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File 157774403216.jpg - (76.51KB , 1024x1024 , MACV1-BLACK-LEATHER-LEAD__40425_1561765210.jpg )
18366 No. 18366 ID: 10ef63
Looking for a pair of boog boots.
What what do you guys recomend. My buddy really likes goruck.
PFA its them boots
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>> No. 18368 ID: 61e76a

Lowa are mint by reputation.
>> No. 18390 ID: ddd160
File 159122496294.jpg - (30.95KB , 450x450 , 210845 0493-450x450.jpg )
I know this thread is 6 months old, but if anyone else is looking. Don't buy regular military style boots for proper personal equipment. They suck and will fuck up your feet. Even the "good ones" fucking suck by design. I would kill to be able to switch to a good 8 inch mountain/hunting boot where you can move fast as fuck boi but you wont immediately break your ankle mis stepping with a heavy ruck.

The lowas posted above look nice. I personally use Crispe and an old pair of solomons similiar in style to these lowas.

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