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File 146468458388.jpg - (187.52KB , 720x480 , 3a.jpg )
97624 No. 97624 ID: dda126 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

>rail mounted drectly to the barrel
>receiver we hate you! receiver go to hell!

Oh yes. This pleases me. Now make it all in 5.56!
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>> No. 97671 ID: ce2b82
File 146490620562.jpg - (89.17KB , 800x533 , Swiss SIG SG 510, also known as the StG_57 rifle.jpg )
Some models of the Swiss SIG SG 510, aka Sturmgewehr 57 automatic rifle, have bipods that fold over the top of the barrels. Some have bipods that fold underneath.
>> No. 97672 ID: 53e7c0
File 146490789053.jpg - (48.55KB , 702x281 , soldier_bipod_lg.jpg )
That's just where they fold. The bipod itself consists of a collar that wraps around the barrel shroud. It works like a "normal" bipod with the "apex" under the barrel.
>> No. 97680 ID: 9ec146
File 146497649379.jpg - (876.55KB , 3216x2136 , trg42.jpg )

>They're not terribly common yet

They're not common here, because apparently our populace can't physics; plenty common elsewhere. The point is to have the pivot for the bipod legs at or slightly above (when practical) boreline. The "regular" setup is inherently unstable by comparison, you end up putting a lot more user input into it to stabilize, you just don't realize it.

It's not a "marginal" increase in stability. Maybe not as noticeable at 200 yards after too many six packs, plenty noticeable if you're doing anything accurate.
>> No. 97682 ID: 33338c
File 146498375338.jpg - (107.56KB , 650x487 , eliteironbipod.jpg )
The Elite Iron ones seem pretty neat, if comically overpriced (starting MSRP is $625). Apparently they rotate 360°.
>> No. 97714 ID: dda126
File 146511733425.jpg - (57.08KB , 600x800 , mp5.jpg )
>Furthermore, mounting things on the top rail of a rifle like this just interferes with your optics.

As if the ring in >>97682 around the barrel could not be made into a wide opening U thus clearing the path for the scope - which >>97680 sort of does already. In any case, bipods should be receiver mounted. That way you'd be able to cover more ground before you have to change your position.

File 146397298485.gif - (111.83KB , 834x1367 , shooter-1.gif )
97506 No. 97506 ID: ade114 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
How do I git gud? I've been practicing shooting from the hip but I can barely hit a chest-high plate at 30 feet, even then it's only 1 or 2 shots out of 6. I notice I'm also shooting really far to the right each time as well but I overcorrect and just miss the target entirely.

Is there some trick or is it just down to practice?
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>> No. 97614 ID: b83b37
I prefer both subdued myself. If I'm using the sights beyond "pistol is in my field of vision and pointed mostly the right way" then I'm trying to make a long or super accurate shot.
>> No. 97626 ID: f87148

>Revolver Oceslut

The only way this image could get better would be if those were shutter shades.
>> No. 97632 ID: ade114
This is specifically just for trick shooting. I'm already fairly competent at normally using a handgun. Just for funsies.

For reference this is my 65' or roughly 20 yard range that I normally shoot at, for the more whimsical shit I get much closer.

I also need to hammer that plate back into shape, it's starting to curl.
>> No. 97633 ID: ade114
File 146472963179.jpg - (362.41KB , 692x1028 , _22 shooting range.jpg )
>> No. 97658 ID: eafc11
  Take a Southnarc ECQC class. It's three days of shooting from the number two draw position, retention, and blue gun sims training while having your ass beat.

Money well spent. I've had the good fortune to go twice.

File 146042355137.jpg - (201.80KB , 1920x1032 , P4115190cr.jpg )
96833 No. 96833 ID: 6372b6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I haven't really gotten anything new in terms of pew-pews since the big one. This time I just had a bit of an impulse buy for a shotgun that caught my eye.

I know it's a little pricey for a Turkish gun. I knew that going into this, but I felt it deserved a chance and I was really interested in this model's specific configuration and layout. I wanted the following:
>box mags
>in-line stock
>familiar controls
>optic friendly

Here are my first impression after unboxing, inspecting, fondling, disassembly, reassembly, and dry drills. I seriously go this just a few hours ago so despite the new gun high I'll try to be impartial.
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>> No. 97533 ID: 98c1a2
File 146415924592.png - (385.83KB , 1134x231 , adsdl copy.png )
Welp I said fuck it and done gone fixed this myself.

I took more pics of the process but my phone is a little on the "oh god it hurts to live" side and most things got corrupted. I can see the thumbnails but she don't want to open nothing.

Either way, I just went overkill, put it on the 4th, lined it up with a test dial indicator, drilled #29 almost the whole way down into the barrel.
>> No. 97535 ID: 98c1a2
File 146415964199.jpg - (472.90KB , 1301x1734 , prayerstohismachineliness.jpg )
Threading required some unconventional tactics because my tapping handles interfered with the barrel, and I didn't want to bother with a G84 on only one hole.

Sure it probably would have worked, but I'd rather feel it out especially on an odd angle like that. Hands are a little more sensitive...

>as a tech-priest, you must become the milling machine
>> No. 97536 ID: 98c1a2
File 146415982157.jpg - (883.21KB , 2477x1858 , 20160524_184955.jpg )
8-36, but not all the way through.

From the start of the hole to the barrel, there's .380". I drilled .350" down, and tapped 10 turns. 1/36 = 0.0278", so I ended up tapping just under .300" in, give or take a bit due to the lead on the tap.
>> No. 97538 ID: 98c1a2
File 146416007565.jpg - (950.13KB , 2477x1858 , 20160524_203341.jpg )
I only had some cap head screws in 8-36 on hand so I chopped it and cut a flathead channel with a hacksaw.

Then I gave it a sharp little whack with a drift punch to peen over a couple threads and lock the screw in there. Can't go anywhere now.

I expect it to be a little undergassed with no gas rings, but run properly once the correct gas rings are installed. If it's still undergassed, I'll just drill a hole in the screw and adjust from there.
>> No. 97605 ID: 98c1a2
File 146456455895.jpg - (490.47KB , 1201x1345 , CIMG0479.jpg )
Wow she still runs on one gas port. In the high speed, cyclic rate on standard birdshot cheap stuff is a little on the sluggish side, but still fine.

Slugs now eject like the birdshot did before on the stock gun.

I'm ok with all this now, should be good.

Hornady Superformance 00 at 50 yards patterned like this with the modified choke. Slugs shoot well enough, haven't really gone to 100 or more yet but at 50 yards with an ammo box rest I put 5 in a 2" circle so that's fine for me.

To conclude, I give this a rating of 猫に哲学/10.

File 146420905995.jpg - (222.19KB , 1000x665 , See-All-Nite-Pistol00008.jpg )
97541 No. 97541 ID: dda126 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Is this thing any good?
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>> No. 97553 ID: 072b94
I have one on a shot gun. Im definitely more accurate with it an the single bead from the factory. In daylight, the sight is nice and bright and easy spot.

That said, it is slow. Lining up the sight so you see the top of the triangle and then getting on target should be easy to do. Maybe it's just me having a poor cheek weld, but I kind of feel like I'm fighting to get on target sighthe See-All. It's still probably faster than irons, but not by much.

It is also light sensitive. Outside during the day, it's beautiful. In a dim but not dark room, it can be a challenge to use. If it is anything you would call dark, it's pretty much useless. I think there is a tritium model now though.

Between its speed and poor low light performance, I wouldn't reccomend it for defensive use. I do think it could make a fine low budget hunting sight though.
>> No. 97576 ID: 0fa6d7
The first generation from a few years ago was pretty damn rough.
The current generation seems slightly improved, but still not as nice as you'd expect from the price tag.
>> No. 97580 ID: 0a938f

Well, that is an interesting sight picture. Not worth the money they are asking, though. I'd rather buy some nice tritium sights first.
>> No. 97591 ID: b83b37
Looks a bit short in the sight radius department
>> No. 97601 ID: 0fa6d7
File 146450458337.jpg - (51.06KB , 422x347 , 1289778516074.jpg )

File 146360236419.jpg - (45.05KB , 638x425 , muzzledevice.jpg )
97436 No. 97436 ID: 068e37 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, I'm cruising gunbroker looking for some sweet, sweet 308 Mauser action.. and I find a nifty little posting for an FNH in 308, and it has this... strange thing, on the muzzle. Serial number is 022, so I have this guess that maybe it was a test gun at some point.

I've been googling for an hour so... guys.. what the fuck is this?
7 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97449 ID: 88a6f1
It's an FN FAL Belgian Combo Muzzle Device. Definitely a bubba job.
>> No. 97450 ID: b0d8e5
Excuse my ignorance but isn't that a flash hider as well?
>> No. 97456 ID: fcf9f8
Police carbine, threaded for attaching grenade-launcher spigot.

>> No. 97527 ID: 068e37

This is why I like you guys.

As a side note, since I've got a little Mauser thread going.

Question about the Peruvian 1935, I know a lot of Yugo Mausers have intermediate actions and there are some pre war mauser variants that play funny with 98 accessories (Trench Mags, after market stocks, etc.,) is the 35' one of these funny mausers or is it a standard large ring action that could accept 98 stocks and accessories of a similar nature?
>> No. 97528 ID: 068e37

This is why I like you guys.

As a side note, since I've got a little Mauser thread going.

Question about the Peruvian 1935, I know a lot of Yugo Mausers have intermediate actions and there are some pre war mauser variants that play funny with 98 accessories (Trench Mags, after market stocks, etc.,) is the 35' one of these funny mausers or is it a standard large ring action that could accept 98 stocks and accessories of a similar nature?

No. 97351 ID: e1053e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 97445 ID: 90a126
File 146366969456.jpg - (30.76KB , 258x376 , this joke isn't old at all.jpg )

Man I'm not even Jewish and I'm drooling over the amount of profit Zimman made. Looking on the Googles a new PF-9 goes for about $225 and assuming my math is correct (which it probably isn't) thats an over 533% profit. Fuck, thats cool.

Unfortunately George probably is going to be spending all that on lawyer bills assuming he has any left or on the inevitable civil suit against him by Tray-tray's Parent of the Decade winning parents.
>> No. 97447 ID: 98c1a2
>over 533%

You're off a few decimal places bud, he made over 55300%. Fifty five thousand percent profit on that gun.

He's still probably broke but that's purdey and sons money for a kel-tec, I never would have thought to see the day where that could have happened.
>> No. 97505 ID: 14d554
Rumor has it that he's gonna be Trump's running mate so its kinda doubtful he'll be hurting for cash anytime soon 1291
>> No. 97522 ID: b89631
File 146405796781.jpg - (8.20KB , 208x208 , 12144953_1657180207872409_2987709209820954080_n.jpg )

A few other higher confirmed bids came in. Looks like the original report was off by a bit, in the end it was:


Src: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-guns-zimmerman-idUSKCN0YB2RL

>mfw i read the final sale price
>> No. 97524 ID: 90a126
File 146407382021.jpg - (114.82KB , 600x900 , i wonder how a HJ from her would feel.jpg )
A quarter of a million dollars. Damn...thats just...damn.

Man if we could harness the outrage Tray-trays mommy and all the BLM fuckfaces are feelin' over this we could probably end our dependency on Saudi oil overnight.

I can go to sleep tonight happier then a nerd getting laid by some hot booth babes dressed up like Lara Craft, Tali from ME, and Mystique. Okay maybe not that happy but still pretty darn happy.

File 146388794946.jpg - (134.90KB , 800x531 , Wx600_220440.jpg )
97482 No. 97482 ID: f49edb hide watch quickreply [Reply]
How did we all miss this?

>> No. 97484 ID: 9dcda2
brb selling rpr

It's not really that much a stretch that the nugget could be modernized and still used. Bolt-automatic rifles haven't changed much since the 19th century Magazine Lee–Enfield rifles.

That's why I'm excited about the RPR. Finally some improvements over 1890's designs.
>> No. 97493 ID: be0d6b
I guess an action is an action when literally everything but the receiver and bolt were replaced. People spend lots of time trying up Remington 700 actions, so why not a Mosin?
>> No. 97494 ID: c3e471
File 146393722698.jpg - (8.79KB , 800x140 , MN_biathlon_rifle.jpg )
taking Mosins and tweaking them for accuracy's nothing new really; they used to dominate Olympic Biathlon events for some time.


I really appreciate what they've done with the RPR, too. I'd honestly been overlooking Ruger a lot since the 90s (for the obvious reasons) but I like what they've done in bringing something that's both tried and trued (design wise) with their own innovations (c'mon, the magwell is smart). And some of their own quirks I'm sure that the aftermarket will probably take care of in less than five years.

No. 97420 ID: 337e14 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Took the Klobb to my range today. This thing is stupid fun and you should probably buy one.

S&B ammo has functioned flawlessly
Remington is seemingly good to go
American Eagle has had 1 Failure to feed
Winchester Whitebox is a FTE factory
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>> No. 97422 ID: c1c101
Also that looks like fun but you should totally SBR it.
>> No. 97423 ID: 337e14
File 146345050745.jpg - (285.89KB , 1366x768 , 20160514_163544.jpg )
Only camera I own is my phone and I always forget to turn it sideways.

In progress. Awaiting for my CLEO to sign the form 1

Also, working on a grip adapter for it. For the lels. Got a prototype finished, now I just need to find a machinist to make it right.
>> No. 97425 ID: b66309
Neato. I've been sorely tempted to find one myself soon.

How's the practical accuracy? Bunny head at edge of a yard, say?
>> No. 97435 ID: 337e14
That depends on how big your yard is. At 25 yards, shooting offhand, I can keep most everything in the 9 ring of a B27 target, with the occasional 8 ring flyer.

I'm gonna go shooting again today, I'll try it had different distances and post the results
>> No. 97453 ID: b66309

Well yeah, my "yard" is kinda big, lol. That sounds decent enuff tho. Been eyeing them up for a long time just as a little farm/ranch gun even. I'd need a decent level of accuracy for the local pest sniping, but it wouldn't have to be like Olympic match good. I use 9x19 shells as a target at seven paces for casual practice.

File 145776419990.jpg - (64.55KB , 324x324 , Nevada%20State%20Seal.jpg )
95957 No. 95957 ID: a18c5a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
A man walked into the welfare office today with a fixed blade knife worn on his belt. He didn't bother nobody, so I didn't bother him. I checked the entrance to see that we had our "no weapons" sign up, and realized for the first time that it only specifies "no firearms" and cited a state statute. I looked up the specific law in the Nevada Revised Statutes http://www.leg.state.nv.us/nrs/nrs-202.html#NRS202Sec3673 and found that only guns are banned. Regarding knives, clubs, OC spray, ect., the law makes no mention. This whole time, I just assumed knives were verboten, and apparently, I assumed wrong.

Then something even more interesting caught my eye. Subsection 4 specifies groups of people NOT prohibited from carrying guns in public buildings with signage forbidding it. Paragraph C states that the law does not forbid:
>"A permittee who is employed in the public building from carrying a concealed firearm while he or she is on the premises of the public building."
As best I can tell, the law is saying I can carry at work despite working in a state office. I'd like to. Currently I lock my gun in the glove box of my car. We have multiple homeless people living in our back parking lot. I think my odds of facing a deadly threat in my place of work are remote, but I'd like to carry if only to keep it out of the parking lot.

Questions: Am I misinterpreting the law here? Any reason I shouldn't carry in my office even if the law permits it?
66 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97427 ID: 7d1c98

The funny thing about that argument is countries have been handing the US it's collective asses in almost every conflict since Korea, in that the actual stipulations of winning the war have been failed to see fruition in so many conflicts. Vietnamese with fucking crusty SKS' and AKs prevented our much technologically superior military from achieving any sort of real victory, despite the death tolls being far higher for the NVA and VC, the fact they wouldn't stop just meant the war could never be won without fucking nuclear genocide, which is just the military equivalent of flipping the chess board and screaming in rage when you're put in check.

We couldn't achieve victory conditions in any MAJOR military conflict for a very long time, that isn't because we suck, it's just because you literally can't ever win a war unless there is complete enemy surrender and no post-war guerilla uprising bullshit. Hell, WW2 may not have been won by the Allies, it took a lot of collective might to bring down Germany and even then, there was actual fighting going on in Germany into like 1947 and shit, the never say die hardcore German soldiers kept fighting off Russians guerilla-style, it might have failed, but it also might have made victory extremely difficult if had only been the US or only Russia fighting that war against the entirety of Germany, it took a massive sandwiching of Americans, Canadians, Brits and Russians/other various Slavs to keep a lid on Nazi Germany.

And now we do have awesome drones, tanks, stealth fighters, all kinds of spec ops badasses and we still couldn't do shit to contain any of the problems in the Middle East and neither could the damn Russians, you literally can't beat an enemy that won't surrender. It's bad enough we can't even accomplish military goals in desert shitholes, but a domestic second American Revolution (or would it be third...or fourth, how many silent wars have been fought and won with money and bureaucracy within our own government?)

Anyway, if a bunch of brownskins with AKs and IEDs can stop victory conditions, a domestic civil war in America could be fucking impossible for the US military, way too much varied terrain, way too huge of a country, there'd be rogue groups operating all over the country just randomly ambushing every cop or soldier they saw, it doesn't matter how many drones and remote air strikes the government can lob, that shit did not work in Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq. Plus the loss of infrastructure would just devastate a nation as big and advanced as the USA, close range city combat in places like New York City or Seattle or Detroit, shit would be in-fucking-sane, half the city being turned to rubble by random drone strikes and tanks, other hal
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 97428 ID: 53e7c0
No. To be succinct, absolutely wrong. The only thing preventing the US from achieving victory was/is politics. The only thing defeating America was Americans.

Mission creep, retarded ROE, impossible "victory conditions, continually using armies for policing, and other tasks they've been known to be terrible at since Roman times, ham-fisted or generally spineless or useless "allies" and unending political mismanagement ranging from Congressmen to Senators to the President himself, his cabinet and other appointees, etc., not to mention generation after generation of entitled spoiled shit kids, is what caused the results of Korea, Vietnam, and so on. I could get more verbose and specific from conflict to conflict, if you like, but in short, public opinion and concern for political careers is what ended all the conflicts you've talked about.

Little Johnny Jihad with his ill-maintained AK has no power outside of their backyard. Syria is being hyped right now, but mostly just something else for the news to sell. It was a banana republic to begin with, as many of those Middle Eastern countries have been since the Ottomans fell from power.

Another problem is that the US and Americans assume, often incorrectly, that when they deal with other people and cultures they value human life, and are generally reasonable.

I've heard Somali warlords and etc. described a lot of ways but "caring" and "reasonable" were never one of them. Same with the new wave of Islamic Extremist terrorism; how do you reason with someone who believes they have a mandate from God to kill you?

On top of that, in a baffling move, likely because of how few governmental officials have served anymore, Presidents and politicians have been very quick to send ground troops, but balk at supplying or supporting them wholeheartedly once they're there, let alone let them do their job.

We are talking about the same Congresspeople who've, both sides of the aisle, vote to cut military benefits and spending, pass downsizing and "moth-balling" initiatives year after year but vote themselves a raise.
>> No. 97429 ID: c05e32
>there was actual fighting going on in Germany into like 1947 and shit
Wait, for real? I thought the Werwolf shit completely fell apart by the end of '45.
>> No. 97431 ID: 53e7c0
File 146353424773.jpg - (117.02KB , 859x681 , German-Territory-Lost-in-the-20th-Century1.jpg )
Red Army administered ethnic German expulsions didn't end until 1950.

"War Children" of German soldiers and locals were treated like second class citizens for decades after the war was over.

Something like 12-14 million German-Descent people were forced to leave huge pockets of Eastern Europe just because they had a German name or spoke German, regardless of any involvement in the war or not.
>> No. 97438 ID: dda126
File 146361045052.png - (225.68KB , 554x890 , german war crimes.png )

File 146335351730.jpg - (470.30KB , 960x720 , l1_misc_geco_flare_pistol_package_143489.jpg )
97401 No. 97401 ID: f2112f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What's the best place to get 26.5mm flares? I'd like to get a variety pack with like 2 each of the rockets, smoke and parachute flares.

Also the vinyl holster that came with my Geco is falling apart, anybody know if Czech, Polish or other flare gun cases will fit the Geco?
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97406 ID: 59033e
I suppose I should provide links;
I did also find some variety packs on Gunbroker, but the prices were ridiculous.
>> No. 97407 ID: 59033e
In that case I think Dan's ammo is probably who you want to go with, he's based out of Apollo PA if that's anywhere near you. The dealer I frequent is Chris LaPlante;
His prices are usually about the same as Dan's and he's at damn near all the gunshows in Ohio. He had flares on hand last time I saw him, though it's been ~6 months since I've made it to a show.
>> No. 97418 ID: e9c0bd
File 146344776764.jpg - (226.68KB , 1280x722 , 138940279715.jpg )
>> No. 97419 ID: 59033e
...I may have a source for some of those launching blanks, just sayin'.
>> No. 97424 ID: e9c0bd
File 146345379065.gif - (492.89KB , 500x276 , 138944978620.gif )

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