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File 146491360466.jpg - (3.10MB , 3264x2448 , 20160602_190012.jpg )
17426 No. 17426 ID: 82b738
Just finally standardized mine
>> No. 17427 ID: 9aac68
Plotting mine, thinking my main IFAK will be a SO Tech Viper Flat IFAK to put on my plate carrier, and then a simple HSGI blowout kit with just a tq and pressure dressing for the warbelt.

For the main kit, I'm thinking trauma shears, pressure dressing, celox gauze, mundane gauze, and a triangle. I guess I'll have to see what my real estate on the flat ifak looks like after that.

I think I'm going to pass on a decompression needle until/unless I get more training, but I might go ahead and get an NPA. Not that I expect I'd ever be using either of those things in a self aid situation.
>> No. 17491 ID: b52eac
Me and some of the other local boys were going to standardize on a left leg subload. Going to that Mosby class in Salem?
>> No. 17496 ID: c1c101
I don't really care to do the subload thing. Not that my fat dumb ass is going to be doing much running in the first place. But I guess that means that what running I can/will do should be as unimpaired as possible. Since it's only a israeli bandage and tq (and maybe some celox gauze) going on the belt, it won't need much real estate.

There's also no point in me standardizing to anyone else's standard, since there's no longer anyone in my local AO I trust to roll deep with.

No idea what class you mean. So I guess that's a no. A cursory google search brings up something in early August. There's really no way for me to know this far ahead of time if my work schedule will permit me to take a Monday-Tuesday class and by the time I know the class will probably be full. So I guess that's a double no.
>> No. 17757 ID: a4d0ec
Are there any good $10 trauma shears, or are the ones in the $20+ range the way to go? I only own 2 pairs and need to buy more
>> No. 17767 ID: 7e7763
what's wrong with the $3 chinese shears?
>> No. 17768 ID: c550c6
Any specific one on Amazon or eBay that has a good reputation?
>> No. 17811 ID: f05ad0

EMT here.

If you're using em to cut clothes, the 10 dollar ones are fine. If you gotta cut through something thicker (the example that comes to mind for me is the harness firefighters put on you to pull you out of a car when they can't get the doors open) its probably gonna break em.

tl:dr unless you use em professionally, the cheap ones are fine
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