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File 146592047073.jpg - (91.84KB , 600x450 , dpms308lower.jpg )
97922 No. 97922 ID: c7cec9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I've always wanted to build a .308/7.62 in the AR platform, just now thinking about getting into it. Where can I get the best bang-for-your-buck lower? I'm seeing *a lot* priced in $150-200 range, is that the normal rate for them or are they getting jacked up from the recent shootings?
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>> No. 98010 ID: 028b36
I think because it's a stripped lower which means it could turn into a pistol. Sorry man for shitty NJ law.
>> No. 98035 ID: c7cec9
File 14661800304.jpg - (292.19KB , 612x612 , lower.jpg )

That didn't stop me from getting a York Arms lower.. Maybe I need to call them and ask nicely.
>> No. 98043 ID: 54180e
That doesn't make much sense for California. If I get a stripped lower here they just force me to make the transfer as a long gun on the forms. I think a lot of shops are just saying fuck it were not reading the 200 pages of gun laws to figure out if this is kosher or not.
>> No. 98044 ID: bd9939
To be fair, shipping anything to CA as an FFL is a pain in the dick and not worth the effort at all. I had to set up our account with the California DOJ to send a shitty savage a few weeks ago and it was totes not worth the involvement. Didn't help that it was to a fucking douchebag.

Like I feel for the people that have to deal with that. But we honestly have a lot more to lose than gain.
>> No. 98047 ID: cc91ac
Fuck 'em. Build your own while it's still legal, CAmrade.

File 146516083797.jpg - (3.55MB , 4160x2340 , 0605161257.jpg )
97732 No. 97732 ID: 5ce855 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Should I make a golfball gun from a mosin nagant or a break open 12 gauge?
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>> No. 97807 ID: a19011
you see them occasionally here, they were a thing prior to Hungerford getting shotguns a knee jerk capacity ban.

usually you see them with welded in mags now. ~100 will get you a nice one.
>> No. 97856 ID: 7e827c
I've always wanted to make a rifled and scoped bolt-action shotgun for slugs.
>> No. 97864 ID: 490e84
so, some 12 gauge slugs weigh as much or more than a golfball, 1.6oz. This thing is going to have some serious kick on it and put a golfball at near supersonic speed.
>> No. 97865 ID: ce2b82
File 146570143079.jpg - (329.32KB , 1075x665 , bullets, shotgun slug cast slugs and their wads 1.jpg )
Buying cases of shotgun slugs is murder on shipping charges.
But for really hefty slugs, muzzle-loaders and old black powder big bore cartridge rifles are impressive. A friend was shooting a muzzle-loading 4 gauge elephant gun. The 4 gauge roundballs were 26.72mm which is 1.052 inches and they weighed 4 ounces. That's a quarter-pound bullet. Sure, knock a few millimeters off for loading patched balls, but he also had long conical 4 gauge bullets that weighed a half-pound each. That's a big, hefty bullet.

4 gauge bullet: http://www.operatorchan.org/k/src/145954592632.jpg
>> No. 97992 ID: a615a8
>tfw I read that as "Should I make a goofball gun?"
>tfw I have no face

Either way, the answer is "very yes." The shotgun will be a less expensive base gun for the kind of shenanigans you appear to have in mind.

File 146507381446.jpg - (25.20KB , 515x600 , 1c6.jpg )
97696 No. 97696 ID: ade114 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>went to an auction on my way to buy hose clamps
>walk around and see a table with some guns
>a shitty single barrel shotgun
>a beat up lever-action
>and a pretty nice looking SxS parker with a very low serial number
>get pretty excited
>ask when it's going up for action
>tfw I'm told it already sold for $100
>tfw I was an hour late to buy a probably $1000+ shotgun
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>> No. 97797 ID: 52ed6e
In 2008 I turned down a $300 MAK-90 because I was going to college and had nowhere to store it.
>> No. 97798 ID: 79b400
Sharing the pain.
>> No. 97801 ID: 757bc2
my first gun was a 870 wingmaster 12ga. for $100.
I done good.
>> No. 97934 ID: a615a8
Dealers local to me have grabbed up a bunch of Detroit PD surplus M&Ps in .40 and you can find some of them at minimal markups.

I got one with one backstrap, one mag, and dim-but-functional night sights for $320 and tax a few weeks back, which on close examination appeared to have been carried a lot but not shot much at all.

I have noticed that the one I picked out really doesn't like Winchester ammunition. By that I specifically mean that when I use Winchester brand ammo--and it can be anything from Winchester White Box from Wal-Mart to the spendy PDX1 defensive ammo with bonded bullets and nickel cases--I get three-point stoppages. Lots and lots of three-point stoppages, in fact the more expensive the ammo is the more the gun chokes on it. With WWB I get one or two stoppages per box of fifty, with some Silvertips I found in boxes of twenty I was getting stoppages every 2-3 rounds. The bullet goes up the feed ramp and goes into the chamber but the extractor does not engage the case rim as the cartridge comes out of the magazine and the slide does not go all the way into battery because the extractor is not snapping over the base of the case into the extractor groove.

If a 1911 did this I'd say the extractor was giving excessive tension and needed to be either adjusted or replaced.

But, frustratingly, the pistol runs like a raped ape with everything else. Old truncated-cone 180gr Hydra-Shoks or 180gr Gold Dots with the super wide cavities you could mix a drink in? They run absolutely fine. Aluminum case ammo? Runs fine. Tula steel-case? Runs 100%, absolutely not a hiccup. Hornady? Fiocchi? Seller & Beillot? Blazer Brass? They all run just fine. Put Winchester ammo in it and the gun she don't wanna work.

Which annoys me greatly--I am not a huge fan of polymer handguns, but the M&P with the large size backstrap fits my hand well, points naturally and balances well for me, is very soft-shooting for a .40, and I find the trigger usable. Not great--but I can hit with it fast, though I do sometimes wonder what Apex parts and a bit of fluff and buff on the moving parts would accomplish.

Maybe there's something going on with extractor groove dimensions here with some Winchester cases. I have heard that about ten years ago CZ redesigned the extractor in the .40 caliber CZ75s and blamed it on weird things going on with extractor groove dimensions in Winchester brass. Maybe the extractor spring needs to be replaced. Maybe the gun needs a heavier recoil spring to cram the rounds into the chamber more better and force the extractor hook to pivot as it goes forward--it's got the old recoil spring with the blue paint, which was recently superseded, according to S&W, with a heavier spring just
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 97939 ID: c7cec9

A lot of the M&P 9's had issues with Winchester, I believe even some police departments ditched them completely for multiple failures in the academies.

Personally when I had an M&P40 I hated running 155/165gr ammo through it, I'd get a lot of malfunctions with 155gr, not as much with 165gr. I started to use 180gr, mostly reloads and it all worked out fine. Ended up ordering reloads by the bulk in 180gr and never really had a problem, I'll have to check the brass to see if any are Winchester though. xD

They're cool feeling guns, very very comfortable, more so than Glocks in my hands. But I could not get over that trigger, it's just so plastic-y and fragile feeling. I really wanted to slap an Apex Trigger in there and some other race-gun type stuff, but I ended up selling it and getting another gun altogether. I'd really like to own another, but I need to try some aftermarket triggers in one first.

File 146532340994.jpg - (708.59KB , 1564x1564 , 1465280076215.jpg )
97768 No. 97768 ID: 0fa6d7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Shamelessly stolen from 4chan, but I needed to share this.

Linear comp would've been better for that setup... But it would not provide the same recoil mitigation, of course.
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>> No. 97904 ID: 98c1a2
File 146575208444.jpg - (1.47MB , 2816x2112 , 1396294757655.jpg )
More of these please
>> No. 97905 ID: dc384e
Okay, somebody explain the 'Danish Jaegers rams house with car' thing to me
>> No. 97909 ID: 5a04bf
File 146583707948.jpg - (64.79KB , 600x428 , 1465833899360.jpg )
>> No. 97910 ID: 5a04bf
File 14658370936.jpg - (54.81KB , 600x428 , 1465832990996.jpg )
>> No. 97911 ID: 98c1a2
I googled and found the page those were on, but I know there's higher resolution versions somewhere.

File 146440646225.png - (161.60KB , 606x432 , DominoGun.png )
97567 No. 97567 ID: b66324 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone else feel like there are detriments of gun ownership that we need to own up to? Our nation's rate of legal gun ownership causes problems. Don't get me wrong; I think the pros vastly outweigh the cons, but there are certain arguments we need to stop using. In terms of the number of gun related suicides, the common response from our side is "if someone wants to kill themselves, they'll find a way." This assumes suicide is a rational, thought out process when often it is an irrational, impulsive one. With a lower rate of people owning easy "off buttons", there would totally be less suicides. Another common argument from gun rights folks about illegal firearm possession and usage is that criminals often use illegally gained guns to do their misdeeds, bypassing background checks. However, it logically follows that in a country with a lower rate of firearm ownership, there would be less guns to steal. Pointing out the rate at which stolen firearms are used in crimes is ultimately not an argument for our side.

Please, do not misunderstand me. As Gary Kleck continues to point out, annual defensive gun uses in this country are potentially in the FUCKING MILLIONS! That will outweigh a whole lot of drawbacks, but to deny that there are any drawbacks is intellectually dishonest.

Discussion? Rebuttals? Fuck you commie? Don't hold back.
33 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97853 ID: 85e30a

You know just as well as I do that trash who don't have guns become trash with knives day to day, and trash with bats and crowbars when they're really pissed off.

>but mah suicides
Japan has plenty of suicides.

Correlation is not causation, and every single one of you knows this.

No study i've seen has found any causation behind guns and suicides. Ready access TO ANYTHING that is likely to work quickly causes an increase in suicides. Guns are not unique in this.
>> No. 97854 ID: ce2b82
File 146562328194.gif - (438.80KB , 500x368 , Law, suicide Disney Daisy animated 1.gif )
So what to take away with this?
If you are living with a bunch of violent impetuous thugs who very well may blast people in the home, get out.
If there are kids in the home (or really stupid infantile adults), lock the guns away from them.
And if there is some guy in the home who may indeed be suicidal, get him away from the guns and get him some treatment. It may be difficult if the guns are his, but the sheriff may be understanding if you are doing this for his benefit and are not just stealing from him.
>> No. 97855 ID: ce2b82
  Donald's Dilemma, a 1947 Walt Disney Studios cartoon of traumatic personality changes, morbid attachment disorders, selfishness, suicide and psychiatric malpractice. https://youtu.be/8DTmpwe4kr0
>> No. 97859 ID: ce2b82
File 146565681039.png - (7.55KB , 650x367 , us_methods_of_suicide_2012.png )
>No study i've seen has found any causation behind guns and suicides.
Guns don't really cause suicide. Guns are used as methods of committing suicide. Despair, desperation, depression, chronic disease, religious delusions, etc. are major causes of suicide.
In the USA, firearms dominate in the number one method of suicide at over 50%.
All suicides - Number of deaths: 41,149 - Deaths per 100,000 population: 13.0 - Cause of death rank: 10
- Firearm suicides: Number of deaths: 21,175 Deaths per 100,000 population: 6.7
- Suffocation suicides: Number of deaths: 10,062 Deaths per 100,000 population: 3.2
- Poisoning suicides: Number of deaths: 6,637 Deaths per 100,000 population: 2.1

US methods of suicide - In the USA, there are three particularly popular methods of successful suicide: firearms, suffocation/hanging (likely to be largely hanging, but will also include carbon monoxide poisoning) and poisoning (commonly by drugs). Naturally, in the US, firearms are much easier to come by than other countries, hence their relative popularity in the US as a suicide method. http://lostallhope.com/suicide-statistics/us-methods-suicide
US methods of suicide 2012
>> No. 97860 ID: ce2b82
File 146565818687.jpg - (827.36KB , 1104x1539 , CC Japanese seppuku Ukiyo-e woodblock print Edo pe.jpg )
>Japan has plenty of suicides.
Last I read, Japan has the same number of yearly suicides that the USA has, but the USA has around 2.5 times Japan's population. Japan has a big problem with suicide. They might have an even larger amount of suicides if they have such ready access to guns as is the case in the USA. Let's face the fact that guns offer an immediate and effective way of committing suicide especially to people who attempt suicide impulsively. Going out to jump off a bridge or stand in front of a speeding train offers time for the suicidal person to reconsider his/her decision. Overdoses of pills can be vomited out or treated at a hospital, but once that trigger is pulled, you can't get that bullet back in the cartridge.

Comparative study about methods of suicide between Japan and the United States:
Age-adjusted mortality rates from suicide in Japan were about 2 times higher for males and 3 times higher for females compared with the United States. The most common method among both genders in Japan was hanging, followed by jumping from a high place. In the United States, it was firearms among both genders, followed by hanging among males and drugs among females. For Asians in the United States, hanging was the method of choice for about half among both genders; hanging was the most common method for the age group of 40 years or more among males and for all age groups among females. Firearms were the method of choice for the 20-39 age group among males. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15617392

No. 97628 ID: ce2b82 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
  Section/platoon machine-guns of WW2.
Here, a Brit compares the Bren Gun to the MG42 and finds strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation and the fan-boys are driven insane by the heretical notion that anything about the German MG42 could be inferior.
Bren vs Spandau - which was better? https://youtu.be/VXQygRVvEmM
120 posts and 108 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97837 ID: ce2b82
File 146554463829.jpg - (170.18KB , 1800x1201 , Italian WW2 Breda Model 5C light machine gun (3).jpg )
>> No. 97838 ID: ce2b82
File 14655446963.jpg - (231.10KB , 1800x1201 , Italian WW2 Breda Model 5C light machine gun (4).jpg )
>> No. 97839 ID: ce2b82
File 146554473791.jpg - (180.35KB , 1800x1201 , Italian WW2 Breda Model 5C light machine gun (5).jpg )
>> No. 97840 ID: ce2b82
File 146554479197.jpg - (180.76KB , 1800x1201 , Italian WW2 Breda Model 5C light machine gun (6).jpg )
>> No. 97841 ID: ce2b82
File 14655448171.jpg - (1.07MB , 6887x4372 , Italian WW2 Breda Model 5C light machine gun (7).jpg )

File 146385735548.jpg - (19.93KB , 450x173 , Kel-Tec_RFB_Carbine.jpg )
97460 No. 97460 ID: df12a0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
My local funstore has a gently-used RFB on the rack, for $1050.
The RFB was returned by the previous owner with the little-est bit of noticeable rust (must've had a seriously sweaty cheek-weld, I guess), the odd sratches here-and-there, and comes with Magpul BUIS.

Should I buy it?

Entertaining reasons for your answers, beyond a simple y/n.
34 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97561 ID: ea7ede
File 14643700979.jpg - (125.56KB , 900x412 , ARM_pistol.jpg )

>Can such a thing be done?

Yes. It's been done; there's a few clunky modern iterations of the idea too, but so far I haven't seen anyone really pick up the idea again, even if it seems obvious in light of the brace thing hmmm, what if we took the end of a vz61 stock andspliced in something like a SBX...

Bonus: sights go on top turn a bit relative to the magazine/receiver
>> No. 97615 ID: bec165

Reliability mostly. Even renown shill Tim from Military Arms Channel has nothing good to say about his. I don't know if he ever got his working right.
>> No. 97618 ID: b83b37
No, they're interesting but not very well made.
>> No. 97738 ID: 7d8bca
I have to kinda agree with this guy >>97618

I've shot and worked on a RFB. It did seem to be reliable surprisingly. I shot brass and steel cased garbage out of it in varying order and it never jammed. Its a bit spooky though. Can't check the chamber EVER.
While sandblasting it for Cerakoting, I noticed the parkerizing aint shit. It comes off very easily. The Anodizing however; is a different fucking story. The RFB's anodizing was some of the hardest shit I have ever had to get off. The chrome plated bolt was shitty. It was flaking off. The plastic on it seems good though. The trigger parts and inner workings seemed pretty good too I must say. Grouping aint that good with it. Not at all 1 moa but still ok-ish. Like an SKS.
>> No. 97746 ID: 12481e
File 146518835380.jpg - (37.62KB , 473x309 , vomit 2.jpg )
>guns held together with screws

File 146468458388.jpg - (187.52KB , 720x480 , 3a.jpg )
97624 No. 97624 ID: dda126 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

>rail mounted drectly to the barrel
>receiver we hate you! receiver go to hell!

Oh yes. This pleases me. Now make it all in 5.56!
12 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97671 ID: ce2b82
File 146490620562.jpg - (89.17KB , 800x533 , Swiss SIG SG 510, also known as the StG_57 rifle.jpg )
Some models of the Swiss SIG SG 510, aka Sturmgewehr 57 automatic rifle, have bipods that fold over the top of the barrels. Some have bipods that fold underneath.
>> No. 97672 ID: 53e7c0
File 146490789053.jpg - (48.55KB , 702x281 , soldier_bipod_lg.jpg )
That's just where they fold. The bipod itself consists of a collar that wraps around the barrel shroud. It works like a "normal" bipod with the "apex" under the barrel.
>> No. 97680 ID: 9ec146
File 146497649379.jpg - (876.55KB , 3216x2136 , trg42.jpg )

>They're not terribly common yet

They're not common here, because apparently our populace can't physics; plenty common elsewhere. The point is to have the pivot for the bipod legs at or slightly above (when practical) boreline. The "regular" setup is inherently unstable by comparison, you end up putting a lot more user input into it to stabilize, you just don't realize it.

It's not a "marginal" increase in stability. Maybe not as noticeable at 200 yards after too many six packs, plenty noticeable if you're doing anything accurate.
>> No. 97682 ID: 33338c
File 146498375338.jpg - (107.56KB , 650x487 , eliteironbipod.jpg )
The Elite Iron ones seem pretty neat, if comically overpriced (starting MSRP is $625). Apparently they rotate 360°.
>> No. 97714 ID: dda126
File 146511733425.jpg - (57.08KB , 600x800 , mp5.jpg )
>Furthermore, mounting things on the top rail of a rifle like this just interferes with your optics.

As if the ring in >>97682 around the barrel could not be made into a wide opening U thus clearing the path for the scope - which >>97680 sort of does already. In any case, bipods should be receiver mounted. That way you'd be able to cover more ground before you have to change your position.

File 146397298485.gif - (111.83KB , 834x1367 , shooter-1.gif )
97506 No. 97506 ID: ade114 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
How do I git gud? I've been practicing shooting from the hip but I can barely hit a chest-high plate at 30 feet, even then it's only 1 or 2 shots out of 6. I notice I'm also shooting really far to the right each time as well but I overcorrect and just miss the target entirely.

Is there some trick or is it just down to practice?
12 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97614 ID: b83b37
I prefer both subdued myself. If I'm using the sights beyond "pistol is in my field of vision and pointed mostly the right way" then I'm trying to make a long or super accurate shot.
>> No. 97626 ID: f87148

>Revolver Oceslut

The only way this image could get better would be if those were shutter shades.
>> No. 97632 ID: ade114
This is specifically just for trick shooting. I'm already fairly competent at normally using a handgun. Just for funsies.

For reference this is my 65' or roughly 20 yard range that I normally shoot at, for the more whimsical shit I get much closer.

I also need to hammer that plate back into shape, it's starting to curl.
>> No. 97633 ID: ade114
File 146472963179.jpg - (362.41KB , 692x1028 , _22 shooting range.jpg )
>> No. 97658 ID: eafc11
  Take a Southnarc ECQC class. It's three days of shooting from the number two draw position, retention, and blue gun sims training while having your ass beat.

Money well spent. I've had the good fortune to go twice.

File 146042355137.jpg - (201.80KB , 1920x1032 , P4115190cr.jpg )
96833 No. 96833 ID: 6372b6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I haven't really gotten anything new in terms of pew-pews since the big one. This time I just had a bit of an impulse buy for a shotgun that caught my eye.

I know it's a little pricey for a Turkish gun. I knew that going into this, but I felt it deserved a chance and I was really interested in this model's specific configuration and layout. I wanted the following:
>box mags
>in-line stock
>familiar controls
>optic friendly

Here are my first impression after unboxing, inspecting, fondling, disassembly, reassembly, and dry drills. I seriously go this just a few hours ago so despite the new gun high I'll try to be impartial.
36 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97533 ID: 98c1a2
File 146415924592.png - (385.83KB , 1134x231 , adsdl copy.png )
Welp I said fuck it and done gone fixed this myself.

I took more pics of the process but my phone is a little on the "oh god it hurts to live" side and most things got corrupted. I can see the thumbnails but she don't want to open nothing.

Either way, I just went overkill, put it on the 4th, lined it up with a test dial indicator, drilled #29 almost the whole way down into the barrel.
>> No. 97535 ID: 98c1a2
File 146415964199.jpg - (472.90KB , 1301x1734 , prayerstohismachineliness.jpg )
Threading required some unconventional tactics because my tapping handles interfered with the barrel, and I didn't want to bother with a G84 on only one hole.

Sure it probably would have worked, but I'd rather feel it out especially on an odd angle like that. Hands are a little more sensitive...

>as a tech-priest, you must become the milling machine
>> No. 97536 ID: 98c1a2
File 146415982157.jpg - (883.21KB , 2477x1858 , 20160524_184955.jpg )
8-36, but not all the way through.

From the start of the hole to the barrel, there's .380". I drilled .350" down, and tapped 10 turns. 1/36 = 0.0278", so I ended up tapping just under .300" in, give or take a bit due to the lead on the tap.
>> No. 97538 ID: 98c1a2
File 146416007565.jpg - (950.13KB , 2477x1858 , 20160524_203341.jpg )
I only had some cap head screws in 8-36 on hand so I chopped it and cut a flathead channel with a hacksaw.

Then I gave it a sharp little whack with a drift punch to peen over a couple threads and lock the screw in there. Can't go anywhere now.

I expect it to be a little undergassed with no gas rings, but run properly once the correct gas rings are installed. If it's still undergassed, I'll just drill a hole in the screw and adjust from there.
>> No. 97605 ID: 98c1a2
File 146456455895.jpg - (490.47KB , 1201x1345 , CIMG0479.jpg )
Wow she still runs on one gas port. In the high speed, cyclic rate on standard birdshot cheap stuff is a little on the sluggish side, but still fine.

Slugs now eject like the birdshot did before on the stock gun.

I'm ok with all this now, should be good.

Hornady Superformance 00 at 50 yards patterned like this with the modified choke. Slugs shoot well enough, haven't really gone to 100 or more yet but at 50 yards with an ammo box rest I put 5 in a 2" circle so that's fine for me.

To conclude, I give this a rating of 猫に哲学/10.

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