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File 146914008090.jpg - (2.71MB , 2592x1944 , KIMG0423.jpg )
17550 No. 17550 ID: 8e1003
Haven't had one of these in a while. Has your loadout changed at all?
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>> No. 17552 ID: 8ae717
File 146914631177.jpg - (748.61KB , 4128x2322 , edc.jpg )
Really need to get myself a better flashlight. Or better: a tlr1 compatible holster, but I suspect I'd have to roll my own since I've modified the light to sit in the middle rail slot instead of the front.
>> No. 17553 ID: 79b400
Same. Mine is just a $10 light that'll work until it doesn't.

I was contemplating modifying it to have a proud button, but that would be too much work than it's worth.

I need to get a good holster for when I get a carry permit.

I like your chain link keychain. I forgot to add my watch to the pic because I was wearing it and tend to forget it's there.

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