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File 146385700383.jpg - (55.37KB , 630x419 , sicario.jpg )
17405 No. 17405 ID: c67390
Looks like my eyesight is getting worse and I'm going to have to wear glasses more if I want to be able to identify stuff at distance, particularly street signs.

If that's the case, I want them to pull double duty as safety glasses and be ballistic rated so I can use them for shooting, riding, whatever.

Are there any ballistic rated RX glasses that don't cost an arm and a leg like Smith Optic options?
>> No. 17406 ID: 53e7c0
Oh sure. You just need to go to an eyglasses place that has a decent selection. Even Cabela's has their own branded non-Rx ballistic glasses. You can find something at virtually every price point.
>> No. 17407 ID: 634497

>non-Rx ballistic glasses

Literally the opposite of what OP asked for, bro.
>> No. 17408 ID: 79b400
I'm set on cheap ballistic eyepro, Edge Eyewear saw to that.

Since I need new RX glasses, I figured it'd be better for me to get something that can double as all around eyepro, especially if I have to wear them all the time.

I don't need anything fancy, just something ballistic rated.

I mean, I'll take OP's pic if I can find it. I just need something affordable and tough.

I'm just at a loss where to look, because I've never had to wear glasses all the time, just for reading to keep headaches at bay. But, my eyes are definitely getting worse, so I need to pick something up.

A lot of the places I'm finding are restricted to military and police, which I think is bullshit. Why are civvies restricted from owning superior eyepro? It's not even from a legal sense, just some corporate bullshit.
>> No. 17409 ID: fb3bdd
I got a pair of the Smith Optics "Director" with some sweet lenses from Sports Optical/Tactical RX. They're awesome, best and most comfortable glasses I've ever worn and the FOV on a curved lens sitting close to your face is huge. However, no, they weren't cheap.

>> No. 17410 ID: 79b400
Definitely spiffy sunglasses, but I need regular glasses. That's another issue I'm having, most of the shit I'm finding are either sunglasses or straight up eyepro, like shields.

I see some people in the area using wraparound sunglass frames for their regular prescription glasses, but it's definitely more noticeable than someone wearing an average eyeglass frame. I don't like to stick out in anyway.

If I can find a sunglass frame that doesn't look bad as regular glasses, I'd do that. If anyone has any suggestions for those, I'm all ears.
>> No. 17411 ID: 796dc9
They are prescription. I'm -3.50 in both eyes, with astigmatism. Curved lenses and wraparound glasses are better because they cover more of your eyes. Regular frames have large ass gaps in the sides to let shit in.
>> No. 17412 ID: fb3bdd
Is me.
>> No. 17413 ID: 4dc130
They make temple inserts that slide on and fill in the gaps of regular glasses. They're super small too, would take no space in my EDC bag.

I'd rather go that route just because I can have normal looking glasses and turn them into full protection safety glasses when the occasion calls for it.
>> No. 17414 ID: 53e7c0
probably cheaper that way too. A big expense of Rx safety glasses is the odd shaped and large lenses (compared to "regular" glasses).
>> No. 17415 ID: 79b400
Yeah, that's another reason I'm doing it. I is poor. Plus, with the inserts, I can pick and choose when I want them to be safety glasses.

The only thing I want out of my lenses is to be ballistic rated. And maybe an anti reflective coating if it isn't expensive.

It's a huge deal for me to have them ballistic rated, because let's face it. I have terrible luck and I value my eyesight.

Since I'm having a hard time finding a set of ballistic frames in a conventional design, I'm trying to find sunglass frames that would look decent as regular glasses. What do you guys think about this? Think it'd work?

>> No. 17416 ID: 79b400
Figures. Oakley seems like the only company offering what I'm looking for. But, they restrict it to military and police. As a filthy civvy, I don't qualify for the Standard Issue bullshit.

I hate that program. Give them a hell of a discount, but don't make it exclusive to them goddammit.
>> No. 17417 ID: 6db149
I guess I could always go this route, lol.

>> No. 17419 ID: 79b400
After discovering Wiley X's Worksight line, I exchanged some emails with them and found out they're almost exactly what I'm looking for. Cool thing is they all come with the side panels you can attach to the temples, so I don't have to search for one or modify one to fit whatever glasses I get.

Now I need to squirrel away some money and see if I can afford a pair within a reasonable timeline.
>> No. 17420 ID: c1c101
They don't restrict it to LE/Mil, you just have to go through an optometrist who is also an official Oakley vendor, you can't do it yourself online.

I have RX Fuel Cells for driving and shooting, fishing, hunting ETC. Coveted them for years but finally found out my local dealer (who also does my RX safety glasses for work) is a dealer and got the hook up.

Unfortunately that means you're pretty much stuck paying retail. No fishing around for the best deal online. :\
>> No. 17421 ID: 79b400
I remember looking at it in the past and Oakley saying "restricted to LE/mil."

Oh, well. I like dis.


Fits my criteria, I especially like how the removable side panels are part of the design.

I just have to save up, I have some bigger stuff to take care of at the moment.
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