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File 146326033837.jpg - (35.83KB , 1155x1155 , 96175_ts.jpg )
97387 No. 97387 ID: b0b6d9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Since the ATF is a bad of dicks I can't exactly just buy a stock and a longer barrel for my handguns. To get around this I've been looking into purpose made carbines.

Any one else into ultralight firearms?
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>> No. 97411 ID: 0cb322
Mech-Tech carbine units include the legal length barrel. Simply adding a stock to a Glock w/out a Form 1 filed prior to putting the parts together, as 8be205 said, is very illegal. The same as putting a forgrip on a pistol or removing your 16" and putting a 10" barrel on your 6920.

I'll get into specifics in the next post, a tl;dr version.
>> No. 97412 ID: 0cb322
I'll try to be detailed, but succinct at the same time.
The laws are goofy on this, as many gun laws are, because they are based on the ATF's definitions and later re-interpretations after people have done things and the ATF said "NYET".

The term “Pistol” means a weapon originally designed, made, and intended to fire a projectile (bullet) from one or more barrels when held in one hand, and having:
- a chamber(s) as an integral part(s) of, or permanently aligned with, the bore(s);
- and a short stock designed to be gripped by one hand at an angle to and extending below the line of the bore(s).

The term “Rifle” means a weapon designed or redesigned, made or remade, and intended to be fired from the shoulder and designed or redesigned and made or remade to use the energy of the explosive in a fixed metallic cartridge to fire only a single projectile through a rifled bore for each single pull of the trigger.

Adding a stock to a pistol "remakes/alters" the original configuration of the gun to meet the ATF's rifle definition, meaning it's now an Short Barreled Rifle or SBR and subject to NFA regulation. Adding a forgrip to a pistol creates an "Any Other Weapon" a catch-all category they created to regulate lots of things, such as short barreled shotguns, "sawn-off" rifles/shotguns, or cane guns, etc.

Mech Tech and other companies get around this by adding in a full legal-length barrel, and sell the "kit" much like an AR Upper. The frame of a most pistols is what counts as the actual serial numbered "firearm" part, like an AR lower; no other part really matters and you can change them out and around at will.

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>> No. 97413 ID: b0b6d9
So from what I understand, It's perfectly legal to turn a handgun into a rifle or carbine as long as I have a stock and the appropriate length barrel for it?
>> No. 97414 ID: 8be205
This,pretty much.

When I said slapping a stock on your pistol I was more meaning stuff like these:
This needs a Form 1 in order to have one on your glock and keep your dog.
>> No. 97417 ID: 52ed6e

File 145840746291.jpg - (51.60KB , 500x324 , akm_poster.jpg )
96136 No. 96136 ID: 53e7c0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Well guys, I did it. I plunked down the dosh an an early East German MPiKM (AKM) parts kit. Why East German? I was thinking of making a Polish Tantal clone, but I found these new old stock DDR AKMs which were new/never issued. So just because they aren't making anymore of them, plus it's something a little different.

So any AK/SKS fans out there have any preferences for ammo?
What have you guys found is the most consistent grouping, box to box, for you?

I don't have the ability to go out and shoot anywhere near as often as I like, so spending a little more than Wolf or PPU pricing per round is ok with me, I'd prefer more accurate ammo, as opposed to volume.

I've heard the PPU Soft Points are very accurate, as well as the Lapua stuff. I missed it but Brownells had a sale on 7.62x39 I guess and pretty much everything but Wolf is sold out.
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>> No. 96236 ID: 8f35bf
the oven cleaner & brake cleaner may be harsh on the wood, so careful.
>> No. 97230 ID: 1f626b
Golden Tiger and Wolf Military Classic, both 124 gr. Both shoot very well out of my SKS and AK. Hornady SSTs for when things need to stop moving faster. Prefer it over the federal and cheaper.
>> No. 97362 ID: f57876
Diluted simple green in an ultrasonic cleaner is the Mikhail-Tier of cosmoline removal
>> No. 97363 ID: 0a9273

yes, because everybody has a ultrasonic machine big enough to fit random gun parts in.
>> No. 97364 ID: bd9939
I always boiled the metal parts in my slavshit days. Reasonably disassemble, throw in a large pot on the stove with boiling water or if you have some kind of outdoor setup that's even better. I sometimes used the propane burner and the pot we used to prep turkeys for plucking/butchering. Wipe errythang down with a rag/towel you don't mind staining. Then I'd put them in the shower as hot as I can get it. Get naked, live the dream playa. The running water makes a big difference.

Then dry with any towel, lubricate and oil and bam.

Never really had too much trouble with the wood to be honest. 4 AK's, various surplus parts and mags, 5 nuggets and a RC mauser and the wood was never really too coated., but I would think the garbage bag in the car or plopping down for a heat gun would be my preference.

PS: Boiling them smells. A lot.

Also golden tiger was also my preference. Used to get it cheapish from wideners. Haven't looked in a long time it though.

File 146269106059.jpg - (192.30KB , 1024x723 , Oddworld-SW.jpg )
97311 No. 97311 ID: 681be9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I wanna build one. Gimme everything you guys got on their design, variants and uses in history, and construction. google has been limited help with the exception of the extremely technical and dry crossbow.wikia and odd old design from popular mechanics
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>> No. 97348 ID: 8be205
well, just apply modern caseless ammo tech to the naval gun with sabots and you could make some pretty gnarly range improvements.

Using doughnut-shaped bag charges in the same way as the booster rings around a mortar round, with wider-than-bore bagged charges in the breach face area is the simplest way, kind of a hybrid of the current bagged charges old WWII guns, and a take off of the LSAT CT powder-around-the-projectile method of cartridge design.

I wonder at the powder-charge load requirements to move a sabot at mach 3+ are, and what the minimum sized sub-caliber projectile you could use and still get kinetic penetration and compression explosion like the projectiles from the BAE railgun?

Because you could make a really strong case for putting reactor into the Iowa and Big Mo, using the sabot idea even on some newly-made 2-gun turrets for weight reduction, fitting a few more Phalanx CIWS systems, a few RIM banks for anti-aircraft and then 4-5 VLS Mk-57s like on the Zumwalt for a very strong candidate for an arsenal ship design.

Goddamn, WPR, you make me think of such awful longshot ideas that could be so amazing if a Militaires Sans Frontiers /Payback Enterprises organization ever got the money to fund this kind of shit.
>> No. 97349 ID: 651d8b
Doubtful. Aerodynamic drag increases by the square of velocity, meaning that for every doubling of velocity you get a fourfold increase in drag. For a gun firing a projectile that isn't self powered (e.g. an artillery shell as opposed to a rocket), there is an optimal firing angle to maximize range. After that, the only way to increase range is by increasing muzzle velocity. You very quickly hit a point of diminishing returns.

Assuming no atmospheric resistance and an optimal firing angle to maximize range, range is proportional to velocity squared. The distance between North America and Europe is ~2100mi at the closest, and the maximum range of the 16"/50 caliber Mark 7 gun is ~23mi, so you'd need to increase range by a factor of ~90 to get it to be "intercontinental" (unless we're considering technicalities like lobbing shells across portions of Panama, or between mainland Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula).

Neglecting differences in ballistic coefficient between the Mark 8 shell and a APFSDS suited for a 16" bore, you'd need a muzzle velocity of far greater than 9.5x (23,800 ft/s) the 16" gun's normal muzzle velocity.

That's just back-of-napkin calculations, but basically, no, it wouldn't work as proposed. You'd need something Project Babylon sized.
>> No. 97350 ID: 98c1a2
I guess maybe not intercontinental, but cross-country could be possible considering APFSDS is much lower drag than standard shells, and you could probably send it high enough to reduce atmospheric pressure.

And then there's HARP, like Babylon.

We may yet theoretically spear some poor fucking terrorist halfway across the world.

>you make me think of such awful longshot ideas that could be so amazing if a Militaires Sans Frontiers /Payback Enterprises organization ever got the money to fund this kind of shit
welcome to my life
>> No. 97358 ID: f1df34
WE could make a EFP with a nuke again.

Targeting might be difficult though.

>> No. 97361 ID: 8be205
Kiloton-scale pulsed atomic detonation cannon loaded with 6-7 meter RAP-equipped saboted projectiles.

Project Orion meets the V3 gun.

You'd need one motherfucker or a run-up line for the rocket assist though, before initiating the first atomic pulse.

There's precedence too:
>Thunder wells.
>22 mi/s estimated velocity on the launched steel plate shaft cap from a 300t fizzle.
>I think I could choke a giraffe on my boner right now.

File 146258358074.jpg - (62.89KB , 600x500 , deebly goncerned.jpg )
97287 No. 97287 ID: db411e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I chose a Ruger Single Six instead of a Ruger MK.3, both were pretty similarly priced. Did I goof?
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>> No. 97324 ID: 028b36
File 146276468048.jpg - (298.18KB , 699x754 , P7.jpg )
>> No. 97327 ID: db411e
Also, is Ruger holster's pretty good? Or should I go with a different brand? I'm left-handed so finding a good holster is pretty hard.
>> No. 97330 ID: 8be205
bianchi is supposed to make good revolver holsters, and makes left-hand versions. Depending on your barrel length though it may only be a shoulder holster.

Lou Alessi, but I think you have to custom-order a lefty model and Alessi start's at $160 anyway.
>> No. 97343 ID: f7ab51

Actually, welcome to before the internet. HK produced a lot of catalogs for their non-commercial customers too, as companies do. The mistake first showed up in a late 70s catalog and they kinda ran with it off and on; it's "Where's Waldo" for HK's traditional customers.

I think the infamous USP photo is the first time it ever ended up in one of their commercial catalogs, at least.
>> No. 97345 ID: be0d6b
I have a Lobo Gun Leather holster that's beautifully made and affordable, though there was a lead time when I ordered last year. I'd check the website and see if anything they offer fits your needs. Note that they had a recent ownership change. The new guys are supposed to be doing great work, but make sure you're in contact with the new owners when ordering.

File 146169102298.jpg - (96.33KB , 640x440 , image.jpg )
97196 No. 97196 ID: e628d4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I have a 14.5" carbine with a mid length gas system (pictured). Until this weekend I had a 2 piece Daniel defense omega free float rail. For a variety of reasons, I sold it to PJ to put on lady Peej's rifle. Now I am looking for a new system but am overwhelmed with the options.

Things I want/need in order of importance
Attach to standard barrel nut
Doesn't require muzzle device removal
Free floating
Longer than standard Middy rails (I'm going to chop my gas block)
Top rail options for BUIS
Bottom rail options for AFG
Not much more than $200

I like the 12" Samson keymod evolution rail that's on my RPR so I'm considering either getting another identical one, a different but similar keymod rail or taking the tube off the RPR to use on the AR and getting a different rail for the RPR since it only needs a bipod.

Any other ideas I should look at?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 97255 ID: ad8094
Front sight I am guessing? I have a flip up one at home... I think let me check when I get home.
>> No. 97280 ID: 631046
Herp a derp. Yes, front sight, that's what I get for not reading my posts before I hit submit
>> No. 97283 ID: 81e283
Check /trade/ I got a YHM spring loaded flip up sight I've just been playing with the quick deploying button like Homer here.

Sight goes up and sight goes down
>> No. 97305 ID: df7bef
File 146267313897.jpg - (1.10MB , 3264x1164 , image.jpg )
>> No. 97331 ID: 9d645e
damn i want one of those now.

File 146120131824.jpg - (28.21KB , 1200x357 , model81.jpg )
97135 No. 97135 ID: 5a0b76 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What can opchan tell me of these handsome rifles? What's the draw back to it's recoil operated design that keeps you from seeing some modern variation of it?
I know they have semi-auto shotguns using inertia driven bolts, what's to keep that from being in a rifle?
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97149 ID: 1c2363
>so the pressure of a modern rifle cartridge would slam the bolt back to hard?
No, as the rearward motion of the bolt in an inertia system is a result of the floating bolt body being "thrown" to the rear by the bolt head spring. Provided the spring achieves full compression, bolt velocity will be the same from load to load.

A greater concern would be if the operating system were to allow the action to open before pressures have dropped to what an unsupported cartridge case can contain.
>> No. 97156 ID: df919f
The bolt won't unlock if the pressure is high enough to damage the gun from slamming in to the rear of the receiver.
The only way that would happen would be if the modern powder caused the pressure to raise after the bolt unlocks. Modern powders are less likely to have something like that happen, though.
You might be thinking more like a blowback gun where a higher power load can make the cartridge eject way too early. However, it is still possible that a more powerful loading can hurt a recoil operated gun. The recoil is still increased, and it would put more stress on the barrel (especially the chamber). That only applies to an old gun, though. Not to recoil operation in general.
>> No. 97160 ID: 5a0b76
after doing some more poking around, it seems like the family of delayed blowback mechanisms accomplish the task of dealing with high pressure rounds.
I wounder how feasible it is to make a delayed blowback system that could have a clutch to lock the bolt and effectively make it a straight pull bolt action.

I would spend far more money than what is wise if it got me a gun that looked like a model 81 that could run .300blk/.45socom/.45-70govt/.51whisper what have you in both semi and closed bolt for maximum suppression mode.
Plus it would be very easy to maintain its take down feature like the original model 8

can't embed cuz i'm dumb so heres a tube video
>> No. 97164 ID: 8be205
to embed, click the "share" link at the bottom of the video on youtube and copy the youtu.be/xxxxxxxxxxxxx link and post it in the embed box here on opchan.

Also I'd love a Model 81 in .300 Savage.
>> No. 97308 ID: 681be9
Awesome rifles. Great Semi-Auto replacement for 30-30 lever gun or similar powered bolt gun for woods hunting. reciprocating barrel and being 100+ year old semi-auto rifles they balance like shit and feel much heavier than they are.

File 145954432848.jpg - (167.27KB , 1800x359 , antique US Owen-Rewa 4-bore elephant gun double ri.jpg )
96505 No. 96505 ID: 83d63c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Elephant guns
132 posts and 104 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97272 ID: 94b3dd
File 146231216954.jpg - (293.20KB , 1580x1016 , antique UK Webley & Scott _450 3_25 inch under.jpg )
>> No. 97273 ID: 94b3dd
File 146231221498.jpg - (199.48KB , 1548x697 , antique UK Webley & Scott _450 3_25 inch under.jpg )
>> No. 97274 ID: 94b3dd
File 146231224925.jpg - (261.48KB , 1507x878 , antique UK Webley & Scott _450 3_25 inch under.jpg )
>> No. 97275 ID: 94b3dd
File 146231227453.jpg - (202.68KB , 1521x805 , antique UK Webley & Scott _450 3_25 inch under.jpg )
>> No. 97276 ID: 94b3dd
File 146231229296.jpg - (223.42KB , 1600x769 , antique UK Webley & Scott _450 3_25 inch under.jpg )

File 146197444639.jpg - (776.57KB , 1365x1024 , DSC_0359.jpg )
97226 No. 97226 ID: d9b692 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Full range review coming tomorrow, can't wait to pew pew this thing.
10 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97246 ID: 7188a3
>my stock Beretta 92A1
>fixed barrel
>> No. 97247 ID: d9b692
Gee, I leave for a day and this is what I come back to?

I forgot how much I missed this place <3

I was sad to learn about the misgivings of the Kriss deal, too. I guess I really lucked out getting this for the price I did. It was lightly used, under 100rds through it based on the wear that I saw (or rather the lack thereof). Though this kinda puts a wrinkle in things for potentially making this my carry. No sense adopting a platform that I can't get service/parts for down the line...

Anywho, as far as shooting goes, it's very nice. The trigger is very smooth and consistent DA and really crisp SA. I was worried with how stiff it felt as soon as I got it, but a quick lubing up solved most of that, the PO must have sonic cleaned it because it was bone dry when I got it. Sight picture is nice and adjustment is super easy provided you have an allen key small enough to loosen the retaining screws. My only gripe with them is that it's a white dot front sight with black rear trench sight, so lining everything up takes a bit of care and I shot a bit low until I got used to it. One thing that kinda caught me off guard was how far back the trigger sets with the hammer cocked. Maybe it's just been forever since I owned/fired an external hammer gun, but I don't remember either of my FNPs behaving like that. Combined with a super short trigger reset I fumbled a few follow up shots before I got used to it. Not a fault to the gun, just something I have to get used to. The beavertail is very comfy and doesn't dig into your hand at all, no chance of hammer bite.

Mag release is swappable to either side of the grip and takes a couple minutes to do. Slide release is right-hand only, but I rarely use them since I've grown used to manipulating the slide by hand. The decock is stiff, but seems to be getting easier to use now that is has another couple boxes of ammo through it. I like that when you decock it, it leaves the hammer sticking out ever so slightly so that you can pull it back for a SA pull if you have time after drawing. The slide itself is very easy to get a good grip on, provided you don't slingshot it. The serrations are nice and aggressive, but not so much that they'll tear your hands up after a day at the range.

Overall, I'm really impressed with it and hope I can put it to good use as a carry gun. It ran 100% with every type of ammo I had on hand (blazer brass, AE, PMC and some years-old shitty reloads I got for free that never runs right in anything) and recoil was very manageable because duh 9mm. Looking forward to putting more rounds through it in the near future.
>> No. 97248 ID: 8be205
i've been here for years. used to tripfag but no one gives a fuck about that.

anonymous is best, especially since my ISP changes my ip and subnet every 4 months.

check the poster ids.
the dude telling you how to not feed trolls IS the troll. that is, it's all me. welcome to inception.
>> No. 97250 ID: be0d6b
I never heard that story, but I was wondering why the 3000 seemed to drop off the map. That's truly a pity. I wonder what KRISS' end game is, since they sure as hell aren't playing the short game well despite the gun market being as hot as it ever has been.
>> No. 97252 ID: 4d6079

>If the quality will be the same when manufacturered in the US

That is a big, BIG fucking IF unfortunately. I've been waiting to see too, I actually like what I've seen with the SDP so far, but...

Exeter SIGs. That's all I should have to say.

It pisses me off, as an American, because we COULD give the Swiss a run for their money in quality... like the Swiss canton revolvers Freedom Arms made. It's just that we rarely ever DO and default to Keltec-tier shit all the time.

File 14606902576.jpg - (33.13KB , 960x500 , Springfield_Armory_M1A_Loaded_Walnut_(MA9222)_A_la.jpg )
96938 No. 96938 ID: 7d1c98 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Tell me as much about the Springfield M1A as you can. I am probably going to be getting a .308 semi-auto before Summer. Is there a good reason NOT to get an M1A?

Only other rifles I am thinking about are a SCAR 17S, which is pretty expensive compared to other .308s, or some kind of .308 AR.

Pros/cons of the M1A? Is anything out there a better value in terms of accuracy and reliability? Should I consider a FAL?
103 posts and 71 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 97232 ID: 52ed6e
Based off of my research, I cannot find a single instance of a cast receiver M1A failing because of the fact that the receiver was cast. Most cast M1A issues are due to spotty QC or substandard parts that started to show up after USGI sources dried up.
>> No. 97237 ID: 93e0c7
File 146202821078.jpg - (137.38KB , 960x699 , 1395427_10153458159570243_243392549_n.jpg )
My understanding is that the first SPR uppers (what is now referred to as the Mod0) went out to 5th SFG ODAs.
NSW was not fond of the weight which is why the Mod1 was developed through Crane.
The Recce Rifle, in its NSW incarnation, was actually developed by Crane to address the weight/size complaints from the SEAL community about the Mk12.
Marines have been issued Mk12s because their size and shape is not far removed from that of an M16A4. A few Mod0s are in the hands of the Ranger Regiment as well.
The Mod Holland is another 5th Group brainchild but like stated above, follows more with what is accepted among AR afficionados as a "Recce" size rifle due to the 16" bbl
>> No. 97238 ID: 93e0c7
File 146202829712.jpg - (443.71KB , 705x800 , modhnh.jpg )
Mod H in service.
>> No. 97243 ID: cd5ece
File 146204181834.jpg - (115.30KB , 636x464 , GarandSAreceivercrackedusingHXP69.jpg )
I came to the same conclusion after looking around a bit. It stands to reason that if receivers were failing, every asshole on the internet would be posting about it... and the only cracked M1A/M14 receivers I could find were due to bad reloads or failing bolts. The general comment seems to be: A cast receiver will work fine under normal use.


On a side note: I want to burn photobucket to the ground.
>> No. 97251 ID: 0cb322
Correct sir. I found an old thread on ARFcom confirming much the same. It had posts from old vets who used them, a guy who actually worked where they were assembled, etc.
I'll refrain from posting it here at this time because it's old, and some 1800 posts by now, but it was a wealth of information.

Mr. Paul Miller, the SPR project manager, discovered an opportunity to pick through over 15,000 M16A1s that had been sent to Crane for destruction. Realizing that these M16A1 rifles, some of which were virtually new, could be used as "free lumber” to build full SPR weapons, Paul selected several thousand rifles to be set aside for the new SPR project. The SPR underwent a minor but significant name change, with the R having originally stood for "Receiver” now standing for "Rifle".

Early Mk12 uppers at least, retroactively called "Mod 0s" did come from Armalite, Diemaco (at that time a separate company from Colt), and Colt, and were built on "New Old Stock" lowers, some still old "GM Hydramtic Division" marked! Later uppers were only sourced from Colt or Diemaco.

(The GM Hydramatic Serial # range started at 3,000,000, and consisted of two contracts. One starting in February 1969, the same time as the H&R contract, which was for 240,000 as well; each unit priced individually at $151.54 each. The second contract was for 229,217, at a per each price of $99.74, and completed delivery in June 1971.)

The rifle concept itself is dated now, largely configured using parts available from 1998-2004, and in some small ways slightly inferior to parts/specs that are shelf available purchases now.

There were several revisions, including the SPR/Mod 0, Mod 1, SPR A and B, and the Mod H. Small variations from "run" to "run" do occur as the government was using up existing stock, etc., as in the above example with Mr. Miller, and issues were worked out with suppliers such as revisions to PRI's forearm, or parts identified as "no-go" and dropped entirely, such as KAC's 2-Stage Full Auto Match Trigger being replaced by the Geissele SSF.

AS far as the Mod Holland goes, it itself was already a small-batch configuration of a small run rifle, but much the same as other SPRs, as soon as they were issued to 5th SFG units, some Ace SOCOM stocks were replaced with Magpul ACS and CTR stocks. Optics are basically anything existing in the unit's inventory, from S&B ShortDots still in the system, the 3-9x and 3.5-10x Leupold scopes from earlier Mod0s, and there’s even a photo of an ELCAN on a Mod1 floating around.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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