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File 146833210123.jpg - (171.22KB , 700x451 , You Talkin to Me Muddafucka.jpg )
17520 No. 17520 ID: 6705c1
What sort of equipment would you bring along for an elevated background radiation environment? For the sake of argument, let's assume a 48 hour excursion.

A geiger counter would be baseline, but what would it look like going from all the way down from "STALKER bandit-tier" to actually dumping serious money into NBC equipment/PPE?

Pic not particularly related.
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>> No. 17521 ID: 9ba6eb
File 146833740854.jpg - (134.21KB , 1024x1545 , US chemical MOPP (Mission Oriented Protective Post.jpg )
At the very least a radiological gas mask and over-clothes to keep from being contaminated with radioactive particles. Better to have a remote-controlled robot do the work in radiated zones.
But chemical suits like the US military's MOPP (Mission Oriented Protective Posture) suits are probably expensive.
>> No. 17522 ID: 9ba6eb
File 146833743267.jpg - (883.15KB , 2100x1623 , US chemical MOPP (Mission Oriented Protective Post.jpg )
>> No. 17523 ID: 9ba6eb
File 146833891626.jpg - (609.49KB , 2649x4000 , US chemical MOPP (Mission Oriented Protective Post.jpg )
>> No. 17524 ID: 9ba6eb
File 146833894192.jpg - (318.16KB , 3075x2042 , US chemical suit 28 Weeks Later 1.jpg )
>> No. 17525 ID: 9ba6eb
File 146833900822.jpg - (424.50KB , 2000x1303 , US chemical suit measuring radiation 1.jpg )
>> No. 17528 ID: dda126
File 146852451358.jpg - (36.82KB , 480x480 , MSA advantage 1000.jpg )

In a more realistic vein I have been thinking about getting the MSA Advantage 1000 for CS gas and homebrew chems in case of rioting etc. - still can't justify the expense though.
>> No. 17529 ID: 3877ff
File 146852618042.jpg - (1.66MB , 6000x4858 , Law, police & National Guard fight black studi.jpg )
One of my first jobs was as a dishwasher and one day I was given the task of peeling a giant bag of onions. Peeling that much really made me tear up something fierce. I rode my bicycle home and got an old Korean War M9 gas mask I used as face protection for fencing and paintball shooting games. The damn thing worked great filtering out the onions!

In a post-nuclear scenario, a simple gas mask might work to filter out radioactive dust and raincoats, rubber gloves and rubber over-shoes worn to keep the dust off your clothes, but these would have to be thoroughly washed with lots of water to decontaminate them.

Gas mask thread: http://www.operatorchan.org/g/res/16320
>> No. 17530 ID: 79b400
Goggles work fine for that. It's not inhaling the fumes that cause you to tear up, it's the fumes reaching your eyes.

Even glasses with a gasket offer great protection for it.
>> No. 17531 ID: 3877ff
File 146854173766.jpg - (231.46KB , 1280x720 , 18l0qzedpq86zjpg_JPG.jpg )
Wow, you're right! Looking at these methods used to lessen eye irritation while cutting onions, wearing tight-fitting goggles is the best solution if you have zero tolerance for onion gases (as long as you don't wear eyeglasses, but you can wear eyeglasses in certain gas masks). Freezing the onion before cutting or cutting under a vent are the most hassle-free, effective ways of cutting an onion without crying like a baby.

The methods that didn't work:
- Light a Candle Before Chopping
- Cut While Holding Your Tongue at the Roof of Your Mouth
- Cut While Chewing Gum
- Julienne the Onion

These methods worked fairly well:
- Refrigerate the Onion (worked well, but not as effective as freezing the onion)
- Soak the Onion in Water
- Cut Under Running Water
- Cut Out the Onion’s Bottom Core

Tested: The Best Tear-Free Tricks for Cutting Onions http://lifehacker.com/tested-the-best-tear-free-tricks-for-cutting-onions-476088845
>> No. 17532 ID: 3877ff
  How to cut an Onion Life Hacks https://youtu.be/_NQ3MrWbuoA
How to slice onions fast. Make your life easier using a hair pick to hold fruit and veg whilst you cut it. Make onion rings, cut even slices and keep your fingers away from the knife blade.
>> No. 17533 ID: 79b400
When I worked in the kitchen, I had some cheap glasses with a gasket that I bought at a flea market. They worked pretty well, even around a full bin of diced onions. Unless I were to hover my face an inch above the onions.

They unfortunately broke during one of the times I was hit by a car on the bicycle. So when I started my current job and would pick up kitchen shifts, I suffered a bit around cold prep. I was 10 feet away and still watering up.

I really should get another pair of glasses with a gasket.
>> No. 17542 ID: 6705c1
>In a post-nuclear scenario, a simple gas mask might work to filter out radioactive dust and raincoats, rubber gloves and rubber over-shoes worn to keep the dust off your clothes, but these would have to be thoroughly washed with lots of water to decontaminate them.

This sort of jives from the general gist of what I've read. In THE ZONE, your greatest enemy will be dust and material already contaminated, and some hot spots that a geiger counter would help you keep your distance from. It seems a little too idealistic to me though. "Just wear a mask so you don't breathe/ingest the irradiated shit and throw away/wash-the-shit-out-of your clothes and your should be fine! Also don't cuddle glowing shit."

But then again if tourism into Pripyat is safe enough to be a state sanctioned activity, then maybe that idea holds water? I dunno what am I missing?
>> No. 17543 ID: 3877ff
File 146877938479.jpg - (77.86KB , 388x600 , US nuke radiation proof bike suit, 1952.jpg )
I was mostly quoting from old 1950s civil defense pamphlets on how to build and survive in a nuclear fallout shelter and how to rebuild in the post-nuclear world. Gas masks and rubber rain gear might very well serve adequately if that's all you have. Big rules to live by are stay in your shelter for as long as possible (at least two weeks, but two months the radiation has lessened tremendously and after four months the rioting probably has subsided and some authority has likely organized better group survival) and don't go near radioactive areas.
>> No. 17544 ID: 044fd0

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