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File 160074457860.jpg - (705.57KB , 3088x1356 , night time is the right time.jpg )
18405 No. 18405 ID: 7e6a19
Went through the trouble of taking some pics so might as well put them up here for later reference. The setup is as follows:

>Dark as Fuck basement
>GSCI PVS-14C manual gain 4G Elite Onyx Plus White Phosphor FoM 2300+
>ZenitCo Perst-3 dual visible/IR tactical laser designator with IR illuminator
>ZenitCo Klesh gen.3 2IKS+Laser tactical IR illuminator with IR laser
>a very confused cellphone camera that doesn't have a millionth of the dynamic range required for this particular task even with HDR on

The two devices are pretty different. The Klesh is more of a little WML with a laser, a bit like a Streamlight TLR except there are no visible beamz coming out of it. The Klesh is all IR and is useless if you do not have NODs. The laser can be turned on/off, the light can be turned on/off, there's a strobe mode for giving your NOD an autogating workout.


The Perst is closer to the more common offerings like DBALs, PEQs, and so on. The Perst-3 has a visible laser, IR laser, IR illuminator, power settings can be set independently. The IR illuminator can be focused and has a diffuser cap.

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>> No. 18406 ID: 7e6a19
File 160074476332.jpg - (429.54KB , 1612x1552 , perst difflight.jpg )
Starting with the Perst-3, IR light only with diffuser on. Minimum power on the light, minimum gain on the NOD. Cellphone camera isn't struggling too bad here, just doesn't quite show the sharpness of the Onyx tube and it did color the WP a little green.
>> No. 18407 ID: 7e6a19
File 160074486119.jpg - (421.78KB , 1855x1633 , perst difflight laser.jpg )
Perst-3, diffused IR illuminator and laser on, both minimum power, laser dot can be seen on the floor. NOD still on minimum gain.
>> No. 18408 ID: 7e6a19
File 16007449543.jpg - (509.87KB , 1867x1465 , perst difflight laser DAYTIME CAP minimum gain.jpg )
Raising the Perst-3 power actually meant I had to put the daytime cap on the PVS-14.
>> No. 18409 ID: 7e6a19
File 160074520242.jpg - (341.46KB , 1468x1428 , perst difflight laser DAYTIME CAP max gain.jpg )
The cellphone is struggling hard here, daytime cap is on and PVS-14 gain is at maximum, with the Perst-3 on minimum power again. The dynamic range of eyeballs is impressive, everything can be seen fine when not looking through a little phone camera.
>> No. 18410 ID: 7e6a19
File 160074535046.jpg - (489.09KB , 1971x1648 , klesh las.jpg )
Klesh time now. Full power laser only. Yes, just the splash from the laser is just nuking the room.
>> No. 18411 ID: 7e6a19
File 160074544716.jpg - (492.95KB , 1775x1553 , klesh light.jpg )
Klesh with illuminator only, it doesn't have a diffuser so it's a bright spot with a bit of splash.
>> No. 18412 ID: 7e6a19
File 160074563095.jpg - (536.46KB , 1759x1638 , klesh light-las.jpg )
Klesh light and laser, the laser again is washed out because cellphone camera. I'll have to take pictures outside sometime to show the differences at long range and also show what the Perst illuminator does without a diffuser.

That's it for now.
>> No. 18413 ID: 6fe1bd
welp I'm retarded, the Klesh comes with a pressure pad that has a dial to set laser and illuminator power. This makes a pretty strong case for the Klesh as an IR las/illum device for an SBR type of setup, even if sighting in the Klesh will be a bit more of a pain since it has to be done in night vision. More NOD Perst/Klesh comparison stuff coming soon.
>> No. 18415 ID: 58727a
Looking good! Cellphone pics through NODs are always a bit tricky.
>> No. 18422 ID: 7e6a19
File 160728236923.jpg - (333.50KB , 1200x1191 , perstl1.jpg )
Fuck it was cold so things won't be as sharp as they should. There were some frozen fingers involved.

Perst, illuminator off, laser at weakest setting pointed at the middle tree. Trees are about 250 yards out.
>> No. 18423 ID: 7e6a19
File 16072825132.jpg - (383.51KB , 1200x1234 , perstlmax.jpg )
Perst, illuminator off, laser at max setting.
>> No. 18424 ID: 7e6a19
File 160728286520.jpg - (519.42KB , 1200x1209 , perstilum.jpg )
Perst, laser off, illuminator focus set to almost widest setting (diffuser cap off), illuminator at weakest setting. The phone camera is unable to show the illuminator focus at narrow settings, it just looks like a laser through the phone.

The narrow focus setting is very useful for aiming at stuff 400-800 yards away through a scope. The illumination reaches out and really allows you to see stuff at very long ranges through scopes. At more diffuse settings like this, it's great for 100-400 yards without magnification. It's a shame that I can't fucking get anything to line up well enough to take pictures, I'd need five hands and three fucking tripods.
>> No. 18425 ID: 7e6a19
File 160728335791.jpg - (295.84KB , 1200x1180 , perstboth.jpg )
Illumination at medium, focus medium, laser on at high setting. Perst can reach out there no problem, illuminating and pointing into the far trees. It can actually do more, but the camera just shows a useless bright spot. Through a optic, I do need to bump the illumination to max as optics do reduce visible brightness, but it is scary good. At 6 power I could see bushes in the shadow of the treeline over 800 yards away.
>> No. 18426 ID: 7e6a19
File 160728349526.jpg - (404.03KB , 1200x1237 , kleshboth.jpg )
Klesh at full everything. No ability to focus the illum or diffuse the illum unless you made/put something on the lens.
>> No. 18427 ID: 7e6a19
In conclusion, get the klesh if you want something cheap that provides you IR only illumination/laser up to about 300 yards. It's cheaper, smaller, lighter, has less features, has limitations and lacks some versatility. Indoors, you'll have to fiddle with the small buttons to drop power on illumination and laser brightness. Outdoors, you'll struggle to reach out at longer ranges, especially through optics. No visible anything so sighting in has to be done in night vision and the sighting in process is done with allen keys and shit, it's a bit of a pain. Still, the klesh is a fantastic little package on an SBR or PCC if you never expect to really need to extra features of the Perst.

The Perst is a much more standard unit like a PEQ, LAM, MAWL, or DBAL. It's got illumination you can focus for long range outdoor work, and a diffuser cap for very quick and easy indoor flood illumination. Controls are easy to select with a chunky knob, it has a visible laser for sighting in. Much better choice for a proper carbine.

Regardless, if you're in the states I'm not sure why you'd go with these Zenitco things over the aforementioned units. Shipping times from russia are long, I have no idea what the warranty process would be like, and there's some crudeness to the Zenitco stuff. They're a little heavy, and there's various little details about them like how the laser "splashes" and the illumination is a little asymmetrical. PEQ, LAM, DBAL, and MAWL are just a little more refined and for Americans, a much better first choice.

If you're not in the USA, my condolences, get used to cyrillic.
>> No. 18430 ID: 00688d
File 161027491569.jpg - (1.94MB , 3264x1836 , perst.jpg )
what bugs me the most about the persts besides qc and a sketchy warranty is that the plugs arent crane compatible, so if you wanted to run conventional tape switch offerings from surefire, unity or modlite, you are SOL unless you know how to splice one into the zenitco plug, or just use the klesh.

otherwise, theyre fine considering the prices for both ATPIAL-Cs and full-power PEQ-15s have gone up considerably, with the latter being so expensive now (2400+) that you may as well pony up for a MAWL. or just buy a DBAL-A3 to save yourself some cash and live with a shitty illuminator. cool info nonetheless

its also been a while so i hope i remembered my tripcode, lol
>> No. 18434 ID: bd5a80
File 161646134099.png - (675.65KB , 1512x912 , 1615698858720.png )
So I've had some more time behind it and NODs and I'm warming up to the Perst compared to some other devices I've tried that weren't full power. I have to admit there's merit to pic related.

Things I've found are good with the Perst
>battery life
>IR laser powaaaaah
>pressure pad dial
>has been rugged/unaffected by cold, snow, rain
>held zero despite being used, bonked, hiked with, bonked on trees in the dark, dropped, etc
>price/performance is gr8

Things I still don't really like
>IR illuminator focus knob should have more range, the focus goes from narrow to "it's practically a laser just by itself"
I admit that such an incredibly tight focus illuminator would be useful at long range, it does make close/mid-range shooting a little weird. You can put a chest-sized spot of blinding IR light on something 200 yards away at like medium focus. At "wide open" focus, the spot light covers a person at 100 yards but not much more. Distances/sizes do get wonky in monocular NV so I'd really have to measure shit but it's a narrow illuminator beam and it only gets narrower. I plan on making a new focus cap/knob. Something with a faster pitch thread to dial quicker, with a lens that goes from "tight beam" to maybe 4 to 6 times the spot illuminator size of the "widest beam" that the stock lens offers.
>IR diffuser cap is a cunt to put on/off
Fucking thing folds in on itself half the time. Fucking piece of shit.
It does diffuse the IR illuminator very well. Still, it makes the illumination so diffuse that if you're not indoors, you kinda have to dial the illuminator power to max just to light shit up from 20 to 50 yards, it doesn't really reach 100. It's really "SUPER DIFFUSE". It gets a little awkward to get the illumination right depending on the situation.

Despite my whinging I do quite like it. The illuminator woes are annoying, but they're certainly not deal-breakers. The diffuser cap can be made to work better by trimming some of the excess plastic, so far that has fixed all my troubles with the cap.
>> No. 18435 ID: bd5a80
File 161646182591.jpg - (94.93KB , 543x626 , 9845798375984357.jpg )
With the full power unit I think the Zenitco pressure pad/dial switch is really useful. I set the pressure pad/dial it on top as the Perst was blocking 3/4 of the optic's FOV when I tried to mount it on top. At 45 degrees I mounted the visible light pressure pad, so going from IR to visible is extremely fast and easy. It does mean the Perst is mounted on the side and the visible light is mounted underneath, but the long handguards mean I have no muzzle shadow. I do need a taller optic mount, it's coming soon, it might simplify shit.

If you're somewhere that gun mufflers are allowed and shadow is an issue, I assume things would get a little more complicated. Not sure how I'd set up the things and pressure pads then, to be honest.

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