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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 133385805226.jpg - (2.81MB , 4000x3000 , IMGP0888.jpg )
807 No. 807 ID: 708727
Every post must have an image, and every image must be your personal gear. Battle belts, plate carriers, hell, even range bags.

Show us whatcha got.
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>> No. 16301 ID: 2ed649
File 144511090169.jpg - (2.39MB , 3984x2241 , 20151017_135838.jpg )
My current setup. Kind of new to using a plate carrier, since I never owned one before I got this one from an airsoft buddy of mine. Usually, I'd just use the FLC with its pouches over IOTV. Gear is:

LBT 6094A in Tan 499
GGG 1x3 Mag shingle and 1x2 mag pouch
GGG Slim IFAK pouch (no shears in kit)
GGG Multi-purpose utility pouch
WAS Elite Ops Cargo pack w/ Source 2L bladder
AR500 Level IV composite plates (front/rear)
Gentex ACH(L)
Ops-Core Occ-Dial liner kit
USGI NVG mount (not pictured)
16" BCM mid-length upper w/ KMR 15 rail and Gunfighter Comp Mod 0
Spikes Tactical lower w/ PSA mil-spec lpk and H buffer
Troy folding battle sights with HK-style front sight
Aimpoint Comp M4s w/ killflash
Blue Force Gear Padded Vickers Sling
Magpul PMag Gen 2 x9
Troy Battle Mag x8

Any tips greatly appreciated. This is kind of my drill setup, but I would never take the gear, except helmet to drill because I don't want to look like a geardo faggot, which I kind of am. So really, I'll use this for a carbine course sometime in the future.
>> No. 16303 ID: 78fde9
File 14451402864.jpg - (757.29KB , 2240x1344 , CAM00640.jpg )
Took what I had in the house and took some really shitty photos!

First is CBRN gear! Going left to right;

- Two non-calibrated CDV-717s, they're more for keeping the kits together than anything.

- Calibrated CDV-720 w/ original headset (set it to a lab for calibration), it's functional and field ready.

- Straps for the meters/geigers.

- CDV-750 charging unit, it functions which is awesome.

- Six non-calibrated CDV-742 Dosimeters, they're suffering from electro-discharge so they need work.

- Calibrated CDV-715, this puppy needs some serious rads before it moves the needle.

- Another CDV-720, sharing the box with another CDV-715.

(On the red blanket)

- M17A2 /w laser outserts, M1 waterproofing bag, and training filters.

- Israeli Civilian mask, 40mm thread.

- M40 w/ tinted outserts, laser outserts, M1 waterproofing bag, training cards and training filter.

- M256A1 Chemical Agent Detection Kits

- M8 Chemical Detection Paper

- M295 Individual Equipment Decon Kits

- M291 Personal Decon Kit

- Type-II Butyl Gloves

- Original CDV-777-A box and CDV-777 box.

- Associated documents for everything.
>> No. 16304 ID: 78fde9
File 144514151958.jpg - (1.11MB , 2240x1344 , CAM00641.jpg )

More shitty photos!

- Grenadiers Vest, production date looks to be 68', but it's too faded to tell.

- Cold weather helmet liner

- Legit MX991/U and reproduction TL-122 crookneck flashlights

- M1950 suspenders

- GI shit level knee pad inserts (under suspenders)

- squad leader memo pad w/ custom made map case

- Spec-Ops riggers belt
>> No. 16305 ID: 78fde9
File 144514169785.jpg - (1.12MB , 2240x1344 , CAM00643.jpg )

But wait! There's even more!

- First Gen Camelbak MULE

- Cheapo chest rig

- ACU and Twill BDU pants, tan shemagh, OD green undershirt
>> No. 16306 ID: 78fde9
File 144514213741.jpg - (723.78KB , 2240x1344 , CAM00644.jpg )


-SDS 4095 Assault Pack

- Shooters gloves with inserts

- Neck gaiter

- fleece watch cap

- Green shemagh

- SOG cap

- Black combat shirt

- Poly cold weather shirt

- OD green undershirt

- boonie cap

>> No. 16307 ID: 78fde9
File 144514306611.jpg - (1.11MB , 2240x1344 , CAM00645.jpg )
Last, but not least...

- Condor MCR-4 w/ large GP pouch, slim GP pouch,

- Shitty, nah really shitty Rothco shotshell bandoleer, it's being replace with a Blackhawk bandoleer ASAP(...unless someone can offer a better option)

- Condor mag inserts attached to GI mag insert (they get the job done for shotshell cards) in total seven mag/card slots

- Shotshell card quick detach velcro pad

- IFAK in a pouch I can't who made...

- Back is the "hyrdo harness" w/ GI radio pouch attached with UV-5R Baochang sitting in it, cheap Baochang mic, GLINT IFF flag, and nametape.

- PASGT armor vest

This concludes our semi-poorfag gear list/collection. Please tune in when we clean out the closet and shed...
>> No. 16315 ID: dd3f77
Why break the rifle down for storage?
>> No. 16445 ID: 9a8dc8
The only thing I would say is "missing", unless I'm missing something is a radio pouch or something like that. Comms are important.
Dont worry about looking like a "geardo faggot"...train with your shit. Every range I go to is full of faggots and fudds, dont let that affect you
>> No. 16446 ID: 9a8dc8
File 144650528513.jpg - (64.53KB , 607x1080 , B.jpg )
Oops forgot pic. Re-Roll
Ares Armor Combat XII pack. Pretty good assault pack, just big enough for the essentials.
The only thing I would say is "missing", unless I'm missing something is a radio pouch or something like that. Comms are important. 
Dont worry about looking like a "geardo faggot"...train with your shit. Every range I go to is full of faggots and fudds, dont let that affect you
>> No. 16538 ID: c1c101
File 144754824716.jpg - (2.12MB , 2097x1836 , EDC lol.jpg )
Still the same basic kit, but with a few additions.

Still running the SKD Pig Brigandine with the 4 pouch Systema on the front. Large SAPIs inside.

Added a Contigency Procurement Group high cut ballistic helmet. Long story behind that but I have it now. Gonna paint it and possibly add some cloth to get it matching the rest of my kit and (more importantly) not stick out like a big black...head. Also gonna have to figure out a way to add ear pro to the rails. Wondering if I'll have to get some Peltors or if there's a way to rig up a set of Howard Leights the same way. If nobody has made an adapter for those to interface with a helmet rail, it's a big untapped market, IMO.

Emdom/MM CM belt has had the shitty Snapdragon buckle replaced with a ADF Raptor. It's a US made copy of the Cobra buckle. Much more reliable and positive securing than the Snapdragon, which had a tendency to pop loose on me. No doubt my considerable girth is a major factor in that, but now I have a buckle that refuses to open under load, rather that one that pops open. Win. I've added a Glock field knife (in case I run low on explosives) and have rigged the belt adaptor for my Safariland with a QLS, so I can swap it between my Glock and my 1911 easily. I've also added a HSGI velcro inner belt and it makes a huge difference in keeping the belt in place.

Lastly, I've got a pair of SKD Alpha gloves. Good fit, great flexibilty and dexterity, but also good abrasion resistance. I didn't get the Touch models, unfortunately, but if I'm in a situation where I'm kitted up with my gloves on, I doubt I'll be spending much time on my phone. Then again...ballistic calculators, GPS, etc...

So...some things I still need or want to add:
*IFAK. I go back and forth between the ITS ETA Trauma kit or the Dark Angel Medical DARK. Then again I could just roll my own...
*Hydration. I really ought to put a hydration carrier on the plate carrier. Then again maybe I'd be better off having a pack with hydration. Pros and cons.
*Dump pouch. Gotta have somewhere to put the twinkies and cupcakes.
*Soft armor. Side plates? I'm not getting the most out of my SAPIs without soft armor behind them. My size is again an issue here, unfortunately. XL BALCS should do the trick but XL BALCS and appropriately sized carriers can be tricky to find. I'm not well set up in my current residence for storing it flat, either. There's always plain SAPI shaped backers, I suppose. Pros and cons.
*Night vision? My dome came with a mounting point preinstalled, so it opens up the option of adding night vision. I'll have to be careful with my decisions there to make the right choice, keeping my rifle configuration in mind. Might have to lose the Surefire weaponlight I currently run and switch to a DBAL to get the maximum benefit out of the NOD. Will also have to see how well it works out sighting through my T-1 Micro with something like a PVS-14 stuck to my face. Night vision is a long ways down the line though, I think.

Still plenty to do, but definitely getting there and thinking harder about choices.
>> No. 16625 ID: 93e0c7
File 145040279652.jpg - (2.31MB , 2410x2410 , IMG_1172.jpg )
Picked up a Paraclete SOHPC from SKDTac from their Black Friday Sale. Figured I needed to finally update my armor setup from >>9607
Gonna pick up a Mayflower Assaulter's Back Panel to top it off before finally making the transition over with pouches, etc.
>> No. 16630 ID: b3184a
File 145075913165.jpg - (1.35MB , 1885x1060 , 2015-12-21 23_37_36.jpg )
>> Canadafag 15/12/21(Mon)20:17 No. >16629\n');" style="background-image: inherit; background-size: inherit; background-attachment: inherit; background-origin: inherit; background-clip: inherit; background-color: inherit; color: rgb(52, 52, 92); text-decoration: none; font-family: sans-serif; background-position: inherit inherit; background-repeat: inherit inherit;">16629 ID: b3184a

Just put this together tonight. I have a back panel for it, but Im not going to mount it until my plates come in. 

-Tasmanian Tiger MkII Chest Rig. Basically a modified RRV, with 4x mag pouches, and some nicely profiled utility pouches on either side. The magpouches will hold 2 AR mags but only hold one of these vz58 mags each. Im not sure if I like the flaps but they are removable. I may put bungees on or something. The padding on the inside is really nice without going overboard. 
-Paraclete double M4 pouch repurposed to hold my Bowchang. I like it better than most "radio pouches". Im still working on a custom harness with PTT and remote antenna. 
-2x HSGI pistol pouches. These have buckles as well as velcro with "silencers" if you dont want the velcro. They dont have drainage grommets which is pretty ghey. Im going to put my own in. Otherwise theyre awesome. 
-Condor Admin Pouch, seems ok for what I payed for it. 
-Strike Hard Gear SKS stripper clip pouch. Holds 3 10 round stripper clips for either the vz58 or SKS. 

It came with a 3 mag kangaroo insert thats next to useless since the straps are in the way for two of them. 

Ill post my battle belt in a few days once Im done screwing around with it.
>> No. 16646 ID: b906d2
File 145129162735.jpg - (2.30MB , 3264x1836 , 20151205_135739.jpg )
Tacticool enough to have subdued Polish flags on my earpro.
>> No. 16690 ID: 044fd0
File 145135889798.jpg - (341.85KB , 1280x960 , 20151228_215817.jpg )
Bianchi M12 on M13 chest harness with two M1025 double mag pouches and Glock field knife.
>> No. 16765 ID: bd2e16
File 145316244653.jpg - (3.12MB , 2765x2074 , IMG_0814.jpg )
These are my Christmas presents from Frankengun this year.
>> No. 16766 ID: bd2e16
File 145316264196.jpg - (2.59MB , 2765x2074 , IMG_0812.jpg )
A set of Dyneema plates level 3. Weight 4 lbs each and float.
>> No. 16767 ID: bd2e16
File 145316288616.jpg - (2.00MB , 2765x2074 , IMG_0813.jpg )
A little on the thick side but not much more than my other set of Dyneema plates. Maybe 1/4'' thicker. I like the finish.

Thanks Frankengun. Total bro (The only person that gets me exactly what the fuck I want for Christmas)

Now I'm off to put it in one of my many OTVs.
>> No. 16768 ID: e86e24
File 145350806970.jpg - (2.10MB , 3264x2448 , 20160104_210455.jpg )
Bianchi universal military family picture.

M12 holster with standard flap and Sig SP2022.
UM92 holster with thumbsnap strap on drop-leg extension with Glock 19.
Woodland camo single mag Alice pouch and M1025 double mag pouch on Alice belt.
M12 holster on M13 chest harness.
>> No. 16884 ID: 415c68
File 145549689674.jpg - (826.02KB , 1402x1419 , words.jpg )
>> No. 16995 ID: c550c6
File 145748183276.jpg - (358.40KB , 1280x960 , 20160228_173754.jpg )
>> No. 17014 ID: bd9939
File 145866266690.jpg - (324.33KB , 1280x720 , 20160321_143619.jpg )
I've got a recon harness laying around here somewhere. Only issue is that 90% of the time I'm going to be wearing my S4 gear binocular harness with my big dumb Steiners. I want to try rigging it up in the runner style though so I can keep a pistol with me.

Here's my Hill People Gear Tarahumara I took scouting for Spring Bear season yesterday.

Juuust big enough for the essentials to wear comfortably. Sitka Kelvin lite hoodie, Patagonia Torrentshell Plus rain/wind shell, Arc'teryx merino gaitor,gloves, nalgeen canteen, baby wipes, SOL blanket some basic first aid and trail food and a Kahr CM9 in case I ran into Russians taking pictures by our cowboy and indian battlefields.

Bear spray, mora, lighter and errything else stay on person.

Still a foot to foot and a half of snow at even 4500 feet. Found a couple sets of tracks though.
>> No. 17015 ID: 82edf9
File 145870220624.jpg - (440.19KB , 1000x1498 , Swiss army backpack rucksack of 'pony fur.jpg )
For Hill People Gear (those ruled by Lothar), wouldn't a furry backpack be a closer bet?

Swiss army rucksack of 'pony fur' & leather c.1920s-30's
Lothar (Mike Myers), Org (Jon Lovitz) and Tyler (Phil Hartman) commiserate about the woes of being chieftains and "walking" with women, and they encounter She-Beast (Chris Evert). [Season 15, 1989]
>> No. 17016 ID: 82edf9
File 145870231261.jpg - (342.67KB , 1000x1498 , Swiss army backpack rucksack of 'pony fur.jpg )
>> No. 17046 ID: b66b8f
File 145876926997.jpg - (50.71KB , 960x608 , 12721906_10205693861365927_1869967290_n.jpg )
Getting there with my CVC project. I'm surprised how well the ARCs fit.

The lamp is a russian copy of a sidewinder.
>> No. 17108 ID: 9c0723
File 145922286667.jpg - (1.92MB , 1520x2688 , IMAG0713.jpg )
I'll answer any questions
>> No. 17130 ID: b66b8f
File 145936234221.jpg - (1.83MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20160330_212104.jpg )
Now I can protect my hearing and look&feel like I'm wearing panties on my head at the same time!

Russian GSSh-01 earpro, if anyone is interested.
>> No. 17338 ID: 9ac673
File 146077441538.jpg - (2.04MB , 3264x2448 , 20160415_223612.jpg )
Picked up a KTC Axios "universal" holster a few months ago and just got a Glock 26 bluegun for practicing drawing while I wait for my permit.

>inb4 clean mirror
Sunday is 2 days away
>> No. 17347 ID: 85ffe4
File 146081632863.jpg - (2.83MB , 3264x2448 , 20160414_170147.jpg )
>> No. 17351 ID: 044fd0
File 146152268164.jpg - (88.13KB , 960x720 , 13076805_1220282301345663_6725144839477396042_n.jpg )
Mail Hauberk and bishop's mantle. half riveted links, half solid.

Modded Cold Steel Norse hawk.
>> No. 17463 ID: 044fd0
File 146610500768.jpg - (3.21MB , 3264x2448 , 20160614_203105.jpg )
Battle rattle, woodland edition.

Upper left: Hagor OTV with collar, throat and groin protectors. Mossberg 500 and M&P-15.
Middle Left: Blackhawk Lo-vis PC
Bottom-left: Molle 2 assault pack.
Center: Woodland boonie hat, PASGT, ESS Profile goggles, USGI nomex balaclava, Tru-spec 1/4-zip combat shirt, Shellback Banshee plate carrier with 3 P-mags and 18-round shotshell carrier, alice belt with Bianchi UM-92 holster, Bianchi double mag pouch, two USGI single mag pouches, One USGI triple rifle mag pouch, Ontario SP-6 knife, two bandage pouches with tourniquet, Israeli bandage and triangular bandage, Blackhawk! duty belt with Bianchi accumold duty holster, double mag pouch, cuff pouch and belt keepers, Blackhawk CQC single mag pouch, Safariland double shotshell holder, 10-round drop-leg shotshell carrier and Monadnock PR-24 aluminum expanding baton and belt clip.
Summer-weight woodland BDU trousers, Bijan knee pads and AF hot weather boots.
Right: Camelbak 3L Thermobak, ELBV with M12 holster, Bianchi double mag pouch, 1Q canteen with cup, Glock Field knife, First aid kit, butt pack containing: Mayday 2400 calorie food bar, brown wool GI sweater, woobie, VS-17 signal panel and OD rubber poncho.
Specter chest rig, holds 3 AK mags or 6 AR mags, Spec-Ops frontal assault pouch on left shoulder strap.
FLC with Ontario ASEK, Airsafe holster, triple pistol mag pouch, 200 round SAW pouch and canteen pouch.
FLC with two 16-round shotshell panels, one double-rifle mag pouch, one canteen pouch and a Sparrows Sentry lock pick set.
>> No. 17557 ID: b06430
File 147010754084.jpg - (1.61MB , 2040x3304 , IMG_0675.jpg )
>> No. 17680 ID: ddf54b
File 14733474875.jpg - (1.77MB , 3286x2432 , IMG_20160908_180040.jpg )
Project CVC continues. Finally made the adapter to mount my 57E to a Rhino arm. Still got to mount the transformer on the helmet, unsure whether I want a pouch for it or not.
>> No. 17734 ID: ee3635
File 147584877619.jpg - (2.13MB , 2688x1520 , IMAG1175.jpg )
Finally got all my shit together. Just need one more mag
>> No. 17736 ID: 7c2bd9
File 147629629929.jpg - (2.98MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_3850.jpg )
Found this at a gunshow for 15 bucks.

Has no tags on the inside other than two that say US made.

Anyone have any info?
>> No. 17739 ID: 0b4467
File 14767289333.jpg - (468.12KB , 960x1280 , cryeairframe.jpg )

Looks like an LBT Chicken Plate Carrier - for $15 you did good, I sold one on ebay a few years ago for a LOT more.

Pic: Crye Airframe I got for a steal at a gunshow.
>> No. 17771 ID: e99f9f
File 147897971022.jpg - (1.20MB , 2560x1440 , 20161010_164526.jpg )
Im a pretty big fan of my sadf rig.
>> No. 17775 ID: 072989
File 147915474638.jpg - (375.39KB , 1632x918 , 20161113_125218_14790777463171.jpg )
Warrior plate carrier. Hsp D3 chest rig.
Cascadia now.
>> No. 17920 ID: 86395b
File 148364594934.jpg - (1.33MB , 2211x1242 , DSC04037.jpg )
man, fuck winter sometimes
>> No. 17929 ID: 1d84a5
File 148486546632.jpg - (3.27MB , 3264x2448 , 20170119_173513.jpg )
>> No. 18042 ID: 64eb52
File 148946881420.jpg - (1.78MB , 3264x2448 , DSCN3449.jpg )
SSO Svd Smersh
>> No. 18076 ID: b06430
File 149296452111.jpg - (70.56KB , 756x756 , IMG_8631.jpg )
Fuck winter? Fuck you.
>> No. 18104 ID: 7023dd
Where can one get those Gel pads?
>> No. 18117 ID: 38daae
File 149895819670.jpg - (1.74MB , 3264x2448 , oxford smersh + tape.jpg )
Got more.
SSO Molle Smersh, Oxford.
SSO Flask Pouch, Tobacco.
Tas Tiger multitool pouch.
Spectre medical pouch taken from Svd Smersh.
Also some oldgen Korean Woodland grenade pouches.
>> No. 18159 ID: 81429b
I used standard issue gel pads and sewed some soft leather over them. Stitched it around the edges. Feels good man...
>> No. 18208 ID: 19518e
File 151337071440.jpg - (1.10MB , 2400x1485 , IMG50.jpg )
Replacing the stock cheapo belt with a TYR cobra belt in the HSGI battle belt was very difficult.

Then I remembered I forgot the fucking holster and had to redo it with the added struggle because the belt was almost too thick to go through the holster belt holes.

I was using a 18 gauge sheet metal strip to separate the velcro between the inner belt and the battle belt, and also to keep the velcro from catching while inserting the new belt. Even with the steel to stop the velcro from catching, so much force was required to insert/remove the belts that I often bent the 2.25" wide 18 gauge steel strip pushing it through, and that was before I remembered the holster.

Other upgrades also included switching to all ESSTAC short pouches. The holster in question is also new (G-code XST) to replace the shit 80s folded fajita one I had before.
>> No. 18262 ID: 4ff170
Who makes that LBV?
>> No. 18269 ID: 335c15
More deets and pics of your set up? I've got a few PNVs and I've seriously considered rewiring them to be more practical.
>> No. 18274 ID: 1c94d3
File 153135608260.jpg - (1.57MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20160816_125715.jpg )

For now, mine's just rigged on two 9V batteries with a switch, but I'm working on a CCFL transformer with condensator bank to hike up the voltage for it with my father. The goggles run on 14kV so not a trivial mod, but absolutely doable.

There was some internet forum with wire diagrams for the said transformer but name of the site escapes me right now. Same site had plans to make rhino adapters for PNVs but apparently that project died down. I machined my own crude adapter from aluminum, not gonna win any beauty contests with it but at least it works.

Obligatory pic related is art. Don't ask, I have no answer for you.
>> No. 18290 ID: d51c02
File 153799635397.jpg - (2.17MB , 3000x1188 , gears.jpg )
Here's my precious assault gears:
MSA KFS V2 used by French special forces GIGN + MSA paraclete RMV024 in OD + Spartan armor ar650 steel plates "armaply" + and Avon s10 respirator + anti flash hood used by SAS. most of that stuff is ITAR, and this is a nightmare to import in Europe :)
>> No. 18315 ID: 3f5852
File 154572955370.jpg - (1.89MB , 3456x4608 , 20180801_182818.jpg )
nothing special though I use a different rifle, I have a sidearm and my helmet has a cover now
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