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File 139844562417.jpg - (565.71KB , 1200x644 , Model_29.jpg )
74530 No. 74530 ID: d2caef Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Post your guns (and yours alone!).

Rules: No post without picture.
Bonus credit: Quality photography is highly appreciated.

Here's my newly acquired Smith & Wesson Model 29 (no dash).
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>> No. 105304 ID: 3453d0
File 150326399798.jpg - (1.65MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_0766.jpg )
>> No. 105313 ID: 4f37ae
File 150341537192.gif - (1.75MB , 480x270 , schrotload.gif )
10/10 absolutely beautiful. Good job m8

File 150317222698.jpg - (3.04MB , 4048x3036 , IMG_20170819_154056.jpg )
105284 No. 105284 ID: 13f512 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Not quite the smallest Glock, but close.
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>> No. 105308 ID: bf333d
File 150334325760.jpg - (222.19KB , 1280x822 , maxresdefault.jpg )
What made you pick the Glock?
>> No. 105309 ID: 13f512

A few factors. This new crop of pocket wonder nines is fairly identical though I consider the Ruger in your pic to be behind the curve. The Shield and Glock are about equal in popularity, but I actually hear more circlejerking regarding the Shield. I have shot all of these and found they all pretty much had the same pros and cons, but the glock felt the best grip wise. You can see it has much more of a curvy hump than the others, and a bigger beaver.

The glock also came highly recommended from a few instructors who like it best, so considering the roughly equivalent reviews, I decided to go with that.
>> No. 105310 ID: 13f512
File 150335504368.jpg - (46.22KB , 640x391 , sdfsfwerwer.jpg )
besides, glocks just have a great reputation overall.
>> No. 105312 ID: 57d4f8
I shot a G43 and a ported Performance Center Shield back to back and liked the Glock better. I typically *hate* Glocks. The lack of finger grooves and nice swell at the rear of the frame really make it comfortable for its size.

Shields have that stupid hinging trigger, even though it was bad on the PC model. Like the locks on their revolvers, S&W doesn't know when to give up on a bad design.
>> No. 105314 ID: bf333d
I hear many people prefer the feel of the PPS M2 and are more accurate with it, but the Glock's huge aftermarket is hard to beat.

File 15024674814.jpg - (12.79KB , 204x261 , Shadow_Zero.jpg )
105129 No. 105129 ID: 19518e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
So I've been shopping around for a CZ pistol for a while now, but some of the finer points escape me between a few of the models. There's the Shadow, but it's different than the SP01 Shadow, both are different compared to the Shadowline, and so on. There's the Shadow Tac II, then stuff like the 75 Tactical Sport, and then Czechmate, so what the hell is this clusterfuck about? Their website isn't much help being slow, messy, disorganized, and not exactly easy to compare model to model.

I'm particularly interested in the Shadow and Shadow 2 pistols, and I am planning on installing an SAO flat trigger into whatever CZ pistol ends up being chosen. It'll be for range pew pew so practicality isn't exactly high on the list and I have no trouble with racking in-frame CZ slides. I would appreciate any info on these things, especially shit that isn't exactly obvious or often covered in reviews/product descriptions.
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>> No. 105258 ID: 6c3215
File 150308552037.jpg - (47.37KB , 631x300 , Hunter-S-Thompson-convertible-631.jpg )
>But if I was going to violate NYS law

I never suggested that. Just talking about unrelated road trips
>> No. 105273 ID: e9b3d2
File 15030879778.jpg - (135.14KB , 1400x1396 , pistol German WW1 C96 'Broomhandle' Maus.jpg )
Pistol with only a 10-round magazine? Disappointed? Improvise!
The Austro-Hungarian aircraft gunner in the picture is seen using a Mauser C96 pistol combination, probably just for demonstration. Each pistol held a clip of ten bullets and the device attached to them fired them in unison, giving the gunner the ability to rapidly fire 100 rounds in volleys of 10. Two bars passed through the five upper and five lower trigger guards and were attached to the single aiming grip that can be seen in his hand. It had a trigger at the end which was pulled to fire all ten pistols at the same time. Given the close arrangement of the pistols, if the gunfire did hit the enemy aircraft, it would have been like using a shotgun. With the light frame and canvas structures of early war aircraft that might have been enough to bring it down. But one has to wonder how long it would take, and how difficult it would be, to reload and re-mount all ten pistols while maneuvering and trying to avoid nearby enemy aircraft.

The C96 was introduced in 1896 and was immediately popular, being sold to governments, commercially to civilians and individual military officers within the first year of production. As a military sidearm, the pistols saw service in various colonial wars, as well as World War I, The Easter Rising, the Estonian War of Independence, the Spanish Civil War, the Chinese Civil War and World War II. The C96 also became a staple of Bolshevik Commissars and various warlords and gang leaders in the Russian Civil War, known simply as “the Mauser”.

With its long barrel and high-velocity cartridge, the Mauser C96 had superior range and better penetration than most other pistols of its era. The 7.63×25mm Mauser cartridge was the highest velocity commercially manufactured pistol cartridge until the advent of the .357 Magnum cartridge in 1935. A distinctive characteristic of the C96 was its wooden shoulder stock which can double as a holster or carrying case and a grip shaped like the handle of a broom. http://rarehistoricalphotos.com/austro-hungarian-aircraft-gunner-mausers-1917/
>> No. 105279 ID: 13f512
File 150315478089.jpg - (100.87KB , 960x540 , 20882770_886720514809638_6775218717041503650_n.jpg )
>> No. 105295 ID: 13f512
File 150323847518.jpg - (94.74KB , 720x960 , 20954085_1994219360811059_8754119571897500615_n.jpg )
>> No. 105311 ID: 13f512
File 150336545128.jpg - (126.47KB , 2048x1365 , 21013855_10213170061187300_4646798719280841640_o.jpg )

File 147960520728.jpg - (131.98KB , 813x360 , 200803_P1.jpg )
101876 No. 101876 ID: 1e7323 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I've decided it's time to build a precision rifle and start building up a better technical understand of long range shooting. I'm working my way through TiborasaurusRex's series if anyone else is interested.

In my part of the country, there are no ranges over 300 yards in any reasonable driving distance, but I'd still like to invest long term for if/when I move for a rifle 1-2 MOA at 600+ yards. I don't (currently) rifle hunt, so this is purely a long range target project. I'm relatively new to the precision field so I'd like some sanity check on my choices. Budget is flexible here but I'd like to stay in the neighborhood of $750-1000.

Caliber: .308 / 7.62x51
It seems to have acceptable BC and kinetic energy at 1000 yards. Frankly I'm most interested in ammo availability. I don't reload yet so being able to find match grade locally is a good bonus. If anyone has a preferred match brand, I'd like to hear it.

Rifle: Savage Model 10T
I've really liked the AccuTrigger and seems a popular base for "budget" long range builds. The version with detachable magazines is $100 more but does not seem particularly important to me. A threaded barrel would be more interesting if I had access to private land to shoot with a suppressor, but since I can only shoot at public ranges I'm using earpro anyways.

Rifle (alt): Ruger American
The initial reviews seem positive and it's $100 cheaper than the Savage. Played with one at the fun store and the trigger felt better than expected (can be adjusted down to 2.5# even). Budget isn't that tight so if the Savage is generally better, so be it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 105280 ID: bf333d
File 150315942365.png - (1.83MB , 1579x1094 , ai_at308_147gr_50y.png )
Went shooting today again. Same conditions as posted above:
>Shot my AI AT with S&B 147gr "Training" FMJs (BC of 0.36) from standing position leaning on a wooden bench, with bipod and rear squeeze bag. Bench is one piece for all stalls, so someone bumps it, or puts down something on it & it's felt by all.
Except I now shot from the stall adjacent to the wall, which meant the table was slightly more stable due to being partially affixed to the wall. Tremors could still be felt but were less pronounced.

Since 3 shot groups are not really relevant at showing what a rifle is consistently capable of, I decided to shoot 5 shot groups and to try to get my zero correct instead of focusing on group size.
I did not opt for 10 shot groups because you'd be shooting too many hole in holes due to the very short distance and it would become too hard to show where the shots went.

This target does not show the cold bore group (which was truly tiny, but off zero), nor does it show later groups in which I tried out multiple shooting techniques to try and figure out what worked best. As a result, these are cherry picked results, although I did shoot the 4 groups posted in succession, with a break for reloading after each individual group.

5 shot groups (bottom left counterclockwise to top left):
6mm .47MOA
6mm .47MOA
7mm .55MOA
4mm .31MOA

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 105281 ID: bf333d
File 150315962358.png - (320.73KB , 1373x1028 , Analysis2.png )
Disclaimer: The results posted are statistically fucking irrelevant, but only serve to show what the rifle is capable of at short range when the loose nut behind the trigger is up to par. (statistical relevance is abysmal)
>> No. 105289 ID: c01760
Just out of curiosity, at what distance do you generally shoot your pistols?
>> No. 105294 ID: bf333d
File 150322227377.jpg - (1.00MB , 2048x1536 , photo.jpg )
>Just out of curiosity, at what distance do you generally shoot your pistols?

Using an A4/letter format target:
For relatively fast paced fire, generally around 15m.

Using the normal pistol competition target:
Pretty much exclusively 25m, slow fire.

Pic is a 25m pistol target with 100 rounds through it from an X-Five AL SO shot two handed. But it's from better days when I was a pistol junkie. It's amazing how quickly your skills disappear when you stop regularly practicing. My recent focus on rifles has really thrown a wrench in the works when it comes to my pistol skills. I doubt I'd be able to do this kind of shooting now except if I had a REALLY good day.
>> No. 105297 ID: f2172d
File 150324580468.jpg - (273.55KB , 2656x1494 , 20170806_132344.jpg )
Impressive at 25m, nonetheless.

I did this with my new S&W 41 at 15 yards. I still have quite a ways to go.

File 150303105190.jpg - (2.30MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_1790.jpg )
105214 No. 105214 ID: f9e9ec hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
It's been a while. How's it going, nerds?
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>> No. 105275 ID: e9b3d2
File 150309965983.jpg - (432.66KB , 5358x2910 , pistol Belgian Bergmann-Bayard Mod_ 1908 9mm Bergm.jpg )
Bergmann-Bayard Mod. 1908 in 9mm Bergmann
>> No. 105276 ID: e9b3d2
File 150309969575.jpg - (469.22KB , 5178x2808 , pistol Belgian Bergmann-Bayard Mod_ 1908 9mm Bergm.jpg )
>> No. 105277 ID: e9b3d2
File 150310022955.png - (3.15MB , 1853x1057 , pistol Belgian Bergman-Bayard 1920s trials prototy.png )
Bergman 1920s Trials Prototype Pistol
This was, as far as I can tell, the final iteration of the Bergmann pistols, developed by AEP in Liege for potential military contracts. It retains the locking system of the 1910 pattern pistol, but with a simplified disassembly method reminiscent of the C96 Mauser. The barrel was lengthened, the rear sight replaced with an adjustable leaf type, and the magazine capacity increased to 15.

This model appears to have been tested by the French in 1923, and probably by other nations as well. However, by this time the magazine-forward configuration was decidedly obsolete for a military sidearm, and no contracts were to be found. https://www.forgottenweapons.com/bergman-1920s-trials-prototype-pistol/
>> No. 105278 ID: e9b3d2
  Bergmann 1920s Experimental Military Trials Pistol https://youtu.be/W8Nyp-uwmIg
>> No. 105292 ID: c37436
File 150319137349.jpg - (0.98MB , 1500x600 , SAM_1676.jpg )
sup bro. fortis rev2 4lyf.

File 150294024053.png - (630.43KB , 720x709 , Screenshot_2017-08-16-22-20-35-1.png )
105203 No. 105203 ID: 21412a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 105204 ID: 21412a
File 150294032289.png - (444.19KB , 720x713 , Screenshot_2017-08-16-22-20-38-1.png )

File 148492426844.jpg - (18.04KB , 600x400 , sig-sauer-p320-1200x800-ts600.jpg )
102491 No. 102491 ID: b70387 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
From d0041a, in the CZ P10 thread, for whatever reason:


>The U.S. Army on Thursday awarded Sig Sauer a contract worth $580 million to make the next service pistol based on the company's P320 handgun.

>Sig Sauer beat out Glock Inc., FN America and Beretta USA, the maker of the current M9 9mm service pistol, in the competition for the Modular Handgun System, or MHS, program.

>One of the major goals of the effort was to adopt a pistol chambered for a more potent round than the current 9mm. The U.S. military replaced the .45 caliber 1911 pistol with the M9 in 1985 and began using the 9mm NATO round at that time.

>Two sources confirmed to Military.com that Sig submitted to the Army .40-caliber and 9mm pistols for consideration. One source said the Army ultimately selected the 9mm version.

>The Army in December down-selected to two finalists for the competition: Sig and Glock, which had submitted its Glock 17 and Glock 19 models for consideration. Given the size of the contract, Glock is widely expected to protest the decision.

>Army officials informed Beretta USA and FN America at the show that they had been dropped from the competition in the recent down-select decision, according to a service source who is not authorized to speak to the press. But confusion reigned as reporters informed company officials of the Army's announcement.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 105193 ID: df12a0
I won't drop test my beloved CZs on account of my aversion to doing something that seems I should be actively avoiding doing in the first place.
>> No. 105195 ID: 821a29
File 150286160668.jpg - (67.98KB , 579x960 , you operating.jpg )
>I won't drop test my beloved CZs on account of my aversion to doing something that seems I should be actively avoiding doing in the first place.

Well gee, how simple! Why even have guns for self defense? Just actively avoid getting attacked!?! Checkmate atheists/islamists/socialists!
>> No. 105198 ID: 9dcda2
Shooting 3-gun, I've had my VP liberate itself from my person twice while running. One more time when the whole holster fell off.

I've got a Bladetech holster and it works fine as long as you re-check the retention screws and blue loctite the mounting screws.
>> No. 105199 ID: e266a3
I got an email from GrayGuns telling me to hang onto the straight PELT trigger after sending the gun in. Sounds like they're working on an exchange or something to adapt to whatever changes Sig is going to implement in the upgrade program.

That's a bit of dust off my shoulder since I hadn't even installed it when the news first broke about this, and I was thinking I'd have to eat the cost since I couldn't resell it in good faith to someone else no matter how many owners might not care to send their gun in.

Vurrwapen ended up doing a follow-up vid with more pistols. If I'm not mistaken the APX and P-10C are up next.
>> No. 105200 ID: df12a0
>Why even have guns for self defense? Just actively avoid getting attacked!?!


File 150109676283.jpg - (630.30KB , 1920x1030 , Thief-1911LS-1.jpg )
104984 No. 104984 ID: 0f04c4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Since my new residence lacks any sort of television/cable/satellite/internet capabilities I have been watching films from my collection that I remember enjoying as a younger lad to see if they still hold sway as an older lad. Michael Mann has been seeing a LOT of play, and while enjoying "Thief" I got some major love-chub for Frank's Hoag 1911. It's like someone crafted Jeff Cooper's perception of his own penis into a tangible weapon. I mean James Caan is a boner, but sweet baby Moses Browning, he's got a glorious gun in this film.

So what are some of yoose guys favorite movie firearms? I'm talking actual, real-life firearms. No "phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range." Real deal, pull the trigger, there goes the bullet firearms.
36 posts and 33 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105042 ID: 3f7131
File 150185395448.jpg - (159.81KB , 1600x1063 , Burn_Notice_Bruce_Campbell_Sam_Axe_sniper_rifle_sh.jpg )
Hell yeah Burn Notice. Not the most serious of spy thrillers, but a couple seasons of relatively good OPERATING as far as a cable TV series goes. Plus Bruce Campbell.
>> No. 105043 ID: 3f7131
File 150185406382.jpg - (662.42KB , 2100x1575 , 6a00d8341bfadb53ef012875ad2010970c.jpg )
Campbell and Donovan in Iraq on a morale mission.

>> No. 105120 ID: 0f04c4
File 150230949152.jpg - (217.76KB , 1920x800 , CollateralUSP-45-3.jpg )
I don't know if a USP is considered simple, but Collateral did a pretty good (for Hollywood) job of portraying skill over gear.
>> No. 105121 ID: 0f04c4
File 150230983039.jpg - (281.36KB , 1920x800 , CollateralS&W5906-5.jpg )
Especially after Vincent loses his USP.
>> No. 105123 ID: bd9939
File 150232581020.jpg - (87.26KB , 527x805 , c94d01beb380194f4a968f0b8c9b174a.jpg )
Here's one that might make some laugh.

Jeremiah Johnson with either his Hawken rifle (remember, only the .50 can kill a deer) or cap and ball revolvers. He used these to hunt buffalo and fight off Crow as well as any hardened operator of today. In real life, Jeremiah was known for kicking men to death in a fight.

I have one of these things sitting in the corner that I have never fired. Don't even know how, but my dad bought it as a kit while part timing it at a sporting goods store after this movie came out and assembled it. I like to think of myself as a big wannabe mountain man, and do enjoy having it. Someday I'll probably even try making my own buckskins.

Excellent reference. I can only watch that movie for two scenes. Vincent's shootouts in the alley, and in the nightclub. Love me some Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, not so much.

File 150238027648.jpg - (53.84KB , 745x420 , RugerRPR1454378605543.jpg )
105125 No. 105125 ID: bf333d hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Ruger RPR rifles with an alu bolt shroud can potentially have light primer strikes, or failures to fire (with the rifle firing when you try to lift the bolt).

Doesn't seem like a serious problem.
>> No. 105184 ID: 9dcda2
> This serial number does not appear to be affected by this safety bulletin.

Sweet. Also I have a plastic bolt shroud on mine.
>> No. 105186 ID: bf333d
>Also I have a plastic bolt shroud on mine.

As I understood, none of the plastic shroud ones are affected anyway.

Probably a design fuckup after the public started nagging that they didn't want plastic parts on the gun and the new design was not properly tested.

File 150264393675.jpg - (77.12KB , 720x1280 , 1502643087167.jpg )
105167 No. 105167 ID: 22c903 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
heres mine.
>> No. 105168 ID: f2172d

10/10, would slay Jem'hadar, Romulans, and dishonorable petaQ with.
>> No. 105170 ID: 13f512
File 150264915817.jpg - (62.69KB , 952x563 , REHB2wc.jpg )

I like it.

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