-in blade, 34-in overall.jpg )
OriginalContentGuy needs to post more original content.
>> No. 17748 ID: 33cb6b
File 147769085258.jpg - (105.85KB , 351x1200 , CC medieval sword forward-curving 1.jpg )
>> No. 17749 ID: 33cb6b
File 147769087022.jpg - (142.70KB , 1032x1116 , CC medieval sword forward-curving 2.jpg )
>> No. 17750 ID: 33cb6b
File 147769090352.jpg - (433.76KB , 893x2530 , CC medieval sword 'barbarian'.jpg )
>> No. 17751 ID: 33cb6b
File 147769093377.jpg - (578.75KB , 901x2454 , CC medieval sword 'barbarian' 2.jpg )
>> No. 17770 ID: 3e0c42
File 14788479033.jpg - (136.07KB , 500x638 , tumblr_na1ols14OD1tb6bwpo1_500.jpg )
Modified Ontario machete, pretty kool
>> No. 17772 ID: a90ce2
File 147898849178.jpg - (314.78KB , 1958x2030 , CC medieval sword Zweihänder twohander & plat.jpg )
What's with the wrapped grip above the handle?
Reminds me of the ricasso section set off by secondary guards that were on large two-handed swords like the German Zweihänder or flamberge (had a wavy, flame-like blade).
>> No. 17773 ID: a90ce2
File 147898971280.jpg - (303.59KB , 1800x525 , CC medieval sword Zweihänder German 76-inches ca .jpg )
A two-handed sword could span up to 6 ft. in length. It was initially a specialized weapon for the infantry, used for cutting or thrusting, to penetrate the enemy's front line. After the introduction of firearms to the battlefield by the end of the 1500s, the role of the two-handed sword was generally limited to the ceremonial use of bodyguards and civic militia. The maker's mark on the blade is similar to ones used by bladesmiths in Munich.
Date: between 1580 and 1600
Medium: partially blackened steel, wood, velvet, leather
Dimensions: 192.7 cm (75.9 in)
>> No. 17774 ID: a90ce2
File 147898995923.jpg - (105.38KB , 2560x1353 , CC medieval sword Zweihänder German 69-in OAL 50-.jpg )
A German Zweihänder, 69-inches in overall length, 50-inch blade, 8 lbs, ca 1600.
Showing a ricasso section and secondary guards above the handle and main guards.
>> No. 17776 ID: a90ce2
File 147941868155.jpg - (1.45MB , 1944x2592 , CC sword Sage Blades survival sword 1.jpg )
Sage Blades survival sword.
A custom “survival sword” designed by Sean Heumann
>> No. 17777 ID: a90ce2
File 147941895023.jpg - (4.77MB , 2592x1944 , CC knife Sage Blades 1.jpg )
>> No. 17778 ID: a90ce2
File 147941903151.jpg - (4.56MB , 2592x1944 , CC knife Sage Blades custom 'mini-kukri'.jpg )
A custom “mini-kukri” for Ole of Norway
>> No. 17779 ID: a90ce2
File 147941926440.jpg - (1.98MB , 1590x1134 , CC knife Sage Blades 13_25 Inch Multipurpose Knife.jpg )
13.25 Inch Multipurpose Knife
>> No. 17780 ID: a90ce2
File 147941931431.jpg - (2.00MB , 1580x1185 , CC knife Sage Blades 13_25 Inch Multipurpose Knife.jpg )
Overall Length: 13.25 inches
Blade Length: 8.25 inches
Thickness: approx. 9/32″
Weight: 15.2 ounces
O-1 Tool Steel
Differentially Heat treated
Edge Hardness: 59 Rockwell
Flat-ground blade bevel and hollow-ground false edge
“Forge” textured and “Shark-skin” textured
“Antique-etched” and cold-blued
Stabilized California Buckeye Burl Handle – antiqued and “driftwood textured”
Steel pins
Leather sheath (made by “Mountain Mike”) with elk skin retention strap
>> No. 17781 ID: a90ce2
File 147941935448.jpg - (1.99MB , 1650x1226 , CC knife Sage Blades 13_25 Inch Multipurpose Knife.jpg )
Priced at 1025 USD – Available http://www.sageblades.com/
>> No. 17782 ID: a90ce2
File 147941958884.jpg - (1.99MB , 1870x1319 , CC knife Sage Blades 13_25 Inch Multipurpose Knife.jpg )
Sage Blades are masters of the rough and weathered look.
>> No. 17783 ID: a90ce2
File 14794196204.jpg - (1.96MB , 1725x1311 , CC knife Sage Blades 13_25 Inch Multipurpose Knife.jpg )
>> No. 17784 ID: a90ce2
File 147941967075.jpg - (1.98MB , 1650x1134 , CC knife Sage Blades 13_25 Inch Multipurpose Knife.jpg )
>> No. 17785 ID: a90ce2
File 147941994087.jpg - (3.87MB , 2092x1710 , CC knife Sage Blades Pocket Karambit, Persian and .jpg )
Pocket Karambit, Persian and Spear-Point
>> No. 17786 ID: a90ce2
File 147942016819.jpg - (1.23MB , 2438x1763 , CC knife Sage Blades Railroad Spike Knife 1.jpg )
Railroad Spike Knife
>> No. 17787 ID: a90ce2
File 147942020238.jpg - (1.44MB , 2592x1944 , CC knife Sage Blades Railroad Spike Knife 2.jpg )
Forged from an Alaskan railroad spike
Differentially heat treated
“Forge finish”
Length: 8.0 inches
Weight: 10.25 ounces
Leather sheath
Priced at 300 USD – sold
>> No. 17788 ID: a90ce2
File 14794202242.jpg - (1.12MB , 2151x1689 , CC knife Sage Blades Railroad Spike Knife 3.jpg )
>> No. 17789 ID: a90ce2
File 147942027576.jpg - (1.53MB , 2592x1944 , CC knife Sage Blades Railroad Spike Knife 4.jpg )
>> No. 17790 ID: a90ce2
File 147942050473.jpg - (1.23MB , 2507x1679 , CC knife Sage Blades Railroad Spike Knife 5.jpg )
Railroad Spike Knife
>> No. 17791 ID: a90ce2
File 147942053272.jpg - (1.02MB , 2427x1742 , CC knife Sage Blades Railroad Spike Knife 6.jpg )
Forged from an Alaskan railroad spike
Differentially heat treated
“Forge finish”
Length: 8.0 inches
Weight: 10.25 ounces
Leather sheath
Priced at 300 USD – Sold
>> No. 17792 ID: a90ce2
File 147942058396.jpg - (1.29MB , 2592x1944 , CC knife Sage Blades Railroad Spike Knife 7.jpg )
>> No. 17793 ID: a90ce2
File 14794208734.jpg - (1.47MB , 2592x1944 , CC knife Sage Blades straight razor w Stabilized M.jpg )
And their straight razors...
>> No. 17794 ID: a90ce2
File 14794209327.jpg - (1.14MB , 2491x1880 , CC knife Sage Blades straight razor w Stabilized M.jpg )
– I/4 inch O-1 Tool Steel
– Edge-quenched and tempered to 63 – 64 Rockwell hardness
– Twist-patterned spine
– “Bark” textured tang
– Forge twisted tail
– “Antique etched” finish
– Stabilized Manzanita burl handle (found here in the San Jacinto mountains)
– Mammoth ivory spacer
– Steel pins
– Elk skin sheath with buffalo tooth button
>> No. 17795 ID: a90ce2
File 147942096554.jpg - (1.24MB , 2592x1944 , CC knife Sage Blades straight razor w Stabilized M.jpg )
Priced at 1800 USD – Sold
>> No. 17796 ID: a90ce2
File 147942099694.jpg - (1.43MB , 2592x1944 , CC knife Sage Blades straight razor w Stabilized M.jpg )
>> No. 17797 ID: a90ce2
File 147942126089.jpg - (1.61MB , 2358x1716 , CC ax Sage Blades Tomahawk 1.jpg )
Sage Blades Tomahawk
>> No. 17798 ID: a90ce2
File 147942129124.jpg - (1.60MB , 2496x1880 , CC ax Sage Blades Tomahawk 2.jpg )
Length: Head 7″; Edge 3 and 3/4″; Overall 18″
Weight: 29 Ounces
1080 High-Carbon Tool Steel
“Antique Etched” and Blued finish
Scorched Hickory Handle with twist pattern
Elk and Deer Skin Handle Wrap
Kydex Sheath with Elk Skin retention flap (with coyote vertebrae) and adjustable deer skin belt with buffalo tooth button (can be worn over the right shoulder with tomahawk under the left arm or worn as a midsection belt)
*Priced at 1200 USD – Sold
>> No. 17799 ID: a90ce2
File 14794213165.jpg - (1.20MB , 2369x1790 , CC ax Sage Blades Tomahawk 3.jpg )
>> No. 17800 ID: a90ce2
File 147942139239.jpg - (1.75MB , 2342x1833 , CC ax Sage Blades Tomahawk 4.jpg )
But their ancient and crude look just does not mesh well with Kydex sheaths.
>> No. 17801 ID: a90ce2
File 147942148472.jpg - (1.17MB , 2326x1556 , CC knife Sage Blades Kiridashi 1.jpg )
Sage Blades Kiridashi
>> No. 17802 ID: a90ce2
File 147942189262.jpg - (1.09MB , 2199x1764 , CC knife Sage Blades black walnut & copper wra.jpg )
Overall length: 11.5 inches
Blade length: 6.75 inches
Forged O-1 tool steel with thickness of 3/16″
Forged textured
Vine patterned spine
Differentially heat treated
Edge steel hardness of 59 Rockwell
Black walnut handle (antiqued using various techniques)
Copper band with rawhide wraps
Leather sheath by “Mountain Mike” of Idyllwild, CA.
*Priced at 1090 USD. – Sold
>> No. 17803 ID: a90ce2
File 147942191833.jpg - (1.39MB , 2592x1944 , CC knife Sage Blades black walnut & copper wra.jpg )
>> No. 17804 ID: a90ce2
File 147942194467.jpg - (1.22MB , 2470x1753 , CC knife Sage Blades black walnut & copper wra.jpg )
>> No. 17805 ID: a90ce2
File 147942196978.jpg - (1.01MB , 2491x1944 , CC knife Sage Blades black walnut & copper wra.jpg )
>> No. 17806 ID: a90ce2
File 147942201138.jpg - (1.03MB , 2550x1880 , CC knife Sage Blades black walnut & copper wra.jpg )
>> No. 17807 ID: a90ce2
File 147942204544.jpg - (1.53MB , 2592x1944 , CC knife Sage Blades black walnut & copper wra.jpg )
>> No. 17808 ID: a90ce2
File 147942225218.jpg - (1.21MB , 2518x1551 , CC knife Sage Blades stiletto with triple-hollow g.jpg )
A custom, old-fashion stiletto with triple-hollow ground blade
>> No. 17809 ID: a90ce2
File 147942232641.jpg - (837.29KB , 2119x1375 , CC knife Sage Blades custom compact-SK3.jpg )
A custom compact-SK3
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