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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 147045611394.jpg - (53.96KB , 800x711 , 1470069032391.jpg )
17564 No. 17564 ID: c8dc6d
Once I move to Arizona, I'm going to be in the land of constitutional carry and I intend to carry my Glock 19.

However, I don't have a holster and I am a poorfag, otherwise I'd just pick up a G-Code or Armiger and be done with it.

Are there any good holsters in the $30-$40 range? I prefer appendix carry. Do I have options for this price? Or am I limited to belt slide minimalist holsters and button up shirts?
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>> No. 17566 ID: dda126
>$30-$40 range



imo pretty much the best holster you can get.
>> No. 17569 ID: 254502
>Fits double-stack 9/40 Glocks in the 26/27-34/35 family

>> No. 17570 ID: dda126
File 147050900166.jpg - (436.07KB , 2268x2268 , Cock 19inches.jpg )
>and I intend to carry my Glock 19

Where is the problem? Pic related is how a prosthetic 19 inch cock looks in it.
>> No. 17571 ID: 254502
Got around to watching the video. This looks like it could be the ticket.

Thanks, man, it's actually a pretty cool design and I like the retention. I'm excited about my move to the land of constitutional carry.
>> No. 17602 ID: c1c101
File 147068709220.jpg - (22.42KB , 700x466 , glc.jpg )
Get a fobus, mang. It's cheap and it'll hold your gun kinda good.


>> No. 17603 ID: a7cedf
Wat. Seriously what is that design? I don't even know where to begin.

However, I do kind of like their combo mag and handcuff caddy.
>> No. 17617 ID: f2112f

It's a big semicircle of thermoplastic. Pretty bulky but has a bit of friction retention, doesn't collapse when you draw the pistol and is pretty comfy. Rides higher than most IWBs too. Pants about have to be a size larger than normal for it though.
>> No. 17618 ID: c21004
Dat clip doe.
>> No. 17635 ID: dda126

>> No. 17642 ID: c1c101
To be clear...I do not honestly advocate the use of Fobus holsters...They don't seem to conceal well, retain well, or not-break well. First hand experience.
>> No. 17643 ID: 0cc1d8
I know to avoid them, quality a shit and that design is pants on hand retarded.

There's a few I'm looking at and there's a local kydex holster maker whose prices aren't crazy. Might go that route.
>> No. 17644 ID: c1c101
It's also not that hard or cost intensive to roll your own kydex. You seem handy enough and once you've put together a press and presuming you have access to an oven, you can make a holster for just a few bucks. Order some rivets and belt attachment hardware, and you're good to go.

>> No. 17696 ID: 460861
Ended up ordering this.


I hear good things about Blade Tech and the clip looks like it has good retention. Now I just need to find some cheap mag pouches.

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