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File 164038009812.jpg - (2.70MB , 4000x1868 , 20211223_164343.jpg )
18461 No. 18461 ID: 9cea03
What does /g/ photography kit look like, for photo-documenting when the SHTF?

In 2022 I plan on upgrading from my Sony a5000 to something more modern, just haven't figured out what to upgrade to yet. I keep leaning towards micro 4/3 cameras though. Also after trying to shoot this past fire season, I now realize I really need a viewfinder. Trying to compose a landscape shot with a scratched up rear LCD is painful and essentially just a bunch of guessing when you are under summer sun.

So yeah. Right now I have an old Zorki I can use for film (pic of lenses related), and an a5000 with a cheapo 25mm lens (I think 7artisans).
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>> No. 18462 ID: 9cea03
File 164038018389.jpg - (2.04MB , 4000x1868 , 20211223_164412.jpg )
>dat ass
>> No. 18463 ID: 9cea03
File 164038031737.jpg - (1.65MB , 4000x1868 , 20211223_164448.jpg )
Jupiter 12 is a cool ass lens...but unfortunately I will have to either buy a full frame sony camera for it, or keep it as a film only lens. I have thought about a close-focus adapter, so I can use it as a 70mm macro lens on MFT, but the cost of a good adapter is about the same as the cost of a cheap macro lens.
>> No. 18464 ID: 9cea03
File 164038041057.jpg - (343.47KB , 1280x853 , fellerbuncher_by_mrarborsexual_defhd3y-fullview.jpg )
Just a photo I took a few years ago. a5000 and a m39 50mm Industar lens.

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