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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 136593488441.png - (345.45KB , 1120x800 , RhodesiancamoInfiniteLoop.png )
8725 No. 8725 ID: 1e54ee
4chan /k/ here.

I made pic related earlier last week. I have a vectorized version available as well.

I know plenty of OPERATORS love the Rhodesian camo pattern, but it is nearly impossible to find a reputable company to get reproductions from, and originals are priced so high that they cannot/should not be worn for OPERATING.

>$500 short sleeve bush shirts

I mainly wanted to do historical reproductions using similar fabric and cut as the originals, but many anons have expressed interest in a "modern" version using modern materials and cuts as well.

I have set up a poll to determine what uniform cut(s) will be manufactured:


Both historical choices and modern choices are available. The choices are based on things posted in the original thread on 4chan.org/k/:

I'm hoping that there will be enough interest so that we can start a production run. From what I can gather, we need at least 300 people before some Chinese/other company would be willing to do a run, so spread the word to anyone else that might be interested.
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>> No. 8732 ID: 4f89f9
My god this is glorious.

>> No. 8733 ID: 315006
If you're doing the shorts (don't know if those came in the pattern but oh well) the shorts would be rad.
>> No. 8735 ID: 912ccb
This is awesome. Did the survey.
>> No. 8738 ID: 97a49c
did the survey.
>> No. 8739 ID: dbd023
Survey completed, color me a dark shade of interested.
>> No. 8740 ID: 1e54ee
Thanks for all the interest.

It is proceeding well on other boards and sites as well.

I will set up a google doc to collect emails once we have the numbers.
>> No. 8741 ID: 8227f7
Signed it for bush shirt. Would love one of these in the great white north
>> No. 8754 ID: 1e54ee
File 136606723785.png - (27.41KB , 530x786 , 1.png )
So the surveymonkey poll has maxed out.

Instead, vote here:

It's not as fancy, but I've included all the previous choices plus the most common ones from the other section in the surveymonkey original.

Results 1/4
>> No. 8755 ID: 1e54ee
File 136606724842.png - (31.03KB , 727x703 , 2.png )
Results 2/4
>> No. 8756 ID: 1e54ee
File 136606725855.png - (25.73KB , 722x590 , 3.png )
Results 3/4
>> No. 8757 ID: 1e54ee
File 13660673082.png - (13.32KB , 626x323 , other1.png )
Sorry there were only 3 images of results.

I guess I'll move onto the "Other" section of question 1.

Other 1/4
>> No. 8758 ID: 1e54ee
File 136606731671.png - (13.01KB , 631x325 , other2.png )
Other 2/4
>> No. 8759 ID: 1e54ee
File 136606732438.png - (19.43KB , 628x331 , other3.png )
Other 3/4
>> No. 8760 ID: 1e54ee
File 136606733244.png - (9.86KB , 624x140 , other4.png )
Other 4/4
>> No. 8766 ID: 1b52b1
Based on the results of the poll, /k/ has decided to produce
>Boonie hat
>Bush shirt (short sleeve?)

Please fill out this form to stay in touch and to allow us to estimate how much of each to produce.

>> No. 8768 ID: 8227f7
>Bush shirt (short sleeve?)


btw, great job and thanks for your efforts. Real shit.
>> No. 8771 ID: a388fe
How much do you reckon this would cost?
>> No. 8773 ID: c5462f
I hope this happens, because I want a boonie hat.
>> No. 8774 ID: 5dd10f
In for a bush shirt and a boonie (If the cloth is the same as the originals). Filled out the form.
>> No. 8781 ID: 315006
File 136622862419.jpg - (147.21KB , 500x347 , 2800-2.jpg )
To all my bros wanting shorts, rejoice:

>> No. 8783 ID: 208845
>4chan here

>prepare the banhammer

>wait a minute this is worthwhile

Good show old chaps
>> No. 8812 ID: 1e54ee
Thanks for all the interest! I haven't had much time until now, so here's the update:

171 people have responded to the form so far.

GAThrawn (a user on 4chan's /k/)has decided to contact several companies in order to get a quote. Unfortunately, as of now, none have called back yet.

If you have a company in mind, please list it here. They might be worth a shot at contacting.

So far, we've tried to contact:
>Duluth Pack
>TMC (Chinese company of last resort for the BDU's and boonie hats; experience manufacturing clothing and tactical gear for aisoft, including BDU's. Seems pretty good other than being located in China)
>9mode(Vietnamese company of last resort for the bush shirts)
>Custom Uniform Company (Small business; made uniforms for Rose Parade)

Unfortunately, there was not enough support for the short shorts, so it would have been way to expensive to produce them.

We've largely decided on cotton ripstop because it is cheap, lightweight, and durable.

Of course, it may still be up for discussion.

We're shooting for $50 for the BDU set if that helps.
>> No. 8866 ID: b93bdd
Also OP, I think you would do very well selling this stuff through the Shotgun News. They are loaded up with memrobilia collection stuff. I just picked up some original 'Nam greens (authentic, not repro) from there myself. Check it out. And btw, I would be interested in a set of BDU's....
-Some one on /out/
>> No. 8868 ID: 3929c3

Jesus H Christ...
These are ridonkulous. What occasion would I have for wearing shirt Rhodesian shorts though?
>> No. 8871 ID: 97a49c

walkabouts through the bush.

slotting floppies.
>> No. 8873 ID: 1e54ee
File 136682481637.png - (2.65KB , 464x45 , averagesfor first300.png )
Here's the most recent update.

We've hit over 300 replies to the form.

The average amount of each item per person is:
>BDU sets: 0.996677741
>Boonie hats: 0.901993355
>Bush shirts: 1.03986711

The rough average for all items is 1, so we can ask manufacturers for a quote of exactly the amount of replies.

As for contacting companies, I've contacted some Chinese companies on Alibaba.

They seem capable of making the uniforms, but they want a copy of the pattern, which I'm a little reluctant to give to them.


GAThrawn has managed to get a reply back from Atlanco in Georgia, US.

We are still awaiting more info from them, but they seem willing to help us out.

Also on the list is Varusteleka, a Finnish company. GAThrawn has only received an automated email from them, so we're also awaiting their response.
>> No. 8874 ID: 1e54ee
File 136682499313.jpg - (1.45MB , 4730x3400 , RhodesianGroupBuyInfo-V1.jpg )
And here's the infographic produced for /k/ on 4chan.

It may be helpful for you guys too.
>> No. 8965 ID: 4c8264
should there be a website setup somewhere? rather than just surfing the chans for info?
>> No. 8968 ID: 9e8d72
>they want a copy of the pattern, which I'm a little reluctant to give to them
>> No. 8987 ID: b93bdd
That seems like a bit too much. If you've filled out the Google Docs form then they'll start sending out emails upon choosing the manufacturer.

It's his pattern and he doesn't want anyone stealing it. Some people don't want a Chinese company mass producing the camo and tarnishing it's historical value, I guess.
>> No. 8990 ID: 038051
I would strongly suggest taking the ratios of sizes to order quantity and ordering appropriate extras for each size, if they merit it. I'm on the fence about going in up front, but if the gear seems solid after the purchase comes through, I'd probably pay a little extra to pick up a set.

I imagine there are others with the same idea.
>> No. 8992 ID: 9e8d72
>It's his pattern and he doesn't want anyone stealing it
Didn't realize he made it. That makes more sense

>I imagine there are others with the same idea.
>> No. 9001 ID: b93bdd
I don't know if it's official but the guy organizing this(I think it was him) said he wanted to make a sample(before mass production) then have it shipped to him so he could evaluate it.
>> No. 9015 ID: 1e54ee
So we have over 476 responses to the form so far.

We have gotten responses back mostly from Custom Uniform Company.

They are unable to print fabric, so we have to contact a fabric printing business. I've contacted several so far for a quote, but it's the weekend so responses could take some time.

If anyone has any suggestions for a company to use, please post.
>> No. 9017 ID: 4c8264

am i halping?

>> No. 9026 ID: f013eb
>Rhodie Camo Group Buy
>no short tactical veldt-ready rugby shorts

Come on, guys...
>> No. 9027 ID: 56af66

They are an option
>> No. 9028 ID: 388296




>> No. 9029 ID: 56af66

That is to say...

They are the ONLY option
>> No. 9030 ID: 34215c
File 136809640481.jpg - (187.68KB , 798x599 , Melander_and_Hupli_RLI_1977_simulation_1.jpg )
>the ONLY option

>> No. 9038 ID: 990a37

Dudes.... how many times do I need to say it.

>> No. 9042 ID: 1e54ee

We have gotten the farthest with a fabric printing company known as "Duro Textiles". They apparently also make fabric for the military.

I have scheduled a phone call with them tomorrow morning at 8-9AM Pacific Time.
>> No. 9063 ID: 1e54ee
I spoke to Duro textiles this morning. We are expecting a quote by next Monday.

I have recieved a quote from Bennettsville Printing as well.

They want $6.50/yard for 50/50 NYCO ripstop and $6.10/yard for 50/50 NYCO twill.

You can vote for your preferred fabric here:
>> No. 9064 ID: 1e54ee
File 13682295071.jpg - (2.34MB , 3264x2448 , math.jpg )

567 people have responded so far.

Here's what I've worked out for the price of fabric.

This is without factoring in labor for assembling the uniforms and shipping and assuming we have 600 people who all pay, and we use the Bennetsville company.

See my image for full math shown.

Basically, BDU's will use 2700 yards of fabric. This is worth $17550 for all BDU's.

1 BDU uses $29.25 worth of fabric.

For all items (BDU set, boonie hat, bush shirt), they all use $39000 worth of fabric.

One of every item uses $65 worth of fabric.

This is not factoring in shipping and labor for assembling the items.
>> No. 9065 ID: 1e54ee
While this seems expensive, keep in mind that we're using American companies to make a milspec product.
>> No. 9068 ID: 1e54ee
I've sent an email out to everyone who has responded to the form notifying them of the most recent update and telling them to vote for the fabric of their choice.

Of course, there are a few people (~10-20) for whom delivery failed.
>> No. 9070 ID: 976149
File 136824970242.jpg - (234.61KB , 693x480 , Rhodesians T55 w RHOGUN.jpg )
Vote twill guyssssssss
>> No. 9071 ID: 08d0a9
As much as I'd like to, I can't imagine being able to easily replace these items, so I'd much prefer a more modern and durable fabric like ripstop.
>> No. 9074 ID: 8227f7
I voted twill, it seems more true to the original and more lightweight for the hot weather climate it's associated with.. Though Romanov makes a pretty solid point too. Which would be more colourfast, the ripstop???
>> No. 9075 ID: 043a6b
voted twill
>> No. 9077 ID: c52779
If I fill out the form, would it work for you to send an email out? Or is it too late?

Cause I just submitted it.
>> No. 9105 ID: 44e957
Is it too late to sign up for this?? I totally want a set.
>> No. 9106 ID: 8227f7
Whoa wait, we had to sign up somewhere? I just voted in an online poll, I thought orders were being taken later??
>> No. 9142 ID: 066761
Not OP but I have been following the threads at 4/k/ and AFAIK the sign up was for a mailing list of updates, but the camo will be available to purchase for everyone
>> No. 9192 ID: 760dcd
MADE IN USA brand company BDU maker

125 County Road 480 Centre, AL 35960
(256) 475-3660
>> No. 9240 ID: 6e0bd4
Bad news: We need a new manufacturer for the uniforms. We have a fabric printer, but Duro still has not responded, and we've given up on Custom Uniform Company since they stopped responding 6 emails ago.

The form was just to collect numbers for manufacturers and as an email updates list.

>> No. 9241 ID: d444df
Thank you, sir!
>> No. 9473 ID: 4c8264

any news?
>> No. 9498 ID: d7c155
Here's something in PA http://www.tridentmilitary.com/SouthAfrican.htm
>> No. 9504 ID: cbcc95
Just a note: Do NOT buy anything from trident. The guy that runs it is unreliable as fuck and goddamn near impossible to get ahold of. NOT worth it
>> No. 9511 ID: 0a2b37

Trident used to be cool, but I think he/they just lost interest.

Shame really.
>> No. 9565 ID: 959325
Sorry for the long wait. I've been very busy. We have gotten the interest of Tiger Stripe Products. I just finished the latest version of the pattern to Tiger Stripe Products' specifications.

>It's too big to post here or on 4chan, even on the high-res board. Sorry.

We have gotten the following quotes/price info:
Bennetsville Printing Company
>$6.10/yard 50/50 NYCO Twill
>$6ยท50/yard 50/50 NYCO Ripstop
>Cannot manufacture items

Duro Textiles
>$7.45/yard 50/50 NYCO Twil
>$7.45/yard 50/50 NYCO Ripstop
>$102/BDU Set (jacket and pants) for manufacturing

Tiger Stripe Products
>No price data yet for fabric or manufacturing
>They want us to pay $500/printing screen (pattern needs 3 screens so that's $1500 initially)
>and $100 for each printout to proof colors

Based on this info, I am thinking that we shoulf have Bennetsville print the fabric and have Tiger Stripe Products manufacture our stuff.

Chinese Companies
>Contacted but no response
>> No. 9569 ID: 54260b
Is the eBay store any good?

They still seem to be shipping stuff out.
>> No. 9600 ID: 0a2b37

I would hope so, Ebay/Paypal would shut them down if they weren't.
>> No. 9623 ID: 366f52
I've set up a poll to square away the issue of whether we will use an American or Chinese company.

You can vote here:

Choices are:
US based
>Higher cost for materials and labor
>Good milspec quality
>Cheap shipping for US /k/omrades
>Easy communications
>Close to deal with Tiger Stripe Products

Chinese Based
>Very low cost of materials and labor. As in several times lower than US companies' prices.
>International shipping and customs cost from Chinese factory to US distribution point will get expensive
>Questionable quality (everything from good to terrible quality has been reported)
>High minimum order requirement due to special order (5000 BDU sets for one company; there's only ~700 of us now)
>Hard to communicate due to different language, 12 hour+ difference in time zones
>Only one has responded back.
>> No. 9625 ID: 4c8264

How many international operators do we have?

I voted US because I'm 'murrican, but if we are the minority I'd think the poll would be useless
>> No. 9628 ID: 70a040
US OPERATORs outnumber international OPERATORs by far, but the items will be shipped to a US distributor no matter what before sending them out to US and international residences.
>> No. 9848 ID: 6e0bd4
>> No. 9850 ID: 37ef4d
I'd love to rock the short sleeve bush shirt before summer is out (lol canada). What's the status?
>> No. 9877 ID: 760dcd
I am ethnic Chinese (Tawianese born in USA).
I can help with the communications but I still prefer us made BDU.
>> No. 9972 ID: 37ef4d
I've found this- http://begadishop.com/catalog/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=opfor&categories_id=&bex_color_id=&bex_size_id=&manufacturers_id=&pfrom=Price+From&pto=Price+To&x=0&y=0

But as you can see, no short sleeve bush shirts or shorts
>> No. 9979 ID: acd3e0

I... er..... um.... approve....?
>> No. 10006 ID: 37ef4d
>> No. 10160 ID: 6e0bd4
That is not an exact copy. The site says it's based on the Rhodesian camo, no that it's a copy of it.
>> No. 10446 ID: acd3e0
any updates?
>> No. 11504 ID: 40a9a8
File 138461022297.jpg - (150.57KB , 1920x1015 , almostfinal.jpg )
As of last week, I have created the 4th version of the pattern.

This is as accurate as we're ever going to get from a reconstruction.

The absolute colors were extracted from some licensed images from the Imperial War Museum.

I've fixed the pattern's shapes based on some new source material I found as well.

The first items to be made from this pattern will be announced soon.

We will not be making the official bush shirt, boonie hat, or BDU set first, but the small item we will make was historically used as well as extremely easy to make, so we expect to have a production quote for it later next week.

I'll talk more about it later since my partner wants it to be a surprise.

Sales from this will also help offset some costs of the production run for the official items.
>> No. 11505 ID: 56373c
50/50 nyco and long length and I might be interested
>> No. 11521 ID: acd3e0

god i hope its rhodesian shorty short shorts...
>> No. 13106 ID: acd3e0
nearly a year has gone by, i'm assuming this project is dead?
>> No. 13107 ID: 37781c
File 139726778531.jpg - (333.72KB , 1200x886 , Nick Baalbergen photo 8.jpg )
[Forewarning, this post is kinda off topic]

I really want to get my dad a pair of the rugby shorts as a fathers day present as he long ago wore out his own. When I got one of the slotting floppies shirts and wore it without mentioning it he and my mum had a good chuckle when they realised I had a shirt mentioning Rhodesia on.

Picture is my dad being INTAF, not saying which one. Basically, riding around visiting and managing protected villages with an FAL and an UZI, distributing anti-terrorist propaganda.

Cool stuff, he's kept a lot of the pamphlets and tons of film which we aim to digitise. I want him to do memoirs because he had a really crazy career, culminating in driving himself to a hospital my mum worked at in a borrowed tractor, after going over a landmine in a land rover and the ambulance getting lost. I have a bunch of scans of interesting war/immigration related documents they kept when they left the country, including their war bonds etc, which I'll post if anyone is interested.

We both find the internet's masturbation over Rhodesia fascinating in a weird way, which is why I rarely post about it. Particularly Americans given the fact along with Canada the UK and Australia you all basically fucked the place due to sanctions. Which still pisses off my dad given each country has its own, far worse track record of treatment for natives, and having now worked as a civil servant in the UK and rubbed shoulders with some of the people who made decisions about his country, was horrified to learn how little they really knew about it. (People who worked in the advisory for sanctions believing Rhodesia had Apartheid :/)


(I feel bad posting this particular image, because of the lengths I had to go to rip it from here, so posting source.)
>> No. 13674 ID: 6d9aa5
Digitize that film bro, digitize it and stick it on youtube for all /k/ to see
>> No. 13675 ID: 6d9aa5
also necrobump
>> No. 15346 ID: 92c7d1
I found this link on the internet and thought of this thread.

>> No. 15556 ID: 06a0fb
Figured this was a good place to post this link:
>Last week I was hunting and someone asked me about the Rhodesian camouflage sport coat I wore during SHOT Show. This led me to telling him about Old Republic Enterprises and the reproduction Rhodesian Camo items they were producing.
>> No. 16697 ID: 477c50
Hi! A few matters.

1. Was the pattern ever produced and in what fabric?

2. Was any clothing ever produced? If not, Atlanco, which produces decent quality 100% cotton rip-stop BDUs may be an option. See US Cavalry catalog. I have owned several pairs and they hold up well enough.

3. I own some of the Kamabee Keep stuff and, while I am thankful for their effort, what I have seen posted here looks much better.

4. Owning the above, I would drop the 50/50 stuff and go with 100% cotton ripstop.

5. Nice to see others with some interest. Thank you for your efforts.

Happy New Year!

>> No. 16991 ID: 1ce87e
I just messaged a company called Gramicci that makes twill shorts in the USA. Maybe they'll come through. The shorts they already make look sort of similar and are made of the same material the Rhodesian ones were, all they have to do is print the shorts with the camo pattern.
>> No. 18036 ID: 05187c
My package for this project is supposedly shipping, but has been stuck on the preshipment phase for a week from the kommando store.

Anyone else get a notification?
>> No. 18037 ID: 3f7131
File 148940630236.jpg - (558.95KB , 2446x1944 , shirt.jpg )
Got my shirt day before yesterday. It had been stuck in pre-shipment for a while but it did come with the two extra patches they had promised. I went for the 1/4 zip shirt because it's basically the Rothco 1/4 zip but with the Rhodie camo. Build quality is good and i think it'll be a solid base/mid layer for summer inna woods.

>> No. 18038 ID: d28125
Thanks. I'll give them some more time before I bug them again. Did your shipstation email ever update or did the package just show up?

I know they are shipping in the order in which it was placed, but I get nervous when I see an order stuck in a preshipment phase. So, good to know.
>> No. 18040 ID: 6455d6
Mine had the label created for about a week before it shipped. They bring huge batches from the week to USPS so that's why it's sitting there. Ivan is pretty responsive so you could drop him a line if you get nervous.
>> No. 18054 ID: 05187c

Still waiting. It's been over a month and no change in status. Also no email response from Ivan.
>> No. 18087 ID: 05187c
I backed this project from the start, I patiently waited for 4 years.

Today after being informed my order was to ship 2 months ago I finally got a response from Ivan. I had emailed and called for 6 weeks hopefully trying to get a response. So I had no choice but to contact my bank. Here is the response I got.

"I was under the impression we had notified all our customers involved in Rhodie investigations. I have nothing I can say that will make you feel better, but my heart hit the floor when I discovered you were not informed.

As I hope you can understand, we are not in the business of stealing from our customers, but the amount of variables and chaos has basically brought it to that for you.

Here is what is going on.

1. Atlantco, the people who constructed the BDUs, discovered 2 weeks before the end of production, that even with our increased safety margins, they ran out of fabric for the boonie hats. Cutting us short 115 Boonie hats. We dictated who got boonie hats by shipping orders that were Boonie only, then shipping the orders involving boonie hats chronologically. So the last 115 orders for boonies get their money back instead.

The tricky part of refunding customers, is that the payment processor used at the time is now defunct and we can no longer use them to process refunds. The most timely and organized method we had was putting the $19.99 into your kstore account as a temporary form of a refund. This is not us telling you "worry not you can still spend money on us", but the best way to give you some form of your money back while we work out a check or paypal money.

2. We do not have your UBAC in size 2XL-Reg. Ethier Atlantco made a order mistake, or your UBAC was mispacked. Part of what we have been working on, is clearing through Rhodie Returns and order corrections to recover your UBAC in this size to send to you. This is what we have been waiting on currently, but have still not found anything. We have UBACs in 2XL-LONG that I can send instead. Otherwise I can refund you along with the boonie hat.

About the Boonie and UBAC. Along with the refund, I want to offer prototype Rhodie fabric in the amount needed to make these items for free. This is optional, but you might be able to have someone else create those items (or other items) for you with the fabric.

Another thing I would like to mention without insulting you as much as possible is that there is a good chance there might be a 2nd run of Rhodie with the safety margins tripled, and Atlantco whipped five times as hard. So you have options if you are still interested in eventually acquiring these items.

Here's what happens next.

1. I find out if you want a check or paypal money.
2. I find out if you want to replace your UBAC 2XL-reg with a 2XL-Long
3. I find out if you want the prototype fabric
4. I send out everything to you with your XL-Reg Pants.

We made the mistake of underestimating the work load 450 pre-orders would be on two people.
The end goal is trying to get as many Rhodie items of quality into your hands as possible. If you do not go with the 2XL-LONG ubac, I will keep it on the investigation board, so that if we do find it, I can contact you to see if you still want it.

If there is any service I can add, or any more information on what happened I can fill you in on, please ask."
>> No. 18088 ID: 05187c
I know no one really cares at this moment but, I did want to say that Ivan did correspond with me and we have reached a solution.

Ivan if you read this, I will post pics ASAP... my only question is, how neckbeard /k/ommando should I go?
>> No. 18113 ID: da7bc8
Sorry if this is an unacceptable post necro, but is there any chance of this still happening? I can't find this pattern anywhere.
>> No. 18144 ID: 2c9a4e
File 150221956064.jpg - (129.37KB , 650x500 , bex-opfor-anzug-details7.jpg )
It's not exactly Rhodesian but there is a German company that sells airsofter stuff that contracted a while back to have a kinda-sort-Rhodesian-ish pattern made.


What they've currently got left of that batch is 65-35 NYCO BDUs in a few different sizes.

I don't work for them, can't speak for the quality, and suspect shipping from Germany to North America might cost quite a bit.

But if you've got to have Rhodie camo, it's the only thing going right now that looks anywhere close to the real thing.

Trident Military used to sell "Rhodesian" (actually a somewhat similar looking Pakistani milsurp pattern) camo but they ran out of it years ago.
>> No. 18145 ID: 5bb21e
That looks like it needs a good break in and a couple heavy washes
>> No. 18154 ID: 2c9a4e
File 15025066031.jpg - (84.40KB , 800x968 , ATAFREXTACTICALPANTSandshirt.jpg )
Ah, I just did a bit more digging.

SARCO, of all people, claims to have some surplus uniforms in a similar pattern in stock, and even printed fabric by the yard:


Once again, I do not work for this company, and know nothing about the quality, but at the very least they seem to be offering Rhodie-style patrol caps with the flap in the back to keep the sun off the back of your neck.

The khaki base in these pictures looks quite a bit darker and yellower than in the Begadi product, but that could be the lighting. The single picture of the fabric they're selling makes it look much lighter and less saturated, almost off-white or pale grey.
>> No. 18210 ID: 4af03a
IS the Vector file available for purchase?
>> No. 18260 ID: 9eb8ba
Rhodesian camouflage available from


happy birthday.
>> No. 18286 ID: 52e351
Fuck, the site is down. Hope it comes back soon.
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