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File 139844562417.jpg - (565.71KB , 1200x644 , Model_29.jpg )
74530 No. 74530 ID: d2caef Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Post your guns (and yours alone!).

Rules: No post without picture.
Bonus credit: Quality photography is highly appreciated.

Here's my newly acquired Smith & Wesson Model 29 (no dash).
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>> No. 105381 ID: c2c3ac
File 150455069086.jpg - (565.12KB , 1401x1080 , FamiryFoto2017-09-04.jpg )
>> No. 105382 ID: 6fc2a8
File 150463174533.jpg - (114.94KB , 1024x614 , XVgWPH0.jpg )

File 150575184089.jpg - (1.13MB , 1782x1266 , Hkp2000.jpg )
105425 No. 105425 ID: 1989a8 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Has any of you used H&K P2000 irl? How do you like it?
>> No. 105427 ID: c3b8cf
I've shot one in .40, but it was 5+ years ago. Felt like a small USP, more or less. Don't remember much more about it one way or another.

It is nice that you don't need an adapter for the rail like the USP though.

File 150205738275.jpg - (63.76KB , 918x651 , RSh-12.jpg )
105067 No. 105067 ID: 1989a8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Any of you have these videogame guns?
Also, what other revolvers are there that were intended for modern service and were more or less successful than R8?
I know the French used one and picrelated .500 Russian tanker anchor can be found on the net but it probably never went anywhere.
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>> No. 105082 ID: 2001f3
File 150213131351.jpg - (161.30KB , 1280x942 , eb0e6c3330cea4f5e4c67dc930d2de4b.jpg )
And then there's the close relative of the QSPR, the Russian OTs-38 silent revolver. Also using a captive-piston cartridge, it fires a 7.62x42mm SP-4 round with a mild steel projectile, supposedly accurate to 50m. Interestingly, the OTs-38 is an underbarrel pistol, firing from the bottom chamber in the cylinder much like the Chiappa Rhino and Mateba. The same cartridge is also used in the PSS semiauto pistol and the NS-1 scout pistol-knife.
>> No. 105128 ID: 1989a8
Never knew about the QSPR project. DU shot seems like a pretty wild and expensive thing to use tho.
>> No. 105422 ID: 815268
If you can't do it with 8 shots of .357 Magnum, you're a faggot.
>> No. 105424 ID: bf333d
File 150575029239.jpg - (85.96KB , 1024x782 , piston1505436579379.jpg )
Captive piston suppressed ammo is extremely interesting to me.
>> No. 105426 ID: 1989a8
What if there are several targets? More rounds is always better.

File 149568711168.jpg - (3.00MB , 4032x3024 , 20170525_003644.jpg )
104036 No. 104036 ID: 815268 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Haters gonna hate
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>> No. 104085 ID: 56190f
  Serbu Super Shorty with mini shells https://youtu.be/ZyRLMOsEJkI
Testing out the Aguila mini shells in the Serbu Super Shorty Shotgun. They don't chamber reliably unless you put the weapon at an extreme cant when extracting and chambering. The shells are so small they tumble around.
>> No. 104086 ID: 56190f
File 149651763043.jpg - (385.52KB , 2448x3264 , bullets, shotgun Aguila Minishells slug, buckshot,.jpg )
Aguila Minishells - slug, buckshot, & birdshot.
>> No. 104087 ID: 56190f
File 149651765388.jpg - (559.02KB , 3264x2448 , bullets, shotgun Aguila Minishells slug, buckshot,.jpg )
>> No. 104092 ID: da39fa
I own an (apparently discontinued? There was a lawsuit or something, I'm not sure but it's not for sale anymore, it's a weird situation) ATI TACSX2 which is one of those Turkish-made semiauto shotguns and when I was able to get my hands on some Aguila minishells (birdshot) it cycled them reliably (this was after the break-in period). That was only two boxes though, I just can't get minishells locally.

I've read that Winchester 1300s can reliably feed the rounds, as well as 1897s.
>> No. 105423 ID: 815268
I have one. No mini-shells yet tho. I also got a Mesa Tactical 6 shot aluminum side saddle too.

No. 105415 ID: 19518e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  A while ago we had a thread about high-speed photography and such. I think my friend and I took some curious pictures today, not sure how interesting they will be, but it was enlightening to learn what a DSLR could do in this kind of situation.

The camera in question is an Olympus E-510 with a Zuiko 14-58 F2.8 lens, a little dated and nothing special to begin with. In the midday sun, we were able to get a fast enough shutter to be able to capture bullets. Because of how these kinds of shutters function, the bullets are still quite blurry and faint but they're still visible.

Video is related to explain how the shutters typically work, to explain why the bullets weren't exactly as crisp as one would expect from shutter speeds of 1/4000th of a second, and why they're blurry in a slightly asymmetrical way due to a "rolling shutter" effect.

Also these guys shooting a giggle-switched AR-15 was adorable, great footage as well.
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>> No. 105417 ID: 19518e
File 150569477333.jpg - (637.76KB , 1920x1044 , bullet.jpg )
Outlined in red, is our bullet.

Look at that fucking thing go.
>> No. 105418 ID: 19518e
File 150569488535.jpg - (1.01MB , 2865x1096 , bullet1.jpg )
In this picture we can see the bullet further away, and the action at this point is halfway open.
>> No. 105419 ID: 19518e
File 15056950451.jpg - (670.61KB , 1588x966 , bullet4.jpg )
This image is definitely more grainy as we had to close the aperture down quite a bit to have enough depth of field just to get the chance of getting a bullet anywhere near the focal zone. Since we wanted a fast shutter and we couldn't make the sun any brighter, we had to bump up the ISO.
>> No. 105420 ID: 19518e
File 150569538358.jpg - (2.64MB , 2967x2079 , butterfly_case.jpg )
Since we don't have any fancy triggering equipment, we had to do it the old fashion blind luck way, so many images are just brass in the air and like a butterfly off in the distance.

The E-510 can take four or five images per second for a few seconds, my buddy can shoot about that fast, so we tried to line things up. We took turns shooting the gun and trying different angles to get a good chance of landing a snapshot just at the right time, so this led to magdumping over 600 rounds and taking 500 pictures. Most of them aren't really any good, but we did catch a few bullets and had fun emptying mags.

The Shadow 2 really did make this kind of "test" enjoyable. That SAO flat trigger is a thing of beauty.
>> No. 105421 ID: 19518e
File 150569562366.jpg - (1.12MB , 2166x1614 , dirty_ejection.jpg )
That Barnaul stuff is pretty gnarly, look at all the shit in the air.

So yeah, post neat high speed shit, that about wraps it up for what I had.

File 15024674814.jpg - (12.79KB , 204x261 , Shadow_Zero.jpg )
105129 No. 105129 ID: 19518e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
So I've been shopping around for a CZ pistol for a while now, but some of the finer points escape me between a few of the models. There's the Shadow, but it's different than the SP01 Shadow, both are different compared to the Shadowline, and so on. There's the Shadow Tac II, then stuff like the 75 Tactical Sport, and then Czechmate, so what the hell is this clusterfuck about? Their website isn't much help being slow, messy, disorganized, and not exactly easy to compare model to model.

I'm particularly interested in the Shadow and Shadow 2 pistols, and I am planning on installing an SAO flat trigger into whatever CZ pistol ends up being chosen. It'll be for range pew pew so practicality isn't exactly high on the list and I have no trouble with racking in-frame CZ slides. I would appreciate any info on these things, especially shit that isn't exactly obvious or often covered in reviews/product descriptions.
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>> No. 105311 ID: 13f512
File 150336545128.jpg - (126.47KB , 2048x1365 , 21013855_10213170061187300_4646798719280841640_o.jpg )
>> No. 105411 ID: 19518e
File 150569268833.jpg - (1.99MB , 3420x2148 , persec.jpg )
Well this was a good purchase.

Put a wee bit over a thousand rounds through it, only issue was when the loctite didn't hold on the reset travel screw for the trigger. I fixed that and the gun ran like a clock even as the day went on, magdump after magdump (more on that in another thread, I will explain).
>> No. 105412 ID: 19518e
File 150569313934.jpg - (783.57KB , 1537x1080 , ammoes.jpg )
Fired three or four boxes of Barnaul, not all seen here obviously. It's a bit warmer than the rest, and quite a bit dirtier.

The "remanufactured" canada-made stuff was meh, had a round that was poorly resized feel funny. The gun cycled it, but I felt it stutter when the action was closing. Despite this, it still ran. Furthermore, I had one almost-squib that made me open the gun up and check the bore, thankfully no issues.

The PMC was good, ran smooth, and was accurate.

The bag at the top left-ish was filled with 333 rounds of 147 grain polymer-coated stuff that was soft shooting and reliable, with no hiccups of any kind, I'll be using that stuff again as it is cheap and good.
>> No. 105413 ID: 19518e
File 150569361519.jpg - (502.42KB , 2156x1568 , pmc_group.jpg )
>PMC was accurate
It was a strong 40 yards, possibly 45 as the target was a bit past the 40 yard line, but I would not call it 50 yards. I rested the rail of the gun on a sandbag and fired a 10 shot string, the sights were right on.

This indicates how much more accurate the Shadow 2 is compared to me, and why it was most likely a better choice in terms of price/performance over the higher end race-gun stuff CZ makes.

For me anyway, a better shooter would obviously enjoy the more accurate CZs and also obviously get a better 10 shot group at this distance.
>> No. 105414 ID: 19518e
File 150569377717.jpg - (790.93KB , 2504x1620 , muzzle.jpg )
So far I've noticed cosmetic marks on the takedown pin, I'll be checking all that stuff a little later to see if I can make my own pin.

Dirty muzzle unrelated but I do want to direct you guys to a new thread I'll be making in a few minutes where I explain what the "all the magdumps" things was about.

File 150515751928.jpg - (238.60KB , 1100x733 , btphotogjacks2jasni4_orig.jpg )
105392 No. 105392 ID: aa040e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
It's been a while since we had a good /k/ related cringe thread. I found these goons randomly through Google images while looking for some chestrig setup ideas:
5 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105405 ID: df12a0
File 150553322945.gif - (225.55KB , 186x186 , Mario Gear Solid.gif )
>> No. 105406 ID: df12a0
>whats the difference between a tactical boner and a strategic one?

Is this a philosophy thread? Because if so:

What does it mean when you ask your local funshop for .223 and .308, and they hand you 5.56 and 7.62?
>> No. 105407 ID: 6ca38e
Plate carrier is from Snake Eater Tactical. In case those people weren't try-hard enough as it was, they had to get the try hardiest sounding plate carrier possible.

>> No. 105408 ID: aaf1f1
File 150559021831.jpg - (194.96KB , 800x800 , 3568572_orig.jpg )
Security Contracting Service Ads of the Boners are pretty light on qualifications but...
>> No. 105410 ID: 028b36
File 150560987320.jpg - (38.07KB , 600x400 , CB%20PLATEMINUS%20WITH%20TKN%20STRAP-600x400.jpg )
> Mount any MOLLE pouch with 550 cord.

If you want to go low vis why not PlateMinus that doesn't need a bunch paracords

File 149117580274.jpg - (79.71KB , 839x1024 , 1471097550222.jpg )
103406 No. 103406 ID: 41dc9b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Help me with knife harpenining?

so i got a sharpmaker and a swiss army knife OHT as my knife. i reground it and got burrs on both sides but can not get a sharp edge. what am i doing wrong? not removing the burr?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 103413 ID: 1b9ff7
the burr must be removed for sharpness. Bevel angle and polish are secondary to having two flat planes terminate cleanly. You can either use finer stones to work the burr off leaving a high polish edge, or strop it to break it off leaving a rougher but still very sharp edge
>> No. 103414 ID: 54180e
Its worth specifying 30 degrees INCLUSIVE, meaning 15 degrees from center for each edge (so as to not confuse the new guy), which is a nice slicer.

Swiss Army knives use a nice soft steel, theyre almost impossible to not get sharp.
Try slicing some paper, if it bites and tears the paper you got a toothy edge and some burs. In other steels this could be points of uneven carbides but being that the Victorinox has almost none to speak of its almost certainly a burr.
If it slices, but just not really well then your angle is probably too wide and the blade is too thick behind the edge.

As far as "regrinding" you wont be doing any regrinding or re profiling with a sharp maker. Just make sure you're letting the stones do the work and you focus on even strokes at the right angle.
>> No. 105389 ID: bb86e7
The one time i tried to sharpen a really soft blade, the bur was more like the entire edge rolling over, which is what I suspect might be happening here. Solution was to go from 30 degrees inclusive to 40. Was using a sharpmaker on the original Cold Steel Spike. Neat design, crap steel.
>> No. 105404 ID: df12a0
>waiting for more pics of the girl
>> No. 105409 ID: 54180e

File 148366513625.jpg - (29.13KB , 480x480 , 15803167_749225898562274_6277121052728360960_n.jpg )
102299 No. 102299 ID: 09c7e0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
ylyl /k/ edition go go go
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>> No. 103271 ID: b70387
File 149066904830.jpg - (255.73KB , 1920x1080 , stitches-brick_in_yo_face-3.jpg )
'Cause bitch I got extendos
>> No. 103273 ID: e8fbaa
File 149067201931.jpg - (74.35KB , 512x960 , 147077891730.jpg )
>> No. 103274 ID: e8fbaa
File 149067216675.png - (123.84KB , 720x489 , Screenshot_2017-03-20-18-13-39-1.png )
>> No. 105390 ID: bb86e7
File 15050005483.png - (106.75KB , 1210x1016 , 1407270843410.png )
Well, I won, so I have to post the one that made me lose from my files.
>> No. 105401 ID: 5bb21e
File 150535411018.jpg - (87.23KB , 314x444 , Nice Hat___.jpg )

File 150487671675.jpg - (51.50KB , 600x450 , 59055_1536893989554_2066128_n.jpg )
105385 No. 105385 ID: 5af259 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Can we get some FAL love?

Pic because I miss her...Damn divorce.
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105388 ID: 5af259
File 150490358632.jpg - (74.44KB , 960x720 , 301290_2383946605340_635870907_n.jpg )
FAL went to lawyer fees. Considering building one to get back to my previous FAL glory. Five years... it's been long enough
>> No. 105391 ID: 5af259
File 150515627891.jpg - (73.65KB , 736x509 , 21463260_276754479486636_1826175390504659513_n.jpg )
>> No. 105394 ID: f2172d
I was supposed to shoot a full auto FAL (belgian receiver, Israeli LAR kit) this weekend. Alas, it ended up becoming a bolt action .308. Gun failed to cycle, the bolt would come back about half an inch after firing. Fiddled with the gas system to no avail. My friend will need to take it somewhere to get it fixed, most likely.

On the other hand, I did get to try out a Colt Anaconda and a S&W 629 V-comp Performance Center side by side. The compensator and hogue grips made the 629 very easy to shoot. The Colt was a touch smoother all around, but the grips didn't help with the recoil.
>> No. 105396 ID: 5af259
File 150524960414.jpg - (154.91KB , 600x580 , FA+Disconnector.jpg )
Well That would have been a damn fun time. Had he field stripped it recently? Gas plug might be upside down?
>> No. 105397 ID: c3b8cf

He said he had properly stripped and lubed it, but I dunno. It was only his second time taking it out. As far as I know the plug was open but I don't know how much he was able to adjust the gas port. I do recall the port was sticky.

I was also there the first time he took the gun out. It has fired exactly one mag in full auto and hasn't worked since. This guy is working towards the battle rifle trifecta. He has a f/a HK91, the FAL, and a M14 on transfer.

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