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No. 17690 ID: bc78c2
  If SHTF and you have one of these, you're the hottest of shit.
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>> No. 17691 ID: 601bb9
  If you have access to energy.
I made a simple lean-to shelter of trees and branches using small axes and hand-saws and it took a long time.
Russian Homemade Sawmill. Diy sawmill https://youtu.be/MmQLvc0Q8VY
>> No. 17693 ID: bc78c2
yeah you still need gasoline for that setup.

I want to try my hand at manual felling and saws.
>> No. 17694 ID: f09284
>I want to try my hand at manual felling and saws.
>> No. 17695 ID: bc78c2
I've gotten pretty good at delimbing trees and processing the wood with an axe. I just don't have any saws to use.
>> No. 17697 ID: f87148
File 147387860927.jpg - (112.59KB , 1024x768 , futurama_bender_cigar1.jpg )

>[Y]ou still need gasoline for that setup.

>convert to CI diesel powerplant
>obtain biodiesel synthesis capability
>plant crops, you dirty peasant you
>endless PROFIT

It's almost like you don't even have an imaginer, bru.
>> No. 17698 ID: 1e7323
File 147394477443.jpg - (60.22KB , 559x373 , 6a00e0099229e888330120a7d23ac7970b.jpg )
You can actually run gasoline engines on wood gas without major modifications. There are EPA plans out there for converting cars and trucks. I imagine that if you're doing forest management, you can figure out how to run your lumber mill off the fuel that you're harvesting.

>> No. 17699 ID: 8f9c57
File 147394796449.jpg - (1.72MB , 2967x2101 , German WW2 car Adler Diplomat 1936 uses wood gas i.jpg )
Wood gas generators were used in WW2 when petroleum was in short supply, especially in Germany where the shortage of gasoline was severe.
- An Adler Diplomat car, built in Germany in 1936, with its carburetor that uses wood instead of petrol, fitted during World War II.
>> No. 17700 ID: f87148

I "designed" (read: sketched out) a midget submarine circa 1995 that was intended to be run using a compressed woodgas AIP powerplant. Being a child, and fascinated by the process of destructive distillation, I shoehorned it into my obsession with U-boats; I planned to use oxygen obtained by electrolysis for both combustion and breathing gas, not realizing that the electricity needed would of course be better used in a straight electric propulsion setup ^_^

I think I have a PDF lying around someplace with schematics for a vehicular gasifier; I'll try to dig it up for you guys later.
>> No. 17701 ID: 9dcda2
File 147403838888.gif - (5.28KB , 410x160 , wood gas car.gif )
> The energetic value of of wood gas is around 5.7 MJ per kg, compared to 44 MJ/kg for gasoline and 56 MJ/kg for natural gas.


Pic related.

> 5500 kJ/m3 -> Btu/ft3 = ~147

Natural gas is like 1000-1200. Poop (digester) gas is 550 to 600. Landfill gas is like 350.

This sounds like the worst fuel possible. What the fuck. The only thing going for the woodmobile is that it runs (poorly) on firewood. Considering the amount of CO in the fuel, I wonder what kind of emissions the engine puts out. (Maybe it gets used up.)
>> No. 17702 ID: 044fd0

My buddy is currently accumulating funds for a sawmill. Combined with the hydroponics setup that he has, our stills, that Chinese diesel pellet mill that we got a few years back and a few other things and we should be pretty well apocalypse-proof.
>> No. 17706 ID: f49edb

>The only thing going for the woodmobile is that it runs (poorly) on firewood.

That's it entirely. If you've got nothing else you can still use wood. Until the wood is all gone.
>> No. 17707 ID: d4c8ee
File 147423607772.jpg - (1.48MB , 2560x1920 , Haiti_deforestation.jpg )
And then you end up like Haiti.
>> No. 17708 ID: bc78c2
  This is now saw general thread
>> No. 17709 ID: 7e7763
Many diesel engines can be made to run on straight vegetable oil, no need to convert the oil to biodiesel.
>> No. 17710 ID: f87148

Yeah, but my reading indicates that SVO comes with a few issues of its own, notably gelling and oxidative polymerization, the latter of which can apparently BTFO an ICE in fairly short order.

Besides, with biodiesel, I'll be able to just pump it straight into literally anything that takes diesel, from my second-echelon standby generators, to an old Muhsaydes TDI, to a fuckin' bush plane without having to fuck around with any of their gaskets and seals and whatever the hell else.

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