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Patches and Stickers for sale here

No. 17444 ID: ce2b82
What's good? What's bad? What's easy to make yourself?
I chanced upon videos of this guy, Steve1989 MREinfo, who tastes and reviews military rations, from old survival food packs from WW2, C-rats from the Vietnam War and modern MREs from around the world.

This Norwegian reindeer stew ration got some terrific marks. Even the instant coffee, toffee bars and chocolate were amazingly good.
2016 Norwegian Arctic Field Ration Reindeer Casserole Game Stew MRE Review Military https://youtu.be/7fmLlkfGQ_0
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>> No. 17452 ID: c550c6
File 146588152497.jpg - (1.16MB , 1836x3264 , 20150913_214403.jpg )
Cardboard cover for the heater w/ nutrition facts
>> No. 17453 ID: c550c6
File 146588155647.jpg - (720.90KB , 1836x3264 , 20150913_214617.jpg )
Drink mix label
>> No. 17454 ID: c550c6
File 146588158414.jpg - (456.41KB , 1836x3264 , 20150913_214623.jpg )
Basically knock off gatorade
>> No. 17455 ID: c550c6
File 146588161156.jpg - (819.71KB , 1836x3264 , 20150913_214755.jpg )
Seemed to just come with a spoon
>> No. 17456 ID: c550c6
File 146588165392.jpg - (1.04MB , 1836x3264 , 20150913_215334.jpg )
But there was a second packet stuck to the bottom of the bag
>> No. 17457 ID: c550c6
File 146588173221.jpg - (901.21KB , 1836x3264 , 20150913_214838.jpg )
The cookie was surprisingly good (really the important info in most of these pics is in the nutrition facts)
>> No. 17458 ID: c550c6
File 146588176667.jpg - (1.12MB , 1836x3264 , 20150913_214924.jpg )
Heat the entree with water in the flameless heater
>> No. 17459 ID: c550c6
File 146588184468.jpg - (930.28KB , 1836x3264 , 20150913_215540.jpg )
Overall not bad for a vegetarian meal, although I do remember adding the entire salt packet and it tasted better.

I have 2 more pics worth of different meal options from this same brand I'll post later.
>> No. 17464 ID: a615a8
  Here's a WWII surplus USAAF "Lifeboat Emergency Ration." The can is full of "Charms" brand candy, vitamin pills, and chewing gum. Yes, really.

This is darkly amusing in light of the current US military cultural attitude towards Charms candy, that to find them in your MRE is a sign of imminent ill fortune.
>> No. 17465 ID: ce2b82
Made at a time before the superstition became problematic?
1992 Food Packet Survival Abandon Ship Ration MRE Review Charms Candy Emergency Food Vintage Candy https://youtu.be/r628XwZBQO0
Hey there, everyone! It's Steve1989 with a whole case of Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Ship to review - these were given to Navy troops who were bailing out onto life rafts in a case of emergency and were essentially the survival food used in that environment until 1997 when the US adopted what is now commercially available as Datrex & Mainstay bars. It's a non-thirst provoking ration that is pretty much exclusively carbohydrates - fats & proteins require more water to process and assimilate so this is a relatively effective Ration for it's general purpose.

I gathered some detailed information on this Ration.. here is that specific info: By Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Committee on Military Nutrition Research, Richard T. Travis

The purpose of the Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Ship is to sustain life until rescue or until other food is available. It is supplied to the life saving craft aboard ships for survivors who have abandoned ship. Experience with ocean disasters has shown other supplies, such as life saving equipment and drinking water, to be more critical for surviving than food.

As currently specified, the Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Ship consists of 2 starch jelly bars, four mint tablets, chewing gum, and matches, and is sealed in a waterproof bag. 15 food packets and a cigarette packet are packaged in a carton and 8 cartons are packed in a shipping case.

Each packet provides 475 calories. It is issued upon the basis of 1 packet per man, per day. The components have maximum stability in storage for on-deck craft under all climatic conditions. In fact, since the Navy has indicated that this food must be stable at 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) for one month, even the starch jelly bar component must be specifically formulated. Canned water in limited quantities or water making equipment is provided on the life saving craft.
>> No. 17467 ID: ce2b82
  My brother, who served in the State Dept in Iraq and Afghanistan, said the French rations were coveted partially because they contained a little packet of wine.
So let's look at French rations.
MRE Review - French Army Combat Ration - 24hr RCIR - Menu 12 (Part 1: Contents & Breakfast) https://youtu.be/x-e52ILTWVw
>> No. 17468 ID: ce2b82
  MRE Review - French Army Combat Ration - 24hr RCIR - Menu 12 (Part 2: Lunch & Dinner) https://youtu.be/rUDai_n7h2k
>> No. 17480 ID: 79b400
  I've been wanting to make shit like this.
>> No. 17483 ID: 5a0085
File 146683923558.jpg - (288.59KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
Recommend you try the Canadian IMP. More or less like the US rations, but a different menu so it might be a welcome change.

I was cursed to be issued beans almost every time we drew rations, but I think my warrant was fucking with me.
>> No. 17484 ID: 1b3155
Canadian IMP (Individual Meal Pack) Menu No.9: Smoked Meat with Demi-Glace Sauce https://youtu.be/R852jQ4gSbM
A BIG thank you goes out to Ted and Jonathan (sk8r28) for sending this along to me. This is my first ever Canadian IMP ration (Individual Meal Pack). I've been wanting to try one of these for a long time, but never they seem to be kind of hard to find. This one is Menu No.9, Smoked Meat with Demi-Glace Sauce, and the entree was absolutely delicious! The name of the entree doesn't make it sound all that appetizing, but the "smoked meat" is actually beef brisket. It's a very salty dish, but in a good way-very flavorful.
I do have to say that I made one huge mistake with this video. For whatever reason (memory card space issues, battery running out in the middle of filming, being distracted by the wonderful flavor of the meat...) I managed to NOT film the part where I first tried the entree. Probably the most important part of the review. I feel very bad about missing that part, but there was still so much to share about the IMP (along with the fact that I don't know when/if I'll be able to get another one) that I still had to post the rest of the video. Hopefully it won't prove to be a total waste of a half-hour of your life. Sorry.
>> No. 17492 ID: 5a1acb
File 146708287246.jpg - (2.75MB , 5312x2988 , 20160627_213844_001.jpg )
I suppose this fits here. This is my office ration, starting my 3rd month of it. Half a bag of soylent, I usually add a 20g scoops of protien and a banana for about 1200 cal. for my work day.

Tastes about like slightly sweet instant oatmeal, less falvor no after taste, mix powder with water and shake or blend.

It's cheap and better than my normal day of coffee then a buffet. It's about $8 per 2k calorie bag. Doesn't exactly beat MREs in price, shelf life of 3 months makes it worthless as a stored food. It's easy food, could live on it in the field so long as you have water to mix with it.

It's basically the powder drink version of an MRE, seems meal replacement shakes are becoming popular. They taste better than some MRES.

Sorry, no video. It's an oatmeal colored powder you mix with water to make a smoothie. Not much to see.
>> No. 17493 ID: 9ea451
File 146713971081.jpg - (117.62KB , 1120x630 , drink_gallery5_546e2142f4c6.jpg )
I know someone who uses that Soylent stuff. It tastes like liquid oatmeal. It's a meal replacement program for weight loss.
The Problem With Soylent 2.0 Goes Far Beyond Its Terrible Taste
Could you go on a full-Soylent existence?
For people who work so much that they can’t be bothered to eat (let alone make a grocery list, buy the items and cook anything), Soylent “food product” 2.0 is here to save you. Or so you may think.
First sold as a mix, but now packaged in a trendy pearlescent bottle (hence the “2.0”), Soylent was envisioned by its Silicon Valley creators as a “disruption” to the way we eat food. (The creators are, after all, start-up entrepreneurs too busy to cook nutritious food.)
When Soylent debuted last year, the New York Times’ tech columnist Farhad Manjoo described it as “the most joyless new technology to hit the world since we first laid eyes on MS-DOS.”
But techies, ever the trend mongers, adopted it with abandon, whether they drank Soylent or other similar versions of the product: Schmoylent, Schmilk or People Chow.
A mixture of protein, fats, fiber, carbohydrates, and other daily necessities, Soylent 2.0, which will begin shipping this month, is precisely 400 calories per bottle — a “nutritionally complete staple food designed to provide maximum nutrition with minimal effort. It’s the easiest, affordable way to squeeze in a healthy meal on-the-go without even trying,” according to the pitch sent with samples from their publicist.
Soylent 2.0 tastes like a chalkboard-eraser-Elmer’s-glue smoothie, but it really is convenient and, if not tasty, palatable. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/soylent-2-0-review_us_561d6324e4b050c6c4a32aa3
>> No. 17494 ID: 9ea451
File 146713998326.png - (600.66KB , 800x430 , total_recall.png )
But for Bonnie Blodgett, a professional gardener and columnist for the Pioneer Press in St. Paul, Minnesota, the product poses a deeper societal problem: “Soylent strikes me as just another example of our species’ refusal to see how essential it is that we live with and not against nature,” she told The Huffington Post.

In 2005, Blodgett lost her sense of smell after using the now-recalled nasal spray Zicam and wrote about it in a memoir, “Remembering Smell.”

“I learned the hard way how humans are wired to eat not just for energy and nutrition but for stability, meaning, joy ... Soylent is the ‘logical,’ ‘science-based’ ultimate solution to the ‘problem’ of eating in an industrialized world in which humans are increasingly allowing themselves to be treated like widgets, not living creatures,” she said. “The industrial model that is destroying our planet denies the essential facts of human life: that we eat not just to survive but to understand and be part of the chain of life.”

So would we accept a quick chug of some flavorless protein shake, rather than going out for a meal when life gets a little busy? Sure. But a full-Soylent existence? Hard pass. Soylent is another in the long list of stuff best used in moderation.
>> No. 17495 ID: 9ea451
  Soylent: How I Stopped Eating for 30 Days https://youtu.be/t8NCigh54jg
Is Soylent the future of food? CEO Rob Rhinehart lived on his liquid invention for 30 days straight, and the feat propelled him to internet fame and fortune. So I decided to become the first person to repeat his feat—for a month straight, I'd try to live on nothing but the chemical cocktail, just like Rob. Along the way, I'd investigate the how an artificial food replacement might impact human health, Silicon Valley, and the world at large. This is the story of life after food.

Read more on MOTHERBOARD here: http://motherboard.vice.com/blog/soylent-no-food-for-30-days
>> No. 17497 ID: cad48c
You know, I was just interested enough to go look at it. $13.45 per 2000kcal day for the bottled stuff, $7.70 if you go with the powder -- and that's if you subscribe. It's more expensive for a one-off.

For that much I can eat real food. I guess it's competitive based on time spent in prep, but honestly with a slow cooker you can probably produce far superior meals for less for an hour a week in prep time.

Meh. I'll be interested when I can buy the stuff for 25c per 100kcal off the shelf and easily tweak the ratios to turn it into an energy shake / protein shake / whatever else I need at the moment.

>> No. 17498 ID: 79b400
It's a start, I guess.

I want liquid meals to become a common and cheap thing just so I have a better option when I'm extremely tired and hungry at the same time.

Just chug a shake and go to bed as opposed to making something and forcing myself to stay awake for it.

Or just a good on the go meal.
>> No. 17499 ID: 98c1a2
My perfect cyberpunk food would be something like vegetable, grain, and meat pasted then baked into bars. A bit like prison loaf; it doesn't taste like anything, rather it tastes like everything. It isn't bad or good, it just "tastes".

However this food would be higher in fiber, fruit and vegetable content with a healthy dollop of whey protein. It would contain a multivitamin and mineral supplement for everything else that could be missing from the mix of fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats. Stuff like fish oils and so on.

It would also have a fairly good volume/calorie proportion; by that I mean higher in volume and mass than caloric content, so it would feel substantial to eat and make you feel full without being in the "oh look this stick the size of two small fingers packs 8.3 million kcal". Perhaps a non-food, biologically inert paste could be used to provide more substance and mass without adding caloric value. The bars would provide absolutely ideal nutrition, could be marketed in slightly modified formulas for various types of people, and be almost as cheap as buying regular food (more expensive than making it yourself with ingredients, but cheaper than the average frozen dinners).

How could it be cheap? The plants making the bars could deal with large volumes of ingredients, centralizing shipping for the various incoming substances.

The bars could probably be frozen for shipping and storage and thawed/microwaved before consumption.

I dream of a fridge full of these and not much else.
>> No. 17500 ID: 9ea451
You're talking prison nutraloaf. Used as a punishment for those who commit prison infractions, it is supposed to be vile. It must be nutritional. There are many recipes for this garbage, depending on the prison, but apparently they are all pretty similar.
Is This Prison Food Cruel And Unusual? https://youtu.be/1bei7vlf56w
>> No. 17501 ID: 9ea451
  Civilians Try Military Food https://youtu.be/4E8HirPLWDg
>> No. 17502 ID: 98c1a2
File 146753614086.jpg - (235.87KB , 660x1072 , not_anime.jpg )
Prison loaf looks like it was made to be edible suck on purpose.

I imagined more something like this.
>> No. 17503 ID: 98c1a2
It just struck me that removing one block of food-thing from that tray would be difficult since you'd have to get your fingers in the cracks.

Then it struck me that the angle of the foodblock doesn't make sense since they're all rectangular prisms of very similar shape.

Damn it Nihei, you had one job.
>> No. 17504 ID: a1b1eb
  Reminds me of the original Star Trek episode (S02E22) By Any Other Name where beings from the Andromeda Galaxy (the Kelvins) took over the Enterprise. I human form, they ate pills for their nutritional needs.
"I do not understand why you consume this bulk material to sustain yourselves."
The crew introduced one of them to solid food and Scotty introduced him to booze.
Star Trek Classic Scotty Drinks Alien Under The Table. https://youtu.be/FWEDZFoLmyA
>> No. 17505 ID: 98c1a2
>it's green

>> No. 17506 ID: 9ba6eb
  2015 Russian Mountain Ration 24hr MRE Review Review Special Forces Spetznaz Brain Pate & Goulash https://youtu.be/lgICbOwP7NQ
This is a Russian Special Forces 24 Hour Mountain Ration - very rare & hard to acquire - check out this amazing Military Ration and see for yourself! Hope you all enjoy the review - I can truly say this was one of the best Military Rations I've ever had!
>> No. 17507 ID: 79b400
Damn, the Russians have some pretty cool MREs.
>> No. 17508 ID: b2f730

When they're not getting fed dog food on the sly.
>> No. 17556 ID: 8a98b2
>> No. 17828 ID: 6e9743
File 148102907127.jpg - (18.94KB , 455x550 , rations US Tabasco sauce 1990 Gulf War 1-8 oz bott.jpg )
Tabasco sauce in rations is great to have and US MRE rations included a little bottle of it, starting with the Gulf War in 1990. Most recently, in 2012, the military switched over from 1/8-ounce glass bottles of Tabasco to ketchup-sized packets in MREs, for the sake of minimizing weight and cost.
During the Vietnam War, Tabasco gave soldiers a taste of home and advertise Tabasco at the same time. In 1966, Tabasco published the Charlie Ration Cookbook or No Food Is Too Good for the Man Up Front. The pocket-sized cookbook was wrapped around a two-ounce bottle of Tabasco and placed in a waterproof tube for shipping to soldiers in Vietnam. Newspaper ads suggested "Send YOUR man overseas some new food ideas and a few laughs, too," all for just $1. http://americanhistory.si.edu/blog/tabasco-and-war-against-bland-military-meals

- A mini-bottle of Tabasco for a military Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE)
>> No. 17829 ID: 6e9743
File 148102952964.jpg - (30.67KB , 418x512 , rations US Tabasco sauce & cookbook for combat.jpg )
Here is the famous Tabasco Sauce with a copy of the cookbook prepared for combat soldiers in Vietnam.
>> No. 17830 ID: 6e9743
File 148102955910.jpg - (122.25KB , 1024x880 , rations US Tabasco sauce 1-8 oz bottle accessory 1.jpg )
What kind of hot sauce would you pack with rations?
>> No. 17831 ID: 6e9743
  Reference was made to using Tabasco hot sauce in rations at 5:05.
Training and Cooking with the Royal Marines - Gordon Ramsay https://youtu.be/WK01gDq8d6A
Gordon is known for being a fitness fanatic, but can he handle an assault course with the Royal Marines? And can they handle how delicious his beef curry is?
From Gordon Ramsay's The F Word
>> No. 17832 ID: 6e9743
  A 12-minute pan-roasted cod with chorizo and fragrant rice:
Cooking for RAF Pilots - Gordon Ramsay https://youtu.be/5MdTtOGYKco
Gordon heads to Scotland to take a flight on one of the worlds fastest planes - a Tornado F3. He then shows the pilots a quick and healthy meal to give them energy for their next flight. From Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word

The Panavia Tornado F3 is the air defense variant (ADV) of the original Tornado IDS (interdictor/strike) fighter-bomber. The F3 was introduced during the 1980s and flew its last RAF sortie in March 2011. The Tornado was originally a twin-engine, variable-sweep wing multirole combat aircraft, designed to excel at low-level penetration of enemy defenses. A strike bomber. The Tornado F3 interceptor has been replaced by the Eurofighter Typhoon.
>> No. 17833 ID: 6e9743
  Hunting Puffins On The Edge Of A Cliff In Iceland - Gordon Ramsay https://youtu.be/a40VeD8YxiU
Gordon has an eventful time in Iceland hunting puffins. He is bitten by a puffin on the nose, eats a raw puffin heart and even has his volcanic bread stolen. From Gordon Ramsay's The F Word (2007).

Ramsay tried to make bread the Icelandic way my squashing some prepared dough in a cookie tin and burying it in the hot soil by a volcano until it bakes after 12 hours, but, unfortunately, somebody stole it. Who in the wide world of fuck would steal a metal container with FUCKING BREAD IN IT?! Is Iceland a Dickensonian nightmare of starved whelps, abused orphans, street urchans and criminal villians who would steal bread on a moment's notice? Did a modern Jean Valjean nick Gordon's bread?
Jean Valjean is the protagonist of Victor Hugo's 1862 novel Les Misérables. Hugo depicts the character's 19-year-long struggle to lead a normal life after serving a prison sentence for stealing bread to feed his sister's children during a time of economic depression and various attempts to escape from prison.
In the novel, Side Effects by Woody Allen, a similar story is told. "A man has been arrested for stealing a crust of bread. "I only like the crust," he explains, and he is identified as the thief who has recently terror- ized several chophouses by stealing just the end cut of roast beef." http://www.angelfire.com/blog2/endovelico/WoodyAllen-SideEffects.txt
>> No. 17835 ID: 6e9743
  In 2008, Ramsay was in Iceland's Westman Islands filming a puffin hunting segment when he lost his footing and fell during a descent off an 85 ft cliff, landing in the icy water below. He said, "I thought I was a goner." He reached the surface of the water by removing his heavy boots and waterproof clothing. His film crew, who rescued Ramsay by throwing him a rope, reported that he was submerged for at least 45 seconds. During the ordeal, he remembers how he felt: "I was panicking and my lungs were filling with water. When I got to the top after getting my boots off, I was dazed and my head was totally massive."

"Let's get out of here before we get shot!" https://youtu.be/ajnboDfY1OI
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was doused in gasoline and held at gunpoint as he tried to uncover the dark world of illegal shark fin trading for a new TV show.
The Hell's Kitchen star was shooting scenes for a British program Big Fish Fight when he confronted gangsters in Costa Rica who had slaughtered thousands of sharks to sell their sought-after fins.
But Ramsay was left terrified when the gang kept their guns trained on him and his TV crew before throwing fuel over him. He was later advised by local police to flee the country for his own safety.
The chef tells Britain's Daily Mail, "It's a multibillion-dollar industry, completely unregulated. We traced some of the biggest culprits to Costa Rica. These gangs operate from places like forts, with barbed-wire and gun towers.
"At one, I managed to shake off the people keeping us away, ran up some stairs to a rooftop and looked down to see thousands of fins, drying on rooftops for as far as the eye could see. When I got back downstairs, they tipped a barrel of petrol over me.
"Back at the wharf, there were people pointing rifles at us to stop us filming. A van pulled up and these seedy characters made us stand against a wall. The police came and advised us to leave the country. They said, 'If you set one foot in there, they'll shoot you.'"
>> No. 17836 ID: 6e9743
  The ironic thing is that shark fin soup, even expertly prepared by the best chefs, tastes like... nothing. The soup stock may be good, but there is little taste in shark fin. And Gordon paid 90 Pounds (114.63 US Dollars) in 2011 for that.
Gordon Eats Shark Fin Soup in Taipei - Gordon Ramsay https://youtu.be/VESaWTRbGHc

Gordon Ramsey: Shark Bait https://youtu.be/4SAkq6lsnoE
Gordon Ramsay loves sharks, and this passion leads him on his most personal mission yet - to investigate the controversial dish, shark fin soup.

To understand more about the kings of the ocean, Gordon plunges in to swim with the deadly bull shark, in his scariest challenge to date.

It's estimated that each year 100 million sharks are killed worldwide, and Gordon wants to find out if the slaughter is really necessary. Sharks are both terrifying and beautiful, but experts believe overfishing is threatening to drive a third of the world's open ocean shark species to extinction.

Incredibly, some of the most threatened species remain untouched by international fishing regulations. What Gordon discovers on his journey leads him to campaign against the brutal and destructive shark fishing industry.
>> No. 17837 ID: 6e9743
  Hunting, Butchering and Cooking Wild Boar - Gordon Ramsay https://youtu.be/6p5x0nxtqVs
>> No. 17846 ID: eefa98
File 148112978510.jpg - (871.76KB , 1024x768 , US AR-15 _450 Bushmaster was developed for big ga.jpg )
The woods around Fort Benning, Georgia have a hog problem where they are rooting up the forests and roads to the point where the commanding general put a bounty on the hog's heads. Why don't they use some of the 30,000 soldiers there to hunt them?
Ramsay, after gutting, draining, skinning and butchering the pig, then prepares all of the different parts of the pig, including the tenderloin and the ribs, which he cooks in a marinade before grilling. For the "Rolls Royce of the pig," Ramsay cuts the loin into medallions, grills it lightly, and serves it with a sauce and slaw. Finally, Fort Benning's men and women feast on wild boar, prepared by one of the world's most lauded chefs.
>> No. 17847 ID: eefa98
File 148113209790.jpg - (188.63KB , 677x903 , wild pig hunting with a Mosin Nagant.jpg )
Hogs are running rampant and are destroying many crops and starting to destroy infrastructure. These hogs are replicating quickly and are quickly spreading across America. Any state that has dense farm land is quickly becoming susceptible to the impact of the wild hog.

Many private farm owners are even selling tickets to come aboard their farm land and hunt the land. It helps them create some small revenue and even lets the hunters safely hunt on private property and protect the farm land. Farmers and hunters are working together to keep these pigs at bay but the population keeps exploding. http://www.wideopenspaces.com/hunting-and-cooking-wild-boar-gordon-ramsay-style/

So time to put those old Mosin-Nagants to good use.
>> No. 17848 ID: eefa98
File 14811323108.jpg - (115.07KB , 1024x768 , rations US MCI 1980 Menu 4 Pork Sliced Cooked with.jpg )
Ramsay's BBQ grilled pork looks much better than the army pork rations.
MCI 1980 Menu 4- the second B-1 Unit box “Pork Sliced Cooked with Juices”.
The list of contents:

Accessory Packet
Peanut Butter
B-1 Unit Crackers Candy
Pork Slices, with Juices
The “Applesauce” and the “Pork” cans are leaking. http://www.mreinfo.com/reviews/mci-reviews/mci/mci-menus/mci-1980-menu-4/
>> No. 17849 ID: eefa98
File 148113233260.jpg - (172.85KB , 1024x768 , rations US MCI 1980 Menu 4 Pork Sliced Cooked with.jpg )
>> No. 17850 ID: eefa98
File 148113234559.jpg - (101.41KB , 1024x768 , rations US MCI 1980 Menu 4 Pork Sliced Cooked with.jpg )
>> No. 17851 ID: eefa98
File 148113245026.jpg - (92.74KB , 1024x768 , rations US MCI 1980 Menu 4 Pork Sliced Cooked with.jpg )
A leaky can of sliced pork cooked with juices 36+ years old? Don't risk it!
>> No. 17852 ID: eefa98
File 148113248078.jpg - (150.18KB , 1024x770 , rations US MCI 1980 Menu 4 Pork Sliced Cooked with.jpg )
>> No. 17853 ID: eefa98
File 148113251338.jpg - (113.65KB , 1024x754 , rations US MCI 1980 Menu 4 Pork Sliced Cooked with.jpg )
>> No. 17854 ID: eefa98
  1993 Frozen For 15 years Preserved MRE Pork Rice & BBQ Sauce Ration Pack US Military Food Review https://youtu.be/PiErAgbwH3Q
Howdy, folks! This time we got a Pork & Rice W/ BBQ Sauce MRE from 1993 that has been frozen for the last 15 years (Actually just talked to Jerry, the dude I got 'em from and he told me up to 20 years) and this experiment was a 100% success! This thing looks and tastes like it was made last year! Even the applesauce was in perfect shape! Absolutely amazing MRE review for that reason alone and totally worth watching, you won't be disappointed.
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