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File 150841049274.png - (171.33KB , 400x280 , Screen-Shot-2015-10-29-at-7_46_58-PM-e144616752778.png )
18189 No. 18189 ID: 8db00f
I want flannel lined 5.11 pants. But can't find them in by size.

So I want to find separate flannel pants as a liner for my usual 5.11.
Does something opchan-recomended flannel pants ever exist? Maybe woolrich?
>> No. 18191 ID: 044fd0
I have a few pairs of fleece-lined pants I got at Walmart a few years back, they seem to have held up well. As for a separate liner I'd recommend the Polartec milsurp bibs:

>> No. 18192 ID: 044fd0

*Wrangler fleece-lined pants.
>> No. 18317 ID: eb9ef4
buy once cry once OP
>> No. 18320 ID: 143856
Lol. Pants is not thing that you can really buy once.
>> No. 18360 ID: 0d01d8
Mitten State here.

When I am going to be spending an extended period of time outdoors in cold weather, I do layers.

Inner layer: skivvies and t-shirt, of course.

Over that, double layer thermal suit--spandex shirt and pants over the skivvies and shirt, insulated thermals over those.

Depending on how much time I'm going to be spending outdoors, I may wear a pair of sweatpants over that, and over THAT I put on whichever pair of clean cargo pants is up next in the rotation, usually black because I used to work for a company where black cargo pants were mandated by the dress code. A heavy lined flannel shirt tops it off, maybe with a sweater under it. Oh, and an M65 field jacket. And yes, this is bulky enough to require some thought to be put into the sizes as you put them on.

I worry a lot more about good wool socks--not cotton, not synthetic, REAL WOOL--than what kind of pants to buy if I'm going to be out in ankle-deep slush for hours. Insulated real leather gloves are always appropriate in a state where most years it snows from October to April, too.

A balaclava is good if you are not going to have to deal with minimum-wage security types who get to sit in heated guard shacks and whose "training" tells them that having your face covered (outdoors in -15 F. temperatures and high winds) means you're some kind of "turrorist."

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