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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 14935724053.png - (47.46KB , 493x550 , happy-rain-cloud - Copy.png )
18081 No. 18081 ID: e40bce
So it's been a rainy month here. Lets have a general rain gear thread.
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>> No. 18082 ID: e40bce
File 149357267311.jpg - (24.37KB , 282x440 , 40476a96-e889-479c-91d4-2d58015cb0c4.jpg )
Thinking about buying this. $70 at rei.com and no obvious/obnoxious branding on it.
>> No. 18083 ID: fc104e

i prefer ponchos over wet weather tops, i can keep my gear under it and you dot over heat as bad, my pants are all water resistant, but if its shit enough out i will wear some wet weather bottoms.

but is really personal preference.
>> No. 18084 ID: 3183dc
Do you actually have one of the Hazard 4 ponchos? Could you do a mini review of it if so?

I'm interested as hell, being in the PNW, but I'm not yet fully sold on the idea of a softshell poncho.
>> No. 18085 ID: 3183dc
And yeah, I could watch that or another video, read blogs etc, but I like to get real-person feedback when I can.

Can only trust people who are making money for doing reviews so much.
>> No. 18089 ID: 3884dc
File 149463638723.jpg - (23.17KB , 430x347 , innovagolf_2271_50492375.jpg )
Gonna be buying this.

>Gustbuster Umbrella
>Patent Pending
>Will not break in up to 60mph winds
>Apparently Unbranded Not Like ECOMM Photo

Anyone know of any unbranded rainproof bag covers like e.g. for a backpack?
>> No. 18090 ID: 13f512
I OPERATE a TAD Stealth LT usually, but also an EMS thunderhead jacket similar to >>18082

Honestly there's no reason to buy anything more expensive than the most discounted goretex you can find at REI or EMS. As long as they're taped and have a good DWR finish (which you can do yourself with some nikwac) you're good to go.
>> No. 18091 ID: 13f512
File 14946960158.gif - (1.70MB , 270x480 , 8Oc3gip.gif )
>> No. 18093 ID: f20737
My Gustbuster arrived today!

No rear camera on my phone or I'd take a picture.

I ordered the Golf umbrella w/ 62" canopy.

This fucker dwarfs me: I'm 5'6". I may keep this for Biblical floodrains and buy a smaller model. I could keep two girls on each side of me dry using this.
>> No. 18094 ID: 56190f
File 149564667613.jpg - (353.34KB , 1536x1024 , frog umbrella 1.jpg )
An umbrella design I could not possibly post here:
>> No. 18096 ID: 56190f
File 149617057321.jpg - (111.03KB , 1961x585 , US WW2 M1 Garand paratrooper modified 1st pattern .jpg )
And remember to keep your guns and powder dry.
Container, Individual, Aerial delivery, Rifle, 1st pattern, (Rigger Modified)
These are the cases also known as the "Modified 1st pattern Griswold bag". Details include authentic snap and grommet closure, cloth loops and snap, interior construction, snap hook and webbing hanger, and military nomenclature ink stamp. Our cases are made slightly longer to fully and comfortably fit the disassembled M1 rifle inside without stretching the canvas. It includes a release cord to close the case. We used custom woven white harness webbing that includes the black ticking with a milspec harness snap hook. The canvas used is the durable and authentic cotton duck in the Od#3 shade. In this rigger-made version we take our standard model container and modify it with the addition of three lift-the-dot tabs to close the container instead of using the lacing closure. This modification was most commonly made by the airborne units fighting in the Southern France campaign. http://www.wwiiimpressions.com/riggershop.htm
>> No. 18097 ID: 56190f
File 149617058192.jpg - (109.15KB , 1953x569 , US WW2 M1 Garand paratrooper modified 1st pattern .jpg )
>> No. 18098 ID: 56190f
File 149617073063.jpg - (135.29KB , 1941x605 , US WW2 M1 Garand paratrooper modified 1st pattern .jpg )
the disassembled M1
>> No. 18099 ID: 56190f
File 149617081986.jpg - (895.17KB , 1941x1765 , US WW2 M1 Garand paratrooper modified 1st pattern .jpg )
Since hard plastic rifle cases usually cost a lot, I typically use cheap padded soft plastic zippered rifle bags.
>> No. 18103 ID: e8c487
yes i do and i love it, not much more to say though its nice quality, but it should be for the price, it is super convenient that it folds up nice and small in its own attached pouch.

if you like ponchos, i would definitely say get this one its the best i have ever owned.

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