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File 146721767534.jpg - (3.47MB , 2448x3264 , all_the_beauty_sleep_in_the_world_couldnt_help_thi.jpg )
98265 No. 98265 ID: 98c1a2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So what's the deal with carbon fiber wrapped barrels?

I hear they're shit, I hear they're the cat's knees. Most of all I don't see them discussed often, or even see them in firearms at shops.
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>> No. 98298 ID: dda126
File 146740280810.jpg - (52.36KB , 816x510 , EU-JURI-2.jpg )
It's bad for everything. It's a signature "technology" of a segment of the shooting industry that has moved away from practical, quantifiable performance. If you need to save weight you do that via choosing a better geometry and a better steel alloy.
>> No. 98302 ID: 33338c
>so light even a cancer patient can one-hand it!
>> No. 98303 ID: 9dcda2
Still would.
>> No. 98304 ID: 98c1a2
She does actually look pretty cute.

and she can wear ALL sorts of wigs without trouble now
>> No. 98308 ID: fe32b3
The very first really cute chick I ever danced with at a Sci Fi con was this shaved head cutie in a milk maids outfit. Her and this pretty hot looking Native American chick. Damn I miss those days, fucking shaped my sexuality for the rest of my adult life so far.

File 146740906534.png - (33.43KB , 688x417 , WTF.png )
98299 No. 98299 ID: 27b21c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 98300 ID: 9dcda2

News goes in /n/

File 146635484965.jpg - (65.24KB , 1000x459 , hkg3a3zf.jpg )
98074 No. 98074 ID: 4b3eed hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
My friend had a Browning BAR .30-06 semi auto rifle w 4 round removable magazine. He liked it because he had very fast and powerful follow-up shots, I hated it because the $40+ 4 round mags were too low capacity and slow to reload.

Well now he needs a new hunting(deer, maybe hog) rifle. I'm leaning toward pic related, G3/Cetme/hk91/20rds 7.62 NATO. They are huge guns, but the G3 has a retractable stock available. What about chopping the barrel, will that affect reliability on any of these?

Finally, I saw an 'SA58 FAL Voyager' for $1200 on DSArms. $1000 is probably the most he'll want to spend (he already has the glass) but is an FAL or at least a DSA FAL worth the extra jewgoldz?
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>> No. 98279 ID: 86d09e
File 146730645473.jpg - (65.99KB , 800x507 , 2u9lsns.jpg )

Dat link has got a HK53.

I wish I could test fire one, cuz I think it'd be a gun I'd like to have.
>> No. 98282 ID: 9ea451
File 146732575928.jpg - (317.24KB , 1600x1200 , antique US Winchester SX-AR _308 based on FNAR 1.jpg )
There's the Winchester SX-AR in .308. This rifle is reportedly identical to the FNAR and Browning Hog Stalker since all of them are made by FNH. Seen them offered on Gunbroker for under $700.
>> No. 98283 ID: 9ea451
File 146732578565.jpg - (359.05KB , 1591x1193 , antique US Winchester SX-AR _308 based on FNAR 2.jpg )
>> No. 98284 ID: 9ea451
File 146732581610.jpg - (406.42KB , 1591x1193 , antique US Winchester SX-AR _308 based on FNAR 3.jpg )
>> No. 98285 ID: 9ea451
  Bullet Point Profiles: Winchester Super X-AR Varmint Rifle https://youtu.be/S54BzIHUAz4

File 146689393622.jpg - (94.86KB , 700x355 , 2015-03-20-Strip_371_Barney_Style_web.jpg )
98185 No. 98185 ID: 5e8be9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So none of my rifles have scopes. I've been an iron sights shooter since I first bought my mosin. Always thought about scoping one of my rifles but never did because I was terrified I'd create a bubba monstrosity. As such I never really learned much about scopes.

Now in the Marines the last time I went to the range I qualified with an ACOG. Due to my inexperience with them the magnification fucked me all up. I went from shooting high sharp shooter (used to always miss expert by 1 point) to being a pizza box. Needless to say that pissed me off so I haven't touched a gun with a scope since. (At the same time it GREATLY improved my table 2 shooting. Like I actually understand why the RCO is better for combat)

I've decided I want to know more. Would any one here care to explain to me how they work in practice?

Like the real basic stuff because I don't really understand how WWI snipers got by with simple post reticles when I don't see an obvious way to estimate distance.
What the hell is a mildot? (ok I know what it is but treat me like I don't have the foggiest)
What is the pros/cons of other reticles?
Why would anyone want a fixed power scope?

Seriously break this down barney style for me

Also please post scope porn
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>> No. 98241 ID: 9ea451
File 146698777531.jpg - (269.00KB , 2200x784 , antique US Marlin Ballard No_6 Off-Hand Scheutzen .jpg )
>> No. 98242 ID: 9ea451
File 146698782310.jpg - (550.45KB , 2200x1240 , antique US Marlin Ballard No_6 Off-Hand Scheutzen .jpg )
>> No. 98243 ID: 9ea451
File 146698785776.jpg - (604.70KB , 2200x1331 , antique US Marlin Ballard No_6 Off-Hand Scheutzen .jpg )
>> No. 98250 ID: 57a013
File 146699042589.jpg - (431.16KB , 1049x1200 , acog.jpg )

I'm new to magnified optics as well. I've got a TA-31H ACOG (4x, horseshoe reticule) and it's tits. (As you know.) Basically, I never want to use my natural eyes again, I just want ACOG vision all the time. I've messed around with the baby-cog's too and they're nice. Seems like 3x hits a really nice balance.

I'm probably going to buy a new scope for the RPR some time after I buy a new video card. $1000 for a Vortex Viper FFP 6-24... or do I just get the Nightforce for twice the price and be done with it. (I don't know, I'm not that dedicated to long range...)
>> No. 98251 ID: 9ea451
File 146699083938.jpg - (268.49KB , 1500x599 , pistol US Stevens New Model No_ 40 Pocket Rifle wi.jpg )
Stevens New Model No. 40 Pocket Rifle with Stevens Scope and Matching Stock
Manufactured from 1896 to 1916. Equipped with a Stevens scope adjustable for windage and elevation marked with the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. address and "No. 545". The barrel has the two line Stevens A. & T. CO. address on the upper left flat. Barrel, stock attaching mount, and both grips are numbered to the gun. Nickel plated with blue barrel. Complete with a shoulder stock numbered to gun.
BBL: 10 inch part octagon
Gauge: 22
Finish: blue/nickel
Grips: walnut

File 146680232393.jpg - (179.53KB , 1024x768 , PB233028.jpg )
98148 No. 98148 ID: cc46ed hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hello. Here from 8ch.net/k/. I was wondering if the PMR-30 is any good. I've heard that it can't make it through a single magazine. Thanks.
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>> No. 98154 ID: 22a467
I have heard the 30-round .22 Magnum magazines have jamming problems from a few sources.
Kel-Tec PMR-30 https://youtu.be/ti9bs-7ES2M
My first experience with this very interesting, lightweight .22 Magnum pistol. It holds 30 rounds in a flush magazine!
>> No. 98155 ID: 22a467
Looks like Hickok45 had no problems with it, apart from accidentally pressing the magazine release.
Kel-Tec PMR - 30 Comparison https://youtu.be/h8rAAdhJGd0
Some more shooting and some comparison with another large .22, the S&W Model 41. Mainly we just shoot the PMR-30 some more and do a little comparison between the basic .22 rimfire cartridge and the .22 Magnum cartridge.
>> No. 98156 ID: a66d8e

I've only fired 10 rounds through one, but I had no issues with it. Made a neat little fireball, although I dislike guns with recessed slides.
>> No. 98157 ID: 22a467
  Keltec PMR-30 Review https://youtu.be/JwIsEudPd_Q
>> No. 98158 ID: 22a467
  Kel-Tec PMR 30 vs. FNH Five SeveN https://youtu.be/b-0sQ-CrEkQ

File 146603503358.jpg - (155.90KB , 750x750 , image.jpg )
97957 No. 97957 ID: 0ea988 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Is this board dead?
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>> No. 98068 ID: 462d27

Works better when actually aiming though. :)

It comes from a time where they thought walking fire from the hip while advancing across no mans land was actually useful.
>> No. 98080 ID: d4c8ee
>NAACO Brigadier
>4.1 pound pistol firing a 230 grain bullet at 1600 feet/second
>with a aluminum slide

Jesus Christ.
>> No. 98083 ID: a4a9ab
File 146636801263.jpg - (103.26KB , 1100x739 , pistol UK Canadian NAACO Brigadier _45 long case 1.jpg )
NAACO Brigadier - The North American Arms Corporation Limited, 8 Bermondsey Road and later at 1480 Birchmount Road, Toronto, Ontario (NAACO). The company began its pilot operations in January 1959. In September 1959 Major General Chris Vokes was elected to the Board of Directors of the new corporation. The Brigadier pistol was developed to meet Canadian requirements for a service handgun in the aftermath of World War II. It was based largely on the FN GP35 Hi-Power self-loading pistol of 1935, but scaled up significantly. Whereas the Hi-Power used the 9 mm Para cartridge, the NAACO Brigadier used a new long-case .45" round of much greater power than the then-standard .45 ACP. With a standard 230-grain (15 g) bullet, the .45 NAACO cartridge could produce muzzle velocities of up to 1,600 feet per second (490 m/s), or almost twice as fast as the .45 ACP. In order to keep weight down, the pistol used an aluminium slide, but still weighed more than four pounds, unloaded. Its box magazine could carry eight rounds of ammunition. A removable trigger module allowed for a fully automatic configuration, complete with an attachable butt-stock. This would produce a sub-machine gun configuration called the Borealis (never constructed). Gunsmith Robert Herman and Designer Russell Sutherland spent a year developing the prototype. The company also produced the .308 caliber Grizzly and Homestead rifles, along with 12 gauge pump action shotguns, the Mallard (Model 15M) and La Salle; and, a No. 10 Grizzly .22 (Also made Nos. 20, and 30) rimfire single-shot bolt-action rifle. The company also imported guns from Japan and Spain. NAACO's President was John R. Cavanagh. On December 18, 1962 the assets of the bankrupt company were sold at auction by J. Spadafora and Company on the Birchmount Road premises.

Collapse and aftermath:
In the end, the Brigadier project fell victim to NATO standardization, and the company folded in 1962. Only one prototype was built, and the weapon never entered service; the Brigadier's rarity makes it pricey on the gun market.

The .45 NAACO cartridge sank into obscurity, but was revived in the 1970s by Winchester as a long-range target round. Ballistic performance was nearly identical to the original, and the cartridge was christened .45 Winchester Magnum. It has since been used in a number of handguns. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NAACO_Brigadier
>> No. 98089 ID: 98c1a2
File 146637775614.jpg - (68.42KB , 520x677 , out_of_concern.jpg )
I'm not saying it wouldn't be cool

but goddamn

w-would you have to carry around spare slides?
>> No. 98093 ID: a4a9ab
File 146638780172.jpg - (163.26KB , 1024x768 , pistol German Sauer Behordenmodell in Duralumin 7_.jpg )
Twice the muzzle velocity of a .45 ACP with an aluminum slide?
Perhaps. That's bound to put some serious stress on that aluminum frame.

- Sauer Behördenmodell in Duralumin – world’s first series pistol with an aluminum frame.

File 146429199881.jpg - (3.21MB , 3088x4160 , IMG_20160513_175127.jpg )
97546 No. 97546 ID: 014160 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Don't know why I didn't post this here earlier.
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>> No. 98039 ID: f87148

BTW, looking more closely at this picture, for some reason I was just now reminded of Odysseus' scar. That'd be a helluva club to be able to count oneself a member of.
>> No. 98046 ID: 5a0b76
when i worked retail at a military surplus in Texas, i heard tail of a hunter that went missing for about a day out in the middle of no where. His buddies got worried when he didn't come home after he was suppose to be out for a day of hunting and went around to his usual grounds to see if they could find him. Turns out he got to close to some javelina when deer hunting and they treed him. Every time he had tried to get down they came out of hiding and he went back up the tree. Friends laughed a while then shot them all to hell and got him down.
>> No. 98048 ID: b66324
>> No. 98091 ID: 33338c
Shit, my dad works in forestry (surveying cutting permits and shit), and once got treed by a bull moose. Goddamn things are nasty during the rut.
>> No. 98092 ID: c5034e

That'd be... unusual.

The only time javelina are even slightly a threat is if it's caught in a trap or you fucked with one of the babies. They look like half-size boars but they're not even in the same family. I've had to kick my way through herds of the pests before because they'll just stand there. To be fair, when I first ran into javelina I assumed they were like boar in temperment and gave them a wide berth.

No. 97371 ID: 52ed6e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  This hitting the market is pretty insane timing for me because I was just about to start dropping money on parts to build my own retro-style carbine that would basically be exactly this but with a partial fence or possibly slickside lower, only this is $100ish cheaper and I don't have to build anything, so I bought this instead.

Anyone else here got a massive boner for retro AR carbines? The M4 just doesn't do it for me, not anymore.
20 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97526 ID: 0fa6d7

If they don't go bankrupt again? ;)
>> No. 97529 ID: 8be205
Tenth time's the charm, right?

At least they're making shit people want instead of $2000 Single Action Army's and different finishes on $1,500 1911s.

>captcha : 556
How fucking appropriate.
>> No. 97531 ID: 52ed6e
  I will buy a reasonably priced SP1 both rifle and carbine if Colt starts making them again.
>> No. 97556 ID: 8be205
Colt Competition isn't actually related to Colt in any way. It's a shop in Texas licensing Colt's name. That's a cool gun, but it's not really a Colt.


They were Bold Ideas Texas, formerly Bold Ideas of Canby, OR who moved then licensed the Colt name for 3-gun prepped rifles and guns. Colt won't warrant any guns, nor provide parts or service, for Colt Competition's stuff, so be aware of that. They sued to be much more open about not actually being affiliated with Colt except by name but now, since the bankruptcy they've hidden that pretty well.
>> No. 98082 ID: 52ed6e
File 146636573169.jpg - (41.43KB , 640x480 , MVC-008S.jpg )

Rifle shipped on Wednesday and I got it on Friday. Overall I like it but the pistol grip that came with it was more well-used than the A1 pistol grip I already owned (which I wasn't surprised by) so I swapped them out. I have yet to shoot it but it handles really well. Sometimes the stock gets stuck and I have to whack it with my palm to get it to actuate, which I should really look into.

Enjoy the weird result of taking a picture of something in sunlight while the camera, a 2001 Sony Mavica, is in the shade.

File 146626002273.png - (872.55KB , 988x687 , thumb trigger.png )
98051 No. 98051 ID: e3183a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Why did thumb triggers never catch on with precision rifles? It seems like an interesting way to reduce off-axis error in the trigger pull.

Winchester Thumb Trigger .22: https://www.full30.com/video/a3eb77b5d35aa7cdc0132c2733d46875
>> No. 98053 ID: 462d27
File 14662619857.jpg - (2.06MB , 2560x1920 , 7538237728_6aeebf19e2_o.jpg )
The fact that you push forward and that the rifle recoils backward into your thumb likely has somthing to do with it. With a .22LR it could be pretty sweet, but I don't see this as something you'd want in a .300WM or something.
Many precision shooters also do not fold their thumb behind the action, and leave it to the side instead.

Another thing that some precision shooters like is "free movement" after the break. The rifle is allowed to recoil freely. Your thumb being behind it would make that impossible.

When you mentioned it, I first thought that a thumb trigger would be absolutely kickass for a fortner actioned .22LR though. But since you thumb the action closed, there's a danger of accidental discharge. So scratch that.
>> No. 98054 ID: ce2b82
File 146626418074.jpg - (352.27KB , 1500x1125 , rubber band gun, constructed.jpg )
Here you go.
>> No. 98070 ID: e3183a
I suppose that makes sense, though you'd think you could engineer a thumb trigger to have enough space forward of it to allow free movement. I've seen release triggers on some shotguns and thought they would make great precision rifle triggers, but the whole "I changed my mind about firing" leads to some interesting gymnastics.
>> No. 98072 ID: 462d27
I see less issues with release triggers, as you could engineer an override for the situation where you changed your mind.

I suspect most manufacturers are afraid of legal action though. Pull the trigger, shot doesn't go off, doofus turns around to his mate & releases. Boom.

File 146592047073.jpg - (91.84KB , 600x450 , dpms308lower.jpg )
97922 No. 97922 ID: c7cec9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I've always wanted to build a .308/7.62 in the AR platform, just now thinking about getting into it. Where can I get the best bang-for-your-buck lower? I'm seeing *a lot* priced in $150-200 range, is that the normal rate for them or are they getting jacked up from the recent shootings?
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 98010 ID: 028b36
I think because it's a stripped lower which means it could turn into a pistol. Sorry man for shitty NJ law.
>> No. 98035 ID: c7cec9
File 14661800304.jpg - (292.19KB , 612x612 , lower.jpg )

That didn't stop me from getting a York Arms lower.. Maybe I need to call them and ask nicely.
>> No. 98043 ID: 54180e
That doesn't make much sense for California. If I get a stripped lower here they just force me to make the transfer as a long gun on the forms. I think a lot of shops are just saying fuck it were not reading the 200 pages of gun laws to figure out if this is kosher or not.
>> No. 98044 ID: bd9939
To be fair, shipping anything to CA as an FFL is a pain in the dick and not worth the effort at all. I had to set up our account with the California DOJ to send a shitty savage a few weeks ago and it was totes not worth the involvement. Didn't help that it was to a fucking douchebag.

Like I feel for the people that have to deal with that. But we honestly have a lot more to lose than gain.
>> No. 98047 ID: cc91ac
Fuck 'em. Build your own while it's still legal, CAmrade.

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