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File 148831715264.jpg - (101.25KB , 736x663 , lapg 3 day.jpg )
18021 No. 18021 ID: 4adebb
Hey guys, need some quick backpack advice.

On opchan's recommendation I bought this bag (LA Police Gear 3-Day) a few years ago. It's served me well. Through grad school it would take a full load of laptop+books with no problems, and the only failure I ever had with mine was one of the male clips breaking because of my own misuse.

But its been a while now, and the canvas is starting to wear thin, so before it totally goes I'm in the market for a new bag.

LA Police Gear has the exact same bag going for only 29 bucks, but I wondered if you guys had any newer recommendations at the same price point. A littler smaller would be better as well, because this is too big for me now that I don't need to haul schoolbooks, but it should still be able to carry a full-size laptop.

Any new stuff you'd recommend? Or should I just go with what I know, again? Thanks operators.
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>> No. 18022 ID: 044fd0
I have the Condor knock-off of that, my only complaint is that the zipper on the main compartment only goes halfway down the body rather than the 2/3rds on that one.
You might try Swissgear, they're made with laptops in mind, tend to have loads of pockets and don't have the tactical look that can make you stand out. Or you could go with a surplus Molle 2 assault pack, it will fit a laptop but isn't padded out for one.
>> No. 18023 ID: 0db64a
Siwssgear is china knockoff
I highly not recommended
What's the budged?
>> No. 18024 ID: 05c9bd
File 148843554159.jpg - (844.65KB , 2000x2000 , 56961_021_covrt18_s15_01_1.jpg )
My 5.11 Covert 18 has served me well with no issues for 3 years
>> No. 18025 ID: 23721f
Hey guys, I don't know if the first post wasn't clear, but a new LAPG 3-Day like the one I'm replacing is only 29 bucks plus shipping.

So I'm not going to pay more than 35-40 bucks for something else.

The only reason im really asking for recommendations is because I want something just a touch smaller, but still of good denier level cordura (or similarly tough fabric) and molle compatible.
>> No. 18026 ID: 632b3e
File 148846158249.jpg - (51.09KB , 700x700 , BH_603D00BK_packs_frontside.jpg )
I've actually had good luck with swissgear stuff, they punch above their weight.

Lacks cordura and MOLLE though.

The only other thing I can think of is the BLACKHAWK! 3-day pack, I've had once since like 2006 and it's still kicking.

They sell for a lot on retail sites but you can definitely find them a lot cheaper.
>> No. 18027 ID: e6ec95
i never see knock-off is no go
because in the good-old days
even through those knock-off
could be quite decent quality for their price
[beside the fuck-you-copyright stuff]
but nowadays those knock-off's knock-off
is flooded into the market
and if the bag are for serious business
I will just tell you
not EVEN thinking about that
but the other hand
>> No. 18028 ID: e6ec95
if in that kind of budget
I maybe try Alice surplus backpack
[but costs a lots more
form 50 to 80 bucks]
but at least there are tough as nail
what's the purpose for you backpack?
for better advice
>> No. 18029 ID: f35315
For your budget, I would recommend a generic Maxpedition Falcon clone; however, even most of the clones are out of your budget, even the trashiest ones.

But, there is one with excellent quality around, that _almost_ fits within your budget:


The Varusteleka Särmä clone of the Falcon. This is probably the best choice to go for with your budget.
>> No. 18030 ID: 3a0e10
Lapg atlas 12hr fit your laptop?
>> No. 18033 ID: 407f66
File 148902659122.png - (1.32MB , 1656x632 , 12386zippers.png )
[Pic related] is the first, last, and only thing you should be looking at when choosing a backpack.

I own two of these: https://www.amazon.com/US-Military-Surplus-MOLLE-Assault/dp/B002MVHSW8

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