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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 14890891416.jpg - (1.32MB , 2400x1600 , 14452598190872.jpg )
103029 No. 103029 ID: 9d3fa9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Can we share AR experiences in these threads as well?
>go to Marine bootcamp
>finally the day we get issued our M16A4 service rifle
>step up to the window at the armory
>Lance Corporal hands me a rifle
>"heh, I'd prefer something with more stopping power, but hey if this is what Uncle Sam wants the boys using, I guess I can deal with it."
>few weeks later we're at the range
>recommend to the Range Instructor that they put better attachments on these things
>chat it up for a minute, talking about how much you could increase aim stability with a foregrip and a comp
>he says he'll be back in a minute
>comes back with a box of parts
>"we really only let the SOCOM guys use these, but you're pretty good. So I'll let you put some of this on your rifle."
>put an AFG, IR sniper scope, and a silencer on my rifle
>score perfect on my shooting qual
needless to say, I was guide and honor graduate and went to Special Ops training right after that. Told them I didn't even want my 10 days of leave, I couldn't look at my family the same way...
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>> No. 103040 ID: aadd02
6/10. It's worth an amused snort. You kinda fell into this awkward spot. It needed to be either more subtle or even more over the top. You'll get better though.
>> No. 103047 ID: f2172d
Fuck off back to kinder
>> No. 103048 ID: f5c3ed
File 148921601326.jpg - (142.44KB , 820x1082 , Do-not-operate.jpg )
Slow down there Timmy, there is some 18+ y/o content on this website. Are you sure you asked your parents permission before you logged on?
>> No. 103051 ID: 952452
About time some smart people began enlisting. You'll be a Major in no time with that kind of skill!
>> No. 103053 ID: 9dcda2
File 148927996472.png - (72.08KB , 236x152 , sgt extreme.png )

File 148402938437.jpg - (39.84KB , 849x527 , WITNESSME.jpg )
102361 No. 102361 ID: aec7e7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I heard tell that the /k/ommandos here were very generous and have given guns away before. Sirs, I am extremely poor and much desire a nugget. Is there anyone here who would have a beater to donate?
75 posts and 34 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 102872 ID: 3f5192
File 148807627759.jpg - (1.10MB , 2048x1536 , Picture 014.jpg )
With Diopter sights.

It was mostly luck.
>> No. 102894 ID: fb893e
I meant to do that with my K31s, but sold them first. They were more accurate than I was with irons, so it probably didn't matter.

Did you try it again? I'm curious if was a problem with the weather or the gun itself. I also can't hurt to check the action screws and even barrel bands. I can't imagine that would have an effect from shooter to shooter, but if things are loose you might get odd results from shot to shot. My CZ 527FS had that issue when I first got it - the rear sight was tight in the barrel channel, and once the barrel heated up, warped slightly, and tensioned against the stock the gun patterned. Some filing/sanding in the barrel channel pretty much fixed it.
>> No. 102902 ID: 9dcda2
Nope, didn't shoot again. My buddy probably had some honey-do's to take care of. I might have just been fucking up that day.
>> No. 103020 ID: e51ea5
>> No. 103031 ID: e7e851

That just links to the main site, did they have a nugget deal?

File 147480734394.jpg - (90.01KB , 1400x425 , top.jpg )
99456 No. 99456 ID: 86d09e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
As you no doubt have heard, Ruger launched the Ruger MkIV a few days ago. It greatly simplified takedown/reassembly and improved the trigger a bit. It comes at a cost though, as accessories like triggers etc are not compatible with older versions.

But listening around, I hear a lot of people that say they like the others better. Why is that? We all know takedown/assembly was a huge pain in the dick, so why would you just disregard that?
It's not even people saying they won't buy a new one because they own an older one. It's people flat out saying that even if they didn't own one that they wouldn't buy it.
85 posts and 58 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 102571 ID: 084932

A 70's era suppressed MkI would probably mean an AWC Amphibian... at least that's what I'm translating that as.

New ones on MkIII frames are around $1500+, originals would probably be in the same territory as a High Standard HDM if you have to ask...
>> No. 102912 ID: 53b636
File 148850075285.png - (465.85KB , 600x450 , SUP_PT_RUG_MKIV_Primary.png )
A Ruger Mark IV with an integral suppressor from TBA Suppressors.
>> No. 102913 ID: 53b636
File 148850077085.png - (287.35KB , 600x450 , sup-pt-rug-mkiv_secondary.png )
>> No. 102914 ID: 53b636
File 14885007875.png - (400.48KB , 600x450 , sup-pt-rug-mkiv_3.png )
>> No. 102915 ID: a651e7
>using the mag baseplate as suppressor tool

Smart and handsome, I am quite jelly.

File 148791013784.jpg - (129.20KB , 1280x720 , Presentation1.jpg )
102852 No. 102852 ID: a659a1 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm wanting to branch out and try some new guns. I primarily use my full size guns for competition (which is not to say that I'm a great shooter, just that's the bulk of my shooting). I'd like to check out a lot of different striker fired options.

Here's my question, for a person who's just exploring the options is it worth it to buy the long slide/competition models? If I fall in love with a gun a keep it, then it would be Buy Once Cry once. But if I don't, then I'll have paid more for a gun I'll probably just end up selling anyways. And for most of the guns (except the Steyr L9-A1) the longslide version is usually $100+/- more expensive.

So for an average guy try exploring the striker fired world without getting divorced, should I skip the longslides or not?
>> No. 102853 ID: 0876ee
File 148791937394.jpg - (142.11KB , 1631x1051 , 66974d1259463619-wwi-unit-marked-lp08-artillery-lu.jpg )
I'm not a comp shooter, but personally, I find that for marksmanship, the longer the better, pic related is my striker fired long barrel.

Even for CC, it doesn't matter so long as its under, eh 4.5 inches? For 6 oclock, my biggest concern is just not having it be long enough that it interferes with sitting (sitting on the barrel or pistol rises up because barrel is supported by seat). But I digress.

Guns arent terribly expensive and you're probably going to spend about $600 or so maybe for a gun, and it'll maintain its resell value fairly well (especially if you buy used). If you stick to buying used, you may end up actually not paying more than a new standard size, and I don't think it would necessarily hurt to have a small collection of different guns, even if you didn't fall in love with the first one, it might still not suck for trying different sights or just something different every once in a while.

Plus, longslides are sexy. My vote is go for it.
>> No. 102854 ID: 5de6c9
The main advantage a longslide gives you is the longer sight radius. Like most things, how much of an advantage that actually provides you depends largely on...well, you.

A slightly more objective benefit is the increased mass will help reduce recoil slightly and get you back on target that much faster.

Plus there was that vid of the competition dude who could reliably rack his Glock 34 one handed using only the inertia generated on the slide by holding the damn thing normal and yanking straight back towards himself and then pushing it away from himself again. Was supposedly done with a stock pistol.
>> No. 102896 ID: 6b2b62
File 148830460041.jpg - (35.23KB , 415x278 , G34slot.jpg )
The 34 slide weighs the same as a Glock 17 because they cut out metal from the top. Pic related.

OP: I am a competition shooter and own all length of 9mm Glocks other than the 17L. The difference between the G17 and G34 is minimal for close shooting. In fact, I was just on the range last week with a timer and I could barely get a detectable difference between them for a simple 7 yard draw and shot 2 on 2 targets. The only difference between the guns is front sight. I think there might be a slight difference at longer distances, but not enough that you will really notice.

If you are trying to pinch pennies, get a G17. If you get a G34, you won't regret it either and should have no problem selling it.

To take this topic to the extreme, I occasionally shoot my G26 in USPSA for the lulz and really have no issues or significant drop in standings with that either. I love that little gun though, the shape of the grip fits perfectly in my hand. So don't worry about fractions of an inch when several inches don't matter.
>> No. 102900 ID: fb893e
I'm a fan of 'longslide' models for the better balance and longer sight radius, but you're unlikely to tell the difference unless you shoot them back to back.

Speaking of comparing them, have you tried the various striker fired pistols on the range? Some pistols are softer shooting than others, so you might find a smaller Glock 19 or H&K VP9 nicer shooting than even a long slide Walther PPQ. That would make a 4.5" barrel G17 or an S&W M&P 2.0 5" much nicer to shoot in comparison.

No. 102777 ID: 813f6b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Impressive, even for a company/museum. Known anyone that could do better?
8 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 102824 ID: 813f6b
File 148760621259.jpg - (348.09KB , 1057x1600 , MG42_aloft_D6A1721hweb.jpg )

Considering how many he has, I doubt he gets the ammo to shoot from his exhibits.

Also, if you have both MG34 & MG42, wouldn't you shoot the former a lot more often? Better trigger, single/auto, higher overall quality,...
>> No. 102833 ID: 0876ee
You know, I was reading on swissrifles earlier, apparently one guy owns somewhere between 10-25% of the 550s and civ import 551s in the US.

And now this.

Theres an old guy who used to do central california shows that basically bought all the milsurp when it was super cheap back in the day, and he used to fund his retirement slowly selling it off. He literally bought two barrels of Turk mausers for $100 when they first hit the markets in the 60s, and so he'd have a few of those, a couple enfields, a 1903, and so on. He had the best 3-4 tables of the show and he'd give you a deal if you spent over a thousand or so, or if he got to recognize you.

Private party C&R long arms were banned in CA since and I think he basically stopped shortly after that.

I wanted to buy a nice bringback K98 from him years ago when I was still in college, but was $200 short of his lowest negotiating price. I tried getting my mom on the phone to lend me the money, but when she found out what it was for, she said no because I had too many guns as it was. When I told him I'd have to pass over it for that reason, he asked how many I had. About 8 or so. He laughed and said his wife told him the same thing when he hit that much, only with 2 zeros at the end of that. He let me walk out with that rifle with the promise to pay him back once I had the cash.

I like to imagine there's a lot of these old guys that saw "Crate of SVT-38s for $25? Sure why not" that will eventually reenter the market once they realize they can't take them into the afterlife and start bringing them to gun shows (and hopefully not RIA or their kids turning in for gun buyback giftcards)
>> No. 102843 ID: 628641
File 148779640892.gif - (2.74MB , 400x224 , 1483626880004.gif )
>this guy's heirs turning in functional MG42s and ma deuces for $25 Starbucks giftcards

Stop it friend. My mind does not even want to go there.
>> No. 102891 ID: b430d1

potentially good photo ruined by the unnecessary inclusion of a worthless, ugly & ignorant background prop
>> No. 102893 ID: 8c968b
Do you mean "bipod"?

File 148402408040.jpg - (417.46KB , 2000x1333 , H9 1.jpg )
102355 No. 102355 ID: d97441 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Sci-fi future 1911. I think it looks pretty neat, but with a MSRP of $1,147 and it being a brand new company, I don't see myself getting one any time soon.
55 posts and 24 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 102746 ID: 6ca38e
Huh. I'd think that with the all but imminent passing of the HPA, they'd be cranking into overdrive to be in the best position to meet the HUGE surge in demand that is likely about to take place.
>> No. 102748 ID: 6ca38e
A lot of my optimism admittedly comes from my desire to see it passed. But, objectively, as far as firearm legislation goes, the performance of the HPA in the past year has been stellar, picking up more cosponsors, faster, than pretty much any pro-gun bill in recent history.

Add in to the fact that the ATF has said outright that they won't fight against the HPA and indeed the recent white paper that was "leaked" indicates that there are strong feelings from inside the ATF about taking them off the NFA on their own. Of course, the white paper isn't policy, and obviously those feelings aren't universal. But it's good news all the same.

On the financial side, I'm not sure how much money is actually generated by the tax stamps or where exactly it goes, but in total I can't imagine it being a significant amount as far as the US Government is concerned. Millions to be sure, but against a budget measured in the hundreds of trillions (on which we don't seem to give a shit about being in the red every year as it is).

Plus...Trump Jr is all about the quiet pew pews and is close to some industry people. Trump himself also proclaimed himself to be adamantly pro 2A during the elections and it's an opportunity to prove that such proclamations were more than just lip service.

I think, all considered, the conditions simply all line up really well for the bill getting passed. Maybe I'm wrong in the way I've read things, but I'm hopeful and mostly confident that I'm right.
>> No. 102749 ID: b70387
It doesn't hurt them to be cautious in this situation. If/when the HPA passes, they can ramp up production to meet demand, and any advantage that some other company might have by already having a large inventory of suppressors would be a temporary thing. Ramping up production now could put them well into debt, which would be especially hard to pay off if the HPA doesn't pass, or even passes a year or two after they might expect. If it doesn't pass, they now have a bunch of possibly specialized equipment that they need to sell, possibly at a significant loss. If it does pass, but they overestimate the new demand for suppressors, the same applies, to a somewhat lesser extent.

We've seen similar decisions made by ammunition manufacturers during the panic buying episodes. They don't add more equipment to bring up capacity, because the panic-buying doesn't reflect a long-term trend. They need to be able to feel out any long-term trend before they do anything, or they risk screwing themselves over.

>any pro-gun bill in recent history
What other pro-gun bills have there been at the federal level in recent history?
>> No. 102830 ID: 9a106b

>What other pro-gun bills have there been at the federal level in recent history?

Nothing major like reclassifying stuff, but

for great ironies.
>> No. 102831 ID: 6ca38e
Oh hey I was posting in this thread.

Mainly the carry reciprocity bills that have been pretty much non-starters is what I was thinking of. 2, 3 times during Obama's term it came up and died it committee?

The HPA picked up 7 cosponsors last week, and twice that the week before. To compare, the CCW Reciprocity bill in 2013 averaged between 1 and 2 a week for most of its span.

Granted, picking up cosponsors is not a perfect indicator on how a bill will perform in committee and at votes, but it's kinda all we have to really go on until voting happens.

File 148735504616.jpg - (29.16KB , 640x519 , thinkin pepe.jpg )
102811 No. 102811 ID: ae1f02 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Are these any good gunstores near Albany fellow NY operaotrs? I'll be spending a few days down there and I'd like to stop by.
>> No. 102812 ID: 632b3e
There really aren't. My experience with NYS gun stores was mostly terrible. You can see if Jim's Guns on Rte 30 between Amsterdam and Broadalbin is still open, but that dude is almost certainly dead by now. He was at least funny if a complete fudd.
>> No. 102818 ID: ae1f02
>> No. 102819 ID: 957e9b
Dude you need to move out of NY.

Seriously. Like move to NH if you want to stay in the cold or to south western VA. Both are far more gun friendly on their bad days than NYS on its best.

If you insist on staying I would suggest getting a C&R, gunbrokering it up, and just avoid the gun shops as much as possible.
>> No. 102820 ID: 632b3e

I don't think a C&R would even help in the US if you tried to get anything remotely good.
>> No. 102821 ID: 632b3e
*in NYS

File 148705197699.png - (669.57KB , 720x606 , Screenshot_2017-02-13-23-55-38-1.png )
102752 No. 102752 ID: 9e5a34 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
16 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 102780 ID: 957e9b
It bothers me sooooooo much when people have to TELL YOU THAT THEY ARE AN OEF (or OIF) VETERAN...
>> No. 102781 ID: fb893e
>>102752 >>102756 >>102764 >>102765 >>102766 >>102767 >>102769

I dig the A E S T H E T I C, but that can't be all that reliable. Does someone make and sell these, or are they a gun hipster art project?
>> No. 102784 ID: f5c3ed
File 148720868785.jpg - (2.39MB , 3600x2400 , 27836667390_337447f7fd_o.jpg )
Just another way to get shit into your mag and potentially your chamber.

Now here's how you modify a mag
>> No. 102785 ID: f5c3ed
File 148720876258.jpg - (156.03KB , 800x600 , 20080329200803293298749du6.jpg )
Barfcom guide on how to do it:

If it works on a PMAG it would work on most polymer AK mags I would think.
>> No. 102799 ID: 8c869c
File 14872134609.jpg - (249.39KB , 950x1159 , img_6053.jpg )

File svt40.webm - (359.49KB )
98560 No. 98560 ID: 98c1a2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Slender auto-nugget thread.

My feelings for this rifle grow fonder with time. It's such a light rifle, the recoil is practically nothing, even the stock angle helps keep it flat. For a Russian rifle, my example has a very nice trigger. The magazine release requires no effort to actuate, having a long tab that can be accessed with gloves. The magazine well is shaped generously, and the tab for the rock-in magazine is placed in a way to reduce chances of missing the recess and mag-locking; I don't even think it's possible.

It isn't perfect, but it is by far my favorite slav rifle of that particular era.
74 posts and 46 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 102738 ID: 813f6b
File 148689051386.jpg - (45.15KB , 480x534 , 7154536228.jpg )

How will you call your creation? SVTS-40?
>> No. 102740 ID: 356ff6
People on /k/inder are going nuts.
>> No. 102741 ID: 19518e
File 148692963890.gif - (736.19KB , 300x214 , [shrugging_intensifies].gif )
Eh, they get angry an pretty much anything for any reason.

"SKT-40" for Samozaryadnaya (Samozaryadnyj? I don't into Russian at all) Karabin Tokareva, perhaps?
>> No. 102743 ID: 813f6b
>"SKT-40" for Samozaryadnaya (Samozaryadnyj? I don't into Russian at all) Karabin Tokareva, perhaps?

But the SKT40 officially existed and didn't look like your take on it.
Since there's an SVDS, SVTS might be better? :)


That's a whole lot of butthurt about a non-unique firearm. I'm just happy someone did something with skill & forethought rather than just chop bits off.
>> No. 102744 ID: 19518e
I saw the "field cuts" discussed in German, but I guess I derp'd and didn't notice they were called that officially.

Honestly I don't know, I'm terrible at naming shit. SVTS should be fine.

File 148623889191.jpg - (268.47KB , 1200x752 , Savage-Arms-MSR-15-Patrol-and-MSR-15-Recon.jpg )
102667 No. 102667 ID: fa24f6 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I really want one of the new savage msr 15 recons. The specs look amazing for the price 223 wylde, melonite oating, 1in8 twist that will shoot cheap ammo well, blackhawk blaze Nile stage, freefloat monolithic handguard, flip up sights included, and buds has them in stock for 750. I know the bottom of the gun market is about to fall out but I want to sell some of my stuff and a gun to buy one of these.
Anyone else have thoughts on these?
>> No. 102669 ID: c64f28
if a full auto version were an available option, would you purchase it? it could be an option pretty soon, are you going to regret buying now if in a few months you can get a $20,000 M16 for less than the cost of a positive reset trigger for your 15?
>> No. 102671 ID: bd9939
Like most savage products, they are junky and clunky. Carry them, have yet to sell one.

I would personally look into an Aero Precision that has a bolt and carrier made of proper materials with better QC testing in that price range.


Think there's a $30 off with free shipping coupon for a couple days on that one.

I only cracked open one Savage but it lacked any HP or MP markings.
>> No. 102673 ID: 804d8c
I would have to agree with your statement on Hughes repeal.
even if it does get repealed it is no guarantee that prices will drop.
if anything the conversion parts will go up in price and the cost of doing those conversion will increase also.
>> No. 102682 ID: c06863
I sold them too. I'm not expecting a Daniel defense level of quality. I want something light, and accurate enough. Ihave two other ars already. I know savages feel chintzy but I've seen how accurate they are. If someone offered me a savage model 10' for my rem 700 I'd take it in an instant
>> No. 102684 ID: 791f24
>I would have to agree with your statement on Hughes repeal.

I don't, there are a few pro-gun democrats in the Senate. I see real reform on weapons laws as more possible than repealing Obama or any of the tax and labor stuff that Paul Ryan is pushing. Democrats will line up for filibusters on a lot of topics, but on guns they might not have enough people.

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