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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 146610134735.jpg - (143.23KB , 1024x683 , GGG-Minimalist-Plate-Carrier-9.jpg )
17462 No. 17462 ID: 2bdd99
Since AR500 can't unfuck its shipping/order department, I have 350+ to spend on armor unless they miraculously put a carrier and plates on my doorstep by monday, I need alternatives. I sent them an email saying I either want my money back now, or they can send me the plates I order and another of their cheapest level 3 carrier packages.

Currently running a grey ghost carrier, but it's been without armor since fucking beginning of september. Give me good and reliable places to get some shit.
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>> No. 17466 ID: fcbea4
I'm a bit biased on this one but since my opinion is worth just as much as anyone else's in here I will spit it out. I'm an OTV kind of guy, I have like 8 of them. You can pick them up with the kevlar in them at a decent price and then slide some plates in there later if shit gets real, like with rifle threats. They even protect the dick!!! Fuck AR500. Them bitches are heavy. Just go on ebay and wait for your size of OTV comes available and snatch that bitch. Then get some Dyneema plates later and put them in.
>> No. 17469 ID: 044fd0

I just got a new Hagor OTV, it's not quite as over-built as the IBA I had in the Army but it wasn't drug through the sandbox 10+ years ago either. Got it on Ebay for $230.
>> No. 17470 ID: 044fd0
File 146619481454.jpg - (3.89MB , 3264x2448 , 20160617_160952.jpg )

Forgot pic.
>> No. 17472 ID: bd9939
File 146621040790.jpg - (50.39KB , 375x500 , Science_Fiction_Museum_and_Hall_of_Fame_7_m(2).jpg )
Wouldn't bother with AR500 personally. I read that the target man plates were a lot better and had way better CS, but when you can buy better NIJ 6 certified vs "tested" ceramic for the same price, meh.


I bought my plates from these guys a couple years ago. Different plates, but these are a really good deal unless the market has totally changed on me.

Keep in mind they're heavy compared to the level III stuff out there, but still lighter than steel and mo betta.
>> No. 17476 ID: 79b400
I know they're heavy, but I've been wanting one of those AR500 backpack plates.

I work near the entrance of a high volume restaurant, things get bottlenecked even when there's not a panic. If someone were to ever start shooting, the plate could possibly give me a chance to make it to the kitchen and out the back.

8 pounds isn't that much especially considering I'd be wearing it for a commute and setting it near my station for my shift. Any other use would probably be just wearing it during events with large crowds, you never know what could happen.

Also, it isn't just the Orlando thing that spurred this on, just the firing of three unstable employees in the last month. One punched the manager and harrassed people in the parking lot, threatening everyone.
>> No. 17482 ID: 2bdd99

i mostly want it plates because i work big range events and as of right now im one of the only RSOs that doesnt have one when we stand in front of the firing line during a cease fire, wearing OTVs would be fucking hot and cumbersome as fuck out in the florida sun yo. Got pouches for admin type stuff but im not going full battle rattle, I have that shit, but that stays in the truck usually
>> No. 17545 ID: e84197
Does this deal sound too good to be true?


Two level 4 plates and a carrier for 250-300 dollars seems like it but I have seen it recommended elsewhere and there are youtube videos of people testing them thoroughly.
>> No. 17546 ID: bd9939
File 146898624227.jpg - (1.01MB , 1920x1112 , HpciNyH.jpg )
I've been looking at their "3+" stuff quite a bit for replacing my heavyish Midwest Armor level IV ceramic and get waifu a set and I'm kind of torn. Backyard testing seems to hold up, but much of their marketing is gibberish and fluff.

My biggest concern is their testing methods. None of their plates are actually NIJ certified, just unofficially tested to the old standards and instead of just putting the results on their webpage, you have to request it which is a little weird.

As for the plate carrier, the buckle things on that one look a little funky. It's a slightly different location, but I absolutely hate my Shellback Banshee largely because of the buckles right in the shoulder pocket when trying to shoot on top of making it carry like shit.
>> No. 17547 ID: 79b400
We should get the guy from the Wound Channel to test it out, I'd trust him to put it through its paces.
>> No. 17548 ID: 79b400
I actually just sent him a message with the link, we'll see if he's interested.
>> No. 17554 ID: 82c0c7
Hate to hear that you hate your carrier so much, because I was just about to buy that exact style. Does anyone have similar recommendations in that price range?
>> No. 17622 ID: 54b1b1
File 147104762426.gif - (953.08KB , 500x375 , 1462399526222.gif )
Where do you guys usually get your OTVs? If they work well I guess I'll take a shot at purchasing one.
>> No. 17630 ID: bd9939
File 14714021516.jpg - (59.31KB , 590x352 , CYjL4ujWMAIn9Bf_jpg large.jpg )
I ended up selling my banshee on ebay and buying a Ferro Concepts Slickster from The Great White North. A little less overt but has a little less working space than something like a banshee, but scale-able from plates only under a cover shirt to a light magazine/essentials loadout to pairing with a chest rig for the full package.

For something with a little more space to work with from the start, I'd look at Beez Combat Systems or Mayflower for a good budget option.

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