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File 148538734060.jpg - (73.85KB , 800x800 , surplus-soldier-helmets.jpg )
17932 No. 17932 ID: 8abb7b
Why were Eastern Bloc helmets so retarded?
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>> No. 17933 ID: a5ad5d
File 14853942441.jpg - (252.22KB , 1600x1200 , Danish WW2 Model 1923 helmet 1.jpg )
>> No. 17934 ID: 8abb7b
See, that and your average Russian helmet are big enough that they protect the head from the side a bit.
The DDR and Yugo ones are like wearing funnels. The round bit at the apex doesn't even match the human head. It's literally a cone.
>> No. 17935 ID: a5ad5d
File 148545551064.jpg - (287.31KB , 1600x1195 , Yugoslavian helmet M59-85 1.jpg )
Perhaps the East Germans and Yugoslavians liked to use their helmets as woks?
>> No. 17938 ID: 8abb7b
File 148547244213.jpg - (716.39KB , 3110x2332 , without-realizing-it-russian-soldiers-are-proving-.jpg )
I mean, I sort of get the look they were going for, but it only works if the helmet is big enough for the head.
I'm not even gonna comment on the difference in protection.

Speaking of, the new Russian helmets have a squarish look to them that's pretty nice.
>> No. 17939 ID: 8abb7b
File 148547255813.jpg - (40.71KB , 640x428 , XjRFfM0.jpg )
Compare that to the new turkish helmets, which are decidedly egg-shaped.
>> No. 17941 ID: 52ed6e
>> No. 17942 ID: a5ad5d
File 148581448833.jpg - (129.32KB , 1024x768 , Swiss WW2 helmet made in 1976 1.jpg )
The old Swiss helmets were pretty unusual, too.
>> No. 17943 ID: a5ad5d
File 148581452093.jpg - (109.13KB , 1024x768 , Swiss WW2 helmet made in 1976 2.jpg )
>> No. 17944 ID: a5ad5d
File 148581453338.jpg - (113.37KB , 1024x768 , Swiss WW2 helmet made in 1976 3.jpg )
>> No. 17945 ID: a5ad5d
File 148581454628.jpg - (120.98KB , 1024x768 , Swiss WW2 helmet made in 1976 4.jpg )
>> No. 17946 ID: a5ad5d
File 148581468512.jpg - (229.62KB , 1425x1636 , Swedish trooper helmet linjeinfanteri.jpg )
And this Swedish linjeinfanteri boiled leather helmet with brass doo-dads just screams trademark violation.
>> No. 17947 ID: a5ad5d
File 148581481042.jpg - (333.98KB , 1200x960 , Ukrainian helmet image of St_ Michael & Ukrain.jpg )
Ukrainian helmet bearing an iconic image of St. Michael and the Ukrainian crest.
Aim for Saint Mike; he won't mind and certainly won't intervene.
>> No. 17948 ID: b3839d
this helmet is clearly too small for that guy. Just imagine where it is sitting on his head. With the correct size Id imagine it would almost cover the ear.
>> No. 17949 ID: a5ad5d
File 148587403059.jpg - (408.80KB , 1280x1920 , German trooper East German military cadet guards a.jpg )
Yeah, those East German helmets were big.
>> No. 18187 ID: 7e26d2
Because maybe they used Helmet coverings or they wanted to protect the cranium area in order to keep the fucks alive or make the fukbois miss.
>> No. 18188 ID: 7e26d2
Because maybe they used Helmet coverings or they wanted to protect the cranium area in order to keep the fucks alive or make the fukbois miss.
>> No. 18190 ID: c4ba0a
One needs to keep in mind that the DDR's M1956 Stahlhelm was actually designed between 1939 and 1942 by the Nazis, much like the NVA's Waffen-SS uniforms.
>> No. 18193 ID: 060ec8
File 150904676451.jpg - (0.98MB , 1843x2400 , German troops East German National People’s Army.jpg )
I have seen East German uniforms that looked almost exactly like Nazi uniforms. You would think they would want to distance themselves from the stigma of their Nazi past, especially while under the heel of their Soviet masters.

- Soldiers from the East German National People's Army man an unfinished part of the Berlin Wall, August 18, 1961.
>> No. 18194 ID: 060ec8
File 150904686653.jpg - (610.64KB , 1094x1228 , German uniform East German army 1956 1.jpg )
East German army uniforms from 1956.
>> No. 18195 ID: 060ec8
File 150904694470.jpg - (724.66KB , 1108x1239 , German uniform East German army 1956 2.jpg )
>> No. 18196 ID: 060ec8
File 150904696845.jpg - (489.10KB , 1117x1228 , German uniform East German army 1956 3.jpg )
>> No. 18197 ID: 060ec8
File 150904706494.jpg - (322.66KB , 1669x2189 , German uniform East German Border Guard General Of.jpg )
East German Border Guard General Officer's uniform
>> No. 18200 ID: cce514
The east German SS uniforms were chosen because the Ossis wanted to have a "uniquely socialist" uniform different from the western uniforms (at the time more of a "military double breasted suit" like the Royal Air Force's uniforms) and uniforms of the Soviet occupational forces.

Of course as Germans are known for their cynicism, perhaps choosing the uniforms of the National Socialists was a subtle joke about how yes Hans, we are the baddies.
>> No. 18203 ID: da39fa
They're actually based on Prussian uniforms, which is what the SS uniforms were based on. Simpletons never look past the Nazi use to see the true origin of that design.
>> No. 18358 ID: 25e321
they were ballistically superior to the former german helmet. the east germany government also wanted to keep german design but not offend the soviets by using the m40 line of stahlhelms.

new fag btw. from 4chan.
>> No. 18363 ID: a0a439
File 157675155793.png - (904.08KB , 1217x443 , germanCockade.png )
Very similar wreath with the three acorns on each side.
>> No. 18364 ID: a0a439
File 157675160152.png - (1.65MB , 1897x629 , LuftwaffeNVA.png )
East German Air Force cockade compared to Wehrmacht Luftwaffe cockade
>> No. 18372 ID: 854fcf
File 158079036151.jpg - (137.69KB , 720x960 , DDR NVA STUFF.jpg )
Because they cared to design and strengthen some new nuanced features, instead of staying with the two-can buckets the US kept using until they had the PASGT.

And oh, the M56 is a pre-war german design.

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