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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 150935598952.jpg - (251.37KB , 1280x848 , W_2mmpis.jpg )
105862 No. 105862 ID: 6ef9f1 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So, lets say I took a .32acp pistol and decided to huff some crack. I also own a reloading bench. Recently I read the wikipedia for the 5.7mm round.

I decide to handload, spend a bunch of time and effort putting a spitzer round with a plastic/aluminum core. My goal is to get the highest velocity possible without the gun exploding in my hands.

Is my pistol likely to feed this abomination and what kind of performance can I expect?
>> No. 105863 ID: 241b9d
.32ACP pistols tend to be simple blowback operated. Overloading little pot metal pistols may cause the runaway slide to kick some of your teeth in as it goes flying off to freedom.

File 150921570093.jpg - (51.94KB , 1024x1024 , DPMS_308_SQ_1024x1024.jpg )
105840 No. 105840 ID: df12a0 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Product Specs:
Model: DB308G2B
Caliber: .308 WIN
Finish: Black Anodized Hardcoat
Barrel: 16” Mid-Length Gas system
Twist Rate: 1:10
Gas System: Mid-Length Gas System
Bolt Carrier Group: Azimuth Black Nitride, AR 10 Carrier w/ Multi-Cal Bolt, DPMS Style Barrel Extension, High Pressure Firing Pin
Lower: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum
Upper: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum
Handguard: 15” M-LOK Q.D. Rail
Pistol Grip: A2
Stock: Rogers Super Stock
Mag: 20 Round Aluminum
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 105849 ID: f2172d
Given their track record with their .380 pocket pistols, I'd pass on anything Diamondback. That being said, we sold their AR pistols like hotcakes cause their price point was so affordable.

Why not a PSA .308 build?
>> No. 105851 ID: aaf1f1
Didn't know Diamondback is no longer owned by Taurus.
>> No. 105852 ID: df12a0
...because I essentially traded a rifle for a rifle, and this was the closest in value to my used shit, while still the same caliber.

File 150855454926.jpg - (2.75MB , 4048x3036 , IMG_20171011_163731.jpg )
105789 No. 105789 ID: 13f512 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Starting with this guy.
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>> No. 105817 ID: f5c3ed
Neat! Thanks for sharing.
>> No. 105834 ID: 804cc5
My dude, you should have dropped me a line, beers etc.
>> No. 105837 ID: 6ca38e
I wonder if British armed LEOs still only load 5 rounds into their rifles and subguns. That used to be a thing, at least IIRC.
>> No. 105838 ID: 060ec8
File 150902074116.jpg - (96.59KB , 683x1024 , Law, police UK metropolitan police with HK MP5.jpg )
Years ago, some people were questioning this and some replied that they are looking at transparent HK G36 assault rifle mags (or long steel magazines with windows cut in them to view how many rounds you have). The bottom part of a loaded magazine is filled with the follower and compressed spring, so you don't see the shiny brass cartridges filling the entire length of the magazine, but this is normal.
>> No. 105839 ID: 060ec8
File 150902193138.jpg - (252.69KB , 1600x900 , Law, police UK Counter Terrorist Specialist Firear.jpg )
The British cops that get called in when police officers are being shot at (with proper guns, not balmy Airsoft toys) are the Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officers (CTSFO) or the Trojans, the Metropolitan Police's armed response units.

Here are some CTSFO with some M16 mags that suspiciously look short a few rounds...

Here's an interesting read on policing tactics and philosophies in the UK compared to the US:
I Was A Cop In A Country With No Guns: 6 Startling Truths

File 150378195528.jpg - (1.29MB , 4000x2667 , US M249S 5_56mm semi-automatic SAW by FN 1.jpg )
105330 No. 105330 ID: e9b3d2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Gun Review: FN M249S Semi-Automatic SAW
FN Manufacturing has been cranking out weapons in Columbia, South Carolina for the U.S. military for years now, winning contracts for everything from the infantry man’s friend, the M4, through the explosively fun M240B. Up until last year the civilian side of the house had been forbidden from offering civvy-legal versions of their military guns — the closest we’d gotten was their FN-15 rifle released in 2014. But last year all that changed and the “Military Collector” series was born. Now the average American can purchase a proper M4 or M16, spec’ed out exactly the same as the military gets them (minus the full-auto setting, no matter what you may hear on MSNBC). The most awesome offering in this collection so far: the Military Collector M249S.
The original M249 was developed in the early 1970’s. The U.S. military had briefly fielded the Stoner 63 light machine gun (LMG) in Vietnam as a way to provide front line troops with a lighter machine gun that was easier to maneuver through the thick brush and jungles of the area, eventually looking to replace the much heavier M60 and M2. While the Stoner design had worked, the military wanted something better. A Belgian company called FN had been in development of their FN MINIMI LMG for a few years by the time the U.S. decided to look for a replacement, and in a head to head competition in 1980 their design beat out both H&K (HK21A1) as well as Colt (who just thickened the barrel on an M16 and called it good) for the contract.
Something to note about the M249S is that it is a bit different than the other offerings in the Military Collector series. Where the Military Collector M4 is identical to the as-issued version, the M249S is instead a mix-and-match version that has been cobbled together from different eras of the M249 to create the most visually appealing and enjoyable example of the firearm possible. The purist inside me is complaining, but the execution doesn’t leave much room for argument. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2016/06/foghorn/gun-review-fn-m249s-semi-automatic-saw/
37 posts and 26 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105830 ID: 060ec8
  EvikeTV - The Evike Custom "Optic Thunder" M4 https://youtu.be/An-nMlDeApI
Twenty pounds of accessories boosts this M4gery to a $10,000 Airsoft monstrosity.
>> No. 105831 ID: 060ec8
  Classic Army M132 Micro Gun - [The Gun Corner] - Airsoft Evike.com https://youtu.be/VLSQiTo95xc
$700 for a toy BB minigun
Heavy duty nylon fiber reinforced polymer construction
Incredibly light weight (9lbs)
Can be powered by HPA rig or by directly inserting an entire green gas canister into the weapon
Incredible 38 rounds per second fire rate out of the box (48 round per second upgrade motor coming soon)
Individually adjustable hopups for each barrel; compatible with standard AEG barrels, hopups, and buckings
Spring loaded magazine (2200 round capacity) force feeds into hopper for positive feeding in any orientation of the weapon
Electric motor driven 4 rotating barrels
Joystick style trigger w/ grip safety
It is finally here, the moment we have all been dreaming about and waiting for. Never before done in the history of Airsoft, a fully functional Minigun style heavy weapon for under one thousand dollars.
New from Classic Army, the M132 Micro Gun brings the pain right out of the box; crush the opposing team with an impressive 38 rounds per second (2280 rounds per minute).
Powered by an electric motor for its 4 rotating barrels, and HPA / gas for propulsion, this weapons devastating effectiveness will have you grinning ear to ear as you properly demonstrate the noun "Overkill."
Unlike previous iterations of the Minigun, the M132 is actually viable to be fielded as its smaller size and incredibly light weight (9lbs unloaded) does not encumber its wielder.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 105832 ID: 060ec8
  Or you can make a reproduction of the old hand-cranked Gatling Guns. I have seen 1/4 scale models that fire .22 LR and full-sized ones that fire .45/70 Govt.
Reproduction 1877 "Bulldog" Gatling Gun https://youtu.be/ildteJbZ9Jw
Thanks to a friendly collector, we had the chance to take out one of the new, gorgeous reproduction 1877 Gatling guns being sold by Colt. It's a near-exact replica, with the added feature of being able to crank backwards to safely clear any loaded cartridges out of the action. Being a Bulldog model, it has 5 short barrels (18.25") chambered for .45-70, enclosed in a full brass jacket to keep the action clean. Colt claims it will do 800 rounds/minute, but we got it going a bit faster...

Thanks to an interesting quirk of US gun laws, the Gatling is not considered a machine gun - so anyone who can possess a bolt action rifle can own and shoot one of these. The crank handle is considered a trigger, and each partial turn fires a single round. Since a single discrete motion doesn't fire multiple rounds, it's not subject to the registration and transfer tax of a machine gun under the NFA.
>> No. 105833 ID: 060ec8
  M134 Minigun: The Modern Gatling Gun https://youtu.be/rIlwHT4IdRc
The General Electric M134 "Minigun" is essentially an electrically-powered Gatling gun - the conceptual operation of the gun is identical to Dr. Gatling's original creation. What has changed, however, is the chambering (it's in 7.62 NATO), the power source (an electric motor), and the feed mechanism (belt-feed using M60 links instead of the Gatling's Accles, Broadwell, or Bruce feeds). The weapon was a scaled down version of a 20mm rotary powered cannon devised for aircraft armament after WW2, hence the "mini" name. It was used primarily as helicopter armament, although it has found its way only ground vehicles as well. Firing between 3000 and 6000 rounds per minute, the Minigun is ideal for aerial engagements where the gunner only has a brief moment on target and needs to fire as much as possible during that moment.

It is a truly awe-inspiring weapon, and quite an experience to fire! In addition to destroying a truck with it, we will look at disassembly and functioning of the minigun - the delinking mechanism is really the most complex part of the weapon, and a very interesting device.
>> No. 105835 ID: 060ec8
  Slow Motion: M134 Minigun https://youtu.be/XeyVrLK03mc

File 150658338870.jpg - (49.50KB , 660x496 , biljik.jpg )
105597 No. 105597 ID: 30d556 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What is the most durable, long lasting gun you have ever known?
38 posts and 30 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105711 ID: 19518e
>any handgun

It's awesome on a single action 'cause you can let the recoil slip the gun up so the hammer's right there for re-cocking. I don't really think that's really super cool for anything that's not a single action revolver, but hey whatever floats your boat.
>> No. 105712 ID: 8c18eb
File 150786656917.jpg - (674.03KB , 3726x1930 , pistol US Colt SAA Bisley _38 WCF by Turnbull Manu.jpg )
Some people love 'em, some hate 'em, and others think they're OK. You can put plenty of different grips on the old Peacemaker.
- US Colt SAA Bisley in .38 WCF restored by the Turnbull Manufacturing Company.
>> No. 105713 ID: 8c18eb
File 150786666414.jpg - (727.63KB , 3873x2070 , pistol US Colt SAA Bisley _38 WCF by Turnbull Manu.jpg )
The Bisley model has a sharper angled grip, curving further forward.
>> No. 105714 ID: 8c18eb
File 15078672136.jpg - (1.19MB , 3042x2028 , pistol US Ruger Vaquero New Talo birdshead _45ACP .jpg )
I did not think that birdshead grips would be comfortable, but I like them when I tried them.
- A US Colt 1851 conversion with birdshead grips.
>> No. 105716 ID: 5af259
File 150791999679.jpg - (68.74KB , 600x466 , Bianchi-Stormchaser-Shooting-Rig.jpg )
Feels better than a standard grip imho.

File 150575184089.jpg - (1.13MB , 1782x1266 , Hkp2000.jpg )
105425 No. 105425 ID: 1989a8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Has any of you used H&K P2000 irl? How do you like it?
20 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105704 ID: 8c18eb
File 150777050095.jpg - (937.69KB , 1600x1200 , Law, 'less-lethal' Russian 10x22T with r.jpg )
Some 'less-lethal' Russian 10x22T cartridges loaded with rubber balls by Techkrim.
>> No. 105706 ID: 1989a8
It is true but they aren't a very good choice for defense, you could use one for intimidation or to hurt a dude in light clothing but a can of pepper spray/CS is probably better both at stopping a threat and being non-lethal.

Traumats have a nasty reputation of being pretty random in terms of their damage. You can shoot someone, he won't give a shit and still beat you up or you'll shoot a guy in some weird spot without any intention, he'll die and then you're fucked.

As for actual weapons, I don't remember it well but from the top of my head you can get them for sporting purposes like bullseye, IPSC, etc but you normally don't care about that because I don't think you get to take those guns home. Maybe they changed it, I'll look into it.

Or you can get a smoothbore license. It will require medical papers from your local prevention center that say you aren't a registered nutter and/or drug addict, papers that say you've had gun lessons, a fortified gun case in your residence, doesn't have to be a proper gun safe but it's better if it is one. Your local beat cop will have to OK the thing before you can buy your gun, iirc. Then you have to submit the gun to the police for them to inspect it, fire and register. Then you can have the bloody thing to go hunt or shoot bottles in your country house backyard.

Play with it for a year then go submit it again to be inspected and fired, you have to do that shit every year. After 5 years of owning a smoothbore you can get a rifle permit, the procedure is similar, iirc.

I've probably forgotten a bunch of steps but the whole thing is an huge ordeal costing you time and money so many people don't bother but then again, many do.
>> No. 105707 ID: 1989a8
>Play with it for a year then go submit it again to be inspected and fired, you have to do that shit every year.

Was wrong, it's every 5 years. Also, you need a hunter's license/id but you get it once and forever and for free.
>> No. 105709 ID: 8c18eb
File 150784149553.jpg - (100.13KB , 1280x720 , Law, 'less-lethal' Russian Makarych IZH-.jpg )
Can you possess pistols (other than rubber bullet pistols) in Russia?

Special restrictions are imposed on the circulation of civilian weapons. Prohibited firearms are those with a cartridge capacity of more than ten bullets, those that can fire in bursts, those with a barrel length of less than 500 millimeters or an entire length under 800 millimeters, and those that can be shortened to a length of under 800 millimeters without losing their shooting capacity. Rifled-bore sporting guns and pneumatic guns with a pumping power of more than 7.5 joules and a caliber of more than 4.5 millimeters must be kept at shooting ranges. https://www.loc.gov/law/help/firearms-control/russia.php#Acquisition

- Russian Makarych IZH-79-9T 9mm rubber bullet 8-shot, 2004.
>> No. 105715 ID: 1989a8
Not realistically. You either have to get a commendation pistol, or get an antique one or a replica of one. It has to be a model produced before 1899 and it can't use a uniform cartridge.

You can also go to a shooting range and give them money for a pistol that will be reserved personally for you at that range, but you can't carry it or keep at home.

File 144151962058.jpg - (90.71KB , 750x410 , M1GarandBuild.jpg )
90456 No. 90456 ID: 7d8bca hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
It served us well. It was one of the most relevant fighting rifles built in the 20th century, but what about the 21st? My goals are...

1) Rebuild a M1 and make it mission capable for another century without anyone realizing what just happened.
2) It must adapt to an ever changing world that it was not meant for.
3) Accurate? Yes
4) A change in weight and balance
4) A lie...
5) Must use modern materials as much as possible
6) Of course reliable
7) Make old people happy- or maybe not.

All questions, comments and advice welcome. So it begins.
226 posts and 145 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 102316 ID: 3ce261
File 148373279793.jpg - (4.69MB , 4608x3456 , IMG_0960.jpg )
The much needed ''shoulder thing that goes up''
>> No. 102327 ID: 19518e
Range trip writeup please.
>> No. 105692 ID: 3d77fc
File 150764342247.jpg - (397.06KB , 1536x2048 , 12622135_10206997714754029_8005856236796668894_o.jpg )
Much like the design's reputation, this thread wont die.

>>Range trip writeup please.

In my hands in the prone it shoots under 2'' at 100 meters with iron sights.

At 200 meters it still seems to hold under 2'' width groups. In picture related I was probing a bit on the elevation by changing the point of aim (thought I was missing). As you can see all 8 rounds hit the target and stayed in a narrow strip up the target.

Took it out a week ago at a semi-optchan-ish shoot. Blew up 30lbs of tannerite at 200+ meters on the first shot. Mammoth witnessed an oak tree historically.

Overall a solid shooting M1. Very accurate for what it is.
>> No. 105693 ID: 3d77fc
NB4 mentioning my one flyer on the target.
>> No. 105694 ID: 6ca38e
Was that the one aimed at the racoon?

File 150697944938.jpg - (38.69KB , 500x375 , e24a08d1c099eb450ed047f46d16e647--credit-card-desi.jpg )
105650 No. 105650 ID: 69c3d9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, what are you guys gonna lose in that boating accident next month?
13 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105675 ID: 19518e
So apparently the furniture is a little broken on the Neostead 2k, and they want to fix it before selling it. They're in the middle of hunting season, so they don't expect to fix it for quite a while. No confirmed price yet, but now I have some time to save up a few pennies and think it over.
>> No. 105676 ID: f70908
I sent an email to my FFL and ordered some parts.
>> No. 105683 ID: 45e3a1
File 150742624839.png - (505.97KB , 1440x1024 , 1456768321_zx76release03.png )
if only this thing was magazine fed...
>> No. 105685 ID: 8f14e5
I bought 20 AR mags a few days ago. No panic purchase, just hard to pass up Okay and Center mags new in plastic for $5.50 each shipped.
>> No. 105686 ID: bd9939
File 150752319685.jpg - (184.83KB , 1920x1080 , full-metal-jacket-get-some.jpg )
I didn't relax when daddy was elected and took advantage of everyone trying to slim down inventory. Vehicle AR pistol project is wrapped up, have a good stash of 5.56 and lancer/magpul follower GI mags. If I wasn't broke as fuck I'd be bulking up my weak points like more tourniquets/medical supplies, lighter armor, etc. But that's regardless of current events.

AR sales have picked up, but not really anything crazy. Hate to say it, but they've been really shitty people and universally pretty fucking stupid. Like "I'm anti gubmint,me too but I also don't know how to use computers so I'm never quite sure what's happening around me and am angry about it". I literally had someone ask me if I had heard about "this shooting in Las Vegas" today and they wanted to know which AR to buy before they get banned.

I'm mainly just sick of the hordes of people looking for bump stocks. I had a little fun playing dumb to what they were with some loud snaggle toothed fuck today. Pretty much the equivalent of "no speak english" Anyone who brings up bumpstocks is a huffpo writer. Anyone who asks if we have one for sale is a well trained huffpo writer.

No. 105632 ID: df12a0 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  When I had sent it in, I'd subtly asked for black parts to replace the odd color on my used RFB; I received it back with an entirely new assembly - in the same damn color. So I asked, since I already have the necessary screws/pins, if I could just buy what I needed and replace it myself.

>Technically you can just buy the set of polymer gips and handguards, but i would not suggest going that route. Just to try and put it into perspective, we have two technicians who's only job is building RFB grips, and even with the special tools and jigs sometimes they have problems getting them together. The price for the complete assembly is $498.

The total cost of parts, w/out S&H: $139.00

>> No. 105677 ID: 6ede97
What are you asking? Should you spend $400 to change the color black to a slightly darker black? No. Just paint it like everyone else.
>> No. 105678 ID: df12a0

...and use the money saved to buy the KSG from the retired colonel I know?

File 150694761866.png - (271.93KB , 900x900 , dl45-side-view_orig.png )
105635 No. 105635 ID: 241b9d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
It's not often that we see a new design enter the market, so I thought I'd post about this:
>short recoil
>locked breech
>"internal" slide
>centerfire pistol
14 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105653 ID: fb3bdd
File 150701375145.jpg - (32.11KB , 700x441 , c68f0de01731be5ff16cc535fd0b7672c8f11f07b6282a17a4.jpg )

>> No. 105654 ID: fb3bdd
File 150701384386.jpg - (31.06KB , 700x429 , 4e45c4995260f5cd5accac5bb0ca1221256f494af9af614c8b.jpg )
>Extraordinary pistol, hand built by George A. Wilson of Pennsylvania back in the 1960’s. Mr. Wilson, a designer for High Standard, designed & patented this pistol and was granted a patent in 1961. He had actually built SN 1 back in 1959, which he used to win an NRA tournament.
>> No. 105655 ID: fb3bdd

> have long wondered if Dan Love would ever get his passion project, the DL45 semiauto pistol, off of the ground. I saw his prototype when he publicly displayed it at the 2013 Brownells Gunsmith Conference & Job Fair., but foolishly, I didn't get any photos.

>Dan Love is best known for his firearms engraving for other gunsmiths like Hamilton Bowen. He also provided Texas Longhorn Arms with the drawings of the No. 5 grip frame that he had personally acquired from Elmer Keith.

>Love has been infatuated with George A. Wilson's prototype target pistols for decades. Back in the 1980s, he wrote the various gun magazines that had previously featured the Wilson pistol in the 1960s in hopes of tracking down the current owners. However, it was decades too late for anyone to really help. Several years ago, he even started posting to Internet gun forums in an attempt to track down the pistols. By this point, he had already begun work on his own design, but he wanted to see exactly how Wilson had configured certain parts.
>> No. 105656 ID: 241b9d

Now that you post it, I feel like an idiot. I've actually seen that vid years ago.

>By this point, he had already begun work on his own design, but he wanted to see exactly how Wilson had configured certain parts.

Ah, so it's similar, but not identical. It'd be interesting to know if he eventually got his hands on one or not.
>> No. 105657 ID: da39fa
Yep, that's the first thing that went through my mind when I saw the OP.

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