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File 147492875893.jpg - (67.21KB , 661x496 , Ratchet-Gun-Belt-1.jpg )
17712 No. 17712 ID: bec165
What are you guys wearing? I've been taking an R.G.B for a spin lately.

Lets talk about why good belts are important for a second...
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>> No. 17713 ID: bec165
Why a belt is important? Well. I notice more often then not, people can complain that it's hard to pull off carrying a heavier gun, namely, a fully loaded double stack, a full steel 1911, etc. I agree, it isn't easy to always pull off, nor is it comfortable. Generally most belts aren't at all designed in mind with supporting a firearm carried inside the waistband or even outside. Even most "tactical belts" aren't nearly thick, or stiff enough to support the weight very well and often warp under the strain.
>> No. 17714 ID: bec165
I am a long term owner of an Ares Ranger Belt, which I believe there to be no equal in terms of stiffness and support that it lends to carrying things inside/outside the waistband. Only thing is... The Ares sticks out like a sore thumb, it just screams "tactical mallninja TAD JUNKYE". Which is something I know lots of people wish to avoid for a multitude of reasons. For one, you don't want to look like someone who is carrying, maybe you just want to dress fashionably? Maybe you have a dress code at work which wouldn't take kindly to you wearing a riggers belt in the office?
>> No. 17715 ID: bec165
And this is why I think this belt is interesting. It does look like a regular belt, a nice belt even, the buckle is nicely finished, the leather is nice. I have easily gotten away with wearing it with jeans and a t-shirt, as well as khakis and a button up, hell, I even pulled off wearing it with a suit recently. On the outside it looks like any other belt... But what is special about it I think is that it blends a discrete and low profile with the fact that it is stiff. Is it as stiff as my Ares? No. But is it stiff enough to support a loaded Glock 19 or VP9 with a spare magazine or two? Absolutely.

The ratcheting system I think is just really cool, I usually wear a size 32 pants and my waist measures with a tape about 35-36. Obviously if I stuff my face on Taco Tuesday, I may let it up a bit, may tighten it down a bit granted I need extra support and stability. Instead of a regular belt where you adjust every inch or so, with this you adjust every 1/4 inch allowing for a very comfortable fine tuned fit.
>> No. 17716 ID: 685058
File 147493540981.jpg - (244.77KB , 1192x2520 , pistol holster Arvo Ojala fast-draw holster and be.jpg )
I have a plain Western-style leather belt and holster rig for my Ruger Vaquero.
>> No. 17717 ID: 0cc1d8
I'm currently using my Dickies web belt. It's pretty rigid, but I think it's eventually going to warp once I start carrying daily after I move.

Any good budget belts? I'm going to be using my Dickies belt without much regret because I don't care that it will eventually warp, but I do see the benefits of a more rigid belt and longevity.
>> No. 17718 ID: 028b36
I've been wearing the Carhartt leather and webbing belt


I found it at a surplus store and it has been holding up really well, worked great with Comp-Tac's C-Clip for holsters. But from what I can gathered it's no longer in production :(
>> No. 17719 ID: 22504e
I second this recommendation. Though I never tuck in my shirt, so I don't think anyone ever sees it. Frankly, it's mostly the COBRA buckle that makes it look mall ninja. At a glance it looks more like a cloth belt that teenagers wear.
>> No. 17725 ID: bd9939
I wear a $15 black factory second 5.11 "OPERATOR" belt erry day because my nice 214 gear cobra belt was getting a liiiiitle tight for the moment. It's pretty dumb but it's still less gay than the big fucking wannabe cowboy buckles most of these fudds and bubbas are wearing. Works quite well, wish it was less obvious but for the price I'm very happy.

Next belt will be something leather and smaller from safariland simply because I can get them quite cheap.

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