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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 146005524589.jpg - (28.01KB , 500x500 , s-l500.jpg )
17252 No. 17252 ID: 7ec630
For awhile now I've wanted to try and make a MOLLE belt capable of holding an Infantry fighting load. Basically something similar to how the ALICE belt used to be. 6-7 magazines, two canteen pouches, & GP Pouch. I tried using an HSGI belt a few years back and it didn't really work out.

Recently I got to work with the British Military and I really took a liking to their PLCE. It seems like it does exactly what I'm looking for. With the harness setup I could even figure out a way to hook up a camelbak.

I'm a weekend warrior in a light infantry unit these days, but I still would like gear that's able to perform well. Can any recommend where in the US to buy real PLCE, or have any suggestions for a MOLLE belt setup?
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>> No. 17253 ID: 2ed649
I wouldn't know where to buy UK gear, but, you could always attach this to your belt.

>> No. 17256 ID: 6189e4
Hey OP, British soldier here.

Are you after actual, as-issued PLCE or are you more into custom webbing (as you have in your OP pic)?

In terms of PLCE, I wouldn't recommend it as-is, but your best bet is unfortunately ebay, British ebay being the obvious choice for selection alone. The newer issue stuff in MTP camouflage (British Multicam, simply put) is slowly being issued, but there's no specific outlets that sell it as technically they're not authorised for resale, but plenty of kit ends up in various shops. Your main difficulty will be distinguishing the issue stuff from the cheap China crap usually used by airsofters and desperate recruits. The older DPM stuff is widely available, and even the older OD stuff is plentiful.

In either case, a set of PLCE is comprised of Belt, Yoke, 2x Ammunition pouches, 2x Utility pouches, 1x Water bottle pouch, Bayonet frog.

Now, the good news is that by the time they finish basic training, almost every soldier buys themselves a set of custom webbing. These are usually built-to-order by various companies with whatever the customer specifies, either in fixed format or MOLLE belts.
The British military itself issues a MOLLE battle belt that is meant to be worn in conjunction with the Osprey armour system, and is compatible with the Osprey MOLLE pouches. Could be worth a look.
If you want a fixed solution, I recommend Dragon Supplies.
Absolutely bombproof kit. Pricey, but it's worth every penny. Good materials, IRR flat, excellent construction, and compatible with PLCE yokes. You'll need to add a PLCE-type yoke but the issue ones are pennies, so no worries there.

Hope this helped a bit, I can try and answer any other queries you might have.
>> No. 17260 ID: 8ba21a

You've shown me how little I know about PLCE. I looked on Ebay and found the one in my original picture (http://preview.tinyurl.com/gtq6rto). The price seems a bit low at $140 so I would guess it's not legit.

I don't have my heart set on real Army issued gear, just more that type of gear. A fixed set up would be fine (I imagine it's like an the old ALICE belts where you sort of need to keep everything balanced).
>> No. 17264 ID: 6189e4
Yep I see what you mean.
In that case you may want to take a peek at what Dragon supplies have on offer. They can also make MOLLE rigs if you would prefer that option.
Their fixed webbing is just that: pouches sewn directly to a padded backing, so if you go for that option you need to think carefully about what your necessities are, because you're basically stuck with what you're given in that case. You can have them tailored to your exact specifications in terms of what pouches you need, so have a good think.
What sort of pouches, etc do you need to run with, and are you in a military trade that requires changing what kit you carry regularly?
>> No. 17269 ID: 7ec630
File 146029518349.gif - (11.26KB , 353x391 , alice.gif )

Thanks for all the help. My needs are fairly basic. Even though I'm in a light infantry unit, I'm reservist these days. So having a pretty standard set up should be fine. I need room 7 magazines, an IFAK, and GP pouches. Plus figuring out a way to hook up a camelback type hydration source.

Originally I was thinking something like how the old ALICE belts were. Two 3x magazines pouches in the front, various GP pouches around the back. But it looks like the pouches (at least from Dragon Supplies) are only on the side. So that's something I would have to consider ( since reaching across to my other hip isn't exactly natural for reloads). I really appreciate all the help.
>> No. 17271 ID: 044fd0
File 146031113537.jpg - (2.23MB , 3264x2448 , 20151208_005859.jpg )

Having the mag pouches on the left side makes it easier to go prone or slip through a window or narrow doorway. If you have a sidearm you'd put those mag pouches either both front right or front right and front left depending on how far forward you have your holster.
If you're gonna use a camelbak then you can drop one canteen, retain the second one with cup and stove so you can cook in the field.
If you have the buttpack then you can VS-17 panel, wool sweater, woobie and an mre inside and poncho and overboots lashed to the outside. First aid kit and bayonet/knife goes on opposite sides of the buttpack. Two compass pouches can go on the belt at about 3-5 O'clock one with tourniquet and the other with 4" Israeli bandage, Quiklot and/or triangular bandage.

Finally, try to find an H-harness rather than the Y-harness, it has much better load distribution. Blackhawk makes a decent modernized H-harness. You can also use an ETLBV either as-is or by removing the front mag panels and using it as just an H-harness.
>> No. 17273 ID: 6189e4
Yep, so the Dragon pouches are configured in such a way that you are extracting magazines from your left-hand side using your left hand to reload the weapon in your right hand. You can fit 6x 5.56mm magazines in a double ammunition pouch.
Hence you don't often find ammunition pouches on the right as well since standard load is six magazines.
That being said, since PLCE has two ammunition pouches, soldiers use the right-hand pouch for grenades and a weapons cleaning kit. If necessary, spare mags for the LSW gunner are carried in the right-hand pouch, but almost nobody uses the LSW anymore in real combat so it's a moot point.

Based on what you've mentioned, the "airborne" webbing could suit you


Or the slightly more expensive but easier-to-use LRP version


or the "buttpack".


Again, all this depends on what you need to carry with you in the field. The magazine pouches will fit just about any 5.56mm magazine without problems. The utility pouches are designed to fit water bottles+cup and a set of mess tins, with a spare for another water bottle or for cleaning kit/first aid etc.

For a more detailed (and tongue-in-cheek) guide to what soldiers carry in PLCE (or similar) have a read through this:


In terms of fitting a Camelbak, if yours can be worn on its own like a rucksack, it will go over the PLCE yoke without issue.

Otherwise, my recommendation is to leave it inside a suitably compatible assault pack: if in an emergency you get separated from your assault pack, you will still have water to drink/cook in your water bottle(s), while your main source of hydration will be the camelbak.
Theory being, that if you get contacted, you can ditch the ruck quickly and move without carrying 2-4 kilos of water on your back for a short engagement.
Of course, this is from my experience working within British Army doctrine. What works for us may not work for you, and vice-versa.

In any case, I'm happy to help: insight from both fronts is always appreciated.
>> No. 17356 ID: 2fe798

How are those holsters? I know they offer excellent retention and protection for the guns, but are they really as slow on the draw as what people say?
>> No. 17357 ID: 25563a
File 146198123823.jpg - (2.18MB , 4594x2631 , main.jpg )
I've been using this for the past few years in place of standard PLCE. It's served me very well.

Not modular, but I have been able to attach a dump pouch.

>> No. 17358 ID: 25563a

You'll note the female clips on the pouches are sewn in so you don't have to faff around grabbing clips attached to loose straps. (This is the reason I recommend this version - it's called 'snipers' but I don't care. I just want the convenient clips)

I have the 3 utility pouch version because I'm not fat enough for 4.
>> No. 17359 ID: 35e0e7
File 146201246475.png - (861.46KB , 900x900 , image_3491.png )
I ended up kind of impulse buying this (Disciple DMTP Airborne Webbing 3 Utility Pouch Set). After doing more looking, it doesn't seem like I even get that great a deal on it. The Dragon Supply stuff seemed to have excellent reviews, but I couldn't bring myself to spending that much money since I'm just trying this type of gear out. If I love it, then I'll feel silly for not buying once. If not, then maybe I made the right choice (but I get that cheap gear is not equivalent to higher end stuff).

So hopefully this isn't complete airsoft garbage. Thanks for all the help guys.
>> No. 17360 ID: 044fd0
File 14620456485.jpg - (3.82MB , 2424x3231 , 145350806970d.jpg )

The full flap is pretty slow to draw, it has a spring retainer with a D-ring that you have to pull down to lift the flap out of the way but there's also a thumb snap you can replace it with which is what I have on that one. Makes it about the same as any other holster.

Surplus M12 holsters can be found for cheap, they're sized for the M9 of course but will fit most medium to large pistols. The UM84 is the same thing but available in different sizes and colors/patterns. The UM92 adds a trigger guard shield for improved retention. The UM84R is for revolvers.
>> No. 17362 ID: 79b400
I've always loved the M12, mainly because it felt like a modern Indiana Jones-esque holster to me.

But, I've listened to Ron Avery and Travis Haley so much about the economy of effort and motion that I prefer open top kydex holsters. Maybe get one for a backpack gun or something.

That said, I really need to get a holster. I should look into making one myself, see if that's any cheaper. Make a better sheath for my Glock knife while I'm at it.
>> No. 17366 ID: f2112f
File 146223378714.jpg - (2.01MB , 3264x2448 , 20160502_141913.jpg )

The M12 does have loops to fit a normal belt but I find it fairly bulky to wear like that. Though I have CC'd the M13 chest harness under a hoodie a couple times for shits and giggles.
My alice belt now consists of UM92 size 2, two double mag pouches, two single mag pouches, a triple AR pouch for either 33rd Glock mag, shotgun shells or A mags of course. The grenade loops can hold tomahawk, PR-24, flashlight or other things of the sort. Two bandage pouches hold tourniquet, Israeli bandage and triangular bandage. I have the Glock field knife on there now but I just ordered an Ontario SP-6 to replace that. Finally a Sam Browne style shoulder strap to transfer some of the weight to the shoulder without the bulk of a Y or H harness.

A little overkill but i like it.
>> No. 17368 ID: 6189e4
No you did all right, Disciple gear is of decent quality, and should hopefully fill in for what you need.

Points to suggest: it's a six-point PLCE-type harness, so I recommend you look for one of the PLCE-style under-armour harnesses so you can wear it comfortably in conjunction with a plate carrier, etc. The British army actually issues them so have a look around, you might find one for cheap.

Let us know what you think when you get it, maybe do a mini-review or something, I'm quite curious to see what the build quality is like. We can then give you some advice on setup and what to carry in order to make it as high-speed as possible.
>> No. 17369 ID: 79b400
You ever clock your draw with those holsters?
>> No. 17370 ID: f2112f

Nah, don't have a timer, I don't have to wait on the draw with the thumbsnap though. It's only a fraction slower than I get with my Blackhawk Sportster, a fair trade for better retention IMHO.

The M13 harness has a wide strap that secures the same way as the standard flap, I like to use that when I go 4x4ing since it puts the pistol on my chest where I can get to it while seated and it has the retention to ensure I won't lose it. The slower draw is negated somewhat by my ability to maneuver the vehicle if trouble suddenly finds me and if I see potential trouble coming I can unbuckle the strap beforehand.
>> No. 17372 ID: 79b400
How well does a Glock 19 fit in an M13 holster?

That might be a decent option on bikes.
>> No. 17373 ID: 7ec630

I'll be more than happy to give it a review. It'll just have to wait another month. I'm presently overseas and will be back around then. I ordered from Drop Zone Supplies on 17 Apr and it already made it to my house. I was expecting like a month or so. So kudos to them for being so prompt. I'll definitely check out the underarmor harness. That would be ideal so I could just put my IOTV over it if/when I deployed again.
>> No. 17374 ID: f2112f

It sits fairly deep and there's an inch or so of open space at the bottom which is convenient if you ever use a threaded barrel. But the Glock is wide enough that it fits snugly, there shouldn't be any wiggle and if the holster is brand new it will take a bit of breaking-in which mostly consists of just leaving the pistol in the holster for a few days and of course some range practice.
>> No. 17485 ID: d50d06
File 146690818325.jpg - (690.38KB , 1878x1154 , 13517738_10209026291229793_387891278_o.jpg )
I finally made it home and had time to check out my new gear. I first have to say I was very impressed with Drop Zone Supplies (http://www.army-surplus.co.uk/). My order shipped way faster than I thought and beat me home by weeks.

As for the gear it's self, here it is in all it's glory.
>> No. 17486 ID: d50d06
File 146690835420.jpg - (330.08KB , 1152x2048 , 13499518_10209026291029788_2071411029_o.jpg )
The four magazine pouches (two on either side) easily hold three magazines of various kinds. They sit a little deeper than I'm used to but I can still get a good grip on them. I'm going to do some reloads on the timer against my FLC and see how it compares.
>> No. 17487 ID: d50d06
File 146690848489.jpg - (456.34KB , 2048x1152 , 13517733_10209026291069789_1097483878_o.jpg )
The General Purpose pouches are a nice size. I can't for the life of me find my spare IFAK to see how it fits but there will be extra space. If I stick with this setup it's going to make me rethink damn near everything about my gear setup to including my rucksack.
>> No. 17488 ID: d50d06
File 146690862777.jpg - (391.94KB , 2048x1152 , 13548986_10209026290909785_1675793202_o.jpg )
The shoulder yoke is very well padded indeed. It rubs on my neck but without taking it on a march I don't know how much that would irritate me. It feels very stable and with the belt tightened down I don't feel as much weight on my shoulders as I thought I would.
>> No. 17489 ID: d50d06
File 146690872777.jpg - (341.63KB , 2048x1152 , 13499439_10209026290789782_1760953272_o.jpg )
First complaint is this buckle. I'm just not used to it, but I think I would prefer some sort of quick release clip. This holds very snug and doesn't back off that I've found. But it takes a few seconds to get tight, where as I feel like a buckle would be a lot quicker.
>> No. 17490 ID: d50d06
File 146690894479.jpg - (338.78KB , 1152x2048 , 13509625_10209026290869784_230111730_o.jpg )
Here is my biggest concern. The material is nice, but it feels plasticy (Don't know how else to describe it). All the stitching is single stitching. No idea if this will be an issue at all, but I'll be keeping an eye on things to watch for bits coming undone.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with this purchase!
>> No. 17738 ID: 1cbaaa
Disciple is ok, I think Dragon Supplies or Jay Jay's of Brecon would be better quality.

The roll pin is a solid choice, if you add or remove layers then the belt will always be exactly the right tightness. Whereas with a traditional buckle you'd have to adjust it.

I also secure the roll pin belt using adhesive velcro (reinforced with superglue), but that's just me.
>> No. 17740 ID: 3a0e10
http://www.tacticaltailor.com/mavbody2piece.aspx and
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