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File 148186434639.jpg - (1.41MB , 2048x1536 , 20161215_140648.jpg )
17903 No. 17903 ID: da89f3
Hello there, I have kind of an awkward backpack and I'm worried about a lamp on the outside of it getting broken

Looking for advice on exercising caution so as to not break the fragile lamp on this awkward backpack

..... ty operator chan
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>> No. 17904 ID: da89f3
File 148186449885.jpg - (1.36MB , 2048x1536 , 20161215_140653.jpg )
>> No. 17905 ID: da89f3
File 148186453061.jpg - (1.36MB , 2048x1536 , 20161215_140910.jpg )
>> No. 17906 ID: da89f3
these are real good packs, btw

.... got this from farm and fleet on sale for like $25 USD

.... I think you can get 'em from Walmart or farm and fleet (likely any such outlet) for $30-45
>> No. 17907 ID: a8bb91
Something designed more to your purposes would be a first choice. Lamps like that are better suited to drive up campsites than they are for hauling around. Plus, I find having a lamp, or anything else, attached in a way that it swings around when I'm hiking tends to add to fatigue and back pain at the end of the day. If you can't get it inside the pack, at least secure it so it can't flop around. That will help with possible breakage as well.

Personally I like the inflatable lanterns they have now. Lightweight and come in either battery powered or solar charged flavors. And they pack up real small. While bigger lanterns have their place, I find that for most of my hunting/hiking needs an inflatable covers me nicely.
>> No. 17908 ID: cac593
>inflatable lanterns that's wonderful
>> No. 17909 ID: 4008e1
Why the fuck are you lugging a full-size lantern around in the first place? Genuinely curious.

Oh, and along with battery powered options, there's a model I've had my eye on which uses special candles, and seems well-received.
>> No. 17910 ID: 4008e1
File 148212075568.jpg - (60.34KB , 750x750 , 15078742_1179193105508263_529060592483507771_n.jpg )
Marginally related.
>> No. 17916 ID: 3aa6db
I laughed when I read this OP. You just need to be careful about the lamp.

Also I liked the advice above about getting a more mil-spec lamp.

Or get a peli-case/similar, but I imagine that's not ideal.
>> No. 17923 ID: 226e7c
Lamps are great for anywhere you need to camp up and need to illuminate a large area. My $25 lamp from bass pro has a battery runtime of something insane like 150hrs. I've had it for years and haven't needed to change the batteries once.

IMO that's difficult to keep on your pack. I would vote for running it on the molle on the back, keep it real fucking tight so it doesn't move and make sure your bag aint going to roll on it when you put it down. You'll have a longer pack but it's better for the back than off-setting the weight, and if you turn it on while walking at night (IF Ever, even) it could illuminate the area pretty well.

I wouldn't recommend carrying one in a BOB kit tho
>> No. 17924 ID: 9723b1
File 148385741119.jpg - (76.95KB , 507x676 , 148186434639.jpg )
>Rule 12: Backpacks should not be wider than a door frame, or thicker than a door frame width minus your body thickness.
Your shit's all fucked up, stow it properly.
>> No. 18002 ID: 5f423f
Stash it horizontally across the top of the small external pouch.
>> No. 18169 ID: 78414d
File 150416640458.jpg - (288.36KB , 1500x1500 , 81CzjmuAO9L__SL1500_[1].jpg )
I know I'm late to the party but...

Couldn't you get something collapsible, like this?

>> No. 18185 ID: da39fa
The design reminds me of this.

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