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File 14705528366.jpg - (33.34KB , 500x667 , 577060 Green Dec suit.jpg )
17572 No. 17572 ID: d3abec
Predator green deception vs multi-cam vs woodland. Forest environment. Post your thoughts.
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>> No. 17573 ID: 86d09e
File 147056218353.jpg - (151.05KB , 500x375 , flecktarntest.jpg )
Central Euro woodland? Flecktarn every damn time.
Cheap as fuck surplus too.
>> No. 17574 ID: dda126
File 147057330757.jpg - (387.25KB , 1037x692 , 140153544339.jpg )
MultiCam Tropic.
>> No. 17605 ID: dda126
File 14707634529.jpg - (190.22KB , 1024x576 , 1415196605003.jpg )

Also very nice.
>> No. 17619 ID: a615a8
File 147095173278.jpg - (159.14KB , 621x640 , klein100.jpg )
What kind of forest?

Hardwood forests or mixed hardwood-softwood forests only look like a sea of green from the outside. Once you cross through the brush at the fringes and enter the treeline the predominant colors are grey bark, dark shadows, and the dull rust brown of centuries of rotting dead leaves underfoot.

There's a reason M81 Woodland is mostly brown, khaki, and black, and less than half green.

DPM is also excellent in North American hardwood and mixed forest. Back in the day, before the advent of all these gucci camo patterns, a lot of people felt DPM was decisively superior to US M81 Woodland for North American hardwood forests, because the shapes were smaller and seemed to them to do a better job of breaking up the human shape closer in than Woodland, and because the tan/khaki color was lighter and provided more contrast and the green was a more faded, lighter shade that was a better match for common foliage--though it's also true that DPM was made for five decades on several continents, with very different dyes and printed on very different equipment, and not all "DPM" looked exactly like British milspec.

Multicam is fairly good in late autumn. Otherwise, at least for the forest environment, it's too pale and too brown. Also, just from looking at it I get the impression that the patterns are too small and there's not enough contrast, and that from about 50m it's going to "blob out" and look like neutral "coyote brown." It could be worse. Supposedly the Germans are making a sort-of-copy that they're calling "Operationtarn," which is Multicam without the soft blurred-edge transitions, intended to break up the human outline from further away. It's also probably a lot less expensive to print it that way.

ATACS-FG is excellent in both hardwood and softwood forest--in spring and summer. In hardwood forest in autumn it's WAY too green, which is probably what ATACS-AU is for.

Flecktarn, like Danish M84, is outstanding in thick green pine forests. Anywhere else, it's anywhere from a little too green to much, much too green.

The Marines are very enthusiastic about MARPAT. MARPAT is, like M81 Woodland, mostly brown and black. I personally wonder if the finely detailed pattern and tiny pattern elements are likely to cause it to "blob out" into a dull brown blob past fifty meters or so. M81 was designed to be disruptive--to break up the distinctive human outline--and remain disruptive out to 200m and beyond without "blobbing out."

If that picture shows "Predator Green Deception," it looks like a good spring/summer pattern for hardwood forests, and a good pattern for pine forests. Anywhere else, any other time of year, I personally think it's too green.

Of course, whatever you choose, camouflage discipline is probably going to be at least as important. By that I mean, the human brain is very good at picking out human eyes and human faces from very far away. Human hands, likewise, are recognizable far out of proportion to their apparent size. This means camo paint on your face and hands. Or dark gloves and some kind of shemagh to hide your face, with or without camo paint, burnt cork, or whatever, to tone down that shiny bright skin around your eyes.

tl;dr in a /k/-derived forum, the obvious choice is Rhodesian
>> No. 17620 ID: 044fd0
File 147103606889.jpg - (3.97MB , 3264x2448 , 20150826_135218.jpg )
M81 woodland is still my favorite pattern. Especially when it's well faded. It is rather too dark for open country though. DPM and Fleck are also good. Really "woodland" is too varied an environment for any one pattern to cover, you get lots of bright greens in open, new growth forest, Dark greens and browns in evergreen forest and browns, tans and grays in old growth hardwood forest. Of course if your goal is not to be seen you'd want to stick to the less-traveled parts of the forest but that could just as easily mean crashing through bright green lowland brambles as it would meandering through dark highlands. So in the end fieldcraft is going to mean at least as much and probably more than your choice of camo.
>> No. 17623 ID: a615a8
Did someone say "fieldcraft?" Because I think I heard someone say "fieldcraft."

Despite being 70+ years old, just about everything in this video still applies. Yeah, some of the techniques are not going to help much against thermal imaging systems--but not much else will, either, and even in 2016, even the wealthiest armies don't have a whole lot of the really top-end FLIR gear to go around.

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