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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 14598037344.jpg - (2.18MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0291.jpg )
17203 No. 17203 ID: d34a98
What do you put on your head?

I have a lot of hats that I have gotten for free over the years, either from my dad or from work.

This Mercury hat is my current go-to hat, I've abused this thing when I worked at Bass Pro. Sun faded and sweat stained, it's very comfortable.

This hat got me a lot of jelly at Bass Pro, everybody in the shop kept trying to steal it.
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>> No. 17230 ID: 83d63c
File 145983348283.jpg - (315.79KB , 1453x1500 , US WW2 helmet jeep cap M1941 wool knit cap 2.jpg )
When it's cold, I wear a reproduction US WW2 M1941 "jeep cap" wool knit cap.
>> No. 17231 ID: 83d63c
File 14598336661.jpg - (34.61KB , 500x470 , Russian WW2 hat winter hat ushanka.jpg )
When it gets really cold, I wear a Russian ushanka.
I have one made of grey suede and sheepskin and another my brother sent me from Afghanistan that is made of rabbit fur and is gigantic and very warm.
>> No. 17232 ID: 83d63c
File 145983389229.jpg - (115.51KB , 1280x960 , Russian helmet Ushanka fur 1.jpg )
More like this, but taller and without the badge.
>> No. 17233 ID: 83d63c
File 145983394216.jpg - (149.62KB , 1280x960 , Russian helmet Ushanka fur 2.jpg )
>> No. 17234 ID: 83d63c
File 145983399357.jpg - (133.42KB , 1280x960 , Russian helmet Ushanka fur 3.jpg )
>> No. 17235 ID: 83d63c
File 145983409282.jpg - (515.72KB , 1970x1626 , CC armor helmet sallet German 16 gauge steel 1.jpg )
But when arrows are flying around, a sallet is a good choice.
German Sallet - 16 Gauge Steel
>> No. 17236 ID: 83d63c
File 145983413531.jpg - (317.25KB , 1301x1030 , CC armor helmet sallet German 16 gauge steel 2.jpg )
This Sallet is crafted from 16 gauge steel; the visor can be raised and lowered and in both positions the visor can be held in position with pegs that can be pushed in and released lock the helm in position.The nape plates of the helm are riveted and have some articulated movement.

The interior of the helm is blackened and lined with an internal leather suspension that can be adjusted to fit the head. The helmet is fitted with an adjustable leather chinstrap with a brass buckle.

The Sallet replaced the Bascinet in most parts of Europe; it improves on the bascinet by improving protection to the face and neck. The Sallet is great for ventilation as it leaves a clear pathway to the underside of the nose and mouth. Often it was paired with a bevor to increase protection for the neck and lower face.

A number of surviving sallets from the German Principalities feature painted heraldry - or in more elaborate examples, a full grotesque and monstrous visage reminiscent of a demon in a Hieronymous Bosch artwork. http://www.kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=SNH2221PL16&name=German+Sallet+-+16+Gauge+Steel
>> No. 17237 ID: 83d63c
File 145983418864.jpg - (251.65KB , 1078x926 , CC armor helmet sallet German 16 gauge steel 3.jpg )
Retail Price: $145.95
Sale price: $109.95
>> No. 17238 ID: 83d63c
File 145983425744.jpg - (256.62KB , 1135x1114 , CC armor helmet sallet German 16 gauge steel 4.jpg )
>> No. 17239 ID: 83d63c
File 145983427376.jpg - (417.10KB , 1250x1298 , CC armor helmet sallet German 16 gauge steel 5.jpg )
>> No. 17240 ID: 83d63c
File 145983447624.jpg - (224.25KB , 1108x1019 , CC armor helmet sallet North Italian 1.jpg )
North Italian Sallet $149
>> No. 17241 ID: 83d63c
File 145983450155.jpg - (142.30KB , 722x976 , CC armor helmet sallet North Italian 2.jpg )
One of the more popular helmets of the 15th century, the Sallet could be found throughout continental Europe, but was most popular in Italy and especially in the German Principalities. The sallet afforded excellent protection and the wide vision slit with extended lower lip protected the face whilst allowing for better ventilation and airflow than earlier great helms with breathing holes. Sallets often had a hinged face visor that could be lifted when not necessary. Sallets worn by light infantry and archers often had no visor at all.
>> No. 17242 ID: 83d63c
File 145983453753.jpg - (142.99KB , 806x1056 , CC armor helmet sallet North Italian 3.jpg )
This North Italian style visor features the long curving lines favored by the Italians, as opposed to the rounded domes, elongated tailpiece and fluting of the German style. This one has been made with16 gauge high carbon steel with a brass hinge for the visor. It is unlined but comes with a padded arming cap that can be inserted. It has an integrated leather chin strap with brass buckle to keep the helm firmly affixed in the wild melee of combat. http://www.kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=AH3822C
>> No. 17243 ID: 83d63c
File 145983454911.jpg - (160.98KB , 804x1032 , CC armor helmet sallet North Italian 4.jpg )
>> No. 17244 ID: 83d63c
File 145983458758.jpg - (150.61KB , 769x1030 , CC armor helmet sallet North Italian 5.jpg )
>> No. 17245 ID: 2abd1c
File 145993344858.jpg - (287.19KB , 1280x960 , 20160406_050247.jpg )
PBE hat always for cold morning lifting
>> No. 17246 ID: f70086
File 145994716329.jpg - (107.53KB , 640x480 , image.jpg )
IIRC it's a tru-spec quick dry contractor cap w/Velcro and I have a Freedom/BOAR PVC patch from jackets-to-go.de or something
>> No. 17247 ID: f70086
File 145994720351.jpg - (118.33KB , 640x480 , image.jpg )
>> No. 17248 ID: dda126
File 145997392248.jpg - (213.37KB , 500x700 , Cervelliere.jpg )
Not OPERATOR enough.
>> No. 17249 ID: 044fd0
File 145998777693.jpg - (69.14KB , 720x960 , 11088117_10152657582652371_417774281_n.jpg )
Vault-Tec hat.
>> No. 17251 ID: 653b30
File 146004510949.jpg - (1.82MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0293.jpg )
Here's about 75% of the hats just in arm's reach. There's a few more near me, but I'm lazy and don't want to find room in the pile.

I have a bunch more laying around and in boxes.
>> No. 17254 ID: 82a3e8
File 146011704363.jpg - (69.48KB , 525x394 , KGB-Sign.jpg )
I used to wear my hat I bought at KGB burger in las vegas ,which was a super delicious burger joint/vodka bar. The restaurant It no longer exists :(. The teacup human in my house stole this hat.

I now wear a generic fuck yea America hat.
>> No. 17257 ID: 6372b6
File 14601698581.jpg - (925.96KB , 2472x1325 , 20160408_223937.jpg )
PERSEC'd work hat
old Tilley
new Tilley
Trijicon with patch (whatever I feel like)

That's pretty much what I got for hats
>> No. 17258 ID: 79b400
I'm a fan of the Tilley TH5. Very comfortable hat.
>> No. 17259 ID: 6372b6
Indeed, the green one is a regular Tilley and the brown one is hemp. They're both comfy, I like the stowable strap, the big wide brim is awesome, waterproof, sunproof, and one of my favorite things about them is the very "neutral" styling.
>> No. 17261 ID: 366e74
File 146021967534.png - (1.77MB , 720x965 , OpeRaytorbyFLIR.png )
Current dome cover ..

I have them from most of the manufacturers I deal with .. swag is a nice byproduct in my industry.
>> No. 17262 ID: 79b400
Yeah, I need to get another one when I can afford it. I love that hat.

Free hats are the best hats, makes it easier to abuse.

Though, I've been wanting to invest in one of those operator hats with no knob on top. Someone posted a link here a while ago to a company that sells that kind of hat, with the option to have velcro or no velcro. I can't remember what company, though.

I want to find it again, because a plain hat with no knob would be awesome. I've hit my head quite a few times and that knob can turn a minor bop into a stinging "don't cry, you're a man" kind of pain.
>> No. 17263 ID: bd9939
I was wearing a cheesy tan arc'teryx without the nubbin on top that came free with a US Elite order because it actually fit my gigantic head, but I think someone needed it more than me yesterday. (Who steals a sweaty hat, that's fucking gross).


Saved it because finding a hat 7 7/8 or bigger is a pain in the ass.
>> No. 17265 ID: 83d63c
File 14602618393.jpg - (1.91MB , 2048x1431 , Alien (1979) Nostromo hat 1 Harry Dean Stanton.jpg )
A friend I shared rent with, back in the mid-'80s, had a nice Nostromo hat like the one worn by Harry Dean Stanton in the 1979 movie, Alien. One flake bastard son-of-a-bitch stole his hat and left us with all the bills. I suggested to my friend that we track down that turd and break his knees, elbows, wrists and feet with sledge hammers.
>> No. 17266 ID: 83d63c
File 14602622964.jpg - (140.06KB , 1619x1080 , Alien (1979) Nostromo hat 2.jpg )
Or at least compel him to return the hat and the money he owed us.

TThis wardrobe prop was acquired many years ago from John Gorman the co creator of Alien War who in turn acquired it from a 20th Century Fox employee when he was sourcing original props for the Alien War experience held in Glasgow and London. Research shows it to be almost identical to a cap sold by the Prop Store of London which was sold as screen used. I am not making that claim as whilst I believe the Nostromo badge, scrambled eggs on the bill of the cap and in fact the cap itself are production and movie accurate I cannot personally match the cap to any screenshots I have studied. The interior foam lining of the cap has deteriorated over the years but you can still make out the lettering HDS No1 which I take to be a wardrobe mark meaning Harry Dean Stanton Number One. My assumption therefore is whilst I am entirely confident of the caps providence (having bought a number of Alien props from John Gorman over the years) and comparing it to the Prop Store of London's cap, this may not have been screen used but was undoubtedly created for the movie. http://www.propbay.com/original/nostromo-cap-alien-1979-wardrobe-4696.html
>> No. 17267 ID: 79b400
Thanks, boet. I've always wanted a fitted baseball cap. When I have the capital to spare, I'll do it. But I'm not exactly hurting for hats.

Also, right? My Mercury hat was sweaty, dusty and just nasty, but they kept trying to steal it.
>> No. 17272 ID: 81c52b
File 146033532758.jpg - (167.69KB , 1024x686 , IMG_0924_copy_1024x1024.jpg )
I used to wear a Wounded Warrior cap, until I learned how scummy they are. Throughout the winter I wore a black Ferro Concepts beanie. Need to find a decent cap for the warmer parts of the year now.
>> No. 17321 ID: 79b400
Please elaborate on the scumminess of Wounded Warrior? I haven't heard anything.

This reminds me of when I gave my hair to charity (had long hair as a teenager) thinking it'd be cool that I could help a cancer kid. Until I found out that Locks for Love, the charity I gave it to, doesn't give wigs to kids, they fucking sell the wigs to the cancer kids and keep the profits. How the fuck is that charitable?

I felt better when I sold my hair to a doll maker for $900.
>> No. 17322 ID: 53e7c0

Basically CEO and COO were padding their salary with the donations.
>> No. 17323 ID: 81c52b

This guy >>17322 hit the nail on the head. They just used a lot of the money for bullshit like that. I didn't donate a huge amount, here and there when I could, but it still pisses me right off.
>> No. 17326 ID: 79b400
Well, I know who isn't getting my money.

Is there a better wounded vet charity?
>> No. 17336 ID: 53e7c0
Look around for local orgs or contact your local VFW.
>> No. 17352 ID: 79b400
Found one hosting an event at my work. I donated what I could and did my damndest to get others to support it at the bake sale at work. It's near and dear to my heart since my grandfather still hasn't received a proper burial after 3 years.


If you guys want to support it, that'd be awesome. It's a really cool thing they're doing. And I was surprised I actually met the people who own the horses before, we chatted for a little while at work. If I can find time, I might volunteer at their ranch here and there, I absolutely love horses.
>> No. 17363 ID: 490e84
File 146213152658.jpg - (3.69MB , 4160x2340 , 0430161029a.jpg )
My go to hats.
>> No. 17364 ID: 79b400
I like the Dyncorp hat.

What's up with the leather flat cap? You into S&M with 19th century paper boys?
>> No. 17365 ID: 52ed6e
No, he's just a terrible-looking hipster faggot.
>> No. 17367 ID: fd0828
I've never been a hat guy mostly because I wear something like a size 7 3/4 fitted ball cap. The ol' dome is just too big for most one-size-fits-all hats to actually fit without causing a headache, tearing up the hat or looking dumb.
>> No. 17376 ID: 79b400
I'm happy I'm 7 1/8. It's a pretty common size.

I feel weird without a hat, I love having a cover. I don't know if it's bad for me, like if it causes hair loss or something. So far so good, healthy and thick hair. It's why I got $900 the one time I sold my hair.
>> No. 17378 ID: d1acb3
File 146273623383.jpg - (1.01MB , 1080x1909 , IMAG1175.jpg )
My current go to headwear for day to day stuffs.
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