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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 146289667374.jpg - (48.12KB , 478x640 , anorak.jpg )
17379 No. 17379 ID: 244c85
How much do TAD Anoraks run for these days? I know they're basically impossible to find, and I image the wear on it would make it kinda not worth the cash.

Didn't they go for like less than a hundred though at the time?
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>> No. 17381 ID: f49edb
TAD stuff fluctuates a lot depending on how bad someone wants it. If the anorak is someone's "grail" you can get whatever, if no one particularly wants it then it just won't sell at any price.

I have fairly recently become pretty tired of TAD fanboyism even as I use a lot of their products daily. I think since patrick ma left the company has just lost its way.

if you are really interested I suggest the facebook group TADjunkies. I lurk and sell stuff on there but I long ago turned off notifications because it was just constant circlejerking and shouting down anyone who had anything remotely not glowing to say.
>> No. 17382 ID: c550c6
I've never understood TAD, is it actually US made or are there just a lot of Chinese knockoffs?
>> No. 17383 ID: f2aff2

It is a small US company. They source most of their production from the US and Canada but some is made overseas. There are shit tons of knockoffs. General consensus is for fleece stuff knockoffs are great but for hard and softshells not so much.
>> No. 17385 ID: c550c6
File 146337125749.jpg - (22.82KB , 452x500 , s-l500.jpg )
Got drunk, ordered a TAD knockoff jacket from fleaBay for $49, will post in a month when China sends it over
>> No. 17424 ID: cad48c
I've got a couple of TAD items and TBH neither have impressed me overmuch. The fleece gets cut through by a breeze, and the hardshell just hasn't held up well at all. I've had to glue the fucker back together and it's managed to start pilling up at contact points. I expected to have to re-apply DWR a few times, but thought it'd be pretty bombproof otherwise given the price.
>> No. 17425 ID: 82b738
File 146491348279.jpg - (2.81MB , 3264x2448 , 14649133689912045640519.jpg )
Knockoff jacket came in last week. Wore it camping, I'll post more photos later.
>> No. 17443 ID: 0fa6d7

I'd be interested in knowing which knockoffs are good & which aren't.
>> No. 17509 ID: c550c6
File 146808482555.jpg - (393.03KB , 1600x1426 , s-l1600.jpg )
This was the one I bought:

I wear an XL, bought the 3XL because lolAsian sizes and it fits me perfectly.
>> No. 17822 ID: 1b69e9

Pretty much this. They have a huge sale going on this weekend and while I was browsing their site the only product that I think commands its price point is their stealth hoodie LT since no one else makes a tacticool jacket in c_change which is alot more breathable than goretex. For everything else Id rather spend my money on arc'teryx, cause deadbird shit is legit high quality.
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