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File 152469171855.jpg - (92.27KB , 1536x845 , 84540945.jpg )
18233 No. 18233 ID: cb7d24
Going to the gym in my complex just now, I saw an elderly gentleman walking his dog. He was OCing a pistol in such a fashion that I'm not sure I was seeing it right. I had to get closer.

He had a slim leather holster, barrel sticking out, trigger guard barely covered, obviously meant as a concealed owb holster. The gentleman had it set up as a crossdraw holster.

Are you getting the image? It's a skinny fucking swatch of leather with minimal coverage with THE GRIP FACING OUT FOR ANY WHO WISHES TO SNATCH IT!

>"P-pardon me sir? I'm afraid I must speak."
I point.
>"That is a very poor setup."
>"Well, I like it."
And on he walked.

What crazy bullshit have you seen?
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>> No. 18234 ID: bd9939
File 152500830296.jpg - (29.58KB , 400x538 , 94d9386b4ab021285fad7f581926a197.jpg )
>tfw I have personally saturated my entire area with $14.99 bulldog extreme nylon generic holsters because lolfuckingwhitetrash
>see people OC'ing hi points,"them milspec rugers that were made for the military trials but beretta got the contract cuz o greased palms!"says every P series owner on the planet and taurus..es...taurus's.....tauri in them all the time
>at walmart hating myself for being at walmart
>see fat hispanic guy OC'ing a PT111 in mesh shorts looking at shitty walmart meat
>pistol is literally folding over to side, fat ass is hanging out as is pulls his shorts down while looking at meat for weirdly long time
>doing nothing to fix this
>sheepdog keeping his flock safe

I don't think I've seen any crazy incorrect setups beyond just fat fucks with little grasp on the concept of weapons retention.

There was also a suspender wearing ZZ top looking fucko carrying a black powder Pietta at Goodwill one time. That's kind of my fault for being at goodwill though.
>> No. 18237 ID: 9dcda2
File 152522426225.jpg - (11.58KB , 385x385 , 609648i_ts.jpg )
Like so?
>> No. 18238 ID: 9dcda2
File 152522505147.jpg - (29.64KB , 275x275 , SubCat-SHOULDER_HOLSTERS.jpg )
The most recent dumb shit I've seen was a police officer using a holster like this one. He was wearing coveralls, so maybe he was a pilot or something? But I was a little alarmed because I was looking down the barrel of an officer's gun, while he was refilling his soda.

Cops are fucking terrible with guns.
>> No. 18239 ID: dbebf5

That's how dad carried his when wearing his flight suit.
>> No. 18246 ID: 4c0d28
I saw a guy use a left handed iwb holster as his open carry holster for his right hand.
>> No. 18273 ID: 7ca229
>There was also a suspender wearing ZZ top looking fucko carrying a black powder Pietta at Goodwill one time

Shit, you saw me?
>> No. 18275 ID: 8b071f
shoulder harnesses are popular with helicopter pilots if they aren't using a chest holster on a survival vest.
>> No. 18291 ID: 5c716c

I'm a platoon leader now. One of my new guys who just moved from NG to active duty had a freaking e-tool Molle'd to his IOTV.
>> No. 18304 ID: 6348f6
>sailors installing zip ties onto the quick pull release on their carrier so that they wont loose their armor "if it snags"
>fails to realize that the quick pull will not work as intended if the wearer falls into the water

I guess people running molle incorrectly (just pulling it through one pass without weaving it) because "b-b-but weaving it is hard"
>> No. 18321 ID: 18509a
Tactically sink to the bottom so your team doesn't waste resources rescuing you.
>> No. 18351 ID: 66d919
A saw zipties sticking out of a guy's shirt. He used them as makeshift loops for an IWB holster. Wouldn't be a bad idea if he at least cut the ends off and used thick zip ties.

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